Dead Cats: #2 Coming!, 10/06/16,(23)09: James Brody


TRUMP/Clinton: CROWLEY – DJT’s secret weapon, GERTZ – $ to Chelsea’s pal; FRENCH – Iraq squandered.

NATIONAL: OGLES & HILGEMANN – Ocare melts; WSJ – Mill’s privileged; SCHLICHTER – Libs vs dissenters; HANSON – American therapy; BEDARD – Internet rules.

PA: BRODY – Costello.

END NOTES: USMC contrats; LEVIN 10/5/16


Janet: Malvern Office for Trump –

Location for the Malvern Office for Trump. Phones should be in soon and then phone banks will begin. Right now you can get signs, handouts, and volunteer for door to door campaigning.
The address is: 270 Lancaster Ave, Suite H, Malvern PA 19355


Monica Crowley, Washington Times:” Donald Trump’s secret weapon for Debate No. 2

Mike Pence was tougher because it was his only debate. Trump is a good planner and his sense of the future led him to wait . . .

“Now that he has shown restraint, Americans expect him to open fire

“One of the biggest ironies of the first presidential debate is that Donald Trump’s reluctance to aggressively attackHillary Clinton has now given him the license to fully do so.

“Going into the debate — his debut on the world’s biggest stage — everyone, including his closest aides, was telling him that he must achieve plausibility: That is, he needed to reassure voters by looking reasonable, confident and self-possessed. If he were able to demonstrate an even temperament and basic command of the issues, voters could picture him behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office — and Mrs. Clinton’s negative ads about his unfitness would melt away.

“Mr. Trump took his marching orders seriously and pulled his punches, at one point even acknowledging his self-restraint: “I was going to say something really rough about Hillary and her family, but I told myself it was not nice. But she spent tons of money on horrible ads about me, and I’ve spent virtually nothing.”

“Many are now demanding that he truly go on the attack. Since it’s in the political bloodstream that he did not hit her proactively the last time, he now has a free hand to up the ante without being stigmatized as an unsuitable hothead. . .”

Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon: “Clinton Sought Pentagon, State Department Contracts for Chelsea’s Friend”

“Pentagon think tank paid millions for reports on ‘warlike Americans,’ future Japan nuclear forces

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to arrange Pentagon and State Department consulting contracts for her daughter’s friend, prompting concerns of federal ethics rules violations.

“Clinton in 2009 arranged meetings between Jacqueline Newmyer Deal, a friend of Chelsea Clinton and head of the defense consulting group Long Term Strategy Group, with Pentagon officials that involved contracting discussions, according to emails from Clinton’s private server made public recently by the State Department. Clinton also tried to help Deal win a contract for consulting work with the State Department’s director of policy planning, according to the emails.

“Deal is a close friend of Chelsea Clinton, who is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation. Emails between the two were included among the thousands recovered from a private email server used by the secretary of state between 2009 and 2013. Chelsea Clinton has described Deal as her best friend. Both Clintons attended Deal’s 2011 wedding.

Government cronyism, or the use of senior positions to help family friends, is not illegal. However, the practice appears to violate federal ethics rules that prohibit partiality, or creating the appearance of conflicts of interest.

“Specifically, the Code of Federal Ethics states that government employees “shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private organization or individual.’ . . .”

David French, NRO: “Tim Kaine Is Wrong: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Squandered Victory in Iraq”

“American soldiers won the Iraq War — politicians lost the fragile peace. In Tuesday night’s debate, Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine defended the indefensible — a strategic retreat from Iraq that threw away the fruits of American military victory, helped enable a terrifying genocide, and empowered America’s enemies. Even worse, he did so while spouting a pack of deceptions and half-truths that exhibited a child’s understanding of American strategic interests. Where to begin? “First, it was stunning that Kaine brought up as an accomplishment America’s dramatically reduced overseas deployments — as if the only measure of strategic success is the number of Americans in harm’s way. He said it was a “very, very good thing” that instead of 175,000 deployed, we now have only 15,000. . .”


Andrew Ogles & Luke Hilgemann, WSJ: “ObamaCare’s Meltdown Has Arrived”

“With insurers pulling back, half of Tennesseans covered under the plan are losing their coverage.

“Tennessee is ground zero for ObamaCare’s nationwide implosion. Late last month the state insurance commissioner, Julie Mix McPeak, approved premium increases of up to 62% in a bid to save the exchange set up under the Affordable Care Act. ‘I would characterize the exchange market in Tennessee as very near collapse,’ she said.

“Then last week BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee announced it would leave three of the state’s largest exchange markets—Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville. “We have experienced losses approaching $500 million over the course of three years on ACA plans,” the company said, “which is unsustainable.” As a result, more than 100,000 Tennesseans will be forced to seek out new coverage for 2017.

“BlueCross is only the latest insurer to head for the exits. Community Health Alliance, the insurance co-op established under ObamaCare, is winding down due to financial failure, leaving 30,000 people without coverage. UnitedHealthcare said in April it is departing Tennessee’s exchange after significant losses. That’s another 41,000 people needing new plans. . .”

WSJ: “Cheryl Mills’s Legal Privileges”

“The evidence of a politicized Clinton probe keeps building.

“The more we learn about the Justice Department’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email, the worse it looks. The latest revelation is that, along with granting immunity to two Clinton aides, Justice agreed to secret side deals that provided highly unusual protections from potential prosecution.

The side agreements came to light this week in a letter from House Judiciary ChairmanBob Goodlatte to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Mr. Goodlatte says he learned about the side deals by examining the immunity agreements, which haven’t been released to the public.

We already knew that Justice offered immunity to at least five central figures in the private email probe, including Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, the aides in charge of deciding which of the former Secretary of State’s emails on her private server would be turned over to the State Department. FBI Director James Comey struggled to explain to Congress last week why immunity was necessary to obtain the laptops the two had used for sorting the emails.

Now we learn that Ms. Mills and Ms. Samuelson also obtained guarantees that investigators would not search these laptops after Jan. 31, 2015. More amazing, Justice agreed to destroy both laptops after examining them. . .”

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall: “Liberal Attempts To Silent Dissenters Will Not End Well”

“So, that man in “Freedom of Speech,” the famous Norman Rockwell painting of an America exercising one of the liberals’ least favorite rights, stands up in 2016 to say his peace (sic!) and … it will not end well. You see, to liberals, what our guy has to say isn’t important – what’s important to liberals is to shut him up. It’s to punch down upon him with cheap mockery so he’s beaten into submission. It’s to use shame to silence him and every other irredeemable deplorable in order to consolidate their progressive death grip upon America’s throat.

“This will not end well.

“See, a republic with democratic features like the United States can’t function without the possibility of discussion. It needs citizens to have the ability to rationally debate the issues, to be heard so that they can perceive the process as fair and one where they are equal participants. But that’s exactly what liberals, with tactics like political correctness, Jon Stewarty snark, and the outright lies of their vinyl-body-suited mainstream media chorus, seek to prevent. Discussion can only exist where customs and norms demand that all voices be heard, that the points of the opposition are at least characterized as something resembling what they are, and that no one is excluded from participation by the fact that they possess views of which the majority – or a powerful minority – disapproves. But instead of that, today we have a liberal elite that gleefully bludgeons people with opposing views into silence, and then pats itself on its collective back for its enlightenment.

“This will not end well.

“Take our guy in the painting. He stands and says, ‘Well, I don’t know about this idea of letting men into ladies rooms with little girls.’ . . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, Townhall: “From Greek tragedy to American therapy”

“The Greeks gave us tragedy — the idea that life is never fair. Terrible stuff for no reason tragically falls on good people. Life’s choices are sometimes only between the bad and the far worse.

In the plays of the ancient dramatists Aeschylus and Sophocles, heroism and nobility only arise out of tragedies.

The tragic hero refuses to blame the gods for his terrible fate. Instead, a Prometheus, Ajax or Oedipus prefers to fight against the odds. He thereby establishes a code of honor, even as defeat looms.

In contrast, modern Americans gave the world therapy.

Life must always be fair. If not, something or someone must be blamed. All good people deserve only a good life — or else.

A nation of victims soon becomes collectively paralyzed in fear of offending someone. Pay down the $20 trillion debt? Reform the unsustainable Social Security system? Ask the 47 percent of the population that pays no income tax to at least pay some?

Nope. Victims would allege that such belt-tightening is unfair and impossible — and hurtful to boot. So we do nothing as the rendezvous with financial collapse gets ever closer. . .”

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner: “FEC war: Dems reject call to protect Internet news, talk radio from regs”

“In the latest partisan escalation on the Federal Election Commission, a top Democratic commissioner has ripped a Republican commissioner’s bid to protect books, radio and Internet media from regulation as “pitiful.”

“Ann Ravel, a former FEC chairwoman, joined other Democrats at a meeting this month to block Republican Lee Goodman’s proposal to explicitly expand the “press exemption” from regulations to books, satellite radio and Internet-based news media.

“In pushing his plan aside, Ravel said that she didn’t have enough time to consider Goodman’s proposal. . .”


James Brody: Ryan Costello

Paul Ryan is to tour Chester County with Mr. Costello. If Ryan needs Ryan, the rest of us don’t need either of them.


USMC Congratulations!

One of the newest Marines, Bret Hendricks of Royersford, PA. I met his grandmother in McD’s this morning. She glowed…

Mark Levin 10/5/16

“On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Hurricane Matthew is a monster hurricane at category 3 and is expected to increase to category 4 by the time it hits East Florida. The worst of it is expected to hit just north of West Palm Beach and the winds are expected to gust in between 120 to 130 miles per hour. Weatherman Joe Bastardi calls in to give the latest on the hurricane and says this looks to be one of the worst hurricane since 1851.

“After that, Tim Kaine was an obnoxious liberal at Tuesday night’s VP debate. He deceived the people of Virginia that he is a moderate in politics and temperament. Also, the moderator‘s behavior was absolutely disgraceful. Mike Pence was debating Kaine and had to debate and fend off the moderator. She was wholly unqualified to moderate the debate. We need to get the media out of these debates. Let the campaigns negotiate how they want to conduct themselves.

“As for Pence, finally, there is a man who is decent, articulate and talking about conservative principles. He was well prepared, and was not sucked into the gutter. Pence advanced a conservative agenda across the board including the issues of national security, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, border security, Hillary Clinton’s emails, and others. In addition, Tim Kaine said that a woman’s right to choose is a personal decision? If it’s a personal decision, then why should we pay taxes to fund abortions?

“Later, Governor Mike Pence calls in to talk about his debate performance on Tuesday.”


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