Dead Cats: Guns, 10/02/15, (18)05: James Brody


Call: Speaker of the House; VF Patriots 10/09

LEADS: GOLDBERG – Putin’s strikes; KRAUTHAMMER – Obama’s debacle; BOOT & PREGENT – Salvaging BO; FABEROV – The more you kill; WATSON – Chicago mass shootings; van der GALIEN – Limbaugh praises Cruz; BATCHELOR – Charen – New Cold War.

PP: LOWRY – The abortion.

HILLARY – STRASSEL – Checklist; SEITZ – Jarrett advised Hillary.

PA: SNYDER – 10/2 Ups & Downs.

END NOTES: LEVIN (10/01/15)




Speaker of the House . . .


Use one of the following toll free numbers to call your member of the House of Representatives today….they are meeting on the next House leader tonight. When the switchboard answers, ask for the office of your Representative. 1-866-338-1015  1-866-220-0044  1-877-851-6437

September 29, 2015

US House of Representatives,

Boehner’s imminent removal is just the beginning, now senior and influential GOP party leaders in some states are trying to remove more of these gutless RINO cowards from the GOP.  Don’t try to sneak a RINO back in the Speaker of the House leadership position!

If the GOP Speaker of the House nominee is a strong conservative candidate willing to uphold and defend the constitution then ‘we the people’ will be on-board in force.  Just a ‘hint’, Rep McCarthy is not an acceptable nominee…he is simply extension of the Boehner “establishment”.

Just remember, ‘insanity is committing the same mistake over and over and continuing to expect a different result’

Harry Riley

Crestview, FL 32539

Visit Constitutional Emergency at:

Janet (



Friday, October 9, 2015, 6:30PM, P.J. Ryan’s, Bridge St., Phoenixville, PA


Larry Denver, of Faith and Freedom Coalition of PA will join us as speaker for the evening. Larry led our successful “Prayer in the Park” rally in September.

He was born and raised in Montgomery County, and served in the US Navy during Vietnam. After many years in California and “on the move”, Larry and his wife, Alyce, returned to PA to run his business. After working with a successful grassroots organization in Southern ChesCo, where he taught several educational programs, including the U.S. Constitution and Emergency Preparedness classes, he help to found the Faith and Freedom Coalition PA. Larry and the organization believe that we are at a “tipping point” in our country’s future. He says, “being free takes courage, sacrifice, and is not convenient”. Come on out and learn more.

There will also be an open mic discussion on the future of the Valley Forge Patriots and where we should take the organization, especially with elections coming up.

From our September meeting, we sent 32 letters to our legislators on our stand against Planned Parenthood funding.  Thank you for Jthis effort. More to do on this!!

We have two efforts ongoing with our legislator outreach program.  Camille Heppard is work on obtaining a meeting with Senator Pat Toomey and Lucy Tscherne is working on followup with Pat Meehan on Planned Parenthood funding.

Lots of work to do folks.  We need your help.  Join us on Oct. 9th

Janet (


“No doubt our friends are reassured by the news that if Russia bombs them, America will immediately respond by expressing our ‘concerns.’” Jonah Goldberg

LEADS . . .

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Putin’s Air Strikes in Syria Are Merely the Latest Example of the Obama Doctrine’s Failure”

“. . . On Monday, President Obama and Vladimir Putin had a meeting at the United Nations. All Putin wanted from it was a photo of the two men huddling together. The Russian president needed to show his people that he’s still a major player on the world stage, a big man driving events. Obama, who spent much of the last year trying to isolate the butcher of Ukraine, gave Putin exactly what he wanted. In wall-to-wall coverage, Russian media celebrated the big man’s diplomatic triumph and his geo-strategic genius. What was Obama’s price for granting Putin this PR windfall? The leader of the free world made the Russian autocrat listen to another tedious lecture about how Putin doesn’t understand his country’s interests as well as Obama does. No doubt Putin would have preferred to avoid yet another seminar on how the word [sic!] should work. But if Paris was worth a mass for Henry IV, no doubt Syria (and not just Syria) was worth yet another sonorous tutorial about the moral arc of the universe doing jobs our president won’t. “While Obama droned on about the importance of cooperation and communication, Putin was probably counting the minutes until he could get back to reviewing Syrian targets for his bombers.

“It didn’t take long for Putin to reveal what he thinks of Obama’s sermons on the importance of communication. On Wednesday, a three-star Russian general marched into the U.S. embassy in Baghdad and issued a démarche — a fancy diplomatic word for a formal, non-negotiable declaration. The general reportedly instructed U.S. officials that Russia would commence airstrikes within the hour and that American forces had better clear out. In diplomatic terms, it was somewhere between a white-gloved slap in the face and a spit in the eye. “A State Department spokesman later said, “We’ve seen media reporting that has suggested Russian missions have begun.”

“There’s a nice irony here in that Obama has often said that he only learned about the failures of his administration — corruption at the IRS, malfeasance at the VA, etc. — from media reports. So perhaps Putin thought this was the way Obama liked to be informed of unfortunate events. . .”

Charles Krauthammer, WaPo: “Obama’s Syria debacle”

“. . . If it had the wit, the Obama administration would be not angered, but appropriately humiliated. President Obama has, once again, been totally outmaneuvered by Vladimir Putin. Two days earlier at the United Nations, Obama had welcomed the return, in force, of the Russian military to the Middle East — for the first time in decades — in order to help fight the Islamic State.

“The ruse was transparent from the beginning. Russia is not in Syria to fight the Islamic State. The Kremlin was sending fighter planes, air-to-air missiles and SA-22 anti-aircraft batteries. Against an Islamic State that has no air force, no planes, no helicopters?

“Russia then sent reconnaissance drones over Western Idlib and Hama, where there are no Islamic State fighters. Followed by bombing attacks on Homs and other opposition strongholds that had nothing to do with the Islamic State.

“Indeed, some of these bombed fighters were U.S. trained and equipped. Asked if we didn’t have an obligation to support our own allies on the ground, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter bumbled that Russia’s actions exposed its policy as self-contradictory.

“Carter made it sound as if the Russian offense was to have perpetrated an oxymoron, rather than a provocation — and a direct challenge to what’s left of the U.S. policy of supporting a moderate opposition.

“The whole point of Russian intervention is to maintain Assad in power. Putin has no interest in fighting the Islamic State. Indeed, the second round of Russian air attacks was on rival insurgents opposed to the Islamic State. . .”

Max Boot & Michael Pregent, WSJ: “How Obama Could Salvage His Hapless ISIS Strategy”

“Sunni Arabs, trained by the U.S. in the Kurdish region of Iraq, could form an effective fighting force.

“Even as Russia launched airstrikes Wednesday against rebel forces in Syria, Obama administration officials and U.S. military leaders claim that the campaign against Islamic State is working. The facts suggest otherwise.

“Commanders can point to more than 22,000 sorties flown by U.S. aircraft over Iraq and Syria since the campaign began in August 2014. But fewer than one-third of those flights have dropped bombs. That’s because no U.S. air controllers are allowed on the ground to call in targets. In Afghanistan in 2001, where such controllers were present, the U.S. averaged 86 strike sorties a day; in Iraq in 2003, 596; in Libya in 2011, 46. In Iraq and Syria today, there are on average 11 strike sorties a day.

“U.S. Central Command, which is accused by its own intelligence analysts of skewing intelligence, claims that between August 2014 and April 2015, Islamic State, also known as ISIS, “can no longer operate freely in roughly 25 to 30 percent of populated areas of Iraqi territory where it once could.” Note the timing of that assessment: It was delivered before Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, and Palmyra, an ancient city in central Syria, fell to ISIS in May.

“It’s true that in the past year ISIS lost control of the Iraqi town of Tikrit and of some territory in northern Syria, notably the border town of Kobani. But Iraqi forces have made no progress in taking back the far more important cities of Fallujah, Ramadi or Mosul. Much of eastern Syria remains securely in the hands of ISIS. And now ISIS is claiming “provinces” as far away as Libya and Afghanistan.

Also – Thursday  1 October 2015 / Hour 2, Block B: Michael Pregent, WSJ, & US Army intell (ret) and visiting Fellow at National Defense University, in re:  The road ahead in fighting ISIS . . .

Snejana Farberov et al., UK Daily Mail: “’The more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight’: College gunman, 26, was ‘filled with hate,’ lived with his mother and asked if his victims were Christian in rampage that left at least ten dead 

  • Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, has been identified as the gunman at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon 
  • Killer with British father died in gunfight with police and had four guns – three pistols and one rifle and bodyarmor 
  • He killed nine and wounded at least seven, and just three days prior he had downloaded This World Surviving Sandy Hook BBC Documentary 2015 according to his profile on a website community 
  • Harper-Mercer said he was ‘mixed race,’ a ‘conservative Republican,’ ‘not religious,’ and ‘living with parents’ 
  • He celebrated Nazis and IRA online
  • In August he praised TV station shooter Vester Flanagan and said killing more people meant ‘in the limelight’
  • Harper-Mercer made his victims lie on the ground and then stand up and state their religion before shooting them according to eyewitnesses, also asking if they were Christian and saying; ‘Good, you’ll see God in a second.’

Dear Leader wants more “gun-free” zones. If he’s sincere he will declare the White House a gun-free zone. Incidentally, UBER cabs are also “gun-free” zones . . . Is he trying to make us softer targets for Islam?

Steve Watson, Infowars: “Selective Outrage: Obama Hasn’t Said A Damn Word About Routine Mass Shootings In Chicago”

“City has the strictest gun laws in the country . . .

“As widely reported in the mainstream media, in a 15-hour period between Monday night and Tuesday morning a total of 14 people were shot in Chicago, including two young boys. Six of those people died.

“Indeed, the stats show that in the last two weekends in Chicago, 98 people were shot and 13 people were killed. This is going on every single day. . .”


Also – Drudge Links (10/2/15)

Army vet shot seven times trying to save others… ‘Gun-free campus’… One ‘security guard,’ unarmed… Obama Vows to Change Gun Laws… Refers to Himself 28 Times In 12-Min Speech…


Michael van der Galien, PJM: “Rush Limbaugh Praises Ted Cruz: ‘Among Our Candidates Most Anti-Liberal’”

“Are conservative radio talkers slowly uniting behind the junior senator from Texas?

“Earlier today we reported that Mark Levin had high praise for Ted Cruz on his radio show yesterday. ‘The Great One,’ as he’s nicknamed, said Ted is by far ‘the most consistently conservative candidate running.’ He then blasted Mitch McConnell and Cruz’s rival for the Republican nomination, Rand Paul, for working against the senator from Texas.

“Levin isn’t the only popular conservative radio talker who sang Cruz’s praises yesterday: Rush Limbaugh did the same. When a caller asked him who ‘the most anti-liberal candidate’ running was, the radio show host couldn’t have been more clear.

“Who – among our candidates – is the most is most anti-liberal? Is the most opposed to liberalism as part of its existence, policy and everything else? And there’s one clear answer. Put your hand up if you know who it is.

“Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz is the answer to your question, Roberto. If you’re looking for the Republican candidate who is the most steadfastly opposed to liberalism, whose agenda is oriented towards stopping it and thwarting it, and defeating it – it’s Ted Cruz.

“Like Levin, Limbaugh didn’t go so far as to actually endorse Cruz, but both conservative talkers are obviously impressed by the junior senator from Texas and his no holds barred attitude. . .”

John Batchelor (10/01/15) Mona Charen – The New Cold War

“War-fighting environment: Moscow and Washington identify a battlefield and pour in vast resources to proxy fighters. Although we think of ourselves as n a “post-honor culture,” this is a moment when honor makes a reappearance. Russians have been so blatant about dissing the US. The businessman from New York, Dr Carson, an Mrs Fiorina:  Mr Trump doesn’t have grasp the nature of the problem, Dr Carson, whom we respect a great deal as a physician and human, has made disturbing statements on geopolitics.  Mrs Fiorina has a Thatcheresque approach to leadership. Marco Rubio predicted exactly what the Russians are now doing. Cruz is equally good on foreign policy.  Huge problem for Rand Paul: we’re paying the wages of a weak foreign policy right now, where aggressor rush in to a power vacuum. Gov Bus, Christie, Kasich: Kasich – not excellent; Christie:  tries to present a tough face, we’ll see; Jeb Bush has been all over the map.  . . . The enormous problems we’re in now is a direct result of [bad governance]. “Deconflict” has become a euphemism”

PP. . .

Rich Lowry, RCP: “It’s the Abortion, Stupid”

“. . . If there’s a lesson from the congressional hearing, it is that any serious Republican effort to dent Planned Parenthood’s shockingly positive public image must focus on the abhorrent acts at the center of the group’s work. Niggling criticisms are too easily deflected, and play into the hands of the organization’s apologists.

“Richards basically got away with murder, a core competency of her organization. She dodged awkward questions, reverted at every opportunity to her message that millions of women depend on Planned Parenthood for health care, and relied on Democrats on the committee to provide air cover with complaints of “insensitive” questioning and rank “misogyny.”

“Richards did have to admit that Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms. She waved this off as something she has never claimed, but she did talk of women losing access to mammograms in 2011, and regardless, it is not an incidental falsehood. President Barack Obama has said it more than once, and as recently as this past July, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley suggested mammograms are the bulk of what Planned Parenthood does.

“The mammogram line is so important because the detection of breast cancer is obviously much more sympathetic than the abortion of babies.

“This is the point of Planned Parenthood’s highly misleading statistic that abortion is only three percent of what it does, a number Richards held onto with grim determination. The key to the figure is that Planned Parenthood counts everything it does, small or large, whether a pregnancy test or an abortion, as an equally consequential “service.” This is an absurd accounting that attempts to launder its abortions in other routine services.

“At the end of the day, the organization’s real vulnerability is those abortions and the grotesque disregard for human decency that attends them, captured in the Center for Medical Progress videos. .”


Kimberley Strassel, WSJ: “A Clinton Email Scandal Checklist”

“It’s a challenge to keep track of all the dodges and untruths.

Hillary Clinton hopes you are busy. Hillary Clinton hopes you are confused. Hillary Clinton hopes the endless stories about her private email server—and her endless, fabulist explanations—will make your head hurt, make your eyes cross, make you give up trying to figure it out.

All you really need to know at this point is this: Pretty much every claim Mrs. Clinton made at her initial March news conference, and since then, is false. In the spirit of keeping it simple, here’s the Complete Busy Person’s Guide to the Clinton Email Scandal. Stick it on the fridge. . .”

Blake Seitz, Free Beacon: “Valerie Jarrett: WH Issued ‘Guidance’ to Clinton Recommending She Use Official Email”

“White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett admitted Wednesday that the White House had issued guidance to cabinet secretaries recommending they use government email for official business—guidance that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ultimately ignored.

“‘Weren’t there guidelines from the White House to all cabinet secretaries to use government email?’ MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked Jarrett at an event sponsored by the Aspen Institute.

‘Well, yes there were. Yeah, absolutely,’ Jarrett said.

“‘Obviously, we want to make sure we preserve all government records, so there was guidance given that government business should be done on government emails and that if you did use a private email it should be turned over,’ Jarrett said. . .”

Does this mean that all of Obama’s correspondence will be left behind when he and Valerie leave office? Or will he take the White House records with him like the Clintons did? If so, then a case can be made that these people are stealing tax-payer property for personal gain . . .

PA . . .

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: “10/2 Ups & Downs”

Kathleen Kane. The Attorney General was charged yesterday (again) on a count of perjury (again). The signed oath of secrecy that she allegedly violated could prove to be the smoking gun that finally brings her down. Kane even seems to be slowly backing away from her claims that she’ll run for re-election. To top it off, our latest reader poll shows that people support the suspension of her law license. The AG’s tenure is definitely on thin ice.

Katie McGinty. This week McGinty at last received the endorsement of her former boss, Governor Tom Wolf. Just days later, she unveiled a list of several Mayors that are backing her campaign. It’s clear from all these endorsements that McGinty has the most establishment support in the party. John Fetterman admitted as much at an event being filmed by a conservative group. It will be especially intriguing to see the dynamics of the Senate Democratic primary continue to develop.

Daryl Metcalfe. Tone-deafness is peculiar skill of State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. Even so, his recent comments go above and beyond. While chairing a hearing for an “English Only” bill, Metcalfe got into an argument with Rep. Leslie Acosta over a witness. Acosta noted that the Southern Poverty Law Center identified the witness as a white supremacist. Metcalfe’s counter was that the man was a white nationalist “which is quite a bit different from a white supremacist.” That Metcalfe has no qualms with a white nationalist and does not seem to consider that thinking dangerous is a disturbing revelation.

Brian Sims. The State Representative has made history in Harrisburg and now it is looking like he’ll try to make the jump to D.C. We broke the news that Sims has created an exploratory committee, is starting to fundraise and is even telling allies he intends to run. Of course, if Sims decides to take on Congressman Chaka Fattah it will be quite a difficult undertaking (despite the incumbent’s problems). Nevertheless, with two large personalities clashing and a number of other hopefuls seeking the spotlight, it should make for one entertaining primary.

Bob Brady. Well Congressman Brady definitely got noticed, although it’s doubtful that’s what he was hoping for. When Rep. Brady swiped the Pope’s glass, he probably didn’t realize he was going to become international news. Yet that’s what happened, with the Congressman even trying to make amends by gifting the Pontiff a flag that flew over the Capitol. Amidst all this, Brady also made it known that he’s in favor of a Biden presidential candidacy which couldn’t have made the Clinton people very happy. For a man who prefers to work in the background, it was quite a week for Bob Brady.”


Mark Levin (10/01/15)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show: A single male gunman opened fire at an Oregon college, leaving 10 people dead including the shooter. That’s all we know at the moment but that doesn’t stop the media from bringing in “experts” to talk about something they know nothing about. Meanwhile, President Obama once again speaks before he has all the facts, giving out left wing talking points about gun control and politicizing another national tragedy. Every time there is a horrific crime like this, it has the leftist agenda attached to it. Gun control had nothing to do with this; there is no law that could be passed that would have prevented it. We’re tired of Obama telling us there’s something wrong with us and society every time some nutjob slaughters a bunch of people.

“Also, Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the U.N. Thursday and made it perfectly clear that if Iran gets close to having nuclear weapons Israel will attack. Netanyahu made it clear that the U.N. is useless; the Iranian government talks about wiping Israel out yet they do nothing. Netanyahu is a true leader, confronting adversaries and enemies rather than cutting deals with them like our own president.

“Later, Sen. Ted Cruz speaks with Mark about the shooting in Oregon and Russia’s advance in the Middle East.”


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