Dead Cats: CarlyAgain!, 08/07/15, (17)21: James Brody


ALERTS: Janet – Planned slaughter.

DEBATE: LOWRY – Carly; Strassel – Trump mismatch; GERAGHTY – Trump shifts the field.

IRAN: STEINHAUER – Shumer says “No.”

IMMIGRATION: DINAN – New surge; MAY – BO’s work permits.

THE HILLARY: SCHRAM, EARLE, & ITALIANO: Criminal probe; GERSTEIN – Huma’s records.

PA: LANGLEY – Dems call for Kane’s resignation.

LEADS: DANIELS – Hatchet control?; ELDER – All socialists; HEINE – Arrest Farrakhan.



Planned slaughter . . .

Here is a list of organized sites.  If there isn’t one near you, organize one!  If you aren’t going to participate you are part of the problem and not any better than the political hacks we now have in DC.  It this “offends” so be it!  This country now isn’t any better than the Nazis were.  We cannot claim that “we didn’t know” like the Germans did when they walked through the concentration camps! #neveragainisnow

for the babies AND for the Christians being slaughtered by ISIS.


DEBATE . . .

We have several demagogues in the White House, Trump appears to be another . . . but he’s “ours” . . .

Rich Lowry, NRO: “Carly”

“She was the winner and it wasn’t even close — poised, forceful, fluid. It’s what anyone who has seen her at the cattle-calls or other events would expect (and many of the lines were the same). Now, we’ll see if it matters. She could get a bump from this event and the buzz, but it’s more likely that she’ll get more media attention now, with the opportunity to take advantage of it in coming weeks. . .”

Kimberley Strassel, WSJ: “Trump: A Mismatch for the GOP”

“Conservatives are more focused than ever on substance and consistency.

“Of the 10 Republicans in Thursday’s debate, none was harder to explain than Donald Trump. It’s not that he isn’t a serious candidate. It’s that he was on the wrong stage, with the wrong people, at the wrong time.

“Republicans have been working for the past decade to reconstruct a movement that collapsed in the mid-2000s as a result of laziness and loss of principle. It has been a wrenching process, full of tea-party uprisings and bitter primaries, uninspired presidential candidacies and blown elections, policy setbacks and government shutdowns. Still, the number of triumphs has been growing. The Republicans’ hold over governorships and takeover of the Senate, their new faces and new ideas, and their brimming presidential field all are signs that the Republican electorate has grown more thoughtful about the political process—and more demanding of smart, principled conservatives.

“And then along comes The Donald. In some ways, you can see the appeal. Mr. Trump is good at selling things, and even better at selling himself. He knows what inspires voters, thus his rallying theme, ‘Make America Great Again.’ He knows what frustrates them, thus his focus on immigration, which has become a broad byword for everything voters hate about Washington.

“What Mr. Trump lacks is pretty much everything else that conservatives have come to insist on in their candidates—everything that created today’s Scott Walkers and Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzes. Mr. Trump is the anti-new-GOP.

“He’s not conservative.

“Remember all those recent primaries in which Republican voters fired sitting legislators for being too wimpy on taxes or health care or spending? Mr. Trump makes the losers look good. He’s on record in favor of single-payer health care, and on Thursday night praised it again in other countries. He’s said he likes gun control; higher taxes and eminent domain. He has said he’s pro-choice, against a flat tax, and opposed to free trade. He has personally given money to help elect pretty much every politician “Republicans view as a threat to the Western world: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer. Imagine the pitchforks in New Hampshire if Chris Christie had this track record.

“He’s not principled. . .”

Jim Geraghty, NRO: “Trump Alters the Way the Rest of the Field Is Perceived”

“Donald Trump brought the circus to town. Credit where it’s due; when confronted with past name-calling, he killed with that “Only Rosie O’Donnell” line. He makes everyone else look boring; he also makes everyone else look responsible, polite and grown-up. There was a bit of cattiness in his first exchange with Megyn Kelly, and his refusal to declare that he would support the eventual GOP nominee was revealing. Trump alters the way the rest of the field is viewed. Remember when the fear was that Ben Carson was too undisciplined and inexperienced to be the GOP standard-bearer? He comes across as a statesman next to Trump — and had a good night, with a particularly good answer on race and some good funny lines at the end. (“I’ve removed a half a brain; I could understand if you walk around Washington and feel like somebody beat me to it.”) “Remember when Ted Cruz was the bomb-thrower on the right? Now he’s the guy talking about his legislative work to punish sanctuary cities. He seemed to get lost in the shuffle at times tonight — but again, compared to the bombastic Trump, he comes across as serious and knowledgeable. Remember when Chris Christie was going to be the loud, boisterous voice in this field? He showed flashes of that, and really went after Rand Paul on the Patriot Act and domestic surveillance. (“When you’re sitting in a subcommittee, you can blow hot air like that.”) The thing is, if this is a preeminent issue for you, you were probably already inclined to support either Paul’s or Christie’s position on it.

“Marco Rubio was really, really good tonight. Shining. I thought it was interesting that he pointed out the majority of illegal immigrants no longer come from Mexico; they come from Central America, and he took some air out of the ‘build a fence’ applause line by pointing out that ‘El Chapo can just dig a tunnel under the fence.’ He finessed what could have been a difficult question on abortions in cases of rape or incest. Heading into tonight, I thought he might offer the single most appealing contrast with Hillary Clinton, and tonight did nothing to change my mind.

“Rand Paul clearly felt the need to go after Trump, and that pugnaciousness carried over to a fiery exchange with Christie, complete with barely-hidden eye-rolling. (“I know you want to give him a hug!”) He lived up to his self-description as ‘a different kind of Republican,’ and probably came through unscathed. “Scott Walker won with ‘I defunded Planned Parenthood long before any of these videos came out.’ In his closing statement, he described himself as ‘aggressively normal.’ He really does seem unflappable, no matter the question or the arena. To some people, that might come across as boring. But if our tastes have changed to the point where we dismiss Walker because he’s not flashy enough, we’re throwing out a good talent.

“You know who was pretty boring? Jeb Bush. He was better than in Monday’s candidate forum, but he still has a Fred Thompson-esque sense of moseying, as opposed to running, for president. And if you walked into this with a nagging sense that he’s a squish, and that he’d try to sound more conservative than he is, I don’t think anything he said tonight dispelled your fears.

“I was going to say Huckabee looked and sounded tired, but he perked up a bit when discussing the Planned Parenthood scandal and fetuses ‘sold off for parts like Buicks.’ He had a good joke at the end, but he does seem like he’s past his prime moment on the national stage.

“John Kasich enjoyed a pretty significant home-crowd advantage, and avoided any mistakes. He’s got a different style, and I don’t think he needed to remind us about his dad being a mailman twice. If you’re wary about his citing God in defending his decision to expand Medicaid, I don’t know if his answer on that topic assured you of his fiscal conservative instincts.”

IRAN . . .

Jennifer Steinhauer & Jonathan Weisman, NYT: “Chuck Schumer Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal, Shaking Democratic Firewall”

“WASHINGTON — Senator Chuck Schumer, the most influential Jewish voice in Congress, said Thursday night that he would oppose President Obama’s deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

“‘Advocates on both sides have strong cases for their point of view that cannot simply be dismissed,’ Mr. Schumer, Democrat of New York, said in a lengthy statement. ‘This has made evaluating the agreement a difficult and deliberate endeavor, and after deep study, careful thought and considerable soul-searching, I have decided I must oppose the agreement and will vote yes on a motion of disapproval.’ . . .”

Also – Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: “Breaking: FOUR TOP HOUSE JEWISH DEMOCRATS Announce Opposition to Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran”


Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: “DHS admits new surge of illegal immigrant families”

“The country saw another surge of illegal immigrant families crossing the border in July, a top Homeland Security official told a federal court late Thursday as the administration begged a judge not to forbid detention of new migrant mothers and children.

“Deputy Border Patrol Chief Ronald Vitiello said the number of illegal immigrant families captured at the border rose in July, bucking a trend and worrying officials who had been expecting the number of families to drop as the heat increases in late summer, just as the number of unaccompanied minors does. Even worse, the administration fears things may get worse if illegal immigrants hear about Judge Dolly M. Gee’s July 24 ruling all but prohibiting detention of illegal immigrant families.

Indeed, the administration warned that Central American parents may actually be enticed to bring their children on the perilous journey north, realizing that they can use their kids as shields to get themselves released from detention. That, in turn, could mean more even children being forced to make the trip up. . .”

Caroline May, Big Govt: “Obama Providing Extra Million Alien Work Permits Annually”

“The Obama administration has issued more than 7.4 million work permits to foreign nationals from 2009 – 2014, beyond the approximately one million lawful permanent residents and 700,000 foreign guest workers admitted to the U.S. each year.

“In written responses to the Senate Judiciary Immigration and the National Interest Subcommittee Republicans obtained by Breitbart News, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reveal that the Obama administration has been approving work authorizations for immigrants beyond admission limits and for some categories of immigrants that Congress never intended to work in the U.S. . .”


Jamie Schram, Geoff Earle, & Laura Italiano, NY Post: “FBI investigation of Hillary’s emails is ‘criminal probe’

“The FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unsecured email account is not just a fact-finding venture — it’s a criminal probe, sources told The Post on Wednesday.

The feds are investigating to what extent Clinton relied on her home server and other private devices to send and store classified documents, according to a federal source with knowledge of the inquiry.

“It’s definitely a criminal probe,” said the source. “I’m not sure why they’re not calling it a criminal probe.

“The DOJ [Department of Justice] and FBI can conduct civil investigations in very limited circumstances,” but that’s not what this is, the source stressed. “In this case, a security violation would lead to criminal charges. Maybe DOJ is trying to protect her campaign.”

Clinton’s camp has downplayed the inquiry as civil and fact-finding in nature. Clinton herself has said she is “confident” that she never knowingly sent or received anything that was classified via her private email account.

But the inspector general for the intelligence community has told Congress that of 40 Clinton emails randomly reviewed as a sample of her correspondence as secretary of state, four contained classified information.

Josh Gerstein, Politico: “State Department request for Huma Abedin’s records waylaid for 2 months”

“The State Department’s request that Hillary Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, return any work-related emails in her possession went unreceived for two months because of issues with delivery of State’s mail and email messages asking for the records, according to Abedin’s lawyers.

“After the controversy over former secretary of state Clinton’s use of a private email account and server for official business erupted in March, Abedin was among 10 current or former State Department officials asked by their former agency to provide any similar messages on their private accounts.

“But Abedin’s lawyers said she didn’t receive that request for more than two months after it was sent on March 11.

‘Our ability to respond unfortunately was slowed by circumstances beyond Ms. Abedin’s control,’ Abedin attorneys Karen Dunn and Miguel Rodriguez wrote in a June 29 letter made public in a court filing Thursday. . .

PA . . .

Karen Langley, Pgh Post-Gazette: Dems call for Kane’s resignation”

“Governor says she should step down as attorney general

“NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was charged Thursday with perjury, obstruction of justice and other crimes after county prosecutors say she orchestrated the disclosure of confidential information to retaliate against former state prosecutors she believed had embarrassed her in a newspaper story.

“Gov. Tom Wolf and other prominent Democrats called on Ms. Kane, a fellow party member, to step down. But she said in a statement that she would not: “A resignation would be an admission of guilt, and I’m not guilty.”

“In announcing the charges Thursday morning, Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said investigators found the attorney general had “devised a scheme” to leak confidential information from grand jury proceedings “in the hopes of embarrassing and harming former state prosecutors whom she believed — whom she believed, without evidence — had made her look bad.”

“Ms. Kane would surrender and be arraigned, likely within two days, Ms. Ferman said.

“‘No one is above the law, not even the chief law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,’ she said. . .”

Also – Nick Field, Politics PA: “BREAKING: AG Kathleen Kane Charged”

Kathleen Kane has been charged with five criminal counts.

“The Attorney General was charged with obstructing administration of law or other government function, official oppression, criminal conspiracy, perjury and false swearing.

Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman handled this case and conducted the press conference this morning.

“Arrangement will take place in the next two days.

“The Attorney General leaked classified grand jury information to a political operative who would then leak it to the press. According to Ferman, she did this “in hopes of embarrassing and harming former state prosecutors she believed, without evidence, made her look bad.”

Ferman also revealed that  a criminal contempt charge was filed against Patrick Reese, the Attorney General’s driver. She stated that Reese repeatedly snuck into the grand jury files despite orders that they be sealed. . .”

LEADS . . .

Kit Daniels, InfoWars: “Nashville Theater Attack: Will Gun Grabbers Now Demand “Hatchet Control?”

Kaiser Carlile, a nine-year old “batboy” in helmet died when hit in the head with a bat. Will baseball ban bats or batboys? The boy’s father wants the program to continue . . .

“Gun control advocates aren’t demanding background checks for hatchets like they do for guns even though a man attacked his family with a hatchet in a movie theater.

“So far there’s been no nationwide call for ‘hatchet control’ after the man, 29-year-old Vincente Montano, swung a hatchet at his family during a theater screening of Mad Max: Fury Road in Antioch, Tenn., Wednesday night.

“‘This guy, this shady looking guy, stood up with like two bags and walked to the back of the theater and he pulled out a hatchet and started attacking this family,’ the 911 caller told police. ‘And then he pulled out a [pellet] gun and we all ran out of the theater.’

“Police shot and killed Montano, who was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, as he attempted to flee the theater. . .”

Larry Elder, Townhall: “Democrats: They’re All Socialists Now”

Thx Ted!

“Socialism, according to, is defined as: “A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.”


“Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, recently appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” Matthews asked, “What is the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?”

“Wasserman Schultz laughed, looked stunned, and began hemming and hawing. Matthews helpfully interjected, “I used to think there was a big difference. What do you think it is?” Still, Wasserman Schultz refused to give him a straight answer. “The difference between — the real question,” she said, “is what’s the difference between being a Democrat and being a Republican.”

“Matthews tried again: “Yeah, but what’s the big difference between being a Democrat and being a socialist? You’re the chairwoman of the Democratic Party. Tell me the difference between you and a socialist.”

“Still, Wasserman Schultz wouldn’t answer the question

“A few days ago Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press” offered her a chance for a do-over. He replayed the exchange with Matthews, then asked: “Given that (Democratic presidential candidate) Bernie Sanders is an unabashed socialist and believes in social democratic governments — (he) likes the ones in Europe — what is the difference? Can you explain the difference?”

“And again she either could not or would not answer, and wanted to discuss the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

“On the one hand, Wasserman Schultz might have refused to answer because she did not want to put her thumb on the scale of the self-described socialist candidate Bernie Sanders or the likely nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton. No matter what Wasserman Schultz would’ve said, it would injure one while helping the other.

“That’s one explanation. But the more likely explanation is simple. There is no real distinction between today’s Democrats and socialists. . .”

Debra Heine, PJM: “Why Hasn’t Louis Farrakhan Been Arrested Yet?”

The average “black” has substantial genetic contributions from his/her “white” ancestors. Technology can measures such contributions and might be used to adjust downward the social supports given to “black” citizens . . . And “whites” should have supplemental payments in proportion to their “black” ancestry . . . Of course, not every gene makes the same contribution to the outcomes of its carrier . . . Read Gregory Clark’s “The Son Also Rises” . . . children generally have about the same social careers as their parents . . .

“It’s been nearly a week since Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan called on his followers to rise up and kill their perceived enemies, and the silence of the Obama Justice Department has been deafening. Likewise,  the MSM has been shamefully quiet, too — as if this is acceptable behavior for the leader of a 50,000-strong denomination. It most certainly isn’t.

Farrakhan’s shocking words came during a July 30 speech at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Miami:

‘The Koran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter. Then it says, retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain. Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breaths of those whose children have been slain,” Farrakhan said.

‘So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” he added.

“In case the message wasn’t clear enough, the hateful clip was posted on Farrakhan’s Facebook page Monday with the blunt hashtag “#JusticeOrElse.”

“Or else? . . .”


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