Dead Cats: SNL, 03/09/15, (15)32: James Brody

Ben Carson, March 20th, 5:30 PM (Conestoga Christian School), Shady Maple Banquets, East Earl, PA: TICKETS – $150.00

March 15, 1 PM: Freedom Rally

Bala Cynwyd Park 398 Trevor Lane Lower Merion Township is refusing to back down on their illegal anti-gun ordinances.

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“. . .Democrats, who worry that the public might be weary at last of the endless Clinton soap opera. They’re reluctant to say so in public, though they fear that the public is not only not “ready for Hillary,” but may be ready to forget Hillary. . .”


LEADS: WATSON – Rand, Stop the Ammo ban; FREEDOM RALLY; NRO – Walker victory.

SNL & Hillary: WEAVER – Lampoon; FOURNIER – eMail/Pay to Play; McCARTHY – Benghazi; DRUDGE 3/9/15; WILLIAMSON – Next; ZITO – Disconnect.

IRAN: POLLAK – 47 senators warn; HANSON – BO’S career; EASLEY – Cruz defends Menendez; McCARTHY – Menendez; SPENCER – Islam’s history.

PA: GROSSMAN – Charters howl.

END NOTES: JODY – Jordan’s king

ANNOUNCEMENTS: March 10th – CFL/West Chester TEA; March 20th – Ben Carson @ Shady Maple ($150); AFP leadership training.

Recommended:; JANET – Track the RINOs


LEADS . . .

Steve Watson, InfoWars: “Rand Paul Urges Supporters to Stop Obama -Ammo Ban”

“The President is not a king and the Constitution means what it says”

“Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has called on his supporters to flood the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms with complaints and comments in order to prevent Obama’s executive move to ban so called green tip ammunition.

“In a letter published via Paul’s political action committee, RANDPAC, the Senator stated ‘President Obama is determined to cement his anti-gun agenda into law.’

“‘I’m counting on your immediate action to help RANDPAC flood the agency with a message from America’s pro-gun majority,’ Paul adds.

“Paul also notes that previous action by his supporters was instrumental in preventing an attempt by the President to expand background checks via executive action.s

“‘Your grassroots muscle played a vital role in defeating President Obama’s national gun registration scheme in 2013,’ Paul writes. ‘And your support is needed again to defend our Second Amendment rights in 2015.’”

March 15, 1 PM: Freedom Rally

Bala Cynwyd Park 398 Trevor Lane Lower Merion Township is refusing to back down on their illegal anti-gun ordinances.

(more below!)


NRO: “Scott Walker’s Righteous Victory in Wisconsin

“We are halfway there: On Friday, the state assembly of Wisconsin voted to make the state the 25th to pass right-to-work legislation, and Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign the bill with some satisfaction. That’s 25 down, 25 to go. (Our optimism is not so unanchored as to consider the sorry case of the District of Columbia.)

“Right-to-work laws end the practice of union bosses’ enriching their organizations through a legal variety of extortion under which all workers are required to pay the equivalent of union dues, whether they wish to be represented by a particular union or do not. The traditional position of Democrats, toward whose campaign coffers a great deal of that money is destined, is that this practice is necessary to ensure “fairness” — that workers enjoy the unions’ protection whether they want it or not. But the correct term for an arrangement like that isn’t “fairness” — it is “protection racket,” and Governor Walker’s signature will put an end to this particular brand of racketeering.

“A great deal of attention is being paid, and will be paid, to what this means for the presidential aspirations of Wisconsin’s governor, who confronted and trounced entrenched public-sector interests and then trounced them again when they tried to recall him. Governor Walker is an impressive man offering a welcome infusion of ordinary good governance to the Republican presidential pageant, but the political concerns here are secondary. The most important consideration is the excision of a cancer from the American economy and the American body politic. . .”

SNL . . .

Al Weaver, Daily Caller: ‘This Is Not How Hillary Clinton Goes Down!’ SNL Lampoons Hillary Over State Dept Emails” [VIDEO]

After a week of non-stop talk about Hillary Clinton’s email practices, it was time for ‘Saturday Night Live’ to take a swing at the former secretary of state during the show’s opening.

“And a swing they took. “Showing a hyper-possessed candidate who has her eyes on nothing other than becoming president, Clinton (played by Kate McKinnon) addressed the ongoing situation, showing off emails one could expect if they became public.

“‘This is not how Hillary Clinton goes down!’ she exclaimed after talking the recent revelations.

“‘I wasn’t born yesterday. I was born 67 years ago and I have been planning on being president ever since. There will be no mistakes in my rise to the top….if I decide to run,’ she said.”

Ron Fournier, National Journal: “Emails May Be a Key to Addressing ‘Pay-to-Play’ Whispers at Clinton Foundation”

Dirt also accumulates in emergent networks . . . a nest that, in this case, was woven by HC . . .

“There are not two Clinton controversies. There is one big, hairy deal.

“March 8, 2015 ‘Follow the money.’ That apocryphal phrase, attributed to Watergate whistle-blower “Deep Throat,” explains why the biggest threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential dreams is not her emails. It’s her family foundation. That’s where the money is: corporate money, foreign money, gobs of money sloshing around a vanity charity that could be renamed ‘Clinton Conflicts of Interest Foundation.’

“What about the emails? Hillary Clinton’s secret communications cache is a bombshell deserving of full disclosure because of her assault on government transparency and electronic security. But its greatest relevancy is what the emails might reveal about any nexus between Clinton’s work at State and donations to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation from U.S. corporations and foreign nations.

“Under fire, Bill Clinton said his namesake charity has “done a lot more good than harm”—hardly a ringing endorsement. One of his longest-serving advisers, a person who had worked directly for the foundation, told me the ‘longtime whispers of pay-to-play are going to become shouts.’

“This person, a Clinton loyalist and credible source, has no evidence of wrongdoing but said the media’s suspicions are warranted. ‘The emails are a related but secondary scandal,’ the source said. ‘Follow the foundation money.’ . . .”

Also – Peggy Noonan, WSJ: “Stuck in Scandal Land”

Doesn’t the latest Hillary Clinton scandal make you want to throw up your hands and say: Do we really have to do this again? Do we have to go back there? People assume she is our next president. We are defining political deviancy down.

“The scandal this week is that we have belatedly found out, more than two years after she left the office of secretary of state, that throughout Mrs. Clinton’s four-year tenure she did not conduct official business through the State Department email system. She had her own private email addresses and her own private Internet domain, on her own private server at one of her own private homes, in Chappaqua, N.Y. Which means she had, and has, complete control of the emails. If a journalist filed a Freedom of Information Act request asking to see emails of the secretary of state, the State Department had nothing to show. If Congress asked to see them, State could say there was nothing to see. (Two months ago, on the request of State, Mrs. Clinton turned over a reported 55,000 pages of her emails. She and her private aides apparently got to pick which ones.)

“Is it too much to imagine that Mrs. Clinton wanted to conceal the record of her communications as America’s top diplomat because she might have been doing a great deal of interesting work in those emails, not only with respect to immediate and unfolding international events but with respect to those who would like to make a positive impression on the American secretary of state by making contributions to the Clinton Foundation, which not only funds many noble causes but is the seat of operations of Clinton Inc. and its numerous offices, operatives, hangers-on and campaign-in-waiting?

“What a low and embarrassing question. It is prompted by last week’s scandal—that the Clinton Foundation accepted foreign contributions during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. It is uncomfortable to ask such questions, but that’s the thing with the Clintons, they always make you go there.

“The mainstream press is all over the story now that it has blown. It’s odd that it took so long. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “The Benghazi Committee’s Belated Interest in Hillary’s Hidden E-mails”

“Chairman Trey Gowdy knew about Clinton’s secret server six months ago, and that too is a scandal. In assessing the Benghazi select committee headed up by Chairman Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.), there are two possibilities, and they are not mutually exclusive: (1) The committee is just a Potemkin probe erected by the Republican establishment to get restive conservatives to pipe down, and (2) the committee is incompetent.

“The panel, of course, was commissioned by the Republican-controlled House to investigate the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2012, attack in which al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists killed Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans — information-management officer Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, contract employees whose valor saved dozens of lives during the siege.

“The select committee’s ten sleepy months of operation have not warranted much attention — except to observe its lethargy. But questions about it arise thanks to the newly erupted Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. Mostly, it is one question: Why is the scandal newly erupted?

Drudge Links, 3/9/15 – About Hillary

ISSA: Clinton could face criminal charges… ‘Huge gaps’ in email record… OBAMA: I First Learned About Address ‘Through News Reports’… WASH POST PAGE ONE MONDAY: Will Hillary’s experience be liability? FT: Clinton fatigue… NYT MONDAY: Bright days for Clinton are darkened… ‘Family foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from Middle Eastern countries known for violence against women and for denying them many basic freedoms’…

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “Next”

“Can we finally—finally!—be done with the Clintons?

“As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton schemed to subvert record-keeping and transparency rules for reasons that are probably more or less communicated by her surname: The Clintons are creeps and liars and scoundrels and misfits, always have been, always will be. They are the penicillin-resistant syphilis of American politics. The Democrats’ response to Herself’s trouble has taken three main forms: 1) What she did wasn’t technically illegal, says David Brock and other slavish Clinton retainers, even hauling out that old Al Gore classic, “no controlling legal authority”; 2) What about Scott Walker, huh? say the Democratic-party operators, pointing out that as a county executive Walker also used a private email system — and, to be honest, Walker’s response to the terrorist assault on Milwaukee County’s consulate in Benghazi has never been explained to my satisfaction; and 3) the president repeats his favorite mantra: Wuddint me!

“As Politico put it: ‘White House press secretary Josh Earnest took care to point out that Obama himself was unaware of any issues with Clinton’s email.’ And that declaration from the president’s wildly inaptronymic spokesweasel might very well be true: The president has minions for that sort of thing. But he is responsible for the conduct of his minions, and it is impossible to believe that none of them knew about Mrs. Clinton’s ‘homebrew’ email system, because that would require us to believe that nobody ever said, ‘Hey, CC the secretary of state personally on that internal memo,’ or ‘Email the secretary of state about that meeting.’ Oh, but the president, our national lightworker, he didn’t know! . .”

Salena Zito, RCP: “Hillary’s Twitter Disconnect”

“An imperial message came from the Internet’s one-dimensional darkness Wednesday: “I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.”

“Those brief keystrokes were Hillary Clinton’s Twitter response to the firestorm over her apparent bypassing of the State Department’s email system and instead using a personal account on “dark” computer file-servers at her Chappaqua, N.Y., home, 260 miles from Washington.

“Clinton broke her silence two days after the story erupted but only hours after a congressional committee subpoenaed her emails for its investigation of the deadly Sept. 11, 2012, attack on a U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya.

“Politics is the art of connection. So is leadership — but that, regrettably, seems lost in the Obama administration. It has refused to answer so many questions about scandals at the Veterans Affairs and Justice departments, the Secret Service and Internal Revenue Service, incompetency over how the Ebola outbreak was handled, and disarray over foreign policies and military strategies.

“It has excelled at divisional politics, however.

“Americans are desperate for competency, authenticity, leadership. They want someone who plays by the rules, admits to mistakes, and works hard to earn whatever they reach for — especially if that involves running the country.

“They don’t care if a candidate has answers for everything; they do care if you sit behind the Internet’s make-believe wall and just tweet at them without engaging them, answering questions or, above all, listening to them.

“Such behavior is why dissatisfaction with Washington races through the veins of so many people. Disgruntled Democrats, Republicans and independents are returning to their Jeffersonian-Jacksonian roots of distrusting the powerful who too often behave as if they are better than everyone else. . .”

IRAN . . .

Joel Pollak, Big Govt: “47 Senators Warn Iran–and Obama–that Deal Must Pass Congress”

“Forty-seven U.S. Senators have released an open letter to the Iranian government warning that any nuclear deal signed by President Barack Obama could be revoked by a subsequent U.S. president unless it is ratified by the Senate. The letter, while addressed to the “Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” is really a warning to Obama not to bypass Congress.

“The president has vowed to veto the “Corker-Menendez-Graham” bill, also known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, currently pending in the Senate.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had prepared the bill for a vote this week, following last week’s stirring address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but delayed the vote under pressure from Democratic supporters of the bill who want to wait for the administration’s March negotiation deadline to expire first.

“The letter (full text here) is a response to that threat, and informs Iranian leaders that they “may not fully understand our constitutional system…while the President negotiates international agreements, Congress plays the significant role of ratifying them.”

“It concludes: ‘…we will consider any agreement regarding your nuclear-weapons program that is not approved by the Congress as nothing more than an executive agreement between President Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei. The next president could revoke such an executive agreement with the stroke of a pen…’.”

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: “Israel, Jews, and the Obama Administration

Obama’s popularity a year ago was 77% in the Islamic nations . . . a clue about his next job?

“. . . After six years, all this — and far more examples — makes perfect sense. There is only one pattern to supposed gaffes and slips: they always go against the state of Israel and give the benefit of the doubt to its numerous enemies. The administration’s words about Israel naturally explain its deeds, and then again its deeds its words: Barack Obama is not and has never been fond of Israel, both the reasoning for its existence and the vigilance necessary for its continuance.

“It’s time Americans accept this radical detour from 70 years of American foreign policy. It is what it is — and it is far from over yet.”

Jonathan Easley, The Hill: “Cruz: Menendez probe politically motivated”

These charges have been on the stove for a year . . . rumor is that Holder lit the burner after Menendez spoke at AIPAC . . .

“Des Moines, Iowa — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) suggested Saturday that the Justice Department’s criminal corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) are political retribution against the New Jersey Democrat for opposing the White House’s negotiations with Iran.

“Cruz made the allegations to a throng of reporters jammed into the corner of a tent outside the Iowa Ag Summit in Des Moines without even having been asked about the Menendez criminal charges.

“‘The announcement this week by the Justice Department that they were bringing charges against Bob Menendez — I will point out that the timing seems awfully coincidental that … in the very week that Bob Menendez showed incredible courage to speak out and call out President Obama for the damage that his policy is doing to our national security … the Justice Department announces they’re moving forward with the criminal prosecution,’ Cruz said.

Andrew McCarthy, PJM: “It’s Not ‘Either…Or’ with Menendez

“. . . Menendez sympathizers are claiming that the Obama administration’s apparently imminent prosecution of this prominent Democrat is strictly political intimidation: an attempt to criminalize politics-as-usual in order to silence and perhaps sideline a dissenter at a critical moment in the Iran negotiations. Administration sources counter that the investigation of a prominent Democrat shows that the administration is not partisan when it comes to law enforcement; the timing of the charges, they add, is driven not by political considerations but by the statute of limitations: apparently, one or more of the potential charges against the senator will be time-barred if the Justice Department does not indict them soon.

“It is only natural that the competing camps should offer these divergent views. The case, however, is not an “either … or” situation. It is perfectly reasonable to believe both that Menendez may be guilty of corruption offenses and that his political opposition on Iran is factoring into the administration’s decision to charge him. Put another way, if Menendez were running interference for Obama on the Iran deal, rather than trying to scupper it, I believe he would not be charged. . .”

Robert Spencer, PJM: “How the Western Intelligentsia Denies Islam’s History of War and Crime

“Voices on both ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ want you to stick your head in the sand and ignore centuries of imperialism and brutality. “The Western intelligentsia is very, very anxious to make sure that you have a positive view of Islam. Thus we see a steady stream of articles in the mainstream media assuring you that the Qur’an is benign, the U.S. Constitution is Sharia-compliant, and the Islamic State is not Islamic. These articles come in a steady stream, and they have to, because they are asking non-Muslims to disregard what they see every day — Muslims committing violence against non-Muslims and justifying it by referring to Islamic texts — and instead embrace a fictional construct: Islam the religion of peace and tolerance.

“This takes a relentless barrage of propaganda, because with every new jihad atrocity, reality threatens to break through. It wasn’t accidental that Hitler’s Reich had an entire Ministry of Propaganda: lying to the public is a full-time job, as the cleverest of propaganda constructs is always threatened by the simple facts. This propaganda comes not just from the Left (the Huffington Post, Salon, etc.), but also from the Right, or at least the Right-leaning media (Forbes); it seems as if whatever divides Americans politically, they’re all united on one point: Islam is just great, and only bigoted, racist ‘Islamophobes’ think otherwise.

“Yet the pains that must be taken to establish this betray the futility of the enterprise. A sampling: establishment academic Juan Cole, a board member of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which has been established in court as a front group lobbying for the Islamic regime in Iran, pointed out last Tuesday in The Nation that Rudy Giuliani and Paul Wolfowitz had taken issue with Barack Obama over whether Islamic terrorism was really Islamic, and asserted that this question was “actually about what philosophers call ‘essentialism,’ and, as Giuliani’s and Wolfowitz’s own interventions make clear, it is about absolving the United States for its own role in producing the violent so-called ‘Caliphate’ of Ibrahim al-Baghdadi.”

Oh, really?

PA . . .

Evan Grossman, Watchdog: “Charter school advocates howling mad over Wolf’s budget”

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is out to destroy charter schools, and his budget provides evidence, school choice advocates say.

“On Tuesday, Wolf presented a budget that restores more than $1 billion in public education funding, including $160 million in support for Philadelphia schools. The infusion of cash would effectively close the district’s $80 million deficit.’What the governor proposed,’ said Tim Eller, executive director of the Keystone Alliance for Public Charter Schools, ‘is a budget that would effectively shut down charter schools across Pennsylvania.’

“But included in Wolf’s soaring spending plan are policies that would cut funding to online cyber charter schools and seize the reserves built by brick-and-mortar charters.

“James Paul is a senior education policy analyst at the Commonwealth Foundation, which supports school choice. He said Wolf setting the regular education tuition rate for cybers at $5,950, about a third of where it stands now, is “not based in reality,” and singling out the schools “seems punitive and unfair.”

“The budget requires all charter schools to refund money to the individual school districts if the audited expenditures for a respective charter school are less than its tuition revenue. . .”


Jody: “Jordan’s King Abdullah”

“Islamic State put a captured Jordanian pilot in a metal cage, poured gasoline all over him, set him on fire and filmed it.  They then released the video to the world, showing how bad they were.  What they DIDN’T think of was what little, poor, broke Jordan would think about it.  Jordan’s king is totally pissed about it.  He’s declared war on IS and says that they will fight until the last round has been sent downrange.  ISIS MAY want to be concerned that burning the pilot alive was a very bad idea.  You see, King Abdulla II is also a military pilot who today led an attack on ISIS:

“Oh, he also rides a Harley Davidson:

“His queen is totally hot (I forgot to mention, she’s Palestinian):

“AND he was trained at Sandhurst, the esteemed British Royal Military Academy.  He is specifically qualified in special warfare and has ensured that Jordan has the best equipped and most highly trained special warfare troops in the region AND he is a qualified jumpmaster.

“What the King is, is a total warrior, a stud and he leads from the front

“And THIS is what We Have…


March 10th, West Chester TEA – Location Change

West Goshen Twp building 1025 Paoli Pike, West Chester,

Bob Dick is a Policy Analyst for the Commonwealth Foundation. Will speak about Gov-elect Wolf’s Budget proposal and what it would mean for Pennsylvania.  Special Guest Speaker, Representative Dan Truitt Update on what is happening in Harrisburg Have coffee and socialize with us after meeting

March 15, 1 PM: Freedom Rally

Bala Cynwyd Park 398 Trevor Ln Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania 19004

Please try to carpool if possible.

We need as many Patriots as possible to show up because Mayor Bloomberg’s Ceasefire is planning a counter demonstration.

Lower Merion Township is refusing to back down on their illegal anti-gun ordinances. They are taking away the right of allowing families to be able to protect their children from predators. Do they really believe that criminals will just obey gun free-zone signs?

Please join us for this family friendly event in Bala Cynwyd Park on March 15th at 1pm.

Speakers will include Steve Piotrowski from Citizens for Liberty and Joshua Prince from Firearms Industry Consulting Group.

Bring your signs calling the township officials out for their lawless behavior and your lawfully carried firearms!

There will be a free raffle prize for attendees, every male gets a ticket and ladies and children get 2 so bring your families guys!



Ben Carson: Founders Dinner, Conestoga Christian, Morgantown

Friday, March 20, 2015

“Plan ahead now to attend Conestoga Christian School’s first annual Founders Dinner. Tickets are already available for this special dinner at Shady Maple featuring renowned pediatric neuro-surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson. Find a ticket order form on our website on the Founders Dinner page. You can pur-chase individual tickets for $125 per ticket (August-November) or $150 per ticket (December-March) or you can purchase an exclusive table for $1,500 (an entire table right next to the stage with 8 seats). Exclusive tables are selling fast! Tickets can be purchased at a secure site online or by check.”

AFP leadership training


AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY is offering a state of the art training program for citizen activists who want to make a difference in their communities.  AFP education programs will build the leadership skills that we need to fight the Big Government agenda of the left. During the program we will learn the basics of:

  • Organizing a Grassroots Campaign
  • Building Successful Media Strategies
  • Working with Legislators
  • Mobilizing Fellow Supporters

“The program consists of six classes over a twelve week period.  Classes will be held locally and include dinner.  We must have a minimum of twelve people in order to set up a training session.

“Ashley Klingensmith, Field Director for AFP, attended our February meeting where she introduced this outstanding program. Ashley already has two people in Chester County who would like to join a session, so let’s help her fill it up.

“For those who are interested, let us know as soon as possible by responding to  There is no cost to participants.

There are two additional training certification programs within the AFP Academy for those who wish to continue on with advanced certifications. There are bonuses to doing this including a trip to Washington, DC.

Strongly recommended:

Jonah Goldberg’s sister. . .

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link:

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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