Dead Cats: 2~pleasant, 04/15/16, (21)12: James Brody


4/18 JENNY BETH MARTIN – DC Demo, VFP/C4L, May 4th.

GOP: KRISTOL – No whining; TRUMP – A question.

LEADS: SULLIVAN – Ocare losses; MOODY – Two Dems tangled; DURDEN – 360 burgers per hour; HANSON – Save NATO?

PA: KNEPPER – CAP endorsements.



Jenny Beth Martin: SCOTUS

“Join Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin and other patriots Monday, April 18 at 8:30 a.m. on the steps of the Supreme Court building to protest President Obama’s executive-amnesty agenda and his Supreme Court nomination.

“The justices that morning will hear a challenge to the president’s executive-amnesty order – which would grant work permits to 5 million illegal immigrants – and it’s crucial we send the message that our immigration laws need to be upheld, not blatantly ignored against all common sense by our commander in chief.

“President Obama is intent on pushing through a liberal nominee to stack the bench in his favor on this issue. It’s the perfect example of why Senate Republicans must hold firm, with no hearings and no votes for any Supreme Court nominee until after the election.”

Janet: VFP & Citizens for Liberty



KEYNOTE SPEAKER: The nationally acclaimed Ted Patterson “Ted Patterson serves as the Senior Vice President for the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership, and is a national consultant who has used the confrontational model to grow grassroots organizations and lead successful political projects around the country.

“- May is our 4th year anniversary. Help us celebrate in all that you have given us. “- We will acknowledge the recent passing of a fellow Patriot and friend to our organization, Mike Souders. “- An update will be given about the situation occurring in Oregon, pertaining to the LaVoy Finicum family, as well as our friends, the Cliven and Carol Bundy family. “- An introduction to the new ‘umbrella’ groups will be announced. We will be seeking volunteers to set brushfires in the minds of PA residents. Our new HB 230/Constitutional Carry Bill team, was kickstarted in PA at our April Meet and Greet.  “- Find out what our summer activities include. We will be non-stop. While May is our final event here, we have alot going on that you can participate in, until we return to King of Prussia in September. “- We will have our random monthly door prize. “- FREE potluck dinner buffet included. Feel free to bring a dish or a snack, or just simply enjoy. “- Feast on our 4th birthday cake. “- Cash bar available.”




“. . .a serious political movement is about winning, not whining. . .” Bill Kristol

GOP . . .

Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard: “No Whining”

“. . . the American rebels of 1776, by contrast with their French successors, were vindicating their revolution by becoming Founders of a successful experiment in self-government. It has always been the claim of American conservatives that here, on this side of the Atlantic, glory is not extinguished, the spirit of an exalted freedom is not dead, and manly sentiment and heroic enterprise remain possible, consistent (if in some tension) with the principles and practice of a modern republic.

“The rise of Donald Trump is a challenge to that proud claim. Perhaps Burke was right. Perhaps ours is destined to be an age of sophisters and calculators. And not merely of sophisters and calculators, but of suckers and con men.

“Perhaps. But surely we need not concede defeat. As William Gladstone, an admirer of Burke, put it almost a century later, “The resources of civilization are not yet exhausted.”

“Still, one can ask: Are we deploying those resources as energetically and resolutely as we could be? Are those of us in the anti-Trump and #NeverTrump camps really doing all that we can do at this moment of crisis? At a time when not just the outcome of this year’s election but the fate of the American conservative project is very much in question, are we rising to the moment?

“It would require superhuman stoicism for an American conservative not to be depressed by the Trump phenomenon. But being depressed by a real problem is one thing. Moping about feeling sorry for oneself is another. Ted Cruz has said, correctly, that Donald Trump is a whiner. But there is, unfortunately, whining on the anti-Trump side as well. . .”

Donald Trump, WSJ: “Let Me Ask America a Question”

“How has the ‘system’ been working out for you and your family? No wonder voters demand change. “On Saturday, April 9, Colorado had an ‘election’ without voters. Delegates were chosen on behalf of a presidential nominee, yet the people of Colorado were not able to cast their ballots to say which nominee they preferred.

“A planned vote had been canceled. And one million Republicans in Colorado were sidelined.

“In recent days, something all too predictable has happened: Politicians furiously defended the system. “These are the rules,” we were told over and over again. If the “rules” can be used to block Coloradans from voting on whether they want better trade deals, or stronger borders, or an end to special-interest vote-buying in Congress—well, that’s just the system and we should embrace it.

“Let me ask America a question: How has the “system” been working out for you and your family?

“I, for one, am not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people. Members of the club—the consultants, the pollsters, the politicians, the pundits and the special interests—grow rich and powerful while the American people grow poorer and more isolated. . .”

LEADS . . .

Charles Krauthammer, NRO: “Clintonism, RIP” “How far they’ve come. And I’m not talking about the GOP, whose front-runner representing 37 percent of the Republican electorate has repudiated post-Reagan orthodoxy on trade, entitlement reform, limited government, and Pax Americana (and possibly abortion, but who knows?). I’m talking about the Democrats.

“The center-left, triangulating, New Democrat (Bill) Clintonism of the 1990s is dead. It expired of unnatural causes, buried — definitively, if unceremoniously — by its very creator.

“The final chapter occurred last week when, responding to Black Lives Matter hecklers denouncing his 1994 crime bill, Bill Clinton unleashed an impassioned defense. He accused the protesters of discounting the thousands of lives, mostly black, that were saved amid the crack epidemic of the time because gang leaders and other bad guys got locked up.

“Yet the next day, the big dog came out, tail between his legs, saying he regretted the incident and almost wanted to apologize. It was a humiliating, Soviet-style recantation obviously meant to protect his wife’s campaign, which depends on the African-American vote to fend off Bernie Sanders.

“You know Bill Clinton still believes his crime bill was justified. One cannot definitively prove causality, but it certainly contributed to one of the most radical declines in crime ever recorded in this country. Moreover, the Black Lives Matter charge that the 1994 law was an inherently racist engine for the mass incarceration of young black men is belied by the fact that it was supported by two-thirds of the Congressional Black Caucus (including civil-rights pioneer James Clyburn, D., S.C.), justly panicked at the time by the carnage wrought by the crack epidemic ravaging the inner cities.

“It’s one thing to argue that the law overshot and is due for revision with, for example, a relaxation of its mandatory-sentence provisions. It’s quite another to claim, as does Black Lives Matter, that it was a vehicle by which a racist criminal-justice system destroyed the lives of young black men. Hillary Clinton, catching up to Sanders, has essentially endorsed that view, demanding an end to ‘the era of mass incarceration’ and the underlying maltreatment of blacks by police and the courts. . .”

Peter Sullivan, The Hill: “Insurers warn losses from ObamaCare are unsustainable”

“. . . ‘Something has to give,’ said Larry Levitt, an expert on the health law at the Kaiser Family Foundation. ‘Either insurers will drop out or insurers will raise premiums.’

“While analysts expect the market to stabilize once premiums rise and more young, healthy people sign up, some observers have not ruled out the possibility of a collapse of the market, known in insurance parlance as a ‘death spiral.’

“In the short term, there is a growing likelihood that insurers will push for substantial premium increases, creating a political problem for Democrats in an election year.

“Insurers have been pounding the drum about problems with ObamaCare pricing. . .”

Chris Moody, CNN: “6 Takeaways: Democrats tangle at New York debate”

“Shoutfest by two unpleasant people” Hugh Hewitt, 6:37 AM, WNTP, 4/15/16

“. . . 1. A question of judgment . . . The Democratic candidates took sharp aim at one another almost immediately over a series of issues, including the Iraq War, Wall Street and questions about judgment and qualifications to be president. . .

“. . . 2. Clinton further than ever from a general election pivot. . . . Just a month ago, Clinton appeared poised and eager to pivot to the general election and start building a case against a Republican nominee. But Thursday’s attacks on Sanders showed that her campaign realizes that she has to turn all of her attention to her left flank. . .”

“. . . 3. ‘Think big’ or get things done? A key difference in Clinton’s and Sanders’ approaches to governing was on full display during the debate over climate change.

“. . . 4. Clinton won’t give on transparency . . . Once again, Clinton came under fire for keeping the content of her highly paid speeches to financial firms under wraps after she left the State Department.

“. . . 5. One place where Sanders and Clinton agreed: Regrets . . . Clinton and Sanders both acknowledged that the aggressive measures they championed in the 1990s to fight crime have proven to have disproportionately negative affects [sic!] on African American communities, a fact for which she apologized Thursday. . .”

Tyler Durden, Zerohedge: “Dear Striking Fast-Food Workers: Meet the Machine That Just Put You Out of a Job”

“Dear fast food workers of the US – presenting you nemesis: the Momentum Machines burger maker.

“According to a recent BofA reported on how robotics will reshape the world, San Francisco start up Momentum Machines are out to fully automate the production of burgers with the aim of replacing a human fast food worker. The machine can shape burgers from ground meat, grill them to order with the specified amount of char, toast buns, add tomatoes, onions, pickles, and finally place it on a conveyor belt.

“The robot is shown below. It occupies 24 square feet, and is much smaller and efficient than most assembly-line fast-food operations. It provides “gourmet cooking methods never before used in a fast food restaurant” and will deposit the completed burger into a bag. It does all of this without a trace of attitude.

“According to public data, the company’s robot can “slice toppings like tomatoes and pickles immediately before it places the slice onto your burger, giving you the freshest burger possible.” Unlike human workers, the robot is ‘more consistent, more sanitary, and can produce ~360 hamburgers per hour’ or a burger every 10 seconds.

“Furthermore, future generations of the device ‘will offer custom meat grinds for every single customer. Want a patty with 1/3 pork and 2/3 bison ground to order? No problem.’

“As the company’s website adds, ‘our various technologies can produce an ever-growing list of common choices like salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, and many other multi-ingredient foods with a gourmet focus.’

“But most importantly, it has no wage demands: once one is purchased it will work with 100% efficiency for years. And it never goes on strike.

“As the company’s co-founder Alexandros Vardakostas told Xconomy his ‘device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them.’ . . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Is NATO Worth Preserving?”

“. . . The alliance has been unwisely expanded from its original twelve-nation membership to include 28 countries, absorbing many of the old communist Warsaw Pact nations and some former Soviet republics. NATO may have meant well to offer security to these vulnerable new alliance members. Yet it is hard to imagine Belgians and Italians dying on the battlefield to keep Russian president Vladimir Putin’s forces out of Lithuania or Estonia. Today’s NATO pledges to many of its newer participants are about as believable as British and French rhetorical guarantees in August 1939 to protect a far-away Poland from its Nazi and Soviet neighbors.

“No NATO member during the 40-year Cold War invoked Article Four of the treaty, requiring consultation of the entire alliance by a supposedly threatened member. Turkey has called for it four times since 2003. “The idea that Western Europe, beset with radical Islamic terrorism and unchecked migrations from the war-torn Middle East, would pledge its military support to the agendas and feuds of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s increasingly Islamist and non-democratic regime is pure fantasy.

“Few NATO members meet the alliance’s goal of investing 2 percent of gross domestic product in defense spending. Instead, socialist Europe expects the United States to carry most of NATO’s fiscal and military burdens.

“Europe is increasingly seen as defenseless against Islamic terrorism, and unable to stop the immigration of legions of young male Muslim migrants from the war-torn Middle East. It is also viewed as a fat target for unstable (and increasingly nuclear) regimes.

“Sometimes Europeans even add insult to injury. They count on U.S. subsidies to help trim defense costs in order to fund socialist entitlements — even as they caricature America as an over-militarized superpower bully. . .”

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “Primary 2016: CAP and CAP PAC Endorsements”

“This has been an incredible year for CAP and the CAP PAC. We have met with and interviewed amazing candidates from around the state. The following list includes only candidates facing a competitive primary. Additional candidates, and our incumbents will be added to the general election endorsements we release in the fall.


Melanie Patterson—House District 49 (Fayette and Washington Counties) Rep. Greg Rothman—House District 87 (Cumberland County) Dawn Keefer—House District 92 (Cumberland and York County) Frank Ryan—House District 101 (Lebanon County)


John DiSanto—Senate District 15 (Dauphin and Perry County) Aaron Bernstine—House District 10 (Beaver County) Rep. John McGinnis—House District 79 (Blair County)

All of the preceding candidates will appear on the respective Republican primary ballots; not a single Democrat made the cut.


Mark Levin (4/14/16)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The Republican primary system is not set up to stop Donald Trump. If anything the system helps him as he has 37% of the popular vote in the primary but has 45% of the delegates. If we are going to play by Trump’s rules then he should return 8% of his delegates to make the process fair. Also, it is going to be very difficult to unite the party around a man, Trump, who threatens to bolt if he doesn’t get his way. This will only give the election to Hillary Clinton. If Hillary becomes President, we will have no one to thank but Trump and the pseudo-conservatives who are abandoning their principles to support his antics.

“Later, Ted Cruz has out organized Donald Trump in Nebraska in collecting delegates. Nobody from the Trump campaign showed up for Nebraska. The fact is the Trump team has gotten its clock cleaned when it comes to getting a hold of delegates. He needs to clean up and organize his operation if he wants to cross the finish line.”


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