Dead Cats: PatriotsDay, 04/20/15, (16)14: James Brody


THE HILLARY: FUND – Fiorina; SIMON- Hillary; LEWIS – Send in the clowns; CHOZIK – Foreign donations; TYLER – Not in the moment.

LEADS: TribLive – IRS defeat; PEOPLES BLOG – Broken urinals.

IRAN: AP – Voters wooed; WONG – Iranian convoy.

END NOTES: Patriots Day; For her fans – Hillary.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: April 27th, “Standardized” showing in Wayne.

Recommended: JANET – Track the RINOs; Trail Watch; Independent Women’s Forum.


Patriot’s Day (or Patriots’ Day) commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were fought near Boston in 1775. Patriot’s Day is annually held on the third Monday of April.


Colorado Springs Gazette: “Long weekend of 4/20 marijuana celebrations continues in Colorado; police issue dozens of citations”

“While recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, people can’t use it in public. But the law is widely flouted, especially around the 4/20 celebrations.”


April 20, 1889, Adolph Hitler’s birthday.


John Fund, NRO: “Fiorina Has Hillary Defenders Worried”

“A long parade of presidential contenders presented themselves before a convention of New Hampshire Republicans this weekend. But only one was a former top business executive, and only one was a woman, and they were the same candidate. Carly Fiorina is no doubt getting attention because of her unique background, but more and more people are staying to listen because she has something fresh to say.

“‘For the first time in U.S. history, we are destroying more businesses than we are creating,’ Fiorina told her audience in Nashua. ‘The weight of the government is literally crushing the potential of the people of this nation.’ Electing standard-issue politicians will no longer do, she said. ‘Managers are people who do the best they can within the existing system. Leaders are people who do not accept what is broken just because it has been that way for a long time.’

“Fiorina also seems to relish the role of being the most pointed critic of Hillary Clinton. “She tweets about women’s rights in this country and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights,” she jabbed back in February when a scandal involving the Clinton Foundation surfaced. She contrasts her background as a “problem solver” with Clinton’s record as a professional politician. Her critique of Clinton’s record is withering: ‘I come from a world where speeches are not accomplishments. Activity isn’t accomplishment. Title isn’t accomplishment. I come from a world where you have to actually do something; you have to produce results.’. . .”

Roger Simon, PJM: “Whatever You Think about Hillary, It’s Worse!”

“How to quit the Hillary habit.

“None of my liberal friends like to talk politics anymore.  They have nothing to say and it’s obvious why. Liberalism…  or progressivism — people who wish to make the distinction can go ahead, but I find it trivial — they’re just different degrees of a self-serving lie…. liberalism, in the immortal words of Preston Sturges, ‘is not only dead, it’s decomposed.’ (Sturges was referring to chivalry.)  Not only is there no there there (as Gertrude Stein said of Oakland),  there’s no there there there there to the tenth power.  I asked a liberal the other day what liberalism was, what exactly it was he supported, and he was stunned that I asked, and then he was just stunned.  He didn’t know how to answer because he didn’t have one.  It was just a habit.  (Oh, I forgot.  He said he didn’t like Republicans, which of course is no defense of liberalism, just contempt… with a soupçon of habit.) “And speaking of habits, that’s what Hillary Clinton is.  No one, including Hillary, knows why she is running for president.  Oh, yes, I think she mumbled something about making things better for the middle class from her tony Chappaqua redoubt, tennis court and bathrooms en suite. (Hey, give the lady a break — she flew coach at least once in the last twenty years.)  It reminds me of a famous line from Daniel Cohn-Bendit of the Six de Nanterre that inspired the French student revolt of ’68 — ‘I want a revolution where everyone can drink cappuccino at the Café Royal.’  Hillary could revise it.  ‘I want a revolution where everyone can eat a burrito bowl at Chipotle and not tip!’  Tips are so bourgeois.

“And now things are about to get even worse with a new book coming out May 5 – Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, by Peter Schweizer.  The New York Times, which itself seems to be getting a bit nervous (will they drop her?), describes the book as “a 186-page investigation of donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities.”

Matt Lewis, UK Telegraph: “Why satire not scandal could derail Hillary Clinton’s campaign”

“Republicans are the usual targets for caricature on popular US comedy show Saturday Night Live (remember Tina Fey as Sarah Palin?). But comedienne Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Hillary Clinton last week gave Fey a run for her money.

“On the eve of Clinton’s announcement, one biting SNL skit imagined what Mrs Clinton’s announcement video might sound like. “Citizens, you will elect me,” McKinnon barked. “I will be your leader!” The satirical message was simple: Hillary Clinton believes she is entitled to the presidency.

“In 2008, it was widely perceived that Mrs Clinton’s sense of entitlement cost her the White House. So this time round, she is making a concerted effort to appear “normal”. After announcing her candidacy, Mrs Clinton and her entourage took a 1,000 mile road-trip in a van she dubbed the “Scooby Doo van” (presumably named after the “Mystery Machine” driven in the classic children’s cartoon). En route, she made a pit stop for a chicken burrito bowl at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant.

“But her efforts backfired. Mrs Clinton didn’t shake hands with any of the employees – or leave a tip. Believe it or not, this story received around four days of press coverage in America.

“On arriving in Iowa, at least one of Mrs Clinton’s meetings appeared to have been ‘staged’, with Democratic supporters posing as average Iowans. And film footage of her leaving one such event showed the “Scooby” van “idling” in a handicapped-parking zone. This led one conservative website to crow: “Elderly Presidential Candidate Uses Handicap Parking Spot on Campaign Trail.”

“This all sounds petty and superficial; the best ridicule usually is. The more one watches the coverage of Mrs Clinton, the more it becomes apparent that it won’t be the serious scandals – the Benghazis or the private email account – that will matter. Rather, the much greater danger is that she could become a joke. . .”

Amy Chozik, NYT: “New Book, ‘Clinton Cash,’ Questions Foreign Donations to Foundation”

“The book does not hit shelves until May 5, but already the Republican Rand Paul has called its findings “big news” that will “shock people” and make voters “question” the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” by Peter Schweizer — a 186-page investigation of donations made to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities — is proving the most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle still in its infancy.

The book, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, asserts that foreign entities who made payments to the Clinton Foundation and to Mr. Clinton through high speaking fees received favors from Mrs. Clinton’s State Department in return. . .”

Deborah Tyler, American Thinker: “Why Hillary Can’t Be in the Moment”

Thx Ted! A blame-Bill saga . . .She’s a little crazy for the same reasons that make other women a little crazy and her staff earns its money by making her “clever” instead of nuts . . . See Hillary Redux at the end of this newsletter . . .

“Watching Hillary Clinton reach out and touch ordinary America ns is excruciating. In working a crowd of regular folks, Hillary is fingernails on the blackboard in a pantsuit. It is difficult to imagine anyone more out of touch with her own affect, movement, and connection to the people around her. She is unable to talk, touch, listen or smile in a natural manner. She doesn’t seem to know what to do with her hands, where to direct her eyes, her scope of awareness is restricted. A blind person with a stick would be better than Hillary Clinton at reading people around her.

“In the staged and rigidly controlled glimpses of her, we see people positioned a handshake away wishing to be noticed by this woman who may be the next president, growing discouraged and becoming commensurately uncomfortable because Hillary can’t see them. . .”

LEADS . . .

TribLive: “The gathering storm: An IRS defeat”

“Attempting to obscure the extent of its alleged targeting of conservative groups, the Internal Revenue Service has been smacked with a serious setback in its court fight in Ohio.

“A federal judge granted a motion compelling the IRS to list the 298 targeted organizations, which the IRS had identified for the Treasury Department inspector general. In a lawsuit filed in 2013, 10 conservative groups, through discovery, have been trying to pry free the list of all groups targeted by the IRS. This, in order to seek class certification and expand the lawsuit to “all the organizations on (ex-IRS official) Lois Lerner’s hit list,” writes Hans von Spakovsky of The Heritage Foundation. . .”

The People’s Blog: “Feminist group breaks urinals as a symbol of male chauvinism

Eric Harley (Red Eye, 2:45am, 4/19/15) commented that men have been out-housed.

From Big Red . . .

“We the women of America will no longer tolerate male bigotry, especially through the method of genderizing restrooms, just like they had colorized restrooms during the first half of the twentieth century. Men need to know that their reign in this world is OVER and we will show no mercy towards our enemy. These private rooms with urinals, which we call ‘oppression rooms,’ are nothing more than a pedestal that men have created to worship their phallic tools of hate and destruction. These shrines to men’s egos must be destroyed if we are going to move beyond Stone Age male chauvinism!”

“The group has also taken to the social media, urging women around the globe to pick up a sledgehammer and “Swing for Justice” in their own hometowns and cities. . .”

IRAN . . .

AP: “Presidential contenders woo New Hampshire voters”

Tom Cotton???

“On the question of what to do about Islamic State militants, hawks were heard the loudest at the New Hampshire forum drawing a multitude of Republican presidential hopefuls.

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said in his keynote address Saturday night that threats posed by radical Islamic terrorism won’t be handled simply with ‘a couple bombings.’

“‘We’re not going to wait till they bring the fight to us,’ Walker said. ‘We’re going to bring the fight to them and fight on their soil.’

“Texas Sen. Ted Cruz similarly called for an aggressive approach to the group also known as ISIS. “The way to defeat ISIS is a simple and clear military objective,” he said. “We will destroy them.”

“And South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said there is only one way to defeat the militants: “You go over there and you fight them so they don’t come here.”

“Even Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul endorsed the idea of taking on the militants more directly, despite criticizing fellow Republicans as being too eager overall to commit U.S. troops to foreign wars. . .”

Also: Stephen Hayes, Weekly Std: “Walker Shines in New Hampshire”

Walker guided the crowd through a brief history of his tenure as Wisconsin governor, punctuating the story with suggestions about what his reforms in back home might mean if he were to attempt something similar as president. ‘Washington is 68 square miles surrounded by reality,’ he said, adapting a popular conservative appraisal of Madison. . .”

Also: David Millward, UK Telegraph: “Rand Paul receives standing ovation as he delivers libertarian message to New Hampshire faithful”

“. . . From appearing in jeans to delivering a withering attack on the record of other Republicans, the Kentucky senator made sure he stood out from his rivals.

“‘I got tired of seeing people in my party getting in charge and not doing anything at all,’ he told activists at the party’s “Leadership Summit” in Nashua, New Hampshire.

“‘They all look alike, the all sound alike, they all dress alike and nothing ever changes.’

“Mr Paul was the latest of the Republican hopefuls to make his pitch for the backing of activists in a state which will set the tone for the race for the party’s nomination next year. A strong showing in the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucus will give a candidate a huge advantage in a crowded field, while a weak performance frequently proves fatal to an aspirant’s chances.

“Taking the stage to a background of thumping music, Mr Paul received standing ovations before, after and even during his address. . .”

Also: Byron York, Washington Examiner: “After NH confab: Rubio rising, Walker steady, Bush plodding, Christie returning from dead”

1) Marco Rubio is clearly enjoying a moment. He is relaxed and funny in front of crowds, flying high after a well-received campaign announcement. In addition, Rubio appears to be winning growing support among some GOP establishment figures and opinion makers — the ones who worry about Jeb Bush’s dynastic problem, fear Scott Walker is not ready for prime time, and have given up on Chris Christie. But Rubio has to convince other Republicans who worry that he is too green for the top job, and he still has his record to contend with, when opponents take a very close look at his signature achievement, the Senate-passed Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill.

“2) Scott Walker is steadier on his feet. . .

“3) Chris Christie is poised to re-emerge . . .

“4) Jeb Bush is a solid candidate running a solid campaign, but he is still stuck explaining why he is his own man and why another Bush should be running for president.

“5) Ted Cruz is still Ted Cruz. A solid part of the Republican base likes him a lot, but it’s unclear how he would grow beyond that group.

“6) Rand Paul’s appeal is as solid as ever, and his potential to transform himself into a general election candidate is as limited as ever. . .”

Kristina Wong, The Hill: “Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen, alarming US officials”

“Iran is sending an armada of seven to nine ships — some with weapons — toward Yemen in a potential attempt to resupply the Shia Houthi rebels, according to two U.S. defense officials.

“Officials fear the move could lead to a showdown with the U.S. or other members of a Saudi-led coalition, which is enforcing a naval blockade of Yemen and is conducting its fourth week of airstrikes against the Houthis. . .”

PA . . .


Patriots Day (from The Moral Strumpet, J. F, Brody, due May 15th)

“I ‘ran’ the Boston Marathon‘s route alone on the day before the 100th Anniversary race. I needed ten hours, including stops for Gator Aid and pizza and I was one of the last people to travel that course in its first 100 years. I covered the first ten miles at less than nine minutes per mile. Then I shuffled, walked, and limped the next sixteen, but ran the last two blocks.

I was soaked by light rain during the first eight miles, lost my ability to speak, and spent fifteen minutes getting warm in a gas station. I also made a wrong turn and traveled an extra two miles in Wellesley.

I found some adrenaline, however, once I reached the corner in Boston where Massachusetts Avenue connects with Boylston Street and I could see the finish line. My pain vanished and I started to run again for those last two blocks on Boylston, going between the lines of cars that were stalled in a traffic jam.

Only one block from the finish line, a fat lady jumped into my path. She shouted, “It’s tomorrow, it’s tomorrow!” It was a near thing when I “saw” my fist cross her jaw and her head snap back. Instead, I stepped further into the traffic and ran on for that last block.

On Monday, the day of the Marathon, the sun was out and the temperature an ideal forty degrees. I sat on a wall in a church yard, two miles from the finish line, and watched the leaders pass. Thirty-year-old Uta Pippig won her third consecutive Boston Marathon but it was a near thing. She had stopped at Boston College, a half mile before me . . . diarrhea and blood streamed down one of her legs. I heard the crowd chant “GO, GO, GO!” and she started again, passed me, ignored the “eeew” expressions from women in the crowd, and came from behind to stride past the leader. Uta won $100,000 in two hours, twenty-seven minutes, twelve seconds . . . I took a picture.

And I fell in love. . .


Also: Jennifer Levitz, WSJ: “Boston Bombing Jurors to Decide Between Life Sentence and Death”

“Marathon bomber Tsarnaev’s fate hinges in part on perception of which is worse, life without parole or execution . . .”

Hillary Redux . . . Irony & Tragedy

From CATS, 4/17/15 or

From a fan of mine . . .

“Ugh, several of my older female friends want Hillary! Even the R friends! Why???? Because she is WOMAN. Even when I point out all of Hillary’s “faults” (and I’m being kind using that word) they don’t care and blame the R’s for making a big deal out of nothing.  I pray this next election isn’t again about “making history” but based on who is the best candidate to respect our Constitution and the freedoms upon which our country was founded.”


First, similarity builds partnerships. True for clock pendulums that eventually tic and tock at the same instant, true for courtship, true for bowling teams, and true for whom you marry or with whom you sit at Rotary lunches. (Strogatz, Steven, 2003, Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order. NY: Hyperion.)

Second, your partners – because they are similar to you – keep you in your ruts even after you change. (Some millennials drive VW Cabrios and my mechanic considers this to be a “cult” . . . once they get in one, you can’t get them out!) Hillary decided at Yale to become your President and she collected assets/partners that further her scheme including her giving a kiss to Obama before he named her Secretary of State. And she discarded critics as quickly as she discovered them. She also discarded risks to her scheme such as eMails, blame for Libya, Iraq, Iran and Islam, questions about her “Foundation,” sources of her funds, her ambush at an airport, Bubba’s friends, and stolen items from the White House. She also planted loyalty when she stayed with Bill instead of doing the honest thing by leaving him.

Third, schizophrenia tends to be a female problem. (Males become more autistic!) That is, females manage social relationships that help them to rear children, relationships that build protection, keep away bad guys, and gain food, clothing, and respect at tribal meetings. Lapses in nature’s systems lead to withdrawal, suspicion, vigilance, and lots of bogus conclusions about other peoples’ intentions (Badcock, Christopher (2009) The Imprinted Brain: How Genes Set the Balance between Autism and Psychosis. London: Jessica Kingsley.)

Fourth, Hillary has medical problems including blood clots, thyroid problems, and erratic heart valves. In 2009, her physicians cautioned, “She has to be carefully monitored for the rest of her life.” (Klein, Edward, 2014, Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas, Washington DC, Regnery, p. 195.)

Her tour behavior is bizarre but her fans see it as clever politics and her elections as social justice. Critics note that she repeats the Nehru jackets, van rides , and isolation from crowds that she had in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Hillary has a cult like a Cabrio!

Irony: one group of friends defends her as clever and a politician, a different group would recommend one of the newer psychiatric medications. . . both of them see the same Hillary but work to line her up with their point of view . And tragedy – she will do for women what Barry did for blacks.


Independent Women’s Forum

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link:

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.


Treddyffrin Trail Watch

If you enjoy our newTrail system in the township, we invite you to be our eyes and ears while you bike, jog, or walk. Our program entails helping people with directions, points of interest, rest areas, and reporting needs for attention.

You will meet officers from our Bike Squad, Motorcycle Officers, and the County Park Rangers.

Please help us!

For more information, contact the Tredyffrin Police Department’s Community Policing Office. 610-408-3654. Email: Officer Rhonda Carroll,


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