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BIBI: RUPAR – Complete transcript; KRISTOL – Netanyahu moment; NY NEWS – Bibi’s warning on Iran; HOENLEIN – BIBI @ AIPAC; DRUDGE links (3/4/15)

LEADS: SHERMAN & BRESNAHAN – Conservatives targeted; DINAN – EPA lied; SMOKINGGUN – Hillary’s email; REUTERS – Alabama stops gay marriages.

AMNESTY: WERNER & ESPO – ‘Clean bill’ to BO; SCHLAFLY – Alien votes; DINAN – 100,000 approved.

IRAN/ISR: REAL CLEAR POLITICS – IAEA report on IRAN; ABRAMS – Manufactured crisis; STEPHENS – ISR & the Dems; DRUDGE links.

PA: KNEPPER – Wolf’s budget; STAUB – PA small business.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: March 10th – CFL/West Chester TEA; March 20th – Ben Carson @ Shady Maple ($150); AFP leadership training.

Recommended:; JANET – Track the RINOs


“Boehner handed over his bullets.” Red Eye, 3/4/15, 3:15am


“White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Monday that President Obama is ‘very interested’ in the idea of raising taxes through unilateral executive action.

“‘The president certainly has not indicated any reticence in using his executive authority to try and advance an agenda that benefits middle class Americans . . .’”

BIBI . . .                     

Terri Rupar, WaPo: “The complete transcript of Netanyahu’s address to Congress”

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing a joint meeting of Congress; here is a complete transcript of his remarks. . .”

William Kristol, Weekly Std: “Netanyahu’s Moment”

Thx Ted!

“Sometimes a speech is just a speech. Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech about Iran policy on March 3 will not be his first address to Congress. It will make familiar, if important, arguments. One might assume that, like the vast majority of speeches, it would soon be overtaken by events in Israel and the United States and the world.

“But the Obama administration’s reaction to the Israeli prime minister’s appearance suggests Netanyahu’s is more than just another speech. An administration that disdains the use of disproportionate force has been, to say the least, disproportionately forceful in its efforts to undermine Netanyahu’s message and discredit the messenger. What is Obama so worried about? What is he, if we may put it indelicately, so scared of?

“We can get a clue from the almost equally disproportionate reaction of Obama’s surrogates to Rudy Giuliani’s suggestion that Barack Obama doesn’t love his country. Why, really, should anyone care about Giuliani’s comment? We have no crime of lèse majesté in this country. But Obama defenders did care. Did they suspect Giuliani had struck a nerve?

“It seems he did. . .”

NY Daily News: “Damn right, Bibi: Netanyahu’s urgent warning to the world on Iran”

“The world leader who addressed a joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday was a man with a clear vision of Iran as an expansionist, extremist, radical Islamist power sure to use nuclear weaponry for domination.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walked the chamber through the regime’s four-decade history of imposing fundamentalism via repression at home and terror abroad as compelling prologue for urging the U.S. to abandon President Obama’s proposed nuclear deal with the mullahs.

“As directly as possible, Netanyahu told the gathering of America’s elected representatives:

“‘For over a year, we’ve been told that no deal is better than a bad deal. Well, this is a bad deal. It’s a very bad deal. We are better off without it.’

“Obama has on the table technical specifications and inspection standards designed to limit Iran’s ability to “break out” toward building a nuclear bomb within a year. He would allow the pact to expire in ten years, trusting that Iran would then meet standards for peaceful atomic energy.

“The White House says, in effect, that this is the best the world can do considering that Iran has developed advanced nuclear know-how, illegally built sophisticated nuclear facilities, amassed ballistic missiles and could wire up and deliver a bomb in a hop, skip and a jump. . .”

Malcolm Hoenlein, John Batchelor: Monday, 2 March 2015   / Hour 3, Block A/B: Bibi at AIPAC

Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, in re: In Washington at AIPAC: an address by the Israeli prime minister, which also anticipates his speech to Congress in some hours.  Sixteen thousand people attended this conference – every faith, color, part-f-ht US; 3,00 college students – all committed t US-Israel relations.  Samantha Power, US amb to the UN, spoke in the morning with a litany of her responsibilities.  The prime minister spoke next: deflected criticism that his acceptance of the invitation was a challenge to the US president; rather, he thinks that the details of the US-Iran deal were not reaching the American people. He spoke of relations, of Congress’s extraordinary role. Cited some previous disagreements, incl Israel’s bombing of the Osirak reactor (which deed turned out to be invaluable to the US). In 1967, US threatened Israel not to go to war against the onslaught of six nations; Sharon was instructed to withdraw from Lebanon, et al.  PM was conciliatory and very warmly received.  Posted a map showing the encirclement by Iran and its groups in the region, and throughout Africa. “If they can do this without nuclear power, then imagine the threat it could pose with nuclear power.”  ISIS. Iran’s backing is destabilizing the region (it controls five capitals; is a predator state posing a danger to the peace of the region.  Various groups endeavoring to extend a caliphate across a broad swath, incl Middle East, Africa, SE Asia.  The US president has focused on only one story: will Iran get nukes or not?  The issue is its running Houthis, Hezbollah, many other organizations.  As Sen Menendez points out, “We know they’re cheating because they have in the past; and they continually explain that they intend to destroy the US.” The Guardian’s Dan Roberts, Mairav Zonszein, and Oliver Laughland: “As he flew out of Ben Gurion airport, Netanyahu described his 48-hour trip to Washington as ‘a fateful, even historic mission,’ which is to culminate in a controversial speech to Congress in which he will speak out against an emerging pact with Iran over its nuclear programme.” An estimated eight people were wounded in an explosion near the office of the prosecutor general in central Cairo on March 2, unnamed security sources said, Reuters reported. Six of the injured were police officers and two were civilians. The public prosecutor was inside the building at the time of the attack but was uninjured. Attacks in Cairo have become increasingly common. There were four bombings in the city Feb. 26. Monday  2 March 2015   / Hour 3, Block B: Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, in re:  Sunset Clause: Iran wd keep its nuke program for “double-digit years, and there’s no other steps we can take.”  Meaning: US is now asking Iran to hold its nuclear program static for a decade; thereafter, it would have permission to increase it number of centrifuges – – which it doesn’t need, having 19,00 now. Susan rice said a deal wd be unachievable ideal to deny Iran access to very good centrifuges that would complete the nuclear fuel cycle.  “Allowing an unachievable deal should not get in the way of a good deal” – but dismantlement is the entire goal.  Rice said that as of now Iran is demanding a two-month breakout period.    She said, “I know you’ll go to the Hill tomorrow for increased sanctions ” – and all sixteen  jumped up for a standing ovation.  She did that a  second time.   The way the Obama Administration is setting it up, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Iran has the bomb. This deal sets up a nuclear arms race in the Gulf.  As Saudi enters, everyone else would have to set up their own nuke program.  The arms race will extend from Egypt to Central Asia through the Middle East, Turkey, Jordan – no one wants to be at the mercy of Iran.   We could let this alligator sharpen its teeth and expand in the region. . .”

Drudge Links (3/4/15)

White House warns Netanyahu not to reveal Iran details… VIDEO: BIBI SPEECH… Assails nuke talks… ‘It Paves Iran’s Path To The Bomb’… ‘Iran’s founding document pledges death, tyranny, and the pursuit of jihad’… One year from mushroom cloud… Thunderous Applause… ‘Days when Jewish people remain passive in face of genocidal aggression are over’… Broadcast Networks Refuse to Carry… ‘Enraged’ Pelosi freaks on floor… ‘Near Tears Throughout’… ‘Saddened by the insult’… Dems LASH OUT at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him ‘a Child’… Obama says read transcript; ‘nothing new’…

LEADS . . .

Joel Gehrke, NRO: “Boehner: Pass Clean DHS Bill Today “House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) announced that the House will vote on a clean Department of Homeland Security funding bill, which marks the conclusion of the Republican attempt to block funding for President Obama’s executive amnesty orders. Boehner told the Republican conference that the bill will get a vote on Tuesday. “He said Pelosi could [force a vote] but he hoped it would be done by a GOP appropriator,” a Republican congressman in the meeting tells National Review Online. The GOP lawmaker is referring to a little-known rule, known as Rule 22, that allows any House member to force a vote on a bill if the Senate refuses to create a conference committee. Senate Democrats filibustered the creation of a conference committee on Monday evening, thwarting the process by which the House and Senate might have ironed out the differences between the DHS appropriations bills passed by the two chambers. The original House bill blocked funding for the implementation of Obama’s 2012 and 2014 executive orders on immigration. The Senate bill did not block funding for the president’s amnesty. . .”

Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan, Politico: “GOP group targets House conservatives on DHS fight”

“An outside group aligned with House GOP leadership will spend $400,000 this week to urge dozens of conservative House Republicans to vote for Department of Homeland Security funding — a new and more aggressive phase in the legislative battle among Republicans that’s consuming Capitol Hill.

“The nonprofit American Action Network is airing an ad in three states — Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio — urging Reps. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) to back funding for the anti-terrorism agency. The 30-second spot will run at least 50 times in each district — on broadcast, in prime slots — Tuesday and Wednesday as the House is expected to take up a DHS funding bill.

“The group says the ad campaign, which also includes radio ads on nationally syndicated shows and digital ads in dozens of other districts represented by House conservatives, is the opening salvo of a larger effort to help Republican leaders pass center-right legislation. . .”

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: “Judge rules EPA lied about transparency, tells agency to halt discrimination against conservatives”

“A federal judge warned the EPA on Monday not to discriminate against conservative groups in how it responds to open-records requests, issuing a legal spanking to the agency that he said may have lied to the court and showed “apathy and carelessness” in carrying out the law.

J”udge Royce C. Lamberth said he couldn’t prove that officials intentionally destroyed documents, but he described as “absurdity” the way the Environmental Protection Agency handled a Freedom of Information Act request from the Landmark Legal Foundation and then the court case stemming from it — including late last week admitting that it misled the court about how it went about searching for documents.

“In a scorching 25-page opinion, the judge accused the agency of insulting him by first claiming it had conducted a full search for records, then years later retracted that claim in a footnote to another document without giving any explanation for how it erred.

“‘The recurrent instances of disregard that EPA employees display for FOIA obligations should not be tolerated by the agency,’ the judge said. ‘This court would implore the executive branch to take greater responsibility in ensuring that all EPA FOIA requests — regardless of the political affiliation of the requester — are treated with equal respect and conscientiousness.’. . .”

The Smoking Gun: “Hillary Clinton’s Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny”

MARCH 3–The disclosure that Hillary Clinton used a non-governmental e-mail address while she was Secretary of State originally came courtesy of “Guccifer,” the Romanian hacker now serving time in a Bucharest prison for his online attacks against scores of public figures.

“As TSG first reported in March 2013, “Guccifer” illegally accessed the AOL e-mail account of Sidney Blumenthal, who worked as a senior White House adviser to President Bill Clinton, and later became a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

When ‘Guccifer’ (who was later identified as Marcel Lazar Lehel) breached Blumenthal’s account, he discovered an assortment of correspondence sent to Hillary Clinton at the e-mail address The “” domain was registered in 2009, shortly after her nomination to become Secretary of State.

“While Blumenthal, a longtime Hillary Clinton confidant, used her private e-mail to send personal messages (like a get well note after she fell at home and suffered a concussion in December 2012), he also forwarded the Cabinet member a series of ‘Confidential’ memos about foreign policy matters.

“The ‘For: Hillary, From: Sid’ memos, provided to TSG by ‘Guccifer,’ address a wide range of topics in global flashpoints like Algeria, Turkey, Mali, and Libya. Blumenthal also provided Clinton with information about the European Central Bank, the Georgia elections, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. . .”

Also – Michael Schmidt, NYT: “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules”

“WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, State Department officials said, and may have violated federal requirements that officials’ correspondence be retained as part of the agency’s record.

“Mrs. Clinton did not have a government email address during her four-year tenure at the State Department. Her aides took no actions to have her personal emails preserved on department servers at the time, as required by the Federal Records Act.

“It was only two months ago, in response to a new State Department effort to comply with federal record-keeping practices, that Mrs. Clinton’s advisers reviewed tens of thousands of pages of her personal emails and decided which ones to turn over to the State Department. All told, 55,000 pages of emails were given to the department. Mrs. Clinton stepped down from the secretary’s post in early 2013.

“Her expansive use of the private account was alarming to current and former National Archives and Records Administration officials and government watchdogs, who called it a serious breach. . .”

Reuters: “Alabama high court orders halt to same-sex marriage licenses”

“(Reuters) – The Alabama Supreme Court ordered probate judges on Tuesday to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in apparent defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court, underscoring the depth of opposition to gay matrimony in the socially conservative state.

“The 7-1 ruling comes roughly three weeks after U.S. District Judge Callie Granade’s decision overturning Alabama’s ban on gay marriage went into effect after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to put it on hold.

“‘As it has done for approximately two centuries, Alabama law allows for ‘marriage’ between only one man and one woman,’ Tuesday’s state supreme court ruling said. ‘Alabama probate judges have a ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary to this law.”

‘Nothing in the United States Constitution alters or overrides this duty.’ . . .”


Erica Werner & David Espo, MyWay: Congress sends Homeland bill to Obama without conditions”

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress is sending President Barack Obama a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the end of the budget year, without overturning the president’s immigration policies.

“The House on Tuesday voted 257-167 for the measure that Obama is expected to sign. Without action, funding for the department would have expired Friday at midnight.

“The outcome was a victory for Obama and Democrats, and a defeat for the GOP strategy of trying to overturn Obama’s executive actions on immigration by linking them to funding for Homeland. . .”–congress-homeland-3f5eec67e4.html

Phyllis Schlafly, , Investor’s Business Daily: “Democrats Plan To Win Elections with Illegal Alien Votes”

Thx Ted!

“The Obama Democrats have an audacious scheme for winning future elections. They just plan to import 5 million non-citizens and credential them as voters who will, in gratitude, vote Democratic.

“The way this devious formula works is stunningly simple. Just get the new Republican Congress (under Speaker John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell) to pass a full-funding bill for Homeland Security without any exception for the funding of Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, which will allow Obama to give work permits, Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses to 5 million illegal aliens.

“Once the 5 million so-called undocumented persons are given those valuable documents, there is no way to stop them from voting. . .”

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: “DHS approved 100,000 expanded amnesty applications before judge halted program”

“The administration processed about 100,000 applications for amnesty for so-called Dreamers under some of the expanded rules President Obama announced last year, lawyers told a Texas judge late Tuesday, in a move that could complicate their claim that they have halted all action under the amnesty.

“Mr. Obama’s Nov. 20 announcement offered a number of different benefits to illegal immigrants, including expanding eligibility for his 2012 amnesty for Dreamers and boosting the amount of time he was granting an amnesty form deportation and permits for legal work from two years to three years.

“While the administration hadn’t begun collecting applications under the expanded eligibility, it had awarded tens of thousands of three-year permits to applicants who had qualified as Dreamers under the original rules from 2012.

“Federal District Judge Andrew S. Hanen last month halted the new amnesty, ruling that it likely violated federal law, but it was unclear what that meant for the three-year adjustment.

The Justice Department, in an advisory to Judge Hanen late Tuesday, said they didn’t think they needed to revoke the three-year authorization, saying they didn’t think the judge intended to halt that part of the amnesty. . .”

IRAN/ISR . . .

Real Clear Politics: “Ed Henry Grills Earnest: IAEA Report “Flies In The Face” Of White House’s Claim of Verifying Iran’s Nuclear Program”

“At Monday’s White House press briefing, FOX News’ Ed Henry confronted press secretary Josh Earnest about the U.N. contradicting the White House’s claim that they “have confirmed” Iran has lived up to their part of the joint plan of action. “The head of the IAEA today said, ‘the agency is not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear activities in Iran and therefore conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is for peaceful activities,'” FNC’s Ed Henry said to Josh Earnest. “‘That flies in the face of what you just said,’ Henry said. “‘Well, Ed, what we have confirmed is that Iran has lived up to their agreement as part of the joint plan of action,’ Earnest replied. “‘How do you confirm that on your own? Because this is the UN nuclear watchdog saying they haven’t been able to verify that. So can you explain how has the U.S. verified that without the U.N.?’ Henry asked. “‘In the context of the joint plan of action our intentional inspectors have gotten very important access to Iran — it’s essentially unprecedented access — and we have been able to confirm that they have complied with the joint plan of action,’ Earnest claimed once again. “‘And how do you define the international community when the head of the U.N. watchdog said today we haven’t gotten in?’ Henry asked. “‘Well,’ Earnest said, ‘I haven’t seen those specific comments but we can get back to you.’ . . .”

Elliot Abrams, Weekly Standard: “U.S. and Israel: The Manufactured Crisis

Recall that BO’s operatives are now in Israel meddling in Bibi’s reelection . . . and that BO’s chief concern is getting Muslim support for him in his and Val’s next job . . .

“The crisis between the United States and Israel has been manufactured by the Obama administration. Building a crisis up or down is well within the administration’s power, and it has chosen to build it up. Why? Three reasons: to damage and defeat Netanyahu (whom Obama has always disliked simply because he is on the right while Obama is on the left) in his election campaign, to prevent Israel from affecting the Iran policy debate in the United States, and worst of all to diminish Israel’s popularity in the United States and especially among Democrats.

“Suppose for a moment that the Netanyahu speech before Congress is a mistake, a breach of protocol, a campaign maneuver, indeed all the bad things the White House is calling it. Grant all of that for a moment for the sake of argument and the behavior of the Obama administration is still inexplicable. Clearly more is behind its conduct than mere pique over the speech.

“First comes the personal relationship and the desire to see Netanyahu lose the election. Recall that Obama became president before Netanyahu became prime minister, and it is obvious that the dislike was both personal and political before Netanyahu had done anything. Obama does not like people on the right, period—Americans, Israelis, Australians, you name it. Obama also decided immediately on taking office to pick a fight with Israel and make construction in settlements and in Jerusalem the central issue in U.S.-Israeli relations. Remember that he appointed George Mitchell as his special negotiator one day after assuming the presidency, and Mitchell was the father of the demand that construction—including even construction to accommodate what Mitchell called “natural growth” of families in settlement populations—be stopped dead. A confrontation was inevitable, and was desired by the White House.

“Obama has overplayed his hand . . .”

Bret Stephens, WSJ: “Israel and the Democrats

Thx Ted!

“Chuck Schumer and other liberal fence-sitters will have their reputations stained forever if they let this Iran deal pass.

“The Democratic Party is on the cusp of abandoning the state of Israel. That’s a shame, though less for Israel than it is for the Democrats.

“The Democrats’ historic support for the Jewish state has always been what’s best about the party. The understanding not only that Jews are entitled to a state, but also that a liberal democracy is entitled to defend itself—robustly and sometimes pre-emptively—against illiberal enemies, is why the party of Harry Truman, Scoop Jackson and Daniel Patrick Moynihan commands historic respect.

“But that party is evaporating. A 2014 Pew survey found that just 39% of liberal Democrats are more sympathetic to Israel than they are to the Palestinians. That compares with 77% of conservative Republicans. During last summer’s war in Gaza, Pew found liberals about as likely to blame Israel as they were to blame Hamas for the violence.

“That means the GOP is now the engine, the Democrats at best a wheel, in U.S. support for Israel. The Obama administration is the kill switch . . .”

Drudge Links (3/3/15)

PRESIDENT VS PRIME MINISTER… SHOWDOWN OVER IRAN… Obama says Netanyahu wrong before… State Dep’t tweets speech by cleric who blames global unrest on ‘Zionism’… Khamenei blasts Israel… Susan Rice Tells Israelis Their Demands Are ‘Unachievable’… President to huddle in Situation Room during Bibi speech to Congress… LIVE: 10:45 AM…

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “Governor Wolf’s Budget: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

“There was a lot not to like in Governor Wolf’s first budget address. For the most part, it was a wish list of higher taxes and more government spending. The Governor wants to increase the sales tax from 6 percent to 6.6 percent. On top of that, he is proposing a 20 percent increase in the personal income tax rate. In fairness, Wolf is pledging to use some of the additional funding to reduce property taxes. However, the $1000 property tax decrease will not be make-up for estimated $1450 increase in taxes that a family of four will face if his tax hikes take effect. Furthermore, there is no guarantee school districts would reduce taxes or that property owners wouldn’t see their taxes rise again in the future resulting in an even higher tax burden.

“In the budget address, Wolf repeats the lie that “Pennsylvania ranks near the bottom of the country in state investments in Kindergarten through 12th grade education.” He uses the state’s supposed underfunding of education to justify massive tax hikes. In reality, Pennsylvania is 13th in the nation in per-pupil spending according to the latest data from the Census Bureau; nowhere near the bottom of the country.

“One bright spot in the Governor’s budget address was his call to reduce the state’s corporate income tax and eliminate the capital stock and franchise tax. Wolf rightly recognizes that our tax rate is ‘driving jobs out of our state.’ Ironically, the Governor does not think that increasing taxes on natural gas producers will impact their willingness to do business in Pennsylvania.

“Make no mistake, Governor Wolf’s ‘fresh start’ is the same sad tax and spend policies that have been failing Pennsylvania and America for decades. . .”

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “Small businesses feel like ‘big losers’ in Wolf’s budget”

“HARRISBURG, Pa. — Dale Kaplan already faces a stiff challenge from Jos. A. Bank and its wrinkle-free shirts. Now, the owner of a Camp Hill dry-cleaning service is feeling the pressure from his state government, too.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled his first budget proposal Tuesday, outlining a plan that calls for billions of dollars in property tax breaks and a reduced corporate net income tax, as well as more than $4 billion in increased taxes.

Wolf hopes to raise the personal income tax from 3.07 percent to 3.7 percent. He also wants to raise the sales tax from 6 percent to 6.6 percent and apply it to more goods, as well as services, such as attorneys, accountants and dry cleaners. He also wants to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour.

That’s a potential triple-whammy for Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners — which won’t directly benefit from Wolf’s plan to halve the corporate net income tax — and led the National Federation of Independent Business in Pennsylvania to contend small businesses are the “biggest losers” in the budget proposal.

While it’s a matter of nickels, dimes and maybe quarters, consumers might balk at bringing all their clothing to Kaplan when they notice their bills include a sales tax, he said.

“What does that do for a guy like me?” said Kaplan, who has owned his business for almost 40 years. “My industry’s already challenging because the average consumer’s looking at us and saying, ‘I can wash that at home.’”


The NFL gained attention for head injuries and brain damage in football players. I notice that boxing promises a new season . . . what is to be done to prevent head injuries in boxers? Do the Dems worry about a new group of impulsive voters?

Mark Levin (3/3/15)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: The leader of the free world is traditionally the President of the United States, but instead it is now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He knows that Iran has no intention of keeping deals because their only intention is to destroy us; that’s exactly why he received numerous standing ovations. The Obama administration continues to dismiss Netanyahu despite him being right about a nuclear Iran. Obama should be sitting down with the President of Egypt, the King of Jordan, the King of Saudi Arabia, and other leaders of Middle Eastern countries and develop a serious strategy instead of negotiating with the enemy. Obama isn’t averting war; he’s assuring it as most appeasers do. Also, Congress is sanctifying Obama’s violation of the Constitution by funding DHS and his executive amnesty. Speaker John Boehner teamed up with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to pass the bill, despite an overwhelming majority of Republicans voting against it. It would be bad enough if this was just about amnesty but they swore to uphold the Constitution in their oath, and funding Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty broke that oath. Finally, Senator Ben Sasse calls in and discusses the Supreme Court case King vs Burwell, which challenges the legality of 75% of Obamacare.”


March 10th, West Chester TEA – Location Change

West Goshen Twp building 1025 Paoli Pike, West Chester,

Bob Dick is a Policy Analyst for the Commonwealth Foundation. Will speak about Gov-elect Wolf’s Budget proposal and what it would mean for Pennsylvania.  Special Guest Speaker, Representative Dan Truitt Update on what is happening in Harrisburg Have coffee and socialize with us after meeting

Ben Carson: Founders Dinner, Conestoga Christian, Morgantown

Friday, March 20, 2015

“Plan ahead now to attend Conestoga Christian School’s first annual Founders Dinner. Tickets are already available for this special dinner at Shady Maple featuring renowned pediatric neuro-surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. Find a ticket order form on our website on the Founders Dinner page. You can pur-chase individual tickets for $125 per ticket (August-November) or $150 per ticket (December-March) or you can purchase an exclusive table for $1,500 (an entire table right next to the stage with 8 seats). Exclusive tables are selling fast! Tickets can be purchased at a secure site online or by check.”

AFP leadership training


AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY is offering a state of the art training program for citizen activists who want to make a difference in their communities.  AFP education programs will build the leadership skills that we need to fight the Big Government agenda of the left. During the program we will learn the basics of:

  • Organizing a Grassroots Campaign
  • Building Successful Media Strategies
  • Working with Legislators
  • Mobilizing Fellow Supporters

“The program consists of six classes over a twelve week period.  Classes will be held locally and include dinner.  We must have a minimum of twelve people in order to set up a training session.

“Ashley Klingensmith, Field Director for AFP, attended our February meeting where she introduced this outstanding program. Ashley already has two people in Chester County who would like to join a session, so let’s help her fill it up.

“For those who are interested, let us know as soon as possible by responding to  There is no cost to participants.

There are two additional training certification programs within the AFP Academy for those who wish to continue on with advanced certifications. There are bonuses to doing this including a trip to Washington, DC.

Strongly recommended:

Jonah Goldberg’s sister. . .

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link:

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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