Dead Cats: DJT1st100Days, 10/23/16, (23)25: James Brody


JANET: Sample Ballot

TRUMP/Clinton: SIMON – Donald’s List; MARTOSKO – 1st 100 Agenda; KOZAK – Dems lied about VEEP pick.

MEDIA/NATIONAL: INFOWARS – Podesta15; McCARTHY – She didn’t understand; WILLIAMSON – United Surveillance States.


Janet: Malvern Office for Trump

Location for the Malvern Office for Trump. Phones should be in and phone banks will begin. Right now you can get signs, handouts, and volunteer for door to door campaigning.
The address is: 270 Lancaster Ave, Suite H, Malvern PA 19355

Janet: Sample Ballot


Here is a list of districts in Chester County to see your sample ballot for Nov. 8. Please note the second page! Vote NO on this item. They are trying to increase the retirement age of judges. (Their next job?)

The Pa. Constitution already has a mandatory retirement age of 70!

On the Montgomery ballot it’s the question on the right side.


“A small number of superior heads, whose names are very likely not the best known, settle everything, while below them are the great mass of second-rate politicians – rhetors, tribunes, deputies, journalists – selected through a provincially conceived franchise to keep alive the illusion of popular self-determination.”

Oswald Spengler (1880-1936), The Decline of the West, Vintage, 2006, p. 27.



The Contract:

Roger Simon, PJM: “If the Election Were about Trump’s Gettysburg Policies, He Would Win in a Landslide”

“If the 2016 presidential election were actually about genuine political policies, Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in one of the biggest landslides of all time. But the mainstream media–with, alas, considerable help from Donald himself–has made it about anything but.

“Nevertheless, we shouldn’t let those disgracefully biased, born again-bluenoses of the Newswoisie or Donald’s obvious neurotic need to respond to anything and everything deter us from examining the proposals in his Saturday speech at Gettysburg.

“That speech put forth some of the more intelligent and creative ideas to be before the American public in years.  These proposals, contained in what Trump calls his ‘Contract with the American Voter,’ deserve to be heard and seriously debated in these last weeks before the election.. . .”

David Martosko, UK Daily Mail: “Trump’s ‘Gettysburg address’ makes closing argument for choosing him and unveils first-100-days agenda as he promises ‘the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime’”

“   – First 100 days’ agenda speech formalized his mainstay political pledges with promises of legislation and executive orders

  • Called it a ‘Contract with the American Voter,’ modeling it after the 1994 Republican ‘Contract with America’
  • Trump touted ‘the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime’ and made his final substantive pitch to frame the campaign’s last two weeks
  • Told an audience of about 300 invited guests that he will ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington
  • Borrowed a line from Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 speech, saying he would replace D.C. elites ‘with a new government of, by and for the people.’ 
  • A Trump aide said the Civil War battlefield site is appropriate because ‘Gettysburg was the moment when the war turned’
  • The candidate briefly visited the site of the famed Civil War battle after his speech

Edmund Kozak, LifeZette: “WikiLeaks: Clinton-Kaine Even Lied about Timing of Veep Pick”

“Email suggests Kaine knew he was Hillary’s choice over a year before feigning surprise

“A conversation between Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and political consultant Erick Mullen leaked by WikiLeaks suggests that Tim Kaine — and Hillary Clinton — lied to the American people about the Virginia senator’s selection as Clinton’s running mate.

“In the email, Mullen complains to Podesta that attorney Bob Glennon ‘won’t stop assuring Sens Brown and Heitkamp (at dinner now) that HRC has personally told Tim Kaine he’s the veep.’ The email was sent on July 15, 2015 — over one full year before the campaign’s official announcement. . .”



“The latest tranche comprises of 1,095 emails

“Wikileaks has already released half of the 50,000 mails it vowed to publish in the lead up to the presidential election on November 8.

“The latest tranche comprises of 1,095 emails.

“The previous data dumps have revealed details of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, insights into Clinton’s relationship with the MSM, Clinton insiders’ negative opinions of Bernie Sanders and Chelsea Clinton, as well as criticism of the candidate herself from her aides.

“The leaks have also included emails allegedly from an account used by US president Barack Obama, and details of Obama and Bill Clinton’s involvement in influencing the EU’s Greece austerity deal.”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: “Clinton’s Pretense That She Didn’t Understand ‘C’ Was for ‘Classified’”

“For mishandling ‘top secret’ information and lying about it, she should be prosecuted. So now Hillary finally knows what the “(C)” stands for in government documents: It’s Cartwright . . . as in four-star Marine General James E. Cartwright, the retired 67-year-old former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the expendable federal official against whom laws protecting classified information actually get enforced.
“(C), see? Oh wait — sorry. I don’t mean to confuse Mrs. Clinton by starting this second paragraph with “(C)”. After all, as she diva-’splained to the FBI, she could only “speculate” that “(C)” must have something to do with organizing paragraphs “in alphabetical order.” Speculation was necessary, she said, apparently with a straight face, because she didn’t really know what “(C)” meant.
“The question arose because the “(C)” designation — applicable to classified information at the confidential level — turned up in at least one of Clinton’s personal e-mails. Those would be the e-mails that, she repeatedly insisted, never, ever contained classified information. Or at least, that’s what she insisted until government agencies confessed that hundreds of the e-mails do contain classified information. Then Clinton’s “never, ever” tale morphed into the more narrowly tailored lie that there were no e-mails “marked classified.” Alas, that claim could not withstand examination of the e-mails, during which the “(C)” markings were found . . . whereupon the explanation underwent more, shall we say, refining. Thus the final, astonishing claim that she didn’t know what the markings meant, along with the laugh-out-loud whopper that maybe it was all about alphabetical order.
Yeah, that’s the ticket!
“In case you’re keeping score: When a person being prosecuted for a crime changes her story multiple times, as if she were playing Twister (kids, ask your parents), the prosecutor gets to prove each of the evolving lies at the trial. As you’d imagine, juries grasp that the truth doesn’t need an editor. That’s why people whose explanations can’t keep up with the evidence are pretty much a lock to get convicted.
“But that’s when it’s “(C)” as in Cartwright, not Clinton. . .”

Kevin Williamson, NRO: “The United Surveillance States”

“Technological terrors from license-plate readers to facial recognition.
“Del Mar, Calif., is one of this nation’s beautiful places, a surfing town on the California coast not far from San Diego. That also puts it close to the Mexican border — less than two hours to Tijuana down the 805. Traveling between San Diego County and Mexico is about as exotic as traveling between Omaha and Des Moines. They also have gun shows there, from time to time.

“That lattermost fact caught the attention of the Obama administration, which has an interest in gun smuggling. (That interest happily is no longer proprietary, so far as we know, Operation Fast and Furious having been concluded.) And so Immigration and Customs Enforcement was ordered to do something extraordinary: Working with local police departments, it set up automated license-plate readers to record the information of everybody coming and going to Southern California gun shows, including the one in Del Mar. It then cross-referenced the plate numbers against those of cars crossing the U.S.–Mexico border near Tijuana.
“The theory here — if such loosey-goosey thinking even deserves to be called that — is that drivers who both attend gun shows and drive across the border are apt to be involved in gun smuggling. That might just about be plausible if we were talking about people who had attended gun shows in Maine or Connecticut. But people who attend gun shows in Del Mar and then cross the border are about as likely to be smuggling guns as people who shop at Whole Foods in Darien, Conn., and then drive over the Triborough Bridge are likely to be smuggling organic avocados into Manhattan. Driving across the U.S.–Mexico border is not especially suspicious when you live on the U.S.–Mexico border.
“As the Wall Street Journal reports, the Drug Enforcement Agency considered a similar scheme before abandoning it.
“ICE has no written policy on the use of license-plate scanners, and therefore no guidelines in place to address what is plainly yet another episode of mass surveillance conducted against the general population by law-enforcement agencies that cannot quite rouse themselves to do old-fashioned police work.
“Federal law prohibits the creation of mass databases of U.S. gun owners, a provision of the 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act, a law passed to head off Democrats’ efforts to create a national gun registry. The surveillance also brings up some Second Amendment questions, but what is really at play are familiar constitutional concerns about unreasonable search and seizure. We require things like subpoenas, court orders, and warrants because the invasion of our privacy by police authorities is supposed to be conditioned upon such criteria as “probable cause” and “reasonable suspicion.” The mere fact of being a resident of southern California who does two things common among residents of southern California does not give police probable cause to believe that one is likely to be up to anything more nefarious than a trip to In-N-Out. This is plainly abusive and lawless behavior on the part of the Obama administration . . .”


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