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JANET – Events in July.

LEADS: GOLDBERG – A week of tragedy; HANSON – Transformed; HANNAN – Working classes; PAGE – Chinese claims; GERSTEIN – Clinton sez No.


Remember a Vet!

Janet: July Events

Saturday, July 16 – Pray Day DC Revival is happening 10:00AM 
Join one million people standing together in solidarity for Jesus on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
Artists/speakers include Hillsong United, Kari Jobe, Lecrae, Michael W. Smith, Francis Chan, Ravi Zacharias, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Jeremy Camp, Lauren Daigle, Andy Mineo, and more.
We plan on helping people organize  buses here in PA, starting in the King of Prussia area. It’s time to get your  churches, schools, businesses, and local organizations  involved!**


Saturday, July 23 – Pray for our Nation, Washington Memorial Chapel,  Rt. 23, on the edge of Valley Forge Park 10 AM – 12 Noon.
Our 2nd annual event co-sponsored by Valley Forge Patriots / Citizens for Liberty and  Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Join us for prayer that God saves our Nation fromn those who seek to destroy it.
Ample parking at the chapel and lunch is available at the Cabin Shop picnic area adjacent to the chapel.
“Is it really so unfathomable that African-American citizens should be outraged or distrustful of government when they have good reason to believe the state is murdering young black men?

“It should be said that the data do not actually corroborate this belief — at least not as clearly as one might think. Harvard economist Roland Fryer found that when black suspects encounter the police, they are slightly less likely to get shot than white suspects. He called it “the most surprising result I have found in my entire career.” Fryer, by the way, is African American.
“But Fryer also found that blacks are disproportionately victims of bias when it comes to non-lethal use of force by police, such as use of pepper spray, manhandling, and the like. Is it so unreasonable to assume that citizens who experience such bias would also believe that it extends into police shootings? Particularly when such tragedies receive so much attention in social media and the press?” Jonah Goldberg
Read more at:

LEADS . . .

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: “A Week of Tragedy Revealed Our Ideological Blind Spots”

“This is what a real ‘national conversation’ looks like.
“It seems almost ghoulish to look for a silver lining in the dark cloud that blanketed the nation last week. But I think there was one. The killings by police in Minnesota and Louisiana, quickly followed by the killings of police in Dallas, knocked the lazy certainty out of almost everybody.
“At least for a moment, antagonists on either side of polarizing issues could see beyond the epistemic horizon of their most comfortable talking points. Black Lives Matter activists thanked the police for their protection and sacrifice. Conservative Republicans, most notably House Speaker Paul Ryan and former speaker Newt Gingrich, spoke movingly about race in America. Gun-rights activists were dismayed that Philando Castile, the man shot by a police officer in Minnesota, had followed all of the rules — he had a gun permit, cooperated with the officer, etc. — and was still killed. Liberals who insist that rhetoric from their political opponents inspires violence were forced to consider whether rhetoric from their allies might have helped inspire the shooter in Dallas.
“It was a welcome change. “National conversations” are usually efforts to bully everyone into accepting a single narrative when the reality is that, in this country of more than 300 million, many narratives can be in conflict and still be legitimate.
“I don’t doubt that representatives of each tribe will eventually retreat back to their ideological bunkers, but before they do, let’s explore some blind spots, on both sides. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Fundamentally Transformed”

“Multicultural societies — from 19th-century Austria–Hungary to contemporary Iraq, Lebanon, the former Yugoslavia, and Rwanda — have a poor record of keeping the peace between competing tribes. They usually end up mired in nihilistic and endemic violence.
The only hope for history’s rare multiracial, multiethnic, and multireligious nations is to adopt a common culture, one that artificially suppresses the natural instinct of humans to identify first with their particular tribe. America, in the logical spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, was exceptional among modern societies in slowly evolving from its original, largely European immigrant population to a 21st-century assimilated, integrated, and intermarried multiracial society, in which religious and racial affiliations were incidental, not essential, to one’s public character and identity.
“But such a bold experiment was always tenuous and against the cruel grain of history, in which the hard work of centuries could be easily torn apart by the brief demagoguery of the moment. Unfortunately, President Obama, ever since he first appeared on the national political scene in 2008, has systematically adopted a rhetoric and an agenda that is predicated on dividing up the country according to tribal grievances, in hopes of recalibrating various factions into a majority grievance culture. In large part, he has succeeded politically. But in doing so he has nearly torn the country apart. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to suggest that no other recent president has offered such a level of polarizing and divisive racial bombast. . .”

Daniel Hannan, Washington Examiner: “The working classes vs. the smirking classes”

“. . . Now the British class system is so tortuous and complicated that we struggle to understand it ourselves, let alone explain it to friends from overseas. But my hunch is that most Americans will recognize her sentiment.

She feels taken-for-granted, over-taxed, over-regulated, ignored, patronized, lied-to, laughed-at, disdained. She doesn’t expect her politicians to do everything she wants. She’d just like them to listen from time to time.

Britain’s recent vote exposed the chasm between what the Italians call the “paese legale” (civil servants, politicians, financiers, corporatists, lobbyists) and the “paese reale” (everyone else).

In this narrow sense, if in no other, it’s fair to draw the parallel that every half-clever pundit is “that the political elites were no longer acting in the interests of the general population.

In other respects, the two phenomena are very different. The case for Brexit was not nativist or “nostalgic. On the contrary, we “Leave” campaigners argued that Britain would flourish as a global nation, freed from the constraints of a protectionist and over-regulated EU.

But we also benefited — there is no point in denying it — from a sense of insurgency. When, at an anti-EU rally in Kent, I told the audience that this was where an earlier generation of patriots had launched the Peasants’ Revolt, they interrupted with prolonged cheers.

“There is nothing especially new about railing against remote elites. . .”

Jeremy Page, WSJ: “Tribunal Rejects Beijing’s Claims to South China Sea”

“Court in The Hague says ‘nine-dash’ line contravenes U.N. convention on maritime law

“BEIJING—An international tribunal ruled on Tuesday that China’s claims to historic and economic rights in most of the South China Sea have no legal basis, dealing a setback to Beijing that could intensify its efforts to establish its control by force.

The tribunal at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague said China couldn’t claim historic rights in all the waters within a “nine-dash” line used by Beijing to delineate its claims.

“That was the most significant element of an unprecedented legal challenge to China’s claims that was brought in 2013 by the Philippines, one of five governments whose claims in the South China Sea overlap with China’s under the nine-dash line.

“China didn’t take part in the tribunal, which it said had no jurisdiction on the case, and Chinese officials immediately said that Beijing won’t comply with the ruling, a position it had repeated for weeks.

“In a further blow for Beijing, the tribunal said China isn’t entitled to an exclusive economic zone, or EEZ, extending up to 200 nautical miles from any outcrop in the Spratly Islands archipelago, and said Beijing had violated the Philippines’ sovereignty in building artificial islands. It also took Beijing to task for failing to stop Chinese fishermen from harvesting endangered sea turtles and coral and impeding Philippine fishing and oil exploration. . .”

Josh Gerstein, Politico: “Clinton legal team moves to block deposition in email lawsuit”

“Lawyers for Hillary Clinton are going to federal court for the first time to block efforts to force her to testify in a civil lawsuit related to her private email set-up.

“Clinton’s attorneys submitted a legal filing Tuesday morning in a bid to shut down a conservative group’s request for an order forcing her to submit to a deposition in the midst of her presidential campaign.

“Clinton’s legal team said her testimony was unnecessary and superfluous in light of her questioning before the House Benghazi Committee last October and several State Department inquiries into the issue.

“‘Despite this public testimony and the various investigative reports, Judicial Watch claims that it needs to depose Secretary Clinton, a former Cabinet Secretary, about six purportedly unanswered questions,’ the filing states. ‘The record, however, already answers those questions or makes clear that Secretary Clinton has no personal knowledge to provide.’

“Judicial Watch has asked to depose Clinton in a pair of Freedom of Information Act lawsuits which have raised questions about whether her private email system was created in part to avoid making messages accessible under FOIA. . .”

Also – Paul Ryan, WaPo: “Hillary Clinton is unfit to handle classified information”

On Monday, in response to a request I made last week, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that he would not refrain from providing classified information to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the duration of the presidential campaign. That’s a dangerous call. Here’s why he should reconsider: .  .”

END NOTE . . .

Mark Levin (7/12/16)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, President Obama’s speech at the Dallas memorial for the killed police officers was all about him and his agenda. He is a nihilist, extremist who’s engaging in race baiting. It is an absolute disgrace and incredibly painful that Obama would disrespect the dead police officers, their families and the Dallas police department. In addition, if Obama took a different route, he would be a leader in Black Lives Matter and marching alongside radicals like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Aires.

“After that, Donald Trump surrogates have made three arguments for Trump – elect Trump to stop Hillary, prevent her from becoming a third term of Obama, and secure the future of the Supreme Court. However Trump doesn’t give any affirmative reasons to pick him based on policy. His position on abortion is muddled, his position on same sex marriage is silence, and it is not clear where he stands on issues such as foreign policy and the military. If Hillary Clinton wins this election it’s because Republicans nominated the wrong person. It won’t be because the system is rigged or a thousand other excuses.

“Later, last time we had people that were as extreme as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton was before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hillary and Sanders are like Lenin and Trotsky standing side by side.”


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