Dead Cats: Snowden, 02/25/15, (15)27: James Brody

Janet: Stop Gov’t Takeover of the Internet!

Please sign the petition!!  Stop the gov’t takeover of the Internet.  We only have two days left.

This is critical! Your voice must be heard now in the loudest of voices. The FCC is doing a power grab of the internet. There are only a few days left to voice your opposition. If you want a Department of the Internet and you think that will make independent voices stronger, stay silent.




STINGRAY: “The StingRay is a box about the size of a small suitcase — there’s also a handheld version — that simulates a cellphone tower. It elicits signals from all mobile phones in its vicinity. That means it collects information not just about a criminal suspect’s communications but also about the communications of potentially hundreds of law-abiding citizens.” Ellen Nakashima,


Ben Carson, March 20th, 5:30 PM (Conestoga Christian School), Shady Maple Banquets, East Earl, PA: TICKETS – $150.00



LEADS: LOWREY – Libs less patriotic; MORRIOSSEY – Salem/CNN/GOP debates; STEYN – Specious guys; ERICKSON – BO not a Christian; SHEEHAN & CAMPANILE – Sharpton $; VOLZ – Snowden flick winner;

GETTING YOUR NUMBER: NAKASHIMA – Police surveillance; MILLER – CIA wants to know.

INTERNET: RUSHBO – Youth cheated by BO; CROVITZ – Internet to ObamaNet; DRUDGE links.

IRS: DINAN – BO stalls on files.

AMNESTY: LEE – HSA can be shuttered; MURDOCK – Lessons for GOP; DRUDGE links; MAY – Senate Dems block DHS $.

ISIS – BO’s next job: DERSHOWITZ – Hear Bibi!; SPERRY – Muslims migrate.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: JANET – Stop the Govt takeover!; March 10th – CFL/West Chester TEA; March 20th – Ben Carson @ Shady Maple ($150)

Janet – Track the Rinos.

Recommended:; JANET – Track the RINOs


“I still support Keystone XL”


About Hillary: “Her fear of giving the wrong impression — before she can figure out what the right impression would be — has understandably encouraged risk aversion. Even friendly reviewers proclaimed that her book “Hard Choices” read like it was written by a subcommittee tasked with avoiding saying anything.” Jonah Goldberg


Mark Steyn: “I opposed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security on the basic Thatcherite principle that if you create a government bureaucracy in order to deal with a problem you’ll never be rid of the problem.”


Bill Bennett caller, 2/24/15: “If you insist on taking the high road, that’s where they’ll find your body”

LEADS . . .

Rich Lowrey, NRO: “Yes, Liberals Are Less Patriotic”

“. . .To be less patriotic than the average American doesn’t require any elaborate backstory or exotic beliefs — it is, as a matter of fact, a standard characteristic of the typical American liberal. The survey data are clear: There is a patriotism differential between the Right and the Left. Which doesn’t mean that liberals don’t love the country in their own fashion, but their love is not reflected in old-fashioned pride in country. A Pew Research survey last year found that 46 percent of ‘steadfast conservatives’ believed that the U.S. stands above all other countries; only 11 percent of ‘solid liberals’ believed the same. Seventy-two percent of steadfast conservatives said they often feel proud to be an American; only 40 percent of solid liberals said they do. Gallup headlined its write-up of a 2010 survey “One in Three Americans ‘Extremely Patriotic’: Republicans, conservatives, and seniors most likely to say so.” According to Gallup, 52 percent of Republicans and 48 percent of conservatives called themselves extremely patriotic; only 20 percent of Democrats and 19 percent of liberals did. As a general matter, patriotic sentiment becomes more attenuated the further left you go. . .”

Ed Morrissey, HotAir: “Salem, CNN team up for three GOP primary debates”

Salem Media Group (NASDAQ: SALM), announced today that it will team up with CNN as the exclusive radio outlet to broadcast three GOP presidential primary debates, sanctioned by the Republican National Committee. Salem will air the debates live with special pre- and post-debate coverage on the Salem Radio Network, the company’s NewsTalk stations, and conservative news and opinion websites.

“‘We are pleased to be working with CNN,’ said David Santrella, President of Broadcast Media at Salem. ‘I am confident that both the access to our audiences and the incorporation of Salem talent will make the debates more accessible for the American electorate.’

“The first of the three debates will take place September 16th at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Salem’s nationally syndicated radio talk show hostHugh Hewitt will join in the Q&A of this debate. Hewitt is a 25-year veteran of radio and broadcast journalism.

“Hewitt will also broadcast special editions of his program pre- and post-debate. At the conclusion of the debate, candidates will be invited to join Hewitt to talk candidly about the event and the pressing issues facing the nation. . .”

Mark Steyn, SteynonLine: “O Beautiful, For Specious Guys…”

“The US media have had a fit of the vapors over Rudy Giuliani’s suggestion that Barack Obama does not love America. As the Instapundit says, their reaction suggests that Giuliani hit a nerve.

“For my own part, I am way beyond that. By the way, I’m growing rather weary of the cheap comparisons of Obama with Neville Chamberlain. The British Prime Minister got the biggest issue of the day wrong. But no one ever doubted that he loved his country. That’s why, after his eviction from Downing Street, Churchill kept him on in his ministry as Lord President of the Council, and indeed made Chamberlain part of the five-man war cabinet and had him chair it during his frequent absences. When he died of cancer in October 1940, Churchill wept over his coffin.

“So please don’t insult Neville Chamberlain by comparing him to Obama. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, because conspiracies are generally a comforting illusion: the real problem with Obama is that the citizens of the global superpower twice elected him to office. Yet one way to look at the current ‘leader of the free world’ is this: If he were working for the other side, what exactly would he be doing differently?

“For example, he has spent most of this week hosting an international conference on something called ‘violent extremism’. Whatever may be said of Munich, Chamberlain never hosted a three-day summit on ‘rearmament’ in general whose entire purpose was to deny that ‘rearmament’ and ‘Germany’ were in any way connected. Yet that is exactly the message the United States government has just offered to the world – in between such eccentric side spectacles as Marie Harf, star of the hilarious new comedy Geopolitically Blonde, explaining her jobs-for-jihadis program, and the new hombre in charge of the planet’s mightiest military machine having his woman felt up on camera by Joe Biden. Now there’s a message to send to the misogynists of Burqastan about what happens when you let the missuses out of their body bags. . .”

Erick Erickson, Red State: “All the President’s Boot Lickers Still Pretend Obama is a Christian”

“They routinely lament on twitter that there surely must be more important things than conservatives focused on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the Libyan disaster, the Syrian disaster, the growth of ISIS, the resurgence of Al Quaeda, etc., etc., etc. They lament that we are a frivolous society easily distracted from important things. They give awards to deep thinkers who write 20,000 word pieces on subjects no one cares about outside of the Circle of Jerks who make up the political press.

“Then Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and failed Presidential candidate who will never serve in public office again, suggests President Obama does not love America (he doesn’t, by the way). The very same Circle of Jerks who lament a lack of seriousness in American discourse, immediately swing into action to protect their precious.

“These are Barack Obama’s boot lickers.

“From the New York Times to the Washington Post to the Atlantic to the Politico to National Journal to the various news networks to NPR, these people want to have President Obama’s baby, protect his policy, and advance his cause. . .”

Kevin Sheehan and Carl Campanile, NY Post: “Garner’s daughter on Sharpton: ‘He’s all about the money’

“Al Sharpton is all about the Benjamins, a daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner claims in a bombshell videotape.

Erica Snipes tees off on the reverend as interested primarily in money during a conversation secretly recorded by controversial conservative activist James O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas.

“One of O’Keefe’s investigators with a hidden camera posed as a Garner supporter during a protest last month at the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island. . .”

  1. Christian Adams, PJM: “Sharpton Allies Call Him ‘Shakedown’ Artist on Latest O’Keefe Video

Also: Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars: “James O’Keefe: “I Am Afraid for My Life”

“Journalist set to release bombshell story . . .

“Whatever its nature, the story promises to be a big one given the impact generated by O’Keefe’s previous work.

“In 2007, O’Keefe posed as a donor wanting to give money to Planned Parenthood to pay for the abortion of black and other minority babies. Workers at numerous Planned Parenthood clinics agreed to accept the donation on these terms.

“O’Keefe’s biggest scalp was undoubtedly his 2009 take down of ACORN, an advocacy organization for people on low income. Hidden camera footage published by O’Keefe showed ACORN employees giving advice on how to evade detection for tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution. Congress voted to eliminate federal funding for ACORN as a result of the exposé.

“In August 2014, O’Keefe demonstrated the porous state of the U.S. border when he crossed an unguarded footbridge in the upper Rio Grande while dressed as Osama Bin Laden.

“For O’Keefe’s sake, let’s hope that he doesn’t end up like Andrew Breitbart, the conservative journalist who weeks before his untimely death on March 1, 2012 promised to release devastating video footage of President Obama. . .”

Dustin Volz, National Journal: “Snowden Film ‘Citizenfour’ Wins Oscar for Best Documentary”

“February 22, 2015 Citizenfour, a film chronicling the living history of Edward Snowden’s unprecedented heist of U.S. government secrets, won the Academy Award for best documentary Sunday night—an unusual feat for a movie so critical of a sitting president’s policies.

“Directed by Laura Poitras, the political thriller captures Snowden in a claustrophobic Hong Kong hotel room in the days leading up to and after the release of the first of batch of classified documents that publicly revealed the sweeping scope of the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance of phone and Internet communications.

“‘The disclosures that Edward Snowden revealed don’t only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself,’ Poitras, who also co-produced the film, said during her acceptance speech. ‘When the most important decisions being made affecting all of us are made in secret, we lose our ability to check the powers that control.’

“In a statement provided by the American Civil Liberties Union, Snowden applauded Poitras and the movie as ‘a brave and brilliant film that deserves the honor and recognition it has received.’

“Snowden, who lives in Russia under asylum, added, ‘My hope is that this award will encourage more people to see the film and be inspired by its message that ordinary citizens, working together, can change the world.’ . . .”


Ellen Nakashima, WaPo: “Secrecy around police surveillance equipment proves a case’s undoing”

Luke 2: 1,2. 2At that time a proclamation was made by Caesar Augustus that all the inhabited world should be registered. This was the first census, undertaken while Cyrenius was governor of Syria and everybody went to the town of his birth to be registered.

“TALLAHASSEE — The case against Tadrae McKenzie looked like an easy win for prosecutors. He and two buddies robbed a small-time pot dealer of $130 worth of weed using BB guns. Under Florida law, that was robbery with a deadly weapon, with a sentence of at least four years in prison.

“But before trial, his defense team detected investigators’ use of a secret surveillance tool, one that raises significant privacy concerns. In an unprecedented move, a state judge ordered the police to show the device — a cell-tower simulator sometimes called a StingRay — to the attorneys.

“Rather than show the equipment, the state offered McKenzie a plea bargain.

“Today, 20-year-old McKenzie is serving six months’ probation ­after pleading guilty to a second-degree misdemeanor. He got, as one civil liberties advocate said, the deal of the century. (The other two defendants also pleaded guilty and were sentenced to two years’ probation.)

“McKenzie’s case is emblematic of the growing, but hidden, use by local law enforcement of how a gag order imposed by the FBI — on grounds that discussing the device’s operation would compromise its effectiveness — has left judges, the public and criminal defendants in the dark on how the tool works. . .”

Greg Miller, WaPo: “CIA looks to expand its cyber espionage capabilities”

“CIA Director John Brennan is planning a major expansion of the agency’s cyber-espionage capabilities as part of a broad restructuring of an intelligence service long defined by its human spy work, current and former U.S. officials said.

“The proposed shift reflects a determination that the CIA’s approach to conventional espionage is increasingly outmoded amid the exploding use of smartphones, social media and other technologies.

“U.S. officials said Brennan’s plans call for increased use of cyber capabilities in almost every category of operations — whether identifying foreign officials to recruit as CIA informants, confirming the identities of targets of drone strikes or penetrating Internet-savvy adversaries such as the Islamic State.

“Several officials said Brennan’s team has even considered creating a new cyber-directorate — a step that would put the agency’s technology experts on equal footing with the operations and analysis branches, which have been pillars of the CIA’s organizational structure for decades. . .”


Rushbo: “Obama Exploits the Ignorance of Young People to Seize Control of the Internet”

“There’s too much freedom out there.  There’s too many people, quote, unquote, “out of control” on the Internet, and Obama and the Democrats have gotta get it controlled.  And the way they’re doing it is capitalizing on the stupidity of young people.  Maybe “stupidity” is the wrong word.  Ignorance and lack of information resulting from they haven’t lived long enough to know.

“The way net neutrality is being sold to Millennials is — and I read these tech bloggers, these little guys. I read ’em, they hate their cable providers. They hate their web service providers, Internet service, they hate ’em.  Just like you were made to hate Big Oil and just like you were made to hate Big Tobacco. Just like you’ve been oriented to hate Big Anything, Big Retail, big box retail like Walmart.  The Democrats’ enemies list now includes all of the telecommunications companies and the Internet service providers.

“The way Obama is targeting support, gaining support from young people on this, is he’s got them confused that what he’s gonna do with net neutrality is punish the people they hate. . .”

Gordon Crovitz, WSJ: “From Internet to Obamanet”

“BlackBerry and AT&T are already making moves that could exploit new ‘utility’ regulations.

“Critics of President Obama’s “net neutrality” plan call it ObamaCare for the Internet.

“That’s unfair to ObamaCare.

“Both ObamaCare and “Obamanet” submit huge industries to complex regulations. Their supporters say the new rules had to be passed before anyone could read them. But at least ObamaCare claimed it would solve long-standing problems. Obamanet promises to fix an Internet that isn’t broken.

“The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities.

“No one, including the bullied FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, thought the agency would go this far. The big politicization came when President Obama in November demanded that the supposedly independent FCC apply the agency’s most extreme regulation to the Internet. A recent page-one Wall Street Journal story headlined ‘Net Neutrality: How White House Thwarted FCC Chief’ documented ‘an unusual, secretive effort inside the White House . . . acting as a parallel version of the FCC itself.”

“Congress is demanding details of this interference. . .”

Drudge Links (2/24/15)

‘FUTURE OF ENTIRE INTERNET AT STAKE’… FCC chief pressed to release web rules… Regs will make net as slow as in Europe…

IRS . . .

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: “White House that promised transparency refuses to cooperate with IRS probe”

“The White House told Congress last week it refused to dig into its computers for emails that could shed light on what kinds of private taxpayer information the IRS shares with President Obama’s top aides, assuring Congress that the IRS will address the issue — eventually.

“The tax agency has already said it doesn’t have the capability to dig out the emails in question, but the White House’s chief counsel, W. Neil Eggleston, insisted in a letter last week to House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan that the IRS would try again once it finishes with the tea party-targeting scandal. . .”


Tony Lee, BigGovt: “Analyst: Exec Amnesty Will Harm Economy More than Temporary Homeland Security Shutdown”

“As Democrats continue to block the House’s Homeland Security funding bill over President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, one economist is arguing that Obama’s executive amnesty may be more costly to the economy than temporarily shutting down the Homeland Security Department.

Writing in Forbes, Jeffrey Dorfman noted that in the most recent government shutdown, “87 percent of DHS employees kept right on working thanks to being classified as essential, while only 13 percent were sent home.” He mentioned that “examples of the parts of DHS that were shut down the last time include research and development of new security screening technology, non-disaster grant programs for state and local governments, and civil liberties training programs for local law enforcement personnel.”

“‘Does anybody really think we cannot survive without these activities for a few weeks?’ Dorfman asks.

“But Obama’s executive amnesty is, according to Dorfman, ‘a step toward two things that will do billions of dollars in damage to our economy’–hurting American workers and imposing more costs on state and local governments. . .”

Also: Jeffrey Dorfman, Forbes: “DHS Shutdown Will Do Less Harm to Economy than Immigration Amnesty”

“As Congress comes back into session this week the issue that is looming over them is the budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Back in December Republicans agreed to fund the government through the end of this fiscal year except for DHS. The DHS budget was only funded through the end of February so that Republicans could use its funding as leverage to block President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Even though a federal district court has temporarily blocked implementation of the executive amnesty, Republicans should stand firm and refuse to pass a DHS spending bill without strong language to stop the agency from legalizing millions of immigrants.

“Back in the fall of 2013 House Republicans stood up to Democrats on the budget leading to a brief government shutdown. Not only did the world not end, but hardly anybody even noticed a change. About the only visible economic damage was caused by the National Park Service closing parks, causing economic losses for nearby businesses who depending on a steady flow of tourists. However, even in that case the people who did not spend money at or near a national park simply spent it somewhere else and no harm was done to the national economy.

“In that most recent government shutdown, DHS only sent home 31,295 employees out of their 231,000 total. In simple terms, 87 percent of DHS employees kept right on working thanks to being classified as essential, while only 13 percent were sent home. There is an argument to be made that we need legislation so that agencies without Congressional authorization should actually stop operating (and probably a law to get rid of non-essential government employees), but under current law the reality is that a shutdown will have no noticeable effect on the important duties of the Department of Homeland Security. . .”

Deroy Murdock, NRO: “GOP Leaders Should Learn from Their Amnesty Calamity”

Cui bono? The Chamber of Commerce has been a past player, did it go away?

“Congressional Republican leaders have painted themselves into a corner over Emperor Obama’s unconstitutional executive order on amnesty. Now, they are tying themselves into knots as they try to wiggle out of this tight spot.

“The fact that they walked into this embarrassing jam in the first place is proof of two recurring problems: First, the GOP’s congressional leaders have no sense of strategy or tactics. Second, they never listen.

“Perhaps because they neither sleep nor go to the bathroom, Democrats nearly always trump Republicans as regards broad legislative battle plans and the narrow parliamentary procedures needed to speed or stall bills on Capitol Hill. Even with control of the House and Senate, Republicans remain a third-grade Little League team beside the 27-time World Series Champion Yankees and their coach, Senator Harry Reid (D – Nevada).

“Republican politicians’ recurring inability to craft winning strategies or clever tactics around issues and legislation would be less maddening if they listened. Conservative activists, party operatives, and sympathetic commentators constantly offer the GOP free advice on everything from communicating themes to writing bills. Alas, this is as productive as hollering into a cave. . .”

Drudge Links (2/25/15)

SENATE REPUBLICANS WAVE WHITE FLAG ON AMNESTY… Clash in closed-door meeting… Jeb: Immigrant workers would ‘lift our spirits dramatically’… Families of Americans murdered by released illegals to testify before House… Obama Huddles Behind Closed Doors With ‘Immigration Advocacy Leaders’…

Caroline May, Big Govt:” Senate Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill for a Fourth Time”

“Senate Democrats blocked debate on a Department of Homeland Security funding bill for a fourth time on Monday.

“Last month, the House passed a DHS appropriations bill that also defunds President Obama’s executive amnesty. Senate Democrats have prevented consideration of the bill because it contains provisions blocking Obama’s actions.

“House Republicans have said they do not plan on bringing up another iteration of the DHS appropriations bill. And Senate Democrats — including those who have offered concerns and even opposition to Obama’s executive amnesty — have been preventing the bill from even getting to the floor.

“Sens. Joe Donnelly (D-IN), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Al Franken (D-MN), Mark Warner (D-VA), and Angus King (I-ME) — an independent who caucuses with the Democrats — had all expressed concern about executive amnesty.

Before the vote Monday, Republican Senators expressed frustration with the fact that Democrats were obstructing debate and amendments to the bill.

“[I]t’s time to allow this Homeland Security funding measure to come to the floor. Democrats say they want the ability to amend DHS’ funding legislation,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on the Senate floor. “But then they keep voting to block their own ability to offer amendments.”

“With funding for DHS set to expire on February 27 should if Congress fails to pass a funding bill, the clock is ticking for lawmakers to find a path forward. . .”

ISIS: BO’s & Val’s next job . . .

Alan Dershowitz, WSJ: “The Appalling Talk of Boycotting Netanyahu”

Thx Ted!

“Congress has every right, and even an obligation, to hear the Israeli leader speak about the Iranian threat.

“As a liberal Democrat who twice campaigned for President Barack Obama , I am appalled that some Democratic members of Congress are planning to boycott the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 3 to a joint session of Congress. At bottom, this controversy is not mainly about protocol and politics—it is about the constitutional system of checks and balances and the separation of powers.

“Under the Constitution, the executive and legislative branches share responsibility for making and implementing important foreign-policy decisions. Congress has a critical role to play in scrutinizing the decisions of the president when these decisions involve national security, relationships with allies and the threat of nuclear proliferation.

“Congress has every right to invite, even over the president’s strong objection, any world leader or international expert who can assist its members in formulating appropriate responses to the current deal being considered with Iran regarding its nuclear-weapons program. Indeed, it is the responsibility of every member of Congress to listen to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who probably knows more about this issue than any world leader, because it threatens the very existence of the nation state of the Jewish people. . .”

Paul Sperry, Investors: “Muslim Immigration Poses Serious National Security Threat”

“France, Belgium and now even liberal Denmark regret letting in so many immigrants from Muslim countries. Their swelling Islamic communities have become breeding grounds for terrorists. So why is the U.S. opening the floodgates to foreign Muslims?

“The threat Muslim immigrants pose to homeland security was not addressed during the White House’s three-day summit on terrorism.

“Instead, Vice President Joe Biden assured Muslim groups gathered during one session that the “wave” of Muslim immigration is “not going to stop.”

“Wave? More like a tsunami.

“Between 2010 and 2013, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations — more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period.

“This is a sea change in immigration flows, and it threatens national security.

“Many of the recent Muslim immigrants are from terrorist hot spots like Iraq, where the Islamic State operates. From 2010-2013, Obama ushered in 41,094 Iraqi nationals from there.

“Now the State Department says it will quadruple the number of refugees brought here from Syria, where IS is headquartered. . .”


Mark Levin Notes (2/24/15)

“We have a political system that is unbefitting of the American people. President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty is giving illegals access to entitlement benefits and fast tracking them to citizenship. If a Republican President tried to pass this the media would be jumping up and down about a Constitutional crisis. The Democrats know exactly what they’re doing; they have a strategy and they unify behind it. Meanwhile, we have the worst group of Republicans in Congress in American history. They lie and manipulate us, and now so called conservative news outlets are their mouth-pieces for deception. Also, why would we want Washington left-wing bureaucrats to control and regulate the Internet? Government interference with the private sector has never been a good thing. Obama has no authority to do this and neither does the FCC. Later, an Iran deal could be taking shape soon. Iran is and was the greatest threat and that is why we attacked the wrong country in Iraq; we should have attacked Iran.”

Doyle Rice, USA Today: “Snow on the ground in 48 states”

“Snow is on the ground in at least 48 of 50 U.S. states, according to three separate national snow cover maps.

“Florida has no snow on the ground according to all of the maps, of that we can be sure. But the three maps I looked at don’t agree on the other snow-free state: It could be South Carolina, it could be Louisiana or possibly Mississippi. Anybody in those three states see snow?

“But regardless of whether those three states have snow on the ground now, some snow is forecast to fall this week on all of them. Florida will remain the lone holdout, as no snow is predicted there. . .”


Janet: Stop Gov’t Takeover of the Internet!

Please sign the petition!!  Stop the gov’t. takeover of the Internet.  We only have two days left.

This is critical! Your voice must be heard now in the loudest of voices. The FCC is doing a power grab of the internet. There are only a few days left to voice your opposition. If you want a Department of the Internet and you think that will make independent voices stronger, stay silent.


March 10th, West Chester TEA


170 Allendale Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406




The CFL announcement is as follows:

For our March meeting, Citizens for Liberty is honored to host our two expert guest speakers!

–         Kim Stolfer, Chairman of Firearms Owners Against Crime and a combat Veteran (USMC) who served in Vietnam.  Kim is very dedicated in fighting for our rights, and we bet after hearing him speak you’re going to want to find the nearest river and dump some tea! He is driving all the way from Pittsburgh to speak to us, so let’s give him a huge Southeast PA welcome!!

–         Joshua Prince of Prince Law Offices & Firearms Industry Consulting Group.  He has been instrumental in protecting citizen’s rights around the state.  Recently, Joshua has sent letters to over 90 municipalities regarding their illegal firearms ordinances, and many have repealed these illegal ordinances because of it. He will also be giving us some valuable tips on our rights as firearm owners.

–         Citizens for Liberty will also discuss what we’ve been up to, and we are excited to announce our new Leadership Team.

Mark your calendars now to attend! Open/Concealed carry is welcomed.

Whether you own a firearm or you’re just a 2nd Amendment supporter in general, this is one event you do not want to miss! Tom Wolf is planning to wage war against our God-given right to keep and bear arms; but NOT on our watch! Help us keep Second Amendment liberty in Pennsylvania second to none.

Come early to check out our information tables and to check out a book from our free Liberty Library collection!!

Doors open at 6:30 PM

“The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall NOT BE QUESTIONED.”



Ben Carson: Founders Dinner, Conestoga Christian, Morgantown

Friday, March 20, 2015

“Plan ahead now to attend Conestoga Christian School’s first annual Founders Dinner. Tickets are already available for this special dinner at Shady Maple featuring renowned pediatric neuro-surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. Find a ticket order form on our website on the Founders Dinner page. You can pur-chase individual tickets for $125 per ticket (August-November) or $150 per ticket (December-March) or you can purchase an exclusive table for $1,500 (an entire table right next to the stage with 8 seats). Exclusive tables are selling fast! Tickets can be purchased at a secure site online or by check.”

Strongly recommended:

Jonah Goldberg’s sister. . .

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link:

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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