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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sept 9th National Rally on DEAL, Iran Deal – Call now!; Call Congress – Planned Parenthood – Stop the Killing!; Prayer Day; Sept 11th, VF Patriots Meeting; SEPTEMBER 12th Prayer in the Park


LEADS: NAKAMURA – Sick leave; McCARTHY – Iran not settled; LEDEEN – We’re at war; MILLER – Fiorina wants anti-abortion bill.

THE HILLARY: NY POST – Shoes drop; ZITO – Alien to millennials; Drudge Links 9/7/15.

PA: JOANNE – School surveys.



Jenny Beth still needs $ . . . please donate!

Cruz, Trump, Levin, & Beck are included on the 9th . . . Levin commented “I immediately said yes.” “I want to strongly encourage you–as many of us who could show up. If I can do it, you can do it,” he added.”

Jenny Beth Martin

“Last week, we shocked the Washington Ruling Class again by rallying at local Congressional and Senate offices all across America, demanding that they kill President Obama’s rotten nuclear deal with Iran. And now, we MUST follow it up with an even BIGGER rally on Capitol Hill. Tea Party Patriots is committed to making this rally happen. We have already managed to raise some extra funds to our grassroots budget to make the arrangements. But we’re still far behind the budgeted $250,000 needed to get this done right. We need your help right away! Please, if at all possible, make an urgent generous contribution of $20, $30, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to help us pay for these critical grassroots protests.


“You likely have seen the recent Center for Medical Progress videos which sugges t that Planned Parenthood is murdering both unborn babies and born alive aborted babies in order to harvest their baby body parts for sale. We, the taxpayers, are funding this immoral, illegal and medically unethical practice with our tax money.

Action:   Contact your Congressman. The Federal Gov’t needs funding again by end of September.

Message: Tell your Congressman that you want him to sign Rep. Rick Mulvaney’s letter to Speaker Boehner which states that the Representatives signing will not support any funding resolution – appropriations bill, CR, omnibus package, or other – that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood .

Representatives of Valley Forge Patriots and several other grassroots groups met with Congressman Meehan’s District Director last week and conveyed this message to the Congressman.

The Republican leadership must attach defunding Planned Parenthood to ‘must-pass’ legislation.  Anything else is worthless theatrics .

Even if Obama shuts down the government over defunding Planned Parenthood, isn’t saving babies from death and dismemberment worth standing firm for??????


Congressman Ryan Costello – (202) 225-4315 DC

Congressman Pat Meehan – (202) 225-2011

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (202) 225-4276


Janet ( )


P.J. Ryan’s

233 Bridge St. Phoenixville, Pa.

7:00 PM

Oath Keepers, a national group with local chapters, will provide a speaker. We want to learn more about what they do, what their mission is, and get some insight into emergency preparation.  You may have heard that Oath Keepers were in Ferguson during the recent turmoil to support the local police.  We are waiting for confirmation regarding a speaker. Please stay tuned for more information.

VFP will also be doing another post card blitz to oppose the Iran Deal.  We will provide post cards, stamps and talking points.  The cards you write will be sent to key targets to lobby against the bad “Deal” where Iran gets billions from the U.S., dropped sanctions, unknown side deals and they get to keep their centrifuges. Even Chuck Schumer is against it.



For more information :


Daniel Ford, WSJ: Ryan Pitts: “Medal of Honor Lessons for Graduates”

‘Be courageous and appreciate courage in others who take action in the face of fear.’

“On Saturday I attended my first commencement program in 61 years. The speaker drew me there: Ryan Pitts, addressing the University of New Hampshire’s class of 2015.

“In an era when speakers are routinely disinvited from American colleges for the sin of challenging academic orthodoxy, I wanted to see how my alma mater would welcome a man who joined the U.S. Army out of high school, who twice deployed to war, and who in July 2008 was the last man alive in an observation post named Topside, above the village of Wanat in the Hindu Kush mountains of northeastern Afghanistan.

“Wounded in the forehead, one arm and both legs, Sgt. Pitts defended that outpost with grenades and a machine gun until helicopter gunships could lay down supporting fire to clear the way for his rescue.

“On first seeing the extent of his injuries, he told the 2,500 graduates and 20,000 guests on Saturday, “I thought I was out of the fight until I looked around and watched everyone else fighting with everything they had. My brothers were undeterred by the enemy fire raining down on us like the violent summer thunderstorms that come out of nowhere. . . . They would never let me down and I owed them the same. It was at this point that I crawled back to my fighting position and rejoined the fight.

“Standing wasn’t physically possible, but I was able to drag myself around and pull myself into a kneeling position when needed. I fought alongside my brothers like this for a while until our position sounded eerily quiet given the fight raging around us. I crawled around and it was at this point that I discovered that I was the only man left alive at the position.”

“Twice, U.S. reinforcements ran from the village to Topside, but all were killed or wounded in the attempt. Sgt. Pitts kept lobbing grenades into a ravine 10 yards away, where the enemy fighters lay concealed—at some points, he said, he could hear them talking—and when the gunships arrived he radioed them to concentrate their fire onto the nearby ravine.

“‘You gotta be kidding,’ a helicopter crewman replied, seeing how short the distance was between the American and his attackers. (The gunship video is on YouTube.) Despite the heroism involved that morning, the Army decided within days that Topside was no longer needed and the outpost was left to the enemy—a taste of what lay ahead for American policy in Afghanistan.

“At 29, Mr. Pitts is no older than some of the graduates he addressed Saturday, 44 U.S. military veterans among them. He himself graduated two years ago with highest honors from UNH Manchester. The students, their parents and spectators gave him a standing ovation when his name was first mentioned, again when he was introduced, again when he finished his speech, and yet again when he was draped with the blue and white cape of Doctor of Humane Letters.

“In July last year, President Obama draped Mr. Pitts with the Medal of Honor, America’s highest award for valor. The medal, as Mr. Pitts took pains to remind us, is ‘an individual citation for a collective effort.’

“Valor was everywhere that day,” he said Saturday, before drawing a moral for young people about to embark on their careers: “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to move forward in the face of it. There is beauty in this definition, because courage can exist in the decisions we make every day. Courage exists in the individual who accepts who they are and openly lives the life they want in the face of rejection. Courage exists in those who challenge their own perceptions in the face of accepting they are not infallible. Be courageous and appreciate courage in others who take action in the face of fear.”

“He closed by saying: “The last thought I will leave you with is more a matter of character. Never forget those who helped you reach where you are.”


LEADS . . .

Labor Day – an ornament on the self-organized accretion of money and privilege collected by American laborers and paid for by customers who once believed that they got the “best.” Now American workers feel betrayed that Mexicans, Vietnamese, Koreans, and Chinese work for less and have drawn Ford, Apple, and hundreds of others to cheaper workers, some of whom also migrate to our shores, replacing white skin, blue, eyes and freckles with tans, cleverness, and diligence . . . many auto workers promise to vote for the Donald if he will get Ford out of Mexico . . .

David Nakamura, WaPo: “In Boston speech, Obama unveils executive order for more paid sick leave”

BOSTON — President Obama rallied union workers here Monday, announcing a new executive order that will require federal contractors to offer employees up to seven paid sick days a year, a move that the White House said could benefit more than 300,000 workers.

“Obama unveiled the new directive during a Labor Day speech in Boston, as he continues a year-long effort to pressure Congress to approve legislation that would provide similar benefits for millions of private sector workers. The president highlighted a Massachusetts law, approved by voters in November, that provides employees with up to 40 hours of sick leave per year. That law went into effect in July.

“‘Right now you have parents who have to chose [sic!] between losing income or staying home with a sick child,’ Obama told a crowd of 765 supporters, including many labor union officials during the annual Greater Boston Labor Council breakfast sponsored by the AFL-CIO.

“Under the president’s new executive order, workers on federal contracts would be eligible for paid leave if they are sick or caring for a sick relative, the White House said. They will earn one hour of leave for every 30 hours worked, with a maximum of seven days a year, officials said. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Obama’s Iran Deal Is Still Far from Settled”

“. . . While maddening, the Corker bill is not an abject congressional surrender to Obama and Tehran. It is a conditional surrender. It would grant Obama grudging congressional endorsement of the deal in the absence of a now unattainable veto-proof resolution of disapproval, but only if Obama fulfills certain basic terms. Obama has not complied with the most basic one: the mandate that he provide ithe complete Iran deal for Congress’s consideration. Therefore, notwithstanding Washington’s frenzied assumption that the 60-day period for a congressional vote is winding down, the clock has never actually started to run. Congress’s obligations under Corker have never been triggered; the Corker process is moot.

“As I have previously outlined, Obama has withheld from Congress the Iran deal’s key inspection and verification provisions. As is his wont, the president is engaged in a fraud. He and his underlings repeatedly promised the public that there would be aggressive inspections and that Iran would have to come clean about its prior nuclear work so we could have an accurate baseline to determine whether the mullahs cheat in the future. But Iran was never going to agree to such terms. “Our legacy-hunting ideologue of a president naturally capitulated on this point, but he also understood that if his capitulation were obvious — if the inspection and verification terms were revealed to be a joke — even Democrats might abandon him. So Obama and his factotum, Secretary of State John Kerry, snuck these terms into a “side deal” that is purported to be strictly between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Notwithstanding that they are the crux of the deal from the American perspective, Obama takes the position that these terms may not be revealed to Congress, a stance the IAEA has dutifully backed. Sorry, Mr. President, too-clever-by-half won’t get it done this time — or at least it shouldn’t, as long as Republicans follow the law they wrote and Obama signed. . .”

Michael Ledeen, PJM: “The War Games”

“Can’t anybody around here play this war game?  Russia is sending troops into Syria, alongside the Iranian forces that have been fighting long since, to shore up the Assad regime.  The Iranians are convincingly accused of creating terror cells in Kuwait and Thailand and waging cyberwar and conventional terror attacks against Saudi Arabia.  We know that Iran organized a scheme to blow up a restaurant in Washington, another to bomb a passenger train between Canada and the U.S., and yet another to destroy Kennedy Airport.

“They are all acts of war.  Yet, the president and his followers insist that if there is no deal with Iran, “the only alternative is war.”

“You’d think a blind man could see that the war was on, but no.  War is instead described– by the Democrats–as A Very Bad Thing that would happen if Congress didn’t follow President Obama’s orders.

“Meanwhile, opponents of  The Deal insist that war is actually more likely if we approve all the concessions granted the Iranians at Vienna.  They, too, fail to see the war in front of their noses, and engage in the heated debate over a fantasy.  Thus, thousands of column inches and countless hours of broadcasting focus relentlessly on votes in Congress instead of mass death and destruction currently underway.  And, as our enemies warn us every day, the mayhem is headed our way.

“To summarize:  there IS war, it is escalating, and it is aimed at us. . .”

Zeke Miller, Time: “Fiorina: GOP Leaders ‘Should Go’ if They Don’t Pass Anti-Abortion Bill”

“Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Sunday she is disappointed in congressional GOP leadership, arguing that if they don’t move swiftly to pass conservative legislation, they “should go.”

“Mentioning Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell by name, Fiorina said at a campaign stop in Bedford, N.H., that the Republican leaders haven’t done enough since the 2014 election.

“‘Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell, I know them both, they’re good men,’ she said to a gathering of about 30 supporters. ‘But perhaps they’ve been captured by the status quo.’

“Fiorina said the Republican-controlled Congress should pass bills to institute a 20-week abortion ban and defund Planned Parenthood, secure the border, and rein in government regulations regardless of whether President Obama threatens to veto the legislation, adding that if they can’t do it, the GOP leadership should step aside.

“‘I think if they would did those three things I would be satisfied that leadership is producing results,’ Fiorina said. ‘And if they can’t produce results then unfortunately leadership should go.’ . . .”


NY Post: “Another week of embarrassing shoes dropping for Hillary

“. . . Three in just the past week.

“First came news that Hillary Clinton’s private e-mails included highly classified information on North Korea’s nuclear-weapons stockpile.

“That comes from multiple intelligence sources speaking on the condition of anonymity to The Washington Times. The nuke info apparently came from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a highly classified satellite and mapping system.

“Such info is automatically classified at the very highest level, even when not so labeled — and knowing that rule is part of the secretary of state’s job.

“So much for Clinton’s repeated claims that she didn’t know she was putting secrets at risk via her own personal e-mail server.

“Also on the faux-innocence front: Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano, who helped set up and maintain the private server, says he won’t cooperate with the FBI, the State Department inspector general’s office or the congressional Benghazi committee that uncovered the private-e-mail issue in the first place — invoking his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself.

“He has every legal right to do so, but it sure . . . looks . . . bad. After all, Team Hillary keeps insisting it’s eager to cooperate with the investigations.

“The cherry on this fetid sundae is the Bloomberg News scoop that the FBI is looking for any signs that hackers breached Clinton’s system — and for clues on whether any hackers were foreign-based.

“Oh, there “were no security breaches,” Clinton insisted weeks ago. But how would a woman who jokes about wiping a server “with a cloth” know? . . .”

Salena Zito, RCP: “Hillary Misses Mark With Millennials”

“. . . The event here wasn’t just a failure to connect with millennials, but a fundamental inability to read her audience and adjust her speech — or perhaps laziness, or a sense of entitlement that she shouldn’t have to work this hard for support. “Perhaps it was all of that.

“Fired up! Ready to go!” an early speaker shouted as he prepared the crowd for Clinton. He received only a smattering of polite claps, despite several attempts to get the crowd excited.

“Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, running for a U.S. Senate seat next year, tried the same line, with the same results. Strickland also tried some good old-fashioned speechifying that ended with him screaming at the audience. The kids kept asking each other, “Who is this guy?” The applause was sparse, the moment awkward.

“A good politician would have noticed when he took the stage that the audience was filled with kids who likely did not grow up in Ohio (19 percent of Case Western Reserve University students are foreign-born) and were barely 12 years old when Clinton battled to win the state in 2008.

“Instead, Clinton launched into a memorial for Ohio congressmen who were significant long before these kids were politically aware, then thanked the kids for their votes in 2008. (Again, they would have been 12 back then.)

“‘You lifted me up when I was down and out,’ she said, referring to Ohio voters who got her flailing 2008 campaign back on its feet temporarily.

“There wasn’t the sound of crickets chirping, but no one picked up what she put down.

“Clinton spoke for 30 minutes on voter suppression, gun control, women’s reproductive rights; she called Republicans “terrorists” and championed foster care. The only time she caught the audience’s attention was with a brief mention of college affordability.

“It was as if time had passed her by. . .”

Drudge Links (9/7/15)

DOWN 9 IN NH… BOSSY HILLARY MAKES FANS SIGN LOYALTY PLEDGE… POLL: TRUMP BEATS HEAD TO HEAD… Receives 25% of black vote… BALZ: BushClinton beware; Something stirring… Biden marching with Trumka in Labor Day parade… Comedian leads president vote in Guatemala…

PA. . .



Hello All,

“This E-mail contains information about the Pennsylvania Youth Survey that will be given this fall to children in 6, 8, 10 and 12 grades in many PA schools.  It is important for parents of children in those grades to understand what this survey entails so that you can determine whether or not to allow your child to participate.

“You are urged to read the details provided below to educate yourself about this survey which could possibly have negative consequences for your child.

The survey asks extremely sensitive and probing questions: “about students’ attitudes, knowledge and behaviors concerning alcohol, tobacco, other drugs (ATOD), violence, depression, and other problem behaviors.”[1]  There are many questions about criminal acts, guns, suicide, and innumerable types of illegal drugs (many of which you might never have heard of).

The 2013 PAYS is attached as a pdf file.  It is very important that you read this to understand the type of questions that are asked so you can determine whether you want your child to be subjected to them.  The 2013 survey can also be accessed on line at:

FAQ’s regarding PAYS can be accessed at the web site:

“This is not related to Common Core; similar surveys have been given in PA schools for decades (but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable!)

“The PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) sponsored the administration of the PAYS since 1989. In 2013, the PA Dept. of Education (PDE) and PA Dept. of Drug and Alcohol Prevention (DDAP) joined PCCD in sponsoring school -district participation in the survey.”

“The 2013 PAYS consisted of 11 pages with many multiple choice questions on each page.  It is given during the school day and takes approximately one class period to complete.

“It is the decision of each individual school district to determine whether or not they want to administer the survey to their students.  A list of districts that have signed up to participate as of August, 2015 is attached (PAYS Registration).

“The survey is said to be anonymous.

“Many parents would reasonably consider most of the questions to be extremely inappropriate for younger age students, particularly those in sixth grade.

“IMPORTANT!!!  Students are not required to take the survey but parents must tell the school that they do not want their child to participate.  The school will usually send out some type of notice to parents that provides them with information and asks parents to respond if they DO NOT want their student to participate.  In other words, you must ACT TO OPT OUT.  If you ignore the notification, your child will end up taking the survey and answering questions that you might find extremely objectionable, particularly for a sixth grader.

“A prime concern of PAYS opponents is that asking questions of the type asked in this survey could do more harm than good, particularly to students who might be unusually susceptible to suggestion (e.g. suicide and drug abuse questions).  It is reasonable to wonder what possible value there could be to many of these suggestive questions since students who indicate they are at risk cannot be identified and therefore can’t be helped because of the anonymity of the survey.

Thank you for “listening.”

Joanne Yurchak (


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