Dead Cats: BO’sJoy, 12/21/15, (18)39: James Brody


BUDGET: SENTINEL ACTION – Call your legislators!; HOFT – Primary Ryan.

LEADS: ERICKSON – Cruz is it; WILL – Purdue pushes back; NY POST – Losing the good war; McCARTHY – Closing Gitmo; HAYES – Lying about Gitmo.

PA: STAUB – Tax hike; SNYDER – Politics PA.

END NOTES: MARK LEVIN (12/18/15); BRODY – Thank-you Mr. Ryan.


Winter Solstice: Tuesday December 22nd at 08:04 GMT(-5 hrs means 03:04 EST).

Cameron MacPhail,

“. . . I kind of feel like I just stepped through a wardrobe from a land where the hot new craze is ‘do-–it-yourself fecal transplants,’ middle-aged men are becoming little girls, Leonardo DiCaprio has to deny he was raped by a bear, and Donald Trump is considered a statesman. But then I realized that, no, no, those aren’t the false memories of my Nyquil vision quest, that’s America right now. . .

“By the way, I was hoping that DiCaprio’s denial would involve insisting that all of the sex scenes with the bear were consensual . . .” Jonah Goldberg


Kevin Williamson, NRO: “The Democrats’ Theme for 2016 Is Totalitarianism” “At the beginning of December, Rolling Stone writer Jeff Goodell asked Secretary of State John Kerry whether Charles and David Koch, two libertarian political activists, should be considered — his remarkable words — “an enemy of the state.” He posed the same question about Exxon, and John Kerry, who could have been president of these United States, said that he looked forward to the seizure of Exxon’s assets for the crime of “proselytizing” impermissibly about the question of global warming.

“An enemy of the state? That’s the Democrats’ theme for the New Year: totalitarianism.

“Donald Trump may talk like a brownshirt, but the Democrats mean business. For those of you keeping track, the Democrats and their allies on the left have now: voted in the Senate to repeal the First Amendment, proposed imprisoning people for holding the wrong views on global warming, sought to prohibit the showing of a film critical of Hillary Rodham Clinton, proposed banning politically unpopular academic research, demanded that funding politically unpopular organizations and causes be made a crime and that the RICO organized-crime statute be used as a weapon against targeted political groups. They have filed felony charges against a Republican governor for vetoing a piece of legislation, engaged in naked political persecutions of members of Congress, and used the IRS and the ATF as weapons against political critics. “On the college campuses, they shout down unpopular ideas or simply forbid nonconforming views from being heard there in the first place. They have declared academic freedom an “outdated concept” and have gone the full Orwell, declaring that freedom is oppressive and that they should not be expected to tolerate ideas that they do not share. They are demanding mandatory ideological indoctrination sessions for nonconforming students. They have violently assaulted students studying in libraries and assaulted student journalists documenting their activities. They have staged dozens of phony hate crimes and sexual assaults as a pretext for persecuting unpopular organizations and people.

“What they cannot achieve by legislation or litigation, they seek to achieve by simple violence, left-wing activists having smashed, looted, and burned portions of Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, where Koreans and other Asian minorities were specifically targeted. As on college campuses, they have made a point of assaulting journalists documenting their violence. They have rioted in Philadelphia and in other cities. . .”

BUDGET . . .


Thx Janet!

“Call to Action: Please call your members of congress and urge them to vote “NO” on the Omnibus Spending Bill (Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016) A vote is expected on Friday.

Background: The bill should have been an opportunity for conservatives to reassert their prerogatives on a host of important issues, ranging from appropriate spending levels to substantive action on refugee resettlement, executive amnesty, Planned Parenthood, and many more.

“Unfortunately, the omnibus spending bill falls far short of achieving substantive policy victories on the issues Americans care about and spends $1.149 trillion of your tax payer dollars. 

“The bill fails to achieve any victories on key national security issues including a more stringent vetting system of Syrian refugees.

“The bill fails to block President Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty.

“The bill fails to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

“The bill fails to spend within our means, disregarding 2011 budget caps put in place to protect our economy.

“Please contact your members and tell the “NO” on HR 2995 (the Omnibus Spending Bill)

“To Find Contact Information for your members, scripts and even suggested tweets, please visit the newly updated dashboard.

“For the Congressional Switch Board: Please dial (202) 224-3121

“Suggested Tweets: .@”Member Handle” Do You Support $1.149 trillion #omnibus deal? Vote “NO” on backroom deals. #haction

“.@”Member Handle” #Omnibus fails to end #ExecutiveAmnesty. Vote “NO” on #HR2995. Vote to defund #Haction

“.@”Member Handle” Omnibus continue to fund Planned Parenthood. Vote “NO” on #HR2995. #DefundPP  #Haction

“To read more about the Omnibus deal check out official Heritage Action key vote –

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have. Keep up the fight!


Betsy Nelsen, Upper Northeast Regional Coordinator, Heritage Action (202) 251-8819;; @nelsenelizabeth

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: “Movement to Primary Speaker Paul Ryan Out of Congress Picks Up Steam”

“We Were Warned– “Harry Reid threw his support behind Paul Ryan for Speaker back in October.

“In July 2013 Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke with a Hispanic audience about his intention to push immigration reform in the House of Representatives.

“In October 2013 Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) wrote a bill that would grant citizenship to at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

“Ryan was elected Speaker of the House in October.

“On Thursday Speaker Ryan passed a trillion dollar budget deal that was widely praised by Barack Obama and Democratic leaders. “They got everything they wanted.

“After Republicans passed this budget Rush Limbaugh posed the question: Tell Me How the Budget Deal Would Be Worse If Democrats Ran Congress “It wouldn’t.

“Now there is a movement under way to primary Paul Ryan out of office.

“A facebook page was set up to primary Paul Ryan from Congress.

“The page already has 4,335 likes.

“There is also a Fire Paul Ryan webpage set up online.

“And now this… “On Friday the Wisconsin Tea Party declared war on Ryan.”

LEADS . . .

Erick Erickson, Red State: “Ted Cruz Is Still Best Positioned For the Nomination”

“. . . First, despite all the complaints from Republicans about Ted Cruz not throwing Donald Trump under the bus, it has served Cruz well. He is now the second choice of both Trump and Carson supporters. Trump supporters are much less likely than Cruz supporters to go to the Iowa Caucus right now and the Cruz organization is so far ahead of everyone else in organizing, it is becoming an insurmountable organizational lead for Cruz. If Cruz swings out of Iowa with a win, it will propel further momentum in his direction as he swings south to South Carolina and the SEC Primary. In both Texas and Georgia, the two big states on March 1st, Cruz has extremely impressive ground game operations. In Georgia, Cruz has one of the best Presidential ground game operations I have seen.

“Second, while I have been very open that I think Cruz had a rough few days of interviews, the irony of those interviews is that it set Cruz up to remind his base that Marco Rubio was in the Gang of Eight and Ted Cruz was not. Further, I have noticed repeatedly that the outsiders are seeing vastly more grace this time around from their supporters than the insiders. Bush’s voters have been quick to flee him. Fiorina’s have too. Christie’s fled him and now Rubio’s are wavering and looking at Christie. Meanwhile, with the exception of Carson’s supporters, who have gone to Cruz, both Trump and Cruz have held on to their supporters despite missteps along the way. Voters on the outside are so desperate for an outsider to win, they have let their candidates have a runway to improve on the campaign trail the insiders have not had.

“Third, Chris Christie is rising in New Hampshire and now, I’m told by several campaigns, in Iowa. Christie’s growing support comes at the expense of Marco Rubio, particularly in New Hampshire. “As Christie surges, he prevents Marco Rubio from being able to consolidate insider and establishment votes against Cruz, Trump, and Carson. This gives Cruz an easier path to navigate in Iowa while forcing Rubio to spend more resources in New Hampshire while Cruz turns south.

“Fourth, Cruz still has some very well funded super PACs and has put his Washington spending principles to work on the campaign trail. Cruz’s campaign knows how to get every penny out of a dollar bill and maximize every single thing the campaign does. His campaign is not consultant heavy. Instead, Cruz has consultants, but the consultants he has are people loyal to him, not a commission. That makes a difference.

“It is increasingly obvious that Ted Cruz is the last best chance to stop Donald Trump. It is more obvious that Cruz and Rubio are where the race will ultimately be. But between the two, I would give the edge to Ted Cruz right now. . .”

George Will, NRO: “Purdue University Pushes Back against Free-Speech Suppression”

West Lafayette, Ind. — Although he is just 22, Andrew Zeller is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at Purdue University. He is one reason the school is a rare exception to the rule of unreason on American campuses, where freedom of speech is under siege. He and Purdue are evidence that freedom of speech, by which truth is winnowed from error, is most reliably defended by those in whose intellectual pursuits the truth is most rigorously tested by reality.

“While in high school in Bowling Green, Ohio, Zeller completed three years of college undergraduate courses. He arrived at Purdue when its incoming president, Indiana’s former governor Mitch Daniels, wanted the university to receive the top ‘green light’ rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which combats campus restrictions on speech and rates institutions on their adherence to constitutional principles.

“Zeller, president of Purdue’s graduate student government, and some undergraduate leaders urged Daniels to do what he was eager to do: Purdue has become the second university (after Princeton) to embrace the essence of the statement from the University of Chicago that affirms the principle that “education should not be intended to make people comfortable, it is meant to make them think.” The statement says “it is not the proper role of the university to attempt to shield individuals from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, disagreeable or even deeply offensive,” and it endorses “a solemn responsibility not only to promote a lively and fearless freedom of debate and deliberation, but also to protect that freedom when others attempt to restrict it.” “Why is Purdue one of just six universities that have now aligned with the spirit of the Chicago policy? Partly because of Daniels’ leadership. But also because Purdue, Indiana’s land-grant institution, is true to the 1862 Morrill Act’s emphasis on applied learning. It graduates more engineers than any U.S. university other than Georgia Tech. Purdue, tied with the University of California at Berkeley, awards more STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) undergraduate diplomas than all but two public research universities (Penn State and Texas A&M). Among such universities, a higher percentage of Purdue students graduate in STEM fields than those of any school other than Georgia Tech and the University of California, San Diego. Scientists and engineers live lives governed by the reality principle: Get the variables wrong, the experiment will fail, even if this seems insensitive; do the math wrong, the equation will tell you, even if that hurts your feelings. . .”

NY Post: “Losing America’s forgotten ‘good war’

Obama’s every tactic enhances his application for an “international” job – paid by the UN or Soros – Muslim support is key . . . this cat will be in our bird cage for generations, particularly after Ryan and the Senate passed our recent budget . . .

“Even as President Obama’s desperately trying to convince the public he’s on top of terror, ISIS and Syria, look: Afghanistan’s headed into the crapper.

“The only Western headlines on the country are about the unfortunate US accidental bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz. But that came amid the Taliban’s brief takeover the city — which was just part of the Islamists’ recent offensive.

“Some 2,200 US troops have died there — more on Obama’s watch than President George W. Bush’s. Yet what Obama used to call the “good war” (as opposed to Bush’s Iraq intervention) is in worse shape than when this president took over.

“The Taliban now control nearly all the roads in the nation, when they want to. They’re on the verge of ruling six provinces, and are a major threat in a dozen or so more (of 34 total). And ISIS has a presence in at least three provinces.

“The under 10,000 US troops there are at their limit — and Obama plans to bring the number down to 5,000 soon. “The endless war has produced its own refugee problem, with a million or more fleeing — including hundreds of thousands to Iran.

“Iran’s found a silver lining: With promises of citizenship, it has recruited refugees for a ‘foreign legion’ — and sent the troops to Syria to help Bashar al-Assad’s bloody war to keep power. That unit is now the second-largest foreign force in Syria.

“Afghans are actually around 15 percent of the refugee wave swamping Europe — even as other Afghans fight in Syria, helping to create even more refugees.

“Wonder why the whole world seems in trouble? Obama’s anti-leadership has fostered even more disasters than the ones he’s busy explaining away.”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Closing Guantanamo Bay Will Only Empower Our Enemies”

“There are 107 jihadists remaining at Guantanamo Bay. President Obama sees that as a huge problem and, for once, I agree with him. But there the agreement ends. The president is hell bent on shuttering the detention camp. I think the problem is that there are only 107 detainees.

“Heading into his eighth year as commander-in-chief, Obama seems increasingly detached — inevitably so, as reality relentlessly distances itself from the president’s fantasies about Islam and terrorism.

“Impervious to the bitter irony, the president waxed idiotic at his final White House press conference of 2015 about the need to close Gitmo — and about his imminent release of 17 jihadists to speed that process along — while the engines revved up to jet him to San Bernardino, Calif. There, he’ll find time for a quickie meeting with family members in mourning after the jihadist mass-murder of their loved ones two weeks ago.

“After that, Obama will hop back on Air Force One to do what any wartime president would do — take a two-week Hawaii vacation. No word yet on whether ISIS or al-Qaeda will be kicking back, too. ‘

Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard: “Lying About Gitmo”

“Let’s begin with the conclusion: Barack Obama is releasing dangerous terrorists against the recommendations of military and intelligence professionals, he’s doing so at a time when the threat level from radical Islamists is elevated, and he is lying about it. He is lying about how many jihadists he has released and lying about their backgrounds, all part of his effort to empty the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay.

“We write this knowing the accusation is a strong one and that the word lying will offend the sensibilities of the establishment media. There is an unwritten rule that requires euphemizing lies with gentler descriptions, especially when talking about the president of the United States. There is a veritable thesaurus of verbal politeness one can deploy: deceiving, dissembling, misleading, prevaricating, being duplicitous, evasive, fallacious, mendacious, dishonest, disingenuous, specious, spurious, untruthful.

“Not this time. The president is lying.

“The facts: Ibrahim al Qosi was a senior al Qaeda operative and a close associate of Osama bin Laden. An 11-page classified assessment of Qosi from U.S. military and intelligence professionals on Joint Task Force Guantánamo was made public by WikiLeaks. From that assessment: “Detainee is an admitted al Qaeda operative and one of Usama bin Laden’s (UBL) most trusted associates and veteran bodyguard.” And: “Following a 1994 assassination attempt against UBL, UBL chose detainee to be one of approximately ten individuals assigned to his protection detail.” And: “Detainee has been very forthright regarding his commitment to UBL and al Qaeda. He explains his commitment to UBL as a religious duty to defend Islam and fulfill his obligation to jihad.” The assessment concluded: ‘Detainee is assessed to be a HIGH risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests, and allies.’

“Barack Obama approved Qosi’s transfer to Sudan in July 2012.

“Earlier this month, Qosi resurfaced as a leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, appearing in a propaganda video for the group, which administration and intelligence officials have consistently identified as a direct threat to the United States. He joins a growing list of terrorists once held in American detention facilities and now leading the global jihadist movement and plotting attacks against the United States—a list that includes Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. . .”

PA . . .

Andrew Staub, PA Independent: “Wolf administration says it has the votes for a tax hike”

“Anna McCauslin has fought Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed taxes increases for almost half a year. But she began to feel a pit in her stomach around 11:30 a.m. Friday, as signs began indicating she waged a losing battle.

“The director of policy for the Pennsylvania chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots conservative group that opposes tax hikes and supports limited government, heard Wolf may have secured enough votes to shepherd a $1.8 billion tax increase through the GOP-controlled state House.

“‘It’s unbelievable that it’s been almost six months, and this is where we find ourselves,’ McCauslin said.

“Should the House pass the revenue plan over the weekend — the governor’s office says it has the votes — it will end an almost six-month-long budget impasse that has forced schools to borrow an estimated $900 million and left nonprofits scrambling to stay open.

“‘We are confident we have the votes to pass a revenue package and the rest of the budget bills,’ Wolf’s press secretary, Jeffrey Sheridan, said in a statement. ‘We look forward to bringing this impasse to an end so we can fund our schools, balance the budget, begin to fix our deficit and move Pennsylvania forward.’

“Passing the tax package, which would be used to increase education funding and repair a structural deficit, would mark a partial victory for Wolf, who initially wanted much, much more. It would also mark a defeat for Republican lawmakers who for six months have said the governor’s insistence on higher taxes caused the impasse. . .”

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: Ups & Downs (12/18/15)

Kathleen Kane. The Attorney General has faced a myriad of legal troubles over the last few months. Her primary defense during this time has been that she is the victim of powerful men seeking to protect themselves from revelations that they sent offensive and disgusting emails around their office. When it was revealed this week that Kane’s twin sister also distributed these messages and that the AG even received some of them, whatever political support Kane still had flew out the window. The entire issue of the emails (while worrisome in their own right) now appears to be merely a desperate attempt to distract attention from Kane’s own mistakes. It is impossible to see how any political officials could still defend her and the AG’s removal from office now seems to be a fait accompli.

Seth Williams. First off, Williams benefits just by the fact that Kane is once again the subject of scrutiny instead of him. The Philly DA also finally took steps to distance himself from Fina, issuing a mea culpa (it’s not insignificant that he is the first official involved in this mess to do so). Finally, State Rep. Louise Bishop pleaded no contest and resigned giving Williams another victory in the Philly sting investigation. Altogether, this was an unexpectedly good week for the DA.

Louise Bishop. Speaking of the State Representative, she definitely earned a down arrow this week. At first, it appeared that the long-time lawmaker and former radio host would fight the charges but eventually she threw in the towel. Her lawyer even abandoned the claim that the sting was racially motivated. It is a shame, though, to see a public servant bring themselves down over just a little bit of money.

Scott Petri. This should’ve been a down week for the PA-8 candidate. After all, Dean Malik jumped into the GOP primary alongside Petri and Andrew Warren. Then the NRCC announced that Petri has been put “On the Radar”, the first step in their “Young Guns” program. He also got the endorsement of Bucks County native and ex-Governor Schweiker. Therefore, Petri has a great opportunity to win the invisible primary by convincing donors and elected officials that he is best suited to replace retiring Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

John Rafferty and Todd Stephens. Rafferty and Stephens are competing for the GOP nomination in the 2016 Attorney General race and their primary has the potential to be the most competitive of next year. On Tuesday, each man unveiled an endorsement. State Rep. Stephens scored the backing of the Allegheny County GOP Chair while State Sen. Rafferty won the endorsement of his former colleague Bob Robbins. On the bright side, each man has run a good campaign so far. On the other hand, though, the better they both do the more brutal their battle will be.


Mark Levin (12/18/15)

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, today, the House and the Senate voted to destroy your children and grandchildren’s future with a massive omnibus spending bill and the Republicans got nothing in return because they are afraid of a government shutdown. The fear of default is not a valid concern as it has never happened during the 18 other shutdowns, but America is in danger of defaulting if we continue on this path of massive spending.  Republican establishment types think that giving into Democrats will win them the Presidency. However, the way you win the Presidency is to stand up on principle. Also, Marco Rubio’s former stance on immigration and opposition to amnesty has not been mentioned once by any establishment Republican media or commentators. Rubio has adopted Chuck Schumer’s position on immigration; if he had stuck to his principles he would have been a great leader.

“Later, Sen. Tom Cotton calls in to discuss the rotten spending bill passed and that the Senate needs to reinstate the filibuster rule.”

THIS IS FROM: Government Shutdown History

Thank you, Mr. Ryan: James Brody

I couldn’t find the GOP debates on my AM/FM radio. I easily found the Democrat debates on three local stations but didn’t listen to them. Meanwhile, Senator Ryan and the Senate “gave Obama everything that he wanted.”

The final test for dictator-applicants is their history for getting their own way. The rationalization was that of “keeping the government open” when no one particularly missed the government during its last closure.*

Obama’s glee may arise from the new gloss on his resume – a resume to accompany his application for his next job, one that will require approval not by Putin, Cruz, or Bush but by Muslims and small-nation despots who cooperate best with someone on their own side, someone who uses Cloward-Piven to make crises and mass media to steal money to solve them. Hillary has Huma, Obama has CAIR and Valerie (whose most recent assignment is to pacify anti-Muslim sentiments in the US).

*The last closure produced parking restrictions at Valley Forge National Park. It took about five days for a thousand tea-party zealots to re-occupy the Park. In the time since those glorious days, the Federal government has produced more signs, huts, and lawns but little else in the Park.


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