Dead Cats: Abort?, 07/27/15, (17)16: James Brody


ALERT: JOANNE – Common Core Hearings; JANET – Planned Parenthood Funds

ROSS DOUHAT, NYT: “Looking away from abortion”

IRAN: POLLAK – States can block Iran; SIMON – It’s Weimar again.

THE HILLARY: HAYWARD – Stealth editing; WALSH – Chapaqua dowager empress.

PA: KNEPPER – Who’s Toomey?

LEADS: KANE & SNELL – GOP bank feud; AGIESTA – Trump @ top; EASLEY – Getting to debate; HANSON – Trumpster & the fed-up.

END NOTE: MARK LEVIN – Special prosecutor?


BO’s Africa tour – his job interview at our expense . . .

Meanwhile: “Carly Fiorina on Immigration

“First of all, our borders have been insecure for 25 years. So of course Americans are angry. We’ve had sanctuary cities for 15 years. We haven’t had an employer verification system that works for decades, our legal immigration system has been broken for decades, we don’t know who comes into the country, we don’t know who leaves the country.

“Americans are really angry. I’m angry because the professional political class, frankly of both parties, talks about this when they need to get the heat off, but they don’t ever do anything about it. So here’s what I would do.

“I would enforce federal laws in every city, including sanctuary cities. I would secure the border; it isn’t rocket science to secure the border. It takes money, it takes manpower, it takes technology, but mostly, apparently, it takes political willpower and leadership. So let’s secure the border and end sanctuary cities.

“I would fix the legal immigration system. We have at least16 different visa programs, half the people who are here illegally came on a legal visa and just overstayed. We hand out thousands of border crossing cards that are supposed to be good for a day but then it turns out they’re good for years. We let the wrong people in, we send the wrong people home, and then finally, of course, we need to deal with those people have come here illegally and stayed here illegally. And what I’ve said for a very long time is they do not earn a pathway to citizenship, because people who have played by the rules, and studied our history, and taken the oath, they have to be rewarded for understanding what the responsibility of citizenship means.”

Joanne Yurchak: PA Education Testing

Information is included below for the House Education Committee hearing on testing.  It comes at an appropriate time when we know that the results of the PSSA scores have taken a nose dive.


If you can attend, that would be great; if you can’t, please consider sending in a “testimony” with your thoughts on the manner in which PA is doing the testing, both the PSSA’s and the Keystone graduation requirement.  They must be received by Monday, July 27.  If you decide to do so, you should address the  E-mail expressing your concerns to both Representative Saylor (who is the Chairman of the House Education Committee) and also to Jonathan Berger (who is the person in charge of the testimonies).  Make sure you request that your comments be entered into the meeting record.  Their E-Mail addresses are:

Rep. Stan Saylor:

Jonathan Berger:


PLEASE consider contacting them, even if you write only a few sentences of your concerns.  It isn’t necessary to make it complicated or lengthy (although mine was!  LOL)

Thank you, Joanne Yurchak

Janet: ALERT . . .

This week, Congressman Diane Black (R-TN-06), a nurse for more than 40 years and member of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, introduced H.R. 3134, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015The legislation has the support of 80 original cosponsors and would place an immediate moratorium on all federal funding of Planned Parenthood for the span of one year while Congress conducts a full investigation into the organization’s activities. Introduction of the bill follows the release of multiple undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood employees discussing the harvesting of aborted babies’ tissue and organs.

Please Call Congresswoman Diane Black


Congresswoman Black’s Offices

Washington, D.C.

1131 Longworth HOB, Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-4231; Fax: (202) 225-6887


321 East Spring Street, Suite 301, Cookeville, TN 38501

Phone: (931) 854-0069; Fax: (615)-206-8980


355 North Belvedere Drive, Suite 308, Gallatin , TN 37066

Phone: (615) 206-8204; Fax: (615)-206-8980


Sen. Bob Casey: Phone: (202) 224-6324

Pat Toomey: Phone: (202) 224-4454; Fax: (202) 228-0284

Pat Meehan : Phone: (202) 225-2011.



Ross Douthat, NYT: “Looking Away From Abortion”

“. . . It’s a very specific disgust, informed by reason and experience — the reasoning that notes that it’s precisely a fetus’s humanity that makes its organs valuable, and the experience of recognizing one’s own children, on the ultrasound monitor and after, as something more than just “products of conception” or tissue for the knife.

“That’s why Planned Parenthood’s apologists have fallen back on complaints about “deceptive editing” (though full videos were released in both cases), or else simply asked people to look away. And it’s why many of my colleagues in the press seem uncomfortable reporting on the actual content of the videos.

“Because dwelling on that content gets you uncomfortably close to Selzer’s tipping point — that moment when you start pondering the possibility that an institution at the heart of respectable liberal society is dedicated to a practice that deserves to be called barbarism.

“That’s a hard thing to accept. It’s part of why so many people hover in the conflicted borderlands of the pro-choice side. They don’t like abortion, they think its critics have a point … but to actively join our side would require passing too comprehensive a judgment on their coalition, their country, their friends, their very selves.

“This reluctance is a human universal. It’s why white Southerners long preferred Lost Cause mythology to slaveholding realities. It’s why patriotic Americans rarely want to dwell too long on My Lai or Manzanar or Nagasaki. It’s why, like many conservatives, I was loath to engage with the reality of torture in Bush-era interrogation programs.

“But the reluctance to look closely doesn’t change the truth of what there is to see. Those were dead human beings on Richard Selzer’s street 40 years ago, and these are dead human beings being discussed on video today: Human beings that the nice, idealistic medical personnel at Planned Parenthood have spent their careers crushing, evacuating, and carving up for parts.

“The pro-life sting was sweeping; there are reportedly 10 videos to go. You can turn away. But there will be plenty of chances to look, to see, to know.

IRAN . . .

Joel Pollak, Big Govt: “Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Backs Breitbart: States Can Stop Iran Deal”

“. . . In an op-ed in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, constitutional lawyers David B. Rivkin and Lee A. Casey agree: the states are “free to impose their own Iran-related sanctions.”

As Rivkin and Casey note in “The Lawless Underpinnings of the Iran Nuclear Deal,” the reason states have the power to stop the deal and to apply their existing sanctions, or even add new ones, is that President Barack Obama made an “end-run” around Congress by deciding not to submit the agreement as a treaty. Thanks to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

’s litigation in Medellín v. Texas (2008), we know that international treaties–and, by implication, executive agreements–have no power over state law unless enabled by separate federal legislation, which does not yet exist.

“Rivkin and Casey review the various ways in which the Iran deal skirts both U.S. constitutional and international law. They then note: “The administration faces another serious problem because the deal requires the removal of state and local Iran-related sanctions. That would have been all right if Mr. Obama had pursued a treaty with Iran, which would have bound the states, but his executive-agreement approach cannot pre-empt the authority of the states.”

Roger Simon, PJM: “The Iran Deal: Weimar Days Are Here Again”

“None of my Jewish liberal friends — the few I have left — knows much about the Iran deal.  In fact, they know virtually nothing about it.  I have not heard one mention it voluntarily and when I have brought it up, keeping it low key to be polite  (I have long realized confrontation does no good),  they simply ignore what I’m saying or stare blankly as if I never spoke.

“I imagine Jewish liberal politicians like Barbara Boxer and Richard Blumenthal are pretty much the same way.  Only old Joseph Lieberman seems to have paid any attention and we all know he’s retired.

“But then we can hardly blame them.  No one seems to know what’s in this deal, not even John Kerry who negotiated it. Or at least they say they don’t.

“Unfortunately for me, unlike my liberal friends, I have been following along closely.  It gets quite dense, sort of like reading the minutes of the Wannsee Conference in Farsi.

“But to make it easy for you, allow me to put it simply.  The Iranians made no concessions, only our side did, and we (especially the State Department) have lied continually to the American people about the extent of our concessions, most of which are hidden from view in side letters.  But even if that weren’t so — and it is — the basics are clear.  We have given Iran a pathway to a plutonium bomb while entirely gutting any possible inspections regime. We did this by abandoning the promised anytime/anywhere inspections for some bureaucratic mishmash that will take anywhere from 24 days to a year (depending on whom you ask) and by collapsing on the so-called PMDs (possible military dimensions) of Iran’s previous nuclear program, so there is no way to prove what is new and what is not in the first place.  And to top it off, we have given the Iranians a signing bonus of 150 billion that, no doubt, will be used to finance either the Tehran branch of the Little Sisters of the Poor or another skillion mid-range missiles for Hezbollah.  You decide.

“Oh, and by the way, if we or someone else suspects the Iranians of cheating, the deal decrees that it is only the Iranians themselves who  send us the putative evidence of their misdeeds.  We don’t get to go there personally.

“Follow?  Well, you’re not supposed to.  You’re supposed to go off in a haze.  But it doesn’t take Donald Trump to realize this is a wretched, actually a crazy, deal.

“But it gets worse. . .”


John Hayward, Big Journalism: “New York Times Stealth-Edits Clinton Email Story at Her Command”

“. . . The article began as follows: ‘Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private email account she used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.’

“But suddenly, without notice to readers or attribution, the headline was changed to, ‘Criminal Inquiry Is Sought in Clinton Email Account.

“It’s so very, very, very good to be Democrat royalty.  You never get asked tough questions about issues that make your big supporters squirm, like Planned Parenthood’s baby parts-harvesting operation.  You’re completely insulated from everything other members of your Party do and say, while every Republican is instantly joined at the hip with the most controversial members of theirs.  Your court media will leap into action at the snap of your fingers, suppressing or blunting stories and headlines that are incredibly damaging to your campaign.

“The opening paragraph of the story was stealth-edited to an even more absurd degree, to distance Clinton herself from the story. . .”

Michael Walsh, PJM: “Dowager Empress of Chappaqua’s ‘Campaign’ Gets More Bad Polling News”

“The betting windows are now open: Hillary! Clinton’s Last Day As a Presidential Candidate. Get your markers down:

“Recent surveys suggest that Hillary Clinton may be more reliant on the non-white vote in November 2016 than you might have assumed. A poll released Sunday from NBC/Marist reinforces one from last week by Quinnipiac University that found her to be as unpopular as Donald Trump in key swing states. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton’s net favorability — those who view her positively minus those who don’t — was negative-23 and negative-20, respectively.

“Among Democrats, we’ll point out, the numbers were much, much higher, which comports with her first-place position in caucus/primary polling in those states. But among all voters? It sinks, matching what Quinnipiac found in Colorado, Iowa and, to a lesser extent, Virginia. Part of this, as we’ve explained before, is that Clinton’s favorability tends to swell when she’s not running for office and dip when she is… notice, too, that her net favorability now is lower than at any point over the last 10 years.

“Now there’s a heckuva candidate: the more you see of her, the less you like her. But it all makes sense. Hillary!’s poll numbers were always high based on sheer name-recognition alone; she’s the Kim Kardashian of politicians, and you can’t avoid her even if you wanted to. But when she waddles into your town, looking for your vote, you check to make sure your wallet is secure and your children are safely at home.”

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “Will the Real Pat Toomey Please Rise?”

“Pat Toomey made a name for himself in 2004 by targeting ultra-liberal Republican Arlen Specter. He rightly noted that Specter had become part of the problem in his support for big government special interests. Toomey went on to lead the Club for Growth and supported conservative primary challengers to other “Republicans in Name Only”. Last Friday, Senator Toomey endorsed union boss Paul Mullen for the 161st House District special election.

“Mullen has refused to debate the other candidates, has not indicated whether or not he will step down from his $130,000 union job if elected, and is ambivalent on liquor store privatization and moving state workers into a 401k plan. Mullen campaigned against Toomey in 2010 and for the Democratic nominee, Joe Sestak.

“Unlike Mullen, write-in candidate Lisa Esler supports limited government principles. She is opting out of the legislative pension system. She supports privatizing liquor sales and much-needed reforms to the state pension system. It is also worth noting that Lisa Esler worked tirelessly for Toomey’s 2010 campaign as a grassroots leader in Delaware County.

“We have come to expect the state Republican Party to offer an endorsement to anyone with an “R” behind their name. However, for Senator Toomey to offer his support to a candidate who would undoubtedly support the same types of policies he railed against when he challenged Specter and other big government Republicans as head of Club for Growth is beyond disappointing. In a 2013 fundraising letter, Toomey stated:

“I firmly believe the future is in our hands—it’s up to you and me—and it all depends on the level of urgency we give this great new campaign of ours, Project Goliath: Conquering Pennsylvania’s Political Giant. Now is the time to fight back. Like David of the Bible, now is the time to come forward and slay Pennsylvania’s Big Labor Goliath!” (Emphasis added.)

“Today, Toomey is supporting a candidate who not only works against conservative efforts to ‘slay’ Goliath; Mullen will actively give aid and provide strategic information to Goliath’s army if he is elected to the General Assembly.

“If Paul Mullen succeeds on August 4th and works to advance union priorities in the House, be sure to thank Pennsylvania’s Junior Senator for making things worse for taxpayers.”

LEADS . . .

Paul Kane & Kelsey Snell, WaPo: “Republicans turn on one another in battle over Export-Import Bank”

“The pitched battle over a relatively unknown federal agency further inflamed the Republican Party’s ideological feud as the Senate voted Sunday to extend the life of the Export-Import Bank over intense conservative objections.

“On a roll-call vote of 67 to 26, the chamber included language in a federal highway bill that would renew the charter of the bank, which extends loan guarantees to help U.S. corporations sell goods abroad. The vote split the GOP caucus almost evenly and exposed a deep division among the party’s leaders and presidential contenders.

“‘We serve the people, not our own egos,’ Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (Utah), a 39-year member of the chamber, said before the vote.

“His speech served as a rebuke to a trio of first-term senators who are running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, with a sharp focus on Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), who on Friday accused Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) of lying about his intentions regarding the Ex-Im amendment.

“The fight over the bank has taken on a life of its own in some corners of the conservative movement, particularly among tea party activists who are trying to move Republicans away from their traditional support for corporate America. . .”

Jennifer Agiesta, CNN: “CNN/ORC poll: Trump elbows his way to the top”

“(CNN)In the first national telephone poll since Donald Trump earned rebukes from Republican leaders over his comments about Senator John McCain’s military service, the real estate mogul has increased his support among GOP voters and now stands atop the race for the party’s nomination.

“The new CNN/ORC Poll finds Trump at 18% support among Republicans, with former Florida governor Jeb Bush just behind at 15%, within the poll’s margin of error.

“They are joined at the top of the pack by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, with 10% support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who are registered to vote. Trump’s backing has climbed 6 points since a late-June poll, while support for Bush and Walker has not changed significantly.

“None of the other 14 candidates tested in the new CNN/ORC survey earned double-digit support. . .”

Jonathan Easley, The Hill: “Two weeks to go: Republicans scramble to make debate stage”

“. . . Fox News is capping the Aug. 6 debate in Cleveland at 10 candidates based on five as-of-yet unspecified national polls released by 5 p.m. on Aug. 4.

“Based on five polls used by RealClearPolitics (RCP), eight candidates look like locks to make the stage, while the race for the final two slots is headed for a controversial photo finish. For the candidates currently ranked between 9th place and 14th place, the polling differential is negligible.

“‘It’s a roll of the dice,’ said Monmouth University polling director Patrick Murray. “It’s going to come down to the vagaries of how independent pollsters round off their results — we’re talking tenths of decimal points. It could come down to the five or six people who didn’t pick up their phones for a national survey and the five or six people who did.”

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, businesswoman Carly Fiorina, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal are separated by only 1.5 percentage points, according to the RCP national average at the end of last week.

“Christie looks to be in the best shape of the bunch, sitting in 9th place with 2.8 percent support. Perry and Kasich are tied for 10th with 1.8 percent support, followed by Fiorina and Santorum at 1.4 percent, and Jindal at 1.2. (By contrast, the lowest of the top eight, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), has 5.4 percent support; the highest, Donald Trump, has 18.2 percent.) . . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: “Donald Trump and the Fed-Up Crowd”

“Watching Trump’s rise, America’s middle class “fed-up crowd” is enjoying the comeuppance of an elite that never pays for the ramifications of its own ideology.

“Donald Trump — a former liberal and benefactor of Democrats — is still surging. But his loud New York lingo, popular put-downs of obnoxious reporters and trashing of the D.C. establishment are symptoms, not the catalyst, of the growing popular outrage of lots of angry Americans who are fed up.

The fed-up crowd likes the payback of watching blood sport in an arena where niceties just don’t apply anymore. At least for a while longer, they enjoy the smug getting their comeuppance, as an uncouth, bullheaded Trump charges about, snorting and spearing liberal pieties and more sober and judicious Republicans at random.

“Perhaps they don’t see the abjectly crude Trump as any more crude that Barack Obama calmly in academic tones assuring Americans that they all could keep their doctors and health plans when he knew that was simply untrue or announcing to the nation that his own grandmother was a “typical white person” or advising supporters to “get in their face.”  They see Trump as no more vindictive that Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney’s tax returns (and then bragging that such a lie helped defeat him), or a Sen. Barbara Boxer publicly attac­­king the single, non-parental status of then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. And they certainly don’t see Trump as uncouth as an Al Sharpton — former presidential candidate, chief advisor on matters of race to Barack Obama, and current TV news show host. Trump’s crass bombast is enjoyed by the fed-up crowd as the proper antidote to the even greater bombast of the Left, who created Trump’s latest manifestations. . .”

END NOTE . . .

Mark Levin (7/24/15)

“On Friday’s Mark Levin Show: We’re facing perilous times in this country and don’t have any more time for intellectually and politically corrupt politicians like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. The ruling class in Washington attacks any person that dares to speak out and speak up, like Sen. Ted Cruz, a man with integrity surrounded by corruption. He is the only Senator willing to call out McConnell for lying to the Senate time after time and stand up to the Republican establishment. McConnell is doing everything he can to revive the Export-import bank after explicitly saying he wouldn’t. If a GOP-controlled Congress can’t get rid of an FDR relic like Ex-Im bank, what good are they? Mark is joined by Sen. Ted Cruz to expand on his comments against McConnell and the state of our Senate. Later, Hillary Clinton has always been a liar with a free ride, but she belongs in a Federal prison. We can’t trust AG Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice to hander Hillary’s email scandal properly. If there was ever a time for a special prosecutor, it’s now.”


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