Dead Cats: PotPourri, 10/16/15, (18)11: James Brody


JANET: Our Syrian neighbors.


JOHN NOLTE – Why Donald wins.

LEADS: GOLDSTEIN – Marginal ACA growth; HANSON – Sanctuary cities; WILL – Progressive Chicago; SOWELL – Gun control; CHANG – Last days of peace; IMBERT – $$$ gone; VINIK – BO “nudges” America.

SPEAKER: FERRICHIO – Magic is gone.

HILLARY: APUZZO & SCHMIDT – Obama & FBI; HENNINGER – Bernie loves her; DRUDGE Links.

PA: KNEPPER – Paycheck protection; SNYDER – Ups & Downs

END NOTE: INTERCEPT – The drone papers.


“I’ll be honest: America deserves better than Hillary Clinton. We deserve better than lies, pandering, and self-serving politics.” Carly Fiorina

Janet: Our Syrian Invasion

I attended the meeting in Allentown today.

Sen. Toomey sent a rep. as he SUPPORTS this.  Learned that they will take any “refugee” whether or not they are Muslims or Christians.  The “refugees” first register with the UN.  Supposedly they are checked to make sure that they are being persecuted in their home land.  Allentown will be getting up to 130 refugees in the coming months and EACH person regardless of age will receive $925.  So, a family of four will receive $3700!. They will be assisted in finding a place to live whether it be with a family or an apartment.  They are assisted in finding a job and will have help in learning English.  The money is supposed to last them 3 months and that they are supposed to be self-sufficient after that time.  We all know that won’t happen!!!

Wish they put this much time, money and effort into helping our Veterans!  This group also helps in Phila. and Lancaster, so we can expect more coming to those areas.


—–Original Message—– From: Galaxypwd <> To: galaxypwd <> Sent: Tue, Oct 13, 2015 9:11 pm Subject: More on the Syrian “invasion”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2015 Meeting tomorrow in Allentown!

Sorry I have to repeat over and over again that the vast majority of the Syrians the US is admitting to the country are Muslims (97%) because many people simply assume we (and these supposedly Christian charities) are helping the truly persecuted Christians.

Pennsylvania citizens should contact Senator Toomey’s office today and voice your concerns. PA is in the top ten states receiving Syrian refugees. Toomey is supposedly for limited government!

See our previous mentions of Allentown where the Mayor signed a letter with 17 other mayors begging Obama for MORE Syrians (100,000 Syrians!).

And, here, where we learned that Syrians have already begun arriving in Allentown (and Pennsylvania generally).

From The Morning Call:

With at least 130 refugees expected to arrive in the Lehigh Valley in the next 12 months, local congregations, organizations and volunteers are wondering how they can help.

Lutheran Children and Family Services, which oversees an Allentown refugee resettlement program, will hold an informational meeting from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday to address how individuals, churches and businesses can assist.

Janet (

Drums Rattle, Flags Wave

“Don’t know who gets Glenn Beck but, the other day he and David Barton were discussing what Christians want to hear from their ministers/pastors etc. here is the survey and the outcome.  David Barton suggested that we take the survey and results to our clergy.

Also, to give them this web site:

Valley Forge Patriots is considering joining with other groups such as Oath Keeper, Delco Patriots, etc. so we have a larger number of people to address the dangers that are coming our way.  If you have any thoughts, concerns, ideas please feel free to share them with our steering committee.


We are going to start up our rallies at King of Prussia mall on Saturdays from Noon til 3 starting Oct. 31.  Please try to attend and bring chairs, water, and appropriate signs. We rally on Rt. 202 by the Wells Fargo Bank. We reach thousands of people at that site and now that the holidays are coming we will reach many more.

Janet (

“How can someone with an ‘F’ conservative rating (Conservative Review) be acceptable to conservatives?” he said in a statement to National Review. “Paul Ryan came to Washington with such promise and has been a huge disappointment. At every turn he has done the bidding of John Boehner. He hasn’t taken a principled stand on a single thing of importance. He is just more of the same, sadly.” Brent Bozell, ForAmerica


John Nolte, Breitbart: “CNBC Agrees to Two-Hour Debate: This Is Why Donald Trump Is Winning”

Our corrupt Washington DC/New York media again tried to mess with the Republican presidential field.

While every other Republican remained publicly silent, frontrunner Donald Trump got his closest rival, Dr. Ben Carson, to join with him and together they stood up and said, “No.”

This kept Trump in the headlines and at the top of the news cycle throughout yesterday afternoon and this morning. And now we’ve learned that Trump and Carson won. The DC/NY media agreed to the frontrunners’ demands.

Does anyone in the weak-kneed Republican Establishment, or among the bubbled-morons in the Punditocracy, have any more questions about why The Donald appears to be coasting to the Republican nomination for President of the United States?



LEADS . . .

Amy Goldstein, WaPo: “White House projects marginal ACA enrollment growth in 2016”

“The Obama administration is predicting a meager increase next year in the number of Americans with private insurance through the Affordable Care Act — a forecast, far below previous government estimates, that signals the obstacles to attracting people who remain uninsured.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell announced Thursday that an expected 10 million Americans will be covered by late 2016 by health plans they bought on the federal and state insurance exchanges created under the law.

That figure is just half the most recent forecast by congressional budget analysts, who have long expected 2016 to usher in the biggest surge in enrollment. The number represents a marginal increase from the 9.1 million Americans the administration believes will have ACA health plans by the end of this year.

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Are Sanctuary Cities the New Confederates?”

“There are now 340 sanctuary cities in the United States — and the list is growing. All of them choose to ignore federal immigration law by refusing to report detained undocumented immigrants to federal authorities under most circumstances. Partly as a result, deportations of those who entered the U.S. illegally are at a 10-year low — even according to the Obama administration’s new rigged redefinition of deportation as also occasionally preventing illegal entry at the border. Some of the 1,000 undocumented immigrants who go unreported to federal authorities each month and are thereby shielded by sanctuary cities from deportation have been accused of violent crimes. . .

“In the 19th century, the Supreme Court issued a number of rulings prohibiting particular states from ignoring federal laws — from unpopular tax policies to the establishment of Native American reservations. The most prominent nullificationist was Senator John C. Calhoun, a South Carolina states-rights advocate and the spiritual godfather of sanctuary cities. Calhoun declared, for example, that federal tariffs should not apply to his state. “Apparently, sanctuary cities do not understand the illiberal pedigree of federal nullification, which was at the heart of the Confederate secessionist movement of 1861. In the 1960s, segregationists declared that Supreme Court decisions and integration laws did not apply to their states. In some states, local law enforcement refused to cooperate with federal authorities to integrate schools. What would San Franciscans do if conservative counties and towns followed their lead? Perhaps a rural Wyoming sheriff can now look the other way when he spots a cattleman shooting a federally protected grizzly bear or predatory timber wolf — or at least shield the cattleman from federal officials. Should public schools in Provo, Utah, start the day with school-wide prayers? “Many Americans support a pathway to legal residence for undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States — if the border is first closed to further illegal immigration, if legal immigration is made ethnically blind and predicated on merit such as education and skills, if undocumented immigrants pay a fine and meet residency requirements, if applicants for legal residence are neither on public assistance nor have committed crimes, and if those with criminal records and without work records are sent back to their countries of origin. “In contrast, sanctuary cities refuse even to inform federal authorities about the undocumented immigrants with felony convictions who are residing in their jails. So where do we go from here? . . .”

George Will, NRO: “In Chicago, Rahm Emanuel Faces a Crisis Brought on by Progressive Politics”

“. . . It is not Emanuel’s fault that Chicago’s three largest employers, after the federal government, are the public-school system, the city government, and Cook County’s government. Although Emanuel is a product of the Chicago politics that made Barack Obama, the crisis brought on by such politics now requires Emanuel to take many measures to make Chicago an exception to the nation’s economic lethargy under Obama.

“Emanuel’s task — condign punishment for any Democrat — is to salvage the blue model by making the private sector dynamic enough to generate tax revenues sufficient to fund improvident public contracts and their pension promises. Hence Emanuel’s focus on K–12 education. “A circle with a radius of 275 miles from Chicago’s Loop includes nine Big Ten campuses (and the University of Chicago, Notre Dame, and many others) that furnish a steady stream of graduates drawn to urban life. The challenge is to hold these taxpayers in the city when they have school-age children. Hence Emanuel’s enthusiasm for — scarcity can be the mother of courage — charter schools, which horrify the Democratic party’s paymasters in the teachers’ unions. . .”

Thomas Sowell, Townhall: “The ‘Gun Control’ Farce: Part II”

Thx Ted!

The grand illusion of zealots for laws preventing ordinary, law-abiding people from having guns is that “gun control” laws actually control guns. In a country with many millions of guns, not all of them registered, this is a fantasy and a farce.

“Guns do not vanish into thin air because there are gun control laws. Guns — whether legal or illegal — can last for centuries. Passing laws against guns may enable zealots to feel good about themselves, but at the cost of other people’s lives.

“Why anyone would think that criminals who disobey other laws, including laws against murder, would obey gun control laws is a mystery. A disarmed population makes crime a safer occupation and street violence a safer sport. . .”

Gordon Chang, BillBennett: “Gordon Chang: The World, Perhaps in the Last Days of Peace”

“This moment has a pre-war feel.  China and Russia, two aggressive states, are on the march, and the rogue regimes they sponsor, especially Iran and North Korea, now act with impunity.

“In the last three years, both Beijing and Moscow seized territory from their neighbors, and Washington’s response has been feeble.  The Pentagon shares blame with the White House for the failure of American resolve.

“President Obama does not appear to be up to the challenge, but then again neither was his predecessor, who repeatedly failed in the face of Chinese and Russian assertion.  Failure has been bipartisan and continues to be such.

“There are so many hotspots spread across the globe at the moment the risk is that the crises will merge and engulf the world.

“On specific issues, there is something to be said for letting our adversaries kill each other in Syria, and Russia can easily find itself in war-without-end there. Yet there is a sense of unease because the United States is no longer the guarantor of peace in the Middle East.  In fact, we are not even guiding outcomes.

“In East Asia, the test for Washington will be the freedom of navigation exercises the Navy plans in the Spratly chain.  The White House refused permission in the summer for such operations, but now the administration has relented in light of Beijing’s refusal to adhere to its obligations.  There will be other tests as an arrogant Beijing seeks to eject Washington from the region.

“Iran blatantly violated the just-negotiated nuclear deal with the test of a ballistic missile on Sunday.  Tehran bought the technology for the missile from North Korea.  Why did we not stop missile sales, which have taken place for two decades, in the first place?

“China cyberattacks the United States, but President Obama apparently will not impose the sanctions the White House discussed a month ago.  The Chinese are cybercriminals, but we have permitted them to rob us blind.  They will stop only when we impose costs greater than the benefits they receive.

“The United States has the power to lead as our economy is so much stronger than Russia’s or China’s.  Russia already is deep in recession, and China is fast headed that way.

“That means, among other things, that a determined American president can make a difference.  Yet there is no Reagan in sight, in either party.  In America today, there is a sense of malaise, much like the 1970s.  Pessimism now defines our approach to the world.

“As a result, Russia and China are largely free to do what they want.  They are taking apart the international system, and the smell of disaster is in the air.”

Also: Gordon Chang, World Affairs: “Is a US-China Showdown in South China Sea Imminent?”

“’We will never allow any country to violate China’s territorial waters and airspace in the Spratly Islands, in the name of protecting freedom of navigation and overflight,’ said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at Friday’s regular news briefing. ‘We urge the related parties not to take any provocative actions, and genuinely take a responsible stance on regional peace and stability.’

Fred Imbert, CNBC: “Lew to Congress: Debt limit now exhausted Tuesday, November 3”

“Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Thursday the U.S. debt limit will be exhausted Nov. 3, two days before previously estimated.

“At that point, we expect Treasury would be left with less than $30 billion to meet all of the nation’s commitments — an amount far short of net expenditures on certain days, which can be as high as $60 billion,” Lew said in a letter.

“Operating the United States government with no borrowing authority, and with only the cash on hand on a given day, would be profoundly irresponsible. . .”

Dan Vinik, Politico: “Obama’s effort to ‘nudge’ America”

“The government tried using behavioral science to shape people’s behavior. Here’s what happened.

“The nickname is ‘nudging’—the idea that policymakers can change people’s behavior just by presenting choices or information differently. The classic example is requiring people to opt out of being an organ donor, instead of opting in, when they sign up for a driver’s license. Without any change in rules, the small tweak has boosted the number of registered organ donors in many states.

“Nudging has gained a lot of high-profile advocates, including behavioral-law guru Cass Sunstein and former budget czar Peter Orszag. Not everyone likes the idea—“the behaviorists are saying that you, consumer, are stupid,” said Bill Shughart, a professor of public choice at Utah State University—but President Obama was intrigued enough that he actually hired Sunstein, a law professor at Harvard who co-wrote the best-known book about the topic, ‘Nudge.’

“The president officially adopted the idea last year when he launched the White House’s Social and Behavioral Science Team (SBST), a cross-agency effort to bring behavioral science research into the policymaking process. Now the team has published its first annual report on this experiment.

“How did it go? Mostly, the efforts appear to have worked, though it’s hard to know how much impact they’ll have. In part this is because the SBST’s efforts are small—just 15 proof-of-concept projects in its first year—and limited by agencies and laws in how bold they could be. Nevertheless, the findings produce a few key insights . . .”


Susan Ferrichio, Washington Examiner: “’Thankless’ speaker’s job may have lost its allure”

“. . . Once the most coveted position in Congress, the role of speaker is now viewed by many lawmakers as an impossible job, thanks to a deeply divided Republican conference that has become increasingly incompatible since 2010, when dozens of conservative lawmakers backed by the Tea Party were first elected to the House. The GOP’s most conservative faction helped drive out Speaker John Boehner, who has held the gavel since 2010 and announced he plans to leave as soon as a successor is elected.

“Boehner’s decision to quit followed years of taunting by conservative groups who hit a nerve with the speaker by criticizing his every move and questioning his conservative credentials. Popular right-leaning radio show hosts regularly called for Boehner’s ouster.

“‘He talks like a liberal!’ talk show host Mark Levin shouted in one broadcast, after listening to Boehner complain in a Golf Channel interview about conservative talk radio. ‘You gutless wonder, why don’t you step down if it’s all too much for you!’

“Conservative lawmakers complicated much of Boehner’s tenure. They often flouted the GOP leadership, voting against key legislation they deemed too moderate and forcing Boehner to negotiate with Democrats in order to win enough votes to pass bills despite a hefty majority.

“On Sept. 25, Boehner announced he was stepping down to avoid ‘prolonged leadership turmoil’ that was likely to result as he negotiates a major budget deal with Democrats and the White House. . .”


Apuzzo & Schmidt, NYT: “Obama’s Comments on Clinton Emails Collide With F.B.I. Inquiry”

“WASHINGTON — Federal agents were still cataloging the classified information from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal email server last week when President Obama went on television and played down the matter.

“I don’t think it posed a national security problem,” Mr. Obama said Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” He said it was a mistake for Mrs. Clinton to use a private email account when she was secretary of state, but his conclusion was unmistakable: “This is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.”

“Those statements angered F.B.I. agents who have been working for months to determine whether Ms. Clinton’s email setup had in fact put any of the nation’s secrets at risk, according to current and former law enforcement officials.

“Investigators have not reached any conclusions. . . “

Daniel Henninger, WSJ: “Bernie Loves Hillary”

Thx Ted!

“Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be the Democratic party’s nominee, but he represents its future

“These staged debates do poorly at revealing who could be a competent U.S. president. See “Debates, 2007-08.” But they are useful at surfacing the ideas that define either party. Here is what we learned about the Democrats.

“On foreign policy, it is now the party of U.S. isolationism.

“That this is true was made clear two days before the debate in Barack Obama’s “60 Minutes” interview Sunday. Pressed by Steve Kroft on whether he would intervene as U.S. influence in the Middle East was being displaced by Russia and Iran, Mr. Obama repeatedly demurred.

“When Mr. Kroft asked if the world was a safer place, Mr. Obama answered: ‘America is a safer place.’ The idea that the world can spin to pieces if the American landmass remains nominally safe was the view of the isolationist wing of the Republicans in 1940. Now the Democrats own it. Or as Mr. Sanders made clear in the debate: Hell no, he won’t go in a world of ‘quagmires.’

“Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee mainly outbid each other’s commitments to going nowhere. Mr. Chafee did mention Vietnam, which Mr. Sanders knows is the origin of Barack Obama’s withdrawal of his party from a lead role in the world’s affairs.

“The essential statement came from Hillary Clinton, on Libya in 2011: ‘Our response, which I think was smart power at its best, is that the United States will not lead this.’

“Former Sen. Jim Webb stood on the stage as the unwelcome ghost of Democrats past—senators like Moynihan, Lieberman, Nunn, Glenn, Boren, Jackson and Mansfield. That’s all gone. The price for making isolation America’s foreign policy again may be paid in the next 15 months.

“By the way, with the explicit opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders, the party is abandoning a free-trade commitment dating back to FDR and the Reciprocal Tariff Act of 1934. This is not your father’s Democratic Party. . .”

Drudge Links (10/15-16/15)

Local newscaster harder on Hillary than Anderson Cooper… Republicans will not let her off so easy… Fuming Sanders supporters: Why is CNN deleting our comments? Pundits Thought Clinton Won — But Did Viewers? BERN, BABY, BERN: Sanders cuts the rug with ELLEN… How did Hillary ‘look at’ secret text of Obamatrade? VIDEO: ‘I’m against it now, but we’ll see’… BANKER: Will ‘Become Mrs. Wall Street’ If Elected…


DNC: IT’S HILLARY OR NOTHING… KNIVES COME OUT FOR DEBBIE! PARTY IN DISARRAY… Biden aide urges Dems not to count him out… Criminal probe of Clinton email focused on ‘gross negligence’ provision… AGENT: HILLARY COULD FACE 10 YEARS IN JAIL…

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “Paycheck Protection Advances to House”

“On October 14th, the Pennsylvania Senate passed SB 501. The legislation would prohibit all levels of Pennsylvania government from collecting money for unions to spend on political issues. Currently, state, local, municipal governments and school districts act as collection agents for unions. SB 501 changes that by requiring unions to collect political funds directly from members.

“Despite the fact that this legislation affects only money that is to be used for political purposes, every Democrat and four Republicans voted against the measure. The roll call can be found here.

It is worth noting that all five CAP members of the Senate voted “YES”. Furthermore, the legislation was sponsored by CAP member Sen. John Eichelberger. Also, passage of this legislation in the Senate is directly linked to the shakeup in Senate leadership that happened earlier this year. One of the Republican “NO” votes was Senator Dominic Pileggi, former Senate Majority Leader and ally of big government special interests.

“While CAP would ultimately like to see government out of the business of collecting union dues altogether, eliminating government collection of political funds is a welcome step in the right direction. . .”

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: 10/16 Ups & Downs

“A DUI, a retirement and some intriguing endorsements. See who made this week’s list!

Katie McGinty. It’s not every day that someone switches their endorsement, let alone a major statewide labor union. Nevertheless that’s exactly what happened this week when the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals dropped Sestak and endorsed McGinty. PASNAP had gone to the extraordinary step of throwing their support behind Sestak three years before the 2016 election. Yet according to the ex-Admiral, they threatened to rescind their backing if he missed a rally last year. McGinty also got a major boost when Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid predicted she would win. While Reid’s statement may not swing any votes, it could very well convince donors that McGinty is the candidate to get behind.

Pat Browne. State Senator Pat Browne was formally charged with a DUI this week…again. This is the third time Browne has been caught driving under the influence in the past twenty years. The legislator’s attorney plead not guilty and asked for his client to be placed in rehab. Perhaps at long last Browne can get a handle on his problem before he hurts himself and/or others.

Todd Stephens. It’s tough winning a party primary. There is a much smaller pool of voters and it’s difficult to reach them. That’s why endorsements from influential leaders can mean so much. Over the years, State Sen. Scott Wagner has solidified his credentials as a hard-core conservative. This fact should help the man he is endorsing for Attorney General Todd Stephens. A State Rep. lesser known statewide than his opponent State Sen. John Rafferty, Wagner’s support could be huge for Stephens.

Donald Trump. We’re guessing “The Donald” wants to deport the people over at Public Policy Polling. Their latest survey shows that Trump still has the lead among Republican presidential hopefuls but only by a single point. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is right on the real estate mogul’s heels. In fact, Pennsylvania may be part of a national trend as Trump appears to have finally peaked. Or maybe he’ll find yet another way to take over cable news.

Charles Ramsey. On Wednesday, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced his retirement. Ramsey meant a great deal to the City of Brotherly Love. He is Philly’s most popular individual and his pronouncement brought Mayor Michael Nutter to tears. While his successes were important, it was his erstwhile yet futile efforts at reform that were more inspiring (Philadelphia Magazine’s David Gambacorta wrote a terrific piece about this). He won’t be an easy man to replace but his service will always be remembered.”


The Intercept: The Drone Papers

“The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama’s drone wars.


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