Dead Cats: 9/11, 09/10/16, (22)31: James Brody


BRODY – BO’s Next Job II;  RUSHBO –  Never Trump

HILLARY: TAKALA – 100K pages due from Assange; RUSHBO – NBC Forum; FOX – Blind FBI; INVESTORS  – Two stories; McCARTHY – Lawyers, Bleachbit, & Money

LEADS: STRASSEL – Trump blitz; SHEPARD – Deadlocked polls; DC EXAMINER – Peace thru strength.

Saturday 9/10/16 – CFL 9/11 Remembrance

Our first annual Patriot Family Picnic/911 Day of Remembrance in Valley Forge National Historical Park will be in the completely SHADED “Wayne’s Woods” picnic grove behind the National Memorial Arch, 420 Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA, 19406, between noon and 5p.m. This is a POTLUCK lunch buffet. Approximately 80+ guests will be in attendance. We will have numerous tables with friends representing their particular group, organization, business, church, etc., to share with us. Everything is free of charge. Citizens for Liberty will have a table with giveaways, a 50/50 fundraiser raffle, ridiculously inexpensive “memberships” for sale, as well as a select, limited time only, Citizens for Liberty items. Valley Forge Patriots will also have a table with their information.

During the 1:00 hour, we will have a song, and a minute of silence for those who lost their lives on 911.

Citizens for Liberty will be awarding a group of people with something special.

Remember, it will be hot outside, but we will be in the shade, with lots of food and ice cold beverages!

Bring the kids, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa. Please share this with your friends. Everyone is welcome and highly encouraged to attend!

Please bring chairs and/or blankets for yourself and if you have folding tables that you can bring please do so!

There are about 18 picnic tables at the park so, they will fill up quickly!

See ya in the park,

Jane Taylor Toal

President/CEO Citizens for Liberty, PO Box 782, Oaks, PA, 19456, 484-424-3619

BO’s Next Job II

Again, a politician’s or a government worker’s most important focus is not his current job but his next one. Hillary has maneuvered to be our next president; Obama maneuvers to be the exclusive link between Islam and the West.

We’ve seen this game before under the title of “Cloward-Piven”: Pick a group, unite them, and make a government agency to “cure” their problem. The SEIU has done this, legislators do this (e.g., Mike Folmer’s parenthood of “medical marijuana” wherein an entire bureaucracy of specialists will referee treatment and abuse of a popular addictive substance and whose users will back Folmer in the next election), Hillary does this, and so does Obama, perhaps through his sales pitches to the Davos set. And the most amazing fact is that so many of us – even in Pennsylvania –  continue to fall for this old but simple scheme.

Rushbo: Never Trumpers

“. . . RUSH:  “The Flight 93 Election — 2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You — or the leader of your party — may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees. Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain. To compound the metaphor: a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto[matic]. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.” This is a shaming of conservative, Never Trump intellectuals is what this piece is, and it’s powerful.

“To ordinary conservative ears, this sounds histrionic,” to say, “a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto[matic]. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.” The “ordinary conservative” says, “The stakes can’t be that high because they are never that high — except,” well, sometimes. “Conservative intellectuals will insist that there has been no ‘end of history’ and that all human outcomes are still possible. …

“But how great is the crisis? Can things really be so bad if eight years of Obama can be followed by eight more of Hillary, and yet Constitutionalist conservatives can still reasonably hope for a restoration of our cherished ideals? Cruz in 2024!” Yeah! He’s mocking this whole idea that eight years of Hillary on top of eight years of Obama will leave us anything.  “The truth is that Trump articulated, if incompletely and inconsistently, the right stances on the right issues — immigration, trade, and war — right from the beginning.

“But let us back up. One of the paradoxes — there are so many — of conservative thought over the last decade at least is the unwillingness even to entertain the possibility that America and the West are on a trajectory toward something very bad.” Now, I’m gonna take some time to translate what this means as I interpret it.  As you know, there are people in the conservative movement who just can’t bring themselves to support Trump, vote Trump, say anything good about Trump, and they’ve made it known they’ll vote for Hillary.

“At the same time, they indicate that they’re trying to tell us that things are very bad. But if they’re willing to vote for Hillary they must not think they’re that bad, if voting for Hillary and what all that means for the next eight years leaves us anything after that.  “On the one hand, conservatives routinely present a litany of ills plaguing the body politic. Illegitimacy. Crime. Massive, expensive, intrusive, out-of-control government. Politically correct McCarthyism.

“‘Ever-higher taxes and ever-deteriorating services and infrastructure. Inability to win wars against tribal, sub-Third-World foes,’ like ISIS. ‘A disastrously awful educational system that churns out kids who don’t know anything and, at the primary and secondary levels, can’t (or won’t) discipline disruptive punks, and at the higher levels saddles students with six-figure debts for the privilege. And so on and drearily on.’ . . .”


Rudy Takala, Washington Examiner: “Assange: Up to 100,000 pages of Clinton documents to come”

“WikiLeaks could release as many as 100,000 pages of new material related to Hillary Clinton before the election, Julian Assange said Thursday, thanks in part to new sources who stepped forward after the organization leaked internal emails from the Democratic National Committee.

“‘We have tens of thousands, possibly as many as a hundred thousand, pages of documents of different types, related to the operations that Hillary Clinton is associated with,’ the WikiLeaks founder said in a radio interview with Sean Hannity. ‘There are some, several … in response to the DNC publications, a lot of people have been inspired by the impact, and so they have stepped forward with additional material.’. . .”

Rushbo: “My Analysis of the NBC Forum — And Hillary’s Lies About Classified Emails”

“. . .LESTER:  As a naval flight officer I held a top secret sensitive compartmentalized information clearance, and that provided me access to materials and information highly sensitive to our war fighting capabilities.  Had I communicated this information without following proscribed protocols, I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned.  Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who were and are entrusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security?

“RUSH:  Why hasn’t the press asked that question?  This is the first thing that struck me when I saw this, plus applauding Lieutenant Lester.  But this is it.  He said right out of the box, as a naval flight officer, I held a top secret sensitive compartmentalized information clearance.  Had I communicated this information not following proscribed protocols like you didn’t, Mrs. Clinton, I would have been prosecuted and put in jail.  So, Mrs. Clinton, how can you expect people like me to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you corrupted national security?  Not just trafficked in it.  When you corrupted it. . .”

Fox: “The FBI’s Blind Clinton Trust: Comey’s Agents Were Forgiving About Incriminating Evidence”

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL – The closer we look at the FBI’s investigative file on Hillary Clinton’s emails, the more we wonder if Director James Comey always intended to let her off the hook. The calculated release before the long Labor Day weekend suggests political favoritism, and the report shows the FBI didn’t pursue evidence of potential false statements, obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence.

“Mr. Comey’s concessions start with his decision not to interview Mrs. Clinton until the end of his investigation, a mere three days before he announced his conclusions. Regular FBI practice is to get a subject on the record early then see if his story meshes with what agents find. In this case they accepted Mrs. Clinton’s I-don’t-recall defenses after the fact.

“The notes also show the G-men never did grill Mrs. Clinton on her “intent” in setting up her server. Instead they bought her explanation that it was for personal convenience…”

Investors Business Daily: “Clinton Email Scandal: What Hillary Tells Voters Isn’t What She Told the FBI”

“Journalism: No wonder the mainstream press is outraged at Matt Lauer’s performance as moderator of NBC’s ‘Commander in chief Forum.’ He asked questions about Hillary Clinton’s email use that the rest of the media refuse to. And in doing so, Lauer exposed another aspect of her duplicitousness.

“When Lauer asked Clinton about her judgment when it came to using an unsecured private email server to handle highly sensitive State Department communications, Clinton was emphatic that she was well versed in how to handle classified material.

“‘For all the viewers watching tonight, I have a lot of experience handling classified material starting when I was on the Senate Armed Services Committee going into the four years as secretary of state,’ she said.

“‘Classified material has a header that says Top Secret, Secret or Confidential. And nothing — and I will repeat this — none of the emails sent or received by me had such a header.’

“Lauer has been blasted by his colleagues for not hitting Donald Trump with tough follow-up questions and letting him get away with making false statements. But if he is to be criticized for anything, it’s that he clearly let Clinton off the hook on this one. . .”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Send Lawyers, BleachBit, and Money”

“Imagine a mafia don who wants to have some evidence destroyed, maybe even have a witness “disappear.” Does he have a sit-down with his trusted capos, who will then give the job to a reliable button-man? Not if he’s taken the Clinton Family course in advanced criminology — known around the campus as “(C).” If the don is a graduate, he knows the new way to get away with murder is to have all your orders communicated by your lawyers.

“At the Washington Examiner Wednesday, Byron York had a very interesting report about the destruction of thousands of Clinton e-mails after Congress had issued a subpoena for them. (Obstruction of a congressional investigation is a felony under federal law.) The report is based on the FBI’s heavily redacted summary report of its Clinton e-mails investigation.
“The e-mails were destroyed by a technician at Platte River Network (PRN), which had been retained by Clinton to handle her server. The tech is clearly a man (referred to as “he” several times), but his name is redacted from the FBI report. Evidence strongly suggests that this PRN technician initially lied to the FBI, then changed his story and clammed up about any instructions he might have been given.

“. . .On March 3, 2015, the New York Times broke the story that, while secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton had systematically used an unauthorized homebrew server system for all her e-mail communications, including the tens of thousands related to government business. This finally roused the House Benghazi Committee from its slumbers. (As I noted at the time, the Benghazi Committee had curiously failed to issue a subpoena for Clinton’s private e-mails, despite knowing of her use of private e-mail addresses for government business even before the Times report revealed them publicly.) The same day the Times report was published, the committee zipped a letter to David Kendall, Clinton’s lawyer at the prestigious Williams & Connolly in Washington, D.C. (Clinton has a legion of lawyers, but W&C’s Kendall is her main outside-the-government attorney.) The committee’s letter demanded that the e-mails be preserved and produced. The next day, March 4, the committee issued a subpoena directing Clinton to produce e-mails from her private e-mail addresses.

“In the days that followed, Mills confirmed that data on all relevant server equipment had been migrated to the PRN server. Then, according to the FBI report, a conference call was convened on March 25, 2015, with the PRN tech and “President Clinton’s staff.” The redacted version of the report does not make clear to whom “President Clinton’s staff” refers.
“Sometime shortly after this conference call, the PRN tech purged the archived e-mails, using the BleachBit program. I surmise that the purging occurred on March 25 or 26, and that the completion of the purge was swiftly reported to Clinton’s lawyers. Why? Because, as Byron recounts in his news story this week, Kendall informed Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy by letter on March 27, two days after the conference call with PRN, that Clinton’s “IT support” people had “confirmed” to him “that no e-mails from” Clinton’s relevant private address ( “reside on the server or on any back-up systems associated with the server.”

Naturally, Kendall did not elaborate that thousands of such e-mails had resided on the server and back-up systems until the PRN tech purged them over the previous few days. . .

LEADS . . .

Kimberley Strassel, WSJ: “The Trump Blitz Begins”

“The GOP nominee is finally—relentlessly—arguing that Clinton is unfit for office.
“Think of it as the moment when Donald Trump truly learned to throw a (campaign) punch. It came about three weeks ago, amid the latest swirl of stories on the Clintons’ ethics. Hillary Clinton had recently blamed her private email server on Colin Powell. Judicial Watch had released more emails that showed the Clinton Foundation begging the State Department for special favors on behalf of its donors. Bill Clinton had floated laughable plans to reform the foundation.

“The Trump campaign pounced. It began blasting out every new revelation about—or editorial-board comment on—Mrs. Clinton’s shady dealings. It unleashed surrogates, in particular the former prosecutors Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, to make the legal case against her. Mr. Trump devoted a significant portion of a speech in Texas to detailing the lies she had told about her server, and the pay-to-play allegations at the foundation. Within a few days the campaign had cut a web ad hitting her for ‘corruption’ and calling the foundation a ‘slush fund.’

Mrs. Clinton’s slip in the polls is a direct result of the latest flood of scandal. Less noticed is the skillful way that Team Trump is making those hits land. The Republican nominee’s campaign has been doing more right lately, though nothing more so than this. When it comes to the dissection of Mrs. Clinton’s misdeeds, the Trump campaign is firing on 16 cylinders. . .”

Steven Shepard, Politico: “Polls: Trump and Clinton deadlocked in Florida, Ohio”

“New Quinnipiac University polls out Thursday show close races in the four largest, most consequential swing states on the 2016 map — but also give Hillary Clinton an edge in two of the four, confirming her Electoral College advantage.

“Clinton and Donald Trump are running neck-and-neck in Florida, where the race is deadlocked, and Ohio, where Trump leads Clinton by a single percentage point. But Clinton has a 4-point lead in North Carolina, a poll there shows, and a 5-point edge in Pennsylvania.

“The new polls are mostly consistent with other public surveys — though the North Carolina result differs from a Suffolk University poll, also released Thursday, that showed Trump up slightly there. And Quinnipiac shows a toss-up race in Ohio, where other public polls have shown a small, but consistent, Clinton advantage.

“The math for Trump is still daunting. He needs to run the table in the four states surveyed by Quinnipiac — which were the same four states where he began his first TV ad campaign last month — if the other 46 states and the District of Columbia go for the same party they did in 2012. If he loses even one of those four populous states and can’t flip any other combination of smaller states on the map, Trump would lose. . .”

Washington Examiner: “Trump proposes peace through strength”

“National defense experts watching Donald Trump’s military readiness speech Wednesday surely recognized much of his plan. He pledged to increase Marine Corps battalions to 36, boost the number of Navy ships to 350, and add Army combat brigades.

“These are the same numbers proposed by Carly Fiorina during the Republican primary campaign, and similar to those of Mitt Romney when he was running for the presidency in 2012. In other words, they fit traditional and mainstream Republican defense policy. That is welcome. They also echo proposals made by the conservative Heritage Foundation in several reports, including its most recent Index of United States Military Strength.

“Such a proposed military build-up makes it plain that Trump is running to restore the long-accepted position that America should be able to fight two ground wars simultaneously. The Pentagon has acknowledged that, under President Obama, it can no longer do so, partly because of budget cuts.

“Trump proposes an active Army of 540,000 troops, up from 490,000 today. That would make it capable of fighting two major regional conflicts at the same time with room left over for reserves. Trump’s proposed 36 Marine battalions would be a major increase from the 23 the corps has now and it would, likewise, allow the Marines to engage in two major regional conflicts while maintaining a 20 percent reserve.

“The Navy has 276 ships and says it needs 306. Trump is going considerably farther, calling for an increase to 350, and also wants America to equip itself with at least 1,200 war planes, the number the Air Force says it needs. This huge military build-up is, in principle, welcome, given the perilous and unstable times in which we live; there are pressing military needs in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Western Pacific. In each, the reassertion of American power and leadership is greatly to be desired. But, such a build-up is also extremely costly, and Trump needs now to explain how it will be paid for. While he proposed some offsets, Trump’s plan would still cost about $150 billion according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.. .”


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