Dead Cats: Bombs4All, 03/23/16, (21)02: James Brody


MARK STEYN – Civilizational cringe; ANDREW McCARTHY – Cruz correct; JED BABBIN – Cuba Si.”

GOP: GOLDBERG – GOP cracks; ERICKSON – Kasich fourth; KIMBALL – Louse & flea; RUSHBO – GOP wars against Donald; PLOTT- Donald’s wooing fails.

LEADS: ECONOMIST – Bombs the new normal; DINAN – DHS won’t deport; INVESTORS – Immigration problem.

PA: FIELD – Barletta endorsed Donald.

END NOTES: COPLEY – The ability to react; MARK LEVIN (3/22/16)


“. . .whenever a Cuban goes to a store, be it a grocery store, clothing store or wherever, the answer is the same: ‘there isn’t any,’ or ‘it’s not your turn.’ . . .”

Jed Babbin


“. . .I am not making this up.  John Kasich said Republicans should thank me for remaining in the race.  John Kasich said that his continued candidacy is an opportunity for Republicans to reward him for past accomplishments. . .”

Mark Steyn, Steynonline: “Tomorrow’s Civilizational Cringe Today”

“The bloodbath in Brussels? As I said to Hugh Hewitt on a previous occasion, all the stories are different, and yet they’re all the same. And, alas, it becomes harder to mourn the dead when we never avenge them. No doubt that narcissist wanker who plays “Imagine” is already dragging his piano to the airport or the metro.*

“A decade ago, I cited a Tim Blair reader’s unimproveable parody of all those dreary navel-gazing warnings that the actual deceased don’t matter except insofar as they portend a hypothetical attack against the real victims here:

“British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing

“But the old jokes don’t play when everyone who matters in our world does them for real. This time round the government official with direct responsibility for dealing with today’s slaughter, a slice of ham with the absurdly Tintinesque name of Jan Jambon, issued the usual halfwit apologia the day before the atrocity. As M Jambon, the Belgian Interior Minister, told CNN on Monday:

Jambon says the majority of young Muslims are well integrated into Belgian society, but admits his government has more to do to make some feel “at home” in their own country, given that a sense of alienation can leave them open to the threat of radicalization.

“We’re talking about third- and fourth-generation [immigrants]; these youngsters are born in Belgium, even their fathers and mothers are born in Belgium, and still they are open for these kind of messages. This is not normal — in the U.S., the second generation was the President; here, the fourth generation is an IS fighter — so that is really something we have to work on.”

“As I said, he gave that interview on Monday – the day before the attacks. So ‘British Muslims Fear Repercussions Over Tomorrow’s Train Bombing’ is now joined by ‘Belgian Cabinet Minister Says Tomorrow’s Train Bombing Is All Our Fault.’

“So ‘we’ have to work on it. That means you, the Flemish frequent flyer poking your head up from the rubble at the airport concourse. And you, the Walloon strap-hanger blinking into the dust and chaos and wondering where the lower part of your left leg went. You are going to ‘have to work on’ it, harder and harder and harder.

“Just how are they going to work on it? In Brussels, the terrorists blew up the area outside the secure zone. Which was entirely predictable. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Cruz Right about Empowering Law-Enforcement to Prevent Terrorist Attacks”

“There is apparently consternation in the usual places — including CAIR, it should go without saying —​ regarding remarks by Ted Cruz in the aftermath of the jihadist attack in Brussels, in which at least 30 were killed and 180 wounded. Senator Cruz (on whose national-security advisory team I serve) argued, ‘We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.’ This is clearly true. I addressed the same considerations in a column posted this afternoon on the homepage:

‘We know, nearly a quarter century after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, that jihadist cells arise and thrive in ideological enclaves; that is where the radicalization, recruitment, fundraising, plotting, and injection and protection of jihadist immigrants occurs [sic]. We cannot deny reality by rationalizing that if we admit the truth we will be misunderstood as being ‘at war with Islam’ – as in all Muslims. What we like to think of as ‘radical Islam’ is actually a legitimate and rabidly anti-Western interpretation of Islam that is followed by millions of Muslims. It is irrelevant to non-Muslims in the West whether theirs is a correct or incorrect construction of Muslim scripture. The remorseless fact remains that its adherents believe it —​ with a fervor that inspires the kinds of attacks we’ve seen today and have seen over and over again. Those adherents include Muslims who lack the commitment to carry out attacks themselves but nevertheless provide moral (and other) support to those who do, and who populate the Western immigrant enclaves in which the ideology thrives.

‘It’s a welcome fact that there are other ways of interpreting Islam that do not endorse war and hostility against the West; those who offer these interpretations are our allies, and we should be encouraging them rather than turning to enemies such as the Muslim Brotherhood to help us conduct ‘community outreach.’ Still, the fact that there are pro-Western Muslims and authentically tolerant interpretations of Islam does not — and cannot be allowed to —​ obscure the fact that Islamic supremacism is a mainstream construction of Islam. It is not ‘false’ Islam, or ‘anti-Islam.’ It is Islam that competes, violently, with other constructions of Islam. ‘. . .”

Jed Babbin, American Spectator: “Cuba Sí, Obama What?”

“Siding with enemies of freedom comes naturally to him.

“. . . For the Castro government there’s no concern that Obama, in his coming speech to the Cuban people, would demand that they be given freedom, that a democratic government replace the old-style communism of the Castros replicated only in North Korea and China, or that the Cuban people be allowed access to news, Internet, and telephone services that might open Cuba to the kind of speech, thought, and debate that enable freedom. No, there’s no worry about that.

“Obama, the first American president to visit Cuba in about ninety years, has chosen a different mission for himself: to teach Latin America the lesson he’s taught the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and North Koreans, that the United States will grant major diplomatic, military, and economic concessions without receiving any in return. . .”

GOP . . .

Jonah Goldberg, LA Times: “Column: Nominating Donald Trump will end the Republican Party as we know it. So will not nominating him”

“. . . Over the weekend Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus showed the first public signs of acceptance about what’s in store for the party. He finally acknowledged that the Republican nominee was probably going to be determined on the convention floor in Cleveland.

Priebus explained, rightly, that the rules are the rules, and that if Trump can’t secure the required 1,237 delegates before Cleveland, it’s anyone’s game. ‘This is a delegate-driven process,’ he told CNN’s Dana Bash. Priebus added, ‘The minority of delegates doesn’t rule for the majority.’

“Trump’s response to this floor-fight talk was to vomit up the usual word salad.

“‘All I can say is this, I don’t know what’s going to happen,’ Trump told ABC’s ‘This Week.’ ‘But I will say this, you’re going to have a lot of very unhappy people [if I’m denied the nomination]. And I think, frankly, for the Republicans to disenfranchise all those people because if that happens, they’re not voting and the Republicans lose.’

“Trump represents just the most pronounced of a spider web of ideological and demographic fault lines [within the GOP] that are increasingly difficult to paper over.

“Even through the syntactical fog, Trump’s point is clear: If he can’t reach 1,237, he should get the nomination anyway. Because he is Trump. If that doesn’t happen, his supporters will stay home, defect from the party, riot or all three.

“And he’s right. Not about deserving the nomination even if he doesn’t have the delegates. That’s typical Trumpian whining. But he’s right that if he’s denied the nomination, many – not all, but many – of his supporters will bolt from the convention and the party.

“Left out of Trump’s unsubtle threat: Many anti-Trump Republicans will desert the convention and the party if he’s not denied the nomination.

“There are only three possible ways to avoid a calamitous walkout. Sen. Ted Cruz can win the nomination outright before the convention. That’s very unlikely given that he’d need to win roughly 80% of all the remaining delegates.

“Second, Trump could reveal he has a hidden reservoir of magnanimity and patriotism, and rally his faithful to the consensus nominee. Stop laughing.

“Third, the delegates could pick someone sufficiently attractive that Trump followers get over their understandable bitterness and support that candidate despite Trump’s objections. Who would that be? Certainly not Mitt Romney. Maybe a reanimated Ronald Reagan. Or Batman? I have no idea. . .”


Erick Erickson, Resurgent: “John Kasich Came in Fourth in a Three Man Race”

“Think about this one for a minute.

“In Arizona, John Kasich was beaten by Marco Rubio, a man who dropped out of the race. Part of the problem there is early voting. Arizona has been voting for a month. But still — it is another example of how completely not viable John Kasich is. Every vote cast for Kasich at this point is a vote for Trump.

“In a three man race, Kasich came in fourth behind a man no longer even running for President.”

Roger Kimball, PJM: “Between a Louse and a Flea”

“. . . it is not at all clear to me that Hillary will be the nominee, either. Her supporters might not care that she blamed Benghazi on an internet video or that she endangered American national security by her cavalier disregard of communication protocols while secretary of state, but the FBI seems to be taking a different view of the matter. There is also the cognate issue of the pay-to-play processes of the Clinton Foundation, which have also attracted the FBI’s attention.

“Then there is the sudden transformation of Bill Clinton from coquette into an aging Miss Havisham, who — like Dickens’ original — looks more and more like a cross between a “waxwork and a skeleton.”

But I digress. If many GOP-friendly observers have edged towards supporting Donald Trump, another portion of the commentariat has adopted the #NeverTrump hashtag, even, in some cases, to the point of threatening to endorse Hillary if she is the only alternative.

“A couple of observations. First, it is a sad irony that many Trumpeters seem to believe that he represents an alternative to the corrupt, inbred Washington establishment. In fact, he is merely the impish, bad-mannered Id of the Washington establishment. What his supporters hate, Trump embodies.

“As Kevin Williamson pointed out in “The Case Against Trump,” Trump “spent most of his life as a progressive Democrat, a patron of Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Rodham Clinton”:

‘He is a lifelong crony capitalist who boasts of using his wealth to buy political favors to make himself wealthier still. He is a proponent of the thieving Kelo eminent-domain regime and has attempted to suborn local governments into using eminent domain to seize properties in order to clear the way for his casino developments. He was until the day before yesterday as absolutist a pro-abortion advocate as any you’ll find at an Emily’s List meeting.

‘He has proposed daft, confiscatory wealth taxes and remains in accord with Warren Buffet and Elizabeth Warren on taxation. His views on trade and immigration are much more like those of Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist, than they are anything that might plausibly be described as “conservative” in the American context. He is apparently incapable of stringing together three complete English sentences, lies reflexively and instinctively, and contradicts his own pronouncements at every turn. On the verge of his seventieth birthday, his mind remains unsettled about the most elementary issues of our time.. . .’

“Everyone tells me that none of this matters, that Trump’s supporters do not care that he is a progressive in wolf’s clothing, or moreover, that he is a failed entrepreneur and dishonest businessman who has gulled a credulous public into believing that his rhinestone rubbish-world is somehow glamorous. . .”

Rushbo: “GOP Establishment Club Plots Guerilla Warfare to Take Down Donald Trump”

“. . . New York Times piece on Sunday, you’d understand why. “Republican leaders adamantly opposed to Donald J. Trump’s candidacy are preparing a 100-day campaign to deny him the presidential nomination, starting with an aggressive battle in Wisconsin’s April 5 primary and extending into the summer, with a delegate-by-delegate lobbying effort that would cast Mr. Trump as a calamitous choice for the general election.”

“That’s the lede.  The story goes on from there.

“Where was the GOP’s 100-day plan to take out Obama?  Anybody remember that plan?  Where’s the GOP’s 100 day-plan to take out Hillary Clinton?  Anybody heard of that plan?  Now, that plan doesn’t exist, either, but they’ve got a 100-day plan to take out Trump.

“Now, folks, I’m not particularly eager to be repetitive here because there’s so much new every day, but I want to go back, I’ve spent a couple days here trying to make the case with analogies and everything at my disposal to try to illustrate and inform just precisely how the Republican establishment is not going to sit by and let somebody take away from them what they have.

“It’s not just their power.  I mean, that’s a large element of it.  But it’s their entire reason for existing.  Positions of standing in one of the only two major political parties in the country, there’s so much tied to it.  Five of the seven wealthiest counties surround Washington, DC.  The networking there, the contacts, the power structure, the ladder of success that you climb there, it’s well laid out.  It’s perfectly structured.  . .”

Elaina Plott, NRO: “Trump’s Pre-AIPAC Effort to Woo Congressional GOP Wins No Converts”

“Washington, D.C. — It was billed as an attempt to win new supporters from the ranks of congressional Republicans. But after Donald Trump convened a handful of lawmakers and a number of party luminaries for lunch on Monday, the sole attendee not already backing Trump’s candidacy emerged as uncommitted as he’d gone in.

“Held in D.C.’s high-powered Jones Day law firm, the confab was supposed to be a congressional outreach effort, but only one attendee — Senator Tom Cotton — was neutral on Trump’s candidacy. The others — including Senator Jeff Sessions and Representatives Collins, Scott DesJarlais, Renee Ellmers, Tom Reed, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Marino — have all either endorsed Trump or voted for him in their state’s primary. “Former House speaker Newt Gingrich and Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint were also on hand for the lunch. But no leadership member from either chamber joined the gathering, suggesting that Trump has yet to make inroads with those in the party’s highest strata.

“Lawmakers in attendance, speaking with reporters afterward, emphasized the need for the rest of the congressional GOP to rally around Trump’s candidacy. . .”

LEADS . . .

Economist: “Bombings in Brussels: The new normal”

“. . . Over the coming days Europe will once again pass through terrorism’s stages of grief: despair over innocent lives cut short; anger towards the young men and women (some of them citizens) who kill in the name of jihad; questions about the grip of the police and intelligence services; and eventually, as news bulletins and headlines subside, a weary resignation.

“Yet even now, immediately after the attack, two lessons are clear. One is that, despite being at the top of the most-wanted list for years, IS remains resourceful enough to mount synchronised bombings in the heart of Europe. The other, which flows from this, is that big cities in Europe and America will have to get used to a long campaign of terror in which all are targets.

“Havens and have nots

“IS’s resilience will cause alarm and rightly so. The Brussels bombers struck days after police arrested Salah Abdeslam, a chief suspect in last year’s attacks in Paris in which 130 people died. For four months he had found haven with sympathetic friends and neighbours just a few streets away from his home in Molenbeek, a Brussels suburb. Plainly, some people are prepared to endorse Mr Abdeslam’s methods even if they are not yet ready to dip their own hands in their compatriots’ blood.

“As well as enjoying some support, IS commands expertise and recruits. . .”

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: “Border agents: DHS has ‘no intention’ of deporting illegals”

Thx Ted!

“A top Homeland Security official told Border Patrol agents the Obama administration has “no intention of deporting” many of the illegal immigrants caught trying to sneak into the country, ordering instead that they be released so they don’t clog up the courts, a leading advocate for agents testified to Congress.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said the orders are a new “catch and release” policy, which he said “amounts to amnesty” because it means many illegal immigrants are never asked to leave the country.

“It also suggests the Border Patrol is being ordered to break President Obama’s own enforcement priorities, which say new illegal immigrants — defined as those who came after Dec. 31, 2013 — are priorities for deportation, and are supposed to be arrested and processed. . .”

Investors: “Belgium’s Immigration Problem — And America’s?”

“Terrorism: As Belgium reels, few would dispute that its liberal immigration policies opened the door to the latest terrorist spectacular. Which raises the question why the country keeps importing so many Islamic migrants. For an answer, look to its welfare state.

“Even during the recent migrant crisis, where a million mostly military-aged, single Middle Eastern and African Muslim men overran Europe’s borders, Belgium was one of the softer European Union states on the issue, its officials defending the migrants’ right to come no matter what their crimes, sexual depredations or inability to assimilate.  Belgian officials have been pretty open about wanting more immigrants.

“Yet the enduring mystery is why Belgium continues importing the cause of its trouble. Six percent of the population is now Muslim, the second-highest concentration in Europe behind France, a direct and indirect result of migration. But why is it that nearly a million, or about 30% of Brussels’ population, is foreign-born, half from non-EU countries, amounting to about 8.8% of the population as a whole? Why is it that on a per capita basis, Belgium has taken in nearly 100,000 migrants, or 872 per 100,000, in the recent wave, almost exactly the same percentage-wise as Germany has, even with the threat of terror attacks?

“The answer is in the need to stoke the country’s welfare state. According to 2014 OECD data, Belgium has the continent’s third-highest level of public social expenditure –29.4% of GDP. Only in France and Finland are the ratios higher.

“It also has one of Europe’s lowest population growth rates, at under 1% in all regions except the immigrant-heavy capital (still low at 1.3%), while productivity is one of the lowest in Europe. In other words, its capacity for economic growth is constrained. That level is expected to continue to decline as Belgium keeps importing migrants now chiefly as “refugees” and for family- reunification, neither of which requires high skills or potential contributions to the economy as conditions for entry. . .”

PA . . .

Nick Field, Politics PA: “BREAKING: PA-11: Barletta Endorses Trump for President”

Belgian population declined, Islam was welcomed, now Belgian ISIS makes Donald a king in America . . . and our “elites” will demand cheap labor no matter our risk for bombs . . .

Congressman Lou Barletta is endorsing Donald Trump for President.

“‘Like millions of Americans, I want our next president to be a leader who fights for the American people and gets things done, not a politician who tries to say all the right things but will never be able to deliver on more broken promises,’ Barletta states. ‘Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has proven that he is the leader our country needs to change the way Washington does business, and I am proud to give my full endorsement and support to his candidacy. I think that Donald Trump has the ability to attract Democrats and Independents who are frustrated with Washington and is our best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.’

“Rep. Barletta cited Trump’s rhetoric on immigration as a primary reason for supporting him. . .”


Gregory Copley, John Batchelor Show: The ability to react.

“Tuesday  22 March 2016   / Hour 2, Block C: Gregory R. Copley, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs; in re:  Gregory R. Copley, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs; in re:  Erdogan is at the heart of the problem: he has seized power similarly to how Hitler did, now has demanded €3 billion from the EU to stop the flow of refugees thence.  He created the problem, nos requires funds; classic mobster tactic.    Erdogan is the new Hitler; Merkel is the new Chamberlain. Turkey is the author of the refugees flow, and is heavily supporting Da’ish and Syrian violence.  Erdogan is supported in these by Qatar,     , and the United States: the Obama Administration.  “Weep, because we have learned nothing from the Munich Agreement of 1938. European politicians, strenuously abetted by those of North America, have, in recent years and now profoundly in 2016, again paid obeisance and hard currency as tribute to a petty and weak dictator who has sewn anew the seeds of Europe’s ruin.  “Such spineless and thoughtless disservice by these professional politicians, and their bureaucratic and media facilitators, is in many respects irreversible. The Munich Agreement led to World War II; it was a junction at which the course of history could have been changed. But it also, as its failure turned to war, threw up leaders, once relegated to the wilderness, who provided the world with partial redress.  “The modern industrial and pseudo-post-industrial worlds are in chaos because they have ceased to allow the emergence of leadership, the characteristic which earned them their wealth and power. They have become societies whose only ability is to react. . .”

Mark Levin (3/22/16)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Over 30 people were killed in a terror attack in Belgium earlier Monday. It is apparent that we have to fight wars differently, instead of adopting policies that empower the enemy. Europe has surrendered and is a tired, mass welfare state. In Europe they have open borders, the law enforcement has their hands tied behind their back, and their military is weak. Unfortunately, America is headed in the same direction. What America needs is to embark on a crusade for liberty.

“Also, instead of going to a ballgame in Cuba, President Obama needs to come home to deal with the ISIS threat. He helped to create ISIS and has blood on his hands.

“After that, the media is now accusing Ted Cruz of being anti-democratic for wanting to beef up surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. The media is wrong and Cruz is right for saying that America needs to know what the threat is and where it is coming from. He has a firm grasp on what the country needs to be doing to combat terrorists and ISIS.”


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