Dead Cats: Register!, 10/16/17, (28)18: James Brody


O’Keefe – NYT; Villa – Hollywood prostitution; Wolf – Why BO is quiet.


LEADS: York – Trump’s new actions; Phippen – SCOTUS vacancies; Lamparski & Sturdee – Europe tilts right (and Drudge Links); Breitbart- Haley supports Iran deal; Titcomb – We’re all hacked; Mascaro – Bannon & Koch donors; WSJ – Antidote to Bannon; Watson – Creepy Hillary.

RECOMMENDED: “Convention of States; Mark Levin (10-13-17); D’Souza – The Big Lie.

Important 2017 Election Information

·  Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot……………October 31
·  Last day  County Boards of Elections to receive voted civilian absentee ballots……………………………….November 3
·  MUNICIPAL ELECTION ………………….November 7


“Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to permit the General Assembly to enact legislation authorizing local taxing authorities to exclude from taxation up to 100 percent of the assessed value of each homestead property within a local taxing jurisdiction, rather than limit the exclusion to one-half of the median assessed value of all homestead property, which is the existing law?”

Please educate yourself on this matter  –  some information below
Voters will decide on constitutional change to provide property tax relief
Voters in November will have an opportunity to vote on an amendment to the state constitution that could open the door to provide property tax relief for Pennsylvania homeowners.
The proposed amendment to Article VIII of the constitution would increase the exclusion level to up to 100 percent of the value of each “homesteads,” or primary residences, in a municipality, county or school district.   More…

Most in the educational field oppose these bills for obvious reasons.  Although there are innumerable, legitimate arguments against this Property Tax Elimination Bill, the most convincing is stated by PASBO (Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials) in their link entitled: “Bye Bye Local Control.” It states:
·  Monies to fund schools would be distributed from the State Treasury, which means that local control and the funding authority of school boards would be decimated.

·  Nearly $2 Billion in tax burdens would shift from businesses to individuals. Link

Other Important Voting Information for November 7th:

Judges elections are very important.  Please go to the PA Family web site below for information on judges running in your County and statewide.  The list changes based on the replies returned by the judge candidates.  In addition, you may have school board candidates, township supervisors, and other local elections that you will vote on.

Please find out the important information needed to make your educated votes.  Above all, please VOTE!  Just a few votes can make the difference.


BEFORE YOU VOTE – Please go to the PA Family Council website

The PA Family Council sent a questionnaire to judicial candidates asking for their positions on Strict v Living Document interpretation of the Constitution, Roe v Wade, most admired SCOTUS Justice, and more.
See the candidates’ responses.
(Thank you PA Family Council!)

This information was prepared by Lucy Tscherne, Valley Forge Patriots and Linda Hertzog, West Chester Tea Party and distributed by Betty Dunkel, Valley Forge Patriots.

James O’Keefe, Veritas: “NYT Executive calls Veritas, “despicable” but videos prompt change”

“In just September of this year, the New York Times published a report titled, “Undercover with the Alt-Right.”
“The report went to great lengths to tie the Pro-Trump “Alt-Right” movement to known racists.
“The investigation was produced by a far-left group based in the UK that is funded by none-other than George Soros.
“While the New York Times gleefully publishes an undercover investigation that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, they bash Project Veritas’ methods.
“Ironically, they don’t question the veracity of our reporting.
“So who is despicable here?
“While our investigations expose the truth, the reactions of those we expose highlight their own lack of integrity and hypocrisy.
“In fact, the public outcry from our undercover investigation has the New York Times scrambling to overhaul their ethical guidelines.
“But they should have waited to comment, because we’re not done yet.
“Stay tuned for Part III of our investigation of the New York Times that will be released VERY SOON.

James O’Keefe (


“The Hollywood swamp is starting to crumble”

“In a segment with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, singer and avid Trump supporter Joy Villa described her firsthand encounters with entertainment industry scumbags who prey on vulnerable young women and men.

Sexual misconduct in Hollywood is “absolutely prominent,” according to Villa who said, “The reason it was kept secret so long is because it’s normal.”

“It’s very common for high level execs to prey on young artists… The biggest shock of this is that honestly, people in the entertainment industry are not shocked at this,” she continued.

Villa shared a personal experience where the CEO of a Burbank, California talent agency directly asked for sexual favors in exchange for fame and fortune.

Referring to the encounter, she said, ‘It was straight up prostitution and that’s really how Hollywood is run these days and it has been for a long time.’

“She predicted additional stories will come out soon because, ‘The tower of Hollywood, this Hollywood swamp is starting to crumble.’

“Tucker asked why ‘nobody has said anything,’ and Villa replied, ‘It’s buried by the actual establishment of Hollywood so it’s not just one evil guy, it’s everyone around them who are burying the story and not letting other people speak.’ . . .”

Byron Wolf, CNN: “Here’s why Obama stays quiet as Trump attacks his legacy”

Washington (CNN)With each passing day, President Donald Trump unravels another piece of Barack Obama’s legacy. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The Paris climate accords. The Iran nuclear deal. Transgender people serving in the military. And, now, that most personal of policies for the former president: The Affordable Care Act.

“And yet Obama watches from the sidelines, mostly silent, as Trump punches holes in the dry wall of his freshly finished legacy.

“Sure, he’s living his best, most fabulous post-presidential life — jetting around the world, spending time with his family, spending time with the rich and famous, making millions to write books, making hundreds of thousands of dollars for the simple act of opening his mouth.

“But Trump is ticking through each of Obama’s policy achievements — foreign and domestic — and trying to dismantle them. . .”


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.

HARVEY: Drudge Links

Hollywood Celebrates Expulsion…
France to strip Legion d’Honneur…
‘Sex addict’ therapy unlikely to help… 
British actress becomes fifth woman to accuse of rape…
COURTNEY LOVE: CAA banned me for warning about him!
Lana Del Rey Denies ‘Sexy Song’ About Weinstein…
Corden catches flak for joking…
Harvey set for fiery showdown with brother…



Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Byron York: What’s behind Trump’s new executive actions”

“President Trump’s most recent high-profile executive actions — on Obamacare, immigration, and the Iran nuclear deal — do three big things.

“First, they push Congress to act, which involves more than just calling the bluff of Republican leaders who talked big during the Obama years but failed to produce once the GOP controlled both Congress and White House. In a larger sense, Trump’s actions point toward restoring a proper balance of power in which Congress makes law on issues that are clearly its constitutional responsibility. The president is using executive authority to pressure lawmakers to exercise appropriate legislative authority.

“Second, Trump has reinforced what many of his supporters find most appealing about him — that he can act as a leader not clearly aligned with either party.

“And third, Trump’s actions galvanize support among some of Washington’s most conservative lawmakers and thinkers, even some who have been highly critical of him in the past. . .”

Thomas Phippen, Daily Caller: “Report: Trump Doesn’t Expect Ginsburg And Sotomayor To Make It Through His First Term”

“President Donald Trump expects to nominate a total of four Supreme Court justices, claiming that three seats will likely become vacant during his first term, anonymous sources told Mike Allen of Axios.

“Trump expects to fill the seats of Justices Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Sonia Sotomayor in addition to nominating Neil Gorsuch, who Trump nominated to fill former Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat earlier this year. Scalia died in 2016, well before Trump took office.

“Rumors about Justice Kennedy’s retirement floated around SCOTUS circles this summer, and many people expect the 81-year-old to retire before the end of Trump’s first term. That would make a total of two seats for Trump to fill.

“Asked by the source who the other vacancies would be, Trump said Ginsburg’s seat is likely to become vacant. “What does she weigh? 60 pounds?” Trump told the source.

“Asked who the fourth vacant seat would be, Trump replied “Sotomayor,” referring to the first justice nominated by former President Barack Obama. At 63, Sotomayor is rarely mentioned as a pending vacant seat on the court.

“But Trump believes that her longtime struggle with type-1 diabetes imperils her future on the court. “Her health,” Trump said. “No good. Diabetes,” Trump reportedly said. . .”

Nina Lamparski & Simon Sturdee, Yahoo!:” Austrian ‘whizz-kid’ in election triumph”

“Vienna (AFP) – Austria’s political “whizz-kid” Sebastian Kurz was on course Sunday to become Europe’s youngest leader, potentially in coalition with the far-right after its best result in almost 20 years.

“Kurz’s conservative People’s Party (OeVP) won 31.7 percent of the vote, followed by Chancellor Christian Kern’s Social Democrats (SPOe) on 26.9 percent, projections that were broadly in line with preliminary results showed.

“Close behind was the nationalist Freedom Party (FPOe) on 26.0 percent, twice that of their allies the Alternative for Germany (AfD) last month and close to its all-time record of 26.8 e

“Kurz, 31, nicknamed “wunderwuzzi” (“whizz-kid”), took over the OeVP in May and managed to attract supporters in droves by depicting himself as a breath of fresh air, talking tough on immigration and vowing to slash taxes and red tape.

“‘I promise I will fight for great change in this country. It’s time to establish a new political style and a new culture in this country,’ Kurz said Sunday.

“But to form a government, Kurz will have to enter a coalition with one of the other parties.

“The most likely partner is seen as the populist FPOe of Heinz-Christian Strache, 48, although this is far from guaranteed. . .”

Europe: Drudge Links 10-16-17

Rise of Sebastian Kurz; Anti-immigration millennial…
The world’s youngest leader… 
New nationalists take charge…
Brussels Nightmare… 
Rightward Lurch Europe’s New Normal…
Populists set to thrash traditional parties in Czech vote… 

Breitbart Jerusalem: “Nikki Haley: U.S. to Stay in Iran Nuclear Deal While Aiming to ‘Make It Better’”

“The Times of Israel reports: The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said on Sunday that the US would “stay” in the Iranian nuclear agreement negotiated between the world powers, including the US, and Iran, but “aim to make it better.”

“Her comments came two days after US President Donald Trump announced that he would not recertify the landmark agreement to Congress and would roll out a more hawkish approach toward Tehran.

“‘I think right now you are going to see us stay in the deal,’ Haley said during an interview on NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday.

James Titcomb, UK Telegraph: “Every Wi-Fi network at risk of unprecedented ‘Krack’ hacking attack”

“Every Wi-Fi connection is potentially vulnerable to an unprecedented security flaw that allows hackers to snoop on internet traffic, researchers have revealed.

“The vulnerability is the first to be found in the modern encryption techniques that have been used to secure Wi-Fi networks for the last 14 years.

“In theory, it allows an attacker within range of a Wi-Fi network to inject computer viruses into internet networks, and read communications like passwords, credit card numbers and photos sent over the internet.

“The so-called ‘Krack’ attack has been described as a ‘fundamental flaw’ in wireless security techniques by experts. Apple, Android and Windows software are all susceptible to some version of the vulnerability, which is not fixed by changing Wi-Fi passwords. . .”

“Krack attack | What to do about it

  • First things first: make sure you have a password on your Wi-Fi network. If you don’t, you’re at risk of all kinds of attacks.
  • If possible, try not to connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks – these are often seen in hotels, coffee shops and other public spaces. You can tell if a network is secure by a little padlock next to it when you’re selecting the network.
  • The Krack attack affects secure networks, relying on a flaw in the ‘handshake’ between device and router to insert a new “key” that can decrypt communications, potentially stealing passwords and credit card data
  • Most banking and online shopping websites use https, an encryption technique that protects you from this flaw. You can check by the little padlock in the top left of the screen by the address bar
  • The best thing you can do is update your router. Check who makes your router and try their website to find out how to patch it. Updates may not yet be available.
  • Security experts say that in the meantime, if you’re really concerned you should use a “virtual private network” (VPN) such as NordVPN or TunnelBear.

Lisa Mascaro, LA Times: “Republican lawmakers’ troubles deepen as Koch donors and Bannon take aim”

“”The messy dilemma congressional Republicans face was starkly visible at two venues in recent days, where powerful factions within the party vented their anger.

“At one — a gathering at an expensive New York hotel of wealthy donors aligned with the conservative Koch brothers — frustrations ran so high over the GOP’s inability to deliver on campaign promises that some warned of a wipeout in the 2018 midterm elections. Donors suggested that their financial backing for Republican campaigns could dry up if lawmakers fail to make progress, particularly on tax cuts.

“At a conservative religious summit in Washington, meantime, a similar displeasure was spilling from Stephen K. Bannon as the former White House advisor declared “war” on GOP incumbents who fail to adequately back the president. . .”

WSJ: “The Antidote to Steve Bannon”

“Lindsey Graham has good advice for Senate Republicans.

“One irony of Washington these days is that a press corps that claims to loathe right-wing political operative Steve Bannon can’t get enough of him. The media broadcast his every utterance, cheering on his declaration of “civil war” against Republicans in Congress.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) captured that reality on CBS ’s “Face the Nation” Sunday when he said, “You’re going to ask me about Bannon, so I’ll just go and ask myself.” And he replied by giving Republicans good advice on how to defeat Mr. Bannon, his Mercer family financiers and Breitbart campaign operation.

“‘Yes, so, what is going on?’ Mr. Graham asked. ‘It’s a symptom of a greater problem. If we don’t cut taxes and we don’t eventually repeal and replace ObamaCare, then we’re going to lose across the board in the House in 2018. And all of my colleagues running in primaries in 2018 will probably get beat. It will be the end of [Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell as we know it.’

“The host teed up Mr. McConnell, but Mr. Graham elaborated: ‘Mitch McConnell is not our problem. Our problem is that we promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare, and we failed. We promised to cut taxes, and we’ve yet to do it. If we’re successful, Mitch McConnell is fine. If we’re not, we’re all in trouble, we lose our majority, and I think President Trump will not get re-elected.’

“That’s exactly right. Mr. Bannon is recruiting carpetbaggers or multiple-race losers, but they’ll have a chance if Republicans can’t deliver on their campaign promises. . .”


“Something darker rides along with it”

“’It is not just her constant lying. It is not just that she throws off menacing glares and seethes thwarted entitlement,’ he added.

“The Wikileaks founder went further, tweeting, ‘Watch closely. Something much darker rides along with it. A cold creepiness rarely seen.’

“As part of her global whinge tour, during an appearance on an Australian TV program, Hillary said Assange was a “nihilistic opportunist who does the bidding of a dictator,” while also claiming (with no evidence) that ‘WikiLeaks is unfortunately now practically a fully owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence.’

“Responding to Hillary’s charge that Wikileaks never publishes any information about Russia, Assange pointed out that the group actually did so just three weeks ago.

“He also repeated the charge that Clinton is just attempting to distract from the fact that she initially conspired to elevate Trump because she thought she had an easier chance of defeating him.

“Meanwhile, speculation is raging on whether Assange is about to reveal who gave him the DNC emails during the 2016 election campaign after the Wikileaks founder tweeted a series of numbers that resemble an encryption key. . .”


Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (10-13-17)

“On Friday’s Mark Levin show, The Democrats now stand with the Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran. They stand with a terror state that threatens to destroy our country, Israel and the surrounding Arab and Gulf states instead of with the best interests of America. How many times have you heard Democrats talk about the Constitution being a living and breathing document? Yet when it comes to the Iran deal, it’s untouchable, because Barack Obama signed it. Democrats are so filled with hate and a desire for power that even when Trump does the correct thing, they can’t accept that. It is astonishing how Obama sold out the U.S. and how the Democrat Party is in support of this. This deal was secured with the evisceration of the Treaty Clause of the Constitution. The same people who were behind securing this agreement are now claiming that the President not reject what they created. “Meanwhile, Congress has 60 days to fix the Iran Deal. Will Democrats use the filibuster to protect Iran? If they do they need to be called out for it. After that, Trump ended Obamacare’s illegal insurance company subsidies. Obama decided that in order to hold up Obamacare he would violate the Constitution and the ACA statute. His violation of Article 1 of the Constitution and the ACA statute was declared by a federal court, but Obama did not care and ordered the Treasury Department to issue subsidies anyway.

“Later, Christopher Scalia calls in to talk about his new book, “Scalia Speaks”.

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Dead Cats: InsuranceExploded, 10/13/17, (28)17: James Brody

Hanson – 1968 Again; McCarthy – Trump’s travel ban.

HEALTH CARE: Fox – Trump opens state lines; Deppisch & Greve – Trump owns it; McCaughey – Health care freedom; Josh Umber sites.

LEADS: Lee – Bannon leads; Sharp – Weinstein; Bruce – Late accusers;  Hayward – O’Keefe again; Clark – Deficit hawks; Kapur – McCain seizure; Kheel – Iran reckoning; Durden – ISIS on the border.

RECOMMENDED: “Convention of States; Mark Levin (10-12-17); D’Souza – The Big Lie; Brody – CTE & male sexiness.

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “It’s 1968 all over again”

“Almost a half-century ago, in 1968, the United States seemed to be falling apart.

“The Vietnam War, a bitter and close presidential election, antiwar protests, racial riots, political assassinations, terrorism and a recession looming on the horizon left the country divided between a loud radical minority and a silent conservative majority.

“The United States avoided a civil war. But America suffered a collective psychological depression, civil unrest, defeat in Vietnam and assorted disasters for the next decade — until the election of a once-polarizing Ronald Reagan ushered in five consecutive presidential terms of relative bipartisan calm and prosperity from 1981 to 2001.

After the polarizing Obama presidency and the contested election of Donald Trump, the country is once again split in two.

“But this time the divide is far deeper, both ideologically and geographically — and more 50/50, with the two liberal coasts pitted against red-state America in between. . .”


Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Trump Finally Gets His ‘Travel Ban’ Victory”

“Key point: The Supremes, in an 8–1 decision, vacated the lower-court rulings.“
“For President Trump’s so-called travel ban, October 10 was a big day after all. That did not seem a likely outcome when the Supreme Court removed the case from its docket, scrapping the oral arguments originally scheduled for Tuesday morning. That evening, though, the Court issued a brief order that gave the president an important victory — one that is clearer than the Court’s June 26 ruling, which the White House dubiously celebrated as a big win.
“The Court not only dismissed as moot the challenge to the administration’s restrictions on travel to the United States by aliens from six countries. Critically, the Court also vacated lower-court rulings that had upheld injunctions against the travel restrictions.

“These abusive lower-court decisions were exercises in sheer judicial fiat. . .”


“Mr. Trump said the order will cost the federal government ‘virtually nothing,’ and will force insurance companies to start ‘fighting’ to sign people up for care.

‘But the competition will be staggering,’ Mr. Trump said. ‘Insurance companies will be fighting to get every single person signed up, and you will be hopefully negotiating, negotiating, negotiating, and you’ll get such low prices for such great care.’ . . .”

Fox: “Trump to halt ‘massive’ ObamaCare subsidies, legal fight likely”

“President Trump plans to halt payments to insurers under the Affordable Care Act “immediately,” in a major blow to ObamaCare that is likely to draw a legal challenge.

“The president, though, used the overnight decision to up pressure on Democrats to negotiate a ‘fix’ to the ‘imploding’ health care law.

“‘The Democrats ObamaCare is imploding. Massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. Dems should call me to fix!’ he said in a pre-dawn tweet on Friday.

Breanne Deppisch & Joanie Greve, WaPo: “The Daily 202: Throwing a bomb into the insurance markets, Trump now owns the broken health-care system”

Shop & buy across state lines! . . .

“THE BIG IDEA: President Trump took two giant steps Thursday to disembowel the Affordable Care Act.

“The administration announced late last night that he will immediately halt cost-sharing reductions. These $7 billion in annual subsidies to health insurers allow around 7 million low-income Americans to afford coverage.

“Earlier in the day, the president signed a far-reaching executive order that makes it easier for individuals and small businesses to buy alternative types of health insurance with lower prices, fewer benefits and weaker government protections.

“This is not ‘letting’ Obamacare fail. Many nonpartisan experts believe that these active measures are likely to undermine the pillars of the 2010 law and hasten the collapse of the marketplaces. . .”

Betsy McCaughey, NY Post:  “Trump strikes a blow for health-care freedom

“. . . His new regulation will free people to again buy “short-term” health plans that exclude many costly services, such as inpatient drug rehab. These plans aren’t guaranteed to be renewable year to year; the upside is they cost much less.

Short-term plans have been around for years. But after ObamaCare premiums began soaring, these plans became very attractive to people who were ineligible for an ObamaCare subsidy and balked at paying full freight.

Hundreds of thousands of customers signed up for them — until the Obama administration slammed the door shut. A year ago, President Barack Obama slapped a 90-day limit on the plans, as a way to force people into ObamaCare no matter how unaffordable.

Trump is removing Obama’s 90-day limit, re-opening that low-cost option. That’s good news for 8 million people currently getting whacked with an ObamaCare tax penalty for not having insurance, and another 11 million uninsured who avoided the penalty by pleading hardship. Count on many of them to buy coverage when they have an affordable option. That will reduce the number of uninsured.

Yet Democrats are ranting that Trump’s regulatory changes are sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. They warn that healthy people will abandon the ObamaCare exchanges to buy these lower-cost plans, destabilizing the system. It’s a wild overstatement. . .”

Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


Tony Lee, Breitbart: “GOP Strategist: Bannon’s Hostile Takeover Plan ‘Should Have Establishment Shaking in Their Boots’”

“GOP strategist Susan Del Percio said former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s plan to field economic nationalist candidates to oust establishment lawmakers should have the Republican establishment “shaking in their boots.”

In an interview with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on Monday evening, Bannon, as Breitbart News noted, said he is working with grassroots organizations at the state level to spend “tons of time with candidates to make sure they are fully vetted and able to defeat Democrats after they take on incumbents.”

Del Percio said this week on MTP Daily that establishment Republicans in the past just identified their candidates and hoped that they would win with fundraising and the state operation, but Bannon has “now destroyed” that model.

Steve Kornacki, the very underrated political analyst, pointed out that even when economic nationalist candidates did not have the momentum their movement has now, the “traditional tools of politics” often failed the Republican establishment since the rise of the Tea Party movement. . .”

Ash Sharp, Medium: “Harvey Weinstein and the Death of Liberal America”

Hat Tip: InfoWars!

Weinstein is a goner. Everyone knows it. It would be a great surprise if the man stands trial. The weird thing is, we all knew about Hollywood. Hell, the exact behaviour of Weinstein and people like him is a trope so well engrained in our culture that porn movies that riff on the behaviour rack up millions of views.

“As ever, hypocrisy underpins everything. Berated from the podium of award ceremonies, we, the plebs, the cattle, the consumers, we are instructed. Don’t be sexist. Don’t be racist. Black lives matter. The liberal elites are better than you. Much better. We are rich, you are not. We know what is best, and if you disagree with our agenda, who cares. We are gods.

They look down on our petty behaviour and sneer, and turn their eyes aside when their friends behave in ways that truly are deplorable.

“That is the attitude that allowed Weinstein to bugger his way through busloads of wannabe starlets. . .”

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times: “Harvey Weinstein’s late accusers”

“Rich and powerful women — and men — say nothing for years and then expect credit when they do


“Hillary Clinton: Woods walker, Chardonnay drinker, screamer-into-pillows, sore loser. And now? The recycled claim of Feminist Icon Supporter of All Women.

The feminist bar is very low these days. We’ve now heard from a number of very successful, famous actresses (and the aforementioned politician) who are being lauded for coming out against producer Harvey Weinstein. After he was fired from his film company.

“It took Hillary about 5 minutes to blame NRA for madman’s rampage, but 5 days to sorta-kinda blame Harvey Weinstein for his sexually [sic] assaults,” tweeted Kellyanne Conway. But even that was giving Hillary too much credit.

Hillary’s silence, and that of the Obamas, was so absurd even their own blogs (also known as the mainstream media) hectored them about it for days. Five days into the media firestorm, she finally issued a statement quintessentially Clintonian:

““I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior.”

A rather rich statement about not tolerating sexual harassment and assault, coming from a “feminist” who made a career tolerating it, and modeling that acquiescence to a generation of young women. Shocked and appalled? No she wasn’t.”

John Hayward, Breitbart: “James O’Keefe Teases Next Video: Silicon Valley Is Now Part of the Mainstream Media Bias Problem”

“James O’Keefe of Project Veritas discussed his expose of bias at the New York Times with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“We’re very excited about this project. This is a hidden camera investigation into and inside the New York Times. ‘All the news that’s fit to print’; this is the so-called ‘paper of record.’ Alex, the one thing the New York Times always says, at least to me, is that the difference between them and people like me, people like you, is that they are objective. They’re the real journalists. They don’t have any political agenda,” said O’Keefe.

“This investigation quite clearly shows that they do, in fact, have an agenda – one that actually contravenes their own ethical policies,” he said.

“In this 15-minute long Video Number One, you hear this guy who’s – a lot of what he says is true, all of what he says might be true, we just can’t confirm the bit where he says, ‘James Comey is my godfather.’ He’s under a psychosis or he’s a sociopath or he is, in fact, James Comey’s godson,” said O’Keefe, referring to a claim made by NYT video editor Nick Dudich in the undercover video.

“But there’s also tape where he talks about how he’s trying to target the Trumps’ business, he used to work for the Hillary Clinton campaign – we did confirm that. . .”

Lesley Clark, McClatchy: “Deficit hawks no match for natural disasters. House poised to OK billions”

“WASHINGTON “The House is poised Thursday — over the fierce objections of conservatives — to pass a $36.5 billion emergency package to help states and U.S. territories ravaged by a series of hurricanes and wildfires that have killed dozens and destroyed thousands of homes.

“Conservative lawmakers are upset that the money is not offset by spending cuts elsewhere, but the political will to help those affected by in California, Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas and elsewhere is overwhelming. . .”

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg: “McCain Urges Bipartisan Tax Effort, Echoing Health Demands”

More brain damage? Football, soccer, boxing, wrestlng, rugby, hockey? Also phys ed classes, wife beaters, veterans, veterans in Congress . . . McCain. More below . . .

“. . . ‘We need to do it in a bipartisan fashion,’ McCain said Tuesday of planned tax legislation, arguing that the major congressional reforms that have stood the test of time since the 20th century have included buy-in from both parties. “I am committed, as I’ve said before, to a bipartisan approach, such as we’ve been doing in the Armed Services Committee for the last 53 years,” he told reporters in the Capitol.

“McCain cast the decisive vote in July to defeat the GOP’s so-called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, complaining about the rushed process and lack of bipartisanship. His opposition to the Senate’s latest repeal effort, a bill written by Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, led to its demise this week.

“McCain’s tax demands cut against GOP leaders’ plans to use the same fast-track procedure on taxes as they tried to use on health care. That procedure requires 50 Senate votes and allows for bypassing a potential Democratic filibuster. Because the GOP controls only 52 votes in the Senate, every vote is crucial to their agenda. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he doesn’t expect Democratic support for a tax overhaul, as Democrats disagree with many of the GOP’s proposals to rewrite the tax code. . .”

Rebecca Kheel, The Hill: “Trump to force GOP reckoning on Iran”

“Republicans in Congress will face a wrenching choice if President Trump follows through on decertifying the Iran nuclear deal.

“Decertification would unlock a fast-track procedure for Congress to re-impose sanctions, leaving Republicans with two unappealing options.

“Snap back the sanctions, and Iran likely walks, killing an agreement that top administration officials say is in the national interest. Do nothing, and the deal likely stands, preserving a pact that Republicans have lambasted for years.

“For now, it appears that Republicans have little appetite for reviving the sanctions. Yet the pressure from hard-liners to act will be intense.

“Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, signaled the GOP’s likely approach on Wednesday. He said the U.S. should demand Iranian compliance with the agreement but also impose new sanctions for activities outside the scope of the deal.

“‘As flawed as the deal is, I believe we must now enforce the hell out of it,’ Royce said at the top of a hearing. . .”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Israeli TV Shows Footage of ISIS Training Camp on Israel’s Border”

“Last November Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country “won’t allow Islamic State figures or other enemy actors, under the cover of the war in Syria, to set up next to our borders,” but it appears this has already happened, to the point that a sizable ISIS training camp has been set up just across the Golan Heights border with Israel. Though Syrian al-Qaeda has long been a mainstay in southern Syria along Israel’s border, this constitutes the first widespread public acknowledgement and confirmation of a significant ISIS base of operations in the Golan region.

“Israeli media this week is reporting news of the base camp after Israel’s Channel 2 aired an extensive report with video and photographic evidence of what’s being described as a training and recruitment center which has already attracted hundreds of new terror recruits. Channel 2 is one of Israel’s most visible and established news broadcast channels and operates under ‘The Second Authority for Television and Radio’ licensed by the Knesset and the Ministry of Communications. . .”


Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (10-12-17)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump is trying to bring down the cost and increase the options for the individual in this country regarding healthcare. Trump is doing what he can from the executive branch and the Obamacare statutes give him the leeway to do so. It is precious to hear Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer attack Trump for not going through Congress, yet they were the ones that passed the statute allowing Trump to make the changes he did on Thursday. The problem with healthcare is government’s iron fist and the politicization of it by the left. What Trump is doing is a good tiny first step and one of the few steps the President can take unilaterally. However, the left is so obsessed with Obamacare that even small steps to give individuals relief from the burdens of Obamacare are opposed.

“After that, it looks like Trump will decertify the Iran Deal. The next step is to kill the deal, but the left does not want the President to take the next step to drop the deal. They are trying to make it sound like it will result in a catastrophe and that Trump is reckless. Trump is in no way putting America at a greater conceivable risk by pulling out of the Iran Deal.

“Also, the Harvey Weinstein scandal has helped bring to light to the cultural rot in Hollywood. It’s bigger than Weinstein and there has been a massive conspiracy of silence and cover-up. Weinstein and others in Hollywood are not just creating inappropriate or immoral behavior, it could easily be criminal behavior. Hollywood is an industry like anything else (coal, football, cell phones, etc.) And because the industry has been perpetuating real, legitimate criminal conduct, there should be an FBI unit created, at least temporarily, to investigate the activities taking place in Hollywood.”

More “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, CTE”

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a neurodegenerative disease found in people who have had multiple head injuries. It is most commonly found in those who have participated in contact sports on a regular basis. Its presence in domestic violence is also being investigated. It can affect high school athletes after only a few years of participation. . .

An evolutionary puzzle: CTE causes brain damage that results in more irritable, less organized, more selfish behavior in males. Such may appear more attractive to the eyes and minds of women’s evaluations: they find “damaged goods” more attractive! McCain lost half his mind in a prison camp but became a senator. And a lead football player was considered “pretty smart” in high school but after some head-butts became more self-centered and odd. What proportion of Hannity’s appeal derives from his combative nature and some CTE?

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Dead Cats: DJT/Hbg, 10/11/17, (28)16: James Brody

Donald Trump to Harrisburg . . . Przybyla/Gilhoolley.

O’KEEFE – NYT American Pravda

VEGAS: Drudge Links 10-11-17

WEINSTEIN – To Europe to take the cure. Drudge Links 10-11-17

HEALTH CARE: Josh Umber sites.

PA BUDGET: McKelvey – 4 Months!

NFL: Drudge Links 10-11-17.

LEADS: Lee – Bannon take-over?; Malkin – Plan  #4 dead; Fitton – Obama used IRS data (Lerner skates?); Hanson – Trump enigma; Nordlinger – Russian grave hunter.

RECOMMENDED: “Convention of States; Mark Levin (10-10-17); D’Souza – The Big Lie.

Heidi Przybyla, USA Today: “Trump to tout tax plan at Pennsylvania event with truckers”

“’Nothing gets done in America without the hard working men and women of the trucking industry,” Trump will say in his speech, according to an administration official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity. “When your trucks are moving America is growing … That is why my administration is taking historic steps to remove the barriers that slow you down.”

“In his speech, the president will also make a new claim, according to the official: That the typical American household could see a salary raise of $4,000 on average from a provision encouraging major U.S. companies to bring back – or repatriate – profits currently stored overseas. . .”

Andrea Gilhoolley, Trump/Hannity: “Hannity to interview Trump in Harrisburg tonight; here’s how to watch”

“The exclusive interview will air at 9 p.m. on “Hannity” on Fox News. The interview will take place in front of the audience of about 1,000 people inside a hangar at the Air National Guard base at the Harrisburg International Airport.

The interview is expected to cover a range of topics making headlines, along with Trump’s push for tax reform and his new 70-point immigration plan, according to Fox News insider.

Hannity was scheduled to sit down with Trump last week in West Virginia, but plans were changed after the mass shooting in Las Vegas.”


American Pravda, NYT: Slanting the News and a Bizarre Comey Connection

(NEW YORK) – Project Veritas has released a video of the New York Times video gatekeeper Nicholas Dudich, who was caught on hidden-camera boasting of his lack of journalistic ethics. Dudich, who serves as Audience Strategy Editor, displays a lack of integrity throughout the video, manages videos which go “on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram” for the Times.

While talking about being objective at the Times, Dudich replies candidly, “No I’m not, that’s why I’m here.

“Dudich considers himself an important player at the New York Times, telling the Project Veritas Journalist ‘my voice is on… my imprint is on every video we do.’

“Dudich goes on to explain what he might do to target President Trump . . .”


Drudge Links 10-11-17

Brain exam on Vegas shooter shows no signs of abnormalities…
Why did it take so long to stop him?
Girlfriend added to travel watch list…
Questions linger, confusion grows…
Killer’s home broken into..

WEINSTEIN: Drudge Links 10-11-17


Ronan Farrow Says He Was Threatened…
How NBC ‘Killed’ Bombshell Story…
Top Execs Buried?
TINA BROWN: Volcanic rage erupts from raw insecurity…
After delay, Clinton and Obama condemn…
Oscars Once Joked About Weinstein Behavior…


Harvey Weinstein is boarding a private jet Tuesday night, bound for a rehab center in Europe for sex addiction … sources connected with the former mogul tell TMZ.

“We’re told Harvey has decided to take the advice of the people around him and leave immediately. We’re told he will enter a live-in facility and will deal both with sex and other behavioral issues.

“Our sources say Weinstein is surprisingly calm, considering the PR nightmare engulfing him. As one source put it, “He has his moments where there are bursts, but for the most part he’s pretty calm.”


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


Wallace McKelvey, PennLive: “Four months, no Pa. budget: Is there a better way?”

“TO BORROW a turn of phrase from the late, great Yogi Berra, Pennsylvania’s experiencing déjà vu all over again.

“In the recent past, the state has gone days or weeks without a compromise on spending and taxes. In 2015, it went more than eight months without a fully fledged budget.

Now, four months into the current fiscal year, the Republican-led Legislature has signed off on $32 billion in spending with no plan to pay for it. Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, let that spending bill lapse into law without his signature.

“With no end to the impasse in sight and no agreement with the Legislature, Wolf plans to borrow $1.2 billion against future revenue from the state-run liquor system and generate a possible $200 million from leasing the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

“I’ve had enough games,” the governor said, during a press conference last week where he vented his frustration.

“Here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s a look at how the system works—for better and worse—in other states. . .”

NFL: Drudge Links 10-11-17

California Breakup with NFL; No Fan Support…
ESPN Host: Jerry Jones Slave Owner…
NAACP: COWBOYS Boss Violating Constitutional Rights…
College Quarterback Dismissed From Team After Kneeling For Anthem…
Call for athletes to be fitted with microchips in fight against drug cheats…


Tony Lee, Breitbart: “Top GOP Donor: ‘Bannon’s Star Is Rising,’ McConnell’s Fading”

“A top GOP donor said on Tuesday that he will probably not give more money to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) preferred candidates and may consider giving to some of former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s grassroots conservative candidates.

“Dan Eberhart, a finance and oil executive who has made significant contributions to Republican candidates, told MSNBC host Ari Melber on The Beat with Ari Melber, that establishment Republicans in Congress absolutely need to now worry about losing his support.

“McConnell’s star is faded a little bit and Bannon’s star is rising,” he said.

“Eberhart revealed that he recently met with Bannon, whom he said is a “brilliant strategist” who is now “emboldened” after grassroots conservative candidate Judge Roy Moore thumped D.C. establishment Senator Luther Strange in the Alabama GOP Senate runoff. . .”

Michelle Malkin, RCP: “Obama Lied. My FOURTH Health Plan Died.”

“Cue the funeral bagpipes. My fourth health insurance plan is dead.

“Two weeks ago, my husband and I received yet another cancellation notice for our private, individual health insurance coverage. It’s our fourth Obamacare-induced obituary in four years. Our first death notice, from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, arrived in the fall of 2013. The insurer informed us that because of “changes from health care reform (also called the Affordable Care Act or ACA),” our plan no longer met the federal government’s requirements. . .”

Tom Fitton, Breitbart: “Obama Administration Used Confidential Taxpayer Information to Push Obamacare”

“Judicial Watch uncovered yet another Obama IRS scandal – and one that includes the massive Health and Human Services (HHS) running Obamacare AND the Obama White House directly!

“We received two productions of documents, 77 pages and 108 pages, from the IRS revealing that the Obama IRS coordinated with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Obama White House Behavioral Sciences “Team” in a $5 million program to pressure Americans to sign up for Obamacare.

“The documents also contain inter-agency agreements between the IRS and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) devised to circumvent potential legal prohibitions on unauthorized disclosure or inspection of taxpayer information collected by the IRS.

“The documents were produced in Judicial Watch Inc. v. Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (No. 1:17-cv-00615). They were produced under court order in our April 2017 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the IRS and HHS, which we filed after the agencies failed to respond to November 2016 FOIA requests . . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: “Message v. Messenger: The Trump Enigma”

“About 90 percent of Republican voters eventually supported the political novice Donald Trump by November 2016. Most conservatives saw him as the preferable alternative to the vision and agendas of Hillary Clinton. Perhaps most still do after nine months of his “

“Yet almost half of the elite conservative establishment remains opposed to Republican President Trump.

“About a quarter of them, it seems, openly despise him. These are prominent Republican senators, think-tank writers, television pundits, op-ed columnists, and generic public intellectuals. MSNBC and CNN are now homes for disgruntled Republicans or former conservative pundits in the way that those outlets once for a time found it useful to welcome in paleo-conservatives opposed to the Bush Administration during the Iraq War.

“Bret Stephens, the NeverTrump former conservative at the Wall Street Journal, now advocates the repeal of the Second Amendment in the pages of the New York Times. Did Trump turn off some of the Republican establishment, or liberate it to espouse progressive views that it always held, but found impolitic to express?

“The usual conservative status quo complaint against Trump is that the deficiencies of the messenger outweigh the many positives of the message. Or Trump, the person, nullifies the policies that have accompanied Trump into power.

“The anti-Trumpians cringe at Trump’s incessant Twitter and news conference spats with everyone from “fake news” reporters at CNN to the San Juan mayor. His marathon rambling speeches at rallies in red-state America remind them that they find Trump supporters on the screen far more alien than they do their liberal counterparts in their own Washington and New York neighborhoods. Never Trumpers certainly are louder in their opposition to Trump than was the Tea Party’s past criticism of McCain or Romney.

“They are embarrassed that someone from their own party has a vocabulary that focuses on about four adjectives (‘tremendous,’ ‘great,’ ‘awesome,’ ‘wonderful,’ etc.), or that he often exaggerates and errs in a manner of Barack Obama, though without the latter’s mellifluousness or Ivy League brand. . .”

Jay Nordlinger, NRO: “The Grave-Hunter, Hunted”

“‘The Yuri Dmitriev case is, perhaps, the most important thing happening in Russia right now’
“. . . Dmitriev is a legendary researcher in Karelia, the region in northwest Russia. He is legendary for grave-hunting. He finds mass graves of the Stalin era; he identifies the victims therein; and he honors them. For many years, he has been associated with a group called “Memorial” . . .

“. . . In November 2016, Memorial did something upsetting — upsetting to the Kremlin: It released a list of 39,950 NKVD agents. (Those were the initials of the secret police from 1934 to 1946.) The list was available on the Internet. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t. In Karelia, Yuri Dmitriev was getting anonymous phone calls. Did he have further information on NKVD agents? Would he or Memorial release more? Shortly after, he was arrested.
“Dmitriev was born in 1956 and spent his first years as an orphan. Eventually, he was adopted by an army officer and his wife. Here is a tidbit from his boyhood: One day, he and some other kids were playing soccer, kicking around a skull—a human skull. Later, of course, Dmitriev would wonder about skulls such as this. He would wonder obsessively.
“He has devoted his life to uncovering graves and finding out all he can about the people buried in them. His life has been one great act of remembrance. He has compiled Books of Remembrance, as they are known. His daughter Katia told an interviewer, Anna Yarovaya, “I remember that Dad was constantly going on different digs. He was constantly studying skulls, bringing them home.”
“. . . Arriving in a village, he would not approach the people in charge. The authorities, if you will. He would approach the grandmothers, the old ladies. And he would not bring up his subject directly. Instead, he’d say, “Tell me: Where are people afraid to go around here? Where are the forbidden places? The haunted places?” They would tell him.
“And this led to graves.

“Dmitriev played a major role in discovering the site known as Sandarmokh, outside the town of Medvezhyegorsk, in Karelia. At Sandarmokh, more than 9,000 people were buried. They were murdered in 1937 and 1938. Some 1,100 of the 9,000 came from the Solovki prison camp, which Alexander Solzhenitsyn would dub “the mother of the Gulag.” Among the 9,000 were some 60 nationalities. . .”


Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (10-10-17)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Wealthy NFL players have abused their positions. They get on their knee for a minute and cause all this tumult and go home thinking they have done something great. They have really done zero to participate in the social justice cause. NFL surrogates keep saying it is not against the flag or the National Anthem but against police officers. But we don’t have systemic police abuse in this country,  there is no evidence for this claim in any reputable survey. Nobody is saying police departments are perfect, but neither are football players. The football players are not united because of civil rights, but because of the NFL players union. The union and players have decided to take on the fans and are just in it for themselves.

“After that, apparently the pervasions of Harvey Weinstein have been known for decades by various journalists, the NY Times and big names in Hollywood. Hollywood is filled with frauds and fakes who pretend to stand for women’s rights. Are there more men and women like Weinstein in Hollywood? This is a massive cover up in the Hollywood community. Why would Hillary Clinton, the Obama’s and the National Organization for Women wait 5 days to condemn this? Because Progressivism is a poison and a drive for power and control. They will cut a guy like Harvey Weinstein loose, but they would rather not.

“Later, there is a lot of talk about cleaning out the Republican Establishment in primaries. We may be able to slow down the regression by electing conservatives but we are not going to save the Republic by doing this. Our Republic has been degraded so much that in order reverse course a Convention of States is needed. Many issues like private property, the 17th Amendment, and federal spending can only be reined in by Article V. The Convention of States needs to become the primary focus of constitutional conservatives.”

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Dead Cats: ColumbusDay, 10/09/17, (28)15: James Brody

Trump to Harrisburg . . .

Yahoo – Trump proclaims Columbus Day; Radnofsky et al., Health Care Rules eased; Lott – Gun ban fetish; Williamson – Our 2nd Amendment.

VEGAS: Drudge Links 10-08-17

HEALTH CARE: Josh Umber sites.

PA BUDGET: Baer – Wolf’s fairy tale.

NFL: Drudge Links 10-09-17.

LEADS: Munro – Text of Immigration Rules, Durden – Trump vs. Corker; Patten – Weinstein fired (Also French, Galuppo); Przybyla – Democrats & Bannon?; Paletta – GOP abandons budget cuts; Carney & Jagoda – Tax reform follows health reform; O’Brien – Trump to upend Obama’s climate rules; Durden – NFL fades.

RECOMMENDED: Convention of States; Mark Levin (10-06-17); D’Souza – The Big Lie.

Laura Olson, Morning Call: “President Trump coming to Harrisburg area, not Hamburg, to promote tax plan”

“President Donald Trump is heading to the Harrisburg area on Wednesday to raise support for his tax plan, according to the White House.

“Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the trip during Friday’s press briefing. She initially said he would be heading to Hamburg, Berks County, but White House press staffers later corrected that statement, , ,”

Yahoo!: “Trump proclaims Columbus Day, without Obama’s qualms”

“. . . The president’s proclamation Friday directs the U.S. to celebrate his discovery of the Americas, noting “the permanent arrival of Europeans … was a transformative event that undeniably and fundamentally changed the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great Nation.”

“Trump’s proclamation only praises Columbus, Spain and the explorer’s native Italy.

“It contrasts with President Barack Obama’s document almost exactly a year earlier. Obama’s proclamation acknowledged Columbus’ spirit of exploration. But he said the nation should “also acknowledge the pain and suffering reflected in the stories of Native Americans who had long resided on this land prior to the arrival of European newcomers.”

Louise Radnofsky, Stephanie Armour, and Anna Wilde Mathews, WSJ: “Trump to Sign Order Easing Health Plan Rules, Official Says”

“Executive action expected next week would roll back some Obamacare requirements

“. . . The order is aimed at expanding insurance options for Americans who buy coverage on their own or work for a small employer, and would include broad instructions for agencies to explore ways to loosen regulations and potentially lower premiums, as well as looking at three specific areas of health insurance. It has been anticipated by industry officials and political observers in the days since the GOP repeal effort crashed.

Republicans have long contended that the insurance rules set by the 2010 health law, popularly dubbed Obamacare, have driven up premiums in the individual and small group markets, for healthier Americans especially. Democrats and supporters of the law typically counter that the rules have protected consumers from unwittingly buying shoddy products and helped subsidize the costs of sicker Americans.

“Mr. Trump will order three agencies, the departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Treasury, to take steps to make it easier for people to band together and buy insurance through “association health plans,” the official said.

“Such plans would in some ways be like large employer’s health plans, subject to some restrictions set by the Affordable Care Act, including a ban on lifetime limits. But they would be free of other regulations, including the requirement that insurance plans cover a set package of benefits. These plans are popular with conservatives; some insurers fear that associations would peel off healthier and younger individuals and leave traditional insurance plans to cover sicker and older customers.. .”

John Lott, NRO: “The Gun-Ban Fetish”

“. . . A ban on guns, even in cities like Washington and Chicago, will make things much worse. While gun bans (either a ban on all guns or on all handguns) have been imposed in many places, every time guns have been banned, murder rates have gone up.

“One would think that one time, just out of simple randomness, murder rates would have gone down or at least stayed the same. Yet in every single case for which we have crime data both before and after the ban, murder rates have gone up, often by huge amounts. Americans, including Stephens, should be familiar with the disasters that befell Washington and Chicago after their gun bans. After Washington’s ban, the city ranked No. 1 or 2 in murder rate among the 50 largest cities for half of the next 30 years, and in the top four for two-thirds of that time. Before the ban, Washington had never been near that high. Chicago’s murder rate relative to other cities also soared after its ban.
“Gun-control advocates will tell you that Washington and Chicago weren’t fair tests. They will point out that criminals could still get guns in Virginia or Maryland, or in Illinois or Indiana. That is true, but while it might explain why murder rates didn’t fall as promised, it doesn’t explain why murder and violent crime rates went up. After all, criminals could get these same guns before the ban. If it was so obvious to these advocates that the Washington and Chicago experiments were going to be failures, they should have let others in on this secret. . .”

Also – David French, NRO: Harvey Weinstein, Fox News, and the Power of Self-Interest”
Read more at:

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “Our 21st-Century Second Amendment”

“A  progressive correspondent asks: “If you were drafting the Constitution in 2017, would you include the Second Amendment?”
“It’s an ignorant question, but one that was asked in good faith, and the answer may be illuminating to some of our friends who are mystified by conservative thinking on the question.
“The short answer is: Yes, of course a 21st-century Bill of Rights should codify the right to keep and bear arms. The document does not create the right; the right precedes the document, which merely recognizes it and ensures that the government is constrained when, inevitably, its all-too-human members are tempted to violate that right.
“Progressives take a tabula rasa view of the human condition, the human animal, the human experience, and human society. In this view human beings, individually and corporately, can be shaped into . . . whatever we desire to shape them into. Rights, in this understanding, come from the state: We decide together, through democratic and other political means, what rights and obligations people are to have, and the state acts (in theory) as our instrument in that matter. If you take that view, then the progressive attitude toward the right to keep and bear arms — that it is more trouble than it is worth and that it therefore should be reduced or eliminated altogether — is entirely understandable.
“Conservatives take a different view, one that is rooted in the nation’s foundational philosophy. The American premise is a theological premise: that all men are endowed by their Creator — not the state — with certain unalienable rights. For our Founding Fathers, who were steeped in the Anglo-Protestant liberal tradition, this was not only the truth but the “self-evident” truth. . .”


Drudge Links, 10-08-17

New details about note found in Vegas shooter’s hotel room…
Still no clear motive…
WYNN: Either demented or sending message…
Target Practice in Desert Days Before Massacre…
Prostitute: He enjoyed violent rape fantasies…
Boasted about bank-robber father…


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


John Baer, PhillyInq: “Gov. Wolf’s scary fairy tale, but it’s for real”

“The 47th governor of Pennsylvania, the 14th Democrat to hold the office, is suddenly making some noise.

“To some it sounds like clucking. For as we pass 100 days with no state budget and no signs of settlement, Gov. Wolf is playing the Little Red Hen.

“You know the story. Couldn’t get anybody to help her do anything so she did it all herself.

Well, we now have Wolf: “Who will help me raise money to clean up the deficit I created last year?”

“‘Not I,’ said the House Republicans.

Or: “Who will help me balance our new budget with a shale severance tax?”

“‘Not I,’ said the legislature, including House Democrats and moderate Republicans who couldn’t even move a shale-tax bill from committee.

“‘Then I’ll do it myself,’ said the Little Red …, I mean, said Wolf. And he announced he’ll pay for the deficit and balance the budget all on his own.

“For starters, he’ll borrow $1.25 billion to be paid back over 20 years with profits from our arcane booze system run by the Liquor Control Board (LCB), which, along with our legislature, is another suspect arm of a less-than-laudatory government.

“Wolf’s action joins a mix of long-brewing Harrisburg crazy. . .”


Drudge Links 10-09-17

49ERS Player: What ‘Systemic Oppression’ Looks Like…
Jerry Jones says those who ‘disrespect flag’ won’t play…
DOLPHINS required to stand… 


Neil Munro, Breitbart: “Text of White House Statement on Immigration Priorities”

“Here is the full statement on immigration priorities issued by the White House late October 8.

“The immigration-priority list is vague on several issues, such as the scale of the border wall. “The list also does not include many popular reforms, such as the large-scale repatriation of illegal aliens, or a reduction to the annual inflow of H-1B, OPT and L-1 white-collar outsourcing workers.

“The list does include several features that would help Americans, including a reduction in family chain-migration and a legal requirement that companies use the E-verify system to check the eligibility of job applicants. . . .”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “After ‘Surreal’ Feud Between Trump And Corker, ‘Tax Reform Is Dead. Full Stop’: Cowen”

“While Wall Street appears to have ignored the latest political spat within the Republican party over the weekend, in which Donald Trump lashed out at outgoing Senator Bob Corker, while the latter compared the White House to “daycare for adults”, and later warned Trump may launch World War III, this particular feud involving the president may last longer than just the usual 24-hour news cycle, and could have dire consequences for the market, which in recent days has repriced a more than 60% probability (according to Goldman) that Trump’s tax reform will pass.

“Well, according to Cowen analyst Chris Krueger, not so fast.

In a note released this morning, Krueger writes that “tax euphoria may break this week, with the Senate budget back to zero-margin on vote as President Trump, Sen. Bob Corker feud.” And without a budget, “tax is dead. Full stop,” Krueger writes.

Cowen now sees the margin for passing a budget in the Senate as more challenging than in the House, plus “radically different” documents will have to be merged and passed again.

Passing FY 2018 Senate budget has “some eerie parallels” to health care, as no Democrats will vote for the budget; Sen. Rand Paul is expected to vote no because it doesn’t cut spending fast enough; Sen. John McCain also sounds like a no as it doesn’t repeal sequester, which disproportionately hits the Pentagon.

That means GOP can only afford one more defection, with Corker, a deficit hawk, engaging in “one of the more surreal public correspondence exchanges in recent memory” days after saying Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly help keep U.S. from chaos. . .”

Dominic Patten, Deadline: “Harvey Weinstein under Independent Investigation Ordered By TWC Board Following Sexual Harassment Claims”

Harvey Weinstein’s self-declared indefinite leave of absence from the company he co-founded and co-chairs could become permanent. While not showing him the door yet, The Weinstein Company board announced this evening that they have retained outside lawyers and begun an independent investigation of the co-chairman following yesterday’s exhaustive New York Times report detailing decades of alleged sexual harassment and big-bucks settlements.

“‘The investigating lawyers will be reporting to a special committee of the board composed exclusively of independent directors,’ the statement signed by Bob Weinstein and three other board members read. The statement also says that it is ‘essential to our Company’s culture that all women who work for it or have any dealings with it or any of our executives are treated with respect and have no experience of harassment or discrimination.’ . .”

Also – David French, NRO: “Harvey Weinstein, Fox News, and the Power of Self-Interest”

Also – Mia Galuppo, Hollywood Reporter: Harvey Weinstein Terminated From Weinstein Company”

“. . . “In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, the directors of The Weinstein Company — Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar — have determined, and have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately,” read a statement from the TWC board.

“The situation came to a boiling point Sunday in an explosive meeting when Harvey was offered the opportunity to settle with the company and leave but refused, a source tells The Hollywood Reporter. In the meeting, Harvey argued that the scandal would blow over. The board disagreed. President/COO David Glasser and other TWC executives have been reaching out to talent to assure them that the company is going forward without Harvey.

“Meanwhile, law firm Debevoise & Plimpton will continue the investigation into Harvey’s behavior despite his exit. . .”

Heidi Przybyla, USA Today: “New Democratic ads would give Steve Bannon assist in war against Paul Ryan, GOP incumbents”

“WASHINGTON – If President Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen Bannon intends to target House Speaker Paul Ryan, Democrats will lend a hand.

“The Democratic party’s official campaign arm for House races is unveiling its first ad campaign of the 2018 cycle – and the cable television and radio blitz will prominently featuring the Wisconsin Republican, the group told USA TODAY.

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will cast Ryan and his attempts to unravel Obamacare as an ongoing threat to the health care coverage of millions of Americans.

“The television ad, titled ‘Never Stop,’ warns voters that Republicans are still ‘coming after your health care.’

Damian Paletta, WaPo: “In a switch, GOP deserts its budget-cutting mantra”

“. . . Cutting spending to balance the budget was almost religion to the Republican Party for much of the past eight years. But all year long, despite their control of the White House and Congress, Republicans have not taken steps to balance the budget, to overhaul entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, or to arrest the growth of the country’s $20 trillion in debt.

“With the House passing a critical budget resolution this past week, GOP lawmakers are charging forward next week with plans to cut taxes in a way that could add more than $1.5 trillion to the government’s debt over 10 years, with the goal of legislation by early next month. That is on top of an effort to significantly increase military spending. White House officials say their focus is on growing the economy now and dealing with the debt later.”

JORDAIN CARNEY AND NAOMI JAGODA, The Hill: “Warning signs emerge in GOP’s tax reform push”

“. . . Republicans in the Senate face a particularly perilous path to passing tax legislation. With a razor-thin 52-seat majority, they need to win over at least 50 senators, which would allow Vice President Pence to break a tie.

The most vocal Republican skeptics of the tax plan in the Senate are Sens. Bob Corker (Tenn.) and Rand Paul (Ky.), who are drawing red lines that could toughen leadership’s path to finding consensus.
“Corker, a fiscal hawk who is retiring at the end of this Congress, has vowed he won’t vote for ‘one penny’s worth of deficits.’

“‘I want to tax reform to reduce the deficit,’ he said, asked about his stance on the tax plan. ‘I want it to be pro-growth, and I want it to be permanent.’

“The Senate budget resolution would allow the tax plan to cost the government $1.5 trillion in revenue over the next decade, though advocates argue it would be made up for through economic growth unleashed by corporate and individual tax cuts. . .”

Cortney O’Brien, Townhall: “Report: Trump Poised to Upend Obama’s ‘Most Important Climate Regulation’”

Hat Tip: InfoWars

“The Environmental Protection Agency, under President Obama, acted well beyond its authority when it implemented the Clean Power Plan, the Trump administration suggests in a new proposal. The document is expected to be revealed in its entirety by next week.

The Clean Power Plan was introduced in 2015 to minimize power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions. It came with a list of regulations intended to steer states away from coal and toward natural gas. It is, Politico notes, President Obama’s “most important climate regulation.” But, the Trump White House argues it comes with too high a price.

“Think the Trump administration were the only ones to disapprove of the plan? Think again. More than half the country sued the Obama administration over the rule. In April, the Supreme Court suspended the lawsuits, suggesting the plan was nearing its end. . .”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “The NFL Is Now the Least Popular Professional Sports League In America”

“While mainstream media outlets like the New York Times have continued to assert that the dip in NFL ratings that began last season is in no way connected to the controversy surrounding players kneeling during the National Anthem, yet another poll has reaffirmed what many football fans have suspected for weeks: The protests have transformed the NFL into the least popular professional sports league in America.

“From the end of August to the end of September, the favorable ratings for the NFL have dropped from 57% to 44%, and it has the highest unfavorable rating – 40 percent – of any big sport, according to the Winston Group survey provided exclusively to Secrets.


Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (10-06-17)

“On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review, fills in for Mark. Surrounded by top military commanders President Trump says this might be the calm before the storm and the media go nuts. Trump is trying to get leaders overseas to believe he has some kind of a screw loose, which is a genius move. After that, the goal of the left is to disarm people and take away guns from law abiding citizens. They want people to rely on the state for everything. The left is so passionate about gun control in spite of the fact they have no data or facts to back up their assertions. If you can’t possess a weapon to protect yourself where are you going to get safety and security? The liberals are obsessed with power and control. We have got to start going on the offensive against the liberals, and start fighting back.

“Also, this bump stock controversy is a red herring. The bump stock was invented for people who had physical problems to help them shoot better. However, they are not very effective and often cause guns to lock or jam up.

“In addition, Jimmy Kimmel is a so called expert on healthcare and now he is an expert on firearms. Has Kimmel ever walked into a house in the middle of Iowa and asked why a homeowner there had an AR-15? If he asked Americans why we feel the need to carry a gun he might gain some understanding. Criminals love gun laws because then they get to prey on the helpless.”

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Dead Cats: ISIS?, 10/06/17, (28)14: James Brody

Schlichter – Rights; McCarthy – Nullify Iran agreement; Cooke – 2nd Amendment.

NKOR: Hayward – More nuclear clouds.

VEGAS: Johnson – ISIS takes blame; Drudge links 10-06-17.

HEALTH CARE: Josh Umber sites.

LEADS: French – Moral majority?; Klukowski – Bannon/Moore to speak; Gearan & Demirjian – Cancel Iran deal; Barone – Extremists maneuver to lose.

RECOMMENDED: Convention of States; Mark Levin (09-29-17); D’Souza – The Big Lie.

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall: “Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting on Our Rights”

Hat Tip: Infowars

“I don’t agree with liberals often, because I’m not an idiot and because I love America, but when they once again say, “We must have a conversation about guns!” I still couldn’t agree more. And, since all we’ve heard is you leftists shrieking at us all week, I’ll start it off.

“You don’t ever get to disarm us. Not ever.

“There. It sure feels good to engage in a constructive dialogue.

“Now, we should have this conversation because in recent years we’ve seen a remarkable antipathy for the fact that normal Americans even have rights among those on the left. We should have this conversation to clear the air before leftists push too far and the air gets filled with smoke. But we really don’t need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms. They’re rights. There’s nothing to talk about.

“This goes for all our rights that the left hates, like the rights to speak and write freely, to practice our religion as we see fit, and to not be railroaded by liberal authority without due process. Leftists hate our rights because they hate us, and when we assert our rights it gets in the way of their malicious schemes to dominate and control us. It makes them stamp their little sandaled feet in rage when we normals just won’t cooperate and surrender our rights. But we love our rights – rights are wonderful things with which we were endowed by our Creator, and which our beloved Constitution merely reiterates. But the left, including its pet media, thinks that our rights were merely iterated, and that the left can take an eraser to the parchment and – voila! – no more pesky rights for you flyover people.

“Nah. I think we’ll keep ‘em. All of them, unchanged. And there’s only one way we can lose them, unless a lot of leftists buy a lot of guns, conduct a lot of tactical training, and stop being little weenies. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Mr. President, Decertify the Iran Deal and Then Walk Away”

“Iran has never, not for a moment, been ‘transparently, verifiably, and fully implementing’ the JCPOA. The question is not whether President Trump should decertify President Obama’s farcical Iran nuclear deal. Of course he should. Indeed, he must: Even if we set common sense to the side, federal law requires it.

“Instead, there are two questions.
“1. Why has President Trump recertified the deal, not once but twice?

“This is shameful. Remember, Trump insisted throughout the 2016 campaign that the deal — formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — was the worst and most dangerous in the history of deals. Just two weeks ago, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, he described it as an “embarrassment” and “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.” Yet, under the statute that calls for presidential findings every 90 days, the president, in recertifying, represented to Congress and the American people (a) that Iran is “transparently, verifiably, and fully implementing the agreement” and (b) that continuing the JCPOA is “vital to the national security interests of the United States.”

“These assertions insult the intelligence. . .”

Charles CW Cooke, NRO: “Bret Stephens Indeed Does Not Understand the Second Amendment”

“A response to the conservative New York Times columnist.

‘I have never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment,’ writes Bret Stephens today. And then he proceeds to prove that.

“His column is not a rigorous one. Indeed, it is barely a column so much as it is a brusque list of ill-considered assertions that do nothing to grapple with the many arguments to their contrary. Stephens asserts confidently that “more guns mean more murder,” a claim he bases on a single flawed study that is contradicted both by numerous others and by the recent experience of similar nations. He asserts that there are fewer justifiable homicides than there are accidents with guns, and that therefore that “more guns mean less safety,” but seems not to have considered that one does not have to commit a justifiable homicide to deter a crime; that in fact an enormous number of Americans — at least 100,000; possibly 2 million — deter crimes each year without firing a shot; and that many would-be criminals will avoid even attempting a transgression out of fear the victim might be armed. He asserts that a handful of historical rebellions illustrate the futility of resistance to government, without stopping to note that this country was in fact founded in successful revolution, and that the most effective resistance to Jim Crow came, per Ida B. Wells, from the barrel of a Winchester. And then, as his pièce de résistance, he recruits no less than James Madison to his side, proposing that the author of the Constitution himself would conclude that the private ownership of firearms should be prohibited in the modern world (or at least almost prohibited, for throughout the piece Stephens seems unsure as to quite what he would like the result of his repeal to be). Had Stephens thought about this topic for the first time yesterday, it is hard to see what would be different about his essay. What a pleasure it must be to sync up with the editors. . .”


John Hayward, Breitbart: “North Korea Threatens to ‘Bring Nuclear Clouds’ to Japanese Archipelago”

“North Korea’s international charm offensive continued on Monday with a statement from the official Korean Central News Agency promising that Japan will be swiftly covered by “nuclear clouds” and “engulfed in flames” if a war breaks out.

“Japan’s such rackets inciting the tension of the Korean peninsula is a suicidal deed that will bring nuclear clouds to the Japanese archipelago. No one knows when the touch-and-go situation will lead to a nuclear war, but if so, the Japanese archipelago will be engulfed in flames in a moment. This is too self-evident,” said the KCNA statement, as transcribedby Fox News.

“The Japan Times explains the crack about Japanese “rackets” is a reference to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s contention that “dialogue will not work with North Korea” to resolve the nuclear missile crisis. . .”


Bridget Johnson, PJM: “New ISIS Infographic on Vegas Shooting Claims Paddock Converted Six Months Ago”

“. . . ISIS claimed through their Amaq news agency Monday morning that the “Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State who carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting coalition countries.” They claimed he had converted to Islam recently.

“In the new al-Naba issue, the terror group claims Stephen Paddock converted to Islam six months ago.

“ISIS persisted in its full-court press effort to claim responsibility for the attack after the Amaq news agency claim with their official Nashir channel and affiliated al-Batar Media Foundation all insisting Paddock acted on behalf of the terror group.

“The newsletter used the nom de guerre that ISIS bestowed up Paddock earlier in the week: “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki” — the American.

“The brother Abu Abdul Barr stationed himself for the invasion on the 32nd floor of a hotel overlooking a concert, and opened fire continuously on the crowds using 23 guns and more than 2,000 rounds, and died, may Allah accept him, after exhausting his ammunition,” al-Naba states. . . .”

Drudge Links, 10-06-17

Explosive possessed by Vegas monster may have been used in NYC bombing…
Girlfriend: He Would Lie in Bed Moaning, Screaming…
Researched Fenway…
16 Unanswered Questions… 


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


David French, NRO: “Against the Misguided Moral Superiority of Gun Controllers”

“. . . I hate to pick on Kirsten Powers — because she’s brave and right on many vital issues and also a thoughtful and kind person even when she’s wrong — but she wrote a piece in the Washington Post that’s almost the perfect representation of the mindset. Calling out her Christian brothers and sisters specifically, she says, “There’s something deeply hypocritical about praying for a problem you are unwilling to resolve.” She continues:

‘For those of us who identify as Christians, it’s particularly painful to watch elected officials use their Christian faith to attempt to spiritualize mass murder, while their inaction leads to people traumatized, maimed, disabled or dead. Mass shootings are not acts of God. They are not natural disasters. We know they are preventable, because no other country lives with this kind of madness.’

“But what, pray tell, is the “action” that will end mass shootings? Here Powers comes up empty. . .”

Ken Klukowski, BigGovt: “Exclusive: Steve Bannon, Judge Roy Moore Headline Values Voter Summit”

“VVS is the single largest gathering of social conservatives in the nation each year, with roughly a couple thousand attendees from all across the nation. The event is hosted by the Family Research Council (FRC) and showcases a lineup of senators, governors, congressmen, movie stars, and national leaders on religious liberty, family values, and the pro-life movement, among others.

“Bannon – the former White House Chief Strategist and the CEO of President Donald Trump’s historic presidential campaign – and Moore, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who has now been nominated to take the Senate seat from Alabama once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have now joined the lineup for this year’s VVS, which will once again be hosted at the Omni Shoreham in the nation’s capital. . .”

Anne Gearan & Karoun Demirjian, WaPo: “Trump plans to declare that Iran nuclear deal is not in the national interest”

“President Trump is expected to announce next week that he will ‘decertify’ the international nuclear deal with Iran, saying it is not in the national interest of the United States and kicking the issue to a reluctant Congress, people briefed on the White House strategy said Thursday.

“The move would mark the first step in a process that could eventually result in the resumption of U.S. sanctions against Iran, potentially derailing a deal limiting Iran’s nuclear activities reached in 2015 with the United States and five other nations.

“But Trump would hold off on recommending that Congress reimpose sanctions, which would constitute a clearer break from the pact, according to four people familiar with aspects of the president’s thinking. . .”

Michael Barone, RCP: “Both Parties’ Extremists Seem Determined to Lose the Next Elections”

“. . . In retrospect, the tea party rebellion that broke out in Barack Obama’s first year in office and swept the 2010 midterm elections was also a rebellion against Bush policies — budget deficits, the Medicare prescription drug entitlement, the bank and auto bailouts.

“The House Republican rebels who pushed the 2013 government shutdown and ousted Speaker John Boehner in 2015, acting out of purism, jeopardized Republican majorities. Similarly, their unwillingness to support measures to revise Obamacare prevented moving policy in a conservative direction and gave increased leverage to House Democrats.

“President Trump has taken to blaming Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for such failures. This week, according to Politico, vice presidential aide Nick Ayers has been urging donors to stop funding congressional Republicans. “If we’re going to be in the minority again, we might as well have a minority who are with us, as opposed to the minority who helped us become a minority,” he said.

“Democrats, currently with their smallest congressional minority since the 1920s, seem eager to take stands risking perpetuation of that status . . .”



Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (10-05-17)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Members of the House and the Senate have the answer to mass murder: ban bump stocks. They have a bipartisan bill and they are going to pat themselves on the back by banning something that most of us have never heard of. If Stephen Paddock hadn’t had this device he would have used other devices to slaughter as many human beings as he could. Before anybody heard of bump stocks and other similar devices, the left was already pushing for the evisceration of the 2nd Amendment. Bret Stephens, a pseudo conservative, calls for the repeal of the Second Amendment entirely and says that James Madison would agree with him. This version of illiteracy burped up by Stephens will be used by the Left repeatedly.

“After that, John Bolton calls in to talk about the Iran Deal. What President Trump should do is decertify the Iran Deal and walk away. Trump has certified, not once, but twice already. Only in Washington could you get wrapped in a conundrum like this. Trump needs to show moral leadership and do what he said in his campaign and get out of the deal entirely. The Iranians will take full advantage of our weak position in this deal. Why do we have to wait for Iran to have nuclear weapons ready and pointed at us?”

Dinesh D’Souza – The Big Lie

The real history of the Democratic Party in America was completely covered up following WWII. In D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie, all of this secret, ugly history is brought to light.

“The Big Lie also proves that the Democrats today are the functionally and ideologically the same as the leftists of the 1930s that provided Hitler with blueprints for many of his racist policies.  “Learn about the whole shocking past of the Democratic Party—click here to order The Big Lietoday.”

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Dead Cats: Shoot!, 10/04/17, (28)13: James Brody

Hanson – NFL incoherence;

VEGAS: Washington Times – Exploiting murder; French – Kimmel wrong; Drudge Links 10-04-17; Huston – Run toward danger; Durden – War vet led police; Lowry – Non-sequiturs of gun debate.

HEALTH CARE: Josh Umber sites.

LEADS: Haselton – Yahoo! Lost 3 billion of us; Rubin & Peltier – French counter-terrorism law.

RECOMMENDED: Convention of States; Mark Levin (09-29-17); D’Souza – The Big Lie.

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: “The Tragic Incoherence of the NFL Protests”

“It has become a sort of reflex to object to the National Football League’s players’ bended knee/sitting through the National Anthem—while also conceding that their complaints have merit.

“But do they?

“To answer that question, one would have to know precisely what the protests are about. But so far the various reasons advanced are both confused and without much merit. That is why the players will eventually stand for the anthem before their tragic incoherence loses them both their fans and their jobs with it.

“Inordinate Police Brutality against the African-American Community?

While there certainly have been a large number of well-publicized shootings of African-American suspects, statistics do not bear out, as alleged, a supposed wave of police violence against black unarmed suspects. Is the anger then directed at regrettable though isolated iconic incidents but not at prevailing trends?

“White police officers are more than 18 times more likely to be shot by African-Americans than white police officers are to shoot unarmed black suspects. Does anyone care? . . .”


Washington Times: “Exploiting murder at Mandalay Bay”

“The gun-blame game misses the target by a mile

“. . . The sale of most types of fully automatic guns that keep firing with one pull of the trigger have been highly regulated in the United States since 1934, and the rest have been strictly controlled since 1986. Unless the shooter got his hands on a contraband machine gun, he likely used reconfigured guns whose modification is already prohibited by the law.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanded a new select congressional committee to study gun violence. Hillary Clinton hurried to pin a target on the National Rifle Association: “We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again,” she tweeted.

The NRA was founded to protect the Second Amendment rights of 5 million law-abiding American gun owners, not the extreme outliers whose psychotic derangements lead to murder. There is no discernible evidence that an NRA member has ever committed a mass shooting. To suggest that the NRA is responsible for the grim work of one madman is silly.

No one suggests that the American Automobile Association was responsible for the crime of the man who drove a car into the crowd at Charlottesville. Just as the AAA has posted video warnings about driving while distracted by texting or using a telephone while driving, the NRA trains more than a million persons annually in its gun-safety classes. There’s common sense in the folk wisdom that “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

David French, NRO: “Jimmy Kimmel Is Sincerely Wrong about Guns”

“It’s a distressing reality of our hyper-politicized culture that all too many people value fame and good intentions over facts and reason. And so it is with the rise of the Left’s philosopher-comedians, the men and women that the Washington Post’s James Hohmann called ‘prominent voices of moral authority.’ Foremost among them is Jimmy Kimmel, the man who has supplanted Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as the celebrity face of the #Resistance. I’ll agree that these comedians are certainly prominent. I’ll agree that they’re quite sincere. I question their moral authority — especially when their arguments constitute little more than a grab-bag of gun-control myths and Democratic talking points. Let’s take, for example, Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue from last night, an emotional segment that’s rocketing around the left-wing half of the Internet. . .
“There’s much to unpack here, but when you truly examine his claims, you’ll see that he’s spreading more than a little misinformation, his ‘solutions’ won’t solve the problem, and his

fondest ideals fundamentally violate the Second Amendment. .  .”

Drudge Links, 10-04-17

Led a ‘double life’…
‘Sent away’ before attack…
Meticulous Planning… 
Wired $100,000 to Philippines…
Barista says he was sleep-deprived; Berated girlfriend…
Prescribed anti-anxiety meds…
Police release dramatic bodycam footage…
MANDALAY BAY eerily quiet…
Hotels now using metal detectors…
Trump Set to Visit, Meet Survivors… 

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart: “Vegas Shooting Survivor: ‘In a World Where Everyone is Kneeling,’ He Saw People Running Towards Danger”

Hat tip: InfoWars

“. . . In an interview on Fox News, one survivor of the shooting in Las Vegas referenced the millionaire players and their NFL protests by saying he saw people running into the danger instead of kneeling in anger.

“In a world where everyone is kneeling, I saw hundreds of people standing up and running towards the danger:”

“The person went on to praise the first responders saying, “These first responders… I didn’t know what to do in this scenario, they are individuals who are obviously trained very well, running towards automatic gunfire with nothing but a pistol on their side. I mean, who does that?”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “Meet the Iraq War Veteran Who Led Police to the Vegas Shooter”

“As bad as it was, the mass shooting in Las Vegas may have been much worse had Iraq War veteran Chris Bethel not been staying at the Mandalay Bay this weekend just two floors below Steve Paddock.  According to a local CBS affiliate, Bethel, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, said he could hear Paddock “changing weapons, changing calibers” as he tried to direct police to the 32nd floor of his hotel.

“Chris Bethel is back home now, but said that he has not slept or eaten since the shooting. The Army veteran knew the sound of gunfire — and knew that it was close — as soon as the shots started. “It seems like it just never stops,” he recalled. “Seconds are going by, minutes are going by, and the rounds are continuously going.”

“Changing weapons, changing calibers,” Bethel continued. “You can hear the difference in the gunshots of the different rifles that he is shooting.” He desperately tried to call 911, the front desk of the Mandalay Bay and a different hotel across the street, to tell everyone that the shooter was above him. Bethel remembers nobody answering.

“Looking out of his window, down at the concert below, Bethel realized that police were responding to the wrong place. “He is not over there, he’s over here,” said Bethel. “I thought he was next door.” That is how loud the gunshots sounded from Bethel’s hotel room.

“Bethel, who was in Vegas for an IT conference, has since returned to his home town in Texas but was noticeably shaken in local interviews saying that he was “traumatized” by the event and feels regret that he “couldn’t get a hold of somebody fast enough.”

Rich Lowry, NRO: “The Passionate Non-Sequiturs of the Gun Debate”

“He had no history of mental illness, and people who knew him didn’t report any bizarre behavior. He had no criminal record, beyond a minor violation years ago. He didn’t even have politics that anyone was aware of. ISIS is claiming responsibility, but the FBI says it hasn’t found any evidence of a connection. His brother seemed sincerely dumbfounded and called Paddock ‘just a guy.’
“No enhanced background-check regime, no matter how vigorous, would have stopped him from purchasing guns.
“Hillary Clinton immediately singled out so-called silencers, or suppressors. “The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots,” Clinton tweeted. “Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make it easier to get.” This conjures an image of the killer shooting down people with a gun impossible to hear, a conception straight out of a James Bond movie.
“In a piece on Republican-supported legislation to make suppressors easier to acquire (it currently requires a long approval process and purchase of a $200 tax stamp), the Washington Post notes that one of the devices would lessen the sound of an AR-15 to 132 decibels, or comparable to “a gunshot or a jackhammer.” In other words, a rifle still sounds like a gun even with a suppressor.
“If Hillary cares so much about the issue, she might take ten minutes to learn something about it, but gun-controllers tend to be low-information advocates.  . .”


Hannity: Josh Umber Sites

Josh Umber free market program: Standard fee: $50/month for an adult, $10 per child; no limit on number of visits; medication is purchased in bulk and sold to the patient at a 90% discount.

The map below contains a listing of public addresses and website links to 607 DPC practice locations in 47 states + DC (we still have not located any DPC practices in North Dakota, South Dakota, or Iowa,).  Website readers should note that these practices met our three part definition of DPC, although they may not always self-describe as DPC.  Both “Pure” DPC practices and DPC hybrids are included in the mapper, and they are now color coded!  I’m happy to report that over 70% of the practices in the mapper are known to be pure.


Todd Haselton, CNBC: “Yahoo just said every single account was affected by 2013 attack — 3 billion in all”

– Yahoo said every single account was affected by a data breach in 2013; originally, the company said 1 billion out of 3 billion accounts were affected.

– Yahoo is now part of a Verizon subsidiary named Oath.

– Yahoo and Oath disclosed the new information on Tuesday evening.

Alissa Rubin & Elian Peltier, NY Times: “French Parliament Advances a Sweeping Counterterrorism Bill

“The legislation, approved by a wide margin in the lower house of the French Parliament, codifies measures like search and seizure and house arrest without judicial review — steps once considered exceptional — and effectively institutionalizes a trade-off between security and personal liberty.

“The upper and lower houses of Parliament still need to smooth over differences in their versions of the bill before a final vote this month, but most of the provisions are expected to stand in their current form.

“The bill, President Emmanuel Macron’s first major piece of security legislation, would allow the government to lift the state of emergency imposed nearly two years ago while still being able to reassure the public that the state will exert, if anything, even greater vigilance.

“Critics say the measures included in the law lack sufficient judicial oversight, substituting instead the judgment of security forces whose suspicions could be based on faulty or thin intelligence. They say the new legislation could exacerbate racial profiling by law enforcement, undercutting Mr. Macron’s efforts to reach out to Muslims and minorities, both of whom could be disproportionately affected by the measures. . .”


Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (10-03-17)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, It’s only 2 days after the mass slaughter in Las Vegas but the left and media won’t relent. All day we are being bombarded with demands by late night comics, journalists, and politicians demanding gun control. What actual gun safety measures would have stopped Stephen Paddock from carrying out his terror? We’re still waiting for a liberal to answer. Liberals throw out words such as “fear” and “evil” with regards to guns. However, they have no idea what they are talking about. You can’t just walk into a grocery store and buy a machine gun. The purchase of these is strictly regulated by Federal Law and banned in many states. Despite what some media commentators claim, gun laws apply just as much to gun shows as they do to storefronts. To add, nighttime comics are becoming increasingly political. Liberal comics like Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert should tell us exactly what to do about mass murders. They say we ought to have laws, but no law will stop a criminal.

“Later, on October 15 the President has to address the Iran Deal. Will President Trump embrace his campaign promise and decertify the Iran Deal or not? He should decertify the deal and withdraw from it. Iran has demonstrated that it will overthrow other countries and preaches destruction of all people and countries that don’t compart with Islam. Trump is under pressure from Rex Tillerson and James Mattis to stay in the deal. What Barack Obama did to our country is the worst that any president has ever done in the form of an agreement with any power.”

Dinesh D’Souza – The Big Lie

The real history of the Democratic Party in America was completely covered up following WWII. In D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie, all of this secret, ugly history is brought to light.

“The Big Lie also proves that the Democrats today are the functionally and ideologically the same as the leftists of the 1930s that provided Hitler with blueprints for many of his racist policies.  “Learn about the whole shocking past of the Democratic Party—click here to order The Big Lietoday.”

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Dead Cats: Vegas, 10/02/17, (28)12: James Brody

Kraushaar, King Donald?; Williamson – Conservative Tax Hike; McCarthy – Blame the NFL.

VEGAS: Wilkinson et al., More than 50 dead. Drudge links 10-02-17.

HEALTH CARE: Josh Umber sites.

LEADS: Shaw – Midterm races; Scarborough – Manafort target; Wheeler  – SCOTUS agenda; Huff – Hannity to interview DJT; Washington Times – The Trump card; York – NFL polls; Durden – This is fascism; RT – Hillary’s documents released.

RECOMMENDED: Convention of States; Mark Levin (09-29-17); D’Souza – The Big Lie; SFL fan poll.

Josh Kraushaar, National Journal: “Trump Turns the Presidency into a Modern Monarchy”

“The president hogs the headlines, but the real power resides with trusted advisers, congressional leaders, and well-placed bureaucrats.

“The Trump administration resembles an American version of a monarchy, in which the head of state consumes outsize attention but has ceded significant power to trusted advisers, his party’s leadership in Congress, and well-placed bureaucrats across the government. The triumvirate of Defense Secretary James Mattis, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has remarkable autonomy to steer the nation’s foreign policy. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is shouldering all the blame for the president’s inability to rally support for health care reform. Trump may have humiliated Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but the Department of Justice is actively revamping policy on drug sentencing, cracking down on sanctuary cities, and fighting censorious administrators on college campuses.

Clearly, Trump has actual powers—as opposed to the symbolic roles of a Queen Elizabeth—but it’s remarkable to see how much the traditional powers of the presidency have been shrunk. Mattis, his Defense secretary, didn’t carry out Trump’s tweeted order to ban transgender people from the military. Many foreign governments have learned to ignore the presidential tweets and listen to his advisers to get a better sense of administration policy. Even the despotic North Korean government reportedly was reaching out to conservative think tanks to understand whether to believe Trump’s threatening bluster.

This is especially unusual for us because the executive branch has become all-powerful in recent generations . . .”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “A Conservative Tax Hike”

“President Donald Trump’s tax-reform plan is in total a very expansive steaming pile of irresponsibility — and the president’s argument that it will lead to sustained 6 percent economic growth is pure fantasy — but it does have one attractive provision: raising taxes on blue-state progressives.
“The plan would eliminate the deductibility of state and local income taxes for federal tax purposes. In the highest bracket, Californians are paying 13.3 percent in state income taxes, and that money comes off the top when those high-earning Silicon Valley types are calculating federal taxes. In New York City, the Wall Street guys are paying 8.82 percent to the state and another 3.876 percent to the city, which lowers their taxable federal income by almost 13 percent on the marginal dollar.
“Eliminating deductibility for state and local income taxes is of course politically satisfying for mean-spirited conservatives such as myself — it constitutes a very substantial tax increase on the sort of well-kept and comfortable lefty Californians and New Yorkers from whom we tend to hear more than maybe we really want to on all sorts of political issues. Rich Democrats in Santa Monica and on the Upper West Side think we should have higher taxes, and we knuckle-dragging right-wingers down in Texas and Florida disagree. This way, everybody gets what he wants.

“You’re welcome. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Blame the NFL, Not Trump”

“I do not believe Trump made matters worse. Regarding the exhibition of contempt by NFL players during the playing of the national anthem, this puts me, quite unusually, at odds with a number of my friends and colleagues at National Review (Jonah Goldberg and David French, for example).
“To my mind, to say that the president made things worse is to understate how bad things were — i.e., how appalling the fraud behind the kneeling protest has been. More damaging than anything Trump has said, moreover, is the indulgent reaction to the protest: The received wisdom that even if we find the tactic of the protesters objectionable, we owe them respectful attention because their cause — which they claim is racial equality — is an urgent and honorable one.
“To the contrary, the protest promotes a false narrative. And we are not required to take at face value the protesters’ representation that they seek racial equality in the name of justice. Patently, what they are seeking is a perversion of justice based on racial inequality.
“Furthermore, there is no First Amendment right to political speech in the workplace. Since the NFL is under no obligation to make its private platform a soapbox for promoting a false narrative — and particularly given that the NFL does not hesitate to suppress expression to which it objects — its decision to allow the exhibition of contempt for symbols of nationhood is a free choice, an implicit endorsement. . .”  


James Wilkinson et al., UK Daily Mail: “More than FIFTY dead and 406 injured as gunman with terrifying arsenal of weapons opens fire on packed Vegas music festival from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel before committing suicide”

“-  At least 50 people have been killed and more than 406 injured after a shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada

The shooter has been identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, who opened fire from a 32nd floor room of Mandalay Bay Hotel after 10pm Sunday night

–  Police say they breached Paddock’s room and found him dead inside alongside an ‘arsenal’ of weapons  

–  Cops have located Marilou Danley, described as Paddock’s ‘companion’ and roommate, for questioning, but don’t believe she’s involved in the shooting 

–  They say he had been s(t)aying in Las Vegas since September 28 

–  Paddock was reportedly retired and came to Las Vegas often to gamble, his brother said 

–  It’s the deadliest shooting in U.S. history – eclipsing last year’s massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida

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Trump Offers Condolences…


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Adam Shaw, Big Journalism: “The Hill: Breitbart Charts Path for 2018 Midterm Races”

“As the establishment GOP reels from its seismic defeat in the Alabama Senate race on Tuesday, Breitbart News’s Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow is warning that the populist movement that helped Trump win in 2016 and worked to defeat Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in 2017 is “invigorated” and ready for war in 2018.

“I think a lot of people’s greatest fears about this movement and how powerful it is were confirmed [Tuesday],” Marlow told the Hill.

“Breitbart was widely seen as key in not only bringing greater national attention to the Alabama Senate race, but also in bursting the narrative that the establishment-backed Strange was an advocate for President Trump’s agenda. Breitbart Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was also a central figure in the race, campaigning for Moore with some fiery addresses at rallies.

“While Strange was a backer of Trump, and in turn got Trump’s backing, Alabamians were turned off by Strange’s history as a lobbyist, support of anti-American trade deals, and his unclear stance on DACA. Despite the full weight of the establishment, including outspending his opponent Judge Roy Moore 10-1, Strange was soundly beaten.

“But having helped win an important battle in the war to get a nationalist/populist agenda enacted, Marlow warns that Alabama was just part of a broader trend that bodes ill for the powers in D.C. . .”

Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times: “Tormenting Manafort is seen as Weissmann’s way to snare big prosecution targets for Mueller”

“Facing indictment and millions of dollars in legal debts, President Trump’s onetime campaign manager maintains his innocence and has nothing incriminating to offer Special Counsel Robert Mueller, associates say.

But Paul Manafort, who once advised Ronald Reagan and went on to build a lucrative political consulting business overseas, knows he is up against one of the Justice Department’s most relentless prosecutors.

Andrew Weissmann, who led Justice’s fraud division before being reunited with Mr. Mueller, his former FBI boss, has an operational history of going after the relatively small to snare the big.

“‘I would bet the indictment will be right before Thanksgiving,’ said Sidney Powell, an appeals lawyer in Dallas who locked horns with Mr. Weissmann’s Justice Department task force during the Enron prosecutions of the early 2000s. ‘Weissmann will want to maximize the trauma to his family.’

“For shock effect as well as for gathering evidence, the FBI conducted a predawn raid of Mr. Manafort’s condo in Alexandria, Virginia, in July and stayed for hours. The raid marked a ramping-up of the special counsel’s investigation into suspected Russian interference in the presidential election and collusion with the Trump campaign. . .”

Lydia Wheeler, The Hill: “Supreme Court set for historic new term”

“The court has agreed to hear 43 cases so far, including a challenge to mandatory union fees in the public sector. The justices are likely to take up even more cases on Monday.

“But court watchers may never get to hear arguments in two of the most closely watched cases of the term.

“The court cancelled arguments scheduled for Oct. 10 in two cases challenging President Trump’s travel ban after the White House issued new, targeted restrictions on travelers from eight countries.

“The justices have asked the parties in the travel ban case to submit additional briefs on how the new order impacts the current cases before the court. Arguments could be rescheduled, but what the court will decide to do remains unclear.

“Aside from the cases, the term could be memorable for other reasons.

“It will be Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first full term on the bench. He joined the court in April after a bitter, partisan battle over the vacancy left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

“Court watchers also say this term could also be Justice Anthony Kennedy’s last. Long the court’s pivotal swing voter, Kennedy was rumored to have been considering retirement last spring. . .”

Lauren Huff, Fox: “Fox News’ Sean Hannity Sets Interview with Donald Trump”

“Trump will discuss tax reform, the economy and current news.

“Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity is set to have an exclusive interview with President Donald Trump, to air Wednesday night.

“The interview, which will be pretaped, will feature a studio audience comprised of Democrats, Republicans and independents. Trump will discuss tax reform, the economy and current news, per a press release from Fox News.

“The president will answer questions from the audience after the sit-down, which will take place at the Metropolitan Theatre in Morgantown, West Virginia.

“The interview will not be Trump’s first with the Fox News host. He also appeared on the show following his inauguration in January.”

Washington Times: “Playing the Trump card”

“The president shows Republicans the way to win for once

“Promise them anything, but give them a tax cut. Republicans have a fleeting chance to clear the air of the odor of defeat by making good on a pledge that voters from towns big and small who have heard enough big talk won’t easily forget. If Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can’t deliver this time, these voters are likely to say, “forget you.” Who needs someone who can screw up a slam dunk?

“Limiting government and freeing the individual to reap the fruit of his own blood, sweat and tears (the sweat, anyway) is what Republicans say they are about. Failure to stem confiscatory taxation describes a party without a purpose.

“Shaking free from their failed health care reform debacle, President Trump and congressional Republicans have issued their tax cut draft, headlined by a drive to cut the corporate tax rate cut from 35 percent to 20 percent, and 25 percent for pass-through business. The top individual tax rate would fall from 39.6 percent to 35 percent and the current seven individual tax brackets would be reduced to three. A doubling of the standard deduction to $12,000 for an individual and $24,000 for a couple would leave most taxpayers with a significantly smaller tax bill.

“The plan’s primary focus is on lower taxes for the millions of working families, which experienced historic economic headwinds during the Obama era. “We will cut taxes tremendously for the middle class,” Mr. Trump said before presenting details in a Wednesday speech in Indianapolis. “It’s time for both parties to come together. We’ve been working on this for a long time, and these are the finishing touches.” He urged Congress make the tax code simple and fair, and to include incentives for business to bring their offshore investments home.

“There is no national responsibility more to the point for the businessman-turned-president than to ignite the American economy. The president knows intuitively that enabling workers to keep more of their earnings provides the fuel for small-business entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into products, which is the primary source of new jobs all across the American landscape. A short-term drop in tax revenue can yield a long-term bounty for the Treasury, a phenomenon proved by Ronald Reagan.

“Predictably, Democrats have mounted an all-hands-on-deck campaign to defeat the president’s tax-cut initiative.

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “On game day, new polls show what Americans think about NFL protests, Trump”

“. . . Fox News asked, “In general, do you think kneeling during the national anthem is an appropriate — or inappropriate — form of protest?” Fifty-five percent said inappropriate, while 41 percent said appropriate, and five percent didn’t know.

CNN asked the question in a slightly roundabout way, asking “Do you think athletes who protest by kneeling during the national anthem are doing the right thing or the wrong thing to express their political opinion? Forty-nine percent said the wrong thing, 43 percent said the right thing, and eight percent didn’t know.

“Finally, the Huffington Post found a lot of indecisive respondents when it asked, ‘Do you think it’s appropriate or inappropriate for NFL players to kneel in protest during the national anthem?’ Forty-eight percent said inappropriate, 36 percent said appropriate, and a full 16 percent said they weren’t sure.

“The CBS poll shed some additional light on the public’s attitude toward the demonstrations when it asked, ‘Do you think professional athletes should or should not use their position and fame to talk politics or raise issues, if they want to?’ The poll gave respondents three choices: ‘Yes, whenever they want to,’ ‘Yes, but only on their own time,’ and ‘No, they should not.’

“A decisive 68 percent said athletes either should get political on their own time or not at all. (The breakdown of that was 41 percent said athletes should do it on their own time, and 27 percent said they shouldn’t do it at all. Just 32 percent said athletes could get political whenever they want to.)

“Given the racial dimension of the controversy, the poll broke things down further by race. Forty-six percent of blacks said athletes should get political on their own time or not at all; 64 percent of Hispanics said the same; 58 percent of other races/ethnicities agreed; and 75 percent of whites agreed. Blacks were the only group that said, by a 54 percent majority, that athletes should get political whenever they want.

“The bottom line is that in most polls, small majorities oppose the national anthem protests. “But in a broader sense, a much larger majority opposes athletes using the field of competition to play politics. . .”

Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge: “‘This Is Fascism’: Shocking Footage of Spanish Police Firing Rubber Bullets, Brutally Beating Peaceful Voters”

Update (9:15 am ET): So far, Catalonian emergency services says that 91 people have been injured in violent clashes between Catalonians trying to vote in today’s “illegal” independence, according to AFP.

In scenes one would expect to see in Turkey, or some token third-world dictatorship, on Sunday morning Spanish riot police violently cracked down on the scheduled Catalan independence referendum, smashing their way into polling stations in Catalonia in a dramatic quest to shut down the banned Catalan independence referendum, as they fired rubber bullets and brutally beat peaceful people trying to vote for or against independence from a Spanish government, which many commentators this morning have called “fascist.”

Police fired rubber bullets in central Barcelona, El Periodico newspaper reported, at the intersection of two streets as violence erupted during the vote which has thrown Spain into its worst constitutional crisis for decades. . .”

RT: “Mystery dump: State Department releases thousands of Hillary Clinton documents”

Hat tip: InfoWars

“Without much fanfare, the State Department has released over 6,000 documents related to Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, prompting speculation that it might contain explosive revelations.

“The State Department’s Reading Room website contains 301 pages, with 20 entries each, of emails released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) rulings.

“Since there was no official announcement of the data dump, conservative pundits that noticed it quickly began speculating that the cache contained compromising information about Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, during which she used a private email server located at one of her residences.

“Some of the emails in the release show messages from former Clinton staffers Huma Abedin and Monica Hanley.

“Clinton originally said she handed over all work-related emails from her private server to the State Department, while deleting some 30,000 messages she said were of personal nature.

“It later emerged that her aides used the software called BleachBit to scrub the hard drives containing the emails, and destroyed a number of computers and mobile devices that she used.

“In July 2016, then-FBI Director James Comey announced Clinton won’t be charged with any crimes, even though she and her staff were “extremely careless” with the emails. . .”


Convention of States: “

MARK LEVIN (09-29-17)

“On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review fills in for Mark. Does President Trump speak off the cuff or is what he says intentional? When Trump told the NFL athletes to stand up for the national anthem, there is some strategy going on there. The beauty of what Trump has done is that he forces liberals to constantly show their hand. Instead of a sensible response, liberals overreact every time and expose themselves for who they are, anti-American socialists. They are obsessed with an anti-Trump rage. If we had an establishment GOP President, he would give us focus group tested talking points. This would be terrible because this is not how normal American people think or talk. Instead of giving tested talking points, Trump gives a response that the average American can relate to.

“After that, Secretary of HHS Tom Price resigned on Friday because of the controversy over private flights on the taxpayer dime. While there is nothing illegal about this, it sends the wrong message. But do the rules just apply to the Trump administration and Republicans in office and not to Democrats? What about Eric Holder taking a, $14,000 private jet to the Belmont Stakes in 2014?

“Later, liberals will not criticize themselves if they are wrong no matter what. It has started on the tax plan. All of a sudden Nancy Pelosi cares about debt. Where was she while Barack Obama was engaged in deficit spending? This tax plan is not great, but we need to get the facts right.”

Dinesh D’Souza – The Big Lie

The real history of the Democratic Party in America was completely covered up following WWII. In D’Souza’s new book The Big Lie, all of this secret, ugly history is brought to light.

“The Big Lie also proves that the Democrats today are the functionally and ideologically the same as the leftists of the 1930s that provided Hitler with blueprints for many of his racist policies.  “Learn about the whole shocking past of the Democratic Party—click here to order The Big Lietoday.”

Penny Starr, BigGovt: “NFL Fan Poll: 80 Percent Say They’ll Watch Less Football, 53 Percent Support Trump More”

Hat Tip: InfoWars

“The National Football League (NFL) may have more than a passing controversy on its hands as it continues to grapple with fans’ reaction to the players and staff  “take a knee” protest during the national anthem before games.

“Yahoo Finance headlined its story about its poll with a finding of 62 percent of respondents who said they will watch less football — a percentage Yahoo determined based on how certain questions were answered or not answered:

“Here are the full survey results. The number of responses varies from question to question because some respondents skipped questions or were directed further down the survey based on answers they gave. A note about the results: In Question 9, 80% of respondents said they plan to watch less football on TV. But that’s only among people who answered yes to Question 8, asking if they have changed their behavior. When including the people who answered no to Question 8, the portion saying they plan to watch less football drops to 62%.”

“But looking directly at results for each question on the survey also reveals that a majority of respondents said would watch less football and that they support President Donald Trump’s decision to speak out against the protests. . .”

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