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Ben Carson, March 20th, 5:30 PM (Conestoga Christian School), Shady Maple Banquets, East Earl, PA: TICKETS – $150.00



LEADS: DeMINT – “Spineless GOP leaders”; LILLIS – Dems to protect Boehner; MacDONALD – Holder’s gambit; NAPOLITANO – Hillary in trouble; NOONAN – Scandal Land; LINDZEN – Assault on climate skeptics.


PA: STAUB – Wolf’’s budget; NADOLNY & VARGAS – Nutter budget; SNYDER – Ups & Down.

END NOTES: MARK LEVIN; WILLIAMSON – Lawn chairs & private property.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: March 10th – CFL/West Chester TEA; March 20th – Ben Carson @ Shady Maple ($150); AFP leadership training.

Recommended:; JANET – Track the RINOs


“A falsehood has traveled the world while truth is still getting its shoes on” Mark Twain

A one-sentence summary of what it is to be impulsive or thoughtful . . .

LEADS . . .

Jim DeMint, Daily Signal: “If Not Now … When? Will the GOP Majority Ever Stand for Anything?

“It is never the right time to do the right thing in Washington, D.C.

“The phrase I heard most often from Republican leadership while serving in the House and Senate was, ‘This is not the right time to have this fight.’

“Whether the issue was balancing the budget, school choice, patient-driven healthcare, eliminating earmarks, raising the debt limit, ending big, crony handouts like the Export-Import Bank or any stand against the continued growth, favoritism and intrusion of big government, conservatives were always told to wait. Wait until conservatives have the majority. Wait until we have the White House. Wait until we are reelected.

“We’re seeing that ‘wait’ attitude in practice today as the House votes on a ‘clean’ Department of Homeland Security funding bill. Despite the fact that Republicans have majorities in both the House and the Senate that were elected on a pledge to fight against President Obama’s executive amnesty, and despite forcing through a big spending bill at the end of 2014 with the promise they would fight later on Homeland Security appropriations, they are now punting the issue entirely.

“On the other side of the aisle, I noticed a much different attitude, especially on big, liberal goals like government-run healthcare. Despite being faced with strong public opposition and the potential end to their political careers, the Democrats used false promises and every imaginable procedural trick to pass the government takeover of a sixth of America’s economy, along with one of the largest tax increases in our history.

“Every Democrat in the House and Senate voted for Obamacare. And none of them even knew what was in it. Many have since lost their bids for reelection, but for liberals, the ends justify the means, and they are willing to accept huge political losses to advance their ideology.

“Yet on the other side of the aisle—with the party that supposedly stands for individual freedom, limited government, free markets, American values and a strong defense—tomorrow never comes. . .”

Mike Lillis, TheHill: “Dems vow to protect Boehner from conservative coup”

“Tea Party Republicans contemplating a bid to oust Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) shouldn’t count on Democrats to help them unseat the Speaker.

“And without their support, there is no chance to topple Boehner in this Congress.

“A number of right-wing Republicans, long wary of Boehner’s commitment to GOP efforts attacking President Obama’s policy priorities, have openly considered a coup in an attempt to transfer the gavel into more conservative hands.

“But Democrats from across an ideological spectrum say they’d rather see Boehner remain atop the House than replace him with a more conservative Speaker who would almost certainly be less willing to reach across the aisle in search of compromise. Replacing him with a Tea Party Speaker, they say, would only bring the legislative process — already limping along — to a screeching halt. . .”

Heather MacDonald, NRO: “Holder’s Damaging ‘Disparate Impact’ Gambit”

“Eric Holder’s Justice Department is about to charge the Ferguson Police Department with racial bias, reports the New York Times. The Ferguson police will then face a choice: Agree to costly and cumbersome oversight by Justice Department lawyers, none of whom have any experience with policing, or fight the federal government in court, also at enormous expense. The consequences for Ferguson will be bad enough, but the Justice Department could be creating a new legal standard for policing that will hurt public safety nationwide.

“Justice’s Ferguson report allegedly will rest on a “disparate impact” analysis of Ferguson’s police practices. Disparate-impact analysis obviates the need to find intentional discrimination in a civil-rights case; a policy or practice can be wholly color-blind, but if, in its application, it falls more heavily on a particular racial group, it is illegal under certain federal regulations. A job requirement that employees have a high-school degree is a classic example of a policy that has a disparate impact, if the high-school-degree requirement disqualifies more blacks than whites for the job. Never mind that the employer applies his job threshold without racial bias, he can be held liable for racial discrimination anyway if he is unable to justify the high-school requirement as a business necessity.

“The Obama administration’s aggressive use of disparate-impact theory against schools for their disciplinary practices has been a disaster for classroom safety and order. . .”

Andrew Napolitano, Fox: “Napolitano on ‘The Kelly File’: ‘Hillary Clinton Is In a Lot of Trouble Legally’”

“If Clinton retained classified emails on her personal account and server, Napolitano said she arguably violated a statute which prohibits retaining classified information in a non-governmental, non-secure way – a misdemeanor charge.

Clinton also faces a potential felony if she knowingly and willfully destroyed or concealed government records, Napolitano said. The felony is punishable by up to three years in jail and disqualification from holding public office in the future.

Also: Rushbo: “Judge Napolitano’s Fascinating Hillary Analysis”

NAPOLITANO:  The other way that she’s in trouble is a person who knowingly and willfully destroys or conceals government records.  This is a felony punishable in jail by up to three years and — are you ready for this? — disqualification from holding public office under the United States of America.

“RUSH:  Yeah, well, that used to be.  That’s in the Constitution.  That doesn’t matter as much anymore.  They’ll find a way around this felony thing.  Well, they’re finding a way around illegal immigration.  Obama’s talking about executive action for raising taxes.  What’s so hard about seeing to it that a felon could run for office someday?  Hell, they’re trying to legalize the felon vote now. . .”

Also: Ron Fournier, National Journal: “Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Get It”

“Nice tweet, but she still seems trapped on the wrong side of the bridge to the 21st century.

“If she wants us to see her email, why did she create a secret account stored on a dark server registered at her home?

If she wants us to see her email, why didn’t she give State all of her email rather than a self-censored fraction of the correspondence?

ADVERTISEMENT“If she wants us to see her email, Clinton should turn over every word written on her dark account(s) for independent vetting. Let somebody the public trusts decide which emails are truly private and which ones belong to the public.

“Like everything else about the response to this controversy, Clinton’s tweet is reminiscent of the 1990s, when her husband’s White House overcame its wrongdoing by denying the truth, blaming Republicans, and demonizing and bullying the media. It’s a shameless script, unbecoming of a historic figure who could be our next president – and jarringly inappropriate for these times.

“In the 15 years since Bill Clinton left office, the internet has made almost everybody a researcher and a journalist—equipped to judge wrongdoing for themselves and insist upon accountability. We can now spot the lies ourselves, stand up to bullies, and remind our leaders that two wrongs don’t make a right. The actions of Hillary Clinton and her team raise the question: Is she trapped on the wrong side of the bridge to the 21st century?

“This is part of a pattern of bad behavior. . .”

Peggy Noonan, WSJ: “Stuck in Scandal Land”

Hillary’s better course would have been her leaving Bill because of his affairs. She now plays the “cheated woman” card but I don’t think we owe her a job because she refused to leave. . .

“As long as she is in public life, Hillary will protect and serve herself.

“. . . The scandal this week is that we have belatedly found out, more than two years after she left the office of secretary of state, that throughout Mrs. Clinton’s four-year tenure she did not conduct official business through the State Department email system. She had her own private email addresses and her own private Internet domain, on her own private server at one of her own private homes, in Chappaqua, N.Y. Which means she had, and has, complete control of the emails. If a journalist filed a Freedom of Information Act request asking to see emails of the secretary of state, the State Department had nothing to show. If Congress asked to see them, State could say there was nothing to see. (Two months ago, on the request of State, Mrs. Clinton turned over a reported 55,000 pages of her emails. She and her private aides apparently got to pick which ones.)

“Is it too much to imagine that Mrs. Clinton wanted to conceal the record of her communications as America’s top diplomat because she might have been doing a great deal of interesting work in those emails, not only with respect to immediate and unfolding international events but with respect to those who would like to make a positive impression on the American secretary of state by making contributions to the Clinton Foundation, which not only funds many noble causes but is the seat of operations of Clinton Inc. and its numerous offices, operatives, hangers-on and campaign-in-waiting?

“What a low and embarrassing question. It is prompted by last week’s scandal—that the Clinton Foundation accepted foreign contributions during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. It is uncomfortable to ask such questions, but that’s the thing with the Clintons, they always make you go there. . .”

Richard Lindzen, WSJ: “The Political Assault on Climate Skeptics”

“Members of Congress send inquisitorial letters to universities, energy companies, even think tanks.

“Research in recent years has encouraged those of us who question the popular alarm over allegedly man-made global warming. Actually, the move from “global warming” to “climate change” indicated the silliness of this issue. The climate has been changing since the Earth was formed. This normal course is now taken to be evidence of doom. “Individuals and organizations highly vested in disaster scenarios have relentlessly attacked scientists and others who do not share their beliefs. The attacks have taken a threatening turn.

“As to the science itself, it’s worth noting that all predictions of warming since the onset of the last warming episode of 1978-98—which is the only period that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) attempts to attribute to carbon-dioxide emissions—have greatly exceeded what has been observed. These observations support a much reduced and essentially harmless climate response to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide.

“In addition, there is experimental support for the increased importance of variations in solar radiation on climate and a renewed awareness of the importance of natural unforced climate variability that is largely absent in current climate models. There also is observational evidence from several independent studies that the so-called “water vapor feedback,” essential to amplifying the relatively weak impact of carbon dioxide alone on Earth temperatures, is canceled by cloud processes.

“There are also claims that extreme weather—hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, you name it—may be due to global warming. The data show no increase in the number or intensity of such events. The IPCC itself acknowledges the lack of any evident relation between extreme weather and climate, though allowing that with sufficient effort some relation might be uncovered.

“World leaders proclaim that climate change is our greatest problem, demonizing carbon dioxide. Yet atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have been vastly higher through most of Earth’s history. Climates both warmer and colder than the present have coexisted with these higher levels.

“Currently elevated levels of carbon dioxide have contributed to increases in agricultural productivity. Indeed, climatologists before the recent global warming hysteria referred to warm periods as “climate optima.” Yet world leaders are embarking on costly policies that have no capacity to replace fossil fuels but enrich crony capitalists at public expense, increasing costs for all, and restricting access to energy to the world’s poorest populations that still lack access to electricity’s immense benefits.

“Billions of dollars have been poured into studies supporting climate alarm, and trillions of dollars have been involved in overthrowing the energy economy. So it is unsurprising that great efforts have been made to ramp up hysteria, even as the case for climate alarm is disintegrating. . .”



Elliott Abrams, John Batchelor: Bibi

“Thursday  5 March 2015  / Hour 2, Block C: Elliott Abrams, Council on Foreign Relations; former natl security advisor; in re:  Manufactured crisis: Obama dislikes Netanyahu both in a left-right snit, and also that Bibi criticizes iran and he deal; and third, that the president wants Israel to become a partisan issue, for the first time in the US.  Dem support has stayed at about the same level since the 1970s, but GOP support has increased.  It helps the Obama Administration to do these on a personal basis: the Iran deal is his only possible foreign policy accomplishment. Trash-talking Bibi is what the resident thinks will help his own public-relations image. The deal has to be approved by Khamenei, of course, but he so detests the US he may not do so.. Should Congress have a say on the vote?  Constitutionally, Congress has a role.  Nancy Pelosi went out of her way to be rude to Bibi, and we have zero leadership from Chuck Schumer.  Can he relations with Egypt be righted?  There’s an enormous amount of repression – 42,000 people in jail in Egypt for political offenses.  All the Arab neighbors wonder: What is US foreign policy?  Kerry is mishandling this stupendously: he wasn’t to be at the table, and he’s not a negotiator, and procedural error: negotiating experts need to be at the table and then report back, A set-up for a bad outcome for the US.  His deputy negotiator is Wendy Sherman, who’s let North Korea have 20, soon to be 100, nuclear weapons. Also, how much is the Saudi king in change? . . .  A deal with Iran should have Congressional support. Why is the president rushing? Because the more this deal is examined the less support it’ll have.  The profound problem of the Twentieth Century was that Woodrow Wilson chose not to take a member of the Senate with him to negotiate the Versailles Treaty.   “Congressmen are saying; If there’s no Congressional approval, then it’s a deal only between Obama and Iran and is not binding, The next Congress can abjure it.”

PA . . .

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “‘Shell game:’ Is Wolf’s proposed budget $29.9 billion, or is it $33.8 billion?”

Gov. Tom Wolf claims his budget proposal spends $29.9 billion. Republican lawmakers — and the math within his plan — say it’s actually $33.8 billion.

“What’s the deal?

“Here’s what’s happening: Wolf isn’t counting three transfers in his spending number. He’s putting $1.75 billion for school employee pension costs into a restricted account and $2.14 billion to an account for property tax relief and rent rebates. He’s also transferring $10 million in severance tax revenue from the general fund budget, making his total appropriation figure about $29.9 billion.

“‘I don’t know if that’s transparent,’ state Rep. Bill Adolph, Republican chairman of the House Appropriation Committee, said of factoring out the transfers. State Sen. Majority Leader Jake Corman, R-Centre, called it a ‘shell game.’ . . .”

Tricia L. Nadolny and Claudia Vargas, “Nutter budget proposal gets mixed reception”

Clark, Gregory (2014, The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.) found that social standing is roughly constant and an outcome of parental social standing. True for ten countries and for as long as 500 years. “Public education” is unlikely to change those outcomes . . . Of course, Mr. Nutter will say things that lead to his next job . . . VP?

“In his final budget proposal, Mayor Nutter said, he wanted to try something new to support the city’s ailing schools – actually giving the district what it asked for.

“To meet the request for an additional $103 million, Nutter on Thursday proposed a 9.3 percent property-tax increase, calling it a sustainable funding source to usher in a new era for a district damaged by years of short-term fixes. Nutter’s tax increase would raise $105 million, all of which would go to the district.

“‘Now, more than ever, investing in education, in our city’s future, is the right thing to do,’ Nutter said in his budget address to City Council. ‘And if I have to make a choice between raising revenue or educating our children, I’m going to choose our kids every time.’

“The tax hike, however, will be a hard sell, especially during an election year, to a Council that has poor relations with the mayor.

“While many members said they were keeping an open mind, others quickly responded that they could not support that kind of increase. . .”

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: 3/6 Ups & Downs

“Budget gambles, surprise demotions and suddenly sentient sneakers. See who made this week’s list!

Tom Wolf. Go big or go home. That appears to be the philosophy Governor Wolf is bringing into office. In his first budget address, the Gov proposed a variety of new measures, including significant changes to the tax structure. At the moment, Wolf enjoys high approval ratings but he has a bruising fight with a GOP legislature ahead of him. As a result, it’s important that he not make any unforced errors or rash moves.

Bill Green. Speaking of rash moves and possible unforced errors, the Governor shocked the the Keystone State Sunday night when it was revealed SRC Chair Bill Green had been demoted. Wolf choose Marjorie Neff to replace him. The change occurred after, and may well have been cause by, the decision of the SRC to open five more charter schools in Philadelphia. While Bill Green has vowed to fight on, it’s difficult to see how he wins this fight. The whole incident echoes the controversy over the Erik Arneson firing. Perhaps Arneson and Green will have the last laugh but, for better or worse, Wolf has proven he is no pushover.

Joe Sestak. Sestak has essentially been running for a 2016 rematch with Toomey since the day he lost in 2010. That’s why everyone was puzzled at his lackluster announcement ceremony. His speech in front of Independence Hall somehow was overshadowed by a faulty website and his sneakers. Additionally, Sestak seems to be needlessly antagonizing the DSCC. No one has really emerged to challenge him in the Democratic primary yet but after yesterday’s event it may be more, not less, likely that others jump into the race.

Kathleen Kane. Over the weekend we learned Attorney General Kathleen Kane lost yet another press secretary. The AG has seen quite a bit of turnover in her staff over her two-plus years. The reader may ask what significance this story has. Well, an orderly and loyal staff is usually a sign of a steady, competent public official. Too often chaos indicates problems at the top. Not to mention, for someone who is dealing with various investigations another ex-staffer is another potential source who can describe what is going on behind closed doors. Whether fair or not, the perception is that Kane’s career is spiraling out of control and news like this only feeds that feeling.

Bucks County GOP. Shaughnessy Naughton revealed that she will be running again in 2016 for Pennsylvania’s open 8th district seat. The 2014 candidate, who came up just 817 votes short of the Democratic nomination last year, also secured the endorsement of former Governor Ed Rendell. Naughton faces a tough challenger, though, in the experienced State Rep. Steve Santarsiero. Santarsiero countered Naughton’s entry with an extensive list of his own endorsements. Another competitive Democratic primary may very well benefit the Republican Party, especially if their nominee is former Lt. Governor Jim Cawley.


Mark Levin (3/5/15)

My understanding is that Levin’s firm, Landmark Legal, has suits pending against the Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Department of State, and the EPA. Popularity be damned . . . Impeach someone!

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show: The federal government was shut down Thursday because of Mother Nature and nobody is complaining. But if it had been closed due to a Republican shutdown over the DHS and amnesty you would have be told that our national and domestic security is threatened and workers wouldn’t be paid. We’ve bought into this lie that we have to vote for every budget and resolution or the government will shut down and there will be a catastrophe.

“Next, the narrative that only Hillary Clinton is using private e-mails for government work is troubling. It’s happening in different departments and agencies. This is an Obama administration scandal! Also, all of President Obama’s agenda items – Obamacare, amnesty, ammo bans, etc – are being rammed down our throats and we have no say about it. Now the EPA is racing to finish their climate change regulations in order to pass them before Obama leaves office. It’s just another example of bureaucrats getting together to push laws out the door without our consent. Later, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus have buckled to public pressure and will phase out elephants from their act. This is typical liberal political correctness, with animal activists attacking something they know nothing about.

“Finally, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer calls in to discuss Obama’s deal with Iran, which will pave the way for them to have a nuclear arsenal. He explains that the only use for ICBM’s is to carry a nuclear payload which is not for use on Israel, it’s for use on America or Europe.”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: Locke in Winter

“. . .Local communities also tend to be remarkably self-governing entities, ruled as much by tradition and consensus as by the letter of the law. But those two things sometimes are in conflict, and in Philadelphia the symbol of that conflict is the lawn chair in the snow. I had once thought this a uniquely Philadelphian thing, but apparently the tradition of clearing out a parking space after a heavy snow and then marking the space as one’s own — often with lawn furniture, but sometimes with other flag analogs — is a custom observed in Chicago and Boston as well. The premise is a mostly straightforward Lockean model of property: Philadelphians exert themselves to clear out a snow-logged parking space and, having achieved the mixture of their labor with the environment, make a property claim to the cleared space, albeit a provisional claim that melts away with the snow. This is a matter of intense controversy: The old-school element sees the lawn-chair placeholder as a time-honored tradition, one that ensures that the worker enjoys the fruits of his labor; the pedantic and legalist element (the platoons of little Obamas) protests that this custom not only lacks legal standing but in fact flies in the face of the law. Every so often, a mayor or prim-mouthed municipal do-gooder promises to end the practice, and, so far, all have failed. . .”


March 10th, West Chester TEA – Location Change

West Goshen Twp building 1025 Paoli Pike, West Chester,

Bob Dick is a Policy Analyst for the Commonwealth Foundation. Will speak about Gov-elect Wolf’s Budget proposal and what it would mean for Pennsylvania.  Special Guest Speaker, Representative Dan Truitt Update on what is happening in Harrisburg Have coffee and socialize with us after meeting

Ben Carson: Founders Dinner, Conestoga Christian, Morgantown

Friday, March 20, 2015

“Plan ahead now to attend Conestoga Christian School’s first annual Founders Dinner. Tickets are already available for this special dinner at Shady Maple featuring renowned pediatric neuro-surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. Find a ticket order form on our website on the Founders Dinner page. You can pur-chase individual tickets for $125 per ticket (August-November) or $150 per ticket (December-March) or you can purchase an exclusive table for $1,500 (an entire table right next to the stage with 8 seats). Exclusive tables are selling fast! Tickets can be purchased at a secure site online or by check.”

AFP leadership training


AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY is offering a state of the art training program for citizen activists who want to make a difference in their communities.  AFP education programs will build the leadership skills that we need to fight the Big Government agenda of the left. During the program we will learn the basics of:

  • Organizing a Grassroots Campaign
  • Building Successful Media Strategies
  • Working with Legislators
  • Mobilizing Fellow Supporters

“The program consists of six classes over a twelve week period.  Classes will be held locally and include dinner.  We must have a minimum of twelve people in order to set up a training session.

“Ashley Klingensmith, Field Director for AFP, attended our February meeting where she introduced this outstanding program. Ashley already has two people in Chester County who would like to join a session, so let’s help her fill it up.

“For those who are interested, let us know as soon as possible by responding to  There is no cost to participants.

There are two additional training certification programs within the AFP Academy for those who wish to continue on with advanced certifications. There are bonuses to doing this including a trip to Washington, DC.

Strongly recommended:

Jonah Goldberg’s sister. . .

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link:

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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