Dead Cats: “A CRIME,” 11/07/16, (23)39: James Brody


JANET: Change your vote; Sample Ballot, Citizens for Liberty

TRUMP/Clinton: DRUDGE LINKS 11/7/16; NAZARIAN – A Crime; WSJ – Political Mr. Comey; MARTOSKO – Hillary cleared; CHAITIN – Dem collusion; CALLAHAN – Huma mystery.

NATIONAL: SIMON – Assange hero.

PA: KNEPPER  – CAP endorsements.

END NOTES: BARB – Vote for Trump.


Janet: Malvern Office for Trump

Location for the Malvern Office for Trump. Phones should be in and phone banks will begin. Right now you can get signs, handouts, and volunteer for door to door campaigning.
The address is: 270 Lancaster Ave, Suite H, Malvern PA 19355

Change your vote!

“While it’s true that absentee voters can change their ballot, the Department of State says the tweet, which has been shared 4,000 times, needed clarification.

“Wanda Murren, the department’s press secretary, said Pa. absentee voters can’t change their ballots by calling the department.

“To change their votes, Murren said, absentees instead have to appear in person on election day, Nov. 8, and vote.

“”And that will void the absentee ballot,” she said. . .”

Also –

Citizens for Liberty: Weds, Nov 16th

“Currently, U.S. Law Shield has upwards of 200,000 legal gun owners as members, including civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. In addition, U.S.
Law Shield is honored to serve numerous civilian firing ranges, firearms instructors, firearms publications and federal firearms licensed dealers. U.S. Law
Shield has become one of the largest civilian repositories of firearms legal defense information available in our great country and has expanded its coverage to include any legal weapon.
“U.S. Law Shield’s passion is to support all aspects of legal firearms ownership in our great and unique country regardless of any politics or party
affiliations. Between our program attorneys and our scores of independent attorneys assisting in the firearms program, we provide legal protection anywhere our
members are covered.
-King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company, 170 Allendale Road, KOP, 19406
-7 until 9p.m. (doors open at 6:30)
-Our famous free potluck dinner buffet included. Bring a snack, dish, or simply enjoy
-Cash bar (non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages available at an inexpensive price)/self serve coffee
-Random monthly door prize
*We will be collecting non-perishable food and beverages to share with needy families at this particular event. Anything at all is a help, however we do not want anyone to feel obligated whatsoever. They will be distributed as needed during the winter months.
*Please share this extremely informative and fun event with your family and friends. You will be surprised at what you will hear. Our Constitution is at stake. U.S. LawShield is here to help!

Aiming to preserve our God-given and Constitutional rights,

Jane Taylor Toal, President/CEO Citizens for Liberty

Valley Forge Patriots

Janet: Sample Ballot


Here is a list of districts in Chester County to see your sample ballot for Nov. 8. Please note the second page! Vote NO on this item. They are trying to increase the retirement age of judges. (Their next job?)

The Pa. Constitution already has a mandatory retirement age of 70!

On the Montgomery ballot it’s the question on the right side.


Drudge Links 11/07/16

Traffic To Get Into PA Rally Backed Up For Miles…
Assange to get legal grilling…
After crushing Trump pinatas, Mexicans hope he loses…
China warns again..

Adele Nazarian, Breitbart: “Mike Pence Responds to FBI: ‘Mishandling Classified Information Is a Crime’”

“. . . During a rally in North Carolina on Sunday, Pence taled about FBI Director James Comey, shortly after news broke that Comey issued a written that the bureau had “not changed” its conclusions that Clinton should not face indictment over her raucous email scandal.

Speaking at the Hickory Regional Airport, Pence said, “You have a four-star general that might get five years in prison, before the end of this year, for mishandling classified information,” of retired Gen. James Cartwright who was charged with lying to the FBI about discussing classified information with reporters about Iran’s nuclear program, during a probe.

Pence continued, “you have a sailor that just went to jail for taking a half-a-dozen photographs in a classified area of a nuclear submarine. So let me say this, if only for their decades of self-dealing with the politics of personal enrichment, mishandling classified information and compromising our national security, we must ensure that Hillary Clinton is never elected president of the United States of America.”

WSJ: “The Political Mr. Comey”

“The FBI director gives Democrats the conclusion they demanded.

“It looks like our contributor, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, was right last week. FBI Director James Comey’s review of newly discovered Hillary Clinton-related emails was never going to change his legal judgment because the FBI and Justice Department handling of the case was never serious in the first place.

The Justice Department never went to a grand jury in the case, which was needed to gather all appropriate evidence and vet the legal charges. Judge Mukasey’s judgment was vindicated on Sunday when Mr. Comey sent a letter to Congress saying that the FBI had reviewed the new emails and “we have not changed our conclusion that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

David Martosko, UK Daily Mail: ‘You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days!’ Furious Trump blasts FBI Director after Houdini Hillary is CLEARED over second email investigation sparked by Anthony Weiner’s teen sexting scandal

  • FBI announced it will not change the decision it reached in July after investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails
  • Director James Comey announced the potentially election-changing news in an email on Sunday afternoon
  • The latest finding means the Democratic nominee will not be charged with anything from the email scandal 
  • Hillary’s camp addressed Comey’s letter after it was published, saying it is ‘glad that the matter is resolved’
  • Donald Trump was quick to trash the latest decision, saying Clinton is being protected by a ‘rigged system’”

Also – Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard: “Clinton Foundation Probe Continues”

“In the days since FBI Director James Comey wrote to congressional leaders revealing new information in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Clinton defenders have been spinning furiously in an attempt to mitigate the potential political damage. They have attacked Comey, blamed a rogue band of anti-Clinton FBI officials, suggested the FBI itself has a culture that lends itself to political conservatism, downplayed the Clinton email investigation and denied the existence of a Clinton Foundation investigation. While there are legitimate concerns about the lack of detail accompanying Comey’s letter, some of efforts to downplay the seriousness of the FBI investigations, plural, and the professionalism of those conducting them are deeply political and misleading. And the reporting on an investigation of the Clinton Foundation is conflicting and somewhat contradictory. . .”

Daniel Chaitin, Washington Examiner: WikiLeaks: DNC and CNN colluded on questions for Trump, Cruz”

“Newly released emails from WikiLeaks suggest that the Democratic National Committee colluded with CNN in devising questions in April to be asked of then-Republican primary candidate Donald Trump in an upcoming interview.

In an email to DNC colleagues on April 25 with the headline “Trump Questions for CNN,” a DNC official with the email username asked for ideas for an interview to be conducted by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tues ahead of his foreign policy address on Wed. … Please send me thoughts by 10:30 AM tomorrow.”

“The sender of the email would seem to be DNC Research Director Lauren Dillon, who was identified in previous reports of DNC emails released by WikiLeaks in July.

“Several hours after the first email was sent, Dillon said in a follow-up email that the interview had been cancelled, “as of now,” but shared a list of questions thought up by the DNC that she said could be used for the next interview.

“Some of the questions included: “Who helped you write the foreign policy speech you’re giving tomorrow? Which advisors specifically did you talk to? What advice did they give you? Did they give you any advice that you chose not to take?” Others explored Saudi Arabia’s alleged involvement in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a pre-preemptive strike against North Korea and court martials for members of the military who didn’t follow orders.

A separate email from Dillon that same day said “CNN is looking for questions” for then-GOP primary candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and “maybe a couple on” former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

“CNN and the DNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

Also – Peter Hasson, Daily Caller: “WikiLeaks Show Washington Post Writer Asked DNC for Anti-Trump Research”

Maureen Callahan, NY Post: “Despite countless scandals, Huma Abedin remains a mystery

“. . . Not much is known about Abedin’s life before Clinton Inc. She was born in 1976 in Kalamazoo, Mich., to an Indian father, Syed, and a Pakistani mother, Saleha. Both were academics and devout Muslims. When Huma was 2, the family moved to Saudi Arabia, but almost nothing is known of Huma’s childhood and teen years. She returned to the United States to attend George Washington University, majoring in journalism with a minor in political science.

“Her father co-founded the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, and after his death in 1993, her mother, whose writings subscribe to Sharia law, took over as editor-in-chief, a post she holds to this day. The journal has published articles in favor of female genital mutilation, the sexual subjugation of women and murder of apostates. Earlier this year, The Postreported that Abedin was listed as assistant editor on the masthead from 1996 to 2008; the Clinton camp said she was only a figurehead.

“In 1996, still an undergrad, Abedin began interning for Hillary at the White House. It’s the only job she has ever really known, and her loyalty to Hillary was forged in the ­crucible of the Lewinsky scandal and Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

“So much of the public fascination with Abedin has to do with her contradictions: She’s a practicing Muslim who married a Jewish man, who abstains from alcohol yet is never without her red lipstick, the daughter of a woman who believes men are wholly superior yet has devoted her life to potentially the first female president of the United States. . .”


Roger Simon, PJM: “Julian Assange—the True Hero of 2016”

“. . . It’s almost as if this was all planned. Six hundred fifty thousand emails turn up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.  Some “rogue” characters at the NYPD say there’s something there. Comey is forced to reopen the case, creating consternation, and then closes it again in a week, 650K emails having been examined faster than less than half that number were vetted in well over a year.

All this on a day we learned that Hillary Clinton was sharing classified information with her maid!  (We also learned, via Assange, that Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded both the Clinton Foundation and ISIS.)

“As some guy we used to study in college until PC came along and he was dropped as a requirement from the syllabus wrote long ago, “Something is rotten in the state of… America.” (Well, not America, but you know the story.)

“The question is—does this last minute Comey demurral make a difference? What percentage of the American public will change its view less than two days before polls open? My guess is not many, especially since the circumstances are so suspect.  The mainstream media will blather on about how this may once again be a game-changer, but at this point the public is largely ignoring them. Few see them as other than propagandists, choosing to report what they wish and distort what they wish.

Meanwhile, the true hero of this election is the mainstream media’s polar opposite, Julian Assange, the man whose life is literally endangered while living under virtual house arrest in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. It is he—and his organization—who truly reports the news undistorted and unbiased through undisputed primary sources. It is he who has revealed to our country and the world how power works. . .(emph added, jb)



Leo Knepper, CAP Endorsements

The long term goal of our Ben Franklin Project is to elect fifty-five members to the House and fifteen to the Senate. Here is our list of endorsed candidates for this year’s general election:



Mark Amsdell—HD 71 (Cambria County), Rep. Cris Dush—HD 66 (Indiana and Jefferson Counties), Rep. Joe Emrick—HD 137 (Northampton County), Rep. Eli Evankovich—HD 54 (Westmoreland County), Dawn Keefer—HD 92 (Cumberland and York Counties), Rep. Jason Ortitay—HD 46 (Allegheny and Washington Counties), Rep. Greg Rothman—HD 87 (Cumberland County), Frank Ryan—HD 101 (Lebanon County), Rep. Rick Saccone—HD 39 (Allegheny and Washington Counties), Rep. Tommy Sankey—HD 73 (Cambria and Clearfield Counties), Rep. Dan Truitt—HD 156 (Chester County), Rep. Ryan Warner—HD 52 (Fayette County)


John DiSanto—SD 15 (Dauphin and Perry Counties), Wayne Langerholc—SD 35 (Bedford, Cambria, and Clearfield Counties),


Aaron Bernstine—HD 10 (Beaver, Butler and Lawrence Counties), Rep. Stephen Bloom—HD 199 (Cumberland Counties), Rep. John McGinnis—HD 79 (Blair County), Cecilia Houser—HD 72 (Cambria County), Joel Sears—HD 95 (York County)


Replay: From Barb – “From Lady writing Paul Ryan on Facebook……

“I am still voting for Trump! Angie Hoffman said it best…..I was asked tonight how I could ever support Trump after the comments he made over 11 years ago about women and if I would still support him if he made those comments to my daughter? My response was this….If he had put our nations security at risk, I would not vote for him. If his organization received large donations from countries that killed women and gays, I would not vote for him. If he boasted 30 Years of government experience, but still could not discern if an email was classified or not, without someone letting him know if it was or not, I would not vote for him. If he boasted about how he has defended children his entire life, but is for abortion even late term, when the child can feel pain, I would not vote for him. If he wanted my 3 year old Granddaughter to go to restrooms with men dressed as women, I would not vote for him. I have taught my daughter and will teach my granddaughter to disregard sexist remarks and move on, especially when they were made so many years ago and, also to forgive those who say they are sorry. If he caused lives to be destroyed in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the parents as they stood at their child’s casket, I would not vote for him. If people who came against him mysteriously turned up dead, I would not vote for him. If he suddenly developed a southern accent when he was in the South, campaigning, I would not vote for him. If he continually broke the law and that was ignored, I would not vote for him, but right now, the only person who does all these things is Hillary. Right now, the fact that Donald made these remarks over 11 years ago, does not move me. I’m bigger than those remarks and we all have said stupid things throughout our lives. To me, the fact that Hillary lies continuously, is a much bigger problem. … Rant over… Still voting for Trump.”      


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