Dead Cats: BackOff?, 02/17/16, (19)22: James Brody


FERRO – AFP 2/20; JANET – CFL Meeting 3/2/16.

CUNNINGHAM – A new way to win; LOUBRIS – Insanity.

GOP: JOHNSON – Ted’s big test; ERICKSON – Suicide pact; KLIMAS – Cruz to spend on military; DC EXAMINER – Trump conspiracies; DC EXAMINER – Court-packing; YORK – JEB in SC.

LEADS: McCARTHY – No deference of nominees; BOYER & DINAN – GOP backs down?

PA: FIELD – Kane won’t run.

END NOTES: MARK LEVIN (02/16/16); BARB – Kathlick?

Kathryn Ferro, AFP: “Americans for Prosperity’s February Day of Action – Saturday, Feb. 20”

Americans for Prosperity’s February Day of Action – Saturday, Feb. 20

Hello Freedom Fighters: I don’t mean to clutter your inboxes; however, with Governor Wolf’s new budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year looming, we once again undertake the important task of keeping our leaders in check. So, for this month’s day of action, we will be switching gears from paycheck protection legislation (as originally planned) to the budget; namely, staving off tax hikes and doing our best to keep government spending under control. Therefore, this Saturday will focus on making budget patch-through calls to target districts in the southeast, encouraging constituents to call their legislators and demand that taxes and spending be limited. It’s a daunting task, but somebody’s got to do it!

Also, please consider coming out to another AFP event coming up in our region:

21st Century Education Summit, March 5th (rescheduled from January due to snow)

Penn State Great Valley inside the Conference Center

30 E. Swedesford Rd. Malvern, PA 19355

9:00am – 1:30pm

Speakers and breakout sessions: come find out what your options are as a parent in PA, and support the important issues of school choice and education reform.

Find full agenda and register at:

Thanks again! Best Regards,

Kathryn Ferro | Field Director – Southeastern Pennsylvania | Americans for Prosperity – PA

m: 267.315.3585 | e: | @AFPPennsylvania

**New Office Location:

550 American Ave. Suite 201

King of Prussia, PA 19406



“Some seem to think that Donald Trump’s lead in the polls and in the New Hampshire primary make him the most electable candidate, even if he often acts like an overgrown spoiled brat,” he opined. “But the fact that Trump leads in the polls does not mean that he is electable in the general election this fall. He is ahead only because the majority vote among Republicans has been split among so many other candidates.”

“Ultimately, Ted Cruz is Sowell’s choice . . .” Jordan Schachtel

Janet: Citizens for Liberty

Wednesday, March 2 at 7 PM – 9 PM

King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company 9/11 Memorial

170 Allendale Rd, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406

We are honored to present Mr. Kim Stolfer, Chairman, Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC). With all of the talk about shredding our 2nd Amendment, is this a possibility, can this actually be taken away from us? What about law-abiding citizens and our God-given and Constitutional rights? Remember, everything Hitler did was legal!  Find out EXACTLY what YOU can, and can not do as an American citizen, right in your OWN backyard. What is legal, what is illegal, what are your rights? Have YOUR questions ready! FOAC is a non-partisan, non-connected Political Action Committee (PAC) organized to empower ‘all’ gun owners, outdoor enthusiasts, and supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, and Article 1, Section 21 and 25 of the PA Constitution, with the tools and information necessary to protect Freedom from transgression. FOAC philosphy: In a free society, no citizen should ever have to justify the assertion of a fundamental right. Indeed, unless there is a compelling reason, government should never inhibit exercise of privilege either. A very general premise is that the best government is the least government. Kim will inform us of the controversial Reciprocity, and the so-called gun show loophole. We will also be informed of any and all pertinent information of gun control in PA and the country, as a whole.  *JOE GALE *Meet Joe Gale. The new Montgomery County Commissioner. A historic victory. Find out exactly why this campaign made national news, and what Joe is doing today! The newly elected Montgomery County Commissioner will speak to us about his HISTORIC and NATIONALLY KNOWN campaign, for this seat. The PA political establishment tried to ruin his spotless reputation. Joe now claims victory, and puts people over politics. Meet Joe. Hear his story. Up close and personal! -We will introduce several more PA candidates vying for a place on the primary ballot. Names to be announced. -Once again, we will be collecting gently used men’s and women’s clothing (please no frayed, or noticeably worn), warm blankets, canned food (please no out-dated) and bottled water, as well as toiletries, for the 15 homeless veteran encampments in Bucks County, and 1 in Valley Forge National Historical Park. We literally collected a couple thousand items at our February event that were delivered to Salute2Service for distribution.  And if you can lend a hand transporting to the person distributing items please contact Janet Warnsdorfer at or call (610) 469-3268.

-FREE potluck dinner buffet. Bring a snack or a dish to share, or just come and enjoy!

Mark Cunningham, NY Post: “Donald Trump has invented a new way to win

“. . . Consider a huge story that vanished almost immediately in early November: Two Princeton economists discovered that deaths are soaring among middle-aged, low-education whites.

“The rise in mortality from 1999 to 2014 was 22 percent: Up 134 deaths per 100,000 for whites aged 45 to 54 whose education ended in high school.

“To blame: jumps in suicides and in deaths from drug abuse — that is, from alcoholic liver disease plus overdoses of heroin and prescription opiates.

“One of the economists, Nobel winner Angus Deaton, notes that the only modern trend that compares is the AIDS epidemic.

“AIDS won headlines for a decade. The Deaton findings basically vanished from the media after a day.

“And these soaring death rates are just one sign of the stresses the American working class faces. Many other blue-collar folks struggle on OK. But they know they’ve got huge problems that just don’t get talked about — and anyone who does raise them gets denounced and then ignored.

“Until Trump. . .”

Ted Loubris: “Insanity”

“Watching the news for the past few months should make anyone’s head spin.  Hillary Clinton committed hundreds of felonies with her e-mail server, held back help for the four Americans murdered by terrorists in Benghazi and then lied about it.  As Sec. of State she used the office to fatten the Clinton Foundation.  She now repeatedly lies about all of this and is the party’s choice for president.  US Senator Bernie Sanders is a communist and a good friend of Patrick Leahy, AKA Batman.

“Donald Trump sounded like a full-blown Democrat attacking George Bush over the Iraq war and shouting over Jeb in Saturday’s SC debate.  I thoughti he looked demented.  Is this the man we want facing Putin and having his finger on the nuclear trigger?  Meanwhile, the other Republicans keep attacking each other and giving the Democrats hundreds of useful soundbites.

“Then comes the news of US Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s mysterious death, which has the Democrats laughing and jumping for joy.  The October surprise comes in Feb.  You don’t have to be James Bond to assassinate the justice and walk free without an autopsy, now do you? . . .”

GOP . . .

Eliana Johnson, NRO: “Ted Cruz’s Big Test in South Carolina”

“. . . South Carolina presents a critical test for Cruz, whose campaign will rise or fall on the extent of his success in uniting the GOP’s evangelical and tea-party factions, both strongly represented here and across the rest of the South. After Georgia secretary of state Brian Kemp led a successful effort to convince Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, and Cruz’s native Texas to band together and hold their nominating contests on the same day — Super Tuesday, March 1 — Cruz saw an opportunity to amass delegates and momentum early in the nominating process. He has made no secret that he believes his path to the nomination runs through the South, and he has gone so far as to call it his ‘firewall.’ “South Carolina, which votes Saturday, will give a good indication of just how sturdy that firewall is. The state is demographically similar to its southern neighbors, with both a large evangelical population (evangelicals constituted nearly two thirds of Republican primary voters in 2012) and a strong tea-party presence. A loss here would be a warning sign that the campaign has overestimated its ability to identify and persuade the voters it needs to carry the South. . .”

Erickson, Resurgent: “Campaign 2016 Becomes a Suicide Pact”

“The polling in South Carolina is all over the place. About the only consistency is that Trump is in the lead. Cruz and Rubio are in second and third place and Rubio is probably ascending.

“So Cruz and Rubio have come up with a great strategy. They are going to cede South Carolina to Donald Trump and destroy each other, making the loser of the two — and both will be losers compared to Trump — radioactive.

“If Cruz is the nominee, Hillary Clinton will play over and over the clip of Rubio calling Cruz a liar. If Cruz is the nominee, Hillary will play over and over the clip of Cruz calling Rubio a liar. Meanwhile Trump is lying about both men, his own positions, and everything else.

“But that’s okay, because it won’t happen. At this point, it looks less and less like either man will be President because they’d rather fight each other than unite to take out Trump.

“I’m just rather sick of the whole thing. They are both friends and both good men and I hate to see them tear each other apart. . .”

Jaqueline Klimas, Washington Examiner: “Cruz’s military plan would add $155B to Pentagon budget”

“If Sen. Ted Cruz’s defense plan was put into effect in fiscal 2017, he would be spending about $738 billion, or about $155 billion more than the Obama administration’s ask for next year.

“Not only is there little political will in Congress to approve that kind of spending, but it’s also unclear what enemy Cruz is building up a military to fight, said Ben Friedman, an analyst with the Cato Institute.

“The Texas senator and GOP presidential candidate unveiled his strategy to rebuild the military on Tuesday, including growing the Army to 525,000 active-duty soldiers, the Navy’s fleet to at least 350 ships and the Air Force’s inventory to 6,000 aircraft.

“The Army’s troop level in 2016 was about 475,000 soldiers, but is planning to draw down in fiscal 2017 to 460,000. The Air Force plans to have 5,472 airplanes, and the Navy is on track to grow to 287 ships in fiscal 2017.

“To do this, he would commit to spending 4.1 percent of the gross domestic product on defense for the first two years of his administration, dropping to 4 percent in the remaining years. If that level of spending was implemented in fiscal 2017, it would come in at $738 billion. The fiscal 2017 Pentagon request would represent 3.35 percent of current GDP.

“‘Obviously Ted Cruz is not planning to raise taxes to do this, so it’s hard to see where he’s going to find the money,’ Friedman said. . .”

Washington Examiner: “Donald Trump, the conspiracy theorist’s candidate”

“. . . Most Americans now agree that the Iraq War was a terrible mistake. But shoddy work by the intelligence services does not make a liar of Bush, Clinton, or anyone else who based their actions on it.

“Trump knows he gains in the polls with each of his outrages; it’s what makes some people believe “he tells it like it is.” But he doesn’t tell it like it is. He tells it like he is clueless and doesn’t care.

“In the same debate, he claimed he could fix Social Security’s retirement system by simply weeding out dead retirees whose checks are still being mailed every month. In a recent radio interview, he jumped on the bandwagon of those entertaining conspiracy theories that there was foul play in the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. This week, Trump has been circulating a comment about his rival Ted Cruz, supposedly from former Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., which Coburn tells us is an ‘absolute fabrication.’ Trump also resurrected the completely false birther conspiracy that Cruz is not a U.S. citizen by virtue of his birth in Canada, and is thus ineligible to serve as president. . .”

Washington Examiner: “Stand firm against Obama’s court packing, GOP”

“Democrats are crying foul, even crying racism, because Senate Republicans say they will not confirm President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court to replace Antonin Scalia, who died on Saturday. Some are hyperventilating about “constitutional crisis.”

“Nonsense. Republicans have the Constitution, history, pragmatism and democracy on their side. Obama and the Democrats have only chutzpah.

“The right to block nominations is built into the Constitution as a Senate power. And this wouldn’t be the first time a lameduck president was prevented from filling a vacancy.

“Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution states that the president shall “nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint … Judges of the supreme Court.” This has always been understood to mean that the Senate must approve of presidential nominations with a majority vote. If it rejects or even simply withholds consent, the nomination doesn’t carry.

“No vote; no crisis. . .”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Byron York: Jeb and W in South Carolina: It’s complicated”

“Trump was more than an off-stage presence. His brutal critique of Jeb and W served to frame a good deal of what both the candidate and the former president had to say. Yes, of course they would have talked about “keeping us safe” in any event, but they probably talked about it more after Trump’s attacks. Yes, of course they would have talked about Jeb’s steadiness and experience, but after Trump they probably talked about it a little more.

“Beyond that, the issues Trump has raised about both Bushes revealed something about the complex feelings South Carolina Republicans have for George W. Bush, and whether their affection for him transfers, or doesn’t, to his brother.

“. . . I was free to roam for quite a while and managed to talk to 41 attendees in all, using my iPhone to jot down a few notes. Then the Bush people returned, and this time made sure I went behind the barrier.

“In the interviews, I kept it pretty short. I asked people whether they had decided who to vote for yet. And I asked whether, looking back, they thought the Iraq War was a mistake, or, as Trump said, a big fat mistake.

“On the vote question, many people told me they were still trying to decide. Most said their decision has come down to Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, or Jeb. Several mentioned John Kasich as an outside possibility. Almost no one mentioned Trump.

“But they weren’t solidly for Jeb, either. Out of the 41 people I talked to, only four said they had absolutely decided to vote for Jeb. . .”


LEADS . . .

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “No Deference Is Called for on Judicial Nominees”

“I’m sorry that the crucial importance of Justice Scalia’s now-vacant seat on the Supreme Court meant that the heated battle over filling it was already well underway while most of us, reeling from the profound loss, craved a respectable interval to console his loved ones and reflect on his epic legacy. Yet when I groused to a friend about the unseemliness of it all early Saturday evening, I was gently admonished with this thought: Antonin Scalia loved America, lived to preserve what was great about America, accomplished more in that regard than almost anyone in our history, and would have hoped that we’d follow that example — not just honor his legacy but act on it.

“So right.

“Thus, a few thoughts about the nomination battle that should not happen. Of course President Obama is going to propose a nominee. It is a legitimate exercise of his authority to do so. But it is also a legitimate exercise of the Senate’s authority not to entertain the nomination. That is clear from the Constitution’s plain language and attested to by the history of Democratic obstruction of judicial nominees by senators named Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Leahy, et al.

“The presumption that a president is entitled to his nominees if they satisfy basic criteria of competence and probity applies to executive-branch officers, not judges. Officers of the executive branch exercise the president’s power and are removable at the president’s pleasure, so naturally the president is entitled to deference in this area — although (a) not if the nominee has a history of misconduct (see Eric Holder), (b) not if he nominates someone who says she will support executive-branch lawlessness (see Loretta Lynch), and (c) there cannot be unilateral surrender — if Democrats reject executive nominees for philosophical reasons, Republicans would be foolish not to respond in kind.

“Judicial nominations are a different matter entirely. “Even in traditional, pre-Bork times, the courts were a discrete branch of government. Judges get lifetime appointments that stretch well beyond the presidency in which they are nominated, and far from wielding the president’s power, they are often a check on the president’s abuse of that power. So clearly, even before 1987, the president would not be entitled to the kind of deference that he deserves on executive appointments.

“With the Bork nomination fight, however, Democrats politicized the judicial-appointments process and the courts themselves. It would thus be ridiculous to give the president deference by rationalizing — as many Republicans have in the past — that we are really just evaluating a lawyer who will be expected to apply the law without fear or favor; and therefore, we should err on the side of approving any nominee, regardless of ideology, who is competent and of good character. No, we are not evaluating a lawyer; we are deciding whether Democrats get another vote on a nine-member super-legislature. . .”

Dave Boyer & Steven Dinan, Washington Times: “GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick”

“. . . Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, and others including presidential candidates Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida have vowed to block any Obama nominee, saying the next president should select Justice Scalia’s replacement.

“Mr. Obama blasted that rationale.

“‘This is the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land,’ the president said. ‘It’s the one court where we would expect elected officials to rise above day-to-day politics. I understand the stakes. I understand the pressure that Republican senators are undoubtedly under. This would be a deciding vote. But that’s not how the system is supposed to work.’

“Even before Mr. Obama stated his case, there were signs that Republican unity was wavering on the notion of blocking any nominee out of hand.

SenateJudiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, didn’t rule out confirmation hearings and a vote by his panel on an Obama selection.

“‘I would wait until the nominee is made before I would make any decision,’ Mr. Grassley said Tuesday in a conference call with Iowa radio reporters. ‘In other words, take it a step at a time.’

“Asked whether he thought the controversy over filling the court vacancy might endanger his re-election chances this fall, Mr. Grassley said, “I think I have a responsibility to perform, and I can’t worry about the election. . .”


PA . . .

Nick Field, PoliticsPA: “BREAKING: Kane Announces She Won’t Run for Re-Election”

“. . . Kane called a press conference to reveal the news and sought at first to tout her accomplishments.

“I believe that we’ve had great successes”, she stated. “We’ve made great strides and there’s more work to be done.”

“Every single day since I was elected, I’ve tried to clean up this commonwealth,” Kane continued. “I told you I would fight corruption and I’m fighting corruption, regardless of the cost to me.”

“An emotional Kane went on to mention her two sons. She noted that they’ve gone from the ages of 8 and 9 from when she first started the job to 14 and 15, “little boys to young men” as she put it.

“Kane also referred to herself as a single mother (she divorced her husband in December 2014 and has previously brought up her sons in a press conference.

“‘I love being the Attorney General, I love serving the people of Attorney General. I hope they know that,’ she stated. ‘While I love Pennsylvania, I love my sons first.’

“‘This was not an easy decision but I will not seek the Democratic nomination for re-election as Attorney General.’

“She went on to cite the recent Harper poll showing her leading the other Democrats running and asserted that this decision is solely the result of wanting to spend more time with her sons. She did not, however, give any indication that she will resign before January. . .”


Mark Levin (02/16/16)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Nothing in the Constitution, constitutional convention or ratification debates demands that Congress bring up a judicial nomination. However, President Obama is in a rush to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia with a radical leftist and is trying to pack the court on his way out the door. Senate Republicans need to stop Obama from doing this and need to be more forceful in their opposition. Right now, Senators Mitch McConnell and Charles Grassley are giving passive opposition to Obama. These senators are part of the same crowd that forfeited Congress’s power of the purse and power to make Treaties to the executive branch.

“Later, Sen. Marco Rubio is wrong in accusing Sen. Ted Cruz when it comes to his record on immigration. Cruz didn’t support amnesty, and did everything he could to stop the Gang of 8 bill. He even lobbied the House Republicans to defeat it. Rubio payed lip service to opposing amnesty and broke his promise to the American people, while Cruz kept his word on opposing amnesty.


Thx Barb!

“Are you Kathlick?”

Three little boys were concerned because they couldn’t get anyone to play with them.

They decided it was because they had not been baptized and didn’t go to Sunday school

So they went to the nearest church.  But, only the janitor was there.

One little boy said, “We need to be baptized because no one will come out and play with us.

Will you baptize us?”

Sure,” said the janitor.

He took them into the bathroom and dunked their little heads in the toilet bowl one at a time.

Then he said, “You are now baptized!”

When they got outside, one of them asked, “What religion do you think we are?”

The oldest one said, “We’re not Kathlick, because they pour the water on you.

We’re not Babtis, because they dunk all of you in the water.

We’re not Methdiss, because they just sprinkle water on you.”

The littlest one said, “Didn’t you smell that water?”

They all joined in asking, ‘Yeah! What do you think that means?’

“I think it means we’re Pisskopailians”


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