Dead Cats: MayDay, 05/01/15, (16)19: James Brody


Smart Meter Kampf this Saturday!

TAXIN – May Day rallies.

THE HILLARY: BARONE – Clinton defenders; STANAGE – Bernie to bite Hillary?; LINSKEY – Clintons never gave info.

BALTIMORE: SHIPIRO – 7 worst media reactions; Drudge Links -5/1/15.

LEADS: VANDERHULST – Voter registration; DUNPHY – Lynch to be worse?; WEST – City w/o consequences.

ISLAM: HOPE – Geller’s art contest.

PA: STAUB – Free speech from prison; SNYDER – 5/1 Ups & Downs.

END NOTES: Mark Levin 4/30/15.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: $135K needed; SmartMeter Kampf; May 6 – CFL; May 7 – Common Core; May 8 – VF Patriots.

Recommended: JANET – Track the RINOs; Independent Women’s Forum.


“Urban demonstrators” – “Undocumented shoppers” . . . Red Eye Radio

Amy Taxin, AP: “May Day rallies broaden to address police brutality, race “

“. . . For more than a century, International Workers’ Day has been celebrated on May 1 to mark the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago, when a bomb turned a worker rally into a deadly event.

“In the United States, the annual event has shrunk since 2006, when stringent immigration legislation drove hundreds of thousands of demonstrators to rally in the streets. Broadening the message could help bring new supporters to the push for immigration changes, but doing so isn’t just a political strategy, leaders said, noting that immigrants share a distrust of police authority and concerns about racial inequality.

“This is one of these times where the savvy political move is also coherent political ideology,” said David S. Meyer, a professor of sociology and political science at University of California, Irvine.

“Some rallies are still mostly focused on labor and immigration issues, such as an event in Portland, Oregon, where advocates will support hiking the minimum wage and President Barack Obama’s program to protect millions of immigrants in the country illegally from deportation.

“Those issues will also be at the forefront of demonstrations in New York and Los Angeles, but activists are also expected to call for an end to what they see as police brutality against racial minorities. In New York, demonstrators will carry a banner reading “No police from Baltimore to Ayotzinapa,” drawing a connection to the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico last year, said Teresa Gutierrez, co-coordinator of the May 1 Coalition.

“What remains to be seen is whether expanding the message will have an impact. . .”


Michael Barone, Washington Examiner: “Clinton defenders advance an unpersuasive argument”

“Some of Hillary Clinton’s defenders have taken to saying that voters shouldn’t pay attention to the latest Clinton scandals — the gushing of often undisclosed millions to the Clintons and their organizations by characters seeking official favors — because the charges are just one more in a long series: Whitewater, the Rose law firm billing records, the Buddhist temple fundraising, the Lippo Group.

“So, the theory goes, because the Clintons have been accused of so many scandalous doings before, people shouldn’t be concerned now about Secretary Clinton’s actions that helped certain donors turn over 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves to a state-run Russian company.

“Common sense might tend to make you more suspicious of those who attract many accusations. But the Clintons’ defenders expect and hope in their case that you will instead be suspicious of those who make so many accusations. After all, they’re always saying nasty things! In this view, even charges advanced and amplified by the New York Times may be summarily dismissed as the products of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

“Of course, for some voters the just-one-more-scandal argument may cut the other way. They may decide that they’ve endured enough Clinton scandals. . .”

Niall Stanage, The Hill: “Socialist to snap at Clinton’s heels”

“Bernie Sanders could put a stamp on the next White House, even if he never sits in the Oval Office.

“The independent senator from Vermont insisted he was “in this race to win” when he launched his presidential candidacy at the Capitol on Thursday. But it’s difficult to find many people, even among Democrats, who believe he has a credible shot at defeating Hillary Clinton.

“Even so, the self-described “democratic socialist” will be snapping at Clinton’s heels across vital states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. He will almost certainly get to confront her in televised debates. And he already has a committed following among the liberal grassroots.

“Many on the left fervently hope that those factors will combine to provide Sanders with enough muscle to push Clinton in their direction . . .”

“How can voters accept anything Hillary or her family foundation says — when so many of their past promises and protestations of purity have proven false?

“Above all else, the promise to disclose donations to the Clinton Foundation that could pose conflicts of interest with her work as secretary of state.

“During her 2009 confirmation hearings, the foundation submitted a “memorandum of understanding” that even its subsidiary charities would regularly report donations that might pose conflicts of interest with her job running the State Department. That helped grease the skids for the Senate’s 94-2 vote to confirm her.

“But the Boston Globe reported this week that the Boston-based Clinton Health Access Initiative, which accounts for about 60 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s total charitable balance sheet, did no such thing.

“It never submitted any information on foreign donations during Clinton’s time at State.

This, on top of the news that another “daughter” foundation, the Canada-based Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, also failed to disclose donors — who gave some $33 million during Hillary’s time at State. . .”

Annie Linskey, Boston Globe: “Clinton charity never provided foreign donor data”

“CHAI” is Chinese for “tea” . . .

“Boston-based group admits to mistakes

“WASHINGTON — An unprecedented ethics promise that played a pivotal role in helping Hillary Rodham Clinton win confirmation as secretary of state, soothing senators’ concerns about conflicts of interests with Clinton family charities, was uniformly bypassed by the biggest of the philanthropies involved.

“The Clinton Health Access Initiative never submitted information on any foreign donations Daley, the organization’s spokeswoman, acknowledged to the Globe this week. She said the charity deemed it unnecessary, except in one case that she described as an “oversight.”

“During that time, grants from foreign governments increased by tens of millions of dollars to the Boston-based organization.

“Daley’s acknowledgement was the first by the charity of the broad scope of its apparent failures to fulfill the spirit of a crucial political pledge made by the Clinton family and their charities. The health initiative has previously acknowledged failing only to disclose the identity of its contributors, another requirement under the agreement.

“The failures make the Clinton Health Access Initiative, which is headquartered on Dorchester Avenue in South Boston, and goes by the acronym CHAI, a prominent symbol of the broken political promise and subsequent lack of accountability underlying the charity-related controversies that are dogging Clinton as she embarks on her campaign for president. . .”


Ben Shapiro, Big Journalism: “7 Worst Media Reactions to the Baltimore Riots”

“The media make money off race riots. They gin them up; they promote them; then they react to them. Media reactions to the riots in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray have ranged from the egregious to the ridiculous.

“Some of that can be chalked up to the demands of the 24-hour news cycle, but much of it must be laid at the feet of reporters and anchors desperate to demonstrate their racial bona fides, even if that means excusing looting, unjustifiably attacking law enforcement, or labeling the entire country a racist petri dish generating situations like Baltimore.

“Here are some of the worst . . .”

Drudge Links (05/01/15 – Baltimore)

VAN WITNESS FEARS FOR LIFE… Body found in truck near burned-out CVS… POLICE TOLD TO ‘STAND DOWN’ DURING BALTIMORE RIOTS…. ‘Weren’t Allowed To Defend City’… 100 Officers Injured… GRAY BROKE NECK ‘AFTER HITTING HEAD INSIDE POLICE VAN’… INJURY MATCHES BOLT ON DOOR… Mystery secret stop on journey… Police Depts Stockpiling Stink Bombs for Next Riot… Clashes in Philadelphia… CRUZ: Obama ‘inflamed racial tensions’… NEW BLACK PANTHER HEAD: WE’RE WILLING TO KILL… SMILEY: This Is the New Normal… Sharpton Gets Physical With FOXNEWS Reporter… MICHAEL MOORE: Disarm the police! Obama says he might go back to community organizing…

LEADS . . .

Joseph Vanderhulst, PJM: “Obama Admin. Won’t Let States Ask for Proof of Citizenship … On Voter Registration Form!”

“The evidence clearly shows that non-citizens are ending up on the rolls as a result. “Non-citizens are voting in American elections, and the federal government refuses to do anything to stop it.

“Worse, the current administration seems to be doing everything they can to prevent the states from trying to stop it. First, they sued states that asked people to present ID before voting. Now, the administration will not let states even ask people to establish they are citizens when they register to vote.

“That’s the underlying plot in the latest major case in election law that has just been presented to the Supreme Court. Federal law says that states must accept and use a federal form for registering voters. But the federal form doesn’t require any proof that the person submitting the form is a citizen.

“The form just asks the registrant to check a box.

“Meanwhile, federal law mandates that voter registration forms be made available and pushed everywhere from licensing branches to welfare offices. . .”

Jack Dunphy, PJM: “Could Loretta Lynch Be a Worse Attorney General than Eric Holder?”

“For America’s police, there’s little to smile about in Ms. Lynch’s Justice Department installation save for Holder’s exit.

“Last Thursday, the day Loretta Lynch was (lamentably) confirmed by the Senate as the new attorney general, the Los Angeles Times speculated on the relationships she might come to have with the various entities in American law enforcement, and whether she would inherit the “baggage” left by her predecessor, Eric Holder.  The Times quoted James Cole, who until recently was a deputy attorney general under Holder.  “She is in a good position,” he said, “because she has earned credibility with the law enforcement community to begin with.”

This is the sort of thing one would expect to hear from a Holder underling: a non-committal, vaguely optimistic assertion that everything will be just swell under Ms. Lynch because she has “credibility.”  No doubt Mr. Cole feels Eric Holder has credibility too, this despite his manifest lack of it.

For America’s police officers, there is little to celebrate in Ms. Lynch’s installation at the Justice Department save for the fact that it accompanies Eric Holder’s exit.  Things couldn’t possibly get any worse, it would seem.  But then, this is the Obama administration we’re talking about, so perhaps I shouldn’t make such a bold assertion.  It would be naïve to think that Ms. Lynch is any less committed to the president’s agenda than Mr. Holder was.  If she were, she wouldn’t have been considered for the post in the first place.  For the next two years or so, things can indeed get worse and, now that I’ve thought about it for a moment, probably will. . .”

Allen West, Townhall: “The City of No Consequences”

Thx Ted!

“. . . Fox News Host Greta Van Susteren once referred to Washington, D.C. as “The City of No Consequences” – and sadly I must concur.

“The capital city of our constitutional republic seems to be less of what our founding fathers intended and more of what the “arrogance of officialdom” has created. The difference is that with the advent of the 24 hour news cycle and the ability to tape, record and archive statements, the average American has an unprecedented access to the dealings of their federal elected representatives. Who would have ever thought that a cable station known as C-SPAN would become so very popular – giving the American people a clear window into the everyday actions of their federal representatives in the U.S. House and Senate.

“And with the plethora of news media and reporters we are constantly kept apprised of almost every action coming from the White House through every single government agency. The truth is before us all – the question is, why do we accept what we know is abhorrent behavior?

“Consider The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler and his fact checking apparatus and the countless times that the President of the United States has received the infamous “Pinocchio” award. One would think that the nation’s highest office would seek to be above reproach when it comes to its level of veracity. This past week was the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire, something that the current President stated while campaigning in 2008 that he would recognize. He still does not.

I could go into several contradictions of the U.S. Constitution such as Article I, Section 8, Clauses 4 and 11. Al Qaeda is certainly not decimated nor on the run. We have found out that the Islamic State is not the “jayvee” team. But where are the consequences? . . .”

ISLAM . . .

Merrill Hope, Breitbart: “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Dallas, May 3”

“The first annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest will be held on Sunday, May 3, at the Curtis Culwell Center, 5-7 pm, in the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas. It will be hosted by human rights and free-speech activist Pamela Geller and her organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).

“The exhibit will feature images of Islam’s prophet in both historical and contemporary settings, showcasing the top 200 artistic renditions that were submitted for consideration. “The winner will be announced at the event, and a $10,000 prize will be awarded.

“The keynote speaker will be Geert Wilders, a member of The Netherlands Parliament. Wilders led the fight for de-Islamization in his country, which has faced many of the same problems with Muslim assimilation as have other European countries, including the advent of controversial “no-go zones” inaccessible to non-Muslims, including public officials.

“Geller has a special offer for Breitbart readers: free tickets. To take advantage of this invitation, email Regular admission is $50 per person.

PA . . .

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “Prison walls lock in offenders, but don’t keep free speech out, federal judge rules”

“A federal judge has quelled state lawmakers’ attempts to silence criminals, saying First Amendment rights don’t end where prison walls begin.

U.S. Middle District Chief Judge Christopher Conner on Tuesday struck down the Revictimization Relief Act, a law the General Assembly hastily passed last year largely in response to students from a progressive college choosing a convicted cop-killer as their commencement speaker.

“A past criminal offense does not extinguish the offender’s constitutional right to free expression,” the judge wrote. “The First Amendment does not evanesce at the prison gate, and its enduring guarantee of freedom of speech subsumes the right to expressive conduct that some may find offensive.”

“The law gave crime victims and prosecutors the power to silence offenders by seeking a civil injunction to stop speech that could cause mental anguish. In other words, convicts could be shut up before they even said a word.

“Despite the ruling, state Rep. Mike Vereb, the Montgomery County Republican who sponsored the law, didn’t back down. He said the judge’s decision only energized supporters of the Revictimization Relief Act.

“‘We believe today, yesterday and tomorrow that the law was constitutional,’ he said. . .”

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: Ups & Downs

Kathleen Kane. It’s become a prolonged avalanche of bad news for the Attorney General at this point. Monday saw the release of the grand jury presentment that recommended five charges against her. The next day we learned that Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman, who will decide whether to indict Kane, is expanding her investigation to cover the firing of James Barker. Every week this scandal seems to grow exponentially.

Ori Feibush. After weeks of Councilman Johnson rolling out endorsements, his primary opponent needed some positive news to turn things around. This week, that’s what he got. First, the real estate developer launched two new TV ads. Then, Feibush earned the backing of the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board. Momentum is difficult to quantify but it can’t hurt to have a good few days with the election just around the corner.

Bill Shuster. The revelation that Congressman Shuster, the Chair of the Transportation Committee, is dating an airline lobbyist captured headlines but is not the reason the lawmaker gets this down arrow. The most damaging consequence of this news doesn’t have anything to do with Rep. Shuster’s reputation but rather his career. 2012 GOP Senate nominee Tom Smith, a multi-millionaire, is now making noise about challenging Shuster in a primary. An anti-D.C. crusade led by a man with enough cash to finance his campaign has got to be the Congressman’s worst nightmare.

Lynne Abraham. The former Philly DA is at a critical point in her candidacy. In many ways, she has slipped behind Anthony Williams and Jim Kenney and has to break through by taking advantage of their fight. That’s the goal of her first TV ad, which is positive and focuses on improving the lives and futures of the city’s kids. Yet she’s also being criticized for her actions as DA and still has difficulty adequately explaining some of her past decisions. Finally, Nelson Diaz started taking shots at her after criticizing Kenney last week.

Hugh McGough. It’s tough to get noticed when you’re running for lower-tier offices. That’s why endorsements are so important. If you can get a well-known figure to support you, it increases the odds voters will notice you, especially if they appear in your commercial. All this explains why McGough’s ad with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto was such a success. Using an old Chevy Chase/Garrett Morris routine from the early days of SNL, the Court of Common Pleas candidate was able to break out from the pack. We recommend a Wayne’s World parody next.”



Mark Levin (4/30/15)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show: We live in a world of myths and images created by the media and academia about our immigration system. The focus is never on the criminality of endless waves of illegal immigration or President Obamaâ’s DACA program blocking the deportation of violent criminals. Even worse, the Obama administration is doing everything they can to prevent states from requiring voter identification. A person coming to America in violation of the law and hiding doesn’t mean they love America and deserve citizenship like Jeb Bush says. Jeb wants anarchy, not immigration. Also, the media has helped create a volatile situation in Baltimore and major cities across the U.S. because of endless coverage and speculation into what happened to Freddie Gray. Obama doesn’t even know the full story but is already blaming the police, saying he’s seen this movie before. No matter who’s at fault, it doesn’t excuse the reactions of the citizens of Baltimore or the media.

“Finally, Mark speaks with Peter Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, about the defend freedom tour.”


Smart Meter Kampf:

Volunteers Needed this Saturday to pamphlet State Representative Warren Kampf’s district. This is right off of Rt 202, and minutes from King of Prussia. Meet here at noon, and grab some coffee as we go over our “battle plan”. Smart Meter ALERT will be sending teams of people out in Kampf’s district with flyers and petitions.

Saturday, May 2nd @ High Noon

WAWA 5 Matthews Rd.

Malvern, PA 19355 Dear Concerned Citizen, We are teaming up with Smart Meter ALERT on Saturday, because Representative Warren “mein” Kampf has been dead silent on his position with Smart Meters. His office has been rude to some voters who called asking for simple questions, and they hung up on others. All that people want is a simple answer; Will you vote in favor of House bill 394 and give consumers an opt-out choice, yes or no.

For Liberty, Steve Piotrowski, President & Founder, Citizens for Liberty

HELP! $135,000

“That is how much a judge in Oregon says the Klein familly must pay two lesbians.  Why? “The Klein’s are Christians and did not want to bake a cake for the homosexual wedding.

It’s not like the lesbians were hurting to find a baker.

“The family of five must now pay up as punishment for not wanting to get on the glide path to Gomorrah.  A charitable account has been set up to help Mr. and Mrs. Klein

“We will all be made to care.

“Sincerely yours, Erick-Woods Erickson


May 6: Citizens for Liberty, 1st Responders

Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 7 p.m. King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company  170 Allendale Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406

Citizens for Liberty invites you to attend one of our biggest monthly meetings yet! Andrew Poliakoff, a New York first responder, & Lou Arquer will be traveling here from Long Island to speak to our organization. Andrew and Lou traveled to Nevada to help the militia secure the Bundy Ranch after the standoff with the Feds in 2014. They’ve also traveled to the border to help the Arizona Border Recon patrol known drug/cartel operated areas to help keep America’s borders safe and secure. They do this out of the goodness of their hearts and their love for the American people. That is why they trade their time for long hours, and harsh environments with no pay. Come out and hear their stories. – We also confirmed that Cliven Bundy and his family are willing to speak to us live through Skype, but we are just waiting on a confirmation of whether or not this date/time works for them. – Barbara Dahdah-Anderson, the Director for our newly created Committee on Smart Meters will give us an up date on this fight. – We’ll also let everyone know about our future plans, and our trip to Harrisburg on May 12th to see Sheriff Richard Mack at the 2nd Amendment Action Day rally.

May 7th: Common Core – Radnor Middle School

Billy Gates donated $20 million to Hillary . . .

3rd Floor, 150 Louella Ave., Wayne, 6:30-8PM, Thursday, May 7th.

Presented by Leagues of Women Voters . . .

May 8: VF Patriots – Clearing the Core Confusion

FRIDAY, MAY 8, 6:30 PM




Based upon the work of Dr. Peg Luksik, the foremost expert on Common Core in PA.

Carol is a mother and was an IT Director and Computer teacher at her children’s school for 7 years. Through this experience and her commitment to quality education, she began extensive research into federal Common Core Standards.  This raised such serious concerns about personal liberty and financial impacts of a national takeover of education, that she felt compelled to run for  School Director for the Daniel Boone School Board where she now serves as Director.

Carol will be presenting her own first-hand experience in conjunction with a video presentation by Dr. Peg Luksik.  Dr. Luksik with her 30 years of experience in education including various federal programs, has testified before numerous legislative committees in PA and elsewhere.

Independent Women’s Forum

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link:

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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