Dead Cats: PaClingers, 12/28/15, (19)02: James Brody


RALLY: Secret camps of homeless veterans; End the influx of refugees.

LEADS: HOFT – Primary Ryan; McCARTHY – Islam & terrorism; GUEST – Eliminate the 1st Amendment; ZITO – Distrust in America; PACE – Lame duck Barry; WONG – Fury on Ryan.

END NOTE: KLEIN – Bill’s bimbos.

RALLY . . .

Lower Bucks Leader: “Secret Camps of Homeless Veterans

This is what the churches should be working on, not Syrian terrorists!!!!”

Thx Janet!

“In the winter of 1777-78, George Washington’s battered Revolutionary Army endured bitter cold and snow, sickness, exhaustion and hunger in their camp at Valley Forge, PA.

“In Bucks County today, not far from Valley Forge, scores of desperate American veterans endure similar hardships. In small patches of woods, out of sight and out of mind of most county residents, homeless former soldiers have banded together to help one another in the daily struggle for food, water and shelter.

“A typical camp attests to the resourcefulness of the veterans, with huts cobbled together from old tarpaulins, a communal fire pit for cooking, and clotheslines for drying clothes. In most camps, a military order and discipline is maintained. Donations of food and supplies, as well as camp maintenance chores, are shared equally.

“Life is grim for the homeless veterans. Rodney Wyatt, a PA State Veterans Representative, sees this truth almost daily. Mr. Wyatt, along with a contingent of volunteers, regularly ventures into the woods to bring much needed food, water, blankets, clothing and medical supplies. In assessing a camp’s inhabitants, Mr. Wyatt keeps an eye out for those who may be capable of “gainful, sustainable employment.” He guides such veterans through the process of grooming themselves and preparing for job interviews, even helping them obtain business suits and clean shoes.

“‘Our mission,’ he said, ‘is to find them, treat them, and get them on the road to a better life.’…”

“End the Influx of Refugees” Rally

Place: World Church Services 308 East King Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Date: Saturday Jan 2nd 12:00

“Our rally is intended to put pressure on World Church Services and any other group refusing to follow the will of the majority of the American people. These people still are insisting on bringing Refugees to this State and are doing it for profit, refugees who are a potential threat to our lives and the lives of our families. Our goal is to stop the refugee intake into this country and send back those already here. Instead we favor a safe zone in Syria funded by the gulf Arab states and not the tax payers of the United States. Citizenship in this country should be earned and not handed out to everyone. Our country is not a refugee camp or a dumping ground. The smug arrogance of our Governor, President, house and senate democrats has gone on for far too long. It is time our elected officials listen to WE THE PEOPLE. Islamic Fundamentalism is not welcomed in Pennsylvania! This is not a problem with race it is a problem with Islam and it needs to be sorted out overseas, in Islamic countries, by Muslims, not in our streets and towns. This Rally is being hosted by Berks County GOP Committeeman John Rentschler, along with his political action group Pennsylvania First and other Liberty groups such as Citizens For Liberty, Pennsylvania Oathkeepers and Patriotic Liberty League.

“This event is a peaceful demonstration and we ask all citizens come out and show them we run our country. It is time to put political correctness aside and fight for our nation and our people. Hate groups and violence are NOT welcomed. Our speakers are from several different areas and backgrounds and all will educate and empower you. Let us unite as Pennsylvanians and stop the madness. . .”





“. . .In the United States, as in the rest of the Anglosphere, we seem to believe that we are the children of legislatures, not of kings; the beneficiaries of careful reasoning, not of iron will; the heirs to a safe political settlement immune to disintegration. That we are proud of our institutions is understandable. But our unshakeable confidence in their permanence is not. There is nothing written in the stars that secures in perpetuity our free system of laws. There are no stone tablets upon which legislative supremacy and judicial integrity are guaranteed against usurpation. Men’s hearts are no less ambitious this week than they were in the era of the pyramids. . .” Charles C.W. Cooke


Victor Davis Hanson, PJM: “Bitter Clingers 2.0”

“Clingers 1.0: “You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

“Clingers 2.0: Certain circumstances around being the first African-American president that might not have confronted a previous president, absolutel.  … If you are referring to specific strains in the Republican Party that suggest that somehow I’m different, I’m Muslim, I’m disloyal to the country, etc., which unfortunately is pretty far out there and gets some traction in certain pockets of the Republican Party, and that have been articulated by some of their elected officials, what I’d say there is that that’s probably pretty specific to me and who I am and my background, and that in some ways I may represent change that worries them…. If you are living in a town that historically has relied on coal and you see coal jobs diminishing, you probably are going to be more susceptible to the argument that I’ve been wiping out the economy in your area .… I think if you are talking about the specific virulence of some of the opposition directed towards me, then, you know, that may be explained by the particulars of who I am.”

“Barack Obama in the final stretch of his 2008 primary campaign explained away—off the record in an unguarded moment—his unpopularity in Pennsylvania. The problem then was a biased ‘them’—not so much the hard-left policies and principles of Barack Obama. . .”


LEADS . . .

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: “BREAKING: Wisconsin Conservative and US Veteran Considering Primary Run against Paul Ryan”

“. . . A facebook page was set up to primary Paul Ryan from Congress.

“The page already has 31,900 likes.

“There is also a Fire Paul Ryan webpage set up online.

“On the Wisconsin Tea Party declared war on Ryan.

“Now this… “There are rumblings that a conservative and veteran may step up to take on Paul Ryan in the Republican primary. “Via Primary Challenge Paul Ryan Facebook page . . .

“More… Another Wisconsin conservative and activist contacted The Gateway Pundit before Christmas and may also run against Speaker Paul Ryan in the primary.”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Just Asking about Islam and Terrorism”

“. . . Let’s say you are an authentically moderate Muslim. Perhaps you were born into Islam but have become secularist. Or perhaps you consider yourself a devout Muslim but interpret Islam in a way that rejects violent jihad, rejects the concept that religious and civic life are indivisible, and rejects the principle that sharia’s totalitarian societal framework and legal code must be imposed on the state. Let’s just take that as a given: You are no more inclined toward terrorism than any truly peaceful, moderate, pro-democratic non-Muslim.

“So let me pop the question: Is there any insulting thing I could say, no matter how provocative, or any demeaning video I could show you, no matter how lurid, that could convince you to join ISIS?

“Mind you, I am not asking whether, upon my insulting and provoking you, you would ever want to have anything to do with me again. I am asking whether there is anything that could be said or done by me, or, say, Donald Trump, or Nakoula Basseley Nakoula — the video producer (Innocence of Muslims) whom Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tried to blame for the Benghazi massacre — that could persuade you to throw up your hands and join the jihad? Is there anything so profoundly offensive to Islam that we could conjure up that would make a truly moderate, peaceful Muslim sign up for mass murder? Torching and beheading? Killing children? Participating in systematic rape as a weapon of war?

“I didn’t think so. . .”

Steve Guest, Daily Caller: “WATCH: Yale Students Sign Petition to Repeal the 1st Amendment [VIDEO]”

“In shocking hidden camera video, multiple Yale University students signed a petition to scrap the First Amendment.

In under 60 minutes filming on the Yale campus, political satirist Ami Horowitz collected over 50 signatures from Yalies who wanted to repeal a significant part of the Constitution.

Horowitz went around asking students to sign a petition to ‘blow up’ the First Amendment. “One student said, ‘I think this is fantastic, I absolutely agree’ with the idea of getting rid of the First Amendment. “Others said, ‘excellent’ or ‘I love it’ when presented with a petition to scrap the First Amendment.

“A female student agreed with Horowitz when he suggested, ‘I think the Constitution should be one big safe space.’

“Ironically, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and freedom of petition. A right the students and Horowitz took full advantage of that day.

“One student continued to sign the petition while being told, ‘Micro-aggressions should not be protected, and making fun of people is not cool and you know, it sucks.’

Salena Zito, RCP: “America Knee-Deep in Mistrust”

“Two women in their mid-50s stood talking in a longer-than-usual grocery line the day after last weekend’s Democrat debate. They focused not on the debate’s substance but on their belief that Hillary Clinton ‘gamed’ everyone by being tardy during a bathroom break.

“‘She made sure she under­scored that she is a female, that everything is tilted unfairly away from women — and there was power in that move,’ said the first woman of Hillary’s 2-minute absence from the stage after the first network break.

“Her companion nodded: ‘It was brilliant. She not only did it to the good ol’ boys of her party, she is going to beat the Republicans on this because she’s a woman.’

“I’m not sure which is sadder — that we’re so cynical about a bathroom break (it was later revealed that Hillary had farther to walk than her male rivals, and it’s no secret that women’s clothing and plumbing is more complicated), or that we accept and applaud her being so diabolical as to use gender to grandstand in such a way.

“America ends this year on a low note in terms of trusting government. Everyone, it appears, lies to us; worse, they seem supremely confident that we will accept it.

“We even lie to ourselves to make our choices seem more palatable. A late November Pew poll — ‘Beyond distrust: How Americans view their government’ — showed that not only do we distrust whom we’ve elected, we distrust ourselves collectively to make good choices in the future.

“That is a pretty damning indictment of what politics has done to America’s psyche. . .”

Julie Pace, AP: “In final year, Obama seeks to stave off lame-duck status”

Barry is actually polishing up for his next job . . . we are NOT going to be rid of him in January . . .

WASHINGTON (AP) — In June, during one of the best stretches of his presidency, Barack Obama strode through a West Wing hallway exclaiming, “Offense! Stay on offense!”

“It was a rallying cry for a White House that suddenly seemed to find its footing in the final quarter of Obama’s tenure. An Asia-Pacific trade agreement was moving forward, as was the diplomatic opening with Cuba and work on an historic nuclear accord with Iran. The Supreme Court upheld a key tenet of the president’s long-embattled health care law and legalized gay marriage nationwide. Even in the depths of tragedy following a church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, the president struck an emotional chord with his stirring eulogy for the victims.

“‘I said at the beginning of this year that interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter – and we are only halfway through,’ Obama said during his annual year-end news conference. . .”

Scott Wong, The Hill: “Fury of the right falls on Ryan”

“Conservative pundit Ann Coulter says Ryan, just seven weeks on the job, is ripe for a primary challenge. “Paul Ryan Betrays America,” blared a headline on the conservative site And Twitter is littered with references to the Wisconsin Republican’s new “Muslim beard.”

“Ryan is refusing to let the attacks go unanswered and is using his megaphone as the nation’s top elected Republican to try to drown out the chorus of conservative critics.

“After Congress passed the nearly $2 trillion government funding and tax-cuts package last week, Ryan touted conservative victories in a roundtable with Capitol Hill reporters, on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, and again during a trio of interviews with friendly conservative talk radio hosts Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt and his old political mentor, Bill Bennett.

“‘He will continue to talk directly to conservatives throughout the country as he has always done,’ a Ryan aide said.

“Ryan has repeatedly stressed that the bipartisan funding agreement lifted the 40-year federal ban on crude oil exports and renewed hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks for U.S. businesses and families.

“But in a nod to the critics, Ryan has also emphasized that he ‘inherited’ the flawed omnibus from his predecessor, ousted Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), and that the cake was ‘already baked’ by the time he was handed the reins in late October.

“Those arguments have done little to sway some of Ryan’s critics, particularly on conservative talk radio.

“Laura Ingraham denounced the spending package as an ‘omni-bust’ and said Ryan should be ‘regarded as a declared enemy of the Base.’  Mark Levin said Ryan is ‘already a disaster’ and criticized the funding package for increasing the number of visas for foreign workers.

“Criticism has also come from Rush Limbaugh, the king of conservative talk radio, who declared that the GOP sold the country “down the river.”

“For any GOP establishment leader, outrage from the right is unavoidable, with the deal making that comes with the job often conflicing with the desires of the base. . .”

END NOTE . . .

Aaron Klein, Breitbart: “In Their Own Words: Why Bill’s ‘Bimbos’ Fear a Hillary Presidency”

As women’s issues become part of the 2016 presidential race, it may be instructive to review recent statements made by some of Bill Clinton’s alleged female victims regarding the ambitions of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Last week, Hillary accused Republican canddiate Donald Trump of having a “penchant for sexism” in an interview with the Des Moines Register in Iowa.  The billionaire fired back on Twitter: “Be careful Hillary as you play the war on women or women being degraded card.”

Trump followed up with a second tweet, saying, “Hillary, when you complain about ‘a penchant for sexism,’ who are you referring to? I have great respect for women. BE CAREFUL!”

Clinton has sought to portray her campaign as one that is fighting for women’s rights.  On several occasions, she has tweeted about sex assault survivors’ right to be believed, and awkwardly starred in a campaign ad in which she insisted that one must always side with women who accuse men of sexual assault – a strange position given that her husband was repeatedly accused of precisely that crime.

“You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We’re with you,” Clinton said in the video, which she addressed to “every survivor of sexual assault.” . . .

“Rape Accuser Juanita Broaddrick to ‘Evil’ Hillary: ‘Shame on you!’ . . .

“Kathleen Willey: Hillary ‘wrote the book on terrorizing women’ . . .

“Gennifer Flowers: ‘A joke that she would run on women’s issues’ . . .


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