Dead Cats: Leaks+, 10/12/16, (23)14: James Brody


TRUMP/Clinton: RUSHBO – Hold on!; Assange Links on Drudge; MUNRO – Spend more on immigrants per Hillary.

NATIONAL: BROWN & ZITO – Trump/Ryan; MALKIN – Her health care died; KOTKIN – New war between states; BRODY – The Crucible; JAMIESON & THORPE – Clinton rape hecklers; ANDERSON – GOP defectors.

END NOTES: JOANNE – Sleeping Clintons; BRODY – The crucible; LEVIN – 10/11/16.


Janet: Malvern Office for Trump –

Location for the Malvern Office for Trump. Phones should be in and phone banks will begin. Right now you can get signs, handouts, and volunteer for door to door campaigning.
The address is: 270 Lancaster Ave, Suite H, Malvern PA 19355


“So many people are proudly, proudly standing up for the Republican Party to lose, and everybody has a pretty good idea who these Republicans are.  You know, Mike Huckabee was on The Kelly File last night, and he was asked about this reluctance that the party and the party leadership is showing in getting behind Trump’s campaign, all because of this audio.  They’ll claim it’s more than that, but this thing Friday that came out gave everybody the excuse to jump ship, everybody the excuse to abandon Trump and to start ripping into Trump and so forth.  The hypocrisy here is just off the charts.” Rushbo


Rushbo: “You’d Better Steel Your Spines, Folks — Because I’ve Never Seen It Like This”

“. . . We’re talking about the Democrat Party and the media, which is one and the same.  There are no checks and balances, there are no guardrails, there’s nothing to stop them, to keep them on the highway, to keep them on the road.  They can go wherever they want to go, and they are doing so.

“They can be as hypocritical as they want.  They can be as outrageous as they want.  They can lie, they can distort, all the while accusing Trump of doing all this.  But the thing that I noticed amongst all of this and what confirms for me that all of this is manufactured and artificial — and by that I mean the outrage over Trump’s tape.  That’s manufactured and artificial.  Do not believe for a moment that these people on the left who are responsible for our out of control culture and out of control society are offended by what Trump said on that video.

“They’re not offended by it; they’re ecstatic.  They think it gives them an opportunity to ignore Hillary, and that’s exactly what’s happening.  What Hillary wants to do, Hillary Clinton has done, Hillary Clinton policy, Hillary Clinton failure, Hillary Clinton lack of real qualifications as documented for 30 years is not even near being discussed.  It’s certainly not on the front page, the lead item anywhere near any broadcast network or newspaper or website. Hillary Clinton is totally off the news cycle except to the extent that she is benefiting, how she is keeping her cool, how she is enjoying, but nothing about what her policies are.

“They’re doing their best to cover up all of the really fascinating stuff that this WikiLeaks dump has produced.  One of the most glaring — I had to double-check this.  I wanted to make sure that we could actually find this on the WikiLeaks site, and we have found it on the WikiLeaks site.  Mrs. Clinton — it was John Podesta, actually — in an email admitting that Hillary Clinton has begun to hate everyday Americans.  This is an email that Podesta sent on April 19th of 2015.

“It was a discussion on the talking points that Hillary should use in framing her candidacy in order to get a good head start, you know, why she was running, what was it all about.  And Podesta, in this email, says, ‘I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion.’

“So they came up with that phrase ‘I am your champion. I will be your champion.  You are with me; I am with you.’  And Podesta says we need to do this because Hillary has begun to hate everyday Americans. He says, ‘I think if she doesn’t say it once, people will notice and say we false started in Iowa.’

“Now, I fully expect they’re gonna have some kind of spin for this, to say that, ‘No, no, no.  Hillary didn’t think that.  Podesta was worried people would think that or what have you.’  They’ll try to spin their way out of this if they think they have to.  I actually think they’re beginning to feel invincible.  I think they think they’ve got this won, it’s in the tank. They are gloating already. They are partying around the corpse that they believe is the Trump campaign. . .”

Assange Links on Drudge 10/12/16

Leaks Have Exposed Journalists In Clinton’s Corner…
WASH POST bureau chief protected Podesta…
UNIVISION chief urged Clinton to hit harder…
CNBC John Harwood Advises Campaign [And he was debate moderator?!]…
NYT Gave Hillary Veto Power On Quotes!
BOSTON GLOBE coordinated to max her ‘presence’ in paper…
BRAZILE BUSTED: DNC Chief Shared CNN Town Hall Questions…
TRUMP: Hillary Wants World Government; Unlimited immigration; Rule by corporations…

Sean Sullivan, Robert Costa, & Dan Balz, WaPo: “Trump declares war on GOP, says ‘the shackles have been taken off’”

“Donald Trump declared war on the Republican establishment Tuesday, lashing out at House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and other GOP elected officials as his supporters geared up to join the fight amid extraordinary turmoil within the party just four weeks before Election Day.

One day after Ryan announced he would no longer campaign on Trump’s behalf, the GOP nominee said as part of a barrage of tweets that the top-ranking Republican is “weak and ineffective” and is providing “zero support” for his candidacy. Trump also declared that “the shackles have been taken off” him, liberating him to “fight for America the way I want to.”

Trump called McCain “foul-mouthed” and accused him with no evidence of once begging for his support. McCain, the party’s 2008 presidential nominee,pulled his endorsement following a Friday Washington Post report about a 2005 video in which Trump is heard making vulgar comments about forcing himself on women sexually.

“I wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people, that I can tell you . . . especially Ryan,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News Channel. He said if he is elected president, Ryan might be ‘in a different position.’ . . .”

Neil Munro, BigGovt: “Wikileaks: Eight Times Hillary Clinton Asked Businesses to Lobby Washington for More Spending, More Immigrants”

“The hacked document includes the most politically awkward statements in Clinton’s many paid speeches to business groups, including Goldman Sachs.

“In those speeches, Clinton urged business groups to back Republicans facing opposition from the Tea Party, to defund Republicans who wanted to trim spending on the 2012 storm aid for New Jersey, and to support Republicans and Democratic legislators who drafted the 2013 immigration expansion bill. She urged the business groups to lobby legislators for more H-1B outsourcing visas, to support Republicans who endorsed the 2013 decision to raise the federal government’s credit-limit,  and to oppose Sen. Ted Cruz for his 2012 effort to defund the Obamacare health network. . .”


Lara Brown & Salena  Zito, John Batchelor: Trump/Ryan

Hour Four
Tuesday  11 October 2016   / Hour 4, Blocks A-B:  Lara M. Brown, Salena Zito 
“Donald Trump declared war on the Republican establishment Tuesday, lashing out at House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and other GOP elected officials as his supporters geared up to join the fight amid extraordinary turmoil within the party just four weeks before Election Day.

“One day after Ryan announced he would no longer campaign on Trump’s behalf, the GOP nominee said as part of a barrage of tweets that the top-ranking Republican is ‘weak and ineffective’ and is providing ‘zero support’ for his candidacy. Trump also declared that ‘the shackles have been taken off’ him, liberating him to ‘fight for America the way I want to.’

Trump called McCain ‘foul-mouthed’ and accused him with no evidence of once begging for his support. The 2008 nominee pulled his endorsement following a Friday Washington Post report about a 2005 video in which Trump is heard making vulgar comments about forcing himself on women sexually.

“In perhaps the most piercing insult, Trump said his party is harder to deal with than even Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, whom conservatives loathe. Yet he also released a new TV ad featuring footage of Clinton coughing and stumbling during a recent bout with pneumonia — signaling that few issues are out of bounds for his scorched-earth campaign . . .”


Michelle Malkin, NRO: “Obama Lied. My Third Health Plan Just Died.”

“Over the past three years, my family’s private, individual health insurance plan — a high-deductible Preferred Provider Organization — has been canceled three times. Our first death notice, from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, arrived in the fall of 2013. Our second, from Rocky Mountain Health Plans, came last August. Three weeks ago, we received another ominous “notice of plan discontinuation” from Anthem informing us that the insurer “will no longer offer your current health plan in the State of Colorado.”

Every time we receive a cancellation letter, I recall President Obama’s big lie: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

Then I imagine Vincent Price’s evil “Thriller” laugh reverberating at the end of that cruel punchline: Mwahahahahahaha!

Joel Kotkin, RCP: “The New War Between the States”

“In this disgusting election, dominated by the personal and the petty, the importance of the nation’s economic geography has been widely ignored. Yet if you look at the Electoral College map, the correlation between politics and economics is quite stark, with one economy tilting decisively toward Trump and more generally to Republicans, the other toward Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies.

“This reflects an increasingly stark conflict between two very different American economies. One, the ‘Ephemeral Zone’ concentrated on the coasts, runs largely on digits and images, the movement of software, media and financial transactions. It produces increasingly little in the way of food, fiber, energy and fewer and fewer manufactured goods. The Ephemeral sectors dominate ultra-blue states such as New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Connecticut.

“The other America constitutes, as economic historian Michael Lind notes in a forthcoming paper for the Center for Opportunity Urbanism, the ‘New Heartland.’ Extending from the Appalachians to the Rockies, this heartland economy relies on tangible goods production. It now encompasses both the traditional Midwest manufacturing regions, and the new industrial areas of Texas, the Southeast and the Intermountain West.

“Contrary to the notions of the Ephemerals, the New Heartland is not populated by Neanderthals. This region employs much of the nation’s engineering talent, but does so in conjunction with the creation of real goods rather than clicks. Its industries have achieved  generally more rapid productivity gains than their rivals in the services sector. To some extent,  energy  and food producers may have outdone themselves and, since they operate in a globally competitive market, their prices and profits are suffering.

“Despite deep misgivings about the character of Donald Trump, these economic interests have led most Heartland voters  somewhat toward the New York poseur, and they are aligning themselves even more to down-ticket GOP candidates. . .”

James Brody, the Ad Council vs. John Lott

Voices tell us during station breaks what will be good for us. One especially annoying one tells us to relax our children by locking up our guns. We also protect thieves and the insane from our weapon.

Data lead to a different conclusion: the vast majority of crowd kills happen in “gun free zones” whether in a mall or a Chicago. We are still a “killer ape” who will sometimes go through a mall like guys with shotguns in the reeds on a pond. What would it be like to have the ducks carry Glocks?

ALASTAIR JAMIESON and FRANK THORP V, NBC: “Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ Hecklers Interrupt Obama, Hillary after Infowars Offer”

“Multiple hecklers shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist” interrupted President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at separate rallies after a pro-Donald Trump radio host offered a cash reward to anyone carrying out such a stunt.

Three separate protesters disrupted Hillary Clinton’s election campaign rally with Al Gore in Miami, while three others — including two wearing “Bill Clinton rapist” T-shirts — cut into Obama as he addressed a crowd in North Carolina.

The Clinton campaign linked the incidents to Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and right-wing radio host who founded the Infowars website.

 Jeffrey Anderson, Polizette:  “Most GOP Senators Defecting from Trump Backed Amnesty Push”

“Pro-‘Gang of Eight’ Republicans disproportionately bailing on their party’s nominee

“. . . Kelly Ayotte (R., N.H.) says she “cannot support” and “will not vote for” Trump. Susan Collins (R., Maine) says she “could not support” Trump. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.) says Trump “needs to withdraw from the race.” Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) says Trump “should drop out.” John McCain (R., Ariz.) says he “will not vote for” Trump (but will instead “write in the name of some good” Republican, who in McCain’s imagination is running for president). And Lisa Murkowski (R., Alaska) says she “cannot and will not support” Trump, who has “has forfeited the right to be our party’s nominee.” All six voted for the Gang of Eight bill…”


Joanne: Sleeping

“Archived from the memorial service for Ronald Reagan at the National Cathedral: One would have noticed that Bill and Hillary were both dozing off.

It is said that President Ronald Reagan, who never missed a chance for a good one-liner, raised his head out of his casket and said “I see the Clintons are finally sleeping together.

James Brody: The Crucible

There’s a small ceramic vase at the foot of my bed. It’s a “crucible” that I took from a Colorado gold mine: put ore in the thing, heat it, and the gold bubbles out.

Donald Trump is a crucible and the American people are in it. The ore contains Glenn Beck and Paul Ryan. It also contains “millennials” who have a very limited sense of their past or future but vote for Hillary because we “haven’t had one of those before.” The Russians are taking over the Arctic and China sells us most of our new stuff. And Hillary thinks it’s her turn to be President because she has a vagina and stayed with Bill years ago. (She kept a rapist out of jail years ago when she destroyed evidence of his guilt and laughed about her success because she made the Arkansas legal system look stupid.)

We’re all in the cup together and Donald is the heat . . .

Mark Levin, 10/11/16

“On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor of Conservative Review fills in for Mark. Democrats wouldn’t be able to get away with what they have without the mainstream media. The mainstream media has become the most dangerous part of government especially when they support the myth that there was a surplus during Bill Clinton’s years and that people were dying in the streets during Ronald Reagan’s term. The myth that Bill had a surplus is false and is easily refutable. During Clinton’s years the national debt consistently rose. The government then took money from Social Security and used it to pay down the debt. In addition, how many times are liberals going to talk about “fair share”? Liberals never tell you what that fair share is. Also, Hillary Clinton asked Donald Trump if he was going to give control of health care back to the insurance companies. Ironically, President Obama and other liberals are now lobbying Congress to give tax payer money to these same health insurance companies. Trump and his campaign need to hammer back against these myths with some hard facts.


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