Dead Cats: BO’s Next Job, 08/04/16, (22)20: James Brody

“Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”

UA King of Prussia Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX – Map

1:20pm, 4:20pm, 7:30pm, 10:20pm

Regal Oaks Stadium 24 – Map

1:10pm, 4:10pm, 7:00pm, 9:55pm–20160803

Brexit: Obama Just Lost His Next Job.


 “But it seems to me far more important to stress that organisms find, invent and reorganize new environments in their search for a better world.” Karl Popper, 1984/1992, viii.


Nearly every politician or government worker, like most men but nearly every woman, manages his current position with one eye but works hardest and longest for his next one. Future-oriented women, men, and politicians constantly adjust their networks with trial and error through bribes, punishments, lies, and strategic neglect.

Governments, however, can become sugar-daddy sites. Make an offer for whatever or whomever you think you need or, in hard times, whomever you might get. And taking contributions from anyone makes a contract: contributions imply obligations: Accept a gift and expect its bearer to want first a kiss, a screw and then a diamond or, if you are inept, a marriage.

Obama is no exception and might have succeeded but he ran out of time and sinks despite his overtures, lectures and deals. He’s gotten older, more familiar, and somewhat toothless. His audiences have also gotten older and less tolerant, outgrowing their herd instincts for following. Furthermore, his “accomplishments” have always been expensive, contrived, rule-infested, ineffective, and annoying. He also meddled with Putin but Putin’s jets became more obnoxious. He and Kerry meddled with China and the Chinese built fortified coastal islands that trouble everyone from Karachi to northern Japan. He also meddled in Israel – Bibi won reelection despite Obama’s interferences. Obama meddled in the UK but he aggravated voters into supporting Brexit. And Mr. Trump promises to erase much that Obama erected with Executive Orders. After all, why remember orders from a politician, even a half-black one, who didn’t accomplish things?

If he had been white, he would have been either more polite or impeached. Barack, however, is both white and black but thinks being “black” is a more valuable token than being “white.” The lines are shorter for him. Therefore, he uses “black” to dream that he deserves every good thing and tries to convince the rest of us that, again just because he is black, he deserves to be at the head of the line. If he is at the front, every black might act as if he or she too is at the front.

Did Obama learn some tricks about collecting money from Hillary & Bubba? Almost certainly. Furthermore, Frank Marshall Davis, Alinsky, Ayers and Dorn, and Wright have become wrinkled shadows alongside Obama’s bipolar father and schizoid mother. And the young voters who used to swarm around him have gotten older, more reasoned, less bound by their pasts and less careless about their futures. Squads have become individuals. Good soldiers matured into good voters.

Obama’s Muslim gambit . . . he talks in his biography about the beauty of prayers coming from minarets. But will the Muslims love him? Probably not. Nonetheless, CAIR has been his steady adviser and, under Obama, one set of our brown invaders have taken sections of Dearborn and Detroit and our southwest has been taken by the brown descendants of the Moors who ruled southern Spain from 711-1492. Wikipedia reminds us of the old days that are, in important respects, the same as these new days:

“While industrialisation was taking off in the northern Spanish regions of Catalonia and the Basque country, Andalusia remained traditional and displayed a deep social division between a small class of wealthy landowners and a population made up largely of poor agricultural labourers and tradesmen.” 

Network scholars refer to this as a “winner take all” outcome. No matter the number of participants, they (the poor) all deal with a single hub (the wealthy). Such organizations are common in physiology as well as in settled neighborhoods and societies. The energy and obsessions – probably derived from the competitions of mating – lead to hierarchies and to campus protests or to combat and wars. (These same processes also fill football stadiums or rock concerts!) Wikipedia could be describing not southern Spain but Detroit or Dearborn, Manhattan or Chicago, Philadelphia or Atlanta, or the greatest behavioral sink ever – New York City.

Black and White Americans, former competitors, now confront one gene pool but on two fronts, one through Mexico and the other from the eastern Mediterranean and through central Europe.  A wave of the tanned but young energetics may be confused, impulsive, and academically inept but rely on instincts to threaten the wealthy or to harvest from them. Thus, we the barren gifted turn over our monuments to average IQs of 75. And the wealthy are expected to believe that Obama and his clones will protect the Black folks and the Whites from the young browns and their Mullahs. Irony: A nuclear bomb invented by white minds to terrify yellow ones doesn’t care, once it exists, what color finger presses its trigger. Will Earth’s children become their own sunspots?

Regardless of the promises that he makes, Obama happens to be of the wrong heritage for him to be either forgotten or adopted. Obama is half black but blacks are no better off than they were when he was elected. His Muslim fans might become more loyal if he were a middle shade of brown.

He has established a sea of entitlements for illegals, whether they come from Syria or Mexico. Leftists seeking perpetual importance swarm to underwrite, fund, and amplify minority interests but, surprise, the minorities tend to be not particularly grateful. They get voting rights, income supplements, health care, drivers’ licenses, education grants, protections hate speech, and even jugs of water on the trails across Texas. Obama presents gifts which they take but without taking him. And the browns remain suspicious of yellows, blacks, and whites. Secular political reasoning has been “Do a favor and harvest a million voters.” Cloward and Piven still ought to work. The browns, however, in the Middle East have average IQs of 75 and require Imams, lots or rules, and five prayers per day to keep their alignments with Mohammad. Andalusia and Mecca now slide 6000 miles to their West. Would Alinsky have worked as hard for the browns? Would Wright have shouted so loudly from his pulpit? And there must have been some mutual attraction for Obama to have sat in the same congregation for so long.

Jesus is again sacrificed to control a mob.

Is it enough that, instead of Christ, Soros buys Obama’s act? Obama may think so but billions of Muslim won’t.

Today’s liberals recruit members who have limited impulse control and trouble passing an IQ test. And the organizational links are nourished not because of leftist professors but because those professors have young audiences. One outcome: Secularist editors and reporters shout, whisper, scheme, and bitch to get their way. (Similar personalities dominated the NYT or half of the French mobs.) Today’s messiahs eventually will live tomorrow in the cells they intended for today’s oppressors.

Popper reminds us that environments do not dictate outcomes: Each of us makes his or her own world.  For example, every reconstructed hut in Valley Forge Park is escorted by at least six signs making sure that each one of us walks, drives, turns, or parks in a prescribed manner. There are, however, no directions about taking photographs so I took pictures of a partially dressed woman inside one of those huts. We both had fun. And in the King of Prussia mall I saw, for the first time in four decades, a very pretty girl, about twenty-five years old, walking barefoot. She fanned five toes as she lifted each foot and extended her leg. I used ten minutes to discover that I really needed to talk to her but she had disappeared . . .


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