Dead Cats: ToldYa!, 10/05/16,(23)08: James Brody


TRUMP/Clinton: CILLIZZA – Debate; YORK – Pence boost; BRODY – Donald’s

sense of the future; POULIN – Russia; BRODY – Abortion’s benefit to a gambler; BRODY – Hillary’s record; BRODY – Twitter players.

NATIONAL: McCARTHY – DOJ side deals; HENRY – UN climate deal to be ignored.

PA: KIRBY – Illegals vote in Philly.



Janet: Malvern Office for Trump –

Location for the Malvern Office for Trump. Phones should be in soon and then phone banks will begin. Right now you can get signs, handouts, and volunteer for door to door campaigning.
The address is: 270 Lancaster Ave, Suite H, Malvern PA 19355


Chris Cillizza, WaPo: Winners and losers from the vice-presidential debate”

“* Mike Pence: From the very beginning, Pence was the more comfortable of the two men on the debate stage. Pence repeatedly turned to the camera when he answered questions, making clear he understood that the real audience wasn’t in the room but watching on TV. The Indiana governor was calm, cool and collected throughout — a stark contrast to the fast-talking (and seemingly nervous) Kaine. Did Pence respond to Kaine’s dozens of attacks on Donald Trump? Only sort of.  What Pence seemed to be doing was making the case for Pence-ism, a, dare I say it, compassionate conservatism — a case for Pence 2020 or 2024. Regardless, Trump will very much take it, as Pence’s performance will offer a reset of sorts for a campaign that is scrambling badly due to self-inflicted wounds from the nominee. Win or lose next month, Pence did himself real good in the eyes of the Republican world on Tuesday night.

“Orioles vs. Blue Jays: For most of the 95 minutes or so that the debate lasted, it was borderline unwatchable. There was so much cross talk and so little actual question-answering that it felt like watching two kids throw mashed potatoes at each other. (Actually, watching two kids throw mashed potatoes at each other would have been a heck of a lot more entertaining.) If you could (and I couldn’t), searching for something else to watch seemed like a pretty good option.  . .”

Byron York, Washington Examiner: “Pence gives GOP a boost, but Dems pleased with Kaine attacks on Trump”

FARMVILLE, Va. — Even allowing for spin, Republican and Democratic insiders gathered here at Longwood University drew vastly different takeaways from the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

Republicans said: Can you believe what a jerk Kaine was? He wouldn’t let Pence say three words before interrupting him. Surely the audience hated that.

Democrats said: Who cares whether anyone likes Tim Kaine? His job was to plant Donald Trump’s greatest hits in the public brain: Miss Universe. Tax returns. Mexican rapists. PTSD. And that’s what he did.

A few hundred miles away in Ohio, members of a focus group convened by the GOP strategist Frank Luntz did not like what they saw of Kaine. “Mike Pence is winning because Tim Kaine cannot debate like an adult without interruptions,” Luntz tweeted early in the debate. By the end, the 26-member group voted 22-to-4 that Pence won. . .”


Pence vs. Kaine: I told you so . .

“Mr. Trump has been scorned for his timidity in his first face-to-face debate with Hillary. His behavior sprouted an overnight crop of experts and critics: why wasn’t he meaner?

Mr. Trump has a better “sense of the future” than his critics. That is, some of us have the ability to sit under a tree and consider alternative paths to a goal. Delayed rewards and punishments alter plans. Children with ADHD (attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder) and columnists do not although (perhaps) for different reasons. The columnists need something for tomorrow’s essay and some of them are sufficiently “brilliant” to maneuver for a job with Mr. Trump.

We know that Mr. Trump is a tactician: he’s avoided paying taxes for a dozen years. (A “tax-tician”?)

Hillary may conclude that her worries are smaller until he, in the second debate, goes into full attack about her foundation, her husband’s dalliances, her server, her and Obama’s use of hacked channels for confidential information, her lies to the FBI, her tale about sniper attacks in Bosnia, the disaster she, Powers, and Rice created in Libya, her failure to answer 600 3 AM calls about Benghazi and her lies that blamed a movie for the violence, and her relationships with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood and her pledge to admit a tide of Muslim immigrants. (Will she eventually use her medical conditions to yield to Biden and assure a nest for Chelsea?)

Expect Pence to be brutal – he has only one appearance to assure us of his ability to expand Trump’s strategies in the White House.

And expect a more assertive Donald at the next debate!

Also a replay that our debaters missed: “Russia” per Andrew Poulin on John Batchelor:


“Russia is making these investments to not just operate in the Arctic, but to dominate it.”

James Brody: Abortion

I’m agnostic and an evolutionist. I’m also a “right to lifer.” Women are courted but also court, using intercourse as a way to get a deal that might get away. Abortion allows a woman to “give him a screw” in order to keep him with her shrieks and moans. Killing his baby gives her an escape in case she judged him badly. I expect this option to be most enticing if a woman is impulsive. Remember, Planned Parenthood was founded as a means to limit Black populations.

James Brody: Her Record

Kaine and others referred to Hillary’s legislative accomplishments. She has none except for the naming of a post office in NYC . . .

James Brody: Twitter

Twitter allows Trump – or anyone else – to reach a larger audience than that in the auditorium or watching on television! 


Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Please Tell Me These FBI/DOJ ‘Side Deals’ with Clinton E-Mail Suspects Didn’t Happen”

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse . . .  According to House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.), the immunity agreements struck by the Justice Department with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, two top subjects of the FBI’s Clinton e-mail investigation, included “side agreements.” Pursuant to these side agreements, it was stipulated that (a) the FBI would not scrutinize any documents dated after January 31, 2015 (i.e., about five weeks before the most disturbing actions suggestive of obstruction of justice occurred); and (b) the FBI — in an investigation critically involving destruction of documents — would destroy the computers after conducting its search.
“These revelations are outlined in a letter Chairman Goodlatte penned yesterday to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Goodlatte says his committee learned of the side deals upon reviewing the immunity agreements, which have not been made public. That review naturally prompted a demand by the committee to see the side deals, which — for reasons unexplained — the Justice Department elected not to provide when it gave the committee access to the immunity agreements. The side deals have also not been made public. . .”

Devin Henry, TheHill: “UN makes power play against Trump”

“International governments have made a power play against Donald Trump by ratifying an international climate deal earlier than expected, effectively preventing him from “canceling” the deal as he has promised to do.

“The European Union’s Tuesday decision to join the Paris climate deal will push the deal over the threshold for ratification; it will formally take effect in 30 days.

That means Trump, should he be elected president in November, could not “cancel” or renegotiate the terms of the agreement.

“President Obama committed the United States to reduce its emissions by 26 percent to 28 percent by 2025 as part of the deal. The agreement is nonbinding, so Trump would be free to ignore it if he wins the White House.

“Some say Trump’s rhetoric about the deal helped speed up ratification. . .”


Brendan Kirby, Lifezette: “Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly Are ‘Tip of the Iceberg’”

“Law firm uncovers illegal immigrants, convicted felons on rolls — and some have voted in crucial swing state

“At least 86 non-citizens have been registered voters in Philadelphia since 2013, and almost half — 40 — even voted in at least one recent election, according to a legal group that sued to get voter registration records.

Joseph Vanderhulst, an attorney with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, noted Philadelphia knows about those 86 illegal voters only because officials received specific requests — in almost every case from the voters themselves — to remove the names from the rolls. He said there is no way to know how many non-citizens might be registered to vote in Philadelphia, let alone in the rest of politically crucial Pennsylvania.

““This is just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. “Who knows how many are on and don’t ask to be taken off.”

Research by the law firm also indicated that Philadelphia makes no effort to proactively remove non-citizens or incarcerated felons, who also are ineligible to vote under Pennsylvania law. . .”


Mark Levin, 10/4/16

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Wouldn’t it be nice if President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry told the truth? They must attack the founding of this nation and reject the Declaration of Independence and individual rights. They attack it and the Constitution because the Constitution doesn’t give them the power to do what they are doing. The Constitution is the political manifestation of the Declaration of Independence. There was no mention of the word “slavery” in the Constitution or the Declaration as Kerry says. Slavery was not enshrined in America’s Founding documents. If we are going to talk about slavery, like John Kerry wants to overseas, then why not talk about modern day slavery where Muslims in Africa enslave Christians and what ISIS is doing in the Middle East?

“Later, apparently there was racism in Kenya according to President Obama in 1990. He was stereotyping even back then and acted like he knew it all too. Kenya was just another place that Obama wanted to transform.

“Finally, Joe Bastardi, weatherman, calls in to talk about Hurricane Matthew which is moving toward Florida from the Bahamas. The hurricane is going to hit close to land or make landfall. If Hurricane Matthew makes landfall the winds could get up to 130 miles per hour and the result will be devastating.”


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