Dead Cats: IndepCounsel?, 06/10/16, (21)33: James Brody


Washington Chapel Flea Market, Remember a Vet, Blue Lives Matter, Independence Day Parade.

GOP: GOLDBERG – Conversations; MEYER – Stop lynching Trump; BOLTON & WONG – Ryan under fire.

LEADS: NIMMO – No 2nd Amendment in Calif; Turley – Clinton University; ENTOUS & BARRETT – Emails; SIMENDINGER – BO endorsed, Bernie smokes on.

END NOTES: MARK LEVIN – 6/9/16                                  

Remember a Vet!

Pat Martin: June 11th, Flea Market, Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge

OUR ANNUAL FLEA MARKET IS NEXT SATURDAY ~ JUNE 11, 8:00 AM -3:00 PM. Come and see a gathering of Antiques, Collectables, Attic Treasures, Crafts, Artwork, Food, Baked Goods, music, fun and much, much more!    As always, we need lots of volunteers to make this a great day and it is not too late to offer your help. . Please sign the clipboards in the Welcome Center and the Lafayette Room, as well as the Cabin Shop and the Bookstore.. Home baked goods are always appreciated at the Baked Goods Table.

Contact Laura Mager at if you are interested in renting a space and a table. Space Reservation – $15, 8′ Table & Space for $28 (Spaces approximately 10×10).

Citizens for Liberty/Valley Forge Patriots: Upper Merion Police Appreciation Day:#BlueLivesMatter

Please join us and bring your family. This is definitely a family-friendly event!

Saturday, June 18, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

U.S. Route 202 and Mall Blvd., King of Prussia, PA, 19406.

We will be outside on the sidewalk and grass at this intersection which is loated in between the Plaza and the Court at The King of Prussia Mall.

Please park in the larger lot adjacent to the Wells Fargo Bank on this corner.


This event is being held to show our support for the men and women in blue that put their lives on the line for us every day. Theirs is a thankless job and they need to be shown that people do appreciate them.

We are looking for volunteers and donations. We hope to serve the following: coffee, cake, fresh made sandwiches, and water, to all Upper Merion Police Officers and PA State Troopers that stop by.

Bring your American flags, your LARGE pro-police posters, banners, balloons, and your family. Join us. Tables and chairs will be on site. Please feel free to brings chairs.

The Upper Merion Police were informed of this event and are looking forward to it.

All monetary donations can be sent to “Citizens for Liberty” P.O. Box 782, Oaks PA. 19456, no later than June 15th. This event will be co-hosted by “Valley Forge Patriots” and “Bucks/MontCo Overpasses.”

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 782

Oaks, PA, 19456; Our telephone: 484-424-3619

Janet: Independence Day March, July 4th

Our secession from Great Britain will be honored this year with George Washington crossing the Delaware River in a boat, in tow, while our professional singer is aboard entertaining with Patriotic songs. We plan to have Revolutionary soldiers in costume, and the original 13 colony flags. Events that have happened over the recent years will be memorialized to raise awareness to the crowd. Feel free to uphold your God-given and 2nd Amendment right.

Bring your different American flags. Dress in Colonial garb. Wear your red, white, and blue.

Bring large and easily read posters. Bring banners (we need attendees to hold quite a few that we have). Bring your family. We need proud Americans to throw out 50 pounds of candy, and literature pertaining to our organization.

Afterwards, for whoever cares to gather on the outside patio in the center of the village at Basta Pasta, 4052 Skippack Pike, will have themselves a lot of fun with the dozens who join

us for great food, drink, and conversation!

Plan to join us at 10a.m. at the Skippack Fire Company, 1230 Bridge Road

(right off of Rt 73/Skippack Pike) to plan our lineup. The parade begins at 11,

and lasts approximately one hour. Jane Taylor Toal, CEO Citizens for Liberty, PO Box 782, Oaks, PA, 194546; Telephone: 484-424-3619

“It’s far easier for the base to get a new elite than for the elite to get a new base.”

Mark Steyn 6/9/16


Obama tries to make himself essential for Islam’s migrants. Hillary is a pawn as Cloward-Piven strikes again . . .


Almost invariably, when I hear calls for frank talk, honest dialogue, or a new national conversation, I immediately translate it as, Let the next chapter of indoctrination begin. It’s a way of luring dissenters from political correctness out into the open so they can be smashed over the head with a rock. . .” Jonah Goldberg

GOP . . .

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “For liberals, all’s fair when starting a ‘conversation”

“Conversations! Glorious conversations! What more can you ask for?

“The other day, former CBS News darling Katie Couric was speaking at an event organized by something called “TheWrap.” Specifically, at its “Power Women Breakfast” in New York. (That is exactly the kind of event I’d expect Couric to be at, and I don’t even know what it is.)

“She was asked about the scandal swirling around her anti-gun documentary — specifically, the fact that she deceptively edited a gun-rights group’s response to a question to make the members seem like dangerous idiots. “I wrote about all that in a recent column, so there’s no need to repeat myself beyond noting that Couric and her producer are guilty of outright deception. But I thought her response was amusingly revealing. “I can understand the objection of people who did have an issue about it,” Couric said. (The “it” here is the deliberate falsifying of the truth). “Having said that, I think we have to focus on the big issue of gun violence. It was my hope that, when I approached this topic, that this would be a conversation-starter.” “Well, okay then . . .”

Ken Meyer, Mediate: “Pat Buchanan Really Wants Everyone to Stop ‘Lynching’ Trump over ‘Mexican’ Judge Comments”

“Former candidate Pat Buchanan argued yesterday that the Hispanic judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit is absolutely biased against Donald Trump, and that attacking his heritage is totally fair game.

“‘Before the lynching of The Donald proceeds, what exactly was it he said about that Hispanic judge?’ Buchanan asked in a column on his website. He went on to parrot the Trump campaign’s usual complaints about Judge Gonzalo Curiel being a President Obama appointee and a member of La Raza Lawyers Association of San Diego (which is not the same as the pro-immigrant National Council of La Raza).

“Buchanan proceeded to bring up Obama’s criticisms of Citizens United and other ‘attacks’ by presidents on judicial independence. Buchanan seemed to argue that Trump had precedent in questioning Curiel’s impartiality because Thurgood Marshall and Sonia Sotomayor were also scrutinized for their ethnicity when they were appointed to the Supreme Court.

“‘All of us are products of our family, faith, race and ethnic group,’ said Buchanan. ‘And the suggestion in these attacks on Trump that judges and justices always rise above such irrelevant considerations, and decide solely on the merits, is naïve nonsense.’. . .”

Alexander Bolton & Scott Wong, The Hill: “Ryan under GOP fire for Trump remarks”

“Speaker Paul Ryan’s handling of Donald Trump is coming under criticism from Senate Republicans, many of whom prefer the way their leader, Mitch McConnell deals with the unconventional candidate.

McConnell, the Senate majority leader from Kentucky, has steadfastly declined to call Trump’s criticism of a federal judge “racist,” a term that Ryan pointedly deployed.

“It sets up journalists to ask, ‘Do you agree with Paul Ryan that it was racist?” said an aide to a vulnerable GOP senator

“Trump set off a firestorm last week by claiming that a Mexican-American federal judge handling a lawsuit against Trump University was biased because of his heritage.

Republican lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol swiftly expressed strong disapproval but Ryan ratcheted up the criticism significantly by calling it “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

Ryan’s remarks quickly became a Democratic talking point used to batter vulnerable Senate Republican incumbents.

“This morning, Ryan called Donald Trump’s attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel the ‘textbook definition of racism.’ Will Johnson join Ryan in calling out Trump’s racism?” American Bridge, a Democratic-allied communications group, asked in a press release targeting Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), one of the chamber’s most endangered incumbents.

“The group sent out similar releases pressing Republican Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Roy Blunt (Mo.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), John McCain (Ariz.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Pat Toomey (Pa.) to condemn Trump’s action as ‘racist.’ . . .”

LEADS . . .

Kurt Nimmo, Info Wars: “Federal Court Rules Against 2nd Amendment”

“Strikes down previous ruling upholding right to concealed carry

“On Thursday a federal appeals court in California ruled the Second Amendment does not permit Americans to carry firearms in public.

The ruling upholds a California law that imposes strict rules on individuals who wish to exercise concealed carry. The California law requires applicants to demonstrate “good cause” for carrying a weapon.

The ruling strikes down previous decision. In 2014, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Peruta v. County of San Diego that the right to carry a firearm is guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

“‘Based on the overwhelming consensus of historical sources, we conclude that the protection of the Second Amendment—whatever the scope of that protection may be—simply does not extend to the carrying of concealed firearms in public by members of the general public,’ the ruling written by Judge William A. Fletcher declares.

“A dissent by Circuit Judge Maria Callahan warns the ruling will have detrimental impact on the Constitution. . .”

Jonathan Turley, “The Clinton University Problem: Laureate Education Lawsuits Present Problem for Clintons”

Thx Joanne!

“While largely ignored by the media, the Clintons have their own university scandal. Donald Trump has been rightfully criticized and sued over his defunct Trump University. There is ample support for claiming that the Trump University was fraudulent in its advertisements and operations. However, the national media has been accused of again sidestepping a scandal involving the Clintons that involves the same type of fraud allegations. The scandal involves a dubious Laureate Education for-profit online college (Walden) and entails many of the common elements with other Clinton scandals: huge sums given to the Clintons and questions of conflicts with Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State. There are distinctions to draw between the two stories, but the virtual radio silence on the Clinton/Laureate story is surprising. [I have updated the original column with some additional thoughts, links, and clarifications for readers). . .”

Adam Entous & Devlin Barrett, WSJ: “Emails in Clinton Probe Dealt With Planned Drone Strikes”

“At the center of a criminal probe involving Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information is a series of emails between American diplomats in Islamabad and their superiors in Washington about whether to oppose specific drone strikes in Pakistan.

The 2011 and 2012 emails were sent via the “low side’’—government slang for a computer system for unclassified matters—as part of a secret arrangement that gave the State Department more of a voice in whether a Central Intelligence Agency drone strike went ahead, according to congressional and law-enforcement officials briefed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe.

Some of the emails were then forwarded by Mrs. Clinton’s aides to her personal email account, which routed them to a server she kept at her home in suburban New York when she was secretary of state, the officials said. Investigators have raised concerns that Mrs. Clinton’s personal server was less secure than State Department systems.

Alexis Simendinger: RCP: “Obama Endorses Clinton; Sanders Continues Campaign”

President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton in a video released Thursday, hours after a meeting with Clinton’s opponent, who said he is taking his presidential bid to the end of the primary calendar next Tuesday.

“Obama plans to campaign with Clinton in Wisconsin Wednesday, following the former secretary of state’s launch of the general election battle in Ohio Monday and in Pennsylvania Tuesday. Clinton’s team announced her joint appearance with the president in Green Bay “to discuss building on progress we’ve made” and “vision for America.”

“The apparently pre-taped endorsement emerged shortly after Bernie Sanders met with the president at the White House and showed no immediate signs of suspending his campaign or endorsing the presumptive nominee this week. But Sanders hinted at an eventual coming-together of the two foes in a joint bid to defeat the GOP ticket. . .”


Mark Levin (06/09/16)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The liberal response in America to the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv has left no doubt that the modern Democratic Party is filled with deep anti-Semitism. The Obama administration raised concerns about how Israel might respond. How come every time Israel gets attacked, Israel gets lectured? The Palestinians are not satisfied with living in peace side by side with Israel, they don’t want them to exist. When it comes to Israel, the Obama Administration is willing to consider them expendable.

“Later, the Democrat Party is an anti-American and anti-Constitution party. However, when Democrats are challenged, they immediately run to the Bill of Rights.

“In addition, populist agrarians who support Trump can’t point to any ten year period where massive tariffs brought jobs back to the U.S. Also, Ronald Reagan said over and over he wasn’t a protectionist and vetoed protectionist bills. The few tariffs he did raise were exceptions and not the rule.

“Finally, Josh Earnest confirms that Hillary Clinton is facing a criminal investigation into her email scandal. Now we can really talk about a historic moment – Hillary is the first major party nominee who is under federal criminal investigation.”


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