Dead Cats: BOFuddled, 11/18/15, (18)25: James Brody


VF Patriots Notes, AFP Phone Bank; Freedom Works – Your SSN, DRUMS RATTLE, FLAGS WAVE.

RILEY – Mistrust of Obama; GLICK – Invisible enemy; WEST – Acts of war.

ISIS: States that say “NO”; GOLDBERG – BO’s strategy; WILLIAMSON – Anonymous at war; YORK – We tie our hands; BEDARD – Paris coming here.


PA: STAUB – Hiding police identities.

END NOTES: LEVIN (11/17/15); BRODY – BO smoked Paris;                                                        

Janet: “Report on the VFP Meeting, Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 and proposed organizational changes”

“The meeting was primarily to honor Service Members through Adopt-a-Platoon Christmas ‘Stocking’ project and to discuss plans for 2016 and beyond.

“$150. Was collected and a couple of checks have been received from those who could not be at the meeting. We had to pay P.J. Ryan’s $30 to make up for a shortage in restaurant business. (They have been generous.)

“VFP will put in additional money to make $248 for eight gift packages for the Troops. Members also did about 40 Christmas cards to include with the gifts.  Thank you all!!

“Meeting times and days were discussed. It was decided that VFP would meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  It was also decided that we would continue to meet but not necessarily monthly. Stay tuned on this.

“VFP will become more project focused feeling that members are already educated on the issues and don’t always need a speaker, especially with a presidential election coming up. Several suggestions were offered; one from Peggy Layden was to obtain voter logs of those who have not voted in recent past elections and to contact them. More to come on this issue.

“Janet Warnsdorfer presented a new project by Tea Party Patriots called “Yellow Card Project”.

“According to the Tea Party Patriots with the Yellow Card Project, we will drive the attention of our nation and our lawmakers toward the subjects that truly matter to us all.

“In the 2016 election cycle, we’ll use Yellow Card to force all candidates for federal office to confront issues that some of them would prefer not to address. Through the initiatives and events we’ll roll out as part of the Yellow Card Project, we’ll control the subject of our nation’s political conversation – this is the key to securing a future that upholds the conservative values that will help America flourish.

The Yellow Cards are a set of core subjects, questions which the candidates need to answer, and which the American public needs to think about. We didn’t just make these questions up ourselves; we talked to our allies, both in the Tea Party movement and outside; we reached out to Tea Party Patriots all over the country, from grassroots group leaders and allies on Capitol Hill to our day-to-day volunteers and small-dollar donors.

“We did this because the Yellow Card Project is about you; helping you to voice your concerns and providing you with the tools and the information you need to confront Washington.

“Go to to learn about the issues this project will focus on, the materials that the Tea Party Patriots will supply to our supporters, and sign the petition to show your support!

AFP Phone Bank: Kathryn Ferro

“Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. This regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they’re capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you’ve got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama’s corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.

Kathryn Ferro | Field Director – Southeastern Pennsylvania | Americans for Prosperity – PA

m: 267.315.3585 | e: | @AFPPennsylvania

Adam Brandon, Freedom Works: Your SSN & the IRS

“Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. James, this regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they’re capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you’ve got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama’s corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.


We rally at King of Prussia mall on Saturdays from Noon til 3 starting Oct. 31.  Please try to attend and bring chairs, water, and appropriate signs. We rally on Rt. 202 by the Wells Fargo Bank. We reach thousands of people at that site and now that the holidays are coming we will reach many more.

Janet (


“The top diplomat in the United States just publicly argued that because the victims at Charlie Hebdo had spoken risqué words but the victims at the Bataclan had not, the violence against the former was more comprehensible than the violence against the latter. Has he lost his mind?” Charles C.W. Cooke

Jason Riley, WSJ: “Mistrusting Obama on ISIS—and Refugees”

“Mr. Obama insisted that “we have the right strategy and we’re going to see it through.”

“That White House strategy involves resettling in the U.S. next year some 10,000 displaced Syrians to help alleviate the worst refugee crisis since World War II. More than half of the nation’s governors, citing security risks, are balking at this prospect. The Republican-controlled Congress will almost certainly try to stop resettlement, perhaps by blocking appropriations for it. And history suggests that it will be a very tough sell with the public. In a national poll taken by Fortune magazine in 1938, only about 5% of respondents wanted the U.S. to accept refugees fleeing European fascism; two-thirds agreed that “we should try to keep them out.”

“Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. has admitted 1.5 million refugees and immigrants from the Middle East. That includes 1,500 from Syria since the war began there in 2011. Michael Chertoff, who led the Department of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, told me Monday that our vetting process works. Unlike European nations that face swarms of people showing up unscreened at the border and creating pressure to be admitted, the U.S. has the luxury of physical distance from the conflict, which allows it to be selective, he said. All potential Syrian refugees are vetted in person in the region they are fleeing, not on U.S. soil, and they are subjected to biometric and other background checks against security databases. The main complaint of critics is that the process is too slow. “We dealt with this issue when we had people coming from Iraq during the war, and it’s quite lengthy—like an 18 months-plus vetting process,” Mr. Chertoff said. “While nothing is perfect, it was a secure and reliable way of making sure you didn’t let in people who were trying to come under false pretenses.”

“Mr. Chertoff argues that continuing to admit Syrian refugees makes sense strategically. ‘It allows us to truthfully say that we’re not hypocrites or bigoted against Muslims or people from other cultures,’ he said. ‘That has a positive impact in terms of the disposition people around the world have toward the U.S. You don’t want to play into the narrative of the bad guy. That’s giving propaganda to the enemy.’ . . .”

Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post: “Radical Islam–The Invisible Enemy”

“As the cleaning crews were mopping the dried blood from the stage and the seats of the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, a depressing act appeared on stage in distant Iowa.

“Saturday night the three contenders for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination took to the stage in Iowa for a debate. The moderator asked them whether they would be willing to use the term ‘radical Islam’ to describe the ideology motivating Islamic terrorists to massacre innocents. All refused.

“Like her former boss, US President Barack Obama, former secretary of state and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton not only refused to accept the relevance of the term. Clinton refused to acknowledge what radical Islam stands for.

“She merely noted some of what it rejects.

“In her words, ‘I think this kind of barbarism and nihilism, it’s very hard to understand, other than the lust for power, the rejection of modernity, the total disregard for human rights, freedom, or any other value that we know and respect.’

“Her opponents agreed with her.

“But of course, it is easy to understand what motivates Islamic terrorists. They tell us all the time.

“They want the world to be run by an Islamic empire.

“When they are in charge, they will kill, subjugate, convert or enslave all non-Muslims, except Jews.

“The Jews will be obliterated.

“The attacks they carry out in the Western world are viewed both as battles for the soul of Muslims worldwide and as a means to terrorize non-Muslims into accepting subjugation. . .”–the_invisible_enemy_128770.html

Bing West, NRO: “Was Paris an Act of War? Yes, No, or Duck the Issue?”

“. . . President Obama’s Options. A few days ago, President Obama claimed that ISIS had been “contained.” Now the Islamists have called him out. He has no choice; he has to do something. He has three options.

Option 1. Do nothing, with a flourish. Given his track record of the past seven years, the odds are that he will create a fog of rhetoric and a thicket of high-level meetings, while substantive military actions will be slight. There will be an uptick in videos of laser-bomb strikes released by the White House. Public attention will fade after a few months.

Option 2. A defensive no-fly zone. The second option is to create a no-fly zone in northern Syria. To date, he has firmly declared that he will not do this. Our military would need substantial air-related assets, costing in the billions. The odds are overwhelming that both the Russians and Assad’s air force would stay away from the zone, not least because they stand no chance against our air. “However, a no-fly zone by itself is a defensive move that gets us into a war without the resolve or resources to win it. The zone would still be vulnerable to ground-based attacks. To prevent that and to apply pressure against ISIS, the allies would have to turn the zone into a forward operating base, moving in tanks, artillery, helicopter gunships, trainers, logistics, etc. To do that requires a major force numbering more than 10,000. At that point, the no-fly zone has morphed into a ground war.

Option 3. An Arab-NATO ground offensive. That brings us to Obama’s third option: pulling together a NATO-Sunni Arab coalition to prosecute a land campaign. By themselves, the rebels in Syria cannot destroy either the Assad regime or ISIS. A Sunni Arab army composed of forces from Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf states, backed by American advisers and forward air controllers, is needed. Syria must be invaded by a foreign army in order to destroy ISIS. Yes, Islamist extremism is an ideology, not a physical entity. The Nazis were also an ideology. Deprived of territory and popular support, ideologues become outlaws, dangerous and lethal, but hunted and on the run. The end state would be a redrawn political map consisting of an Allawite/Assad redoubt in western Syria, a moderate Sunni enclave in eastern Syria and northern Iraq, a Kurdish de facto state, and a Shiite government in southern Iraq. To insure stability in the Sunni enclave would require forces from other Arab nations for a decade.

“This will not happen. Mr. Obama will not reach out to Arab states to pull together a coalition, let alone initiate a major war he cannot end before leaving office. That is not the legacy he envisions. By doing little except talking, he can wait and let anger about the Paris massacre subside, while hoping there is not a terrorist attack here in the U.S. “The congressional option: change the authorization for war. . .”

ISIS . . .

MAP: Washington Examiner: “States saying ‘no’ to Syrian refugees”

PA is a “yes” state, along with Vermont, Colorado, California, Montana, Washington, and Wisconsin . . . Is Tom worried about his own next job?

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Obama Still Convinced of His ISIS Strategy: Events? What Events?”

“According to legend, if not actual historians, Harold Macmillan was once asked what he most feared could derail his agenda. The British prime minister allegedly said, “Events, my dear boy, events.”

“Macmillan may never have actually said it, but the quote endures because it gets at a fundamental truth of politics (and life). Facts on the ground can deliver a fatal blow to one’s most cherished plans.

“The line kept coming to mind as I listened to President Obama’s remarkable news conference Monday from the G-20 meeting in Turkey. Asked again and again whether he underestimated the threat from Islamic State, a group he once dismissed as a “JV team,” the president said, in effect, “no.”

“Of course, he used a lot more words, but that was the gist: “It’s important for us to get the strategy right, and the strategy that we are pursuing is the right one.” He added that “the terrible events in Paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback.” “Critics who disagree, he said, shouldn’t ‘pop off’ with their half-baked and ill-considered opinions. He’s ‘not interested’ in what he sees as mere sloganeering about “American leadership or America winning” that distract him from his strategy.

“The contrast with remarks by French president Francois Hollande, addressing Parliament on Monday, was remarkable. Had Hollande’s speech been delivered by a Republican presidential candidate, Obama would probably have dismissed it as more popping off. Hollande pledged to wage war “without a respite, without a truce. . . . It is not a question of containing but of destroying this organization.”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “Anonymous at War”

“As the CIA goes begging tech titans for help, the hacker collective goes on offense. “When the hacker group Anonymous announced it was launching a campaign against the Islamic State (“These are not the 72 virgins they were expecting,” as one now immortal online quipster put it), something happened that was, in its way, remarkable: Most everybody took them seriously.

“Anonymous has taken credit for eliminating some 3,800 pro-ISIS social-media accounts, and it has suggested that, as in its campaign against the rather less significant Ku Klux Klan, it will gather a great deal of real-world information on Islamic State sympathizers and confederates and make it public. In the case of the Klan, that would mean mainly exposure to social opprobrium; in the case of Islamic State groupies and co-conspirators, that could mean a great deal more.

“Anonymous is a famously fractious coalition of individuals and factions with internal rivalries and disagreements — a collective front rather than a united front, as Jamie Condliffe put it in Gizmodo — but it is generally regarded as being reasonably good at what it does. Terrorist groups are critically dependent upon electronic communication for everything from recruitment and motivation to actual operations, and there is some reason to suspect that groups such as Anonymous will prove more adept at disrupting that communication than our conventional intelligence and law-enforcement forces have. The Islamic State isn’t really a state, yet; like al-Qaeda, it is a non-state actor, and it is likely that other non-state actors will be enormously important in countering it. . .”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Even amid Paris carnage, U.S. ties own hands in ISIS fight”

“. . . it’s reasonable to question the administration’s judgment in waiting more than 14 months to ratchet up targeting of oil capacity. The Islamic State has made hundreds of millions from stolen oil in the interim.

“And beyond oil, there is the larger question of American officials tying their own hands with such strict rules of engagement. Earlier this year, the Pentagon conceded that of its strike missions against the Islamic State — that is, fighter and bomber missions intended to drop bombs or fire missiles against Islamic State targets — only one in four actually dropped bombs or fired missiles. The rest flew around and came home.

“The reason, again, is the rules of engagement. “This has largely foreclosed our hitting moving targets in a timely manner,” said Gen. Keane, ‘because our pilots have to go through multiple levels of clearances, and eventually the target is lost. With fixed-site targets, if there are any civilians in the area, permission is usually denied, despite the fact that America has the best proven ability in the world to hit targets near civilian areas without hurting civilians.’

“The Islamic State knows the Americans’ rules of engagement. The terrorists are well aware that U.S. pilots won’t hit anything if there is even a chance of hurting a civilian. So of course the Islamic State positions its fighters and equipment near civilians. . .”

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, “Tea Party petition: Paris ‘could happen here’ if Obama isn’t stopped”

“The fight to block President Obama’s plan to bring 85,000 refugees from the Syrian war to the United States grew hotter Tuesday when a major Tea Party group joined some Republican national and state leaders to condemn the initiative.

“The Tea Party Patriots issued a petition warning that a Paris-style attack by ISIS suicide terrorists could happen in America under Obama’s plan.

“‘There is a very real concern that, with true vetting an impossibility (according to both the FBI director and the director of National Intelligence), something similar to the Paris attacks could happen here,’ warned the group backed by 2 million grassroots supporters.

“The petition will be distributed via Facebook, where TPP has 1.4 million fans, and Twitter where they have over 155,000 followers. . .”

LEAD . . .

Stanley Kurtz, NRO: “Last Best Chance to Stop AFFH”

“One good chance remains to stop President Obama’s stunningly ambitious drive to change the way Americans live—his Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation (AFFH). A truly radical initiative—no less ambitious in scope than Obamacare—AFFH is designed to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood, imposing quotas by race, ethnicity, and English proficiency, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and thoroughly undermining the political and economic independence of local governments. AFFH spells the beginning of the end of local government in America. It is Obama’s quietest yet most cherished goal. AFFH can be stopped, however, and it may be stymied in the coming days.

“The Transportation Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Bill is headed for conference sometime in the next few weeks. While the TUUD bill may continue to stand alone, it will more likely be incorporated into a massive Omnibus spending bill to be completed by mid-December.

“Earlier this year the House passed an amendment by Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) preventing the Department of Housing and Urban Development from implementing AFFH. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and several co-sponsors have introduced a similar amendment, in the Senate, which may or may not pass.

“At minimum, a House-Senate conference committee will decide whether the Gosar language is to be retained in the final bill. Particularly if the Gosar Amendment becomes part of an Omnibus bill, president Obama will almost certainly be forced to sign it. This would effectively defund AFFH for the next 10 months, marking a very significant blow to one of the president’s most troubling domestic transformations.

“Of course the funding issue would have to be fought again. And Hillary’s election would make it very difficult to block AFFH over the long term. But successful incorporation of the Gosar amendment in the forthcoming THUD/Omnibus bill would represent a major victory for opponents of AFFH. . .”

PA . . .

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “Bill shielding identities of police who use force passes Pennsylvania House”

“Police officers are public employees paid with public money, but when they pull the trigger in the line of duty, Pennsylvania lawmakers say their privacy should be paramount, at least until an investigation is completed.

“The state House on Tuesday passed a controversial bill that would shield — at least temporarily, but maybe indefinitely — the identities of officers who discharge their guns or use force during the course of their official duty.

“House Bill 1538 would prevent local officials from identifying those officers unless a subsequent investigation led to criminal charges. If no charges were filed, then local officials could release an officer’s identity only if it would not create a risk of harm to the officers, their family or their property.

“State Rep. Martina White, R-Philadelphia, sponsored the bill and said she wants to protect police who “have a target on their back.”


 Mark Levin (11/18/15)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Since when is it un-American to prevent people from coming into our country to protect us from terrorism? However, it is un-American to round up citizens and put them in internment camps as FDR had done in 1942. Republicans don’t want to round anybody up, they just want to protect America by stopping a major threat from getting here before it does. Also, the Anti-Defamation League, CAIR, and other left wing groups want GOP governors to reconsider their status on rejecting the refugees. They are no more than leftist mouthpieces which have no business admonishing those who stand up for America.

“Later, the FBI is concerned it doesn’t have the man power and technology to find out what’s going on with terrorists and the administration is putting a smiley face on its ability to contain domestic threats.

“Finally, Rand Paul calls to talk about his proposal to stop refugee’s visas.”

James Brody: “Obama Smoked Paris”

“Psychologist Russ Barkley used to recommend consequences for inhibiting impulsive behavior in “young males . . . consequences that are immediate, certain, and personally relevant. And my chief job as a psychologist was not lecturing the young male but to get his mother to stop doing so. Such is also true for other assemblies of young males. For example, fifty push-ups and a ten-mile run inhibit goofing around by young Marines. Such consequences would have helped at Mizzou.

“Paris burns, Islam celebrates, but Obama says “tsk-tsk” just as Carter did.

“Obama’s conduct makes sense if you remember that the first job of a politician is to get his next job. He and Valerie make crises that he will promise to solve. (She probably also steals your files for later use!)

“‘Cloward-Piven’ refers to overloading a government agency by rumors that lead to so much demand that the agency must be increased in size. Obama will kindle more assaults and nominate himself up as the essential mediator between vengeful Americans and the bomb–makers. BO’s Brotherhood friends won’t sanction his bombing every mosque between Dearborn and Beruit, You see, he needs their votes for his next job, one that allows his riding big jets and playing golf with expensive people.

Reagan’s election led to the Iran’s immediate release of American prisoners.

“Will the unrest in Paris guarantee the election of Donald Trump?”

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