Dead Cats: PaTaxes, 10/07/15, (18)07: James Brody


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Yes Voters; Call re Speaker of the House; VF Patriots meet10/09

LEADS: JOHNSON – Cruz; KRUISER – Donald’s $2 million; Trump Drudge Links; YORK – Confused pundits; GASS – Carly horrifying to libs; RUSHBO – BO & guns; KELLMAN – Chaffetz; LAWLESS – UK tightens borders; INVESTORS – No data on Syrians; WATSON – Drudge sez websites could end.

HILLARY: GORDON & KUMAR – Hillary’s data.

PA: STAUB – Wolf’s budget; KNEPPER – Wolf’s budget.



Janet (replay): Meehan & Costello voted “yes”

So . . .  91 Republicans joined all the Democrats in the House to pass a bill to fund the US government  and Planned Parenthood until December 11th.  Here’s how those running to replace House Speaker John Boehner voted:  Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — “yea” and Daniel Webster (R-FL)– “nay”.  Two are running to replace McCarthy as Majority Leader:  Tom Price (R-GA)– voted “nay” and Steve Scalise (R-GA) voted “yea”.  How did PA Congressmen do?  Not that well! Yeas:  Lou Barletta (R); Brendan Boyle (D); Robert Brady (D); Matthew Cartwright (D); Ryan Costello (R); Charlie Dent (R); Mike Doyle (D); Chaka Fattah (D); Mike Fitzpatrick (R);

Ted Meehan (R); Joe Pitts (R); Glenn Thompson (R

The bill moved to the Senate, where it passed by a vote of 78-20 and President Obama signed the bill into law Wednesday evening.    In the Senate, Senator Bob Casey, Jr. voted “Yea” and Senator Pat Toomey voted “Nay.”



Friday, October 9, 2015, 6:30PM, P.J. Ryan’s, Bridge St., Phoenixville, PA


Larry Denver, of Faith and Freedom Coalition of PA will join us as speaker for the evening. Larry led our successful “Prayer in the Park” rally in September.

He was born and raised in Montgomery County, and served in the US Navy during Vietnam. After many years in California and “on the move”, Larry and his wife, Alyce, returned to PA to run his business. After working with a successful grassroots organization in Southern ChesCo, where he taught several educational programs, including the U.S. Constitution and Emergency Preparedness classes, he help to found the Faith and Freedom Coalition PA. Larry and the organization believe that we are at a “tipping point” in our country’s future. He says, “being free takes courage, sacrifice, and is not convenient”. Come on out and learn more.

There will also be an open mic discussion on the future of the Valley Forge Patriots and where we should take the organization, especially with elections coming up.

From our September meeting, we sent 32 letters to our legislators on our stand against Planned Parenthood funding.  Thank you for Jthis effort. More to do on this!!

We have two efforts ongoing with our legislator outreach program.  Camille Heppard is work on obtaining a meeting with Senator Pat Toomey and Lucy Tscherne is working on followup with Pat Meehan on Planned Parenthood funding.

Lots of work to do folks.  We need your help.  Join us on Oct. 9th

Janet (


About Donald: “How many frontrunners are pressed to offer a pre-obituary, vainglorious or not, for their candidacies? When Barack Obama pulled ahead in the Democratic race in 2008, did reporters ask when he would drop out? When Mitt Romney took the lead in 2012, did they ask when he planned to quit?” Byron York

LEADS . . .

Eliana Johnson, NRO: “When Cruz Makes His Move, Watch Out”

“Where’s Ted Cruz? The outspoken Texas senator has been unusually quiet in recent weeks. But in GOP circles, there’s soft but growing chatter that he is likely to be one of the last men standing in one of the most chaotic and unpredictable presidential races in recent memory.

“You wouldn’t know it from his poll numbers. Cruz is running at about 6 percent nationally and in key states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. That’s well behind outsiders Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson, and those numbers accord with the attitude that many influential Republicans have taken toward him since his arrival in Washington three years ago: There’s no way he can win the nomination. He’s too conservative and doctrinaire, and his abrasiveness doesn’t help the cause.

“Given his poll numbers and his solid but unremarkable debate performances, the press has mostly ignored him. The result is that the Texas senator may be the most undercovered serious candidate in the race – and the most underestimated. But he shouldn’t be dismissed. This is the man, after all, who, according to one of his allies, began meeting with Iowa activists to plot his path to victory in the state in August of 2013, just nine months after he was elected to the Senate. Is it possible that he’ll sneak up on the Republican establishment again, just as he did in his 2012 Senate race?

“Within Republican circles, attitudes about his viability have begun to change. Even strategists associated with some of Cruz’s rivals acknowledge that, in a historically crowded field, he may be one of the last men standing. ‘He’s got a long way to go, but unlike some of these guys, he has a coherent strategy, he has a lot of money, he has a pretty consistent message, and he’s not making mistakes,’ says a top Republican strategist allied with Florida senator Marco Rubio. ‘He’s running a good campaign.’ . . .”

Stephen Kruiser, PJM: “WaPo: Trump Has Only Spent $2 Million on Campaign So Far”

“As the kids say, whoa, if true.

“MSNBC reported Tuesday morning that aides to Donald Trump estimate that the real estate mogul has spent roughly $2 million on his 2016 presidential campaign to date. That’s consistent with a Wall Street Journal report from over the summer that Trump had loaned his campaign $1.8 million and raised another $100,000 for the effort.

“That’s stunning. And brilliant.

“This is the rarest of occasions: Chris Cillizza is right about something. Trump’s manipulation of media and social media has been brilliant. The fact that he’s constantly on television without having to pay for television time is something that is rather unprecedented for a non-incumbent.

“No matter how this campaign turns out, Trump’s use of social media will probably one day be talked about in political science classes. He is using the various platforms in the way they were meant to be used: personally. Rather than tweeting a campaign talking point in a third-person voice from an account that bears the candidate’s name (as most do), he’s talking to people. No matter how unhinged he may be, speaking directly to the voters as himself on social media resonates infinitely more than “Candidate X wants to, RT if you agree.”

“The media landscape has changed drastically since the Bush/Rove days and the GOP has been less than nimble in adapting. If establishment types and other candidates can turn off their Trump hate for a moment, maybe they can learn something, like how to run a more financially efficient campaign.

“Republicans are still into fiscal responsibility, right?


Trump – Drudge Links (10/7/15) NEW SEASON: Trump plans fall TV ad campaign… Book ‘CRIPPLED AMERICA’ details policies… Melania and Ivanka to hit campaign trail… Leads swing states of FL, OH, PA… GALLUP Won’t Poll Presidential Race…

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Trump and Sanders blowing pundits’ minds”

“Events in both the Republican and Democratic presidential races have outstripped the ability of political strategists and journalists to understand them. Faced with the continued dominance of Donald Trump and the undeniable strength of Bernie Sanders, many in the political commentariat have tried to stuff a series of baffling events into familiar interpretive constructs. It’s not working.

It’s probably fair to say that every — not most, every — Republican strategist in Washington believes Trump will fade, or perhaps blow up, or in any event will not be the GOP nominee. Everything in their experience tells them he won’t last. Which has led to the extraordinary scenario of a frontrunner being asked repeatedly under what circumstances would he drop out of the race. . . .

“. . . Recently Stuart Stevens, who was Mitt Romney’s top aide in 2012, said of the course of the Republican race so far, ‘For Donald Trump to win, everything we know about politics has to be wrong.’ It would be hard to express the bafflement of the political class more succinctly than that. Stevens and others remain confident that the political world will ultimately right itself. But it’s been a very tough time for the law of gravity.”

Nick Gass, Politico: “Fiorina: ‘I’m distinctly horrifying to liberals’”

“Carly Fiorina says she thinks she is “distinctly horrifying to liberals” because of the prospect that she could beat Hillary Clinton in a general election, hours after a poll was released showing her besting the Democratic front-runner in a hypothetical general election match-up in Iowa.

During an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on her Monday night show, Fiorina responded after Kelly read part of a New York Times story from last week in which one woman remarked of the former Hewlett-Packard executive that, “It’s so weird — she looks like one of us, but she’s not.”

Story Continued Below

“Look, we know that most of the media is very liberal. We know that liberal women have trouble accepting that there are many, many women who don’t agree with them,” Fiorina declared. “And in fact, it’s liberal women, unfortunately, who believe that unless you follow their orthodoxy — [MSNBC’s] Rachel Maddow is one, but Hillary Clinton is one, as well.”

Fiorina then recalled that Clinton, campaigning in Iowa for Democratic senatorial candidate Bruce Braley last year, “went through her litany of liberal orthodoxy” on GOP candidate Joni Ernst, of whom she said, “It’s not enough to be a woman.”

Rushbo: “Why We Question Your Motives on Guns, Mr. President”

“. . .If we wanted to take existing policy and, say, move it to other areas, we would proclaim immediately gun-free zones around banks, gun-free zones around official government installations in every city and state in this country, just like we have gun-free schools. My whole point has always been that in every area where the left has run the show or is running the show and in those places where they have implemented stringent gun laws, most stringent gun laws in the country, what is actually happening?

“Gun violence is out of control in places like New York City, in Chicago, really Chicago, Washington, DC, you name it. Wherever liberals run these cities and have implemented these gun laws, what has happened is the only people that don’t have them are victims. They have put into play, they have implemented their utopia gun control measures in all of these places, and what’s been the result? The result is an increase in gun related crime. And it only stands to reason.

“You have to acknowledge that there are mentally ill people and evil people, criminally oriented people who are not blind and are not deaf. When they see that a school is a gun-free zone and not even the security guards are armed, when they see that places like New York and Washington and Chicago have the most stringent gun controls in the country, what do they know? They know that there will be as little resistance possible to any action they want to take of a criminal nature with their gun. This is just common sense. . .”

Laurie Kellman, AP: “Chaffetz made career by confronting establishment”

“WASHINGTON (AP) — One-time college placekicker Jason Chaffetz wants to boot Republican House leaders off their path to promotions.

“Chaffetz declared Sunday that he’s running to replace retiring House Speaker John Boehner, even though Boehner has chosen Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy as his successor, and upend the would-be GOP leadership slate.

“It’s not a new role for Chaffetz. The 48-year-old chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has never been shy about seeking leading roles in politics. He’s climbed the power ladder through a mix of media savvy and confrontations with some establishment favorites. And despite having strong family roots in Democratic politics – his father was the Utah co-chairman for Michael Dukakis’ presidential campaign in 1988 and was once married to Dukakis’ wife, Kitty – Chaffetz entered Congress in 2009 ideologically aligned with the tea party-tinged class that propelled the GOP into the House majority two years later.

“It’s far from clear that Chaffetz will win enough support in the House’s complex selection process. . .”

Jill Lawless, AP: “UK minister rejects EU migration pact, vows tighter borders”

“LONDON (AP) — Britain will never “in a thousand years” agree to a common European immigration policy to deal with the surging number of refugees fleeing to the continent, a top government official declared Tuesday.

Home Secretary Theresa May, the U.K.’s interior minister, told an audience at the Conservative Party conference that Britain should tighten control of its borders, admitting vulnerable refugees but keeping out those who simply want a better life.

She said other European countries should also toughen up their border controls, arguing that in the last few years more people had applied for asylum in the EU from Balkan countries – which have not seen war for years – than from war-torn Syria.

She said Europe’s immigration crisis “can only be resolved by nation states taking responsibility themselves – and protecting their own national borders.”

Investors: “DHS Confesses: No Databases Exist To Vet Syrian Refugees”

“Immigration: As the White House prepares to dump another 10,000 Syrian refugees on U.S. cities, it assures us these mostly Muslim men undergo a “robust screening” process. Not so, admits the agency responsible for such vetting.

“Under grilling from GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, head of the Senate subcommittee on immigration, the Homeland Security official in charge of vetting Syrian and other foreign Muslim refugees confessed that no police or intelligence databases exist to check the backgrounds of incoming refugees against criminal and terrorist records.

“‘Does Syria have any?’ Sessions asked. ‘The government does not, no sir,’ answered Matthew Emrich, associate director for fraud detection and national security at DHS’ U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“Sessions further inquired: ‘You don’t have their criminal records, you don’t have the computer database that you can check?’ Confessed Emrich: ‘In many countries the U.S. accepts refugees from, the country did not have extensive data holdings.’

“While a startling admission, it confirms previous reporting. Senior FBI officials recently testified that they have no idea who these people are, and they can’t find out what type of backgrounds they have — criminal, terrorist or otherwise — because there are no vetting opportunities in those war-torn countries.

“Syria and Iraq, along with Somalia and Sudan, are failed states where police records aren’t even kept. . .”

Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars: “Matt Drudge: Copyright Laws Could Outlaw Linking to Websites”

“I had a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over”

During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Drudge asserted that copyright laws which prevent websites from even linking to news stories were being advanced.

“I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me it’s over for me,” said Drudge. “They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law, you’re out of there. They’re going to make it so you can’t even use headlines.”

“To have a Supreme Court Justice say to me it’s over, they’ve got the votes, which means time is limited,” he added, noting that a day was coming when simply operating an independent website could be outlawed.

“That will end (it) for me – fine – I’ve had a hell of a run,” said Drudge, adding that web users were being pushed into the cyber “ghettos” of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“This is ghetto, this is corporate, they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return – nothing!”


Greg Gordon & Anita Kumar, McClatchy: “Second IT firm agrees to give Clinton’s server data to FBI”

“WASHINGTON Hillary Clinton hired a Connecticut company to back up her emails on a “cloud” storage system, and her lawyers have agreed to turn whatever it contains over to the FBI, a personal familiar with the situation said Tuesday.

“The disclosure came as a Republican Senate committee chairman, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, also asked the firm to turn over to the committee copies of any Clinton emails still in its possession.

“There were conflicting accounts as to whether the development could lead to recovery of any of Clinton’s more than 31,000 personal emails, which she said she deleted from her private server upon turning over her work-related emails to the State Department, at its request, in December 2014.

“Congressional Republicans have voiced skepticism as to whether the 30,940 business emails that the Democratic presidential candidate handed over represented all of those related to her position as secretary of state. The FBI is separately investigating whether Clinton’s arrangement put classified information at risk but has yet to characterize it as a criminal inquiry.

“Datto Inc., based in Norwalk, Conn., became the second data storage firm to become entangled in the inquiry into Clinton’s unusual email arrangement, which has sparked a furor that has dogged her campaign. . .”

PA . . .

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “Wolf’s wish-list of tax increases shrinks ahead of key vote”

“The great tax vote of 2015 has arrived, and it could have big ramifications for Pennsylvania’s three-month-long budget impasse.

Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled the latest version of his revenue plan Tuesday, and though it scales back the scope of his original proposal, taxpayers would still get tagged with a 16 percent personal income tax increase. The natural gas industry would be subject to a severance tax for the first time, too.

The Republican-controlled state House could vote on Wolf’s tax package, worth $3.8 billion over the next two fiscal years, as soon as Wednesday. Striking it down would send a strong message that there’s no appetite for the type of broad-based tax increase the governor wants and set budget talks on a new course.

“‘If it fails, (Wolf) has to realize that this is not what the state of Pennsylvania wants. There’s no gamesmanship, there’s no spinning,’ said Anna McCauslin, director of policy for the Pennsylvania chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative organization that supports lower taxes and limited government.

“Wolf’s latest proposal centers on two taxes, the personal income tax and the severance tax. The sales tax, which the governor originally wanted to raise and expand, is off the table. So are higher tobacco taxes and an increased bank shares tax.

“It would still bring in gobs of money. The administration expects the proposal would raise more than $1.4 billion in 2015-16 and top $2.4 billion in 2016-17.

“Wolf submitted his revised tax proposal a day after he renewed a pitch for a broad-based tax increase, saying it is necessary to close a structural deficit that could reach almost $2.3 billion by the next fiscal year. Without one, Wolf warned the state would be forced to cut education funding to its lowest level in about a decade. . .”

Leo Knepper, CAP: KEY VOTE: Wolf’s Tax Proposal”

“On October 7th, the Pennsylvania House will vote on Governor Wolf’s tax proposal. Taxpayers in Pennsylvania cannot afford the $5 billion in tax increases that the Governor is demanding over the next two years. Every member of the House should vote “NO” on the Governor’s tax proposal.

“Also, CAP will be closely monitoring the amendment process. While some lawmakers might be tempted to vote in favor of the extraction tax, bank share fee, and/or tax increase on tobacco products, CAP will also score attempts to amend the legislation toward those ends negatively. In other words, the Governor’s proposal should be voted on in its entirety.

“Although the Governor and his allies have painted this as a vote to make the natural gas industry pay “its fair share”, the reality is that 75 percent of the new taxes will be collected via the personal income tax and changes to the sales tax.

“Please, contact your Representative, Senator, and Governor Wolf let them know that you oppose this latest scheme to raise your taxes.”


END NOTE . . .

Mark Levin (10/6/15)

“Language is the glue that holds a society together. If you’re going to read any legally binding contract or understand the Constitution, you need to know English, yet 1 in 5 U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home. There is no intention for any assimilation to occur or for deportation either. In fact, the Obama administration has deported the fewest number of illegal aliens in the last 12 months since 2006. The citizenry own this country, not politicians or foreigners that find their way here illegally. If we start enforcing existing immigration laws there won’t be a need to ‘round them up’ – once the word spreads that laws are being enforced we won’t have to round anyone up. Also, President Obama has made it perfectly clear that he will push his agenda whenever there’s a mass murder, just as he did within hours of the shooting in Oregon.

“Meanwhile Josh Earnest’s answer for the gun issue in America is none other than more Obamacare. Later, Vladimir Putin isn’t in the Middle East to fight ISIS or save Christians, but to control the Mediterranean. He’s only able to do so because we have an incompetent Commander in Chief weakening our armed forces at a time when we should be building them up.

“Finally, Rick Santorum calls in to discuss his grassroots effort in Iowa and his position on illegal immigration and the need to enforce our Visa [sic!] laws.”


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