Dead Cats: AssangeTicks, 09/07/16, (22)30: James Brody


HILLARY: HOFT – Assange due; YORK – Clinton contractor.

LEADS: McCAUGHEY – Ocare penalties; PICKETT – GOP confidence in Trump; COHEN – 1st Strike; HAWKINS  – John Lott on guns.


END NOTE: Mark Levin 9/6/16


Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:” BREAKING=> Julian Assange: Wikileaks May Start Releasing Hillary Clinton Email Teasers Next Week (VIDEO)

WIkileaks founder Julian Assange told Sean Hannity tonight his organization will release several batches of Hillary Clinton emails in the coming weeks. Assange said Wikileaks may release the first batch next week.

Julian Assange: The first batch is reasonably soon. We’re quite confident on it now. We might put out some teasers. I don’t want to promise anything because we want to see how the formatting goes. We might put out some teasers as early as next week.

How delicious!
“He’s going to release “Teasers” first!
God protect him!

Byron York, Washington Examiner:  “House probe targets Clinton contractor who deleted subpoenaed email; refused to answer key question from FBI”

“The chairman of the House Oversight Committee has sent a letter to the company that handled the technical side of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Rep. Jason Chaffetz wants to know why an employee of Platte River Networks (PRN), which was under contract with Clinton to handle the server, deleted large amounts of email after the Clinton team received a congressional subpoena for the material, and why a PRN technical employee, apparently the one who performed the actual deletions, asserted a legal privilege and refused to tell the FBI what was said on a conference call he took part in with Clinton’s attorneys on March 25, 2015, around the time the deletions were performed.

“. . . The summaries of the FBI’s interviews with a PRN engineer show that within days of a conference call with Secretary Clinton’s lawyers, the engineer deleted archives of Secretary Clinton’s emails, despite knowing those records were covered by preservation orders and a subpoena from Congress. The same interview summaries show that days after the conference call, a work ticket was created at PRN relating to the administration of Secretary Clinton’s email server. The contents of the ticket were not provided. Forensic analysis of Secretary Clinton’s private email servers by the FBI revealed that Secretary Clinton had not turned over all work-related emails, despite her claims to the contrary, meaning some responsive records may have been included in the archives PRN deleted. Due to the PRN engineer’s use of a program called BleachBit, however, the FBI was apparently unable to retrieve those archives. BleachBit is designed to ‘shred the files to prevent recovery.’”

LEADS . . .

Betsy McCaughey, NY Post: “It’s time to kill the ObamaCare penalty

“On Inauguration Day, the next president of the United States should suspend the penalty for being uninsured under ObamaCare.

“President Obama promised his law would provide an array of affordable health plans. In 2017, consumers will get neither choice nor affordability. In nearly a third of the nation, only one insurer will offer coverage — that’s no choice at all. And insurance premiums are skyrocketing across the country.

“ObamaCare is broken. Slapping ObamaCare refuseniks with hefty penalties (averaging almost $1,000) for not signing up would be unfair, like enforcing a parking ticket when the meter’s broken.

“Consumers will be clobbered starting Nov. 1, the beginning of the open-enrollment period. They’ll want to know what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton intend to do about it. In swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Hampshire, premiums are rising 30 percent and even as high as 40 percent.

“In many parts of Florida, another must-win state, consumers will be forced to sign up for the only insurer in town or get hit with the penalty.

“Giant insurers Aetna, UnitedHealth and Humana are quitting most ObamaCare exchanges after losing billions trying to sell the unpopular plans. Wherever only one insurer remains, all patients on ObamaCare will be funneled into that single remaining insurer’s network of doctors, making it nearly impossible to get a doctor’s appointment.

Worse, many of these remaining insurers are primarily in the Medicaid business. ObamaCare will mean paying soaring premiums for Medicaid-level access to care. What a deal.

“In Illinois, most ObamaCare premiums are going up more than 50 percent before subsidies. In Tennessee, it’s 62 percent. Individuals earning more than $48,000 or couples earning more than $64,000 have to pay full freight.

“It’s highway robbery.

“From the start, ObamaCare has made financial sense only for two groups: the very sick or those eligible for a free ride. That’s why more than 11 million people a year are opting to pay penalties instead of buying insurance, as ObamaCare requires.

“That is: More people are paying NOT to have it than are signing up for it.

“Now, with premiums soaring and choices disappearing, even more people will say “no” to ObamaCare, predicts industry expert Robert Laszewski.

“These people shouldn’t get penalized. The same law that imposes the penalty promised them choice and affordability — and is reneging on both. . .”

Kerry Pickett, Daily Caller: “Republicans on Capitol Hill Gain Confidence In Trump”

“WASHINGTON — South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said he is pleased Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is holding up against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“‘Trump is getting better,’ Graham told reporters Tuesday pointing to the recent polling. ‘You can see a more disciplined message. If he can hold it together for another 8 weeks.’

“Graham, who ran against Trump in the primary and doubted that the New York billionaire could beat Clinton, appeared impressed that Trump could withstand the amount of political attacks he had taken so far.

“‘He’s had massive political body blows that would knock anybody else out. If he can cross the lines in the eyes of the public and be ready for the job, then I think you’re gonna have one hell of a race,’ Graham added.

“Graham and other Republicans in Washington have something to be optimistic about. A number of recent polls show the race between Trump and Clinton narrowing, a development happening as a result of some unsure Republicans who finally decided to support  Trump. A new CNN/ORC poll, for example, shows Trump with 83 percent support of Republican registered voters. This is up five points since late July. TheCNN/ORC poll shows Trump leading Clinton by 2 points among likely voters. Clinton previously led Trump by three points in the same poll.. .”

Stephen Cohen, John  Batchelor Show “Hour Two
Tuesday  6 September 2016   / Hour 2, Block A: Stephen F. Cohen, Prof. Emeritus of Russian Studies/History/Politics at NYU and Princeton; also Board of American Committee for East-West Accord (

“The United States dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan at the end of World War IIin 1945 — the only example in history of a first use, or any use, of nuclear weapons in warfare. Almost every president since Harry S. Truman has made it clear that nuclear weapons would be used only as a last resort, so the pledge would have largely ratified unwritten policy.
Administration officials confirmed that the question of changing the policy on first use had come up repeatedly this summer as a way for Mr. Obama to show that his commitment to reducing the role of nuclear weapons in American strategy — and thus the risk of nuclear exchanges — was more than rhetorical.
“But the arguments in front of the president himself were relatively brief, officials said, apparently because so many senior aides objected. Mr. Carter argued that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, could interpret a promise of no first use as a sign of American weakness, even though that was not the intent.
“The defense secretary’s position was supported by Mr. Kerry and Mr. Moniz, two architects of the Iran nuclear deal, who cautioned that such a declaration could unnerve American allies already fearful that America’s nuclear umbrella cannot be relied upon. Mr. Trump talked explicitly in interviews about withdrawing military forces from Asia unless Tokyo and Seoul paid more for their presence, and said in March that he was willing to see them build their own nuclear arsenals rather than depend on Washington.
“According to one senior administration official, Mr. Kerry told Mr. Obama that a no-first-use pledge would also weaken the nuclear deterrent while Russia is running practice bombing runs over Europe and China is expanding its reach in the South China Sea.
“Mr. Obama and his national security team have rejected a second option: “de-alerting” nuclear missiles ready to fire on short notice. The fear is that in a crisis, “re-alerting” the weapons could escalate a conflict.
“Earlier, Mr. Obama and his aides also decided against eliminating one element of the “triad” of land-, air- and submarine-launched weapons. The idea was to remove the missiles based in silos across the American West, which are considered outdated and vulnerable to a first strike. But the Pentagon argued strongly that the ground-based missiles were the part of the system with which they had the most assured communications, and that it was too risky to get rid of them.
“In the past year, arms control advocates, including some of Mr. Obama’s former aides, have argued that . . .

AWR Hawkins, Big Govt: “1950 to 2010: Not One Mass Public Shooting Where Citizens Could Be Armed”

“In his latest book, The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies, John R. Lott Jr. points shows that from 1950 to 2010, not one mass public shooting took place in an area where citizens could arm themselves in self-defense.

“In other words, gun-free zones or gun-restricted zones were the targets of choice.

“This flies in the face of the 21st century gun control movement’s claims that gun-free zones do not endanger innocents. It exposes the fallacy of arguments that present attackers as uninterested parties who choose a target by chance, never taking into account whether that target contains people who can shoot back.

“According to Lott: “From 1950 to 2010, not a single mass public shooting occurred in an area where general civilians are allowed to carry guns. Over the entire period from 1950 through February 2016, just over one percent of mass public shootings occurred in such places.” Think about it—from 1950 through February of this year, “just over one percent of mass public shootings” occurred outside a gun-free zone.

“And for those who think Lott is just making this stuff up as he goes along, he makes sure to provide documentation—where possible—of the decision-making process that guided many of the most high-profile targets in choosing their targets. Those decisions prove to include avoiding would-be victims who will be able to shoot back. . .”

PA . . .

Leo Knepper, CAP: “Guard Your Wallets; the General Assembly is Coming Back”

“In early August we mentioned that the “balanced” budget passed by the General Assembly was falling apart. At present, not one casino applied for the $1 million liquor license authorizing them to sell liquor twenty-four hours a day. Also, the tax that General Assembly levied on electronic cigarettes is going to bankrupt small businesses.

When the General Assembly returns later this month, the House and Senate will be looking for ways to fill the holes. The smart thing to do would be to cut spending and trim back corporate welfare. For example, does Pennsylvania really need a $4 million tax credit to attract big name performers to second tier cities? Or, $250 million for a race horse development fund?

The taxpayer friendly answer is no.

“The average Pennsylvanian does not benefit from the various flavors of crony capitalism baked into state spending. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the General Assembly from adding new items “economic development” programs without concern for the people paying the bill.

“As we learn more about the tax options being considered by the House and Senate, we will pass that information along to you.”


Mark Levin (09/06/16)

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are horribly flawed candidates. It’s clear that the nation didn’t nominate its best. However, one person gets more electoral votes than the other and we will have a president. This president will nominate many federal judges and may nominate 1/3 or more of the Supreme Court. When it comes down to Election Day, it is a binary choice.

“We have Hillary who wants to have ‘free’ college which will put the nail in the coffin for the national debt. She is going to increase the death tax, capital gains tax, supports abortion on demand, partial birth abortion, and wants to nationalize the police force and continue Obama’s violation of the Constitution.

“Donald Trump is not a conservative and has little difference with the Democrats when it comes trade and even supports a minimum wage increase. However, Trump has an outstanding tax proposal that is similar to Ronald Reagan’s and wants to bring back over a trillion dollars overseas to be invested in the U.S. economy. Trump is also pro-military, pro-law enforcement and against the Iran Deal. These are some of the reasons why Mark will be voting for Donald Trump in November; he is clearly a better choice than Hillary. She is far too dangerously liberal to allow anywhere near the Oval Office.

“Also, conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly passed away on Monday. She was an outstanding woman who fought hard for liberty and had an enormous impact during her life. If all she did was defeat the ERA, that would have been enough, but she did much more than this. Her influence will be felt for decades to come.”


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