Dead Cats: Pilgrims, 11/23/15, (18)27: James Brody


JANET – “No to Syrians”; AFP Phone Bank; Freedom Works – Your SSN, DRUMS RATTLE, FLAGS WAVE.

IMMIGRATION: BAILEY – Poles fret in Hamtramck; PICKET – Congress not told about Syrians; KOUMPILOVA – Deportations dropped.

ISIS: WASHINGTON TIMES – Indifference costs; GOLDBERG – Islam & terrorism; RT – Mafia to protect Sicilians; WATSON – Obama warned ISIS of bombs.

LEADS: NY POST- OCare implodes; ALLEN & LIPPMAN – Playbook; BALLARD – Jindal replaced by a D.

END NOTES: HANSON – English; BRODY – Cloward-Piven cities; BRODY – Syrian pilgrims.   

Janet: “Say No to SYRIAN Refugees – Contact Legislators”

Last week’s attacks on the capitol of France by Syrian refugees and refugees from other countries as well as native born Jihadists are a harbinger of things to come for the United States.

“Isis boasted that French blood was sweet bur American Blood would be sweeter.  Isis has also boasted that the United States would be attacked in the near future. “President Obama continues to move forward with his unconstitutional plan to surge tens of thousands of Syrian Refugees into the United States even though: FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that it was not possible for the U.S. to properly vet Syrian refugees because there were no data points that would show past activity for the majority of Syrians. “Due to the security risk to the American People the United States should immediately curtail all plans to resettle Syrian refugees and all other non-vetted Mid-eastern refugees on American soil. “If you agree please contact the office of your Senators and Congressional Representative also please contact your State Senator, Representative and Governor Wolf and sign the online petition as well! “All members of congress can be reached through the Capitol switchboard the number is: 202 224-3121 “Senator Bob Casey can be reached at: 202 224-6324 Phone 866 802-2833 Toll free 4254 202 228-0604 Fax Senator Toomey can be reached at: 814 453-3010 Phone 814 455-9925 Fax I suggest contacting the local offices as the DC switchboard is often jammed. Call Wolf here: try first 717-787-2531717-787-2531 or 717-772-3820717-772-3820 Contact your legislators by clicking on the link below enter your address, and it will return your rep & senator. Click the name to get contact info. Sign the Petition here:

“If you live in NJ, Del. or elsewhere please, do your part and call YOUR Representatives!”

AFP Phone Bank: Kathryn Ferro

“Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. This regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they’re capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you’ve got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama’s corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.

Kathryn Ferro | Field Director – Southeastern Pennsylvania | Americans for Prosperity – PA

m: 267.315.3585 | e: | @AFPPennsylvania

Adam Brandon, Freedom Works: Your SSN & the IRS

“Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. James, this regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they’re capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you’ve got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama’s corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.


Drums Rattle,Flags Wave . . .

We rally at King of Prussia mall on Saturdays from Noon til 3 starting Oct. 31.  Please try to attend and bring chairs, water, and appropriate signs. We rally on Rt. 202 by the Wells Fargo Bank. We reach thousands of people at that site and now that the holidays are coming we will reach many more.

Janet (


“Ted Cruz … ‘brilliant … and conservative through and through, trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody on whom you could totally depend.’ . . . Rush Limbaugh


Sarah Bailey, WaPo: “In the first majority-Muslim U.S. city, residents tense about its future”

“HAMTRAMCK, MICH. — Karen Majewski was in such high demand in her vintage shop on a recent Saturday afternoon that a store employee threw up her hands when yet another visitor came in to chat. Everyone wanted to talk to the mayor about the big political news.

“Earlier this month, the blue-collar city that has been home to Polish Catholic immigrants and their descendents for more than a century became what demographers think is the first jurisdiction in the nation to elect a majority-Muslim council.

“It’s the second tipping for Hamtramck (pronounced Ham-tram-ik), which in 2013 earned the distinction becoming of what appears to be the first majority-Muslim city in the United States following the arrival of thousands of immigrants from Yemen, Bangladesh and Bosnia over a decade.

“In many ways, Hamtramck is a microcosm of the fears gripping parts of the country since the Islamic State’s attacks on Paris: The influx of Muslims here has profoundly unsettled some residents of the town long known for its love of dancing, beer, paczki pastries and the pope. . .”

Kerry Picket, Daily Caller: “Congress Learned of Syrian Refugees Entering the U.S. Just Recently”

BO’s next job . . .

“According to a House Homeland Security Committee aide, Congress did not know about 13 Syrian refugees who arrived in New Orleans over the past two fiscal years until it was reported by a local news outlet 10 days ago.

“This eliciting a warning from from the Committee about the lack of current intelligence regarding the refugees who are in the U.S. and those who will arrive in the future.

“The Obama administration is looking to increase the number of Syrian refugees who may be admitted into the U.S. as well as speed up the process. The administration plans to do this, Reuters reports, by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon. As of now, the administration promised to accept as many as 100,000 refugees each year by the end of 2017. The present annual cap is at 70,000. . .”

Mila Koumpilova, Minn. Star Tribune: “In Minnesota and nationally, deportations drop after release of new guidelines”

“New federal guidelines quietly changing immigration enforcement in Minnesota

“A year after the Obama administration spelled out new priorities for immigration authorities, deportations are down markedly in Minnesota and neighboring states. Nationally, they dropped more than 25 percent over the 2014 fiscal year. The government also closed thousands of cases of immigrants like Bermudez who do not fit the guidelines, allowing them to stay for now.

“The new guidelines, which sharpen a focus on felons and recent border crossers, were overshadowed by the centerpiece of Obama’s executive action on immigration last November: a plan to shield parents of U.S. citizens from deportation. But while that plan remains mired in a court battle, the new deportation priorities are quietly reshaping immigration enforcement.

“‘These new guidelines have had a big impact,’ said Susan Koberstein, a Twin Cities immigration attorney.

“The shift has drawn criticism from the right and left. For some detractors, it fuels charges that Obama has pulled back from enforcing immigration laws. Still, some immigrant advocates question a new hard line on immigrants with DWI convictions and continue to call the president ‘deporter-in-chief.’ . . .”

ISIS . . .

Washington Times: “The price of indifference”

“Obama’s tap dance around reality leaves the fighting to the French and others

“. . . Barack Obama’s heart is just not in the fight against the enemies of the West. Why fight when you can make a speech, deliver a few remarks of empty rhetoric at photo-ops, and hope everything turns out all right. Fighting is so fatiguing. Bashing Republicans, George W. Bush and the Confederate flag is more fun.

“The backlash against the irresolute president has forced his hand, and he answered his growing chorus of critics by dispatching American warplanes to bomb oil trucks taking ISIS gasoline to the black market. The war on oil trucks could have been begun earlier. The Pentagon knew about them months ago.

“Satellite photographic reconnaissance as well as drones showed where and how oil was being moved to market, with the Turks, by the way, looking the other way as the trucks passed through their territory. Why was a strike against these trucking fleets not considered until now? Did the U.S. commanders prejudice the attacks by dropping leaflets alerting the drivers that the attacks were coming?

“Mr. Obama decries his critics as ‘pop-offs,’ and insists that he does, too, have a war strategy, a long-term plan to “degrade and destroy” ISIS. But it’s clear to everyone, if not to the president himself, that his strategy, whatever it is, is not working. As ISIS now turns its full attention to making war against targets in Europe and probably soon in America, the ghost strategy that no one can see endangers both the United States and the rest of the frightened world.

“The Western alliance has forgotten that nothing succeeds like success, and success for ISIS is the destruction of civilian life through terrorist activity. So long as ISIS continues to make “progress” with terrorist attacks it will attract recruits. There are enough deranged and disoriented young men and women in the Islamic world to fill their ranks as quickly as the Western airstrikes deplete those ranks. . .”

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Why Does the Left Continue to Insist that Islamic Terrorism Has Nothing to Do with Islam?”

“. . . Yesterday, Hillary Clinton said: “Let’s be clear, though. Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” Now, unlike some people who e-mail me in ALL CAPS, I have no problem with politicians saying, “Islam is not our adversary.” In fact, I think it would be disastrous if our political leaders went around saying anything like “Islam is our enemy.” “It’s the second part of that Hillary quote that I have trouble with. Yes, some — most! — Muslims are peaceful. And while peacefulness and tolerance don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand (just look at opinion polls in the Muslim world on questions of sharia, homosexuality, women’s equality, free speech, and, of course, the Joooooooz), let’s stipulate that a great many Muslims are tolerant in their own fashion, too. “But it is simply a lie — an obvious, glaring, indisputable, trout-in-the-milk lie — that Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. Simply put, this is nonsense. But it’s not just nonsense. It is highly refined nonsense. If nonsense were radioactive, you could dump a barrel of it in a centrifuge, wait a few weeks, and out would come the claim that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Just off the top of my head is my hair. But figuratively speaking off the top of my head: The jihadists say they are motivated by Islam. They shout “Allahu akbar!” whenever they kill people. “Moderate Muslims” in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere have been funding Islamic radicals around the world for nearly a century. This morning in Mali, terrorist gunmen reportedly released those hostages who could quote the Koran. The leader of ISIS has a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies and openly talks about restoring the Caliphate. “Oh, one other thing: The Islamic State is called the Islamic State. I used to eat at a restaurant called “Burrito Brothers.” Saying the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam is like telling someone eating a burrito they bought at Burrito Brothers that Burrito Brothers has “nothing whatsoever” to do with burritos.

“And like many other highly enriched radioactive substances, this nonsensical notion is weaponizable. It is dangerous. I would like to think that if you had an honest conversation with Hillary Clinton away from the cameras, she would say something like, ‘Of course, Islamic terrorism has a lot to do with Islam. But we can’t say that publicly because we have to isolate the radicals, not radicalize the moderates.’. . .”

RT: “Gangs of New York: Sicilian mafia offers Big Apple protection from ‘psychopathic’ ISIS”

“. . . Giovanni Gambino, the son of a key figure in the Gambino mob organization, says the mafia is in a much better position than security bodies, such as the FBI or Homeland Security, to give New Yorkers the protection they need.

“They often act too late, or fail to see a complete picture of what’s happening due to a lack of ‘human intelligence,’” he said in an interview with NBC News, as cited by Reuters, adding that the mafia’s knowledge of individual movements and interaction with locals gives it the upper hand, even compared to the latest surveillance technologies.

“Gambino, who is trying to carve out a career as a Hollywood screenwriter, says that, following the horrendous terror attacks in Paris on November 13, protection is more important than ever.

“‘The world is dangerous today, but people living in New York neighborhoods with Sicilian connections should feel safe,’ he said. ‘We make sure our friends and families are protected from extremists and terrorists, especially the brutal, psychopathic organization that calls itself the Islamic State’ . . .”

Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars: “White House Gave ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Tankers”

“Why did it take 15 months for the U.S. to target the Islamic State’s oil infrastructure?

“The Obama White House is giving ISIS a 45 minute warning before bombing their oil tankers by dropping leaflets advising potential jihadists to flee before air strikes in Syria.

“Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them. Warning: air strikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life,” the leaflet reads. . .”

“. . . While it took the U.S. fifteen months to even begin targeting ISIS’ oil refineries and tankers, air strikes by Moscow destroyed more than 1,000 tankers in a period of just five days.

“In comparison, Col. Steve Warren said that the U.S. had taken out only 116 tanker trucks, the ‘first strike’ to target ISIS’ lucrative black market oil business, which funds over 50 per cent of the terror group’s activities. . .”

LEADS . . .

NY Post: “ObamaCare’s imploding even without repeal

“. . . The nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group, said last week that it’s losing too much — $425 million — from policies sold on the health exchanges, and may have to pull out by 2017.

“The company admits it’s ‘a potentially huge blow’ to the new system: ‘If a major publicly traded insurer bows out, others may follow and destabilize the entire individual market.’

“Game over for ObamaCare?

“UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley seems to imply just that: “We can’t really subsidize a marketplace that doesn’t appear at the moment to be sustaining itself.”

“Mind you, UnitedHealth was a huge backer of the 2009 law. One of its top execs, Andrew Slavitt, then joined the administration to run the health exchanges.

“What’s going on here? Basically, the long-feared ‘death spiral’: Not enough young, healthy folks are signing up for these plans, so insurers are losing money despite the hefty federal subsidies for the coverage. They’re raising premiums to even things out — but that drives even more folks away, so that only older, less-healthy customers remain, driving new losses . . .

Mike Allen & Daniel Lippman, Politico: Playbook

“SNEAK PEEK – Debuting on “Face the Nation” – CBS News Battleground Tracker: Carson down 8 points from last month in Iowa … Iowa caucus-goers (margin of error, 6.2): Trump 30%, Cruz 21%, Carson 19%, Rubio 11%, Bush 5%, Fiorina 4% … N.H. GOP primary voters (margin of error, 6.3): Trump 32%, Rubio 13%, Carson/Cruz 10%, Kasich 8%, Bush/Fiorina/Paul 6%, Christie 5%.

Mark Ballard, Baton Rouge Advocate: “Plenty of cash spending, mud slinging gives way to Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards’ historic win over David Vitter”

“John Bel Edwards, a former U.S. Army Ranger and small-town lawyer, soundly defeated once-invincible Republican David Vitter to become the first Democratic governor elected in the Deep South in more than a decade.

“The two-term legislator, who was elected to his first office in 2007, also ended the Democratic Party’s losing streak of 15 statewide races. He replaces term-limited Republican Bobby Jindal, who steps down on Jan. 11. . .”


Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: “Politics and What Remains of the English Language”

Economist Gregory Clark surveyed massive data from nine countries and found that the accomplishments of children are almost entirely identical to those of their parents . . . Social welfare programs in Sweden led not to social climbing but only to fewer complaints. And the same families dominate China today that dominated that society before Mao’s revolution . . .

Clark, Gregory (2014) The Son Also Rises: Surnames and the History of Social Mobility. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. . . . back to Hanson . . .

“. . .over a half-century of institutionalized equal opportunity has not led to an equality of result. Particular self-identified groups feel collectively that they are less well off than others and are bewildered that this is still possible, since they can point to no law or custom that precludes their opportunity by race, class, or gender. Therefore, inventing a vocabulary of grievances is far more effective in gaining concessions than self-criticism and self-reliance are in winning parity. . .”

James Brody: Cloward-Piven Cities

I’ve puzzled over why more than 20 US cities have ignored federal immigration law and declared themselves “sanctuaries.”

At 3 AM: “Aha!”

They are responding to a Cloward-Piven script. Their managers (health, education, housing, law-enforcement, transportation, and food) invite hordes of complainers and give titles to “necessary” bureaucrats who have certificates from socially-aware universities. Rules multiply, grants are written, begging occurs, and even more money is sought to prevent violation of the newlycreated rules. This entire scene is broadcast on 3, 6, and 10 as well as in conscientious newsprint.

Compassion and references to “American beneficence” confuse the navigators, silence those who know better, and drive our ship of state onto the rocks.

James Brody: Syrian Pilgrims

Once upon a time, a boatload of black-dressed, Bible-toting Brits touched ground on Plymouth Rock. Their enclave survived because the Indians shared tricks for staying warm and for putting dead fish on top of corn seed. Thanksgiving followed with both “savages” and gentlefolk bringing food to the table. The Indians and the Brits also brought different gods to the meal.

Precedent demands that our Syrian friends do likewise. They are to arrange for their own transport, find vacant land, erect dwellings, grow their own food, and learn customs from natives in the area. (A first visit to Jamestown might be helpful!)

After their first year, the Syrians are to provide a feast for their neighbors and everyone is to bring along his/her own god as is always done.

Meanwhile, Obama must be impeached, not to remove him but to embarrass him. His intention is to make himself appear essential by nourishing crises, promising to solve them while imposing rules and rules-writers on the rest of us. He, however, now runs out of time for selling himself and Val to internationalists as the future passengers on a big jet. His tactics include stealing your property – records and goods – from the White House to scare you or to bribe you: Bill did it, Hillary did it, and we’re a double-d stupid if we let Barry follow their examples.

Impeachment becomes not a means to remove him from office but to weaken his next job application and prevent a replay of his “choom gang” and Cloward-Piven scripts. . .


See – Peter Schweizer, Big Govt: “Money, Not Ideas, Driving Clinton Global Initiative”

“In the waning months of Bill Clinton’s presidency he sat down with his old friend, historian Taylor Branch, and explained his plans once he left the Oval Office.

“[Clinton] said I’m coming off two terms, a two-term presidency with high public ratings and rating still rising and contacts all over the world,” says Branch. He said, ‘I know where to find this money, I think I can find it so that’s what I want to do.’”

“Contrary to the image painted of the Clintons by both their friends and enemies, they have always been less about ideas and beliefs than they have been about money. One need look no further than their record: the collection of an astonishing $3 billion in contributions and donations over the course of their public lives. No one comes even close.

“Dig into those numbers and you see the predictable sources of money that rise to the top: Wall Street and investment banks, lawyers and law firms.

“But the story of the Clintons and their pursuit of money is even more interesting when we discover how it has evolved over time. . .”


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