Dead Cats: AprilFools, 04/01/15, (16)6: James Brody


HILLARY: GERTH & BIDDLE – Secret network; FERRECHIO – Hillary summoned; BURKE – Hiding; YORK – What will Congress do?

LEADS: GOLDBERG – Indiana; HANCHETT – JEB defends NSA; BRUCE – Obamogoogle; ZITO – Kasich to run?; VOLCOVICI – Obama UN plan vulnerable; JOHN BATCHELOR 3/31/15.

ISLAM: FINCH – Bus ads; ALI – Jails teach jihad.

ISR/IRAN: POLLAK – Bibi blasts deal; JAHN & LEE – New phase; DRUDGE links 3/31-4/1/15.

PA: ZITO – Millennial wins Philly seat.

LAST PAGE: MARK LEVIN notes (03/31/15); McCOY – KANE lost appeal.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: April 1st – CFL; April 8th, West Chester TEA; April 10th – Valley Forge Patriots

Recommended: JANET – Track the RINOs



Jeff Gerth & Sam Biddle, ProPublica: “Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network”

“Emails disclosed by a hacker show a close family friend was funneling intelligence about the crisis in Libya directly to the Secretary of State’s private account starting before the Benghazi attack.

“Starting weeks before Islamic militants attacked the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, longtime Clinton family confidante Sidney Blumenthal supplied intelligence to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gathered by  a secret network that included a former CIA clandestine service officer, according to hacked emails from Blumenthal’s account.

“The emails, which were posted on the internet in 2013, also show that Blumenthal and another close Clinton associate discussed contracting with a retired Army special operations commander to put operatives on the ground near the Libya-Tunisia border while Libya’s civil war raged in 2011.

“Blumenthal’s emails to Clinton, which were directed to her private email account, include at least a dozen detailed reports on events on the deteriorating political and security climate in Libya as well as events in other nations. They came to light after a hacker broke into Blumenthal’s account and have taken on new significance in light of the disclosure that she conducted State Department and personal business exclusively over an email server that she controlled and kept secret from State Department officials and which only recently was discovered by congressional investigators.

“The contents of that account are now being sought by a congressional inquiry into the Benghazi attacks. Clinton has handed over more than 30,000 pages of her emails to the State Department, after unilaterally deciding which ones involved government business; the State Department has so far handed almost 900 pages of those over to the committee. A Clinton spokesman told Gawker and ProPublica (which are collaborating on this story) that she has turned over all the emails Blumenthal sent to Clinton.

“The dispatches from Blumenthal to Clinton’s private email address were posted online after Blumenthal’s account was hacked in 2013 by Romanian hacker Marcel-Lehel Lazar, who went by the name Guccifer. Lazar also broke into accounts belonging to George W. Bush’s sister, Colin Powell, and others. He’s now serving a seven-year sentence in his home country and was charged in a U.S. indictment last year.

“The contents of the memos, which have recently become the subject of speculation in the right-wing media, raise new questions about how Clinton used her private email account and whether she tapped into an undisclosed back channel for information on Libya’s crisis and other foreign policy matters. . .”

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner: “Benghazi panel summons Clinton”

“A House panel Tuesday formally requested Hillary Clinton to testify about the private server and email account she used while serving as secretary of state.

“Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, sent a request to Clinton’s personal attorney, David E. Kendall, requesting that Clinton appear before the committee no later than May 1 for a transcribed interview about the server and email.

“The request comes after Kendall told Gowdy that the server had been wiped clean and that it would be impossible to recover the 30,000 emails Clinton deleted last year.

“Gowdy, in his request to Kendall, also asked Clinton to ‘reconsider’ her refusal to turn over the server to a neutral third party, which he called ‘highly unusual, if not unprecedented.’. . .”

Cathy Burke, NewsMax: “Sharyl Attkisson: Hillary Must Be Hiding Something ‘Very Bad’”

“. . . ‘In my experience, there must’ve been some very, very bad or embarrassing things on there, because it appears as if she’d rather take the heat for the actions erasing the server at a time when she knew it was being sought by Congress and under Freedom of Information Act request, and probably lawsuits … than turn over what was really in them,’ she said. “‘To me, this all points to Benghazi,’ Attkisson added. ‘There are things she didn’t want to turn over and did not turn over – communications regarding the story that the administration most wants to go away, most wants to controversialize and most wants to say is a non-story. That’s what it says.’ “Attkisson said Clinton also put herself in a position of being ‘in a terrible amount of trouble if you know that the material you have is being sought under a lawsuit or subpoena and you don’t preserve it.’. . .”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Hillary Clinton withheld information from Congress. Now what does Congress do?”

“On September 20, 2012, just nine days after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, the House Government Oversight Committee sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton requesting that she turn over ‘all information … related to the attack on the consulate.’

“About two weeks later, on October 2, 2012, Clinton responded, saying she would cooperate fully with the investigation into what went wrong in Benghazi.

“‘We look forward to working with Congress and your committee as you proceed with your own review,’ Clinton told committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa. ‘We are committed to a process that is as transparent as possible, respecting the needs and integrity of the investigations underway. We will move as quickly as we can without forsaking accuracy.’

“We now know that that statement was not true. We know because Hillary Clinton herself told us.

“Beginning with that September 20, 2012 letter, House investigators made repeated appeals to the State Department for documents and information on Benghazi. After much haggling and legal maneuvering, State turned over a significant amount of material. Officials there not only pledged cooperation but told the House that they had turned over all the documents requested.

“‘The State Department actively told us that they were cooperating with us,’ recalls one knowledgeable Hill Republican. ‘They made representations that the documents [turned over] were complete and responsive.’

“Yet when Clinton’s secret email system was exposed this year, she turned over about 850 never-before-seen pages of Benghazi-related documents to the State Department, which in turn gave them to the House. . .”

LEADS . . .

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Indiana’s Law Is Not the Return of Jim Crow”

“I could have handled that better.” I don’t know if the captain of the Titanic ever said that. But Mike Pence did on Tuesday.

“The Indiana governor has managed to step on an impressive number of parts of his own anatomy recently and in the process gravely injured what was already a long-shot ambition to run for president in 2016. Earlier this month he signed the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act in a private ceremony. In attendance were prominent opponents of gay marriage.

“In response, great algae plumes of righteous outrage erupted across the Internet. Gay-rights groups, the Democratic party, and the mainstream media, in unison, lost their collective marbles and raised unshirted hell. Know-nothings of every stripe cried out that Jim Crow had returned to the land. Shouts of “boycott!” went forth, including perhaps of the NCAA’s Final Four, which for Hoosiers is like threatening a boycott of Easter Mass at the Vatican. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce hied to its corporate fainting couch and begged to be rescued. Pence, desperate to put out the political fire, raced to a TV studio last Sunday to quench the flames on ABC’s This Week. The only problem is that he arrived at the scene with a rhetorical water pistol hoping to put out a five-alarm blaze.

Ian Hanchett, Breitbart: “Jeb: I’m ‘Nervous’ About NSA Criticism, Obama Should Defend NSA”

“. . . Bush said that lone wolf terrorism “is a serious threat in a world where we’re so connected with the rest of the world. We have people moving in and people moving out. People get their information now, not everybody gets to listen to your show to get all their information. People get their information in different ways. They get disaffected, disillusioned, preyed upon, and so yeah, I think that this is an ongoing threat, and I hope that our counterintelligence capabilities are always vigilant. I’ve always been nervous about the attacks on the NSA, and somehow that we’re losing our freedoms by keeping the homeland safe. I think we need to be really vigilant about that.”

He added, “I think the President has to lead, has to explain to people. He’s actually enhanced the intelligence capabilities, in many ways, because technology has gotten better. But he never defends it. He never explains it. He never tries to persuade people that their civil liberties are being protected by the systems we have in place. . .”

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times: “Lifting the covers on ‘Obamoogle’”

“. . . The Wall Street Journal revealed that it had obtained a 2012 Federal Trade Commission report detailing the closeness of Google and the Obama administration while the FTC was engaging in an antitrust investigation of the Internet giant.

“It’s usually the case that you get more interesting information when the details were supposed to remain secret, and that’s the case here. The FTC, responding to an open-records request, accidentally sent 160 pages of a private 2012 report to the The Wall Street Journal, detailing their antitrust investigation into Google.

“What was disclosed paints a picture of unusual activity between the White House, Google and the FTC while the antitrust investigation was being conducted. Ultimately, the FTC staff recommended bringing a lawsuit against Google on antitrust grounds. Despite this, the commission voted 5-0 against charges. . .”

Salena Zito, TribLive: “Ohio governor Kasich, a McKees Rocks native, considers presidential run”

“. . . Three months into his second term, Kasich has an impressive track record to show voters.

“His ‘Blueprint for a New Ohio,’ a $72 billion, biennial budget proposed to lawmakers in February, emphasizes Medicaid reforms, health care, human services and education. With a projected cost of $18.5 billion next year, Medicaid accounts for 52.8 percent of Ohio’s operating budget.

“During his first term, Kasich closed an $8 billion inherited shortfall and rebuilt the state’s rainy-day fund from just 89 cents to $1.5 billion, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The nonprofit organization noted in an August report that Ohio, with more than 11 million residents, is ‘a diverse testing ground for health care reform.’

“Now Kasich proposes cutting income taxes by 23 percent over two years but raising taxes on sales, tobacco, shale-gas drillers and some businesses. His plan talks about ‘transformational policies’ to reduce joblessness, poverty, drug addiction and mental illness.

“These issues ‘face everyone’s communities, and I think that it is a place where Republicans sometimes fall short,’ he said. . .”

Valerie Volcovici, Reuters: “Republicans warn world that Obama U.N. plan could be undone”

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration’s plan for U.N. climate change talks encountered swift opposition after its release Tuesday, with Republican leaders warning other countries to “proceed with caution” in negotiations with Washington because any deal could be later undone.

“The White House is seeking to enshrine its pledge in a global climate agreement to be negotiated Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 in Paris. It calls for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by close to 28 percent from 2005 levels within a decade, using a host of existing laws and executive actions targeting power plants, vehicles, oil and gas production and buildings.

“But Republican critics say the administration lacks the political and legal backing to commit the United States to an international agreement.

“‘Considering that two-thirds of the U.S. federal government hasn’t even signed off on the Clean Power Plan and 13 states have already pledged to fight it, our international partners should proceed with caution before entering into a binding, unattainable deal,’ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. . .”

John Batchelor, 3/31/15

Tuesday 31 March 2015  / Hour 1, Block C: James Taranto, Wall Street Journal, in re: We’re ready for Hillary. Two young people headed to Iowa to prepare for Mrs Clinton’s announcement.  Will set up HQ in Brooklyn, New York; will announce in April. On the debate stage, not votes, just repartee; O’Malley is good and Jas Webb is ferocious. She’ll be well prepared and have little to say.  There’ll be constant polling that may reveal “anyone but Hillary.”  I think Ted Cruz set a new gold standard of announcement speeches at Liberty University  everyone else will look staid and dull and boring in comparison.  Hillary was all those on TV recently, revealed that she’d wiped her email server clean and looked shifty. Doesn’t have her husband’s political skills and won only by five points.  GOP has an embarrassment of riches, each with a weakness. Jeb Bush is strong except for his family name. Committee to Unleash Prosperity.  None of these fellows has clear specifics yet; the debates will be v important and natl security will play a strong role – a big weakness for Hillary.  Note James Baker – always been anti-Israel. HRC will have no choice but to go left. Min wage is popular. Obamacare: tweet on the fifth anniversary of its signing and she fully endorsed it. Has made noises about income inequality; will have to make Elizabeth Warren-type sounds, plus women’s issues & culture wars.  LK: The big issues will be take-home pay, economic growth and the Mideast mess – I think she’s damaged goods.”

ISLAM . . .

Justin Finch, CBS/Philly: “Controversial Ads Begin Running On SEPTA Buses”

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Controversial anti-Muslim ads will begin running on the sides of some SEPTA buses Wednesday.

“By the weekend, over 80 buses are expected to feature these ads. They will be mounted on the sides of the buses, despite protests from SEPTA and the local clergy.

“SEPTA says the AFDI bought the ad space for $30,000.

“The ad features a photo of a 1941 meeting between Adolf Hitler and a Palestinian Arab activist who backed the Nazi regime. SEPTA tried to stop the ads, but a federal judge ruled the ads can resume.

“SEPTA is urging anyone who may find the ads to be offensive to avoid defacing them, saying this is simply just the law. . .”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, WSJ: “America’s Academies for Jihad”

“A radical imam threatened me with death—and was later hired to preach in U.S. prisons. I was surprised, but I shouldn’t have been.

“Less than a year after I moved to the United States in 2006, I was asked to speak at the University of Pittsburgh. Among those who objected to my appearance was a local imam, Fouad El Bayly, of the Johnstown Islamic Center. Mr. Bayly was born in Egypt but has lived in the U.S. since 1976. In his own words, I had “been identified as one who has defamed the faith.” As he explained at the time: “If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death.”

“After a local newspaper reported Mr. Bayly’s comments, he was forced to resign from the Islamic Center. That was the last I would hear of him—or so I thought.

“Imagine my surprise when I learned recently that the man who threatened me with death for apostasy is being paid by the U.S. Justice Department to teach Islam in American jails.

“According to records on the federal site and first reported by Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller, the Federal Bureau of Prisons awarded Mr. Bayly a $10,500 contract in February 2014 to provide “religious services, leadership and guidance” to inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md. Ten months later he received another federal contract, worth $2,400, to provide “Muslim classes for inmates” at the same prison.

“This isn’t a story about one problematic imam, or about the misguided administration of a solitary prison. Several U.S. prison chaplains have been exposed in recent years as sympathetic to radical Islam, including Warith Deen Umar, who helped run the New York State Department of Correctional Services’ Islamic prison program for two decades, until 2000, and who praised the 9/11 hijackers in a 2003 interview with this newspaper.

“That same year, the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism held hearings on radical Islamic clerics in U.S. prisons. Committee members voiced serious concerns over the vetting of Muslim prison chaplains and the extent of radical Islamist influences. Harley Lappin, director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the time, said that “inmates are particularly vulnerable to recruitment by terrorists,” and that “we must guard against the spread of terrorism and extremist ideologies.”

“Yet it is not clear what measures—if any—were taken in response to those concerns. . .”

ISR/IRAN . . .

Joel Pollak, Big Govt: “Video: Netanyahu Blasts ‘Unconscionable’ Iran Deal”

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the emerging Iran deal on Wednesday, calling it ‘unconscionable’ that world powers were about to sign an agreement with the “murderous” regime even as it continued to vow to destroy Israel.

“Netanyahu referred to a statement Tuesday by an Iranian official that ‘erasing Israel off the map’ was ‘nonnegotiable,’ adding that world powers should insist on a deal in which Iran gave up its support for terror and its threats to Israel.

“The threat to Israel came from the head of Iran’s militia, the Basij, which played a critical role in suppressing the Green Revolution in 2009, often using foreign fighters to attack and kill anti-regime demonstrators in the streets of Tehran.

“The Israeli leader released his statement via YouTube, in English, and later posted the full text on his Facebook page . . .”

George Jahn & Matthew Lee, AP: “Officials: Iran nuke talks to continue in new phase”

“LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — Wrapping up six days of marathon nuclear talks with mixed results, Iran and six world powers prepared Tuesday to issue a general statement agreeing to continue talks in a new phase aimed at reaching a final agreement to control Iran’s nuclear ambitions by the end of June, officials told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Officials had set a deadline of March 31 for a framework agreement, and later softened that wording to a framework understanding, between Iran and the so-called P5+1 nations — the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China.

“And after intense negotiations, obstacles remained on uranium enrichment, where stockpiles of enriched uranium should be stored, limits on Iran’s nuclear research and development and the timing and scope of sanctions relief among other issues.

The joint statement is to be accompanied by additional documents that outline more detailed understandings, allowing the sides to claim enough progress has been made thus far to merit a new round, the officials said. Iran has not yet signed off on the documents, one official said, meaning any understanding remains unclear. . .”

Drudge Links (3/31-04/01/15)

Iran talks lead to more talks… Tehran refuses to give up enriched nuclear material… Iran militia chief: Destroying Israel ‘nonnegotiable’… Hackers threaten ‘electronic holocaust’… Drone Spat in Iraq… Saudis Make Own Moves… Rabbi compares Obama to Haman, archenemy of Jewish people… French Fear Plans To Make Iran Key Middle East Ally… Venue for talks is ‘gilded cage’ under constant surveillance… ABCWASHPOST POLL: Clear majority of Americans support deal…

APRIL FOOLS: Iran nuclear talks miss deadline; Russia says ‘key aspects’ agreed… Bibi Blasts Talks After Iranian General Says ‘Israel’s Destruction Is Non-Negotiable’… ‘But Evidently Giving Iran’s Murderous Regime a Clear Path to the Bomb Is Negotiable’… Saudi Defense Minister: ‘Iran cannot be trusted’… Kerry Dazzled By Charm of Iran’s Foreign Minister… HOWARD DEAN: Walk away! Iranian plane buzzes Navy copter… PAPER: Even Chamberlain would not make deal Obama eager to conclude… REPORT: Obama Advisor Worked for Pro-Khamenei Lobbying Group… Saudis Make Own Moves… Yemen nears ‘total collapse’ as Mideast powers trade blame…

PA . . .

Salena Zito, RCP: “Millennial Makes History with Big Win in Philly”

“Martina White made history Tuesday night by winning a special election for a Pennsylvania House seat — the first time a Republican won an open General Assembly seat in Philadelphia in 25 years.

“White, 26, became the 120th Republican in the House, part of the largest GOP majority in the state since 1958 and including a state Senate that increased its majority in historic numbers in 2014.

“Down-ballot races matter. These elected officials are the most attuned politicians with whom average people ever interact; they focus on voters’ core values, and are far removed from the harsher rhetoric of national politics.

“White said politics was not in her blood, or even on her mind.

“‘It was not something we sat around the dinner table talking about,’ the newly elected representative said of family conversations. ‘The only position I’ve ever won, I didn’t run for, and that was captain of my field hockey team in college.’

“The granddaughter and daughter of business owners, she was inspired by working as a financial planner and seeing middle-class families struggle to pay for kids’ college educations or wrestle with how to build a safe retirement: “They weren’t able to make the numbers work, time after time.”

“White said she listened more than talked when she went door to door, asking for votes. “I went to over 3,000 homes,” she said, and “safe communities, education and infrastructure” were the top concerns.

“Despite not deciding to run until December, she overcame Democrats’ 2-1 voter-registration advantage, her own inexperience and the powerful Philly Democrat machine to not only win but to win by 14 points.

“Her victory was no stroke of luck: Republicans have turned the tables on the one thing at which Democrats were really great — dominating local politics. . .”


Mark Levin Show (3/31/15)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: We have a new civil liberty in America: do what you’re told or you’re a bigot. The left uses every occasion and opportunity to lie, cheat, and deceive, and that is exactly what they’re doing now with Indiana’s Religious Freedom and Reformation Act (RFRA). The anti-religious fervor of the left is to the point where they will abandon the 1st amendment to impose their will. Sen. Chuck Schumer was a lead sponsor of RFRA in 1993 and Bill Clinton signed it into law, so that must make them anti-gay bigots by today’s media standards. Instead of focusing on Schumer, Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, and 19 other states that supported RFRA, they’re going to gang up on Indiana.

“Also, Benjamin Netanyahu is calling out President Obama for flip-flopping on the Iran deal and deadline delays. He’s openly negotiating with a country run by Islamo-nazis slaughtering gay people, but instead his media is going after Governor Mike Pence to destroy him.

“Later, Jeb Bush is just as radical as Obama when it comes to changing America. He’s obsessed with amnesty and changing the racial makeup of America. The purpose of immigration is not supposed to be race based, about social engineering, or about making the majority the minority. Jeb doesn’t just believe in all of this; he’s a leader of it.”

Craig McCoy, “PA Supreme Court rejects AG Kane’s bid to end criminal probe”

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected state Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s challenge to a grand jury’s recommendation that she face criminal charges.

“In a 4-1 decision, the court said judges have full legal authority to appoint special prosecutors to investigate leaks from grand juries.

“The opinion means that Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman must now decide whether to charge Kane, a Democrat, with perjury, obstruction of justice, and other crimes for the alleged leak of information to a newspaper in a bid to embarrass a critic.

“Lanny J. Davis, a spokesman for Kane, said the attorney general was disappointed at her loss.”


CFL – April 1, 2015

King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company 170 Allendale Road King of Prussia, PA 19406

We will be teaching you a practical, no nonsense and tested way on how to be effective in politics. Our guest speakers are Dean Klopp, Ted Patterson, and Dave Pridgeon. Dean Klopp, Chairman of Tri-County Campaign for Liberty will be speaking to us first hand about how his group has been successful with slamming politicians and getting them to vote the right way or making them pay the price. Ted Patterson and Dave Pridgeon are with Campaign for Liberty and the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. They are traveling from Maryland to speak to us on how to be respected and feared by the political class, how to target legislators who vote against you, successful hard hitting tactics, and a proven strategy known as the Red Fox 4. They travel throughout the country teaching America’s top liberty activists on how to turn their passion into effective action and how to win! You owe it to yourself and to the cause of liberty to attend this event! Because here at Citizens for Liberty, we just don’t have “feel good meetings”, we take action and skin politicians. We hope you will join us in advancing the cause of liberty. DATE: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 TIME: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.) Come early to check out the information tables and our Liberty Library collection! For Liberty, Steve Piotrowski Founder & President, Citizen for Liberty

April 8th, West Chester TEA: The Determinators Movie

Wednesday April 8th 2015   7PM East Goshen Township Building 1580 Paoli Pike  2nd floor West Chester, Pa.  19380 

What you need to know about Obamacare

The Determinators is a chilling story which uncovers the dark underside of the massive healthcare reform bill that, once fully implemented, will significantly threaten the way Americans live…and die. Based on the book “The Battle for America’s Soul” by C. L. Gray, MD,  founder of Physicians for Reform, perhaps gives us the best reason of all to be mistrustful of it and its architects. Under the guise of “healthcare for everyone,” Obama and his healthcare advisors have in fact adopted a progressive rationed care approach – the kind that is limited by resources which are needed elsewhere. Patient-centered healthcare is becoming a thing of the past. The Determinators features leading experts in the field of healthcare who have studied the law and its impending ramifications. The Determinators highlights several of the worst elements of Obamacare that big-government bureaucrats want to keep hidden from the public until it’s too late. In particular, it addresses how rationing can be brought about in multiple ways under universal health care, including the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) which has implemented a de facto “rationing by waiting” policy.  West Chester Tea Party’s Phil Duffy will comment on the video and describe a specific incident in which he discovered the rationing by waiting policy while analyzing the NHS for a prior employer. Please Join Us: April 10th, VF Patriots

PJ Ryan’s, Bridge St., Phoenixville.

Wondering what other Tea Party and Patriot groups in PA are doing?

Want to learn more?

Come to the VFP meeting on Friday, April 10 at 6:30pm

Our speaker, Marion Douzou is a French citizen who is working toward a Ph.D. in “American Studies”. The subject of her dissertation is “Tea Parties in Pennsylvania”. She has been studying and interviewing tea parties and other citizen activist groups throughout the state. She has also worked with the Commonwealth Foundation in Harrisburg. Marion will be presenting an overview of her findings at the Valley Forge Patriots April meeting. This a great opportunity for us to hear about the health of the Tea Party movement in PA,  what other groups are doing and learn how we may be able to work together and be more effective.

We are looking forward to hearing about other citizen activist groups in Pennsylvania.

The VFP is also concerned about Governor Wolf’s budget proposal that calls for significant tax increases, does nothing about the looming pension crisis, nor the archaic state store system.

We will be doing another post card blitz to our state legislators to fight against this budget. Please come out and help us with this effort.

Additional information to follow. You may sign up at .


Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link:

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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