Dead Cats: Sugar Baby Hillary, 07/30/16, (22)17: James Brody

Remember a Vet!

“Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”

UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX – Map

1:20pm, 4:20pm, 7:30pm, 10:20pm

Regal Oaks Stadium 24 – Map

1:10pm, 4:10pm, 7:00pm, 9:55pm

James Brody: Sugar Baby Hillary


“What a disingenuous lying witch.” 4:30 AM, 7/29/16, female caller to Red Eye


According to Chris Stigall (WPHT, 6:10AM, 7/27/16) Bubba opened his talk: “In the spring of 1971 I met a girl.” The concept of “sugar baby” leapt to my mind.


First, “sugar baby” now draws nearly 17 million hits on Google but the original deal can be seen in chimps – I’ve seen a photo of a male chimp having intercourse while his recumbent female partner stares at a piece of fresh meat that he holds in one of his hands. Fresh fruit can also work and, for advanced players, so can a steak or salmon dinner with a good wine. (Resorts, casinos, jewelry, clothing, and trips are more common offers/demands from the women in pockets of wealth such as we have on Philadelphia’s Main Line!)


Second, college tuition is an expense, excuse, and a socially approvable opportunity in the trade of an old profession now practiced by the youngsters. “I’m not really a whore but it’s Barry’s fault if I am; I have to pay for college.” Was Hillary ever broke? She complained of being “pennyless” at the end of Bill’s term. The “Clinton Foundation” was born soon afterwards, an arrangement wherein the Clintons swapped favors and promises for donations. Bill also got plane rides with pretty girls; Hillary got cash to spend on Chappaqua, Chelsea’s tuition, and her own political adventures. And both Bill and Hillary sold elaborate biographies. Through the “Clinton Foundation” Bill’s sugar baby later cut deals with Islamic leaders for millions of dollars in “speaking fees.” And she certainly ran the State Department to enhance Barry’s future job as the mediator between the Islamic world and the United States. And Valerie (Jarrett), Huma (Abedin), Susan (Rice), and Samantha (Power) will still be around if she wins the election. Hillary thus becomes not a sugar baby but a sugar mama!


Third, many sugar-daddy relationships are with “no strings attached.” A contest, an arms race, emerges between how much the guy has and how much the woman can get. Competition and reevaluation are ongoing and a clever sugar baby might promise you paradise but keep you poor. And a sugar baby is less apt to leave a comfortable nest if their partner is disloyal but she might shrewdly trade up to a richer sugar daddy.


Thus, Hillary protected her own material assets – even to the extent of stealing silver, dishes, and other bits of your property when she moved to Chappaqua. “Bimbo Alerts” were common, rehearsed, and unceasing in the White House. And she probably enjoyed the Hell she made for Juanita, Paula, Kathleen, Monica, and scores of others. Vince Foster died with her claw marks in his back.


Bill remarked that Hillary is the best “change maker” he has ever met.


He’s wrong . . . Sugar Babies don’t make change.


“Here is the full top 20 list of the fastest growing Sugar Baby schools

Rank – School – Number of New Sign-ups
1. New York University – 225; 2. Arizona State University – 189; 3. University of Texas Austin – 163; 4. Temple University – 155; 5. Kent State University – 153; 6. Texas State University -138; 7. Georgia State University – 131; 8. Florida International University – 129; 9. Penn State University – 121; 10. Virginia Commonwealth University – 120; 11. University of Central Florida – 112; 12. University of Houston – 104; 13. University of South Florida – 95; 14. University of Arizona – 84; 15. University of Alabama – 82; 6. University of Minnesota – 78;17. University of California, Berkeley – 67; 18. University of Colorado, Boulder – 66; 19. Columbia University – 66; 20. University of Georgia – 64.


Nancy Jo Sales, Vanity Fair: “‘Daddies, ‘Dates,’ and the Girlfriend Experience: Welcome to the New Prostitution Economy”

A growing number of young people are selling their bodies online to pay student loans, make the rent, or afford designer labels. Is it just an unorthodox way to make ends meet or a new kind of exploitation?


Terrance Ross, The Atlantic: “Where the Sugar Babies Are”

“In recent years the rising cost of student debt has given birth to an odd phenomenon: a population of ostensibly generous older men who appear poised to solve the higher-education crisis, one student at a time. Once a relatively underground subculture, this benevolent group of men is coming to the rescue across the country, essentially volunteering to subsidize the students’ tuition costs. But that description could be, shall I say, sugarcoating it.

“Yes, these men are ponying up their money—plus more—for financially struggling students. However, it’s not free money, and it’s not all students. In other words, these benefactors typically expect some compensation from their beneficiaries—students who generally tend to be women willing to accept the help from the men in exchange for providing some tender loving care. And, at least, flaunting their good looks. . .”


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