Dead Cats: Undecided?, 07/29/16, (22)16: James Brody


THE DEMS: NRO– Hillary forgets self; STRASSEL – One-candidate race; ZITO – Berning; HOFT – O’Keefe assaulted; MORTON – DNC voice mails; RABIEN – 119 self-referrals; ZANOTTI – Sanders leaves; KEW – Assange promises more; SAINATO – Tanking polls; MURPHY – Life-long Dems voting Trump.

LEADS: US Debt Clock; GOESER & LOTT – Hillary’s legislative record; LUNTZ – Undecided myths; THIESSEN – Well-deserved blow-back; NIMMO – Clintons CIA operative & power-hungry woman.

PA: KNEPPER – Some are more equal.


Remember a Vet!

“Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”

UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX – Map

1:20pm, 4:20pm, 7:30pm, 10:20pm

Regal Oaks Stadium 24 – Map

1:10pm, 4:10pm, 7:00pm, 9:55pm

THE DEMS . . .

“What a disingenuous lying witch.” 4:30 AM, female caller to Red Eye

NRO: “Hillary Forgets Herself”

“The Democratic nominee reintroduces herself, again.

“In the hours before their candidate’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton’s aides said that she would take the occasion to “reintroduce herself” to the American people. Again. Mrs. Clinton has been a fixture — an inescapable one — in American politics for a quarter of a century. She’s had more new-and-improved versions than a brand of laundry detergent. She lamented that “there is no other Donald Trump” other than the one with whom we are familiar. There is no other Hillary Rodham Clinton, either.

“But if you need a reintroduction to Mrs. Clinton, we will oblige: She is an opportunist without anything resembling a conviction with the exception of her unwavering commitment to abortion, a “public servant” who along with her husband grew vastly wealthy exploiting her political connections and renting access to everybody from Goldman Sachs to Vladimir Putin, a petty, grasping, vindictive, meretricious time-server whose incompetence and dishonesty have been proved everywhere from Little Rock to Benghazi. . .

Kim Strassel, WSJ: “Hillary’s One-Candidate Race”

She’ll try to disqualify Trump because she loses if the election is a referendum on her.

“Conventions are useful for clarifying elections, and this week’s Philly confab notably so. A week of speakers—Democrat after Democrat beseeching the nation to please know thatHillary Clinton really is a good gal—has made something clear: This is, essentially, a one-person presidential race.

It’s Hillary against Hillary. This November is about whether Americans can look at 40 years of Clinton chicanery and nearly a decade of broken Obama promises, and still pull the lever for her. Not that Donald Trump doesn’t matter. He does, in that he can help sharpen those concerns. But Hillary is the main event.

The polls bear this out. Aside from his recent convention bump, Mr. Trump’s numbers have been largely consistent. Whether he leads or trails, and by how much, is mostly a function of voters’ shifting views on Mrs. Clinton. Lately her poll numbers have been devastating.

A CNN survey this week showed 68% of voters say she isn’t honest and trustworthy—an all-time high. CBS found virtually the same number: 67%. In the CNN poll, meanwhile, only 39% of voters said they held a favorable view of Mrs. Clinton. This is lower than any time CNN has polled Hillary since the spring of 1992—before she was first lady.

Mr. Trump’s poll numbers also bear this out. He is currently leading in the Real Clear Politics average despite no real ground game, little real fundraising, little policy message, a divided conservative electorate, and one of the messiest conventions on record. As of June 30, Mrs. Clinton and her allies had raised a stunning $600 million, which is already being spent to trash Mr. Trump. Yet to little or no effect. Mr. Trump is hardly a potted plant, but even if he were . . .

“Mrs. Clinton’s problem is Mrs. Clinton. She is running against her own ethical morass. Already she was asking voters to forget about cattle futures and fake sniper fire and Whitewater and Travelgate. Then she chose to vividly revive the public nausea with her self-serving email stunt and her Clinton Foundation money grubbing. . .”

Salena Zito, The Hill: “Understanding why populist fires are still ‘Berning’”

“PHILADELPHIA — Wearing a big smile and a one-piece jumpsuit made out of fabric decorated with Bernie Sanders images along with a campaign sign Oscar Salazar strode confidently down Broad Street heading towards City Hall for a protest rally.

“‘My support still remains with Bernie Sanders,’ the 21 year old Westchester, New York native and college student said. He added that their cause to have Sanders as the nominee is not unrealistic, nor outside of reality, despite the fact that Sanders handed the nomination to Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday evening.

“He doesn’t see his unwavering support as childish or immature. He stresses that because of this movement away from the establishment, he has got his entire family involved in politics, registering some who have never voted before.

“‘I mean that is part of fulfilling the dream right? To participate, to be heard. Yes I understand that he did not win, but I also understand that the system stacked the odds against him,’ he said.

“Salazar said that is the rub that history will never know.

“On Tuesday evening, Sanders’ name was barely mentioned outside of the roll call vote — as if he never existed — when Clinton clinched the nomination. After a tearful moment when Sanders read the final delegate count from his home state of Vermont, many of his delegates exited from the convention hall in a demonstration against the moment.

“Actress and progressive activist Susan Sarandon wept when Sanders gave his speech the night before — yet exited before he was done, leaving a cryptic “I’m done” tweet as she made her way across the convention floor in a somber, but dramatic fashion. . .”

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: “JAMES O’KEEFE ASSAULTED – THROWN TO GROUND During Undercover Op at DNC (VIDEO)”

“Activist, author and investigative journalist James O’Keefe from Project Veritas went undercover as a Hillary supporter this week at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia.

What transpired was shocking.

“James was dressed as a Hillary Clinton supporter and walked through the Bernie supporters outside the Wells Fargo Convention Center. The Bernie supporters REALLY do not like Hillary.

“One Bernie supporter talked about ‘sticking a knife up her a$$.’

“At one point a group of black protesters went off on James, the Hillary supporter, and Democrat party. “What the hell does the glass ceiling mean? I’m trying to put food in my refrigerator. My momma’s a woman. My sister’s a woman! What the hell does that have to do with it?”

James kept telling the Bernie supporters, “At this point, what difference does it make?” whenever they asked him a question. They didn’t appreciate that.

“It gets worse.
“The Bernie supporters assaulted James, stole his Hillary sign and threw him to the ground!”

Victor Morton, Washington Times: “WikiLeaks releases hacked DNC voicemails”

“Another shoe has been dropped by Wikileaks.

“On the night President Obama and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine were scheduled to speak to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the anti-secrecy whistle-blower group released hacked voicemails of top Democratic officials.

Wikileaks put up a page containing 29 mp3 files of calls, identified by phone number, running approximately 14 minutes combined.

“None of the messages listened to by The Washington Times contained anything immediately obvious as embarrassing or incriminating.

“However, the very fact the DNC voicemail system has been hacked is embarrassing and could augur the release of far more damaging material later.”


“Adddressing the Democratic National Convention on its penultimate night to lay out the case for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, President Obama began by recalling his political debut at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He then described how his family has become so well known to America in the intervening years. He spoke of his time in office, how the presidency has physically aged him, but how his daughters euphemistically note he now looks more “mature.”

He spoke of everything he is proud to have achieved —  passing ObamaCare, expanding clean energy production, reducing consumption of foreign oil, passing the Iran deal, bringing troops home, killing bin Laden.

“He spoke of how inspired he’s become meeting Americans of all stripes. He spoke of his optimism. He spoke of the values he imparted from his family.

If it’s starting to sound like Obama talked a lot about himself, that’s because he did.

“In total, we counted 119 times Obama referred to himself during his speech ostensibly about Hillary Clinton.

“Note that in arriving at this calculation, we included mentions of ‘we’ when he was clearly including himself as part of the plural pronoun; the many uses of ‘we’ in referring to America at large were not included. ‘Me,’ ‘myself,’ ‘our’ and his third-person reference to ‘a half Kenyan grandson’ were also included. . .”

Emily Zanotti, Heat Street: “Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party

“The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who had campaigned against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nod, went back to being an Independent.

Sanders, who considers himself, officially, an Independent in Congress because his views lean further left than the Democratic party’s platform, caucuses with Democrats. But until declaring an intention to run for the presidency in 2015, he had rarely, if ever, identified as a member of the Democratic Party (he’s been in politics since 1979).

“And now, despite pleading with his base to support Hillary, even though they’re concerned that she’s too moderate, Sanders will return to Vermont and to his seat in the Senate, and he’ll do it with no official party affiliation. . .”

Ben Kew, Breitbart: “Julian Assange: Wikileaks to Release ‘A Lot More’ on Hillary Clinton”

“Wikileaks’ Julian Assange said that the organisationplans to release a “lot more” leaked material on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in the run up to November’s presidential election.

Assange, who is still currently hiding from extradition in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, told CNN that the leaks are “having so much political impact in the United States” after Wikileaks released 19,000 classified emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The emails revealed tactics used by the DNC to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic nomination. . .””ileaks-release-lot-hilary-clinton/

Michael Sainato, Observer: “Democrats Should Be Freaking Out About Hillary’s Tanking Polls”

“Clinton supporters refuse to acknowledge the flaws the majority of Americans see

“Clinton’s dishonesty is the reason nearly half of Bernie Sanders’ millennial supporters are now considering supporting a third party candidate like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. Sanders’ formal endorsement of Clinton did not bring her more supporters. Rather, the move boosted publicity and support for both Johnson and Stein—whose donations have increased nearly 1,000 percent since the endorsement was announced on July 12.

“Some Democrats are beginning to ask why Clinton is still unable to maintain a lead over Donald Trump. But, while The Hill reported increased concerns over her negative polling, according to Politico, most Democrats still dismiss any concerns.

“No matter how the Democratic Establishment spins the scandals staining Clinton’s record, they will only have themselves to blame when she loses the general election in November. Rather than recognizing her dishonesty, fraud and manipulation of corrupt political systems, the Democratic Party blindly embraced Clinton throughout the Democratic primaries. In the wake of the FBI investigation, Clinton supporters still refuse to acknowledge the flaws the majority of Americans see.

“‘If nothing else, the Clintons are the ultimate survivors,’ wrote pro-Clinton columnist Charles Blow in a New York Times op-ed, asserting Clinton’s survival of the FBI investigation attests to her toughness rather than her dishonesty and corrupt nature as a politician. ‘The attacks and her impressive ability to dodge them seem to lead to a sort of Wonder Woman syndrome, in which the evasion of calamity creates an expanding sense of invincibility.’

“The response from the Democratic Party to Clinton’s email scandal paints a clear modus operandi when it comes to facing problems in our country and especially in our government. Such obliviousness will be the downfall of Clinton in the general election. Per usual, unless there is a partisan issue to capitalize upon for political expediency, Democrats remain silent. . .”

Patricia Murphy, Daily Beast: “Why These Union Members and Lifelong Democrats Are Voting Trump”

“Their national unions have endorsed Hillary Clinton, but some members say they’ll pull the lever for Trump, who’s promising to bring back American manufacturing and get tough on China.

“David Kemper and his wife are union members and lifelong Democrats. But the Kempers and their 20-year-old son, Nicholas, are planning to vote for Donald Trump in November.

“‘Growing up we were very strong Democrats, but the Democrat party left us,’ David Kemper said, standing at the back of a Ted Cruz barbecue near the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week. He had traveled from Minnesota to the RNC to be with Nicholas, who was an alternate Texas delegate for Trump.

“When the Kempers vote for Trump, they’ll be breaking with the leadership of their national unions, which have both endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. ‘I’m in the CWA, my wife is American Federation of Teachers, but we felt like the unions have left us, too,’ said David Kemper.

“The split between labor leaders and union members lies at the center of Trump’s potential path to the White House, which includes winning over a swath of Rust Belt states from Pennsylvania to Ohio, thanks to his cross-party appeal among traditionally Democratic union workers. . .”

LEADS . . .

US National Debt Clock: Thanks Barry, John, Nancy, Mitch, & Paul.

Nicole Goeser & John Lott, Jr., NRO: “Hillary’s Single Legislative Success: Renaming a Building in NYC”

“In eight years, her one concrete achievement was getting a courthouse renamed for Thurgood Marshall.”

“. . . Hillary wasn’t much of a change-maker in the U.S. Senate. Sure, being president is different from being a senator, but both jobs require making deals. Both offices require drawing up proposals and winning the support of others. Given all of the insight she must have gained as first lady, one might have expected her to be better at pushing legislation. She intimately knew all of the players, had Bill by her side, and had access to the tremendous wealth of the Clinton Foundation.
“Yet, Hillary’s Senate career is defined by safe, noncontroversial bills, most of which were essentially pure fluff and yet she couldn’t get them passed. In her eight years in the Senate, just one of Hillary’s bills got enacted into law. This bill designated the U.S. courthouse at 40 Centre Street in New York City as the “Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse.”
Hillary had eleven other bills that were passed by the Senate, but none made it through the House. Four of those bills were to rename U.S. Postal Service offices. Then there was another courthouse renaming, a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and another commemoration for the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution.

“Talk about safe, inconsequential bills. Who would oppose a bill honoring wounded veterans? Amazingly, she couldn’t even get her feel-good, Purple Heart bill passed. At the end of the day, her legislation didn’t really do much to help everyday Americans. . .”

Frank Luntz, Time: “The Myth of the Undecided Voter”

“. . . there are two types of undecided voters.

“The first are useless. They simply don’t know or don’t care about the candidates and/or the political process. They’re the low-informationvoters that conservative talk radio hosts love to hate. They tell themselves that they’re fact-based arbiters. But really, they’ve applied only haphazard thought to forming a cogent worldview. And what they “know” is often wrong. But their mistaken assumptions are held with such stubborn passion they refuse to hear an alternative viewpoint. They’re every bit as angry as the more extreme elements on the Left or Right; they’re just hiding it, from themselves and from the world. To even attempt to persuade them is a deeply futile endeavor. They foment on the fly.

“But the second? They will decide the election. They are the none-of-the-above voter. They know a lot about both candidates and don’t like either one. (Can’t blame them, really. Two fundamentally flawed candidates clamoring for votes in a fundamentally furious nation.) They cannot stomach the choice between “crude” and “corrupt” (their words, not mine).These voters are like children living through a bitter divorce; watching with a mixture of fear and disdain as their parents argue, knowing they will soon be forced to choose with whom to live—a decision with no good outcome. . .”

Marc Thiessen, WaPo: “The Democrats’ well-deserved WikiLeaks blowback”

“Throughout the entirety of the Obama administration, nothing was done as WikiLeaks damaged our national security with its serial leaks of highly classified intelligence documents.

When in 2010 WikiLeaks released more than 76,000 secret intelligence documents — exposing “the identities of at least 100 Afghans who were informing on the Taliban, including the names of their villages, family members, the Taliban commanders on whom they were informing, and even GPS coordinates where they could be found,” as I wrote in The Post — nothing was done.

When in 2011 WikiLeaks released a trove of classified documents it dubbed the “Gitmo Files” in 2011 — including secret details about the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program – nothing was done.

“When that same year WikiLeaks unleashed what founder Julian Assange called a “thermonuclear device” — its full, unredacted archive of more than a quarter-million secret U.S. diplomatic cables — nothing was done.

“When in 2014 WikiLeaks released classified CIA documents exposing how CIA operatives maintain cover while traveling through airports — including guidance on how to survive secondary screening — nothing was done.

“When in 2015 WikiLeaks released documents revealing that the U.S. government was spying on its allies, including listening in on the phone calls of three French presidents — nothing was done.

When in 2016 WikiLeaks published secret details of European Union military operations to intercept refugee boats traveling to Europe from the regions along the Libyan coast infested with terrorists from the Islamic State, nothing was done.

“When in 2016 WikiLeaks exposed top-secret documents describing NSA intercepts of foreign government communications — including a private climate-change strategy meeting between United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin — nothing was done.

“But WikiLeaks has finally crossed a “red line” (pun intended) that has earned it the Democrats’ outrage. Instead of targeting the CIA or the NSA, WikiLeaks has gone after an organization Democrats actually care about — the Democratic National Committee.

“WikiLeaks has released tens of thousands of emails showing that, while presenting itself as an impartial arbiter during the primaries, the DNC was, in fact, working overtime on Hillary Clinton’s behalf to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). . .”


Not sure I believe this one! Enjoy! . . .

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… won’t get fooled again

“Bill Clinton was a low-level CIA operative in the 1960s and Hillary Rodham a supporter of Barry Goldwater.

“During an NPR interview in 1996, Clinton told Scott Simon her political beliefs were “rooted in the conservatism that I was raised with” and added that she is ‘very proud that I was a Goldwater girl.’

“Clinton worked for the Goldwater campaign the same year the Civil Rights Act was passed. Goldwater opposed Section II of the Civil Rights Act on public accommodations and Section VII on equal employment opportunity and was one of six Republicans in the Senate who voted against the legislation.

“Dr. Roger Morris writes in his book “Partners in Power: The Clintons and Their America,” Hillary Clinton was “a closet Contra supporter” who aided Contra funding from Little Rock, Arkansas and also used her influence to undermine the work of peace activists and pro-Sandinista church groups opposed to Reagan’s policies in Central America.

“Once a CIA Agent, Always a CIA Agent

“Prior to the partnership, Bill Clinton worked for the CIA during Operation CHAOS, an effort launched by LBJ and continued under Nixon to destroy the antiwar movement.

“As a Rhodes scholar studying at Oxford, he spied on fellow students involved in protest activities against the Vietnam War. Bill was sent to Norway to monitor activists who had taken refuge in Scandinavia to avoid the draft. According to Morris, Clinton’s spying activity was confirmed by a CIA station officer in Stockholm.

“Needless to say, Bill Clinton’s connection to the CIA has not made it into the official story and is certainly not part of the rosy narrative spun in Philadelphia last night. . .” b

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “…Some are More Equal than Others”

“Pennsylvania has one of the most restrictive alcohol sales systems in the country. We are one of only two states that have state-run retail and wholesale liquor sales. Despite strident opposition from Democrats and some Republicans to privatize and liberalize alcohol sales for Pennsylvanians, the General Assembly, and Governor granted a reprieve to Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention.

“An article from sums up the situation nicely:

“For convention week, Philly bars, restaurants, hotels, and event spaces were allowed to apply for permits granting them the privilege to serve thirsty politicos until 4 a.m.—last call is usually 2 a.m. The DNC host committee negotiated this late-night privilege for local businesses, payed [sic] the one-time application fee, and helped the city’s Liquor Control Board review applications. At least 20 Philly venues were granted permission to stay open late.

“Contra the regular rules, venues will also be able to serve wine and spirits from non-state sources from July 25-28. Generally, they must purchases these from pricey state-run stores. The state said the rule change allows venues to serve alcohol that has been donated and for out-of-towners to host events featuring booze from their home states.”

One of the main reasons that there is a growing frustration with government, at all levels, is the increasing realization among the “little people” that the citizenry is subject to a different set of rules than the ruling class. As George Orwell put it, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

Governor Wolf and his Democratic colleagues recognize the absurdity of Pennsylvania’s arcane liquor control laws when applied to their friends at the DNC. What possible reason could they have for opposing the same changes for those of us who live in Pennsylvania full time?


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