Dead Cats: BO-PRWar, 11/25/15, (18)28: James Brody


Jenny Beth – Syrians; Janet – Rallies; Freedom Works – Your SSN.

IMMIGRATION: NY POST- Cooked books for BO; CHAMBER – Merkel wants another million.

ISIS: McFARLAND – Checkmate ISIS; KIMBALL – Strongest retrograde force.

LEADS: GOLDBERG – Carson’s foreign policy; YORK – Donald’s scheme; GABRIEL – Cruz moved up; THOMPSON & BALMERT – Donald vs. Kasich; BARRASSO – Cong. vs BO’s climate schemes.

PA: ADDY – Property tax; BOEHM – Uber fined.

END NOTES: MARK LEVIN (11/24/15)                                                                                                         


Jenny Beth (Syrians): This is a national security issue of the utmost importance, and I need your help right away! Please, right this minute, sign Tea Party Patriots’ national petition demanding that Congress stop Barack Obama from bringing thousands of un-vetted Syrian refugees to the United States.

Despite the fact that one of the Paris attackers repeatedly posed as a Syrian “refugee” to evade detection by French authorities, Barack Obama is still committed to bringing in thousands of refugees, regardless of the consequences. “We the People” must tell the leftist Democrats in Congress that it’s time to put party allegiance aside and do what’s best for the American people. These refugees must not be allowed into the United States until we have a way to verify that they are safe! Please sign the petition right now.

Janet: “VFP! Call to Action: Rallies-Against; Refugees Syria, 12/9/2015”

A massive Rally for Pennsylvanians from all across our State is planned for Wednesday, December 9, 2015, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm in the Capitol Building Rotunda, Harrisburg. We shall loudly make it very clear to Governor Thomas W. Wolf that we vehemently disagree with his decision to allow refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East to be resettled in Pennsylvania. Our true history, the facts and the law prove that many statements in Governor Wolf’s November 17, 2015 Letter to “Members” of the Pennsylvania House, and in his similar “Dear Constituent” Letter, are false, misleading and/or fraudulent. Please send this to as many Pennsylvanians as possible and encourage them to attend this very important Rally. (Note: more private and public sector speakers shall be added prior to the Rally.) After the Rally, we shall hand-deliver a written detailed Petition, which clearly states our documented positions, to the Governor’s Office in the Main Capitol Building. We shall also hand-deliver a letter to the office in Harrisburg of each State Senator and Representative that calls on them to pass a veto-proof statute which prohibits any State and/or County funds what-so-ever being used directly or indirectly on, or in support of, the current “federal resettlement process”/program. If you would like to have your group’s or organization’s name added to the list of those supporting this very important Rally and the two documents, please contact Raymond Bostard by e-mail at no later than Monday, December 7, 2015. We look forward to having a thousand or more Pennsylvanians attend this Rally!

Janet: “Say No to SYRIAN Refugees – Contact Legislators”

Last week’s attacks on the capitol of France by Syrian refugees and refugees from other countries as well as native born Jihadists are a harbinger of things to come for the United States.

“Isis boasted that French blood was sweet bur American Blood would be sweeter.  Isis has also boasted that the United States would be attacked in the near future. “President Obama continues to move forward with his unconstitutional plan to surge tens of thousands of Syrian Refugees into the United States even though: FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that it was not possible for the U.S. to properly vet Syrian refugees because there were no data points that would show past activity for the majority of Syrians. “Due to the security risk to the American People the United States should immediately curtail all plans to resettle Syrian refugees and all other non-vetted Mid-eastern refugees on American soil. “If you agree please contact the office of your Senators and Congressional Representative also please contact your State Senator, Representative and Governor Wolf and sign the online petition as well! “All members of congress can be reached through the Capitol switchboard the number is: 202 224-3121 “Senator Bob Casey can be reached at: 202 224-6324 Phone 866 802-2833 Toll free 4254 202 228-0604 Fax Senator Toomey can be reached at: 814 453-3010 Phone 814 455-9925 Fax I suggest contacting the local offices as the DC switchboard is often jammed. Call Wolf here: try first 717-787-2531717-787-2531 or 717-772-3820717-772-3820 Contact your legislators by clicking on the link below enter your address, and it will return your rep & senator. Click the name to get contact info. Sign the Petition here:

If you live in NJ, Del. or elsewhere please, do your part and call YOUR Representatives!

Adam Brandon, Freedom Works: Your SSN & the IRS

“Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. James, this regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they’re capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you’ve got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama’s corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.


“. . .a prominent Hezbollah leader explained that ‘we are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.’ Subsequent events have demonstrated with unexceptionable clarity what he meant.” Roger Kimball


NY Post: “Behind the cooked-intelligence scandal: what the higher-ups want to hear

Barry won’t have bad news on his job applications. . .

“Maybe this is one scandal that won’t get swept under the rug. Then again, we’re talking about the Obama administration.

“The president claims he wants to ‘get to the bottom’ of growing stories that military analysts doctored reports to paint a rosy picture of US efforts against ISIS.

‘Indeed, the Pentagon is expanding its investigation of Centcom — the US Central Command, which oversees military activity in the Middle East.

“A number of Centcom analysts say their superiors falsified intelligence assessments, overstating the success of US airstrikes and downplaying ISIS’s growth. Fox News reports the analysts got at least two emails ordering them to ‘cut it out’ and ‘toe the line’ after they filed reports on the ‘rapid rise’ of ISIS.

“Now the Pentagon’s inspector general has seized emails and documents from military servers and is adding investigators to the team poring over the evidence. But both Fox and the New York Times report that some of those documents and messages may already have been deleted.

“Obama said Sunday that from the moment he took office, he demanded intelligence not be ‘shaded by politics’ or ‘the desire to tell a feel-good story.’

“Hmm. If he’s been getting good intel, he’s ignored it. How else to explain his calling ISIS the ‘JV team,’ or saying it’s been ‘contained’ just hours before the Paris attacks?

“Meanwhile, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has joined the ranks of Democrats questioning Obama’s failed anti-ISIS effort. And fully 66 percent of Americans in a new CBS poll say the president lacks a coherent strategy to battle ISIS.

“Obama has denied that charge, time and again, saying his generals tell him it’s not true.

“Huh. Where could anyone at Central Command have gotten the idea that the higher-ups don’t want to hear bad news?”

Madeline Chambers & Paul Carrel, YAHOO!: “Defiant Merkel vows to stand by refugee policy despite security fears”

“BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed on Wednesday to stick to her open-door refugee policy, defying criticism at home and abroad which has intensified due to growing fears about a potential security risk after the Islamist attacks in Paris.

Conservative Merkel faces splits in her right-left coalition and pressure from EU states, including France, over her insistence that Germany can cope with up to 1 million migrants this year and that Europe must accept quotas to take them in.

In a 40-minute speech to the Bundestag lower house of parliament, Merkel said the security threat level in Germany was high but insisted that people must carry on with normal life.

“The strongest response to terrorists is to carry on living our lives and our values as we have until now — self-confident and free, considerate and engaged,” she said to loud applause.

ISIS . . .

KT McFarland, Fox: “A ten point plan to defeat ISIS”

Remember Cloward-Piven . . . governments thrive on tides of complaints . . . Barry benefits from Islam if he doesn’t piss the mullahs off, even while selling out the rest of us who will need him less but have to deal with him. . .impeachment is not to remove him from his present job but to prevent his getting his next one . . .

“. . . It is dawning on the West that radical Islam is the existential threat of our times, as fascism was in World War II, as communism was in the Cold War. We can’t cooperate with it, we can’t convert it and we can’t contain it. We must defeat it.

“But so far we have no Churchill or FDR, no Reagan or Thatcher or Pope John Paul II. Obama has made it abundantly clear that he’s not budging. He says the U.S. will not send troops into the region, and he uses that as an excuse to do nothing. He says critics have suggested things he’s already doing. He says if anybody has a better plan, he hasn’t seen it. . . .” (emph. added, jb)

Roger Kimball, PJM: “Islam: ‘The Strongest Retrograde Force in the World’”

“. . . In the course of his remarks deploring the attacks and registering his solidarity with the French, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu uttered the phrase ‘militant Islamic terrorism’ at least three times. Barack Obama, in his first remarks about the slaughter, did not mention Islam at all. The attack was, he said, not just an attack on Paris or the people of France but ‘an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.’

“The trouble is, it is patent that the ‘values’ to which Barack Obama gestures are anything but ‘universal.’ On the contrary, they are Western, liberal values that are conspicuously not shared by much of the world. They are most flagrantly not shared by Islamic culture. Religious freedom, including the freedom of apostasy, freedom of speech, equality before the law and between the sexes: these are a few bedrock Western values that are neither preached nor practiced by the dominant currents of Islamic thought.

“As Andrew C. McCarthy observed recently in “Islam and Free Speech,” whenever Muslim populations surge in Western countries, ‘so does support for jihadism and the sharia supremacist ideology that catalyzes it. The reason,’ McCarthy continues, ‘is plain to see, even if Western elites remain willfully blind to it: for a not insignificant percentage of the growing Muslim millions in Europe, infiltration—by both mass immigration and the establishment of swelling Islamic enclaves—is a purposeful strategy of conquest, sometimes referred to as ‘voluntary apartheid.’’ This, too, is inextricably at odds with those putatively “universal values” that Barack Obama invoked. . . .”

LEADS . . .

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “Conspiracy-a-Rama – A return to the paranoid style in African-American politics” Every creature chooses, changes, or builds its environment . . . true even for media audiences . . .

“From time to time, something will leap out to me as an illustration of the fact that blacks and whites often inhabit separate realities. I’ve often told the story of the editorial in a black neighborhood newspaper in Philadelphia warning African-Americans to flee urban areas in the lead-up to the 2004 presidential elections because George W. Bush was planning to — this was presented as unquestionable fact – use nuclear weapons against the inner cities to suppress the black vote. This wasn’t somebody ranting on Twitter — this was in print, in a regularly published newspaper that was, in the early days of the 21st century, still a going concern.

“I’ve come to call this sort of thing (with apologies to Richard Hofstadter) the paranoid style in African-American politics. Mild versions of conspiracy theories play a large role in mainstream American politics in the form of folk beliefs about how government works, the role of lobbyists and campaign contributions, and the like. For right-wing populists, it’s the “Establishment” and the “donor class,” for left-wingers it’s the Koch brothers, Big Oil, Big Money, Big Bigness, etc. We’ve all heard the story of how we could be running our automobiles on seawater if not for the fact that the petro-billionaires are suppressing the technology. The closer you get to the fringes, the more prominent the role of conspiracy theories. But it seems to me that conspiracy theory plays an outsize role in mainstream African-American political discourse.

“For example, I was listening to a program yesterday on Sirius XM Urban View (one of the half-dozen lefty-dominated stations that Sirius offers to offset its one conservative station, the Patriot) when the hosts presented as uncontested fact that Chicago’s street gangs, which are the source of much of the blood currently running in Chicago’s streets, are a creation of the FBI. Before the FBI, the host said, there were progressive community-improvement organizations in Chicago, not violent street gangs, but the FBI infiltrated these organizations and “turned them against each other.” Of course. “That’s what they do,” the host insisted. Who? They — you know: Them: the FBI, “sellout Negroes,” as the host put it. Never mind that that’s not only untrue but wildly, madly untrue — there are, for example, active Chicago criminal gangs that trace their origins back to the 1950s and earlier — it tells the sort of story that a certain kind of listener wants to hear. . .”

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Too Late for Carson to Catch up on Homework”

“A little over a year ago, when Ben Carson was gearing up to run for president, I questioned in this space whether he was ready for what lay ahead. We now have our answer: No.

“Carson had a great number of things going for him: his amazing life story, charm, professional accomplishments, eloquence, and courage. I had only one major concern: “While he speaks eloquently and passionately about the importance of doing homework in his own life and for children everywhere, it’s not obvious he’s taken those lessons to heart when it comes to politics.”

“It’s now obvious that he hasn’t.

“In the weeks before the terrorist attacks in Paris, Carson was already having a rough time. In a development that defied satire, Donald Trump was attacking Carson’s character, which is a bit like Carrot Top ridiculing Jerry Seinfeld’s sense of humor.

“But it was smart politics. The rationale for Carson’s candidacy is based largely on biography and character. Take those away and what’s left?

“Not too much, unfortunately. Oh sure, grading on a human level, there’s still a great deal to admire in Carson. But we’re talking presidential politics, not lifetime achievement awards. . .”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “A brief theory of Trump’s outrageousness”

“. . . “The word compromise is absolutely fine. But if you are going to compromise, ask for about three times more than you want. You understand? So when you compromise, you get what you want.”

Perhaps deporting all illegal immigrants is the political version of asking for about three times more than you want.

“Trump has repeated his deportation vow many times. But few have noted that when Trump rolled out his written immigration plan, posted on his campaign website, there was nothing about mass deportation. In addition to Trump’s famous “beautiful wall,” the plan had a lot of mainstream conservative proposals about securing the border and tightening interior enforcement.

“The effect of Trump’s deportation proposal was to pull the Republican immigration debate toward immigration and further right — that is, where Trump wanted it to go. When Trump made an actual written proposal, even an abbreviated campaign-style proposal, it was more measured. . .”

Trip Gabriel, NYT: “Ted Cruz Makes a Big Leap in Iowa, Poll Says

“. . . Mr. Cruz, the Republican Texas senator, was the choice of 23 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers in the new poll, from Quinnipiac University, following Mr. Trump at 25 percent and ahead of Mr. Carson at 18 percent. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida was in fourth with 13 percent. The margin of error was plus or minus four percentage points. . .”

Chrissie Thompson & Jessica Balmert, Cincinnatti: “Trump backs off Kasich attacks in Ohio”

COLUMBUS – Donald Trump largely backed away from his dayslong feud with John Kasich in a rally Monday in the Ohio governor’s backyard.

“But the billionaire presidential candidate stood by his support for the use of waterboarding on suspected terrorists and his controversial insistence that some people – likely a reference to Muslims – cheered the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001. And Trump reiterated his support for some kind of “list” tracking Syrian refugees and defended his use of the term “anchor babies.”

“In a 58-minute speech before as many as 14,000 cheering people, Trump spent only a few moments criticizing presidential rival Kasich, whose campaign he recently battled on Twitter. At the rally, Trump, who continues to lead national polls for the GOP nomination, briefly mentioned the Ohio governor’s low polling figures.

“‘Your governor is only 2 (percent). What happened?’ Trump said of a recent national poll, to a smattering of boos.

“It was unclear whether they were directed at Trump or Kasich. Then, pronouncing the governor’s name ‘Kasitch,’ Trump said: ‘I heard he’s dropping out’ – a claim Kasich has refuted. . .”

John Barrasso, WSJ: “Congress Can Cool Off Obama’s Climate Plans”

BO’s next job . . .

At the Paris talks next week, the U.S. may make harmful commitments on spending and carbon.

“When the U.N. climate-change talks convene in Paris next week, the risks will be high for American taxpayers. President Obama wants a climate deal and is willing to pay dearly to get it. The inevitable outcome is a plan with unproven benefits and unreachable goals, but very real costs. It will be up to Congress to check the president’s ambition of committing the U.S. to an international green scheme that will produce little or no return.

The ostensible goal of the Paris talks (Nov. 30-Dec. 11) is to convince countries to commit to enacting laws that reduce carbon emissions. That fits President Obama’s vision of a world without fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. The American people oppose these policies, but the president has shown himself determined to circumvent Congress.

The Obama administration has already imposed burdensome regulations—for instance, the sprawling Clean Power Plan aimed at wiping out the coal industry—that will raise the cost of energy and put hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work. Now the president wants his negotiators to use these international climate talks to pile on more restrictions.

PA. . .

Jason Addy, Politics PA: “PA-BGT: Breakdown of State Senate Property Tax Vote”

“It took a bipartisan coalition to ensure there would be no movement on the state budget before Thanksgiving. Lt. Gov. Mike Stack was required to decide the fate of Senate Bill 76 on Monday after a 24-24 vote in the upper chamber.

Stack used his tiebreaker vote as President of the Senate to kill the property tax overhaul bill, which would have transferred over $14 billion in school property taxes from the state’s coffers to local school boards. Voters would have been given the right of final approval for any local school tax increases if the bill passed.

Both parties were split on the proposal, with three-fifths of the GOP caucus voting for the bill, while two-thirds of Democratic Senators registered their opposition.

The bill could still have life in the State Senate though, as Sen. Wayne Fontana missed the vote and the 50th senator, Guy Reschenthaler, was sworn in Tuesday, giving Republicans a 31-19 majority. Both would have been expected to vote in favor of the bill, Marc Levy of the Associated Press reported.

Eric Boehm, PA Independent: “Public Utility Commission fines Uber $50 million for defying regulators’ authority”

“The showdown between Uber and Pennsylvania has escalated, and it’s getting expensive.

“A pair of Pennsylvania judges on Tuesday recommended a massive $50 million fine against ride-sharing company Uber for operating in the state without a license and for resisting the state Public Utility Commission’s efforts to obtain information about how many rides Uber has provided in the state.

“Uber began operating in the Pittsburgh area in February 2014, without first getting permission from the state’s regulators. Though both Uber and Lyft, a competing ride-sharing service, later received a two-year operational permit from the state PUC, the commission’s Board of Investigation and Enforcement is seeking to collect a penalty for the period of time when Uber was operating without a license.

“‘Uber meets the definition of a common carrier and was required to have authority from the Commission to provide transportation,’ wrote judges Mary Long and Jeffrey Watson in Tuesday’s decision.

“Operating without a government-issued permission slip means Uber was ‘placing the public at risk,’ the two judges concluded. . .”


Mark Levin (11/24/15)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, WW3 continues to get uglier as Vladimir Putin violates Turkish airspace and his fighter is shot down by Turkey. Putin has been violating other countries’ airspace for years and is the aggressor. It’s his fault that the fighter was shot down. Also, President Obama’s foreign policy plan of appeasement has enabled Russia to threaten U.S. airspace and get into Syria. What Obama needs to do is bolster the military to send a strong message to our enemies, but instead continues like China and Russia are increasing their military buildup. When you have a weak U.S. President who condemns his country, the enemies of America see this and act to take advantage.

“Later, Victor Davis Hansen calls in talk about how Obama is going to do more damage in his last year. After, David Limbaugh discusses his new book, The Emmaus Code. Finally, Obamacare is causing health insurers to raise premiums by double digits and United Health Care is threatening to leave the exchanges. This shows that Obamacare, a design for redistributing wealth, is nothing more than a failing Ponzi scheme.”


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