Dead Cats: Stephan-o, 05/18/15, (16)26: James Brody

VFP Action Alert: “YES on Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act HR 36”

“Please call Congressman Ryan Costello’s office DC 202 225 4315 and Wyomissing office and tell him to vote YES on Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act HR 36 to stop painful abortions after 20 weeks. It is being voted on tomorrow. Congressman Costello unfortunately has not voted pro life in the past for a few things. Wyo office is 610 376 7630. This is passed in 14 states and we need to make PA the next state that is not practicing these barbaric procedures which harm women and babies.




THE HILLARY: FUND – Boy George; SCHWEIZER – ABC covers; GEARAN – Hill’s BO coalition.

LEADS: HILLYER – Why JEB?; KAUFFMANN – Surveillance w/o borders; CHIACU – Fast-track trade (aka “BO’s next job!”); KLEIN – Dems & CPUSA.


PA: FIELD – More Kane chaos.

END NOTES: GOLDMAN – Cruz: Reagan’s foreign policy arrogance.

ANNOUNCEMENT: West Chester TEA, 5/20.

Recommended: JANET – Track the RINOs; Independent Women’s Forum.


“. . .Both Jeb and Hillary think they want to be president, have had it in their dreams for umpteen years, but now, faced with the reality, they don’t know why they’re doing it.  At least they don’t act that way. They are lost people, running not on fumes, but on habit.  They’re supposed to run.  They were bred to run. . .” Roger Simon


John Fund, NRO: “Stephanopoulos’s Long, Long Record of Loyal Service to the Clintons”

“If George Stephanopoulos had simply donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation while also serving as one of its favorite media panelists, the controversy over his conflicts of interest would be much less. Stephanopoulos would be guilty of a clear error, but he also would have had a lot of media company.

“What makes his scandal different is that he himself chose to interrogate Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, the new exposé on the Clinton Foundation. If you watch the interview, it’s pretty obvious that Stephanopoulos is playing prosecuting attorney against Schweizer while also declining to ask key questions, for instance, about Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother and his highly questionable dealings involving the foundation. In an op-ed today in USA Today, Schweizer says he views himself as a victim of “hidden hand journalism” in which his work was undermined without the audience’s knowing the interviewer’s biases. “That is no doubt one reason that Carole Simpson, a former colleague of “Stephanopoulos’s at ABC News, decided to drop a bomb on him today on Reliable Sources, CNN’s media-criticism show. ‘There is a coziness that George cannot escape,’ Simpson explained. ‘While he did try to separate himself from his political background to become a journalist, he really isn’t a journalist. . . . And I am sorry that again the public trust in the media is being challenged and frayed because of the actions of some of the top people in the business.’

“Simpson also stated the obvious: ‘While ABC News says it was ‘an honest mistake,’ they don’t feel that way. Secretly, they are hopping mad, I am sure.’

“They should be looking in the mirror. As Byron York has laid out in the Washington Examiner, the danger signals about Stephanopoulos were evident nearly 20 years ago when he was hired by ABC News almost immediately after he left the Clinton White House. . .”

Peter Schweizer, USA Today: “Stephanopoulos, ABC have not fully disclosed Clinton ties: Schweizer”

“ABC’s anchor much closer to Hillary’s foundation than he told his viewers.

“. . . I agreed to be interviewed, expecting a robust examination of my new book, Clinton Cash, and my reporting on the Clintons’ accumulation of massive personal wealth, cronyism and the lack of transparency surrounding the Clintons’ foundation.

“I expected probing questions, similar to the ones I’ve received from Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, Chris Wallace on Fox News and Frank Sesno on CNN.

“What I did not expect — what no one expected — was the sort of ‘hidden hand journalism’ that has contributed to America’s news media’s crisis of credibility in particular, and Americans’ distrust of the news media more broadly.

“If Stephanopoulos had disclosed his donations to the very foundation I was there to talk about, perhaps it would have put the aggressive posture of his interview with me in context.

“But he didn’t.

“And even though he has apologized to his viewers for keeping this information from both his audience and his bosses, there is much that Stephanopoulos has yet to disclose to his viewers. Indeed, far from being a passive donor who strokes Clinton Foundation checks from afar, a closer look reveals that Stephanopoulos is an ardent and engaged Clinton Foundation advocate. . .”

Anne Gearan, WaPo: “Clinton is banking on the Obama coalition to win”

“Hillary Rodham Clinton is running as the most liberal Democratic presidential front-runner in decades, with positions on issues from gay marriage to immigration that would, in past elections, have put her at her party’s precarious left edge.

“The moves are part of a strategic conclusion by Clinton’s emerging campaign: that it can harness the same kind of young and diverse coalition as Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012, bolstered by even stronger appeal among women.

“Her approach — outlined in interviews with aides and advisers — is a bet that social and demographic shifts mean that no left-leaning position Clinton takes now would be likely to hurt her in making her case to moderate and independent voters in the general election next year. . .”

LEADS . . .

Quin Hillyer, NRO: “Oh Brother, Why Art Thou Even Running?”

“So there’s this story going around, surely a piece of fiction from a typically clueless Hollywood writer or something, that there’s a Republican candidate for president who is open to raising taxes, who urged the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as attorney general, and who is not just a supporter of but a prime mover behind the Common Core education mess while blasting opponents for pushing “conspiracy theories.”

“This figment of the imagination also has spent years pushing vastly expanded immigration and what can be described only as mass amnesty for illegals. Not only that, but he has repeatedly said or strongly implied that those who don’t agree with him are not merely misguided, but heartless or nativist (and, yes, “un-American”). “This man has said that today’s Republican party is far to the right of Ronald Reagan; has said that Republicans are equally at fault with Democrats for the negative tone and ideological rigidity of national politics; has personally handed Hillary Clinton an award for ‘public service’ while praising her extravagantly; has supported international negotiations to reduce carbon emissions; has defended President G. H. W. Bush’s 1990 budget deal; has said he hopes to govern like Lyndon Johnson; gives speeches in a style described as “reading off a TelePrompTer with the enthusiasm of an asparagus-eating toddler”; has listed as a top foreign-policy adviser a man notoriously antagonistic toward Israel; was almost invisible during most of the battles against the Obama administration; has not run in a campaign since 2002; and, finally, managed to lose an election in a rather conservative state in what was otherwise the most triumphant electoral season (1994) for Republicans in the past 35 years.

“On second thought, not even Hollywood would be clueless enough to try to sell this story as a realistic drama about a possible Republican nominee. . .”

Sylvie Kauffmann, NYT: “Surveillance without Borders”

“PARIS — Right after Islamist militants attacked Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery in January, leaving 17 people dead, we swore we would not fall into the surveillance trap. The few voices in France clamoring for a security overhaul were drowned out by the “we are not afraid” slogans of crowds rallying in defense of free speech. Journalists, lawyers and politicians reminded everyone of the excesses of America’s Patriot Act. This was not the road France would take.

“Yet four months later, on May 5, the lower house of Parliament passed a bill giving the nation’s intelligence services sweeping surveillance powers, including the massive collection and analysis of metadata. Next month the bill will go to the Senate, and the measure’s sponsors are confident it will become law by July.

“Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, key provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire by June 1. “But the mood is already shifting: On Wednesday, the House approved a bill changing the Patriot Act to prohibit the government’s mass collection of Americans’ phone records. This follows a May 7 ruling by a federal appeals court in New York that the National Security Agency’s collection of such data is illegal. These steps come just two years after Edward J. Snowden revealed the giant secret surveillance program to the world. . .”

Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars: “Rep. Louie Gohmert Suggests Feds Using Jade Helm to ‘Provoke a Fight’ With Citizens”

“Congressman Louie Gohmert has called for changes to the Jade Helm military exercise, arguing that the labeling of Texas and Utah as “hostile” states in Army documents related to the drill is “suspicious,” while suggesting that the federal government is trying to “provoke a fight” with citizens.

“In a piece published by the Highland County Press, Gohmert, who is Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, suggests that the Utah and Texas may have been labeled negatively because they are red states.

“‘Once I observed the map depicting ‘hostile,’ ‘permissive’ and ‘uncertain’ states and locations, I was rather appalled that the hostile areas amazingly have a Republican majority and believe in the sanctity of the United States Constitution,’ writes Gohmert.

“‘When the federal government begins, even in practice, games or exercises, to consider any U.S. city or state in ‘hostile’ control and trying to retake it, the message becomes extremely calloused and suspicious.’”

Doina Chiacu, Reuters: “Republicans claim enough votes to pass fast-track trade bill”

Sell out!

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Top Republicans predicted on Sunday that both chambers of Congress would muster the votes to pass the ‘fast-track’ authority sought by President Barack Obama to negotiate major trade deals, despite opposition from Obama’s fellow Democrats.

“‘Yes, we’ll pass it. We’ll pass it later this week,’ Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said in an interview with ABC.

“Republican U.S. Representative Paul Ryan said on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ that he was confident the measure would also pass the House of Representatives.

“‘We will have the votes,’ said Ryan, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. ‘We’re doing very well. We’re gaining a lot of steam and momentum.”’

“The trade issue has made unlikely allies of Republicans in Congress and the Democratic president. McConnell, who has frequently clashed with Obama on a number of issues, offered him rare praise on Sunday. . .”–business.html

Aaron Klein, WND: “Dem’s new agenda hauntingly similar to communism”

“’Contract with America’ resembles CPUSA manifesto

“Last week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a 13-point national “Progressive Agenda” that is being touted as the liberal “Contract with America.”

“The aim is for the ‘Progressive Agenda’ to become the basis for the Democratic Party’s main economic policies, including those of its 2016 presidential candidate.

“De Blasio has compared his plan to the ‘Contract with America,’ a document released by the Republican Party during the 1994 congressional election and drawn up by future House Speaker Newt Gingrich to serve as the GOP policy agenda.

“Now WND documents that most of the 13 points in de Blasio’s “Progressive Agenda” can also be found in the manifestos and literature of the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA.

“The full progressive plan, entitled, ‘The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality,’ can be found on the agenda’s new website. “Here is a comparison of the Agenda’s plan with literature from the manifestos and writings of the Community Party USA, or CPUSA, and the Socialist Party USA, or SPUSA. . .

ISLAM . . .

Reuters: “Iraq’s Anbar in ‘total collapse’, on brink of falling to Islamic State”

“BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamic State militants claimed full control of the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday in the biggest defeat for the Baghdad government since last summer.

“In a statement, the group said it had seized tanks and killed “dozens of apostates”, its description for members of the Iraqi security forces.

“Ramadi is the capital of Iraq’s western Anbar province, which is dominated by Sunni Muslims. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi signed off on the deployment of Shi’ite militias to attempt to seize back the area, a move he had previously resisted for fear of provoking a sectarian backlash. . .”

PA . . .

Nick Field, PoliticsPA: “More Chaos in the Attorney General’s Office”

“If you’ve been paying attention to this Tuesday’s primary and feel behind in your Kathleen Kane news, don’t worry there’s plenty to cover.

“First, we learned that Kane’s Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker, the man accused of sexual harassment by two women, has been promoted.

“Duecker will now have authority over personnel decisions. To put that more plainly, he’ll decide who gets hired and who gets fired. This decision was made after Kane learned about the allegations against Duecker.

“Furthermore the man who used to have control over personnel matters, Deputy Bruce Beemer, testified against Kane during her grand jury investigation.

“Naturally, this brings up the question of retaliation. The AG already fired James Barker, another person who testified against her. Kane is also under investigation for that action.

As a result of all this, members of the Attorney General’s office are reportedly looking into forming a union.

“For even more background on these cases, feel free to peruse our extensive and exhaustive timeline of Kathleen Kane’s tenure and controversies.”

AFP: PA Tax Hikes

“Your Pennsylvania State House, with the help of 76 Republicans and 33 Democrats, just voted for the largest tax increase in the history of Pennsylvania. They did this in the name of property tax reduction – a temporary reduction only some will receive. “Fortunately, we can kill this tax increase, but we have to get in touch with our lawmakers today.

Tell your lawmakers we don’t need higher taxes! Unsurprisingly, the public sector unions were in the capitol cheering this tax hike – which is nearly identical to Governor Wolf’s tax and spend plan. They don’t care about property tax relief, but they do like massive tax hikes which will provide politicians with billions they can divert to union pet projects. Don’t expect those unions to fight to keep the property tax relief. If pensions aren’t reformed and our state budget continues to explode, they’ll gladly tell politicians to hike property taxes and keep the money flowing. Don’t let the unions win this fight for higher taxes! The answer to our state’s crisis is not to pick money from one pocket to transfer it to another. Rather than hiking taxes, we need to fix the pension crisis, get spending under control, and lower the overall tax burden. Tell your lawmakers to vote against the tax hike! Your tax bills are going up if we let the unions win. Sincerely, Anna McCauslin, Pennsylvania Policy Director, Americans for Prosperity


David Goldman, PJM: “Ted Cruz, the Only Republican Arrogant Enough to Be President”

“We need a president arrogant enough to ignore the foreign policy establishment. And Cruz is that man.

“Ted Cruz is intellectually arrogant, like Ronald Reagan. The difference is that Reagan masked his arrogance with self-deprecating humor. Sen. Cruz does a Reagan impression that would do a nightclub comedian proud, but he doesn’t have Reagan’s easy and spontaneous humor.

“One doesn’t think of Reagan as arrogant,  but he was in fact the most arrogant leader we have had since Lincoln. He ignored the whole of the foreign policy establishment in his conviction that America stood to win the Cold War and bring down Communism. Then as now, the foreign policy establishment resembled Jonathan Swift’s scientists on the floating island of Laputa, treading perilously close to the edge with noses in the air.

“Sen. Cruz is authentically bright, sufficiently so for the liberal Alan Dershowitz to declare that he was the best student he had ever had at Harvard’s Law School. The conservative legal theorist Robert P. George, who taught Cruz at Princeton, says the same thing. He’s so smart that he is not the least impressed by the conservative foreign policy establishment.

“That’s what qualifies Ted Cruz for the presidency.  . .”


West Chester TEA Party, May 20th

Time: 7PM Place:  East Goshen Twp Building  1580 Paoli Pike  2nd floor West Chester, Pa.  19380   “Please join us for the showing of  “The Singing Revolution “.   The Embassy of Estonia has donated this video, shown previously on public TV . “The cost of freedom – The Singing Revolution is about people who are contemporaries of ours, but who lived under Nazi and Soviet tyranny   “This is the story of how a culture saved a nation.” “Estonia is a tiny nation of 1 million people whereas we are a nation of over 300 million.  When our nation was founded we were a nation of 3 million people. “With the exception of the 40% of the population that resulted from Russification, Estonians are a relatively homogeneous culture.  We have no homogeneous culture and could never hope to achieve the degree of homogeneity that Estonians achieved. “While they were culturally homogeneous, Estonians were political split into three separate strategies for achieving freedom, and yet those organization came together for a common purpose. “There is a lot we can learn from the Estonian experience, including the power of song when voiced by thousands.  Song is more compelling than contentious demonstrations.”

West Chester Tea Party


Independent Women’s Forum

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link: mail_update&utm_medium=email

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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