Dead Cats: LancasterRally, 01/04/16, (19)05: James Brody


RALLY: Secret camps of homeless veterans; End refugee influx.

BRODY – Report – End the Influx

LEADS: WATSON – Gun control pitch; MOORE – Recovery that wasn’t; McCARTHY – Draw Mo.

PA: replay DONATELLI – GOP wins PA?

END NOTES: McCARTHY – Twitter surrenders; STEYN – His year.


Citizens for Liberty

January 13, 7-9 PM

“free event” for freedom . . . cash bar, free pot luck buffet.

God, guns, guts, government . . . .

170 Allandale Rd, Volunteer Fire Dept., KOP, 19406

PA State Rep. Dr. Rick Saccone

Replay: Lower Bucks Leader: “Secret Camps of Homeless Veterans

Thx Janet!

Also note that the Valley Forge Park mows new lawns and builds new huts for dead soldiers . . .

“In the winter of 1777-78, George Washington’s battered Revolutionary Army endured bitter cold and snow, sickness, exhaustion and hunger in their camp at Valley Forge, PA.

“In Bucks County today, not far from Valley Forge, scores of desperate American veterans endure similar hardships. In small patches of woods, out of sight and out of mind of most county residents, homeless former soldiers have banded together to help one another in the daily struggle for food, water and shelter.

“A typical camp attests to the resourcefulness of the veterans, with huts cobbled together from old tarpaulins, a communal fire pit for cooking, and clotheslines for drying clothes. In most camps, a military order and discipline is maintained. Donations of food and supplies, as well as camp maintenance chores, are shared equally.

“Life is grim for the homeless veterans. Rodney Wyatt, a PA State Veterans Representative, sees this truth almost daily. Mr. Wyatt, along with a contingent of volunteers, regularly ventures into the woods to bring much needed food, water, blankets, clothing and medical supplies. In assessing a camp’s inhabitants, Mr. Wyatt keeps an eye out for those who may be capable of “gainful, sustainable employment.” He guides such veterans through the process of grooming themselves and preparing for job interviews, even helping them obtain business suits and clean shoes.

“‘Our mission,’ he said, ‘is to find them, treat them, and get them on the road to a better life.’…”

Report: “End the Influx of Refugees” Rally

One hundred of us (plus 20 reporters) milled on one side of the street and watched as 300 of “them” (secularists?) marched as if led by one mind and filled the other side of the street. We were older, poorer, or wounded but kept our flags from touching the ground. We were not allowed a PA system and were too green to be drawn closer to our speakers: they screeched, talked too long, and sometimes worked themselves into frenzies. The other side chanted on unison and created a debate about immigration rather than about Islam. Two hundred+ promptly departed after 45 minutes; no explanations.

We lost that debate because we didn’t pull in our audience closer to the speakers.

Islam has little tolerance for secularists and our secularists ignored a basic truth – all of them would have to convert or pay massive taxes. Islam also encourages members to lie to non-members, to control women’s costumes and social opportunities, and creates rigid social structures, enforced by five prayers per day.

Funny moments:

– A six-footer in a yellow T-shirt shouted about the abuses handed to him by Americans. He was forty pounds overweight and I thought of drawing his attention, arching my back, and patting my belly.

– The neighborhood consisted of old brick houses cemented with new paint. I noticed two women – one using a cell-phone – watching all of us. Irony – they appeared to be Mexican.

– A 65-ish woman asked to interview me. She blurted surprise when I announced my origin as “Valley Forge.” She was immediately curious about how I learned of the rally . . . She was probably an organizer for the other side.

– One of our leaders remarked in a whisper that it doesn’t matter that Mohammed never existed, millions believe the he did.

Fox interviewed one of our leaders. I overheard them say, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. . .”

– We stopped for food on the Turnpike. A tall, eighteenish blond guy asked in a whisper if he could pray for me. He carried a Koran. I said “No” and he stood to one side of the restaurant, waiting for another project.

– Sadness – Obama encourages housing space for Islamists. This is part of his campaign for his next job. We pay for his plane and hotel suites, Valerie may well be shifting his files (our property!), while he irons his flag, that he is the man to manage anything.

Bottom Lines:

We need to let the world know of Barry’s failures.

We have Vets without homes and Valley Forge Park makes huts for dead Continental soldiers. Those 5.4 square miles can be filled with our current veterans . . . if anyone had sense.

PA is a crucial state in the current election and the counties around Philadelphia are extremely important in the coming battles.

Cruz is making appointments to his campaign committees.

The battle is on . . .

“I draw Mohammed because the enemy tells me I can’t.” Bosch Fawstin

LEADS . . .

Steve Watson, InfoWars: “CNN to Provide an Hour of Airtime to Obama’s Gun-Control Pitch”

Another entry on Barry’s job application . . .

“’Town Hall’ Propaganda special to be aired Thursday

“The announcement was made Sunday, with CNN stating that Obama will attempt ‘to make gun control part of his legacy.’

“Anderson Cooper will host the 8pm special, which detractors will label a propaganda effort, in the wake of reports that Obama is set to announce executive action on gun control legislation within a week.

“CNN notes that the event, whether purposefully or not, coincides with the fifth anniversary of the shooting of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in an incident in Arizona that killed six others.

“The Town Hall event will simply be titled “Guns in America.”

CNN makes it clear that it is providing airtime for Obama to make one “final pitch” “on the issue.

“Previous CNN events of this nature have been firmly partisan affairs. . .”

Stephen Moore, Washington Times: “The Obama recovery that wasn’t”

“Families are no longer fooled by ‘hope and change’ happy talk

“The stock market closed down for 2015 reversing one of the few positive accomplishments under the Barack Obama presidency. This has been a pretty prosperous time for the top two percent. For most Americans though — not so much.

“A new report from Sentier Research based on Census data finds that median household income of $56,700 at the end of 2015 stood exactly where it was adjusted for inflation at the end of 2007.

That’s eight years of virtually zero income gain. And President Obama and his Washington political pundits wonder why voters are in such a cranky mood.

“Last week the Joint Economic Committee of Congress issued a report on the Obama recovery loaded with even more dismal news. On almost every measure examined, the 2009-15 recovery since the recovery ended in June of 2009 has been the meekest in more than 50 years. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Why ‘Draw Mohammed’? The Artist Explains”

“‘Mohammed cartoons don’t inspire Islamic violence. Islamic violence inspires Mohammed cartoons.” That is what Bosch Fawstin tells me. And he knows whereof he speaks. Fawstin is the award-winning cartoonist thrust into international notoriety in May when he won a ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest in Garland, Texas — a contest that became the first terrorist target of the Islamic State on American soil.

“The event was intended to be less a competition than a celebration of free-expression principles. Because those principles undergird Western civilization, they have become the prime target of Islamic supremacists. And when we talk about Islamic supremacists, we are not talking only about violent jihadists, such as the two ISIS-inspired terrorists who were killed in a firefight with police while attempting a mass murder of Fawstin and his fellow contestants. “There are also the ‘moderates’ who specialize in exploiting the atmosphere of intimidation created by jihadist organizations: the Muslim Brotherhood’s international web of Islamic activist groups and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the 57-government bloc that claims to represent Muslim interests globally.

“The methods of the ‘moderates’ might differ from those of ISIS and al-Qaeda — and given the extensive promotion of jihadist violence by the Brotherhood and several OIC member states, we say ‘might’ with tongue firmly in cheek. The ‘moderate’ goal, however, is the same: the imposition of sharia, which is Islam’s societal framework and legal code. As Fawstin explains it: ‘Devout Muslims want their laws to be our laws. In essence, they want us to be de facto Muslims.’ “In that vein, priority No. 1 has been pressuring the United States and its Western allies to stifle free expression, to supplant our free marketplace of ideas with Islam’s repressive blasphemy standards. This imperative has received a major boost from the Obama administration: from the president, who is sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment, and also from his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who would like to be the next to make a mockery of that solemn oath (emph added, jb). Colluding with the Brotherhood and the OIC, Obama and Clinton sponsored United Nations Human Rights Resolution 16-18: a blatantly unconstitutional provision that calls on all member states to ban speech that could ‘incite’ not just violence but ‘hostility’ to Islam.

“This goes to the heart of why the Garland event has been widely misunderstood. With Obama and Clinton working with anti-American Islamists to attack free speech, it is no surprise that the administration’s slavish media are portraying Islam’s critics as wild-eyed bigots, and their ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest as an exercise in gratuitous insult — the kind of expression that even free-speech advocates often shy from defending. . .”

PA . . .

Replay: Frank Donatelli, RCP: “Can the GOP Win Pennsylvania?”

“. . . Perhaps no state holds as much promise as Pennsylvania.

“The Keystone State has elected its share of Republicans. The junior senator is a Republican and the party holds 13 of 18 congressional seats. Republicans control both houses of the legislature and the state elects as many Republican as Democratic governors. Pennsylvania’s population is 84 percent white and has the fourth highest percentage of residents over 65. Wide parts of the state are rural and reliably Republican. The western area has remade itself with the discovery and development of the Marcellus Shale gas patch. Pictures of closed and shuttered steel mills document Pennsylvania’s past, not its future.

“The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is in disarray. The controversy centers on former rising star and Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who faces charges of leaking confidential grand jury testimony, obstruction of justice and perjury. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently revoked her law license, making her the only state AG in the country unable to try her own department’s cases. Yet she has not ruled out a bid for re-election next year.

“State Democrats are also reeling from corruption cases pursued against the former Democratic state treasurer, sitting members of the state House, and the recent corruption conviction of a Philadelphia congressman’s son.

“So, if the GOP is going to break its six-election presidential losing streak in Pennsylvania, this would be the year to do it. Yet, formidable obstacles remain before Republicans can claim its 20 key electoral votes. First is the party registration deficit. There are over 1 million more Democrats than Republicans in Pennsylvania, so an appeal to ‘turn out the base’ will fall well short in this state.

“Then there are the populous suburbs surrounding Philadelphia – Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks and Chester counties. Democrats will win Philadelphia and Pittsburgh overwhelmingly, Republicans will carry the rural areas in central Pennsylvania and do well in the western towns outside of Pittsburgh, but the huge shift that has made Pennsylvania reliably Democratic in presidential years has been the change in voting patterns in the Philadelphia suburbs. While the numbers of Democrats and Republicans are nearly equal, Republican registrants contain large blocs of younger, moderate voters as well as college-educated women.

“These voters can be targeted based on economic opportunity, but they are libertarian and tolerant on social policy. Two of the leading Republican candidates are misfits to appeal to these voters. (emph added, jb) Neither Donald Trump’s focus on white working-class resentment nor Ted Cruz’ caffeinated appeals to white evangelicals is likely to work. Republicans who have won statewide include reform-minded governors Tom Ridge and Tom Corbett, and current Sen. Pat Toomey . . .”


Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Islam v. Free Speech: Twitter Surrenders”

“. . . Twitter has announced new regulations on content communicated via its social-networking service. They are prohibitions on speech similar in effect to Resolution 16/18. As usual, this is shrewdly done under the guise of suppressing ‘hate’ speech. In fact, the regulations cast a much wider net that potentially calls for the suppression of political and educational speech.

Twitter’s policy, called “Hate content, sensitive topics, and violence,” is here. The policy states that it applies to ‘Twitter Ads,’ but goes on to explain that these ‘paid advertising products’ include all “Tweets,” as well as “trends and accounts.”

Mark Steyn, SteynonLine: “A Three-Hundred-and-Sixty-Se’n night of Steyn, 2015”

Steyn’s year, worth a careful read . . .


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