Dead Cats: TED CRUZ, 03/01/16, (19)28: James Brody

Chip Roy & Brooke Bacak, The Resurgent: “Why We Believe in Ted Cruz. We Were There.”

“We’ve been asked by many friends to share insight into Ted Cruz, based on the two years we spent working for him in the U.S. Senate. It is clear from these conversations that while few doubt the sincerity of his conservative political convictions, many are struggling to make sense of the way he has been characterized by the media and a few of his Republican colleagues as “dishonest,” or “unlikable.” Many of you are trying to understand who this man is and how can you like him or trust him enough to support him for President of the United States.

“The truth is – you are right to question. This is the political choice of our lifetimes – and we all feel how critical this choice of president will be for the future of America. From concerns about national security to economic growth, from healthcare costs to education opportunity, from mounting debt to a broken immigration system, from religious liberty to questions of life and marriage – all with the 9th Supreme Court seat sitting empty… we feel a sense of duty to get this choice right and at this particular moment. We know we owe that to our children. So how can we hand the reins to that so-called “jerk,” Ted Cruz?

“Well, we happen to know him quite well. And we know that the vast majority of these characterizations are completely false; that Senator Cruz is an honest and decent man; that the negative portrayals of him are purposeful and a direct consequence of his willingness to fight for the American people against the massive power of the ruling class that our founding fathers predicted would occur; and that it would be an incredible disservice for you not to take a serious look at him as the only nominee who will lead this country away from its current path and toward the American promise of freedom, security and prosperity our children deserve.

“Here’s why we believe this. . .”

“. . . We had no real desire to return to Washington. But we did. And we only did so because Ted Cruz was different. He had run a successful grassroots campaign and he was already making good on his promise to change things by hiring principled, conservative staff to build “Team Cruz.” Do a quick search for some of the senior staff we hired – Amanda Carpenter, Victoria Coates, John Drogin, Scott Keller, Bernie McNamee, to name a few – and you will have a quick idea on how a President Cruz would staff his White House – and you should feel very good about that.

From the beginning, this team put forth immeasurable effort to help Senator Cruz challenge a deluge of liberal policies advanced by President Obama and Harry Reid. From gun control to the so-called Gang of 8 Amnesty bill; from Obamacare to massive debt ceiling increases; from a slate of concerning cabinet nominees to a foreign policy adrift – the need for bold leadership in Washington was urgent. Although many viewed the left’s agenda as inevitable, given the trepidation shown by Senate Republicans approaching the 2014 election cycle, Team Cruz was ready and willing to leave it all on the field in our battle to stop it.


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