Dead Cats: PassItOn!, 11/08/16, (23)40: James Brody


JANET: Change your vote; Sample Ballot, Citizens for Liberty

ISSUES: Clinton Foundation Born, BRODY – Two Americas; WASHINGTON EXAMINER – Media reality; SIMON – Voted for Trump, unabashedly; RUSHBO – Wiki Leaks.


PA: KNEPPER  – CAP endorsements.

END NOTES: BARB – Vote for Trump.

Change your vote!

“While it’s true that absentee voters can change their ballot, the Department of State says the tweet, which has been shared 4,000 times, needed clarification.

“Wanda Murren, the department’s press secretary, said Pa. absentee voters can’t change their ballots by calling the department.

“To change their votes, Murren said, absentees instead have to appear in person on election day, Nov. 8, and vote.

“”And that will void the absentee ballot,” she said. . .”

Also –

Janet: Sample Ballot


Here is a list of districts in Chester County to see your sample ballot for Nov. 8. Please note the second page! Vote NO on this item. They are trying to increase the retirement age of judges. (Their next job?)

The Pa. Constitution already has a mandatory retirement age of 70!

On the Montgomery ballot it’s the question on the right side.


10/23/97: The Clinton Foundation was born.


Did Comey lie about reviewing all the emails in an impossible time in order to infuriate us and spur votes for Trump? Meanwhile, read a history of the Foundation’s deceit at Learn who paid for Chelsea’s wedding and for the “mutually assured destruction” between the Clintons, Huma, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband, and even Billy Gates.

James Brody: We choose today between two Americas, between an entrepreneur and a thief, between a constitutional democracy and a cancer, between Christianity and paganism.

It is also true that Obama protects his next job by a “pardon” of Hillary’s thefts that she managed through the “Clinton Foundation.” He campaigns for her to retain his credibility with Islam and UN globalists such as Mr. Soros. This is classic Cloward-Piven maneuvering by building first a crisis and then expanding government agencies and regulations to manage it. Obama builds his own future by appearing to be the one man who manages both sides in global disputes.

They grow collectivist cancers through appointments to the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve. Every government worker is judged by the volume of rules he or she creates, generating a tsunami of regulations controlling energy, health care, veterans care, and our economy. “Sanctuary Cities” abound. Cancerous political alliances grow with Islam and Mideast despots in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and other Muslim nations that support an alien religion that has always used “pay to play” and submission to authority. That same philosophy now infects our news and our entertainment and our skyrocketing government debt.

Open borders, swarms of refugees, legalized marijuana, education, “climate change,” gun control, privacy (compromised by a “National Security Agency”), and mob rule from unions for construction, transportation, health care, education,  and “establishments” in politics. Even abortion – began as a population check on blacks – has become a woman’s “pay to play”: women have try-it-on sex to convince a possible husband of her zeal for sex but kill his child if their Saturday night fucks don’t lead to a wedding.

And the Chinese supply our iPhones so that we masturbate, entertaining ourselves while Russian bases cover much of the Arctic. Obama will bribe Hillary with a pardon, she will continue her scams, and our millennials will never learn that things were ever different. Fortunately for our republic and for the First and Second Amendments , he may forgive her but the rest of us won’t.

Washington Examiner: “Political media need a reality check”

“The Washington Examiner reported last weekend on emails released by WikiLeaks. They suggest that CNN asked the Democratic National Committee’s staff for help last spring coming up with questions to put to Republican primary candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in particular.

Another leak shows CNBC’s John Harwood asking Hillary Clinton‘s campaign team for advice on how to interrogate Jeb Bush. In an earlier WikiLeaks dump of DNC emails, Politico’s Ken Vogel was caught sharing a complete advance copy of a story for DNC flaks to review, a no-no for journalists in general. And of course, it was disclosed last month that someone at CNN gave Democratic operative Donna Brazile (who has since resigned her contributor slot at the network) questions that would be asked of Clinton in televised forums, so she could warn her party’s candidate in advance. Brazile duly leaked them, although she deflects questions about this disgraceful action with mumbo-jumbo excuses about the possibility of the emails having been alterered.

Is there collusion going on here? Of course there is. You don’t need to delve into what happens secretly to see that. What happens in plain sight makes it clear enough. Hillary Clinton was asked a question this week prefaced with, “You’ve been often ahead of your time, you’ve been sometimes misunderstood, you’ve fought off a lot of prejudice…” Really? How could the interviewer suck up any harder?

Roger Simon, PJM: “Why I Voted for Trump—Unabashedly”

“. . . This election was always about one over-riding issue under which all are subsumed. That issue is the corruption and virtual dissolution of our democratic republic by elites.

This election was and is about the rule of elites over the people, something we have all seen in full bloom in the WikiLeaks releases.

“This rule by elites is, to say the least, very far gone, encompassing the media, Hollywood, the academy, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, much of corporate leadership, an unfortunate percentage of the religious establishment, both political parties to one degree or another, and just about every lever of power available in our society—except, perhaps, “We, the people…”

“If it is not stopped now, it may never be. . .”

Rushbo: “WikiLeaks Revelations: Hillary Maid Printed Classified Emails; Chelsea Used Foundation Cash for Wedding; More Collusion Between Media and Clinton”

“. . . Last week, remember the name Doug Band?  Doug Band is a former — and he may still be, but I think it’s former.  He was tight with Bill Clinton.  He was the Huma Abedin for a while for Bill Clinton, and then he went over to the Clinton Foundation.  And Chelsea Clinton… One of the emails in the WikiLeaks dump showed Chelsea Clinton was emailing people that she was worried the way Doug Band was doing things, that Doug Band was out there soliciting things for her mom and dad that could make the foundation look sleazy.

“So Doug Band saw this and he flipped and he said (summarized), ‘I’m not doing anything any differently than Bill Clinton does!  Bill Clinton solicits jobs for himself.  He solicits donations and then speech fees.’ So bad blood erupted between Doug Band and Chelsea.  It turns out Doug Band wasn’t finished.  It turns out that Doug Band has accused Chelsea of using Clinton Foundation money to pay for her wedding.  A couple of days ago we learned from a Podesta email — Doug Band about Chelsea — talking openly in public about her internal investigation in the Clinton Foundation of which she found Band was acting like a bad guy.

“So Band has now fired back and accused Chelsea of using foundation money — the money donated for charity — to pay for her wedding, for her reception.  And for her apartment, because her husband’s job didn’t pan out.  And I’m sure that happened.  That’s the whole point of the Clinton Foundation is for members of the family to live high off the hog off of it.  That’s exactly one of its purposes is for the Clintons to get rich.  Folks, all kinds of stuff has been revealed in this email dump.

“The collusion between the media and the Democrat National Committee and the Clintons is just amazing.  I told you I don’t know how long ago that the media is not news anymore.  But the media is simply Democrats and party hacks that are disguised or assigned as journalists.  A new email shows John Harwood, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, asking John Podesta for question ideas from Jeb Bush.  John Harwood, who moderated one of the Republican primary debates, sent emails to John Podesta, ranging from FYIs — Hey, John, for your information, I dug this up on so and so — to compliments to Podesta.

“Now there’s an email from Harwood to John Podesta, which has the subject line:  “What Should I Ask Jeb?” referring to his upcoming interview with Jeb Bush back in September of 2015.  Harwood is going to interview Bush and he’s asking Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager: What kind of questions should I ask? Meaning: How do you want me to nail the guy? Now, keep in mind, Jeb Bush is probably going to vote for Hillary.  Keep in mind these never Trumpers are going to vote for Hillary. And here we learn that a reporter — ostensibly doing a fair and honest interview with Jeb Bush, Republican presidential candidate in the Republican primaries — is actually being given questions by the Hillary campaign.

“But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen. . .”

Drudge Links 11/08/16

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Officials brace for chaotic voting…
Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Elections…
Popular-vote winner might not win Electoral College…
Campaign managers on both sides find reason for optimism…
TALE OF THE TWEETS: Celebs Unleash Vulgar Attacks on Trump… 


Leo Knepper, CAP Endorsements

The long term goal of our Ben Franklin Project is to elect fifty-five members to the House and fifteen to the Senate. Here is our list of endorsed candidates for this year’s general election:



Mark Amsdell—HD 71 (Cambria County), Rep. Cris Dush—HD 66 (Indiana and Jefferson Counties), Rep. Joe Emrick—HD 137 (Northampton County), Rep. Eli Evankovich—HD 54 (Westmoreland County), Dawn Keefer—HD 92 (Cumberland and York Counties), Rep. Jason Ortitay—HD 46 (Allegheny and Washington Counties), Rep. Greg Rothman—HD 87 (Cumberland County), Frank Ryan—HD 101 (Lebanon County), Rep. Rick Saccone—HD 39 (Allegheny and Washington Counties), Rep. Tommy Sankey—HD 73 (Cambria and Clearfield Counties), Rep. Dan Truitt—HD 156 (Chester County), Rep. Ryan Warner—HD 52 (Fayette County)


John DiSanto—SD 15 (Dauphin and Perry Counties), Wayne Langerholc—SD 35 (Bedford, Cambria, and Clearfield Counties),


Aaron Bernstine—HD 10 (Beaver, Butler and Lawrence Counties), Rep. Stephen Bloom—HD 199 (Cumberland Counties), Rep. John McGinnis—HD 79 (Blair County), Cecilia Houser—HD 72 (Cambria County), Joel Sears—HD 95 (York County)


Replay again: From Barb – “From Lady writing Paul Ryan on Facebook……

“I am still voting for Trump! Angie Hoffman said it best…..I was asked tonight how I could ever support Trump after the comments he made over 11 years ago about women and if I would still support him if he made those comments to my daughter? My response was this….If he had put our nations security at risk, I would not vote for him. If his organization received large donations from countries that killed women and gays, I would not vote for him. If he boasted 30 Years of government experience, but still could not discern if an email was classified or not, without someone letting him know if it was or not, I would not vote for him. If he boasted about how he has defended children his entire life, but is for abortion even late term, when the child can feel pain, I would not vote for him. If he wanted my 3 year old Granddaughter to go to restrooms with men dressed as women, I would not vote for him. I have taught my daughter and will teach my granddaughter to disregard sexist remarks and move on, especially when they were made so many years ago and, also to forgive those who say they are sorry. If he caused lives to be destroyed in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the parents as they stood at their child’s casket, I would not vote for him. If people who came against him mysteriously turned up dead, I would not vote for him. If he suddenly developed a southern accent when he was in the South, campaigning, I would not vote for him. If he continually broke the law and that was ignored, I would not vote for him, but right now, the only person who does all these things is Hillary. Right now, the fact that Donald made these remarks over 11 years ago, does not move me. I’m bigger than those remarks and we all have said stupid things throughout our lives. To me, the fact that Hillary lies continuously, is a much bigger problem. … Rant over… Still voting for Trump.”      


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