Dead Cats: Brexit?, 06/22/16, (22)02: James Brody


Remember a Vet, Salute to Service; Transgender Toilets; Blue Lives Matter, Independence Day Parade.

PETER BERKOWITZ – Strassel nails the left; VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – Donald leads.

PA: McGINNIS – Wake up Pennsylvanians.

LEADS: GOLDBERG – Brexit populism; FAULCONBERG & HOLDEN – Final hustling in UK; GERAGHTY – GOP’s senate hopes; BANNON & MARLOW – Hillary’s scandals; HOWE – Hillary’s gutter mouth.


Remember a Vet!

Salute to Service



This Sunday afternoon, June 26, from 1 until 3p.m., we will once again be teaming up with our neighbors, the Valley Forge Patriots, in front of the Wells Fargo Bank at Route 202 North and Mall Blvd. (between the Plaza and the Court at the King of Prussia Mall) to collect MUCH needed gently used summer clothing, non-perishable/non-expired food and beverages, and toiletries for these heroes that the government bureaucracy let slip through the pages of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Salute2Service has reached out to us in dire need for these items.

Please stop by for a few minutes out of your busy day to donate anything at all. Nothing is too small. Checks can be made out to Salute2Service or Citizens for Liberty, in any denomination that you feel most comfortable in offering. Meet us, say hello, and meet the director, Rodney Wyatt, of this organization that deals directly with these men and women. Even a few children have been known to be in these woods.

Bottled water and donuts will be served.

We also have our BlueLivesMatter wristbands from Saturday at our Upper Merion Township Police/PA State Troopers event that was a huge success at this very same location. We are selling them at the reduced price of only $2.00 each. Please show your support to these men and women who often go unappreciated.


Jane Taylor Toal, CEO, Citizens for Liberty

James Zerbe, Sergeant-at-Arms/Board Member, Citizens for Liberty

Our mailing address is:

Citizens for Liberty *(Donations can be made out to us, and sent here)

PO Box 782

Oaks, PA, 19456

Our telephone number is: 484-424-3619

Transgender Toilets

The bill’s known as the Transgender “Bathroom” bills working their way through the system. They are HB 1510, SB 974, SB 1306, and SB 1307.  These bills will allow men who self identify as women free access to women’s bathrooms, shower and changing facilities.

This applies to both public and private facilities. This includes schools and locker rooms used by our children every day.

We met with both supporters and opponents and discussed common sense ideas on how to deal with this subject. Unfortunately, common sense is in short supply in Harrisburg.

We delivered a very well written position letter provided by FFC National to all the offices we visited (attached).

It is up to each and every one of us to have our voices heard. We must take a moment and contact our Representatives and Senators and let them know what you think about this most important subject. You can look yours up here.

On Monday, June 27, the Pa. family council will be holding a state rally in the capitol building rotunda. They are providing bus transportation from 5 different areas in Penna.  Go to for sign up information.

If not us, who? If not now, when?  

God bless . . . Larry Denver, FFCPA

Janet: Independence Day March, July 4th

Our secession from Great Britain will be honored this year with George Washington crossing the Delaware River in a boat, in tow, while our professional singer is aboard entertaining with Patriotic songs. We plan to have Revolutionary soldiers in costume, and the original 13 colony flags. Events that have happened over the recent years will be memorialized to raise awareness to the crowd. Feel free to uphold your God-given and 2nd Amendment right.

Bring your different American flags. Dress in Colonial garb. Wear your red, white, and blue.

Bring large and easily read posters. Bring banners (we need attendees to hold quite a few that we have). Bring your family. We need proud Americans to throw out 50 pounds of candy, and literature pertaining to our organization.

Afterwards, for whoever cares to gather on the outside patio in the center of the village at Basta Pasta, 4052 Skippack Pike, will have themselves a lot of fun with the dozens who join

us for great food, drink, and conversation!

Plan to join us at 10a.m. at the Skippack Fire Company, 1230 Bridge Road

(right off of Rt 73/Skippack Pike) to plan our lineup. The parade begins at 11,

and lasts approximately one hour. Jane Taylor Toal, CEO Citizens for Liberty, PO Box 782, Oaks, PA, 194546; Telephone: 484-424-3619

“No matter how Brexit turns out, and no matter who wins the presidential campaign, this populist discontent isn’t going away any time soon. . .” Jonah Goldberg

Peter Berkowitz, RCP: “Strassel Nails the Left’s ‘Intimidation’ Crusade”

“The three-ring circus that is the 2016 presidential campaign features spellbinding performances worthy of the big top’s clowns, hucksters, and high-wire acts. A neglected cost of the Trump-Clinton-Sanders show, however, is the diversion of attention from the Obama administration’s cutting-edge assault on limited, constitutional government.

“The administration has methodically deceived the public about its signature domestic and foreign policy objectives. MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, an architect of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, repeatedly declared that passage of the historic legislation required a concerted effort to delude a “stupid” public about Obamacare’s cost and operation. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, an architect of the 2015 Iran nuclear program deal (which he characterized as the Obamacare of the president’s second term), proclaimed last month that winning the necessary public support depended on enlisting a gullible media to fool the American people about the nature of negotiations with Iran.

“The Obama administration has also eroded constitutional government by legislating from the White House. From repeatedly altering the health-care lawafter its enactment and granting quasi-legal status to millions in the country illegally to using the Environmental Protection Agency to limit power plant greenhouse gas emissions President Obama has employed unilateral executive actions to impose on the American people rules and regulations opposed by congressional majorities.

“Perhaps most alarming has been the administration’s leadership in the left’s war on free speech and the closely associated rights of assembly and association. The result has been to impair people’s ability to express their political preferences and expose government folly, subterfuge, and criminality.

“‘All throughout history and all across the planet,’ Kimberly Strassel soberly observes, ‘government officials have used state power to silence critics.’

“But changing times give rise to novel tactics. In her chilling book “The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech,” Strassel describes “the new attempt by left-leaning organizations to” not only ‘shut down conservative speech’ but also to ‘silence anyone who proves a threat to their ideology.’. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “The Trump Nuclear Bomb”
“Other public figures won’t admit they agree with him — but they often quietly adopt his ideas.

“Donald Trump has a frightening habit of uttering things that many people apparently think, but would never express. And he blusters in such an off-putting and sloppy fashion that he alienates those who otherwise might agree with many of his critiques of political correctness.

“Nonetheless, when the dust settles, we often see that Trump’s megatonnage strikes a chord — and, with it, sometimes has effected change. In an odd way, the more personally unpopular he becomes for raising taboo issues, the more resonant become the more refined variants of his proposals for addressing these festering problems.

“For the last several months, anti-Trump demonstrators have sought to disrupt his rallies; they attack his supporters and wave offensive anti-American and often overtly racist placards, while burning American and waving Mexican flags — often with a nonchalant police force looking on.
Trump shouts back that their antics are only further proof of his general point: Illegal immigration and an open border have subverted our immigration laws and created a paradoxical movement that is as illogical as it is ungracious. After fleeing Mexico, entering the U.S. illegally, and being treated with respect (try doing the same in any Latin American country), some foreign nationals have been waving the flag of the country they do not wish to return to, while scorning the flag of the country that they demand to stay in. But apparently they are not fond of Trump’s larger point, disguised by his barroom rhetoric, which is that the old melting-pot protocols of rapid assimilation, integration, and intermarriage have been sabotaged — and now the American people can at last see the wages of that disaster on national TV. . .”

PA . . .

John McGinnis, CAP: “Guest Post: Wake Up Pennsylvanians”

“$15 million of new pension debt each and every day over the last 15 years! That’s what our state government has dumped on the taxpayers of the Commonwealth, all the while falsely claiming to have had balanced budgets and making Pennsylvanians some of the highest taxed and most debt burdened citizens in America.  No wonder the demographic projection for Pennsylvania’s future is dire.

“The new pension bill that passed the House on June 14th does nothing to stop the increasing pension debt and, frankly, is a joke, albeit a cruel one.  Even if all the assumptions baked into this convoluted plan hold true (and none of them likely will), the total present value of taxpayers’ “savings” over the next 35 years is about $1 billion.  Compare that to the present value of the unfunded liabilities of the state pension systems, which is $70 billion and grows $1 billion every ten weeks, and you get an idea of how unserious elected officials are at addressing the single worst financial calamity in the history of Pennsylvania.

“It is particularly disappointing that rank-and-file members were excluded from trying to improve the bill through the amendment process on the House floor.  Using sleight-of-hand parliamentary maneuvers that would have impressed David Copperfield, and manipulating the requirement for actuarial analysis of all pension bills, House leadership shut out all meaningful reform.  No House member even had a chance to look at the actuarial analysis for the stacked hybrid pension amendment before they voted on it.  All other amendments were ruled out of order because the House wouldn’t wait two weeks (or two hours for that matter) to review legislation that will have a fiscal impact on the Commonwealth for more than 80 years. . .”

LEADS . . .

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “England’s Brexit Issues Mirror Our Own”
“Voters across the pond are also fed up with government elites.

“It’s anyone’s guess how things will go in Thursday’s referendum on British membership in the European Union, also known as “Brexit.” Right now the polls are essentially tied at around 47 percent for and 47 percent against (not that British polling has a particularly good track record). But win or lose, the fight over Brexit is symptomatic of a much larger crisis facing out-of-touch elites on both sides of the Atlantic.
“The European Union was the ultimate triumph of technocracy. The smart set not only insisted that a common European currency would work fantastically well, they insisted that doubters were knaves and nuts. Then the waves of Euro-crises hit the continent, most notoriously in Greece.
“The smart set insisted that a common immigration policy would be an unalloyed economic boon while dismissing any concerns about possible social or economic upheavals. To disagree was to declare yourself not only a crank but a bit of a racist. This species of political correctness led government officials to turn a blind eye to countless problems, including the notorious Rotherham sexual-abuse epidemic in which about 1,400 minors, mostly white girls, were raped and trafficked by men of South Asian descent.

“The European Union’s bureaucracy and paper-parliament were set up to be as insulated as possible from the concerns of actual voters. Representatives to the European Parliament are selected by party elites as a kind of highbrow patronage. They invariably defer to the permanent bureaucracy, which acts like a transnational cartel, one that happens to be composed of governments. As Daniel Hannan, the rare Euroskeptic skunk to infiltrate the garden party that is the EU parliament, put it, “faced with a choice between democracy and supra-nationalism, the EU will always choose supra-nationalism.”
“The rules flowing out of Brussels are in no way the source of all of Britain’s economic and social challenges, but when diktats come down about everything from the proper curvature of bananas to age requirements for the usage of balloons, you can understand why some Brits might be tempted to have their own version of a Boston Tea Party.
“There are parallels aplenty here in the United States. . .”

Guy Faulconbridge & Michael Holden, Yahoo!: On eve of defining British EU referendum, rivals race for final votes”

“LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister David Cameron and his euroskeptic opponents made final pitches for wavering voters on Wednesday on the eve of a defining referendum on European Union membership with the outcome still too close to call.

“The vote, which echoes the rise of populism elsewhere in Europe and the United States, will shape the future of Europe. A victory for ‘out’ could unleash turmoil on financial markets.

“‘It’s very close; nobody knows what’s going to happen,’ Prime Minister David Cameron told Wednesday’s Financial Times, with opinion polls showing the rival camps neck and neck. . .”

Ralph Ellis & Michael Pearson, CNN:” After outcry, FBI releases full transcript of Orlando nightclub shooting call”

(CNN)The FBI on Monday afternoon released a full transcript of the 911 call Orlando Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen made during his June 12 rampage inside the club, following pressure from news organizations and public officials.

“The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, or its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, were not mentioned in a partial transcript of the call the FBI released Monday morning. The agency said it didn’t want to provide a platform to a terror group.

“Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan was among the critics of the omissions, and the agency released the full, unredacted transcript of the call in the afternoon. . .”

Jim Geraghty, Morning Jolt: “Finally, Some Good News for Republican Hopes of Keeping the Senate”

The Quinnipiac poll offers the GOP some good news at a time it really needs it:

‘Republican incumbent U.S. Senators in three critical swing states fare better today as Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida leads either of two Democratic challengers, while Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey outpoints his Democratic challenger and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman is in a dead heat with a well-known challenger, according to a Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released today.

‘In Florida, Sen. Rubio leads U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy 47 – 40 percent and tops U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson 48 – 40 percent. Murphy and Grayson are ahead of several largely unknown Republican contenders.’

“This assumes, of course, that Rubio decides he does want to stay in the Senate. The deadline is Thursday.

“In Ohio, Sen. Portman ties Ted Strickland, the former governor, 42 – 42 percent in a race that has been too close to call for several months.

“In Pennsylvania, Sen. Toomey leads Democratic challenger Katie McGinty 49 – 40 percent. . .”

Stephen Bannon & Barton Marlow, Breitbart:” Secret Memo: 42-Page Leked DNC Document Reveals Clinton Foundation Scandal ‘Vulnerabilities’ for Hillary Clinton”

“The secret document, titled “Clinton Foundation Vulnerabilities Master Doc FINAL,” is one of several newly released internal memos obtained by the hacker known as “Guccifer 2.0.” Totaling over 22,000 words in length, the DNC vulnerabilities dossier paints a portrait of a political party besieged by media coverage of foreign Clinton  Foundation donations spawned by the investigative New York Times bestselling book, Clinton Cash.

The document chronicles hundreds of news reports of Clinton Foundation malfeasance featured under devastating headings created by DNC staffers themselves. Track-change comments featured inside the document contain the names “Lauren Smith” and “Jeremy Brinster,” both of whom are listed as former or current DNC research staffers. The DNC’s own descriptive headings, which are backed up by mainstream media reports, demonstrate how politically toxic the DNC considers the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Sec. of State. .”

Caroline Howe, UK Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton once called disabled children at an Easter egg hunt ‘f***ing ree-tards’ and referred to Jews as ‘stupid k***s’ while Bill called Jesse Jackson a ‘damned n****r,’ claims Bill’s former lover”

Thx Ted!

Bill Clinton’s former lover Dolly Kyle claims the Clinton couple regularly used racial epithets in her new book, Hillary: The Other Woman

She writes that Hillary was caught on record blurting out the terms ‘stupid k**e’ and ‘f***ing Jew b*****d’

She says Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a ‘Goddamned n****r’ 

But rumors of Bill’s trysts with black women were rampant in Little Rock

One prominent black female newscaster bragged openly about her relationship with the governor, although ‘only’ indulged in oral sex

Bill Clinton’s ‘three strikes’ rule incarcerated 2.5 million people, including poor people of color who couldn’t afford lawyers during their trials

When Hillary moved to Arkansas, she looked down her nose at what she viewed as ‘ignorant hillbillies’


Mark Levin (06/21/16)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Mitch McConnell is sending Republicans to try and cut a 2nd amendment deal with Democrats so that he will look like a successful leader if legislation passes. Why are pro-gun Republicans trying to give the Obama administration gun-grabbing power? Susan Collins’ gun proposal would allow the Attorney General to deny an American a gun purchase if they simply fit the criteria of being on a watch list. If you want to appeal the government’s denial you then have to sue the government. Who has the time or money to do that?

“Later, Pew Research projects that by 2055 there will be no ethnic majority in America. Is this what we want as a country? Balkanization and lack of assimilation are part of this leftist agenda. We will have diversity, but that is not the purpose of a society. Also, Christians have shrunken as a percentage of the population. Christianity has been enormously tolerant to minority religions in this country. However, President Obama doesn’t defend it and the Supreme Court persecutes it.

“After that, both statists and progressive populists attack capitalism. The statists keep claiming that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, while they are destroying the middle class. The progressive populists want massive tariffs that will be a heavy tax for consumers. Finally, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President & Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy calls in to talk about the CAIR hate list.”


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