Dead Cats: CauldronBubbles, 10/13/16, (23)15: James Brody


HAHN – 70,000 women assaulted by aliens; HANSON – Medieval America.

TRUMP/Clinton: BOYLE – Ryan heeled; RUSHBO – WikiLeaks a tip; DRUDGE LINKS 10/13/16; NEWSMAX – Rasmussen; METAXIS – Christian votes for Trump; DC TIMES – Hypocrisy & Hillary; HANNITY – Action/Words; POLLAK –Run against DC; DURDEN – Trump or Nukes per Russia.

END NOTES: LEVIN – 10/12/16; CROWLEY – Clinton/Trump..


Janet: Malvern Office for Trump –

Location for the Malvern Office for Trump. Phones should be in and phone banks will begin. Right now you can get signs, handouts, and volunteer for door to door campaigning.
The address is: 270 Lancaster Ave, Suite H, Malvern PA 19355

Julia Hahn, Breitbart: “Criminal Aliens Sexually Assault 70,000 American Women — But Paul Ryan Targets Trump”

“In July of 2015, an illegal alien allegedly broke into the home a 64-year-old Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis while she was asleep in her bedroom.

Using a claw hammer, the illegal alien and his accomplice began savagely beating the elderly woman, according to police. Authorities say they shattered her eye sockets, strangled her, broke her neck bone, raped her, and left her for dead.

“Pharis, described by her family as a “gentle” woman, desperately tried to fight back as she was pinned down in her own bed under the heavy weight of her assailant as he was crushing the bones in her face with his hammer, according to police.

“Pharis died a few days later in the hospital.

“The illegal alien accused of assaulting Pharis had been arrested six times in just the 15 months leading up to her rape and murder, but he was never removed from the country.

“There is no public record that House Speaker Paul Ryan has ever spoken out about Pharis’ sexual assault.

“Instead, five months after Pharis’ sexual assault, Speaker Ryan voted to grant federal funding to continue the sanctuary policies which local authorities say were responsible for Pharis’ death. . .”

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: “Medieval America”

“Pessimists often compare today’s troubled America to a tottering late Rome or an insolvent and descending British Empire. But medieval Europe (roughly A.D. 500 to 1450) is the more apt comparison.

“The medieval world was a nearly 1,000-year period of spectacular, if haphazard, human achievement — along with endemic insecurity, superstition, and two, rather than three, classes.
“The great medieval universities — at Bologna, Paris, and Oxford — continued to make strides in science. They were not unlike the medical and engineering schools at Harvard and Stanford. But they were not centers of free thinking.

“Instead, medieval speech codes were designed to ensure that no one questioned the authority of church doctrine. Culturally or politically incorrect literature of the classical past, from Aristophanes to Petronius, was censored as either subversive or hurtful.
“Career-wise, it was suicidal for, say, a medieval professor of science at the University of Padua to doubt the orthodoxy that the sun revolved around the earth.
“Similarly, at Berkeley or Princeton, few now dare to commit the heresy of expressing uncertainty about whether man-caused global warming poses an immediate, existential threat to human civilization.
“Today, a fifth of American households have zero or negative net worth. The shrinking middle classes struggle to service trillions of dollars in consumer and student debt to big banks — in the manner of medieval peasants.
“In the medieval world, impoverished serfs pledged loyalty to barons in exchange for their food and housing on the manor. In the modern world, progressive government is the bastion that distributes entitlements on the expectation that the masses show their political fealty at election time.
“In medieval Europe, widespread literacy disappeared. Superstition reigned in place of reason.
“Despite spending some $11,000 per student each year, are we all that much different? In many polls, more than a quarter of Americans believe in astrology. A quarter think aliens have visited Earth. More than 40 percent can’t name their own vice president. Nearly three-quarters of Americans have no idea what the Cold War was about. The ruling cliques of the medieval court were full of insider knaves and scoundrels, plots and intrigue. Compare the current scandals, lies, and hypocrisies of our Beltway cloister in Washington. . .”    


Matthew Boyle, Breitbart: “Paul Ryan Comes to Heel behind Donald Trump Again, Begins Pushing Trump Campaign Narrative on Hillary Clinton’s Catholic Smears”

“NEW YORK CITY, New York — Several days after House Speaker Paul Ryan failed in his latest attempt to undermine the Republican nominee for president Donald J. Trump’s chances of defeating Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Speaker has fallen back in line with the Trump campaign and has begun delivering the campaign’s core message for the day. . .”

Rushbo: “WikiLeaks Emails Are Tip of the Iceberg”

“. . . We had the IRS targeting Tea Party groups and denying them tax-exempt status and looking for other activity they can maybe label or charge as criminality.  I mean, it is unprecedented.  The Boston Globe editorial department admitting that they helped Hillary increase her presence in New England during a campaign stop.  “An official within Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign appeared to have discussions with sources inside the Department of Justice (DOJ) about ongoing open records lawsuits regarding [her] emails, according to an email released on Tuesday.

“In an email from May 2015, Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said that ‘DOJ folks’ had ‘inform[ed]’ him about an upcoming status conference in one of the lawsuits regarding Clinton’s private email setup. … [T]he fact that Fallon — a former spokesman with the Justice Department — remained in contact with anyone from the department is likely to renew allegations that the Obama administration maintained an especially cozy relationship with Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“On Tuesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said the connection was ‘unbelievable.’ The email ‘shows a level of collusion which calls into question the entire investigation into her private server,’ Trump spokesman Jason Miller said in a statement on Tuesday,” and he’s right. It does.  The DOJ was guiding Hillary through this.  You know, Hillary’s deleting 33,000 emails.  There’s no criminal activity looking into it.

“There’s nothing but protection.  The FBI, the Department of Justice coordinating with the entire Hillary campaign to effectively shield them and to give them a heads-up as to where the investigation was going.  In another WikiLeaks dump, “The Department of State provided a detailed readout of official email traffic it was about to release in response to Freedom of Information Act requests to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

“So when the State Department was gonna reveal a bunch of emails that journalists and others had demanded, the Clinton campaign got a heads up before the release so that they could prepare a response to it! . . .”

Drudge Links 10/13/16

Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails…
BROADDRICK: Hillary Tried To Silence Me On Bill’s Rape…
HUMA: ‘Can we survive not answering questions’ from press?’…
Trump repeats call to jail Clinton…
UPDATE: Women accuse Donald of groping, forcibly kissing them…
ADMITS: WASH POST backs ‘excellent’ Hillary for president…

Newsmax: “Rasmussen Poll: Trump Cuts Clinton’s National Lead to 4 Points”
“Donald Trump has cut Hillary Clinton’s post-debate lead to 4 points, down from a high of 7 earlier this week, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national poll released Wednesday. .  .”

Eric Metaxis, WSJ: “Should Christians Vote for Trump?”

“Trump’s behavior is odious, but Clinton has a deplorable basketful of deal breakers.

“What if not pulling the lever for Mr. Trump effectively means electing someone who has actively enabled sexual predation in her husband before—and while—he was president? Won’t God hold me responsible for that? What if she defended a man who raped a 12-year-old and in recalling the case laughed about getting away with it? Will I be excused from letting this person become president? What if she used her position as secretary of state to funnel hundreds of millions into her own foundation, much of it from nations that treat women and gay people worse than dogs? Since these things are true, can I escape responsibility for them by simply not voting?

“Many say they won’t vote because choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. But this is sophistry. Neither candidate is pure evil. They are human beings. We cannot escape the uncomfortable obligation to soberly choose between them. Not voting—or voting for a third candidate who cannot win—is a rationalization designed more than anything to assuage our consciences. Yet people in America and abroad depend on voters to make this very difficult choice.

“Children in the Middle East are forced to watch their fathers drowned in cages by ISIS. Kids in inner-city America are condemned to lives of poverty, hopelessness and increasing violence. Shall we sit on our hands and simply trust “the least of these” to God, as though that were our only option? Don’t we have an obligation to them?

“Two heroes about whom I’ve written faced similar difficulties. William Wilberforce, who ended the slave trade in the British Empire, often worked with other parliamentarians he knew to be vile and immoral in their personal lives.

“Why did he? First, because as a sincere Christian he knew he must extend grace and forgiveness to others, since he desperately needed them himself. Second, because he knew the main issue was not his moral purity, nor the moral impurity of his colleagues, but rather the injustices and horrors suffered by the African slaves whose cause he championed. He knew that before God his first obligation was to them, and he must do what he could to help them.

“The anti-Nazi martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer also did things most Christians of his day were disgusted by. He most infamously joined a plot to kill the head of his government. He was horrified by it, but he did it nonetheless because he knew that to stay “morally pure” would allow the murder of millions to continue. Doing nothing or merely “praying” was not an option. He understood that God was merciful, and that even if his actions were wrong, God saw his heart and could forgive him. But he knew he must act.

“Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer knew it was an audience of One to whom they would ultimately answer. And He asks, “What did you do to the least of these?”

Washington Times: “Hypocrisy and Hillary”

“She tells different stories on the stump and to her donors

“If Hillary Clinton and hypocrisy are not exactly synonymous, they share the same web address. The WikiLeaks cache of emails containing excerpts of her paid speeches to private donors and organizations demonstrate that every time she opens her mouth, out comes cant. Some of it is simply the usual blah blah blah that blankets Washington like the fog on a rainy day. But she betrays a blatant disregard for “everyday Americans” and their often difficult lives. That should be a deal-breaker.

“In a speech to the Jewish United Fund Of Metropolitan Chicago, for example, Hillary acknowledged the difficulties in dealing with the turmoil in the Middle East, made worse by the civil war in Syria: “There might be common ground to deal with the threat posed by extremism, and particularly with Syria, which has everyone quite worried — Jordan because it’s on their border and they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees. So they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees.”

“Nothing to quibble with here. As secretary of State, Hillary understood better than most the vulnerabilities that nations face when terrorists hide among refugees to infiltrate targeted countries. Her words of warning to a small, private group were prophetic. Hungarian security officials have said that seven of the nine Islamic fighters responsible for the November attacks in Paris entered Hungary with phony Syrian passports, posing as refugees. From there, they traveled on to France, where they proceeded to kill 130 persons and cripple and wound hundreds more.

“On the stump, Hillary tells a far different version of the immigration crisis. . .”

Sean Hannity


Sean Hannity: America’s Choice: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“. . . as we all sat and watched the Sunday morning talking heads, one would think that Donald Trump is the only flawed candidate in this race.

“It is unconscionable how the liberal media is driving the narrative on this Trump tape from over a decade ago, while the atrocities and lies committed by Hillary Clinton go unmentioned.

“Here we are, 30 days out from the election, and the pundits and media have all declared this race is now over. Who are they to declare this race is over? This is not the media’s country. This is not the media’s choice. It’s not any political party’s choice, not the choice of the Clinton Machine, and it is not the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. This race will be over, and this election will be won, when the AMERICAN PEOPLE have made their voices heard on election day.

“The media has not even attempted to put this old Trump tape into context. The media has not, nor has it ever, applied the same standards to all of Hillary Clinton’s flaws, which dwarf those of Trump.

“Yes, Trump’s WORDS, 11 years ago, are offensive.

“But what are we going to do about the BEHAVIORS and the ACTIONS of Hillary and Bill Clinton; in the years before he ran for president, his eight years in the White House, and during the years SHE was a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State?

“Was Hillary as outraged over the scores of extramarital affairs Bill Clinton had before and during his time in the White House, and the lies they both told connected to THEIR BEHAVIORS concerning these affairs? Is she only NOW suddenly outraged over Trump’s words on an 11-year-old recording?

Joel Pollak, Breitbart: “Donald Trump Has No Alternative but to Run Against Washington — All of It”

“Speaker of the House Paul Ryan may have inadvertently done Donald Trump a favor on Monday, when he held a conference call with House Republicans to inform them he would not be campaigning for the party’s nominee.

“Ryan irritated pro-Trump Republicans while renewing a bad news cycle that Trump’s strong debate performance on Sunday might have otherwise ended, probably to the benefit of nervous down-ticket candidates.

“But Ryan also gave Trump something new: clarity.

“Trump is now free to run against Washington as a whole, which is likely what he meant by tweeting Tuesday morning that “the shackles have been taken off me.”

Trump won the primary by attacking both Democrats and Republicans — which is precisely how much of the electorate feels. As he moved closer to the nomination, he had to tone down some of his attacks.

“He is now free to renew them — and they may work, provided he retains the message discipline he has learned (somewhat) along the way.

“There are some exceptions. Trump remains on friendly terms with Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee (RNC). Trump obeys a simple principle in his relationships: he is friendly to those who are friendly to him, and nasty to those who are not, until they recant. (He seems willing to apply that rule to foreign policy as well, which is why he has not yet shown the requisite outrage towards Russia’s Vladimir Putin.) He will not attack the party as a whole. . .”


““Americans voting for a president on Nov. 8 must realize that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary it’s war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere. . .”

 “The name of what is arguably Russia’s most flamboyant, ultra-nationalist politician, and according to some the local incarnation of Donald Trump,  Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a deputy in the state Duma and leader of the nationalist LDPR party, is familiar to frequent readers: he most recently made an appearance on these pages two months ago, when he warned Germany that it risks utter destruction if it continued on its present track of operating Bundeswehr forces in the Baltics. Zhirinovsky also shares another feature with Donald Trump: both are outspoken to a fault. Which is why we were not surprised to read that as Reuters reported earlier, Zhirinovsky urged Americans to vote for Donald Trump as president or “risk being dragged into a nuclear war.”

In an interview with Reuters, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, known in Russia and Europe for his fiery rhetoric, said that Trump was the only person able to de-escalate dangerous tensions between Moscow and Washington.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton could spark World War Three, said the Russian who received a top state award from Putin after his pro-Kremlin Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) came third in Russia’s parliamentary election last month.. .”


Mark Levin, 10/12/16

“On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, We used to be a nation that focused on the rights of the individual, which are unalienable, eternal, and God given rights. Now instead of focusing on individual rights, we have become a nation of and for the government. When you are unmoored from the Constitution and natural rights, it’s about government all the time. The Democrats see no limitation to the power of the government. The Republicans just play along and are now the party of Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was the first progressive Republican and is responsible for unleashing the administrative state in America.

“After that, our society is now operating within limits placed on us by statists. We are paying for our own demise. This election is about stopping the statists’ agenda. It will not completely turn America around but it’s about damage control. In addition, this election has underscored how corrupt the media are. Their corruption can be seen in the kinds of things they report, what they omit, and in certain politicians they cover up for.

“Finally, there is no comparison between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump has built great things and the benefits that go with them. Hillary has not employed anyone nor built anything.”

Monica Crowley, John Batchelor: Hour Three
“Wednesday   12 October 2016 / Hour 3, Block A:  Monica Crowley, Fox, & Washington Times Online opinion editor; via; in re:  Clinton Defends While Trump Attacks.@MonicaCrowley, @FNC.

“. . . Mr. Trump on Wednesday condemned the Washington establishment for letting Mrs. Clinton off without punishment for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.
‘I am so disappointed in Congress, and I mean both sides,’ he said at a rally here. ‘What do you do when you hand it over to the FBI and the Justice Department and that’s the end of it?’ (emph added, jb)
“The attacks are part of his campaign’s new strategy to drive down voter turnout, while betting that his ardent backers will cast their ballots. But the Clinton campaign scoffed at the idea that his attacks will deter her voters, many of whom stood in lines Wednesday in Ohio to vote early.
“‘They couldn’t wait to cast their ballots,’ Mrs. Clinton said at a raucous rally in Pueblo, Colo. ‘Americans want to turn out in as big a number as possible to reject the dark and divisive and hateful campaign that’s being run by my opponent.’
“The different messages in the closing weeks of the most unpredictable campaign in modern history reflect their standings in the race.
“On Saturday,   a string of Republican senators began withdrawing their support for Mr. Trump’s candidacy after hearing his vulgar remarks. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Tuesday showed him 9 percentage points behind Mrs. Clinton, down from a 6-point deficit in September.  . .


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