Dead Cats: HappyHolidays, 09/14/15, (17)35: James Brody


JOY PULLMAN, FEDERALIST: Families abandon Common Core

LEADS: SPIERING – 10,000 Syrians coming; LEDEEN – 2 Levins; PURPLE – Carson’s rise; BALZ & CLEMENT – Polls; GABRIEL – Rock Star Donald in Iowa; CAMPO-FLORES – No grows to same sex marriage.

IRAN: YURCHAK – Casey & Iran; ROSENBERG – Bring the Mahdi; NIMMO – US failure to bomb ISIS sites; DRUDGE LINKS (9/14/15)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Planned Parenthood – Stop the Killing!


“Rosh Hashanah: Evening of Sunday Sept 13th until evening of September 15th. Rosh Hashanah, which begins at sundown Sunday is the Jewish New Year. It’s based on an ancient calendar, which starts with the creation of Adam and Eve and uses a different measure than our solar year calendar. This new year is the start of the Jewish year 5775. Sunday is also the start of the Jewish High Holy Days. It’s the most important time of the year for Jews and is observed over 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.



Coverage of GOP debate starts 5 PM Wednesday

Joy Pullman, Federalist: In the Common Core Era, Families Flock to Its Opposite”

“Classical education has been growing inside the United States for several decades. Common Core’s entrance into public and private education has only accelerated the trend.

“As you enter Ridgeview Classical Schools’ newest building, built to help relieve its perennially full wait list of some 900 students, a marble inscription thunders at you, and the whole world, through the full-glass entrance: “What will justify your life?” Just inside, a former Louisiana State University professor is overseeing study hall. Between sharp rebuffs when students titter, Robert McMahon explains he’s come cross-country to teach high-school literature because the former professor “got sick of the hatred for undergrad teaching.”

“Teaching is what McMahon loves. The PhD is the author of four books, one on teaching high-school literature, and he’s won a bevy of teaching awards. That’s somewhat surprising at first glance, considering his sharp and exacting manner towards the 14-year-olds reading around a set of tables arranged in a square.

“But talk to him a bit, and you’ll find that this bespectacled man who has never owned a television and disdains modern teaching methods—“Advanced Placement teachers don’t assign whole books. It’s a preparation with no intellectual integrity whatsoever”—can pierce your soul in just a few minutes of quiet conversation. . .”

LEADS . . .

Charlie Spiering, BigGovt: “Obama Directs United States To Accept 10,000 Syrians In 2016”

Cloward-Piven . . .

“White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed to reporters during the daily press briefing that Obama had directed the U.S. government to prepare for a total of 10,000 additional refugees from Syria in 2016.

“The fact is, these are human beings that are in a terrible, desperate, vulnerable situation,” Earnest said. “That’s why the president has directed his national security team to continue to play a leading role in our response to this situation.”

“According to Earnest, that would bring the total of 100,000 political refugees that would be welcome to the United States in 2016. He admitted, however, that they would need additional funds from Congress to make it happen.

“Earnest confirmed that the refugees would be vetted before they were allowed to stay in the United States.

“He described the refugee situation as a ‘terribly difficult challenge’ but that they were hopeful that more countries in Europe would also raise their levels of refugees.

Michael Ledeen, PJM: “The Two Mark Levins”

“Who knew?

“I know two quite different Mark Levins and I am crazy about both of them.  The first is the one I listen to on the radio. The loud one, the one that gets all worked up, the one I imagine standing up and waving his arms, veins protruding from his neck, pupils dilated. The other one writes books, and those books are so calm, so carefully argued, and so patiently explicated, that you can only imagine him sitting in an overstuffed leather chair near a fireplace puffing thoughtfully on his calabash.

The second Levin explains his mission this way in his latest, Plunder and Deceit:

‘. . .To persuade as many fellow citizens as possible, through scholarship, facts, and ideas, to avert a looming tragedy.… A real and devastating American tragedy, the loss of the greatest Republic known to mankind.’

“The whole book is written in that voice, although the evidence he presents about our pending national tragedy is enough to make anyone scream.  Plunder is an orderly, devastatingly careful assault on the nuts and bolts of the American crisis, from taxation to immigration, from the appeasement of our enemies to the bleeding of our defense budget, to the ideological capture of the educational system by the enemies of American ideals, and—perhaps most importantly—an expose of the lies that the left tells about civil society, the economy and America’s historic role in the world.

“No wonder it’s a national best-seller.  No wonder the New York Times, in an ironic confirmation of one of Plunder’s central theses, kept it off its best-seller list for a week, pretending it didn’t really exist, or something.

“What to do?  Mark calls for a new trans-generational movement to fight against the frightening march toward an all-powerful centralized state.  Both those now in power  and their children must fight for

‘the rebirth of a vibrant civil society and restoration of a vigorous constitutional republic, along with the essential and simultaneous diminution of the federal government’s sweeping and expanding scope of power and its subsequent containment.’

“He knows it won’t be at all easy, in no small part because the younger generation—for whose survival as free Americans this fight must be waged—are among the most thoroughly indoctrinated by the very ideas and programs that seal their doom.  Levin carefully gives the lie to claims that the young are in rebellion ‘against authority.’  In truth, they are captives of the current system, and support its expansion.

“It’s a hell of a fight, isn’t it?  It’s made even worse by the miserable quality of “conservative” leadership post-Reagan, as we’ve seen in the Senate in recent months.

“It’s enough to make you scream.  But read the book first, so you’ll have all the reasons you’re screaming along with the first Mark Levin.”

Matt Purple, The National Interest: “Why Ben Carson Is Rising in the Polls (And Why It Matters)”

“‘Dr. Carson has said since the Supreme Court ruling that it is the law of the land and that’s what he respects,’ Williams declared.

“It was a curious position for a man regarded as a conservative cult hero, one that placed him in the same camp as squishy John Kasich rather than grizzled Scott Walker—to say nothing of Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, who spent much of this week slap-fighting each other over who was Davis’ more gallant escort. Carson did clarify his position by calling on the Supreme Court to accommodate Davis’ First Amendment rights. But he still refused to join many of the other GOP candidates in using Davis to beacon social conservatives.

“This has become a pattern for the Detroit neurosurgeon. When he speaks generally, he has a penchant for outlandish rhetoric—America is Nazi Germany, the IRS is the Gestapo, Obamacare is slavery. But pin him down on the specifics and he often sounds distinctly non-ideological, even progressive. He’s supported hiking the federal minimum wage, defended the contributions of illegal immigrants, extolled the benefits of green energy sources like hydropower, and backed various gun control measures. He deftly sidestepped the mandatory vaccination trap the same day that it snared Rand Paul. . .”

Dan Balz & Scott Clement, WaPo: “Poll: Trump, Carson top GOP race; Clinton leads Dems but support drops”

“Two non-politicians, businessman Donald Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, dominate the contest for the Republican nomination, together accounting for more than half of the potential vote as support for traditional politicians continues to decline, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

“In the contest for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton has lost significant ground over the past two months, as she has struggled to manage the controversy over her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. She still leads the field of Democrats, but for the first time her support has dropped below 50 percent in Post-ABC surveys, with the biggest decline coming among white women.

“Overall, the survey underscored the degree of dissatisfaction toward government and politics that is shaping the campaign. More than 7 in 10 Americans say people in politics cannot be trusted. More than 6 in 10 say the political system is dysfunctional. Sizable majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents agree with those assessments. . .”

Trip Gabriel, NYT: “Donald Trump Gets Rock Star Greeting in Iowa”

“. . .Many Iowa Republicans expected Mr. Trump’s lead in the primary race to be fleeting. On Friday night, a seasoned party activist compared him to ‘the bad boy you date over the summer before returning to college.’

“Instead, Mr. Trump continues to dominate Iowa polls as summer turns to fall. A Quinnipiac University poll of Iowa last week showed he is the first choice of all age groups of Republicans, including young people, who predominated outside Jack Trice Stadium, where the Iowa State Cyclones hosted the Iowa Hawkeyes.

“‘We’re killing everybody in the polls,’ Mr. Trump said in brief remarks from the stage. He wore a new ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, this one in camouflage. . .”

Arian Campo-Flores, WSJ: “Other State Officials Say No to Same-Sex Marriage”

“As Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis gets ready to return to work, other officials are drawing scrutiny from gay-marriage supporters

“The spotlight will shine once again Monday on a Kentucky county clerk as she prepares to return to work after being jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. But Kim Davis isn’t the only one causing a stir.

“Local officials in several other states also are refraining from granting licenses or performing ceremonies, drawing stepped-up scrutiny from gay-marriage supporters.

“In North Carolina, all four magistrates in rural McDowell County have recused themselves from performing civil wedding ceremonies for any couples. The moves are allowed under a state law passed in June that allows certain public officials to avoid marriage duties if they have religious objections. So far, 32 magistrates across the state—about 5% of the total—have done so, according to the state Administrative Office of the Courts.

“As a result of the void in McDowell County, magistrates from neighboring Rutherford County have been driving in to perform ceremonies three days a week, during reduced hours. Tonia Hampton, the McDowell County register of deeds, whose office issues marriage licenses, said the documents continue to be available during regular hours. “It’s business as usual for us,” she said.

“While the new law prohibits registers of deeds, who are elected officials, from refusing to issue licenses, it allows their assistants and deputies to do so. Ms. Hampton wouldn’t say whether any staff members had recused themselves. . .”

IRAN . . .

Joanne Yurchak, “Letter to the Editor: Why is Bob Casey supporting Iran deal?”

“To the Times:

“The nuclear deal brokered with Iran is an extremely ill-advised arrangement for a variety of reasons.

“A primary concern is that the methods established for ensuring compliance are clearly inadequate; cheating by the Iranians will be facilitated by the fact that the plan does not allow the ‘any time, anywhere’ inspections that had originally been promised by the White House. The Iranians have pulled the wool over the Obama administration’s eyes.

“U.S. Sen. Bob Casey’s recent comment to Neil Cavuto shortly after he announced that he would vote in favor of the plan was astounding.

“When Cavuto asked what he thought our administration would do if the Iranians cheated, the senator said very emphatically (and more than once) that he believes President Obama would take military action if the Iranians were to try to “break out” and get a nuclear weapon. Really?


Sen. Casey, D-Pa., is apparently ignoring President Obama’s track record. This president did nothing while our embassy was being destroyed and our ambassador killed in Benghazi. This president said that the use of chemical weapons in the Middle East would be a “red line” for the U.S. but backtracked when it became apparent that Syria’s President Assad was using them, rendering his previous words meaningless. This president’s failure to recognize the severity of the ISIS situation and his total lack of leadership in that regard has unquestionably enabled ISIS’ barbarous actions to escalate and create the reign of terror that is currently enveloping the Middle East. Ostrich-like behaviors and failure to act in critical situations are this president’s modus operandi and have been demonstrated by him time and time again.

“The fact that Sen. Casey has opined that President Obama would act militarily if Iran “breaks out” and acquires a nuclear weapon is a clear indication that Pennsylvania’s Democratic senator is either a robotic Obama puppet or undeniably delusional.

“Neither alternative is acceptable.

“His principled father would be turning over in his grave!”

Joel Rosenberg, NRO: “Islamic Extremists Are Trying to Hasten the Coming of the Mahdi”

All of this fits with a Cloward-Piven tactic – make a crisis, then volunteer to solve it. The Bamster is “earning chips in the big game” in order to keep his big planes and fine golf courses . . . after his term expires, he is apt to a bigger nuisance than he is now. . .

“Fourteen years ago — on September 11, 2001 — America was blindsided by the forces of radical Islam. Pre-9/11, American leaders rightly understood that the vast majority of the world’s Muslims were generally peace-loving people who posed no threat to our homeland. But they failed to adequately comprehend, much less counter, the theology, political ideology, and operational strategy of men like Osama bin Laden.

“The results were devastating. The attacks against the World Trade Center, against the Pentagon, and over Shanksville, Pa., killed nearly 3,000 Americans, along with individuals from 93 other nations, in the most devastating sneak attack since we were blindsided by the Imperial Japanese at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

“Today, President Obama and members of his administration still refuse to use the term “radical Islam,” even as Jordan’s King Abdullah II, a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, candidly admits that the West is engaged in a “third world war” against Islamic terrorism. Abdullah adds that, at its core, “this is a Muslim problem. We need to take ownership of this. We need to stand up and say what is right and what is wrong.”

“The king is right. The threat of radical Islam to the U.S. and our allies is serious and ongoing.

“That said, there is a dramatic shift underway in the Muslim world. The most serious threat we face in the Middle East and North Africa is no longer radical Islam but apocalyptic Islam. We face not just one but two regional regimes whose rulers are driven not merely by violent political ideology, or by extremist theology, but by apocalyptic, genocidal eschatology, or End Times theology.

“The first is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The second is the Islamic State, or ISIS. The leaders of the former are Shia. The latter are Sunni. Both believe that we are living in the End of Days as predicted in their ancient prophecies. Both believe that any moment now their messiah, the Mahdi, will be revealed on Earth as he establishes his global Islamic kingdom and impose sharia law. Both believe that Jesus will return not as the Savior or Son of God but as a lieutenant to the Mahdi, and that he will force non-Muslims to convert or die.

“What’s more, both believe that the Mahdi will come only when the world is engulfed in chaos and carnage. . .”

Kurt Nimmo, Infowars: “Russian Foreign Minister: U.S. Knows ISIS Positions in Syria, Refuses to Bomb”

“Lavrov said “there is something else which is a concern of the coalition”

“. . . He said the coalition purportedly fighting ISIS has “information on where exactly” the positions of the terrorist army are in Syria and Iraq, but “does not give consent to striking them.”

“In August intelligence analysts said the Pentagon is not targeting an estimated 60 Islamic State training camps considered key in the ISIS effort to capture and hold territory.

“According to Bill Gertz of the Free Beacon, officials have stated these camps are off limits ‘because of concerns about collateral damage.’

“‘If we know the location of these camps, and the president wants to destroy ISIS, why are the camps still functioning?’ one official said.

“The absurdity of the U.S. statement on collateral damage is astounding.

“A study by Stanford Law School and New York University’s School of Law found that the number of Islamic terrorists killed as a percentage of total casualties in U.S. drone strikes is 2 percent. The remainder are civilians. . .”

Drudge Links (9/14/15)

KHAMENEI Threatens AMERICA in NEW Video… Bombs on US Navy… OBAMA STRUGGLES TO REGAIN ISRAEL’S TRUST… 29% of Americans think President is Muslim…




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