Dead Cats: Bumbler?, 11/20/15, (18)26: James Brody


MARTIN – Impeach IRS Commisioner; AFP Phone Bank; Freedom Works – Your SSN, DRUMS RATTLE, FLAGS WAVE.

ISIS: GOLDBERG – Strategic bumbler; RAYNE – Isis Pew #s; DATOC – FBI can’t track them; RUSHBO – Petulant BO; FERGUSON – Fall of Rome; McCarthy – Jihadists; McCarthy – Assimilation resistant.

LEADS: DINAN – BO shields illegals; WILLIAMS – Black education; GOODWIN – Hillary’s tarbaby; REPLAY- KURTZ – Stop AFFH.

PA: STAUB – Property tax; KNEPPER – Legal?; SNYDER – Ups & Downs.

END NOTES: MARK LEVIN (11/19)                                                                                                                  

Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots: “Impeach the IRS Commissioner”

“. . . Obama’s IRS almost crippled our movement. They specifically went after Tea Party Patriots and tried to destroy us before the 2012 election. And for nearly three years, John Koskinen has run interference for these bureaucrats! Now, it’s time for the IRS commissioner to face justice. Just click here. We need all the signatures we can get. You see, it is very, very hard to impeach a government official. And Nancy Pelosi will fight tooth-and-nail to block impeachment proceedings in the House. That’s why we must FLOOD Congress with petitions. We must show the politicians that We the People haven’t forgotten about this horrible scandal and that it’s past time for someone to be held to account. Here are John Koskinen’s crimes:

  • He failed to comply with a subpoena for evidence, resulting in the destruction of 24,000 of Lois Lerner’s emails.
  • He failed to testify truthfully and provided false and misleading information to Congress.
  • He failed to notify Congress that key evidence had gone missing.

This man has done everything possible to protect the IRS and the entire Obama Administration. He’s a crook and a crony. And he needs to be impeached! NOW! Please sign the petition. Congress will be considering this issue soon, so we need all the signatures we can get. So once you’ve signed, please get everyone you know to do the same.”

AFP Phone Bank: Kathryn Ferro

“Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. This regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they’re capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you’ve got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama’s corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.

Kathryn Ferro | Field Director – Southeastern Pennsylvania | Americans for Prosperity – PA

m: 267.315.3585 | e: | @AFPPennsylvania

Adam Brandon, Freedom Works: Your SSN & the IRS

“Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. James, this regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they’re capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you’ve got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama’s corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.


Drums Rattle,Flags Wave . . .

We rally at King of Prussia mall on Saturdays from Noon til 3 starting Oct. 31.  Please try to attend and bring chairs, water, and appropriate signs. We rally on Rt. 202 by the Wells Fargo Bank. We reach thousands of people at that site and now that the holidays are coming we will reach many more.

Janet (


ISIS . . .

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Obama’s Strategic Bumbling Is Theater of the Absurd”

“. . . A day before the Paris attacks, the president told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that the Islamic State had been ‘contained’ inside its borders. This was shortly after the Islamic State had murdered hundreds of Turkish, Russian, Iraqi, and Lebanese civilians — all of whom lived outside those borders. Then, the next day, the Islamic State slaughtered more than 100 people in Paris.

“That brings us to Monday’s press conference in Turkey. For a moment, it seemed like the press had finally grasped the staggering failure of Obama’s strategy. One reporter after another asked the dyspeptic and defensive president why we weren’t making better progress against these rapists, slavers, and murderers.

“They repeated the question because Obama kept saying his strategy was working. He described the slaughter in Paris as the kind of “setback” we should expect from a successful strategy. Even liberals were aghast at Obama’s failure to appreciate the “theater” of his job.

“Oh, but he gets it. Put aside the fact that his ‘strategy’ was always theater to begin with. His phony war on the Islamic State was always more about seeming to do something while running out the clock until his successor inherits his mess.

“Obama knew the media would take their eye off the ball if he distracted them with a passion play about GOP bigotry. He ridiculed Republicans for their cowardice and cruelty in raising concerns about the potential security threats posed by Syrian refugees. Never mind that such caution is informed in part by warnings from the heads of Obama’s CIA, FBI, and DHS. Obama ludicrously mocked the idea that we prioritize Christian refugees — victims of Islamic State genocide — as an Islamophobic ‘religious test’ that was ‘not American,’ even though his administration already gives special preference to Yazidi refugees from Iraq and federal law requires taking religion into account when screening refugees. For Obama, politics ends at the water’s edge, unless he’s speaking abroad.

“Obama’s dithering sparked the refugee crisis. He’s now using a smattering of refugees as a cynical prop to prove he’s the hero of his own morality tale. The reality is that he’s a villain in his own theater of the absurd. And we’re the suckers in the audience falling for it.”

Sierra Rayne, American Thinker: “Pew poll: Between 63 million and 287 million ISIS supporters in just 11 countries”

“A new poll by the Pew Research Center reveals significant levels of support for ISIS within the Muslim world.  In 11 representative nation-states, up to 14 percent of the population has a favorable opinion of ISIS, and upwards of 62 percent “don’t know” whether or not they have a favorable opinion of the Islamist group.”

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller: “FBI Director: It’s ‘Impossible’ To Vet Every Single Syrian Refugee [VIDEO]”

“FBI Director James Comey has expressed serious concerns about pending legislation that would require “national security officials to certify whether an approved refugee to the United States” should be allowed to enter.

That’s according to CNN’s justice reporter Evan Perez.

“He has some really grave concerns that this legislation would allow anyone, any refugees” into America, Perez told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.

Additionally, Perez noted that Comey has expressed his concerns to both the Obama administration and Congress that, “this requirement, where he would have to personally sign off on every individual refugee coming from Syria and Iraq is just frankly impossible.”

Rushbo: “Petulant Obama Mocks Republicans for Fearing 3-Year-Old Orphans, While ISIS Trains Children to Become Jihadi Killers”

Thx Ted!

“. . . RUSH:  You mean they’re teaching these young three-year-old orphans and five-year-old kids jihad?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  PBS Frontline inadvertently did it. I’m sure they didn’t mean to undercut dear Obama.  ISIS in Afghanistan shows how to raise young children into jihad, right on the heels of Obama saying, “You know, those Republicans fear three-year-old orphans? Ha-ha! Man, really tough! They embarrass me, afraid of three-year-old orphans.”  And here’s the next sound bite…

“NARRATOR:  This is an ISIS military school for children somewhere in the Middle East.

“NAJIBUL:  All these videos, they just telling them how to kill people, how to behead, and how to become suicide bomber.  And the main thing is to kill infidels.  This is their aim.  And they’re clearly telling this is in Koran.  So what the child believe?  What they think?  They think, “Yes, I’m Muslim, and he’s telling me the truth.”

“NARRATOR:  Najibul films the Afghan children copying what they’ve just watched.

“NAJIBUL:  When I saw these young children, I was really, really upset. Really sad.  These children who learn how to kill people, how to do jihad, how to behave, how to fire. I was thinking, “Maybe the war will never end.  Never.”

“RUSH:  It will never end because ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force.  Anyway.  So here you have a PBS Frontline last night, “ISIS in Afghanistan,” inadvertently doing a feature on how young children are taught to engage in jihad.  They are taught to practice beheading, killing, suicide bomber techniques, how to kill infidels. These are young children watching videos, rehearsing, copying, practicing what they’ve seen.  You know, the Tsarnaev family were refugees, a mother and her children.  Look what they did.

“And they passed the screening, by the way.”

Niall Ferguson, Boston Globe: “Paris and the fall of Rome”

“. . . Let us be clear about what is happening. Like the Roman Empire in the early fifth century, Europe has allowed its defenses to crumble. As its wealth has grown, so its military prowess has shrunk, along with its self-belief. It has grown decadent in its shopping malls and sports stadiums. At the same time, it has opened its gates to outsiders who have coveted its wealth without renouncing their ancestral faith.

“The distant shock to this weakened edifice has been the Syrian civil war, though it has been a catalyst as much as a direct cause for the great Völkerwanderung of 2015. As before, they have come from all over the imperial periphery — from North Africa, from the Levant, from South Asia — but this time they have come in their millions.

“To be sure, most have come hoping only for a better life. Things in their own countries have become just good enough economically for them to afford to leave and just bad enough politically for them to risk leaving. But they cannot stream northward and westward without some of that political malaise coming along with them. As Gibbon saw, convinced monotheists pose a grave threat to a secular empire.

“It is conventional to say that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Europe are not violent, and that is doubtless true. But it is also true that the majority of Muslims in Europe hold views that are not easily reconciled with the principles of our modern liberal democracies, including those novel notions we have about equality between the sexes and tolerance not merely of religious diversity but of nearly all sexual proclivities. And it is thus remarkably easy for a violent minority to acquire their weapons and prepare their assaults on civilization within these avowedly peace-loving communities. . . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Refugees and the Jihadist Fifth Column”

“It is patently obvious that the Syrian refugees (and, in fact, people from lots of other Middle East hot spots) cannot be vetted by our government. When FBI Director Jim Comey acknowledged this, he was simply saying aloud what we already know perfectly well.

“Remember: specifically with respect to the Syrians, the Obama administration told us that our government is so adept at distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys that, if the it spent enough of our money, it could arm, train and churn out a “moderate rebel” army of about 5,000 per year. A year and a half-billion dollars later, Obama had to shut down the program in utter humiliation: We managed to train only 54 “rebels” (about one percent of what was promised for the first year). Many of those vetted trainees immediately gave the equipment we’d supplied them with to al-Nusra, the Syrian al Qaeda affiliate.

So that’s what happened with the Syrians our government said it had vetted, knew well, and had months of close contact with. How effective do you figure the vetting would be for thousands of Syrians our government doesn’t have a clue about – including about whether they’re actually Syrians.

“But there is a more critical point here. Even if you are competent and have sufficient background information to do effective vetting, you have to know what you are vetting for. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO:” France’s No-Go Zones: Assimilation-Resistant Muslims Are the Real Refugee Problem”

“. . .Looking at the entire department of Seine-Saint-Denis (which includes the aforementioned suburb where the terrorists were staying), the research paper noted that, out of a population of 1.4 million, there are 600,000 Muslims, mostly immigrants from North and West Africa. Kern’s distillation of the paper’s conclusions is worth quoting at length:

‘Seine-Saint-Denis is divided into 40 administrative districts called communes (townships), 36 of which are on the French government’s official list of “sensitive urban zones” or ZUS [i.e., “no-go” zones.] . . . [It] has one of the highest unemployment rates in France; more than 40% of those under the age of 25 are jobless. The area is plagued with drug dealing and suffers from some of the highest rates of violent crime in France. ‘In October 2011, a landmark 2,200-page report, “Banlieue de la République” (Suburbs of the Republic) found that Seine-Saint-Denis and other Parisian suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” cut off from the French state, and where Islamic Sharia law is rapidly displacing French civil law. The report said that Muslim immigrants are increasingly rejecting French values and instead are immersing themselves in radical Islam. . . .

‘France — which now has 6.5 million Muslims (the largest Muslim population in the European Union) — is on the brink of a major social explosion because of the failure of Muslims to integrate into French society. . . . [T]he problem is being exacerbated by radical Muslim preachers, who are promoting the social marginalization of Muslim immigrants in order to create a parallel Muslim society in France that is ruled by Sharia law. . .”

LEADS . . .

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times:” Obama actions shield most illegals from deportation even as courts stall amnesty”

“. . . The amnesty, dubbed Deferred Action for Parental Accountability was supposed to grant full tentative legal status — including work permits, Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses — to more than 4 million illegal immigrants. It has been halted by a federal appeals court, and its fate will soon rest with the Supreme Court.

“But the rest of the dozen actions Mr. Obama announced on Nov. 20, 2014, are still advancing, including a far-reaching set of priorities that effectively orders agents not to bother deporting nearly all illegal immigrants.

“‘There are 7 or 8 or 9 million people who are now safe under the current policy. That is a victory to celebrate while we wait for the Supreme Court,’ said Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat who was among the chief cheerleaders pushing Mr. Obama to go around Congress and take unilateral steps last year.

“The actions — often mislabeled by the press as executive orders — also included changes to the legal immigration system, such as making it easier for spouses of guest workers to also find jobs; allowing foreigners who study science and technology at U.S. universities to remain and work in the country longer; pushing legal immigrants to apply for citizenship; and waiving the penalty on illegal immigrant spouses or children of legal permanent residents so they no longer have to go to their home countries to await legal status.

“On enforcement, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, called for a more coordinated approach to border security, and that paid off with a major drop in arrests of illegal immigrants in the Southwest. Apprehensions were at their lowest levels since the 1970s. . . “

Walter (E!) Williams, Newsbusters: “An Education Disaster in the Black Commu(n)ity”

“While educational achievement among whites is nothing to write home about, that for blacks is no less than a disaster. Only 13 percent of black eighth-graders score proficient or above in math, and only 16 percent do in reading. In 2013, only 7 percent of black 12th-graders scored proficient in math, and only 16 percent did in reading. The full magnitude of the black education tragedy is seen by the statistics on the other end of the achievement continuum. “Below basic” is the score given when a student is unable to demonstrate even partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at his grade level. In 2013, 62 percent of black 12th-graders scored below basic in math, and 44 percent scored below basic in reading. . .”

Michael Goodwin, NY Post: “Hillary can’t run from the messes she — and Obama — made

“Hillary Clinton’s speech Thursday was billed as her plan to combat the Islamic State. In truth, her plan was to combat the idea that she is another Barack Obama.

“It was a good try, but she failed because, as boxing great Joe Louis once said about an opponent, “He can run, but he can’t hide.”

“Clinton can run from Obama, but can’t hide from the unholy mess he — and she — made.

“As his first secretary of state, she was part of the team that botched the wars in Iraq and Syria and helped birth the Islamic terrorism now rattling the world. The slaughter in Paris and fresh threats against America make it urgent that she erase her fingerprints from the calamity. That’s impossible, so she settled for putting some daylight between herself and Obama.

“‘Our goal is not to deter or contain ISIS, but to defeat and destroy ISIS,’ she said.

“Daylight, but not too much daylight. . .”

REPLAY – Stanley Kurtz, NRO: “Last Best Chance to Stop AFFH”

“One good chance remains to stop President Obama’s stunningly ambitious drive to change the way Americans live—his Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation (AFFH). A truly radical initiative—no less ambitious in scope than Obamacare—AFFH is designed to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood, imposing quotas by race, ethnicity, and English proficiency, densifying housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike, and thoroughly undermining the political and economic independence of local governments. AFFH spells the beginning of the end of local government in America. It is Obama’s quietest yet most cherished goal. AFFH can be stopped, however, and it may be stymied in the coming days.

“The Transportation Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Bill is headed for conference sometime in the next few weeks. While the TUUD bill may continue to stand alone, it will more likely be incorporated into a massive Omnibus spending bill to be completed by mid-December.

“Earlier this year the House passed an amendment by Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) preventing the Department of Housing and Urban Development from implementing AFFH. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and several co-sponsors have introduced a similar amendment, in the Senate, which may or may not pass.

“At minimum, a House-Senate conference committee will decide whether the Gosar language is to be retained in the final bill. Particularly if the Gosar Amendment becomes part of an Omnibus bill, president Obama will almost certainly be forced to sign it. This would effectively defund AFFH for the next 10 months, marking a very significant blow to one of the president’s most troubling domestic transformations.

“Of course the funding issue would have to be fought again. And Hillary’s election would make it very difficult to block AFFH over the long term. But successful incorporation of the Gosar amendment in the forthcoming THUD/Omnibus bill would represent a major victory for opponents of AFFH. . .”

PA . . .

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “Property tax elimination vote on horizon in Pennsylvania Senate”

“Next week could be a big week for proponents of eliminating Pennsylvania’s hated school property tax.

“Then again, this week was supposed to be a big week, until Senate Republicans postponed a plan to vote on legislation that would abolish the school property tax.

“‘We want to send the strongest bill possible to the House, and so we thought that it was worth taking the additional week to cross our Ts and dot our Is,’ said state Sen. David Argall, one of the sponsors of Senate Bill 76, the property tax elimination legislation.

“Argall, R-Schuylkill, expects a vote early next week. He said technical changes need to be made and waved off the notion there’s concern his legislation would not raise enough revenue to replace school property taxes. That, however, has been one of the central questions surrounding SB76.

“Pennsylvania’s Independent Fiscal Office has forecast that school property tax collections will total $13.7 billion this fiscal year. That number will grow to about $15.5 billion in 2019-20, according to the IFO.

“To replace property taxes, SB76 would raise the personal income tax from 3.07 percent to 4.34 percent. It would also raise the state sales and use tax from 6 percent to 7 percent and expand the number of taxable transactions.

“It’s a huge and complicated tax shift to make, and one that would make winners and losers of various groups. Beyond that, there’s the key question of whether SB76 raises enough revenue. . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “How is this legal?”

“As surely as night follows day, teachers’ unions insist every year that Pennsylvania needs to spend more money on education. One of the loudest voices for more money is the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT). The PFT has long resisted any changes to their contracts that would save money for taxpayers. Through one contract provision, teachers in the Philadelphia school district pay nothing toward their health insurance.

“Every year the PFT receives funding from the taxpayers of Philadelphia and the rest of the commonwealth to cover ‘supplemental’ healthcare costs like vision and dental via a ‘Health and Welfare Fund’. According to a Watchdog investigation, reported by PA Independent, the PFT ‘more than $6 million from that fund was loaned, interest-free, to the union’s bleeding building fund, where it appears to have been spent on building maintenance and upgrades.’ Making matters even worse the “loan” had no definite terms of repayment. In other words, it doesn’t look like they building fund will ever have to repay the money.

“This arrangement raises some questions. How is this arrangement legal? It sounds an awful lot like misappropriation of funds. How did the Health and Welfare fund generate a $6 million profit? How much has the union overcharged the Philadelphia school district for the benefits it is supposed to be providing for its members?

“As the debate over tax increases continues, keep this story in mind.”

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: 11/20 Ups & Downs

“Syria, Planned Parenthood and those ever present emails. See who made this week’s list!

PA GOP Congressmen. This has always been a nation of immigrants and a nation that demonized immigrants. The latter fact was unfortunate and unnecessary but the former truth always overshadowed those negative impulses. For more than a century, America’s strength was built on and sustained by massive emigration until discriminatory laws were enacted in the 1920’s. In 1965, however, the country began to welcome the world in again. This week, though, politicians around the country, including the GOP congressional delegation in this state, slapped away the desperate outstretched hand of those suffering in Syria. In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, France remains determined for justice yet still open to those in need. Yet in America, one party has been overcome by the anti-immigration rhetoric of a charlatan, and has allowed that fervor to pressure them into demonizing those it should be our duty to protect. The Republican Party must break this spell, stop portraying the United States as a castle under siege, and remember we must always remain that “shining city upon a hill”.

John Rafferty. The State Senator and GOP candidate for Attorney General picked up a major conservative endorsement this week. The President of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation announced this week that she is formally backing Sen. Rafferty. Not only that, she took a major shot at State Rep. Todd Stephens, accusing him of being an avid Planned Parenthood supporter. That could be a major deterrent in a Republican primary. Finally, the entrance of David Fawcett has created an even more crowded Democratic field. While it’s still early, this was a week where Rafferty stood out from his competition, which is (almost) always a positive.

Michael Eakin. Last week was terrible for Justice Eakin. Somehow, this week might have been even worse. On Monday, State Sen. Anthony Williams called for the Justice to resign. That same day, it was revealed that a member of the Judicial Conduct Board that cleared Eakin last year was a part of the infamously lewd email chain. Then, on Wednesday, Senate candidate Katie McGinty declared that Eakin should resign. It’s also likely that the Justice wasn’t happy that Kathleen Kane won her court battle with the Inquirer (at least for now) concerning the release of all the emails. Now, instead of the spotlight shining on all those involved, it appears the glare will remain intensely focused on Michael Eakin.

PA Judges. This might seem strange given all we just said about Justice Eakin, but he is just one judge. Next year, voters could decide to lengthen the careers of untold judges throughout the commonwealth. On Monday, the State Senate voted to approve a proposal to increase the retirement age for judges in Pennsylvania from 70 to 75 years of age. The issue will be decided by a referendum during the April 26th primary election. If it passes, the men and women in black robes will get five more years of employment and additional opportunities to impact the state.

Hillary Clinton. As we just mentioned, Pennsylvania’s 2016 primary is still over five months away. Nevertheless, the Democratic front-runner has already secured a significant number of delegates in the Keystone State. According to a new AP survey, the former Secretary of State has won over the support of at least 14 of PA’s 21 superdelegates. Scranton native Hugh Rodham would be proud to see Pennsylvania lining up behind his daughter’s presidential campaign.”


 Mark Levin (11/19/15)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Instead of debating about the security of America, we’re talking about how racist Reublicans are and how America should allow Syrian refugees in. The debate we need to have is why won’t President Obama secure this county and unleash hell on ISIS; let’s debate how to win this war!

“Instead of talking about the refugees Obama should just deal with ISIS by sending conventional warheads to their capital. Its what FDR and Truman would have done but he will never do that. Also, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have been meeting behind closed doors to cut a deal with Obama. They are behind legislation to increase vetting by requiring a senior U.S. officials to sign off on each immigrant personally. This measure is ineffective and will not help in identifying terrorists inserted among the refugees.

“Finally, Michelle Malkin calls in to talk about her new book, Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers


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