Dead Cats: NoTrump, 07/08/15, (17)8: James Brody


BING WEST – National Military Strategy.

PA: KNEPPER – Wolf’s vetoes.

LEADS: SIMON – Who gets to debate?; GOLDBERG – Trump a bad deal; SMITH – Gun sales spiked; LEDEEN – No deal deal; KACZYNSKI, Trump; SHEPARD – Poll standing/debate; CASSIDY/STOUT – Bernie mania; BALAKRISHNAN – State pensions at risk.





“Today’s global security environment is the most unpredictable I have seen in 40 years of service. Since the last National Military Strategy was published in 2011, global disorder has significantly increased while some of our comparative military advantage has begun to erode. We now face multiple, simultaneous security challenges from traditional state actors and transregional networks of sub-state groups – all taking advantage of rapid technological change. Future conflicts will come more rapidly, last longer, and take place on a much more technically challenging battlefield. They will have increasing implications to the U.S. homeland.” Gen. Martin Dempsey.


BING WEST, NRO: “The 2015 National Military Strategy”

“Yesterday, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, released the 2015 National Military Strategy. “On the positive side, the paragraph on Iran is toughly worded. Doubtless, it required tenacity to drive it through the Obama political-review process.

“On the negative side, the ‘strategy’ is non-existent. In its place is a prolix taxonomy of bromides artlessly written to induce stupor in our enemies. “The ‘strategy’ took 18 pages to lay out two central sentences:

“1) Our National Military Objectives (NMOs) are: 1) deter and defeat state adversaries; 2) defeat VEOs (Violent Extremist Organizations) — a.k.a. Islamists to those not on the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and 3) strengthen our network of allies.

“2) Our military will be capable of defeating one regional enemy, while denying the objectives of an aggressor in another region.

“The gerunds ‘defeating’ versus ‘denying’ will require the parsing skills of hundreds of officers on senior staffs. The champion etymologists will then meet in an acronym duel between the Blue NMO Team and the VEO Red Team.

“Read this strategy to cure insomnia.”

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, EmpowerPA: “Wolf Vetoes Liquor Privatization, Pension Reform in Limbo”

Does Wolf keep an eye on a future job with a democrat president?

“Late last week Governor Wolf vetoed the legislation passed by the House and Senate to start privatizing Pennsylvania’s retail and wholesale liquor sales. The plan the General Assembly sent the Governor was far from perfect, but it was a step in the right direction. The Governor’s veto was widely panned by news outlets ranging from the Washington Post:

‘If Governor Wolf believes the explanation he offered for vetoing the liquor store privatization law, he does not understand basic economics and is immune to empirical evidence.’

To Reason:

‘In other words, private merchants will jack up prices because they want to make money—unlike the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), which seeks only to raise revenue. If you think those two motives sound pretty similar, you are smarter than Pennsylvania’s governor, who fails to recognize that the relevant difference between these two models for distributing booze, when it comes to how high prices can be raised, is the presence or absence of competition.’

“Make no mistake the Governor’s veto had nothing to do with public safety or concerns about price increases. Rather, Wolf’s veto was out of loyalty to organized labor.

“On a related note, the Governor has not yet acted on the pension reform legislation to move new state employees into a 401k style program. Considering that the Tom Wolf’s former employees participated in a 401k and not a pension like state employees, it will be interesting to see what excuses he might offer if he vetoes the common sense pension reforms Pennsylvania’s taxpayers desperately need.

“The Governor has until Friday at midnight to veto the pension reform plan. If he doesn’t act by then, the legislation will become law without his signature.

“Take a moment and give the Governor’s office a call at 717-787-2500 and tell him that it is time for state workers to join the rest of Pennsylvania’s workers in a 401k program.”

LEADS . . .

Roger Simon, PJM: “Who Makes the Fox News Debate and Is It Fair?”

“Fox News dominates the Republican Party to a great, but not so surprising, extent in this video age.  Whether this is good or bad is open to a debate of its own, but they will be holding the first formal debate for the Republican candidates on August 5.  Participants will be limited to the top ten candidates in the polls, based on the RealClearPolitics average at that point.

“Is this fair?  Liz Mair, a smart Republican media strategist in D.C., thinks no and has initiated a petition urging Fox News to open the process to an enlarged, multiple-debate format.  Liz thinks especially Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal (on healthcare), both of whom are currently not making the cut, should be heard. Although I’ve been a consistent fan of Carly’s, I’m not sure, but I still signed the petition.  I’m open to more discussion.  And yet I worry too many candidates will make the debates pointless or worse, an unwatched middle-aged white man’s version of the Rockettes. . .”

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Trump Is a Bad Deal for the GOP”

“. . .Many of my colleagues on the right have taken pains to logic-chop Trump’s remarks. And it is true that some number of rapists and drug dealers are illegally crossing the border. Others have defended Trump by noting that what people like about this Lonesome Rhodes in a $10,000 suit is his fearlessness, bluntly tackling issues that other politicians fear to touch. That is a fine point in an indictment of the professional political class, but it is not a defense of Trump. “His goal was to wave the rhetorical bloody shirt. It worked only too well, damaging a party he expresses contempt for daily. Indeed, Trump’s commitment to the GOP has often been situational. Sure, he has put his money where his mouth is, but he’s as promiscuous with his mouth as he is with the Trump brand. He’s given money to Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, Andrew Cuomo, Eliot Spitzer, and the Clinton Foundation. Asked to explain why, he said, “You’re gonna need things from everybody.” (One does wonder what Trump hoped to get from the Clinton Foundation.) “This attitude helps explain why Trump is such a fan of eminent domain. The man seeking the Tea Party’s support loves to use the government to seize private land he can’t — or doesn’t want to — buy fairly. Given the fetid swamp of sanctioned corruption that passes for commerce in New York, it’s no wonder he sees nothing wrong with greasing the skids by funding liberal politicians. But one might expect a person who claims to be a conservative to at least pay some rhetorical tribute to virtue while admitting his vice. “Alas, it is axiomatic that the shameless are incapable of exhibiting shame. . .”

Aaron Smith, CNN: “Gun sales spike in June”

“Background checks for gun sales spiked 11% in June compared to last year, making it the busiest June ever, according to the FBI’s background check data.

“Last month the FBI conducted nearly 1.53 million background checks, which are required for all in-store purchases, but not for sales at gun shows or between individuals. That’s the highest volume of checks in June since 1999, when the FBI started keeping track.

“Gun background checks have climbed annually since 2003 with the exception of just three years, one of which was 2014, indicating a clear jump in gun sales.

“Michael Bazinet, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry group, said the increase is driven in part by the influx of more women and first-time gun owners into the market. . .”

Michael Ledeen, PJM: “The No Deal Deal”

“I don’t want to be the sole bearer of bad news for Ben Rhodes and his fellow gurus, but here it is:  the Iranians at Vienna won’t sign anything, per their instructions from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

“Full credit for this diplomatic accomplishment goes to President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, Guru Rhodes and the rest of the administration strategists.  Their constant offer of more–more money, more gold, more limits on annoying inspections, more cooperation in the air and on the ground with Iranian forces, etcetera etcetera–solidified Khamenei’s conviction that there is no reason for him to approve a hated deal with the devil.  It’s much better to keep talking until all the sanctions are gone, and Iran’s “right” to pursue its nuclear projects is fully recognized.

“Keep reminding yourself that Khamenei has two fixed principles:  no ‘new relationship’ with the Great Satan, and relentless pursuit of the atomic bomb.

“Obama/Kerry/Rhodes won’t take ‘no’ for a definitive answer, so we’re probably going to see a new form of creative appeasement.  Short version:  It will be a ‘no deal deal.’  Iran promises to try really really hard to be nice and we pay for it.  Everyone agrees to commit to a “real” agreement by the end of the year.  Iran gets money–the continuation of the monthly payoff, and under-the-table arrangements like the gold shipment the South Africans delivered to Khamenei–and we get smiles.

“There is no deal, per se–nobody signs anything–but we get the worst of it any how.  If John Kerry thinks that’s enough for a Nobel Peace Prize, he’s got an even lower opinion of the judgment of the Oslo crowd than I do.  And he may be right. . .”

Andrew Kaczynski, BuzzFeed: “Trump’s Fake 2000 Campaign: Gun Bans, Single-Payer Health Care, And Taxes”

“Donald Trump also wrote about his “pro-choice instincts.”

“Real-estate mogul and now Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump briefly flirted with the idea of running for president in 2000 as a member of the Reform Party.

“Trump, who launched his presidential campaign for the Republican nomination Tuesday, published an outline of his positions in a book titled, The America We Deserve.

“Many of the positions Trump put forth in the book fall in line with what he stands for today. He opposed illegal immigration, supported capital punishment (and sometimes harsher sentences), supported school choice, wanted to fight terrorism, and he supported Israel.

“On issues like abortion, gun rights, health care, and taxes, however, Trump’s positions were far off from the current Republican line.

Steven Shepard, Politico: “Upcoming polls to lock in GOP debate field”

More than a few Republicans are hoping their numbers will tick up at just the right time this month

“John Kasich may be the last Republican to enter the presidential fray, but his timing could be the best: Exactly two weeks after the splash of his planned announcement on July 21, Fox News Channel will average together the latest polls of the Republican field and determine which 10 of the 16 announced candidates will participate in the first debate in Cleveland.

“Making the cut gives a candidate the platform to stand out in a crowded field; not making the cut leaves him or her knocking on the door.

“Every candidate — with the exceptions of Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio — is in danger of losing his or her place. That leaves the rest of the field hoping their numbers will tick up at just the right time, knowing that the tiniest fluctuation of numbers could be the difference between acceptance and rejection. The difference between being on the main debate stage and being relegated to the B-team is likely be at most 1 or 2 percentage points. . .”

Chris Cassidy, Matt Stout, Boston Herald: “Bernie-mania running wild as Hillary Clinton sputters”

“PORTLAND, Maine — Bernie-mania swept through here last night, as more than 7,500 screaming, sign-waving supporters packed a downtown arena — many lining up hours early — for surging Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“The outpouring came as a Bay State Democratic congressman warned one-time sure-shot Hillary Clinton has an ‘excitement problem’ in the Democratic race for the White House.

“‘In case you didn’t notice, this is a big turnout,’ Sanders told the cheering crowd at Cross Insurance Arena. ‘From Maine to California — we have friends from Alaska and Hawaii as well — the American people understand that establishment politics and establishment economics is [sic!] not working for America.’

“The rally started 20 minutes late so the people stuck in line outside could filter in, and nearly every seat was filled. Some supporters waved homemade signs, including one that read ‘#Bern Baby Bern’ and ‘Feel the Bern.’. . .”

Anita Balakrishnan, USA Today: “States face shaky financial futures; pensions at risk”

“States are mounting an uneven fiscal recovery from the Great Recession, with energy-rich states leading and Northeastern states with big pension obligations lagging, a new study shows.

Alaska, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Florida are on the most solid financial footing, according to rankings of the 50 states released Tuesday by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois are at the bottom.

“The Mercatus Center, a public policy research group, ranked the 50 states based on how well each state government planned spending in fiscal 2013 — the most recent year for which data was available — as well as their future financial prospects. from annual budgeting to cash to pay bills, to funding for pensions and long-term plans.

“Of the top five states, the Dakotas, Nebraska and Alaska raked in revenue from national resources like oil. . .”


Mark Levin Show (7/7/15)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: It’s amazing how quickly Democrats can go from being against something to being for it. Today Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid preach about open borders and that we shouldn’t deport and break up families, but it wasn’t long ago when they both had the same position as Donald Trump. Now if you don’t take the most radical, anti-American immigration position, there’s something wrong with you according to liberals. Also, Univision’s Jorge Ramos is a first class sellout, not a champion for the Mexican people. He exchanged his Mexican citizenship in order to gain political power in America. If he truly cared about his people, he would’ve stayed in Mexico and tried to change his own country rather than telling all Mexicans to jump ship and come to America. Later, liberals refuse to live in the same world they demand the rest of us live in. Leftist political hacks worth millions keep going on about income inequality, yet you’ll never see them willingly give up their money.”

Drudge Links (7/7/15) Six-times deported illegal charged in felony hit-and-run… High on pot… Young children hospitalized… CDC official called Obama ‘Marxist,’ ‘amateur’ over border surge…

SAN FRAN FIRESTORM AFTER ‘SANCTUARY’ FOR KILLER… Sheriff Defends Releasing Illegal… REP: Obama letting ‘criminals back onto streets’… Border Patrol posts long list of apprehended sex offenders…



“I received this this morning and am forwarding it on.   It is important that we contact our own U.S. Senators and also Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Patty Murray and ask them to to withdraw Bill – S. 1177 and conduct hearings that include parents. They may be voting on this bill very soon, possibly Tuesday, July 7.  Talking points and more information are attached, but the important thing now is to contact them and tell them to withdraw it and conduct hearings that include parents, even if you do not include detailed reasons why.

“Note that you can obtain phone numbers and methods of contacting these senators by E-mail from the following web site:

The following is what I’ve received from reliable sources:

“I’m forwarding the attached talking points from American Principle’s Project that explain how Senators Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander’s bill, The Every Child Achieves Act, actually solidifies the components of the common core state standards initiative into federal law if the bill passes the Congress and is signed into law.

Note especially, item #8 of the attached talking points written by American Principles Project attorney, Jane Robbins:

  1.    ECAA contains a requirementfor states to “demonstrate” that the state standards are “aligned” to the same criteria used to establish Common Core: “entrance requirements, without the need for academic remediation, for the system of public higher education.” Any prohibition included to stop USED from coercing states to use Common Core or other specific standards is meaningless.  USED won’t have to force anything, because alignment to the same criteria as “college-and-career-ready” is a requirement of the bill.  Sec. 1111(b)(1)(D)(i)-(ii).

Also, below is link to a YouTube post featuring Dr. Sandra Stotsky and a mother of two children urging that the senate hold public hearings that include parent testimonies.

Please view this short 3-minute long message and ask your FB or e-mail group members to contact Senators Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray to withdraw the bill and conduct hearings that include parents.

Please share with ALL your mailing lists, encourage ALL their members to call their senators @ 202-224-3121, as soon as possible, and post on ALL Facebook pages as well as send message via email / Facebook / Twitter to ALL your U.S. Senators, and this could include both Senators Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray.
Lamar Alexander: on Twitter is: or  @SenAlexander Patty Murray:  on Twitter is or @PattyMurray


Mary Byrne, Ed.D.

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core”

Thank you.  PLEASE ACT!




ALERT! HB2802 – Defend the First Amendment/Marriage

Call your Congressman (Meehan and/or Costello) and tell them to co-sponsor and support this bill.  We need to stand up now!  We have to start being more vocal or we will lose this great land!  Don’t let the 1% tell us how to live our lives!!

Also, if you don’t listen to Glenn Beck, he is having an event in Birmingham Alabama on August 28-29.  Go to for more information.  It’s going to be BIG, a Martin Luther King type march is planned.  We have to start getting LOUD!



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