Dead Cats, 08/26/09, #68: James Brody

“The liberation of the human mind has been best furthered by…fellows who throw dead cats in sanctuaries.” H. L. Mencken
August 26, 7-9 PM “Obama Health Care,” Tredyffrin Public Library. Tredyffrin GOP sponsor.
Very tall guys with big signs joined us last Saturday. They usually meet in West Chester on the Courthouse lawn, from 11 – noon. A counter demonstration to the pacifists.
King of Prussia
Mall Blvd & Route 202: Noon-4 pm. Bring signs, water, hats, and your best thumbs-up.
Friday, 08/28/09, 6:30 PM. Trinity Evangelical Congregational Church 66 South Limerick Road, Royersford, PA 19468. $10.
VFP: Friday, September 4th, 2009, 6-8 P.M. at Baxters….
Baxter’s is located at 101 Bridge Street, down the hill a bit and across the street from the Columbia. Park around back and across the street from Iron Hill. (This will be a working and informative meeting. We will have a table outside with petitions and information. There will be a peaceful protest is town after the meeting. Please bring your signs.)
September 10th, Docs4PatientCare.Org
Washington D. C. 1-5 PM: meet with legislators. 5-6 PM: drums, signs, chants, and stethoscopes in Upper Senate Park. Alert your physicians!
912: Register at
Saturday, September 12th, 8 AM – 8 PM, west front of the Capitol. Contact Karin Stocking (610-630-0912, or for $30 bus reservations.)
Campaign for Liberty: Valley Forge, Sept 17th-19th.
Ron Paul, Daniel Hannan, Thomas Woods, Andrew Napolitano, Peter Schiff…two days in Valley Forge, $79 gets you in, $500 gets you private with Ron Paul!
Gingrich, DeMint, Pence, Bachmann, and a bunch more at the Crystal Gateway Marriot.
Register, $79,
Great read! Fouad Ajami: “Obama’s Summer of Discontent”
“The politics of charisma is so third world. Americans were never going to buy into it for long”

Health Care Petition: Save Ours Now
Sign behind the eagle at Almost 1.2 million!
Babette Josephs
The Pennsylvania Legislature has a bill to “reassert” Pennsylvania’s autonomy from Federal schemes. According to Curt Schroeder, Philadelphia Representative Babbett Josephs sits on it…
Cheney on Investigation of CIA
(Liz Cheney is on Bennett’s radio program,990 AM, WNTP, tomorrow, Thursday, 08/27/09.)
“The documents released Monday clearly demonstrate that the individuals subjected to Enhanced Interrogation Techniques provided the bulk of intelligence we gained about al Qaeda. This intelligence saved lives and prevented terrorist attacks. These detainees also, according to the documents, played a role in nearly every capture of al Qaeda members and associates since 2002. The activities of the CIA in carrying out the policies of the Bush Administration were directly responsible for defeating all efforts by al Qaeda to launch further mass casualty attacks against the United States. The people involved deserve our gratitude. They do not deserve to be the targets of political investigations or prosecutions. President Obama’s decision to allow the Justice Department to investigate and possibly prosecute CIA personnel, and his decision to remove authority for interrogation from the CIA to the White House, serves as a reminder, if any were needed, of why so many Americans have doubts about this Administration’s ability to be responsible for our nation’s security”
Glenn Beck re Czar Van Jones: No Surprise!
“Glenn Beck used his popular Fox News show this afternoon to attack the background of Van Jones, a White House environmental advisor who co-founded an African American political advocacy group that organized an advertising boycott of his program.
“During his 2 p.m. PDT show, Beck did not address the boycott spearheaded by Color of Change to protest the talk show host’s remark last month that he believes President Obama is “a racist.”
Instead, he spent a large share of his program suggesting that Jones, who co-founded Color of Change in 2005, is a radical.”
Shop Whole Foods
“In response to a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed by Whole Foods’ Chief Executive Officer John Mackey, activists, consumers and labor groups around the country have been organizing in opposition to his efforts to undermine meaningful health care reform.” Locations in Jenkintown, North Wales, Wayne, and two in Philadelphia. (
See also Mackey’s essay in the WSJ:
BHO to Steer Right?
That’s what community organizers do…
“Today the lesson that President Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress take from that 1994 defeat is that they need to avoid Mr. Clinton’s “mistakes.” Avoiding mistakes, however, is not a winning strategy. A far more productive strategy would be to embrace Mr. Clinton’s success, which was freeing himself from his party’s left and returning to the centrist themes he had campaigned on.
No doubt that would be a bitter pill for Mr. Obama, given how he has made health care his signature issue. Still, a wiser West Wing ought to have seen this train wreck coming”
Black Equity: Malkin’s Criminal Culture
Jesus needed not one but two Marys but, one up on Jesus, Barack had his grandmother, wife, and Oprah. There are reasons.
Women pick between men at several points, sorting the Nobelists from the jailbirds. They do it:
1) prebirthl (1.6 males are conceived for every female and possibly trigger prenatal allergic reactions.),
2) preschool (Is he healthy, does he take turns, follow directions, and say please or thank-you?),
3) premarital (Is he loyal? Does he have reliable friends, does he have assets, will he share them, and – because mildly antisocial males are often the most popular – is he just a little bit of a crook?), and,
4 pre-nursing home…. Is it worth leading him up the stairs and into the toilet one more year?
In Criminal Culture, Michelle Malkin, a traditional woman, does traditional things and lists Barry’s crimes alongside those of his wife and friends. She even draws on informants within ACORN and! She fills the role of a woman. She also fills the role of a patriot.
Impeach and remove him, not because he’s black but because, untelepromptered, he’s a screw-up who swears that we think he’s one because he’s black. Will blacks notice another instance of the most frequent crime, that of black-on-black, that he spends their money as quickly as he spends mine? And how will they respond?
Education: Sowell Takes Off His Gloves!
“Many of the issues of our times are hard to understand without understanding the vision of the world that they are part of. Whether the particular issue is education, economics or medical care, the preferred explanation tends to be an external explanation– that is, something outside the control of the individuals directly involved.
“Education is usually discussed in terms of the money spent on it, the teaching methods used, class sizes or the way the whole system is organized. Students are discussed largely as passive recipients of good or bad education.
“But education is not something that can be given to anybody. It is something that students either acquire or fail to acquire.”
Mr. Ron Packard, school innovator and CEO for K12, interviewed with Bill Bennett, Tuesday morning. He linked online learning with self-paced, individual, and effective…kids pick up 20 extra points in language and 18 in math aptitude tests. Public schools tend to give us good students in 4th grade, average in 8th, and bottom-of-the-barrel in 12th. Home schoolers like it online: districts catch on but, even though online costs less, without cutting our taxes, raising teacher aptitudes, or paying their pensions.
See Interview at for August 25, 2009.
Read Charles Murray (2009) Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America’s Schools Back to Reality. NY: Three Rivers Press.
China: Rare Earth Metals & Our Weapons, Prius, Hi-Tech Bulbs, and Computers
Another instance of our choosing to import instead of maintaining domestic resources….
“China mines over 95% of the world’s rare earth minerals, mostly in Inner Mongolia. The move to hoard reserves is the clearest sign to date that the global struggle for diminishing resources is shifting into a new phase. Countries may find it hard to obtain key materials at any price.”


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