Dead Cats: Freak’n, 09/19/16, (22)35: James Brody


ISIS: McCARTHY – Cash for Jihad; DRUDGE LINKS Terror; SHILOACH – NYC Celebrations by ISIS; VOLZ & DOBUZINSKIS – MN stabbing.

FREAK’N: O’SULLIVAN – Trump’s to lose?; SALVANTO – Tied!; LAUTER – Trump win?; O’GRADY – Hillary in Haiti.

PA: WILL – Toomey vs McGinty; MORAN ET AL., West Philly rampage; SNYDER – Politics PA


“A company came out with a new dog food, and hired an advertising firm to promote the product. The ad agency placed commercials on television and ads in magazines; millions of dollars went into the campaign. The commercials and ads were first-rate, but still the dog food did not sell. The client called a meeting at the ad agency and demanded to know what had gone wrong.

“After a moment of silence, the leader of the ad agency team explained: ‘The dogs don’t like it.’” John Hinderacher,

ISIS . . .

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Obama’s Cash-for-Jihad Program”

Obama works not for legacy but for his next job as “honest broker” between Europe, America, and Islam . . .

“Let’s give Iran, a certified state sponsor of terrorism, billions in cash. What could go wrong?

“. . . There are only three countries on the list of state sponsors of terrorism — Syria, Sudan, and Iran. That last one is worth highlighting. Iran, after all, is not just the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism; it is also the world’s leading state sponsor of . . . Syria — providing it with lots of that cash the State Department is so concerned about.
Oh, I nearly forgot: Iran also happens to be the jihadist regime that President Obama just gave $1.7 billion to . . . in cash.
“Or should I say, at least $1.7 billion.
“It is hard to decide what is the most appalling thing about Obama’s $1.7 billion payoff to the mullahs: the ransom for the release of American hostages, which has predictably induced Tehran to take more hostages; the pallets of untraceable currency loaded on multiple planes of the national airline regularly used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to arm Assad and facilitate terror; the withdrawals from a shadowy Treasury Department fund structured in a manner designed to conceal that money was being transferred to Iran. The transaction is so shocking, one can easily forget that it is just the latest in a long series of payoffs.
“The payoffs were made in Obama’s pursuit of legacy adornment — the nuclear deal with Iran he coveted at any cost. . .”

Drudge Links 09/19/16

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1-in-5 Syrian refugees settled in New York area…
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Khan of Londonistan pitches first ball at Mets game…

Gilad Shiloach, Vocativ: “ISIS Supporters Rush To Celebrate NYC Explosion”

“We cause you pain inside your house,” one ISIS supporter bragged online

“Supporters of the Islamic State rushed to celebrate Saturday night’s powerful explosion in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood that injured at least 29 people, even as no group or individual has been arrested or claimed responsibility.

“The lions of the Caliphate roar in New York, we cause you pain inside your house, the carrier of the Cross,” wrote one Twitter user who went by the name “I am ISIS, come and block me.” The account was soon suspended. Another, called “The Lone Wolves,” tweeted with the Arabic hashtag #ExplosionManhattanNewYork “Oh God burn America, take revenge in the name of your oppressed slaves and believers’ blood.”

“Others tweeted about “good tidings that keep coming” from New York, and one user affiliated with al-Qaeda in Syria tweeted: “Oh God go against America, the head of infidels. Oh God, count them and kill them one by one, and do not spare anyone of them.”

“The hashtag #ExplosionManhattanNewYork was popular among other Arab users, mostly from Saudi Arabia, who don’t seem to be affiliated with terror groups but still criticized America, Vocativ found. One user said “ISIS is an American product, their goods come back to them.” Anotherwrote: “This is all your doing Mister Obama, you are the reason for the spread of ISIS in the region. I wish you would listen to the words of King Abdallah and his warning for the Arabs from ISIS.”

“Others raised concerns, tweeted that the explosion was “another pretext for America to intervene in another country” and that ‘the dog Trump will blame the Muslims in order to win the elections, an expected scenario”.

Dustin Volz and Alex Dobuzinskis, Yahoo!:” Islamic State says Minnesota mall stabbing carried out by ‘soldier’”

“(Reuters) – A man who stabbed nine people at a mall in central Minnesota before he was shot dead is a “soldier of the Islamic State,” the militant group’s news agency said on Sunday, as the FBI investigated the attack as a potential act of terrorism.

“The man, who was wearing a private security uniform, made references to Allah and asked at least one person if they were Muslim before he assaulted them at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud on Saturday, the city’s Police Chief William Blair Anderson told reporters.

“Authorities declined to identify the suspect, who was killed by an off-duty policeman, because the investigation is underway.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation considers the episode a ‘potential act of terrorism,’ Richard Thornton, FBI special agent in charge of the agency’s Minneapolis division, said at a news conference on Sunday. . .”

FREAK’N . . .

John O’Sullivan, NRO: “Is the Race Now Trump’s to Lose?

“After the best week of his campaign, he may be the favorite.
“. . . The two candidates are currently level-pegging overall, and when it comes to gaffes, lies, the debates, and “events,” the advantage has gone marginally to Trump.

“The debates have yet to happen. New information continues to trickle out that contradicts Clinton’s explanations of her e-mail scandal. The main “event” has been her apparent public collapse from pneumonia, a turn right out of P. G. Wodehouse. (“Unseen in the background, Fate was quietly placing lead into the boxing glove.”) Clinton has blundered into gaffe territory with her ‘basket of deplorables’ remark, while Trump’s latest ‘gaffe’— his hemming and hawing on whether Obama was born in the U.S., and the subsequent, chaotic press conference in which he attempted to disavow the ‘birthers’ and blame Clinton for creating them — is two-edged. It is embarrassing to him and guaranteed to earn another round of negative press, but it also rekindles discussion of a discredited conspiracy theory that will now serve as a distraction for her.
“Trump may now even be the favorite. . .”

Anthony Salvanto, CBS: “Poll: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton tied across battleground states”

“The race across the combined battlegrounds is as tight as can be, tied 42 percent to 42 percent.

“Clinton was up one point last week, and was up two points back on Labor Day weekend. Voters in these states are still looking for change, while the partisan divide remains particularly deep.

“Fifty-five percent of battleground voters want to see “big changes” in the nation’s politics and economy in the next few years. Forty-three percent want “some changes” and only 2 percent think things are fine and not in need of much change. Trump leads by a wide margin on being trusted to change Washington: Forty-seven percent trust Trump to do it, 20 percent trust that Clinton can do it. Nine percent of independents trust Clinton can change Washington. Only 47 percent of Democrats trust Clinton to change Washington. A similar 41 percent of Democrats trust neither candidate to do it.

“And to Donald Trump’s voters, Trump represents that larger chance for change. . .”

David Lauter, LA Times: “Voters on both sides increasingly see a Trump win as a possibility — and that may get more people to vote”

Donald Trump  is enjoying his strongest position in the presidential race since immediately after his nominating convention and, for the first time, has started to significantly close the gap with Hillary Clinton on the question of which candidate voters expect will win — a shift that could boost turnout on both sides.

“The nominees have moved up and down in polls over the summer and into the fall, but until now, large majorities of voters, regardless of whom they supported, expected to see Clinton win.

That’s now changed, according to the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak tracking poll of the election. Although Clinton still holds an edge on that question, Trump has narrowed it to the point that the results are within the poll’s margin of error.

“The voter expectations question is important because it often — although not always — has proved a more accurate way to forecast elections than asking which candidate a person plans to vote for. The expectations question has an especially good track record when an election remains a ways off — seven weeks in this case. . .”

Mary Anastasia O’Grady, WSJ: “More Clinton Shenanigans in Haiti”

“Emails show the State Department and the Clinton Foundation collaborated on policy.

“On Jan. 27, 2011, Clinton Foundation Chief Operating Officer Laura Graham sent an email to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills, voicing concern about a rumor. Ms. Graham had heard that Foggy Bottom was thinking about revoking the U.S. visa of Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive. “Wjc will be v unhappy if that’s the case,” Ms. Graham warned Ms. Mills, using the initials of the former president.

“Ms. Graham, who was also chief of staff to Mr. Clinton at the foundation, had other reasons to worry: “I’m also staying at [Mr. Bellerive’s] house fyi so exposure in general and this weekend in particular for wjc on this.”

“So Clinton Foundation staff was hobnobbing with a powerful Haitian politician and using connections at the State Department to try to influence U.S. policy decisions involving that same politician. That’s unethical and it is also contrary to what Mrs. Clinton promised when she went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January 2009 as president-elect Barack Obama’s secretary of state nominee. . .”

PA . . .

George Will, TribLive: “Toomey vs. McGinty is this year’s most consequential Senate race”

“From Erie in the west to Scranton in the east, Pennsylvania is flecked with casualties the stubborn economic sluggishness and relentless globalization have inflicted on industrial communities. But in this middle-class Philadelphia suburb, Tom Danzi knows that the economy is denting even his business repairing damaged cars.

“His Suburban Collision Specialists once had 27 employees kept busy by drivers stimulating the economy by producing fender benders. Now he has only 17. Many cash-strapped motorists keep driving cars with unrepaired scars. So, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican seeking a second term, recently came here to commiserate and to warn that if his Democrat opponent wins she will make matters worse.

“Which she probably will if she gets to the Senate. There Katie McGinty, a creature of the public sector who began her government-centric life giving Sen. Al Gore environmental policy tips, probably would be a reliable member of an unleashed, and perhaps unhinged, Democrat majority: As Toomey’s seat goes, so, probably, goes the Senate.

“If he loses, Republicans probably will lose control of the Senate and that body probably will lose its character: Senate Democrats, who are situational ethicists regarding Senate rules, might further dilute the ability of the minority to require a 60-vote majority for, among many other things, confirmation of Supreme Court justices.. .”

Robert Moran, Aubrey Whelan, Chris Palmer and Julie Shaw, 2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage”

“Gunman identified as 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn

“A gunnman first ambushed a Philadelphia police sergeant late Friday night and then went on a shooting rampage killing a young woman and wounding two law enforcement officers and three other civilians before police shot him to death.

“Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross identified the gunman Saturday as 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn, of West Philadelphia.

“The shooting rampage started about 11:18 p.m. when Glenn walked up to a marked police cruiser at 52nd and Sansom Streets and just began firing, police said.

“Sgt. Sylvia Young, 46, who was sitting inside the car, was shot several times after Glenn fired off 18 shots, Ross said at a Saturday afternoon news conference. Her gun was hit as well. A 19-year veteran assigned to North Philadelphia’s 22d Police District, Young on Friday was working with a task force in West Philadelphia.

“She and another officer, who was later shot – University of Pennsylvania officer Eddie Miller, 56, a former Philadelphia police sergeant who joined Penn’s force two years ago – were both in stable condition Saturday at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

“One of the four civilians who was shot, Sara Salih, 25, who was sitting in a car at 49th and Sansom Streets, near where she lived, died. She was shot seven times in her torso and was pronounced dead at Penn Presbyterian at 1:56 a.m. Saturday.

“The three other civilians who were shot – a 36-year-old man shot twice in his left arm and once in his right arm; a 42-year-old man shot twice in his left leg; and a 41-year-old woman shot once in her right ankle – were all in stable condition at Penn Presbyterian Saturday afternoon, police said.

“A horrific night,” Ross said.. .”

Sy Snyder: Politics PA 9/16/16

Pat Toomey. After a distressing series of surveys, Toomey emerged with a lead in the latest Quinnipiac Poll which had him running several points ahead of Donald Trump. The incumbent Senator also won our (arguably more important)reader poll. Additionally, Sen. Toomey opened up a new line of attack against his Democratic opponent Katie McGinty by emphasizing her time as Chief of Staffduring Governor Wolf’s stalled first year. If Toomey can have some more weeks like this one he’ll increase his odds of winning a second term.

“Donald Trump Jr. The GOP presidential nominee’s oldest son and namesakevisited Pennsylvania this week and ran into trouble. First, Trump Jr. made an unfortunate reference to “gas chambers” during a conversation with Chris Stigall of 1210 WPHT. Then, he was caught flat-flooded in an interview with Bob Mayo of WTAE to the point that a staffer had to cut it short. It will be interesting to see if Trump Jr. visits the commonwealth again before November 8th.

“Christina Hartman. The Democratic nominee in the open contest in PA-16 got a major boost Monday. EMILY’s List, the prominent interest group that promotes pro-choice female candidates, endorsed Hartman’s candidacy. Hartman was arguably already the Democrats’ second-highest priority in the Keystone State given the DCCC’s troubles in PA-6 and PA-7. It will still be a tough, uphill battle for Hartman but at least she has a chance.

Matt Cartwright. Committee assignments can determine a Congressman’s degree of influence and perhaps the most powerful committee of all is the Appropriations Committee. So Rep. Cartwright must have been thrilled when he learned Wednesday that he’d scored the open seat on that body. Cartwright will take over for Chaka Fattah, who was forced to resign after being convicted last summer. The two-term incumbent now has a major opportunity to make his voice heard in Washington, D.C.

“Eric Papenfuse. We’ll be giving the Harrisburg Mayor a down arrow every week until he lifts his ridiculous ban of PennLive. This is week fourteen.”


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