Dead Cats: GunFreeZone?, 06/17/16, (21)36: James Brody


Remember a Vet, Blue Lives Matter, Independence Day Parade.

GOLDBERG – Stupidity against terror; PODHORETZ – BO’s gun war; CROWLEY – Obama is killing us.

LEADS: LOTT – Gun-free zones; OLSON – Toomey wants to block sales; DINAN – DOJ overruled FBI; CROWLEY – Clinton vs Donald; KLEIN – ISR builds a wall; SCHWAB – Obama’s Orlando faults.

PA: MADONNA & YOUNG – Donald in PA; KNEPPER  – Philly bait & switch.

END NOTES: BARBARA OAKS, Prayer revised; MARK LEVI N, 6/16/16.

Remember a Vet!

Janet: Independence Day March, July 4th

Our secession from Great Britain will be honored this year with George Washington crossing the Delaware River in a boat, in tow, while our professional singer is aboard entertaining with Patriotic songs. We plan to have Revolutionary soldiers in costume, and the original 13 colony flags. Events that have happened over the recent years will be memorialized to raise awareness to the crowd. Feel free to uphold your God-given and 2nd Amendment right.

Bring your different American flags. Dress in Colonial garb. Wear your red, white, and blue.

Bring large and easily read posters. Bring banners (we need attendees to hold quite a few that we have). Bring your family. We need proud Americans to throw out 50 pounds of candy, and literature pertaining to our organization.

Afterwards, for whoever cares to gather on the outside patio in the center of the village at Basta Pasta, 4052 Skippack Pike, will have themselves a lot of fun with the dozens who join

us for great food, drink, and conversation!

Plan to join us at 10a.m. at the Skippack Fire Company, 1230 Bridge Road

(right off of Rt 73/Skippack Pike) to plan our lineup. The parade begins at 11,

and lasts approximately one hour. Jane Taylor Toal, CEO Citizens for Liberty, PO Box 782, Oaks, PA, 194546; Telephone: 484-424-3619


Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Fighting Terror with Stupidity”

“What a dumb time to be alive.
“In a normal country during normal times, the jihadi terrorist shooting in Orlando in which 49 people were murdered in cold blood — and more than 50 injured — would be a cause for a serious debate about national security. Instead, it has been taken as an opportunity to light a bonfire of the inanities.

“Let’s start at the top. President Obama once famously said (more than once, actually), ‘Don’t tell me words don’t matter.’
“Fast-forward to this week, when in a tantrum of biblical proportions, the furious president said . . . words don’t matter.
“Responding to complaints from Donald Trump and others that he won’t say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ Obama huffed, ‘Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.’

“Never mind that Obama’s passion refuted his own argument. Perhaps he’s right that ‘there is no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam,’ but if that’s the case, why the years of stubborn refusal to say it? It’s almost like Obama still thinks ‘words matter’ — he just wants to mock anyone who thinks the “wrong” words matter.
“But let’s discuss this ‘political distraction’ business. Before the blood had been mopped up in Orlando, the president and the woman seeking to replace him immediately tried to make the second-worst Islamic terror attack on American soil into anything other than Islamic terrorism. . .”

John Podhoretz, NY Post: “Obama has turned jihadist terror attack into personal gun war

“On Thursday, when talking about the terrorist atrocity in Orlando in that city, President Obama acknowledged that Omar Mateen’s spree and the San Bernardino murders in December stemmed from the same root. But that root isn’t ISIS or jihad. The root is ‘derangement.’

“These were ‘carried out, it appears, not by external plotters, not by vast networks or sophisticated cells but deranged individuals warped by the hateful propaganda that they’d seen over the Internet.’

“The president could have placed Sunday’s attack in a different context — the context not only of San Bernardino but of the slaughter at the Bataclan club in Paris in November, and the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, and the Fort Hood spree in 2009.

“These are all the true precursors of Omar Mateen’s evil morning of slaughter — terrorist attacks in service of jihad, inspired by inciters and designers of jihadist violence.

“But the president had a different villain in mind. His villain, the true object of his anger, was the political stalemate over guns. . .”

Monica Crowley, Washington Times: “How Obama’s failed leadership is literally killing us”

Cloward-Piven – make a mess and then get a job managing it . . .

The most recent Islamic act of war, in which self-professed Islamic State jihadi Omar Mir Seddique Mateen slaughtered 49 people and injured scores of others at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., should be a game changer. The deadliest attack on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001, should finally convince our leadership that dealing with the Islamic threat must no longer be business as usual.

“Don’t hold your breath.

“President Obama has run national security policy only to serve his leftist agenda, not American interests and security. After nearly eight years of deliberate U.S. inaction and impotence, the Islamic State now leads the global jihad, including within our own borders. And it should surprise no one that the president will never fight the war in any meaningful way.

“Nor will Hillary Clinton, who worked in lockstep with Mr. Obama during the years she served as secretary of state and still believes in his failed approach.

“Donald Trump, however, promises that if he’s elected president, “the days of deadly ignorance will end.”

“First, however, we must survive the remaining seven months of Mr. Obama’s term. . .”

LEADS . . .

John Lott, NY Post: “Why terrorists target gun-free zones

Irony – the Pulse was no longer “gun-free” after the cops pushed in. . .if three of the patrons carried guns, Mateen may have backed off . . .

“Possibly the largest mass public shooting in US history occurred early on Sunday morning, leaving 50 dead. On Friday, also in Orlando, singer Christina Grimmie was murdered after a concert.

“Both of these shootings had something in common: They both occurred in places where private citizens were banned from carrying permitted concealed handguns.

“With the exception of Donald Trump, over the last few days politicians have talked about everything but gun-free zones. Hillary Clinton and President Obama have been talking background checks on the private transfers of guns or banning people who are on the ‘no-fly lists’ from buying guns.

“But not one of the mass shootings since at least 2000, including Sunday’s, would’ve been stopped by these laws. Nor would renewing the federal ‘assault weapons’ ban solve the problem; even research paid for by Bill Clinton’s administration found no evidence the ban reduced any type of crime. . .”

Laura Olson, Morning Call: “Block gun sales to terror suspects, Toomey says”

“As a renewed debate on gun control consumed the U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania Sen.Pat Toomey announced Wednesday evening he will introduce a bill aimed at preventing suspected terrorists from buying guns.

“The Republican’s proposal would allow the attorney general to create a list of likely terrorists, with a judge determining whether there is probable cause for each person to be on the list and an appeals process if someone is then denied a gun.

“Toomey’s announcement came after Democratic colleagues, including Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, held the Senate floor for hours to press for taking up more stringent gun-control measures.

“Toomey spoke during that period, with his comments coming hours after Reuters reported he was working on new gun legislation with Everytown for Gun Safety, led by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. . .”

Also (Toomey) – Bridget Johnson, PJM: “Senate Dem Vows to Hold Floor until Parties Agree on 2 Gun-Control Bills”

“Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), the former Club for Growth president who unsuccessfully tried to pass a bipartisan background check compromise with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) in 2013, joined Murphy.

“‘Let’s get to work here,’ Toomey implored his colleagues. ‘Let’s sit down together and let’s figure out how we can achieve this. Because I think everybody ought to be in agreement in principle.’

“‘We don’t want terrorists to be able to walk into a gun store and buy a gun, and we don’t want innocent, law-abiding citizens to be denied Second Amendment rights because he’s wrongly on the list with a bunch of terrorists,’ he said. . .”

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times: “DOJ overrules FBI on gun sales debate, says no-fly list can be used for ban”

“Attorney General Loretta Lynch overruled FBI Director James B. Comey on Thursday, saying the Obama administration does support denying firearms sales to those on terrorist watch lists and that it can be done without harming investigations.

“Mr. Comey last year had told Congress that denying sales could ‘blow’ his agents’ investigations into potential terrorists. But his superiors at the Justice Department issued a statement Thursday saying they want to see Congress approve the ‘no-fly, no-buy’ plan Democrats are pursuing.

“The amendment gives the Justice Department an important additional tool to prevent the sale of guns to suspected terrorists by licensed firearms dealers while ensuring protection of the department’s operational and investigative sensitivities,” department spokesman Dena Iverson said in a statement. . .”

Monica Crowley, John Batchelor, June 15th: Clinton vs Donald

Wednesday   15 June 2016 / Hour 3, Block B:  Monica Crowley, Fox, & Washington Times Online opinion editor; in re:  A new Bloomberg poll finds that Hillary Clinton has opened up a double-digit lead nationally over Donald Trump, 49% to 37%.   . . .   Very interesting: 55% of those polled saying they could never vote for Trump.  Said pollster Ann Selzer: “Clinton has a number of advantages in this poll, in addition to her lead. Her supporters are more enthusiastic than Trump’s and more voters overall see her becoming a more appealing candidate than say that for Trump.”  A new Reuters/Ipsos poll also shows Clinton leading by 12 points.
Wednesday   15 June 2016 / Hour 3, Block C:  Monica Crowley, Fox, & Washington Times Online opinion editor; in re:  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told NBC News that she is focused on electing a Democratic president but would not definitively say she will be head of the DNC come November.  Bill Clinton Says Foundation Will Change if Wife Elected President ;  Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims.   What Russia’s DNC Hack Tells Us about Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server  ;  While Russia’s breach of the DNC is worrisome, Putin’s real treasure trove might just be . . .
Wednesday   15 June 2016 / Hour 3, Block D:  Monica Crowley, Fox, & Washington Times Online opinion editor; in re:     Trump to meet with NRA about barring some gun purchases   Donald Trump addresses members of the National Rifle Association during their NRA-ILA …
Donald Trump to meet with National Rifle Association –
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who has been mentioned as a possible running mate for Donald Trump, told reporters that Trump’s speech following the worst mass shooting in American history “wasn’t the type of speech one would expect” from a presidential candidate, USA Today reports.
Said Corker: “In an effort to be constructive, I have offered public encouragement at important times, but I must admit that I am personally discouraged by the results.”
“Senate Republicans have tried to work with Donald Trump. They’ve offered gentle advice and firm guidance, hoping he’ll morph into a general election candidate who won’t kill their chances of keeping the Senate, or better yet, will give Hillary Clinton a run for her money,” Politico reports.
“None of it has worked. And now a palpable mix of despair and resignation has permeated the Senate Republican Conference. Many lawmakers are openly frustrated, and refusing to defend the comments and actions of their own standard-bearer, the man they’ve endorsed for president.”
Top Republicans join Obama in condemning Trump’s words  Trump — who just a week ago signaled an intent to snap his campaign into a more . . .
Negative views of Donald Trump just hit a new campaign high: 7 in 10 Americans ;  Trump’s Unfavorables Spike, but Clinton’s Challenged Too (Poll)  ;  Trump’s fundraisers see no chance of hitting $1 billion – POLITICO

Aaron Klein, Breitbart: “Israel Goes Full Trump on Gaza: Massive Concrete Wall Above and Below Ground along Entire Border”

“. . . Yedioth’s affiliated website, Ynetnews, has the details:

‘Israel’s defense establishment’s plan to build a concrete wall tens of meters underground as well as above ground along the Gaza Strip border was revealed byYedioth Ahronoth Thursday morning. …

‘The wall will stretch along the 60 miles of the southern border around the Gaza Strip, and will in fact be the third defense system of its kind Israel has built along the border.

‘The first 60-kilometer barrier was constructed in 1994 following the Oslo accords, while the second system was built following the decision to disengage from Gaza in 2005. Neither of the efforts, however, provided comprehensive solutions to the threat of attack tunnels.’

“The report comes after two Hamas terror tunnels were discovered crossing into Israel in April and May. . .”


Nikki Schwab, UK Daily Mail: “John McCain says Obama is ‘directly responsible’ for Orlando massacre because he allowed rise of ISIS – and then walks it back! – as president pays tribute to victims”

  • Republican senator who lost presidential election in 2008 made accusation shortly after president arrived in Orlando to mourn the dead 
  • He said president was ‘directly responsible’ for rise of the Muslim fundamentalists to whom Omar Mateen swore loyalty during massacre
  • McCain walked back his comments within an hour, saying he ‘misspoke’ and that he had policy differences, not personal ones, with Obama 
  • Mateen, American-born to Afghan parents, murdered 49 people and left more than 50 injured in the attack early on Sunday morning
  • President went with Joe Biden to lead tributes to the dead of the Pulse gay club attack

PA . . .

Terry Madonna & Michael Young, RCP: “Trump’s Keys to the Keystone State”

No wonder Toomey has gotten “girly” on gun control . . . does he live on his cell phone?

“Two questions dominate all others as the fall presidential campaign begins in Pennsylvania. Can the GOP win in Pennsylvania in 2016? If so, how do they do it?

“The answer to the first – can the GOP win Pennsylvania? – determines whether the second is worth asking.

“The consensus on this question is far from a settled one. On one hand, many observers now believe the Keystone State’s days as a battleground state are over.
“Driving this conclusion is a compelling fact: Democrats have carried the state in the last six presidential elections. Not since George H.W. Bush’s victory over Michael Dukakis in 1988 has a Republican carried the state in a presidential contest.

“Ongoing regional trends have abetted Democratic dominance. The eastern areas of the state – more and more Democratic – have been growing, while western Pennsylvania, often supportive of Republicans, has been losing population.

“The dramatic migration of the formerly solid Republican Philadelphia suburbs to the Democrats in presidential elections exemplifies this larger pattern favoring the Democratic Party. . .”

Leo Knepper, CAP: “There’s a Broader Lesson to Learn from Philly’s Bait and Switch”

“Philadelphia may soon have the distinction of being one of two municipalities in the state with a beverage tax. As usual, the purported beneficiaries were ‘the children’, and the Mayor of Philadelphia had a convenient fall guy to tax: Big Soda. By combining money for the kids, with a bogeyman who causes obesity Philadelphia City Council is set to pass a 1.5 cent per ounce tax. But, there’s a catch: the money isn’t going to the children, and it’s more than sugary drinks facing the tax.

“The bait and switch was laid out in a recent editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

‘Now, as Council has advanced a “compromise” bill that is likely to pass Thursday, an eleventh-hour change means that much of the revenue is going to a slew of the mayor’s distinctly non-child-related priorities. This includes $41 million over four years for the city’s general fund – from your pocket to the city’s coffers.

‘Yes, all those children they trucked in for ‘read-ins’ at City Hall were unwittingly supporting our spiraling pension costs and opaque city contracts, which city Democrats are loath to address… Just as those children were trotted out for a completely different purpose, so too were the community-health ‘experts.’ We kept hearing about ‘ancillary health benefits,’ and the damage done by Big Soda. But then a last-minute U-turn expanded the tax to more people – while disincentivizing the healthy choice that was supposed to justify the cost. Diet soda is just another product to tax, which was probably part of the plan all along.’

“If you swap ‘sugary drinks’ for natural gas or any other convenient target, the pattern looks surprisingly familiar. The government, at every level, is loath to address the actual cost drivers. Rather, elected officials find a target to tax, put together a coalition of beneficiaries, and then hand taxpayers the bill.

“The Pennsylvania budget comes due in less than two weeks. Take a few minutes tocontact your legislators and the governor, let them know they need to get their priorities straight.


Barbara Oaks: Revised Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is  not allowed in most U.S. Public  schools any more.

A kid in  Minnesota , wrote the following


*NEW School  Prayer:-*

“Now I sit me down in school

Where praying is against the rule

For  this great nation under God

Finds mention of Him very odd.
If scripture now the class recites,

It violates the Bill of  Rights.

And anytime my head I bow

Becomes a Federal matter now.
Our hair  can be purple, orange or green,

That’s no offense; it’s a freedom  scene..

The law is specific, the law is precise.

Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall

Might offend someone with no faith at all..

In silence alone we must meditate,

God’s name is prohibited by the State..

We’re  allowed to cuss and dress like freaks,

And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks…

They may outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.


To quote the Good Book makes me liable.
We can  elect a pregnant Senior Queen,

And the ‘unwed daddy,’ our Senior King.

It’s ‘inappropriate’ to  teach right from wrong,

We’re taught that such ‘judgments’ do not  belong..

We can get our condoms and birth controls,

Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles…

But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,

No  word of God must reach this crowd.

It’s scary here I must  confess,

When chaos reigns the  school’s a mess.

So, Lord, this silent plea I make:

Should I be shot; My soul please take!


But we must remember in Canada it`s different so that a Muslim may pray and it`s OK. We however cannot mention Jesus they say.

The Koran is OK but the bible not.

 Mark Levin (6/16/16)

“On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, President Obama is responsible for ensuring American’s safety, and protecting the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Instead of doing this, Obama is campaigning against Americans and the Second Amendment. In addition, the radical Muslim and mass murderer, Omar Mateen, received full background checks for a security contractor position and passed. He was also placed on an FBI watch list and then removed. The whole notion that a watch list would have stopped this guy while the FBI had a file on him is ridiculous. Ironically, Matten was rejected for body armor but approved for more weapons.

“Later, who will defend the Bill of Rights? Right now it’s not Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, or the Democrats, but it is Ted Cruz.

“After that, there was no ISIS 15 years ago; Obama is responsible for the existence of ISIS as he supported the wrong group of people in Syria and simultaneously withdrew from Iraq.

“Finally, Grant Starrett calls in to talk about his run for Congress in Tennessee’s 4th district.”


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