Dead Cats: Marco?, 02/05/16, (19)19: James Brody


Help American Vets Unseat Meehan.

GOP: FARENTHOLD – Rubio gives up on Senate; ANTLE – Hating Ted; ERICKSON – Ted impressive in SC.

LEADS: LoBianco – Carly excluded; DeLANIAN – Rice & Powell got email; HANSON – Decline of higher learning; BEDARD – Border agents giving up.

PA: KNEPPER – Wolf wants to spend more; SNYDER – Ups & Downs.


Help for Veterans

Valley Forge Park has 5.4 empty miles and money to build huts for guys who suffered 200+ years ago. Room for vets??????


We at Valley Forge Patriots & Citizens for Liberty are trying to help.  We are asking for donations of food, gently used warm clothing and blankets.

If you have anything you would like to donate and you are going to our Feb. 3 event at King Of Prussia Vol. Fire House , please bring it with you.

If unable to attend that event (but, you really, really should!), feel free to contact Janet Warnsdorfer at or (610) 469-3268.



Janet Warnsdorfer is holding  meet and great for Stan Casacio running to unseat Pat Meehan Dist 7

When:     Sat. 2/6 from 2:00 to  4:00 PM

Place:      2370 Harmonyville Rd., Elverson, Pa 19520




If Hillary loses New Hampshire to Sanders, Mike Bloomberg will run . . . Bill Kristol

GOP . . .

David Fahrenthold, WaPo: “Rubio gives up on Senate: ‘He hates it’”

From October 25, 2015 . . . A temperament problem??? Or one of maturity???

“Marco Rubio is a U.S. senator. And he just can’t stand it anymore.

“‘I don’t know that ‘hate’ is the right word,’ Rubio said in an interview. ‘I’m frustrated.’

“This year, as Rubio runs for president, he has cast the Senate — the very place that cemented him as a national politician — as a place he’s given up on, after less than one term. It’s too slow. Too rule-bound. So Rubio, 44, has decided not to run for his seat again. It’s the White House or bust. . .”

Also: Julia Hahn, Breitbart: “Marco Rubio’s 7 Top Achievements in U.S. Senate”

As The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza writes, a “major part of the problem is that Rubio doesn’t have all that many accomplishments in the Senate.”

“When Rubio is asked to name his single greatest achievement in the Senate, do you hear crickets?” tweeted the National Journal’s Ron Fournier.

Though Rick Santorum was unable to name the accomplishments of the man he just endorsed, there are indeed several accomplishments that are quite noteworthy. Below are a few of Sen. Rubio’s achievements that Rick Santorum could have identified on MSNBC this morning:

The Rubio-Schumer Gang of Eight Bill . . . (2) Obamatrade . . . (3) Blocking Curbs to Muslim Immigration . . . (4) Enabling His Corporate Backers to Replace Americans With Foreign Workers . . . (5) Blocking Food Stamp Reform . . . (6) Benghazi . . . (7) Worst Attendance Record . . .”

James Antle III, The Week: “Here’s the most powerful reason to vote for Ted Cruz”

“Trump and Rubio. Just what the Republican Party needs: a choice between insulting Muslims at home and using military force against them abroad.

This may be the most powerful case for conservatives to support Cruz: At least he would save us from Rubio and Trump.

“Hyperbolic, I know, especially since I do agree that assimilation has been a challenge in Western countries that have accepted large numbers of Muslim immigrants, and that there is a legitimate military component to the war on terrorism. But Trump’s blunderbuss approach to Muslim immigration and Rubio’s force-friendly foreign policy are overreactions at best and entirely counterproductive at worst. They are also illustrative of the dilemma a Trump-Rubio race for the GOP nomination would pose, and why Cruz may well be our best option.

“I know that on the surface, there is a lot to like about Rubio’s candidacy. The freshman senator from Florida seems like a nice guy and his supporters are generally nice too. Moreover, as a relatively young Latino candidate, Rubio presents a fresh face for a party in which too many Americans feel unwelcome. While Trump’s appeal to struggling working-class whites and disaffected Republicans who believe their party leaders ignore them is important, he also clearly compounds some of the GOP’s problems reaching out beyond its traditional demographic core. The billionaire does one form of outreach at the expense of the other.

“Rubio is different. In his person and campaign pitch, he offers voters something new. That’s especially important in a campaign where the Republican nominee is likely to face an older Democratic nominee who is a throwback to the 1990s and is already experiencing problems recreating the Obama coalition, especially its appeal to younger Democrats. (The alternative, who is appealing to those younger Democrats, is a septuagenarian socialist.)

“Yet for all Rubio’s exhortations for eschewing the politics of yesterday, he doesn’t seem to have learned many lessons from George W. Bush’s presidency.. .”

Erick Erickson, Resurgent: “The Ted Cruz Ground Game In South Carolina is Impressive”

“It’s no secret that Ted Cruz and his campaign have built a campaign from the ground up. This is not, however, the old clip board type of campaigning. Using a top end data analytics company, Cambridge Analytica, the Cruz team has for months been building out a modern version of retail politics. As the campaign manager, Jeff Roe, noted the other day in Iowa, they knew how many votes they needed in certain counties and the exact number they were shooting for with days to go. And guess what? They weren’t surprised when they won on Monday night.

“Not only is the Cruz campaign ahead of the curve on the ground, their super PAC, Keep the Promise, is as well. It’s no secret they were on the ground in Iowa starting this past fall. But it’s not just Iowa. The Keep the Promise Super PAC already has over 100 paid block walkers on the ground in South Carolina and has them there since last November. I am told they are also positioned similarly in many of the March 1st SEC states and are building efforts out further in the calendar as well.

“Which means in the end, the campaigns competing against Ted Cruz aren’t just up against his campaign on the ground. They are up against his super PAC and likely behind the curve to both entities.

“The data being collected by the campaign and super PACs for Cruz is impressive. In separate conversations, I have been told the collective “Team Cruz”, which are the campaign and super PACs fire walled from each other and unable to coordinate, are criss crossing South Carolina and other SEC Primary states.

“For example, data I have seen in South Carolina leads me to believe that the Keep the Promise side of Team Cruz will have touched almost every likely primary voter by March 1st. They are doing literature drops, getting voters to answer questions, then feeding that data into a system that identifies Cruz’s most likely voters so they can get them back out. . .”

LEADS . . .

Tom LoBianco, CNN: “Despite Republicans’ calls, ABC declines to include Fiorina in debate”

“. . . The network announced that Saturday’s debate, which will not have an “undercard” event, will feature Donald Trump, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“Cruz and Carson had joined former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich earlier Thursday to call on ABC News to put Fiorina on the stage.

“Romney and Gingrich pointed out that Fiorina outperformed Kasich and Christie in Iowa, but both men will still appear on stage Saturday. . .”

Ken Delanian, NBC: “Condoleezza Rice Aides, Colin Powell Also Got Classified Info on Personal Emails”

“State Department officials have determined that classified information was sent to the personal email accounts of former Secretary of State Colin Powell and the senior staff of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, NBC News has learned.

“In an interview with NBC News, Powell challenged the conclusion, saying nothing that went to his personal account was secret. A Rice spokeswoman said the emails were about diplomatic communications.

“In a letter to Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy dated Feb. 3, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick said that the State Department has determined that 12 emails examined from State’s archives contained national security information now classified ‘Secret’ or ‘Confidential.’ The letter was obtained by NBC News.

“Two of the messages were sent to Powell’s personal account, and 10 were sent to personal accounts of Rice’s senior aides, the letter said. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, RCP: “The Regrettable Decline of Higher Learning”

“. . . Universities have lost their commitment to the inductive method. Preconceived anti-Enlightenment theories are established as settled fact and part of career promotion. Evidence is made to fit these unquestioned assumptions.

“Two unfortunate results have predictably followed.

“Students now leave campus largely prepped by their professors to embrace a predictable menu: the glories of larger government, income redistribution, greater entitlements, radical environmentalism, abortion, multiculturalism, suspicion of traditional religion, and antipathy to the international role of the United States in the past and present.

“Unfortunately, this costly indoctrination comes at the expense of what is increasingly less taught: traditional mastery of foreign languages, great works of literature, philosophy, history, mastery of grammar and composition, and the Socratic method.

“Careerism often drives campus politics. If poor, minority or first-generation college students could obtain the traditional tools of success — English and mathematic literacy, acquaintance with American history and protocols, oral and written language mastery — they would succeed as individuals without need for the college industry of collective victimology that assumes a permanent lack of parity.

“Employers and the adult world no longer equate a bachelor’s degree with proof of a well-rounded education. Yet chastised universities usually oppose any objective measurement of their effectiveness. They certainly want federally insured student loans, but they do not want proof of their competency through national exit tests, which might help ensure that all graduates leave college able to compute, read and write well. How odd that standardized tests are permissible to judge entering students but not to certify exiting ones.

“Colleges are schizophrenic in lots of other ways. They claim they are special institutions that should be free to form their own curricula, enjoy ancient rites such as faculty tenure, not worry much how much they charge students or treat part-time faculty, and establish radical new legal protocols that run contrary to the Constitution.

“When colleges create “safe spaces” designated by race and gender, they butt up against U.S. law. Assuming the guilt rather than innocence of students accused of bad behavior does not stand up in court.

“Most Americans who work in a mall or shop are not awarded lifelong guaranteed employment. Nor are our newspapers censored with “trigger warnings” in fear that readers might become hurt by depressing news stories.

“Universities ask the public to subsidize these strange rituals by making endowments tax-exempt. The government extends federally guaranteed loans and ensures write-offs for charitable giving. . .”

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner: “Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether’”

“In a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, essentially a license to stay in the United States, a key agent testified Thursday.

“What’s more, the stand down order includes a requirement that the whereabouts of illegals released are not to be tracked.

“‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,’ suggested agent Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

“Testifying on the two-year border surge of immigrant youths, Judd said the policy shift was prompted by Obama administration “embarrassment” that just over half of illegals ordered to appear in court actually do.

More from the Washington Examiner

Final Obamacare enrollment reaches 12.7 million

The signups put the Obama administration on track to meet its goal but fall short of other projections.

By Paige Winfield Cunningham

02/04/16 3:14 PM

“‘The willful failure to show up for court appearances by persons that were arrested and released by the Border Patrol has become an extreme embarrassment for the Department of Homeland Security. It has been so embarrassing that DHS and the U.S. attorney’s office has come up with a new policy,’ he testified before the immigration subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee.

“The biggest change: Undocumented immigrants are no longer given a “notice to appear” order, because they simply ignore them. Judd said that border agents jokingly refer to the NTAs as ‘notices to disappear’ . ..”

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “Wolf to Demand Even More Spending, Despite Claiming There is a Structural Deficit”

“On Tuesday, February 9th, Governor Wolf will offer his annual budget address.

“Despite being unable to force the legislature to raise taxes to cover a laundry list of campaign promises, Wolf will demand that the government spend even more money in his second budget address. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Governor Wolf has been a broken record when it comes to calling for spending more money. How it makes sense from Wolf’s perspective to demand more spending and simultaneously insist that we have a “structural deficit” is anyone’s guess. If there were a structural deficit, the rational thing to do would be to cut spending. Considering the odd juxtaposition of demanding more spending and claiming a deficit, it was a smart move on his part to avoid the ironic humor of offering his budget address on Groundhog Day.

“The Governor will likely offer a vision of the next budget filled with rainbows and unicorns for everyone. He is unlikely to offer any concrete plan to pay for it, outside of calling for one group or another to pay their “fair share”. For his 2015-2016 budget, Wolf singled out the natural gas industry as the source of nearly limitless tax revenue; at least, that is how he presented it. Thankfully, the legislature did not fall into this trap. All of the states who rely on severance tax revenue to meet their regular budget needs are in an incredible bind as the result of the collapse in the price of oil and gas. All of the other tax proposals that Wolf offered to pay for his spending binge were ultimately rejected by the General Assembly.

“One way to streamline the budget process this year would be for the House and Senate to do something unusual for the government. Typically, the legislature has decided how much money it was going to spend and then scramble to determine who has to come up with the money to pay for it. This is the opposite of how things are done in the real world. This year the General Assembly should determine how much money is available first and then decide how to spend it. Families do this all the time, that is why they generally have food to eat but may not be able to take a vacation. The Governor and General Assembly would be smart to follow the same example.”

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: “2/5 Ups & Downs”

Chaka Fattah Jr. The long, sad saga of this young man finally ended this week. Fattah Jr., whose father is in his own legal trouble, was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday. This was the culmination of a strange journey, which saw Fattah act as his own lawyer for a trial that lead a jury to find him guilty of 22 counts of fraud. A sorry beginning to what will likely be the worst year ever for the Fattah family.

Pat Toomey. Despite the fact that Democrats are determined to unseat him in November (or perhaps because of it), Pat Toomey has performed phenomenally well in the race for cash. Pennsylvania’s junior Senator brought in $1.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, giving him a $9.6 million war chest to start off the year. Furthermore, he earned national attention for his endorsement of fellow Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. Finally, he proved an effective surrogate for Rubio…unlike our next honoree.

Rick Santorum. The last few days have been a nightmare for the PA Senator. First, his dreams of a repeat of 2012 were expectedly shattered on Monday night when he finished 11th in the Iowa Caucus. As a result, Santorum decided to drop out on Wednesday and endorse Rubio. Afterward, however, he ran into trouble after he couldn’t name one of the Florida Senator’s accomplishments during an interview on Morning Joe. Nothing seemed to go his way this week.


Pat Meehan. The three SEPA congressional seats; PA-6, PA-7, and PA-8 have been among the most competitive in the U.S. for quite some time now. Democrats fear, though, that the 7th Congressional District may be trending away from them. One of the major reasons this shift has occurred is Rep. Patrick Meehan’s strength as a fundraiser. At the end of 2015 he was sitting on over $2.2 million cash on hand, the most of any congressional candidate in the commonwealth. The more money Meehan is able to raise, the closer he’ll come to sliding this seat solidly into the red column.

Scott Petri. This was supposed to be the year State Rep. Scott Petri made the jump from Harrisburg to Washington. He was running a strong campaign, as evidenced by several endorsements, prodigious fundraising and the beginnings of support from the NRCC. Then Brian Fitzpatrick swooped in from California and it all washed away like a sand castle on the beach. Petri was forced to drop out and the retiring incumbent’s younger brother is now positioned to take the GOP nomination.


Mark Levin Show (02/04/16)

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Conservatives have a real opportunity to explain to the American people why their agenda is way more important than the lefts. Right now, Republicans are throwing away the opportunity to reach young people and other Americans with a conservative message. Instead, they and their media surrogates are focusing on tweets. Why not discuss and articulate real issues like an over reaching EPA, national security, and immigration? That was the problem with Mitt Romney and John McCain, they claimed conservatism but couldn’t articulate conservative principles and issues.

“Also, there are no legitimate reasons not to secure the border. America needs to know if immigrants are enemies or friends, what their visas say, when they come in and when they leave. We need to fix Congress which is following the administration in failing to enforce immigration laws.

“Later, Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council, says we have open border amnesty now which brings in more criminals and gangs like MS-13. President Obama and his administration are usurping federal immigration law and nobody cares about it.”


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