Dead Cats: PAM, 06/05/15, (16)34: James Brody


DANIEL HENNINGER, WSJ: Barack re-founds.

TRADE: Drudge Links (6/5/15), BOYLE – Carly to BO; THIELMAN & INMAN – WikiLeaks; WONG – Boehner short of votes; WOLLACOTT – TISA & secrets.

GELLER: PAM – Who’s next?; BOYLE & ROBINSON – ISIS suspect; KEY – This is war.

LEADS: GERTZ – Iran works on nukes; SNOWDEN – World said no; SAVAGE – NSA increases border scans.

ISLAM: GERTZ – BO backs Brotherhood.

PA: KNEPPER – DEP nominee; STAUB – Asset forfeiture.

ANNOUNCEMENT: VF PATRIOTS, 6/12; Ann Coulter, 6/15.

Recommended: JANET – Track the RINOs; Independent Women’s Forum.


Daniel Henninger, WSJ: “Barack Obama, Re-Founding Father”

“It isn’t just “Obama’s power grabs.” It’s a revision of the Founders’ original vision.

“. . . The central feature of Mr. Obama’s rewrite of what one might call the Founding Fathers’ original vision has been to abolish Congress. Yes, the 535 men and women elected to Congress still show up at the old Capitol building, as they have since November 1800. But once past passage of ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, the 44th president effectively retired Congress from its historic function. If you put the president behind the wheel of a car in front of the White House to visit Congress, he’d probably get lost.

“This is not a joke if you are one of the many million Americans the Re-Founding Father has commanded, via vast executive power, to do what he wants you to do. He did it again last week.

“EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, whose neo-constitutional function is to serve as a primary executor of Mr. Obama’s re-dos, waved into existence a massive expansion of the Clean Water Act. Landowners across America woke up to discover that the EPA has designated ponds, creeks, rivulets, ditches, catch basins and water-filled potholes as subject to what the Clean Water Act originally called “navigable waters.”

“From somewhere on Capitol Hill, a plaintive Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat North Dakota’s voters bothered to elect in 2012, said: “It’s frustrating that after so much time, the EPA today decided to finalize this rule instead of . . . releasing a revised rule as our legislation would require.” Legislation?

“Conservatives by now are numb to Mr. Obama’s expansions of executive power. They call it an ‘abuse’ of authority, and no doubt it is. ‘Abuse,’ however, makes it sound like the whim of one politician, a Huey Long-like convulsion. This isn’t a one-off. This is how the modern Democratic Party governs. It is how a Clinton presidency would govern every day of the week.

“This is not the Democratic Party of Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter or even Bill Clinton. It is the progressive left wing, which won party control by defeating the Clinton machine in 2008. . .”

Also – Charles Murray, By the People, NY: Crown, 2015

TRADE . . .

Drudge Links (6/5/15)

BUSTED: TOP REPUBLICANS PUSH OBAMATRADE DEAL– THEY HAVEN’T READ! White House coordinating efforts with House leaders… Finger-pointing begins… ‘Climate change’ regs in Obamatrade too… CARLY: Release Obamatrade Text Now! ‘Devil In The Details’… Malaysian jungle graves add to Obama’s trade pact headache…

Matthew Boyle, BigGovt: “Exclusive — Carly To Obama: ‘Devil Is in the Details,’ Release Obamatrade Text Now”

“Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is calling on President Barack Obama to publicly release the text of Obamatrade immediately.

“Of course, I support free and fair trade,” Fiorina said in an email to Breitbart News.

“But President Obama has made lofty promises before and we’ve learned with this White House that the devil is in the details. And the details are frequently very different than the lofty goals with which he describes the deal. So I’d like President Obama to tell us what’s in his trade deal before we grant him this broad fast track authority. So far, though, he’s been unwilling to do that and Hillary won’t even take a position on it. That should concern us. Mr. President, if you want TPA to pass, please just tell us what is in TPP.

“Fiorina’s call for transparency on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pacific Rim trade deal comes right after the U.S. Senate passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to fast track that deal—and right before the House is angling to take up the deal.

“It also comes on the heels of revelations that several lieutenants of House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)


—who supports the deal and is using his allies like Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Rules Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)

, the two specific lieutenants in question—haven’t read the text of TPP, which TPA would ensure the passage of. . .”

Sam Thielman & Phillip Inman, UK Guardian: “WikiLeaks releases documents related to controversial US trade pact”

“Document dump regarding Trade in Services Agreement comes day after organization put $100,000 bounty on documents from series of US trade treaties

“WikiLeaks on Wednesday released 17 different documents related to the Trade in Services Agreement (Tisa), a controversial pact currently being hashed out between the US and 23 other countries – most of them in Europe and South America.

“The document dump comes at a tense moment in the negotiations over a series of trade deals. President Barack Obama has clashed with his own party over the deals as critics have worried about the impact on jobs and civil liberties.

“On Tuesday, WikiLeaks put a $100,000 bounty on documents relating to the alphabet soup of trade treaties currently being negotiated between the US and the rest of the world, particularly the controversial Trans-Pacific trade agreement (TPP). The offer, announced yesterday, has already raised more than $33,000.

“Wednesday’s leak is the third time that WikLeaks has published sections from secret trade agreements. In January it leaked a chapter from the TPP related to the environment. In November 2013 it made public a draft of the agreement’s intellectual property chapter, containing proposals that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said would “trample over individual rights and free expression”.

“Among the text leaked on Wednesday are Tisa’s annex on telecommunications services, an amendment that would standardize regulation of telecoms across member countries, according to WikiLeaks. Other documents in the batch of files relate to e-commerce, transportation of living people, and regulation of financial services corporations.

Scott Wong, The Hill: “Boehner: We don’t have votes yet on trade”

“. . . ‘I don’t think we’re quite there yet,’ Boehner said in an interview on Fox News Radio’s ‘Kilmeade & Friends.’

“‘But over the next couple weeks, we hope to get this bill on the floor and get it passed. It’s an important priority for the country,’ he said.

“Boehner acknowledged some in his party are opposing the fast-track legislation, known as Trade Promotion Authority or TPA, simply because they don’t trust Obama.

“But the Speaker added: ‘This is not about the president; frankly, it’s about the country. It’s why I’ve worked with the president on a number of trade agreements over the course of his tenure and my tenure as Speaker,’ including deals with Panama and South Korea.

“Last month, the Senate passed TPA on a 62 to 37 vote. But the bill is facing a steeper climb in the House, where most Democrats are fiercely opposed. The bill would allow Obama to send to Congress the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade deal among 12 Pacific Rim nations, for an up-or-down vote. Under the fast-track rules, lawmakers would not be able to amend the trade deal. . .”

Emma Wollacott, Forbes: “Leaked TISA Documents Reveal Privacy Threat”

“Under the draft provisions of the latest trade deal to be leaked by Wikileaks, countries could be barred from trying to control where their citizens’ personal data is held or whether it’s accessible from outside the country.

“Wikileaks has released 17 documents relating to the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), currently under negotiation between the US, the European Union and 23 other nations. These negotiating texts are supposed to remain secret for five years after TISA is finalized and brought into force.

“The deal, which has been under discussion behind closed doors since early 2013, is intended to remove barriers to trade in services. It’s a sort of companion piece to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which cover trade in goods – but potentially far bigger, with Wikileaks claiming that ‘services’ now account for nearly 80 per cent of the US and EU economies.

“Like TTIP and TPP, TISA could be sped through Congress using Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), also known as fast-track authority, which has been passed by the US Senate and may be taken up in the House this month. Under TPA, Congress is barred from making amendments to the trade deals, and most simply give yes-or-no approval. . .”

GELLER . . .

Pam Geller, Breitbart: “Exclusive — Geller: Media trying to deny beheading plot against me… ‘Their heads are next’…

“Now that it has come to light that Boston jihadis Usaama Rahim and Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq were plotting to behead me, the mainstream media is in full panic mode, tying to deny the plot against me and downplay its significance.

“The media wants to make it all about Pamela Geller – ‘controversial,’ ‘provocative,’ ‘inciteful’ – as if they think that if they get rid of me, they are rid of the problem. The media has been avoiding reality since 9/11, and now we are suffering the consequences of their avoiding reality. There is a problem in Islam with or without Pamela Geller. By virtue of this jihadist murder plot against me, I have become the proxy for every freedom-loving American who refuses to submit to violent intimidation.

“I am the Islamic State’s target because I am, unlike most of the mainstream media, refusing to bow down to them and submit to their dictates. They want to make an example out of me in order to frighten the rest of the US into silence and submission — that is, to frighten those who have not already submitted.

“I am often asked, ‘Aren’t you afraid?’ Of course, but it is far scarier to do nothing.

“This is not about me. This is about whether the US will stand for freedom or submit and cower before violent intimidation. They targeted me for violating sharia blasphemy laws. They mean to kill everyone who doesn’t do their bidding and abide by them voluntarily. . .”

Louise Boyle and Wills Robinson, UK Daily Mail: “ISIS terror suspect was plotting to behead ‘Draw Muhammad’ activist suspect Pamela Geller before he was shot dead by cops”

  • Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, 26, was said to be targeting the activist 
  • He was gunned down by authorities while wielding a knife on Tuesday
  • Geller was threatened by the Islamic State at the beginning of May 
  • Came after Draw Mohammed event she organized in Garland, Texas
  • Rahim and suspect David Wright ‘laughed’ about decapitating a cop

Pam Key, Breitbart: “Pamela Geller Reacts to Reported Targeting: ‘ISIS Is Here,’ ‘This Is a War’”

“Wednesday on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” American Freedom Defense Initiative president Pamela Geller reacted to reports that the Boston terror suspect plotted to behead her and said, “This is a war.”

“‘This is a showdown for American freedom,’ she said. ‘Will we stand against the savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves?’

Geller said, ‘Well, they targeted me for violating Sharia blasphemy laws. They mean to kill everyone who doesn’t do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily. This is a showdown for American freedom. Will we stand against this savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves? It won’t end with me, no matter what happens to me or the cops. This is just the beginning. The one thing that’s being ignored that came out of Garland, Texas, is that ISIS is here. Islamic terrorism is here. now. Will the media realize what’s at stake and that their heads are next? Or will they continue to target me because they hate my message of freedom? That’s the question.’ . . .”

Also – Sasha Goldstein , Jason Silverstein, NY Daily News: “ISIS threatens controversial blogger Pamela Geller in message boasting of ’71 trained soldiers in 15 different states’”

LEADS . . .

Bill Gertz, FreeBeacon : “Pentagon: Iran Continuing Work on Nuclear Systems”

“Iran is continuing to develop missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons despite an interim agreement on its nuclear programs, according to a Pentagon report.

“Although Iran has paused progress in some areas of its nuclear program and fulfilled its obligations under the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA), it continues to develop technological capabilities that also could be applicable to nuclear weapons, including ballistic missile development,” a one-page unclassified summary of the report says.

“A copy of the report was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

“The report was due to Congress in January but was not sent to the Armed Services Committee as required by law until this month. Analysts said the delay appeared designed to avoid upsetting Tehran and the nuclear talks.

“Disclosure of the continuing development of nuclear delivery capabilities comes amid reports that Iran increased the amount of nuclear material that could potentially be used to build nuclear weapons despite the JPOA. . .”


Edward Snowden, NYT: “The World Says No to Surveillance”

“MOSCOW — TWO years ago today, three journalists and I worked nervously in a Hong Kong hotel room, waiting to see how the world would react to the revelation that the National Security Agency had been making records of nearly every phone call in the United States. In the days that followed, those journalists and others published documents revealing that democratic governments had been monitoring the private activities of ordinary citizens who had done nothing wrong.

“Within days, the United States government responded by bringing charges against me under World War I-era espionage laws. The journalists were advised by lawyers that they risked arrest or subpoena if they returned to the United States. Politicians raced to condemn our efforts as un-American, even treasonous.

“Privately, there were moments when I worried that we might have put our privileged lives at risk for nothing — that the public would react with indifference, or practiced cynicism, to the revelations.

“Never have I been so grateful to have been so wrong. . .”

Charlie Savage et al., NYT: “Hunting for Hackers, N.S.A. Secretly Expands Internet Spying at U.S. Border”

“WASHINGTON — Without public notice or debate, the Obama administration has expanded the National Security Agency‘s warrantless surveillance of Americans’ international Internet traffic to search for evidence of malicious computer hacking, according to classified N.S.A. documents.

“In mid-2012, Justice Department lawyers wrote two secret memos permitting the spy agency to begin hunting on Internet cables, without a warrant and on American soil, for data linked to computer intrusions originating abroad — including traffic that flows to suspicious Internet addresses or contains malware, the documents show.

“The Justice Department allowed the agency to monitor only addresses and ‘cybersignatures’ — patterns associated with computer intrusions — that it could tie to foreign governments. But the documents also note that the N.S.A. sought permission to target hackers even when it could not establish any links to foreign powers.

“The disclosures, based on documents provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor, and shared with The New York Times and ProPublica, come at a time of unprecedented cyberattacks on American financial institutions, businesses and government agencies, but also of greater scrutiny of secret legal justifications for broader government surveillance. . .”

ISLAM . . .

Bill Gertz, Washington Times: “Obama secretly backing Muslim Brotherhood”

President Obama and his administration continue to support the global Islamist militant group known the Muslim Brotherhood. A White House strategy document regards the group as a moderate alternative to more violent Islamist groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

“The policy of backing the Muslim Brotherhood is outlined in a secret directive called Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11. The directive was produced in 2011 and outlines administration support for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa, according to officials familiar with the classified study.

“Efforts to force the administration to release the directive or portions of it under the Freedom of Information Act have been unsuccessful. . .”

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: Updated: DEP Nominee Coming Up for Floor Vote”

Update: On June 3rd the Senate confirmed John Quigley as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. Unfortunately, only four Senators were concerned enough about Quigley’s disregard for the law that they voted against his confirmation. CAP thanks to Senators Aument, Bartolotta, Brooks, and Hutchcinson for their willingness to stand up for the rule of law. (emph added, jb)

“On June 2nd, the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy (ERE) Committee unanimously issued a neutral recommendation on Acting DEP Secretary John Quigley.

Quigley holds some fairly radical environmentalist positions. The full scope of which can be gleaned from his personal blog. His ideology is not the biggest problem with his nomination.

“As we previously mentioned, Quigley and the Governor have taken enormous liberties in the crafting of new regulations. Furthermore, they have ignored the clear language of the law to stack a critical regulatory oversight board. Quigley’s complicity in these matters clearly disqualifies him from the position of DEP Secretary.

“The full Senate will vote on Quigley’s confirmation by June 9th. We have seen how much damage the EPA can do at the federal level. The last thing Pennsylvania needs is a DEP Secretary cut from the same cloth.

“Contact your Senator today and let them know you oppose Quigley’s nomination. . .”

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “Pressure mounting against Pennsylvania’s civil asset forfeiture law”

“HARRISBURG, Pa. — Retired Maj. Neill Franklin oversaw more than a dozen drug task forces that used civil asset forfeiture laws to seize millions in property.

“But by the late 1990s even Franklin, who worked for the Maryland State Police, began to think something was wrong with the system.

“Franklin was reviewing paperwork from a case on the Eastern Shore. Police had seized a man’s car, and it was suspected the car was used in drug deals. But the owner was never charged with a crime.

“The man wanted the car back so he could get to work, and police agreed to return it — as long he paid storage and administrative fees of a couple hundred dollars, says Franklin. It cost nothing  to park the car on a police lot.

“‘Basically, we held this guy’s car for ransom and then made money off of giving it back,’ said Franklin, who is now fighting for national civil asset reform as executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which opposes the War on Drugs.

Franklin visited the Pennsylvania state Capitol on Wednesday – about 20 years after he first saw the problems with civil asset forfeiture – and joined a diverse coalition calling on lawmakers here to reform the system.

While law enforcement officials argue civil asset forfeiture is a vital tool to strip drug dealers and other lawbreakers of the resources they use to commit crimes, the practice has come under increasing scrutiny across the country. Critics argue it’s an affront to the constitutional right to due process and that it’s used to pad law enforcement budgets.




“Our own Dave Berg has been studying the Communist Manifesto and will discuss his findings with us and some of the history. Are there parallels with what is going on in the USA today?  If so, what are they and what do they mean?

“Also, help the VFP make plans for the Fall and the upcoming election season. Shoifuld we team up with another group or groups in an effort to be more effective? If yes, then who?

“Our Legislative Action committee will update us on their plans. We will be reaching out to members who would like to be part of the Legislative Outreach project. The project will be working to obtain a meeting with one or more of our legislators in September or earlier.

“We will hold a Straw Poll (just for fun) to see where members stand on their choice for a new President.



Ann Coulter in Phoenixville!: “Adios America”

VFP will rally and hand out flyers at this event to show our support for Coulter and Stigall and the Conservative movement.

Appropriate signs are welcome. Please join us!w

Monday, June 15, 7 PM

The Colonial Theater, 227 Bridge St., Phoenixville 19460

Join Chris Stigall as he hosts Ann Coulter for discussion of her latest book Adios America. This Speaker Series event will take place in the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA on Monday, June 15th at 7pm.  Ann Coulter will also host a book signing post discussion.     Tickets are $30.00 and include a copy of Adios America.

Ann Coulter: Ann Coulter is a conservative American syndicated columnist, bestselling author, constitutional lawyer, and television pundit. Her commentary has earned her a reputation as a vehement critic of social and political liberalism. Her speaking and writing style is aggressive and often controversial.



Independent Women’s Forum

Janet: Track the RINOS

“If you would like to follow your Representative and our Senators, go to this link: mail_update&utm_medium=email

A good way to see what our Rino’s are doing in D.C.



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