Dead Cats: GoMike!, 10/04/16,(23)07: James Brody


TRUMP/Clinton: YORK – Pence/Kaine; BENSON – Laptop deals.

NATIONAL: BABBIN – Blinkered generals; RUSHBO – Corrupt media; TRENHOLM – Election leaks; TAKALA – Record gun sales; MAY – Obama’s 128K illegals.

END NOTES: Mark Levin, 10/03/16


Janet: Please call your House members NOW and tell them VOTE “NO” on the Continuing Resolution (CR) or H.R 5325. This is URGENT because the voting will take place this week. If it passes, it will give Congress and Obama all they need to stuff the Lame Duck session after the November election with pork and other BAD bills. The mischief making gives power and NO ACCOUNTABILITY to Obama and lawmakers who lost and will not return to Congress

“NO” on Lame Duck Continuing Resolution (H.R. 5325)


Janet: Malvern Office for Trump –

Location for the Malvern Office for Trump. Phones should be in soon and then phone banks will begin. Right now you can get signs, handouts, and volunteer for door to door campaigning.
The address is: 270 Lancaster Ave, Suite H, Malvern PA 19355



“Now, as I was saying before the break, folks, we have a bifurcated society. We have varying degrees of our population being informed. Some are rank amateur idiots; some are oblivious; others are greatly up to speed on things. . .” Rushbo

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Byron York: When Pence and Kaine square off, debate is really Trump vs. Clinton”

“Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton is asymmetric warfare. The showdown between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine Tuesday night will be, for the first and only time in this campaign, a symmetric warfare matchup, with a governor and former lawmaker going against a lawmaker and former governor.

“But everyone knows the Pence-Kaine showdown will really be about Trump and Clinton. And with Donald Trump under 24/7 attack from the Clinton camp, the Democratic Party, and much of the media, Mike Pence will be the man under pressure Tuesday night at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

“How will Pence deal with it? First of all, he has prepared. A lot. He’s been working since the convention, enlisting a former Trump rival, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, to play Kaine in the debate preps. He has done mock debates. He has gone through four big binders of material multiple times, plus a bunch of videos.

“In other words, Pence has done the old-fashioned, conventional-style debate preparation that Trump eschewed. And remember, Pence’s prep is on top of his dozen years in the House of Representatives, with service on the Foreign Affairs, Judiciary, and Agriculture committees, plus three years in the Indiana governor’s office.

“But Pence had to prepare for more than questions on jobs, national security, immigration, Obamacare, and other issues. He knows that he must also be ready to be quizzed, or attacked, on virtually every controversial thing Donald Trump has said in the course of a long campaign. That’s something the Foreign Affairs committee did not prepare its members to do.

“On that score, Pence has been doing his prep right out in the open. Since the GOP convention, he has done a lot of press, a lot of television — the Sunday shows, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, all of them. In those interviews, he has often handled questions that were really intended for Trump. . .”

Also –  Joel Pollak, BigGovt: “Vice Presidential Debate: Mike Pence vs. Tim Kaine Not a Fair Fight”

“Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate in Farmville, Virginia between Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is not a fair fight. Pence will dominate — while the country will worry anew about Hillary Clinton’s health, given her replacement.. .”

Guy Benson, Townhall: “BREAKING: FBI Made ‘Side Deals’ to Destroy Top Clinton Aides’ Laptops”

“This was just your average FBI investigation, you see, in which the same woman was: (1) a subject of the probe, (2) a key witness in the probe, (3) a dubious immunity recipient, and(4) a lawyer to the primary subject — who was allowed to sit in on her quasi-client’s interview with investigators. And if that wasn’t enough, the FBI reportedly agreed to permanently destroy two pieces of evidence after reviewing them. I’ll defer to law enforcement experts as to whether or not this sort of thing is remotely standard practice, but to a layperson, it seems like yet another peculiaritysurrounding this case. Via Fox News’ Catherine Herridge:

Remember, James Comey told Congress that there was no case for criminal charges against Cheryl Mills.  If that’s the case, what did she need immunity for?  And why would she want her laptop nuked?  Perhaps it’s because she improperly storedclassified material on her personal computer, in violation of the law.  Apparently the egregious mishandling of US secrets isn’t all that bad.  David Harsanyi’s recent column entitled “Nothing James Comey Says About The Hillary Clinton Investigation Makes Any Sense” feels even more apt today.  Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy — who calls himself “hard-wired” to defend the integrity of the FBI — writes that investigators’ treatment and accommodation of Mills is so bizarre as to beggar belief:

‘The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department permitted Hillary Clinton’s aide Cheryl Mills — the subject of a criminal investigation, who had been given immunity from prosecution despite strong evidence that she had lied to investigators — to participate as a lawyer for Clinton, the principal subject of the same criminal investigation. This unheard-of accommodation was made in violation not only of rudimentary investigative protocols and attorney-ethics rules, but also of the federal criminal law. Yet, the FBI and the Justice Department, the nation’s chief enforcers of the federal criminal law, tell us they were powerless to object. Seriously?… Just as Director Comey rightly objects to being regarded as a weasel, I don’t much like being regarded as an idiot — which is what I’d have to be to swallow some of this stuff. The FBI absolutely has control over who may be present at an interview with a subject of an investigation. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the most basic one is that an interview never has to happen unless the FBI consents to it.
‘In his testimony, Comey kept stressing that Mrs. Clinton’s interview was ‘voluntary’ — contending that since she was not required to submit to it, she could impose any conditions on her agreement to do so. That is nonsense. The interview was voluntary on both sides. The FBI is never required to indulge conditions that make a mockery of its serious business.In this regard, Comey is like a guy who ties his own hands behind his back and then says he was powerless to defend himself…Regarding this highly irregular dereliction, there appears to have been no FBI pushback. In fact, Director Comey told the committee that it is often easier in a complex case to acquire evidence by striking informal agreements with defense lawyers. That is certainly true . . . but there is nothing inconsistent about impaneling a grand jury while concurrently negotiating such deals. Indeed, this is how it is generally done, precisely because it makes defense lawyers a whole lot more agreeable. . .’”


Jed Babbin, American Spectator: Obama’s Blinkered Generals”

“Caving in to the left’s apologists for Islamic terrorism.

“Obama’s generals are drafting a new National Military Strategy in the hope of imposing it on whoever succeeds him in office. It is President Obama’s final attempt to prevent military strategists from connecting the most dangerous terrorist networks to the Islamic ideology that motivates, guides, and binds them all.

“Since his 2009 inauguration, Obama has sold this fiction to the media as well as the military. Both quickly succumbed to it. After the 2009 Fort Hood massacre by an Army officer whose business cards proclaimed him a ‘soldier of Allah,’ Gen. George Casey, the army’s chief of staff, said it was a case of ‘workplace violence.’ The media proclaim it again and again whenever a terrorist act is committed in America by a Muslim. Whether it’s the Boston Marathon bombing, the Orlando nightclub massacre or Rahami’s bombings in New York and New Jersey, the media and a cohort of politicians immediately declare that the attackers’ motivations are unclear and that there’s no evidence connecting the attack to Islamic terrorism.

“As Rowan Scarborough reported on September 26 in the Washington Times, Obama has adamantly refused to connect Islam with terrorism. His generals may base the new National Military Strategy on that position contrary to experience and fact.

“The man in charge of drafting the new NMS is Marine General Joe Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Scarborough reports that Dunford’s staff is resolutely resisting the position taken by U.S. Special Operations Command to include in the National Military Strategy the threat of Salafist Islam. (It is essential to note that Dunford hasn’t yet decided this matter and may not yet have discussed it with SOCOM’s commander, Gen. Tony Thomas.)

“Salafist” ideology is fundamentalist, rejecting all modern thought including democracy. It is the Sunni Muslim ideology that propels the most dangerous Muslim terrorist networks including al-Qaida and the Islamic State. . .”

Rushbo: “The Most Corrupt Media Ever”

“. . . Not only, ladies and gentlemen, did the New York Times not publish the hacked emails from University of East Anglia — it’s in the U.K. If you’re new to the program, those emails were emails between scientists and researchers, and the emails clearly demonstrated how they were faking data, doctoring data. When they produced data that damaged their premise that man was causing climate change, they discussed how to alter the data, either in the historical record or current results so as not to disrupt their premise that humanity and the advancement of life is causing climate change.

“Somebody at East Anglia got fed up and sick and tired of reading about all this, ’cause they knew what was going on, they knew of the fakery, they knew of the fraud, they knew that this consensus of scientists — there’s no such thing as a consensus if science anyway, so they hacked the emails at East Anglia to prove — and there were scientists in the United States that were caught up in this. Anyway, the New York Times refused to publish any of them on the premise that they were illegally acquired via a hack, and that means we can’t touch them, we can’t publish, they’re illegal.

“Instead, do you know what the New York Times did? The New York Times and the Washington Post began an investigative project to learn the identity of the hacker. The New York Times and the Washington Post wanted to track down the hacker who hacked the emails at the University of East Anglia so that he could be held up to public ridicule. They wanted to accuse him of lying. They wanted to accuse him of making it up. They could never find the guy, but that’s what they tried to do.

“Now, imagine if things were similar here, the New York Times being presented with the three pages from the Trump tax return of 1995, if they were engaging in the principles, high principles, time-honored principles of journalism which nobody believes in anymore, then they would begin an investigation into who sent those pages to them. They would want to find out who put them in a manila envelope and mailed them to one of their reporters. And they wouldn’t stop until they found out who it was so that they could hold them up for public ridicule.

“Except of course that’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is the Times wants more. Now, as I was saying before the break, folks, we have a bifurcated society. We have varying degrees of our population being informed. Some are rank amateur idiots; some are oblivious; others are greatly up to speed on things. We don’t know the numbers. We do know that for the first time in our lives there’s practically a unison of agreement on our side of the aisle, even among establishment media types that are Republican or conservative generally don’t attack the Drive-By Media because they don’t want to be ridiculed by them, they want to be considered part of the club, they’re going after them, too. . .”

Richard Trenholm, CNET: “Google, US election leaks as WikiLeaks turns 10”

“In coming weeks, the site is set to publish documents related to Google, the US presidential election and more, according to controversial founder Julian Assange.

A video showing the top 10 leaks on the site today opened a press conference marking the 10th anniversary of the whistleblower site, in which time it has published 10 million documents. Assange promised new information every week for the next 10 weeks, related to Google, military operations, arms trading and mass surveillance. He also promised all documents related to the US presidential election would be published before the vote on November 8.

Assange denied reports that he intended to harm the campaign of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, although he did describe the reaction to leaks of Democratic emails as ‘neo-McCarthy-esque hysteria’.

Asked if he had any affinity for Clinton’s Republican rival Donald Trump, Assange said, ‘I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are two people that are tormented by their ambitions.’ . .”

Rudy Takala, Washington Examiner: “Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent”

“Gun sales hit the 17th consecutive monthly record in September according to FBI data released on Monday, and overall sales are up 27 percent compared to the same period last year.

A total of 1,992,219 background checks were processed through the bureau’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System for the month of September, higher than the 1,795,102 conducted in September 2015.

The number of checks run through the FBI’s NICS system is a reliable indicator of how firearm sales are trending, though there is no precise correlation between the number of checks and the number of guns being sold. Licensed dealers are required to run a check in the database every time they make a sale, but sometimes turn buyers down. . .”

Caroline May, Daily Caller: “Obama Admin Releases 128K Illegal Immigrant Kids Into U.S. In Under 3 Years”

“The Obama administration has released more than 128,000 unaccompanied minors into the United States over a span of less than three years, according to the Office of Refuge(e) Resettlement (ORR).

“During Obama’s second term in office the southwest border has experienced a substantial influx of unaccompanied minors and families from Central America illegally entering the United States. Many of the undocumented entrants have been released into the United States and allowed to remain, ostensibly to await immigration hearings.

“Unaccompanied minors, in particular, are granted special treatment and protections. Once apprehended by immigration officials, unaccompanied minors are transferred into the care of the Department of Health and Human Services’ ORR.

“ORR cares for the minors until they can be placed with family member ‘sponsors’ in the United States. Often those sponsors are in the United States illegally themselves. . .”


Mark Levin 10/3/16

“On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Isn’t it amazing that there is no ethical issue raised when somebody leaks somebody else’s tax records to the media? Liberals don’t seem to mind these sorts of things. Whatever is in Donald Trump’s tax returns as long as he follows the law, he follows the law.

“After that, the Democrats wherever they serve cannot be trusted with leaks. Whether it’s in Hollywood, academia or the media, they will leak it, use it and mock it; to them the ends justify the means. It’s a disgrace that the New York Times leaked his taxes and they need to be publicly admonished for this. In addition, there is no evidence that Trump broke a single law, not even a hint of illegal activity in Trump’s tax returns.

“Yet, there’s more than a hint that Hillary has spent her entire life breaking laws. What’s worse!? Hillary getting half a million dollars from foreign governments or their state-run businesses to give a speech? Or complying with the internal revenue code? Who’s done more damage to you in this country? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

“Meanwhile Trump is running a campaign that he is proud of but the rest of us aren’t. He should be beating Hillary soundly, yet has a lousy campaign. Trump could take his lessons from Ronald Reagan who was informed, conversational and lighthearted. Reagan made the case and laid out what his vision was for America without personal animosity. He would have greatly defeated Hillary Clinton if he was running today.


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