Dead Cats: BLMscam, 07/11/16, (22)10: James Brody


JANET – Events in July.

DALLAS: FRENCH – Toward an Abyss?; WND – BLM’s “rage”; Hillary – Whites have to listen; BRODY – Cloward-Piven; NIMMO – BLM a Progressive gambit.

LEADS: ZITO – Getting the leaders we deserve; GOLDBERG –  Hillary’s selfishness.

PA: ABC – Lawmakers can’t pay for what they passed; SNYDER – PoliticsPA

Remember a Vet!

Janet: July Events

Saturday, July 16 – Pray Day DC Revival is happening 10:00AM 
Join one million people standing together in solidarity for Jesus on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
Artists/speakers include Hillsong United, Kari Jobe, Lecrae, Michael W. Smith, Francis Chan, Ravi Zacharias, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Jeremy Camp, Lauren Daigle, Andy Mineo, and more.
We plan on helping people organize  buses here in PA, starting in the King of Prussia area. It’s time to get your  churches, schools, businesses, and local organizations  involved!**


Saturday, July 23 – Pray for our Nation, Washington Memorial Chapel,  Rt. 23, on the edge of Valley Forge Park 10 AM – 12 Noon.
Our 2nd annual event co-sponsored by Valley Forge Patriots / Citizens for Liberty and  Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Join us for prayer that God saves our Nation fromn those who seek to destroy it.
Ample parking at the chapel and lunch is available at the Cabin Shop picnic area adjacent to the chapel.


“Mrs. Clinton is heavily defended, mentally edits and re-edits every spontaneous comment, and has a tropism toward the unimaginative. Boring is a safe place to be in politics so I can’t imagine she sees it as anything but a trade-off. Better not to give them a memorable quote than to give them “What difference, at this point, does it make?’” Peggy Noonan

DALLAS . . .

David French, NRO: “America Is Driving toward the Abyss, and It’s Time We Hit the Brakes”

“. . . Trump and Clinton are but the symptoms of a larger political and cultural disease. They could not have received their millions of votes unless they embodied values that many Americans want in a leader. After all, there were other options. Clickbait is clickbait for a reason – it feeds the ravenous polarizing beast. We live in the era of “punch back twice as hard,” where pundits will scour the web for every single discrediting and embarrassing tweet from the other side. To give a mere half-inch – even when you’re embarrassingly wrong – is seen as inexcusable weakness.
“Condemning the evil men and women who affiliate themselves with Black Lives Matter – people who tweet out applause for cop-killings – should not stop us from acknowledging that movement’s many more protesters who abhor violence and weep sincerely for the police lives lost last night. Condemning those cops who are bigoted should not stop us from acknowledging the many more cops who willingly lay down their lives for all citizens every single day. People of good faith can and should disagree about how best to prevent more lives from being lost in the future. But nothing will get better until everyone first recognizes that those with whom they disagree are people of good faith.
“Here’s the bottom line — it is possible to seek justice without slander and to demonstrate humility without weakness. Unless we rediscover that truth, we’ll keep hurtling toward the abyss. The chaos of 1968 – or worse – beckons, but we can choose a different path. It’s time to pump the brakes. “


Thx Ted!

“Hillary to whites: ‘We’re the ones who have to start listening’

“ . . . El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen, who is African-American, was tightly controlled but clearly furious at a press conference where he stated, “Black Lives Matter, as far as I’m concerned, is a radical hate group; and for that purpose alone, I think the leadership of this country needs to look at little bit harder at that particular group. The consequences of what we saw in Dallas is due to their efforts.”
“Protests took place in many major cities, including Atlanta, New York, Rochester, Phoenix, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Nashville, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Paul and Washington, D.C.


The largest demonstration appeared to be in downtown Atlanta, where an estimated 2,000 protesters chanted, waved signs demanding justice and blocked part of Interstate 75/85 in a tense standoff with police.

Mayor Kasim Reed first tweeted, “”Today we have had less than ten people arrested during what has been a peaceful protest. We urge anyone protesting not to enter the highway.” Later he followed with a warning to protesters: “If you enter the highway, you endanger your own life, the lives of innocent motorists & the lives of our officers. We are better than that.”

The tweets were ignored. Footage from local news stations showed the crowd facing off with dozens of police vehicles that were stopped on a local interstate highway.


In Baltimore, about 200 people gathered in protest to march from McKeldin Square to the Baltimore police headquarters. Four people were arrested after some members of the group failed to comply with orders to move out of the street.

Baton Rouge

The FBI issued a riot alert in Louisiana. Judicial Watch reports the alert is dated July 7 and included disturbing images from social media, including one depicting a restrained uniformed police officer getting his throat slashed by a masked individual. Other social media images called for purging and killing all cops in Baton Rouge on July 9 and starting a riot by the courthouse in Shreveport. One social media post says, “It don’t matter what color you are.” Another says, “Must kill every police!!!!”

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About 300 protesters in Baton Rouge started off peacefully, but descended into chaos after several protesters hurled plastic bottles of water and cups of ice at police. Many officers were attired in riot gear, and people could be heard chanting obscenities at the police.

Breitbart reports the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) plans to be in town on Sunday to protest the police shooting of Alton Sterling, according to Minister of Education James Evans Muhammad.

Several protesters told Breitbart News they were unhappy to hear the New Black Panthers – which has made headlines for its incendiary uncompromising black liberation rhetoric – were coming to town.


Demonstrations in Phoenix turned violent when protesters threw rocks and other objects at law enforcement officers during an anti-police brutality rally Friday night. Agitators shouted “We should shoot you!” to officers.

An estimated 1,000 participants chanted: “Black lives matter” and “Hands up, don’t shoot” as they marched. Officers escorting the march weren’t dressed in riot gear.

The violence also caused massive transit shutdowns, particularly on Interstate 10. One of the civil rights leaders that helped stage the march, Rev. Jarrett Maupin, acknowledged the route of the march was changed to shut down Interstate 10. The Arizona Department of Transportation tweeted, “CLOSED: SR 51 SB to I-10 WB ramp is closed due to law-enforcement activity,” which prompted someone to respond, “Law enforcement activity? Do you mean THUG activity?”

James Brody: Black Lives & Cloward-Piven

C-P observed that one way to increase government size (and power and voting blocks) was to overrun an existing government service. Increase demand, increase employees, and, of course, increase taxes. One side benefit – increase paperwork and rules. Emotionally-fed movements such as “black lives” should generate votes for Hillary and create Obama’s next job . . . notice that he returns early from Europe in order to show that we need him and a federal agency to manage local police.


“CIA sponsored Cloward–Piven strategy bankrolled by liberal dupes aims for race war and order out of chaos

“Is it possible liberal billionaires would support a racist group that markets white guilt for political gain and embraces activists calling for the lynching of white people and cops?

“In November, members of Black Lives Matter (BLM) met behind closed doors with Democracy Alliance, a coterie of wealthy liberals who have pledged to fund leftist organizations.

“The donor club was founded by former Clinton Treasury official Rob Stein.Members include the billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros, Taco Bell silver spoon baby Rob McKay, uber liberal Norman Lear, “meathead” Rob Reiner, co-founder of Tides Network Drummond Pike, SEIU boss Anna Burger (members of the union like to beat up opponents), and former Rockefeller Family Fund president Anne Bartley.

“The DA, as the club is known in Democratic circles, is recommending its donors step up check writing to a handful of endorsed groups that have supported the Black Lives Matter movement. And the club and some of its members also are considering ways to funnel support directly to scrappier local groups that have utilized confrontational tactics to inject their grievances into the political debate,” Politico reported.

“Investigative journalist James Simpson has exposed connections between BLM and a constellation of leftist and Marxist groups, a number of them established as fronts by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). . .”

LEADS . . .

Salena Zito, The Hill: “Clinton escaping charges proves we get the leaders we deserve”

“. . . On Tuesday morning, the White House slipped into their daily press briefings that the Democratic presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, would be flying on Air Force One with President Barack Obama to North Carolina for a campaign event for Clinton.

“The moment is significant, in that it marked the first time that Obama would bring out his famed campaign charm for his former secretary of state.

“He could not have picked a more in-your-face day to go there.

“Minutes later, the White House leaked to everyone but the wait staff at Old Ebbitt Grill that FBI Director James Comey would be delivering a statement that same morning – just hours before Clinton would join Obama on the stage in North Carolina – to outline the findings of his agency’s lengthy investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

“There wasn’t a person with a half a brain in D.C. who thought Comey’s statement would be anything less than a pass – the president does not going trotting off to do the thing he loves best (campaigning) with a future indictment on stage with him.

“As Obama and Clinton descended from Air Force One, White House communications director Jen Psaki posted on social a media a photo of them with the caption, “passing the baton.”

“A phrase that came exactly 2 hours and 44 minutes after Comey had called Clinton’s handling of the ‘very sensitive, highly classified information’ extremely careless, and that “any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position” or her staff ‘should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation.

“The next optic we saw was Clinton looking up adoringly to Obama as he speechified, as only he can do, to a state (North Carolina) where they plan to spend time and money to win in the fall.

“Even before the first word came out of Obama, all of the scenery had been put in place. They arrived together on Air Force One, she stood with him both alone and together at the podium with the presidential seal emblazoned on the front. Something that the White House has said should not be displayed at campaign events.

“In his long speech, Obama was in his glory. He may have never mastered the governing thing but he has always been the master of the campaign thing. Every word, every faux southern twang he used, every insult he thrust at Trump and those who support him were vintage, class warfare, divisive Obama; signaling to all of us that the divide and conquer campaigner was back, and we are about to relive 2012 all over again, only worse.

“Because, this time they will have to work harder to drive up the minority vote, and make both Clinton and Trump so repulsive to the working class white voter that they don’t show up.

“Honestly, they should all be ashamed, except they have no shame. The truth is, the claims that Clinton has made since this investigation began were all disproved by the FBI findings. She said that what she did was allowed by the State Department. Not true. She said that she turned over all work emails. Not true. She said that no classified information was emailed. Not true. . .”

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “Selfishness, Not Incompetence, Explains Hillary’s E-mail Scandal”
“The country’s interests took a backseat to her own.
“The news out of Dallas is just awful, but I’m not going to dwell on it here for numerous reasons (It’s fast-moving and my Internet connection isn’t, for one thing). But there’s one point I want to make, even though it’s also one of the reasons I don’t want to talk about the bloodshed. I hate the race to politicize every horror and tragedy.
“Still, some incidents lend themselves to it more than others. A terror attack on the United States by a foreign entity is by its nature a political act, and therefore it lends itself to political commentary — particularly when the people running the government make the clear political decision to distort, conceal, or distract us from the nature of the event. When the president says “workplace violence” instead of “Islamic terrorism” to shield himself from criticism or advance his pet theories about foreign policy, it is right to call b.s. on the play.
“But there is something particularly vile and disgusting in the way many of the leading masters of sanctimony keep changing their standards. When a registered Democrat and Muslim murdered people in Orlando in the name of ISIS, it was outrageous to suggest that maybe we shouldn’t point fingers at Christian conservatives or the NRA. When Gabby Giffords was shot by an utterly apolitical schizophrenic, Paul Krugman blamed it on Michele Bachmann’s ‘eliminationist rhetoric.’ The Democratic party almost en masse blamed it on some crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. The Orwellians leapt out of their bunkers and started memory-holing martial metaphors.
“But now, I gather, any suggestion that rhetoric from Black Lives Matter influenced these murderers is beyond the pale.
“I keep repeating the old line: Behind every apparent double standard is an un-confessed single standard. The single standard here is that only the right people may politicize tragedy. Only the right people get to determine what sort of speech incites violence. Only the right people know when it’s a time for prayer and unity and when it’s time to take up action. Only the right people know when the blame falls solely on the murderers and when the murderers are simply a symptom of a larger problem. And when anyone disagrees with the right people, they reveal themselves to be the wrong people. Because you can only be right if you agree with the right people.

“So, as I’ve said before, to Hell with you people. . .”

PA . . .


Another Cloward-Piven script . . . make a crisis and grow the government . . .

“HARRISBURG, Pa. (WPVI) — Lawmakers aren’t protesting Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision not to stop a $31 billion spending bill from becoming law, even though Pennsylvania lawmakers haven’t figured out how to pay for it.
“Senate Democratic leader Jay Costa says letting the spending bill become law keeps dollars flowing to schools and other important programs. Top Senate Republicans say they’re committed to working toward an agreement to fully fund the spending bill.
“Meanwhile, another nearly $600 million in aid to Penn State, Temple, Pitt, Lincoln and Penn remains in limbo in the House.
“Discussion of a $1.3 billion revenue package centers on a $1 per-pack cigarette tax increase and an expansion of casino-style gambling.
“The House and Senate return to session Monday. The bill becomes law without Wolf’s signature at midnight Monday.
“The governor’s office says the administration can’t spend more money than it has coming in. But it couldn’t immediately say how that would affect programs, should revenue negotiations fail.–/1421217/

Sy Snyder, PoliticsPA: “7/8 Ups & Downs”

Pat Toomey. It was a busy week for Pennsylvania’s junior Senator. In his political battle with Katie McGinty, he continued to hit her over police gear and Philadelphia’ssanctuary city status. Concerning the latter issue, his Democratic opponent even made an effort to persuade Mayor Kenney to change the policy. Toomey also announced a $3.1 million quarterly haul. On the other hand, his sanctuary city bill failed in the Senate. Furthermore, Donald Trumponce again intruded into the PA-Sen race after visiting Capitol Hill. Sen. Toomey attended thecontentious meeting, but there’s been no indications he actually spoke to the GOP presidential nominee. Ultimately, despite all the efforts of the Toomey team, it’ll be impossible to stay on message in a year like this.

Bruce Beemer. On Tuesday, Gov. Wolf announced that the First Deputy Attorney General would be named to the vacant Inspector General position. Beemer finally gets to leave the AG’s office, where he had a number of run-ins with Kathleen Kane. For instance, Kane took away his control of personnel decisions and gave it to her controversial Chief of Staff Jonathan Duecker. Later, Beemer would rally the staff against the AG after she leaked another judge’s emails. Nevertheless, the conflict hasn’t hurt Beemer in Governor Wolf’s eyes, in fact it may have even enhanced his reputation.

Bruce Castor. Speaking of the Attorney General, we’ve waited quite awhile to see the report on those lewd emails that she tasked Doug Gansler with. Last May, Gansler was ready to unveil his findings until Solicitor General Bruce Castor asserted that the report was unclear and thus not ready. He then promised it would be ready in a week. It’s been over a month. Castor now says he’ll authorize the release by the end of the summer. If he doesn’t this sordid episode is likely to only get uglier.

Gary Johnson. The Libertarian Party nominee got a boost this week thanks to a District Court ruling. Instead of 21,000 signatures, third party candidates now only need 5,000 in order to make PA’s November ballot. Johnson is best positioned to take advantage of this as a recent poll shows him garnering 9% and FiveThirtyEight projects that if the election were held today the former New Mexico Governor would receive the support of 10% of Pennsylvanians.

Eric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. We’re now up to week four.


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